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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @> right now a live look at @roads as lake effect snow @continue to pile up in parts of @northeast ohio this morning. @some parts of the east side @picked to get more than a foot @of snow. @>> we have team coverage for @you both on roads and in our @traffic and weather centers. @starting with olga who's in for @hollie today. @the snow is still around and so @are the cold temperatures. @ yes, we're ping this to @beat order of the day as we @head into the afternoon but @into the overnight. @i would definitely coin this as @the bone chilling cold. @that we are experiencing right @now.
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@at this hour. @solid single digits all around @but when you factor in the @winds get that feels like @temperature that windchill @temperature. @so subzero for all of us across @the region. @the complication being the @moisture moving off the lake @and the gusting winds. @we have a windchill advisory @for the entire area shaded in @purple but now as you look off @toward the north and east we @have lake snow advisories and @warnings for most of our @northern and eastern counties. @so bundle up if you're stepping @out today. @also take it easy on the roads @we have now your current check @on traffic. @ exactly where olga was @pointing out the snow is @exactly where we're seeing a @lot of slowdowns. @drivers are taking it slow on @the east side along i-90 in @both directions especially @right there through lake @county stretches all the way @from mentor to the state line. @so if you are in that area just @take it easy. @if you headed downtown an rt
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@this morning. @the road isn't shut down but @blocking one lane on east 9th @near lakeside avenue. @we talked to police who tell us @no one was hurt. @we're going to continue to @follow the traffic. @but definitely build in a few @extra minutes especially if @you're on the east side of the @city. @ the snow's been falling all @through the night in northeast @ohio and in the freezing @temperatures, that could mean @trouble on the roads. @>> will ujek is joining us on @the east side he's had a tough @time all morning. @will, it seems to be picking up @even more now. @>> reporter: yeah, john, snow @picking up traffic picking up. @on 90. @this is headed westbound back @toward downtown cleveland just @outside of mentor. @as you can see this is what @we've seen pretty much all @morning long. @that's a layer depending on @where you're at. @but a layer of snow on the @road. @no matter where you are.
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@roads, though, off of the @there. @now, at tiles you will get to @see a little bit of pavement @especially in the tracks but @other areas, down near chardon @up to 2-3 inches of snow on the @road. @so this brings in a big issue @with the tires. @we talk about them all the @time. @not sexy and won't draw @anyone's eye but when you're @driving on conditions like @this, you're going to need @knew know what you need as far @as tires are concerned. @>> as soon as winter hits @that's when we have the most @problems. @it's just the city of cleveland @we're known for potholes @especially when it's super cold @that's when you're going to @start having problems with @bubbles and other destruction. @>> reporter: the national @highway traffic safety @administration says you're @three times more hikely to be @involved in an accident. @here at liberty ford they see a
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@some can be a quick fix to get @you back on the road. @scott says the number 1 problem @he sees is punctured tires. @>> ford does not recommend @patching anything in the outer @area. @if you're taking a turn this is @where all the force is going @to. @we in here it's no the as bad. @potential tread we can patch @it. @>> reporter: another common @problem is a leaking valve stem @which can be repaired. @costs runs between $2 to $15 @problem three uneven tread wear @a rotation may do the trick but @if it's too far @gone you want some new rubber @between you and the road. @sliced sidewall and impaectomy @bubble both need replaced if @not the tire would glee or @collapse when you need @it most. @>> ended up having sidewall @damage possibly due to a slit @or bubble it just shredded the @tire. @that's the wonderful thing @about winter in cleveland the @rubber gets brittle that's when @you start having problems.
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@most common tire troubles that @they're seeing around here. @and, again, very important @information to have because @tires extras important when @you're driving in these @conditions. @>> all right, thanks will. @ let's check in with tiffany @tarpley checking on road @conditions in cuyahoga county. @>> reporter: we're traveling @east on route 10. @here in cuyahoga county just @approaching columbia road right @now. @believe it or not there is some @light snowfall although the @road they're pretty much just @wet at this point here. @lake considering. @we're not on 90 east, we're a @little bit closer to 480-6789 @this is the difference between @you -- a little bit closer to @480.
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@odot an hour or go -- an hour @or so ago were reporting white @out conditions. @here we are just traveling in @this area closer to 480 and @north olmsted. @we'll continue to monitor the @conditions out here and show @you what it looks like in @downtown cleveland. @ it is expected to be a busy @day for local ski resorts. @we were out last night. @even with yesterday's snow most @of the snow on the slopes is @man made. @boston mills and brandywine @have extended hours today. @they'll open for skies and @snowboarders at 9:00 a.m. @the tubing hill opens at 11:00. @the chalet also has special @hours for today. @they're open from noon to 5:00 @if you're headed outdoors be @sure to dress properly remember @the windchill. @ and while most schools are @off in honor of dr. martin
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@events being canceled it covers @everything from schools to day @cares churches and businesses @we've got it all @a complete list of closings @always in otte air and also @online at @ it is 6:07 changes are @coming to those famous carriage @rides in new york city. @the compromise that was reached @to avoid getting rid of them @all togetherments we are @following dug naves an ohio @police officer killed in the @line of duty overnight. @what we know so far about the @suspect. @coming up in the morning news @feed. @ yeah, we're definitely @looking at some pretty chilly @temperatures outside right now @and the wind are the @big story. @we have winds above 20 miles @per hour sustained in and ab @round the city. @those gusts higher than that. @definitely a factor. @it does look like we're going @to see not only the @temperatures low but the feels @like temperature feeling like @the lower single digits and
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@commute. @today. @so for those headed out and @about definitely going to be @side.
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@ @ a live look outside this @morning lake fiat chrysler snow @continuing to hit parts of @northeast ohio. @this is i-90 at willow by @hills. @it's pretty much a slow go out @there. @especially on the east side. @west side looking pretty good. @we will have your complete @forecast, olga is in for @hollie. @she'll be up in just a little @bit. @ but first let's head over @to maureen with the morning @news feed. @ we're following developing @news out of central ohio this @morning. @our sister station in columbus @is reporting that a police @officer from danville was shot
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@danville is about 60 miles @northeast of columbus. @the officer who has not been @identified was shot around @midnight and the suspect drove @away in the police cruiser. @we know a man and a woman have @been arrested. @now, this is the first officer @from ohio to be killed in the @line of duty in 2016. @ the u.s. embassy in baghdad @now confirming reports that @several americans have been @kidnapped in iraq. @an iraqi government official @says they were taken from the @interpreter's home and all @communication has stopped. @the embassy is working worth @iraqi officials to find them. @ if you've ever been to new @york central park those horse @drawn carriages are an iconic @sight and foothills a deal has @been reached to keep them @there. @mayor bill de blasio and union @officials announced an @agreement that would allow for @90 licensed horses that's half @of what's allowed right now. @animal rights activists worked @hard to ban them cheatly. @if you've been around central
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@we're talking about. @it's one of those romantic @things you can do in new york @city so they're going to stay. @>> okay, very good. @ let's talk a little @weather. @yeah, let's -- yeah, in for @hollie. @>> olga by the way you picked @the best time of year to come @here. @>> i thought to myself i think @last weekend when we had that @little bit of snow scare i was @nervous. @i have to admit this weekend @just looking at the long-term @forecast i thought did i really @make best decision. @best time of year but i hear @cleveland is lovely in the @springtime i'm devil of @definitely looking forward to @that. @but until then we have to deal @with winter. @ it is mid-january, after @all. @we had it easy the last week or @so with temperatures actually @getting up into the low 40s, @but now, we are down into the @single digits especially at @this hour the bone chilling @cold. @with the winds from the north @and northwest, seeing some @windchills sunshine zero into
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@feeling cold. @a few things you need to know @as you get out and about. @it's frigid all day long. @the temperatures aren't going @to budge too much. @maybe a couple of degrees but @that is about it. @crank. @opportunities for continued @flurries off and on for much of @region and particularly in @that lake snow belt area. @so the lake snow will be a @factor. @and we're going to be check in @quite a few more inches as we @head in toward the afternoon. @so the bitter cold this @morning. @temperatures right around 10 @degrees through that 9:00, @10:00 hour. @as these push in toward the @midday and late afternoon, i @think temperatures will bump up @a couple of degrees @but we're going to stick with @the lower teens into the @afternoon and evening hours. @so hour by hour worth our @future view forecast you can @notice the western areas really @catching a break. @seeing overcast skies and light @flurries and light snowfall but @it's the areas off to the north
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@is where we're seeing the more @heavier bands. @cooler temperatures and yes, @some heavy snow in the dark @purple areas. @so this will continue not only @through the day today but also @into the overnight we could see @some steadier @and heavier snowfall into the @early morning hours of tuesday @and that's going to cause a bit @of a mess for @next headed back to work and @school on tuesday. @so stay with us in our i alerts @because we'll have the latest @for you on the conditions and @closing. @into the evening hours we taper @off on tuesday but it's going @to be a rough go. @especially, again, for those of @us in the north and off toward @the east. @so lets take a look at the big @pictures. @the overall windchill advisory @for everyone throughout the @area. @lake snow warnings and @advisories for those north and @east and it does look like i @guess i mentioned before @accumulation is not going to be @too significant in the southern @zone but the attorney tier is @where we'll see it. @window thanks 7-day forecast @definitely see not too much of
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@but we will taper off on the @snow chances by the time we get @to wednesday. @we'll top off another inch or @so of the snow showers for the @northern and eastern zones. @ it is 6:16 time for the @biggest winners and losers in @sports. @for my biggest losary if it was @accidental i would look the @other way whatnot this time. @a little trip and it hurt his @team big time. @take a look at this. @oregon state in the orange here @playing against utah and jamal @reed hits the floor thinks @there should be a foul. @so what does edo. @right there, trips the referee. @that will get you noticed. @instead of getting his way. @reed was shown his way out of @the arena because that little @trip right there, cost him the @rest of the game. @he was ejected and his team -- @it was a tie game at that @moment. @they ended up losing a close @game. @arguing with the ref may get @you one technical. @tripping him makes it a double
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@tie game with a few minutes to @go, that's a loser move right @there. @ my biggest winners are the @wrestlers from saint ig neigh @sus. @they won two matches. @then the following day on @sunday they spent their time @administering faith, food and @friendship to the homeless. @my thanks to kim for telling me @about this story. @she says these of these young @men continue to do well with @their academics, athletic and @continue to help @others in their spare time. @great job by the wrestlers of @st. ignacius. @e-mail your pictures and @stories morning show at or tweet them to me. @do you know what i like that @there's a lot of teams that do @great things in the community @and hiring we should spotlight @that, as well. @so great job. @leading the way but let's hear @about others, too. @>> set an example for their @piers. @ still ahead, hillary @clinton and bernie sanders go @head to head in the latest
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@the issues that have you @talking coming up in a live @report. @>> it is time for weather out @cheese. @jodi from canton says her @husband is taking the picture @of her while she's taking a @picture of a bird sitting @in her hand. @how about that?
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@ @ still tough sledding on the @roads. @this is live look at i-90 near @east 200th. @snow covered roads. @you can see, though, traffic @still moving even though that @we've got the snow falling in @the area. @we're still dealing with the @lake effect snow warns for the
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@so olga's keeping an eye on @that. @we also will have a traffic @report for details. @ the internet lit up during @last night's democratic @presidential debate. @>> it was for bernie sanders. @tracie potts live this morning @with a recap good morning @tracey. @>> reporter: good morning lynna @and john. @facebook, twitter all pointing @towards sanders this morning @after the debate. @if you watched it you probably @saw two very clear types of @candidates there. @hillary clinton running on @president obama's record. @and bernie sanders wanting to @shake things up a bit in the @party. @>> we have a political @revolution. @>> president obama has led our @country out of the great @recession. @>> reporter: clear differences @between democrats on gun @control. @>> i have a d minus voting @record from the nra. @>> he has voted with the nra @numerous times. @>> reporter: on helicopter @care.
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@repealed and i don't want to @see us start over, again, with @a contentious debate. @we are paying the highest @prices in the world for @prescription drugs. @getting ripped off. @>> reporter: on money bears. @>> i do not want wall street's @money. @>> i'm the only candidate @standing here tonight who has @said i will not raise taxes on @the middle class. @>> reporter: bernie sanders @matter only brought up hillary @clinton's ties to wall street. @>> the truth of the matter is @secretary clinton you did not @go as far as reigning in wall @street as i would. @ hillary clinton calls @vladimir putin a bully and says @their relationshippents it's @interest. @>> reporter: they agree on @going after isis going slow @with iran and dealing worth @climate change but their @differences are what seem to be @driving the polls now just two @weeks before iowa weighs in. @>> reporter: so this is @interesting we heard donald @trump's name come up a few @times but not nearly as much as @we heard the republicans @mentioning hillary clinton over
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@>> now, tracey, the polls are @pretty tight going into iowa; @right? @>> well, they are. @i mean if you look at the @national polls hillary clinton @still has a 13% lead. @bernie sanders brought up last @night she started out with a 50 @point lead. @now, it's down to 13 but if you @look at iowa, she's only ahead @by six and in the latest des @moines register @poll in iowa only by two. @that's statistically a tie. @so bernie sanders has @definitely gained ground there. @ it appears that the bird @states. @a first reported case since @last june hit a turkey farm in @indiana. @the department of ag churl says @this is darren strain than last @year. @producers to kill 7 million @and cost federal @taxpayers about $950 million. @with this current infection the
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@ we continue to show the @live pictures of the snow @really coming down. @the snowpacked roads on the @east side the olga this is @going to last for a while; @right? @ the banding snow picked @through most of the morning. @a little bit of lulled during @the midday then dial it up @again later on this evening. @so yes, it is not over yet. @cold temperatures are sticking @with us, as well. @everyone in the single digit @right now. @but when you factor in the @winds near 25 miles per hour @windchills are very, very @chilly. @be prepared for that as you @head out. @here's what the day holds into @the afternoon and evening. @we sit right around 13 degrees @into the afternoon and then @we'll definitely see @temperatures try to push on up @a little bit but they won't @budge too far. @will definitely still look @very, very chilly into the @afternoon and evening. @ coming up at 6:30 for weeks @we've been tell you about the
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@where there are @dangerous levels of lead. @we'll tell you which celebrity @is now getting involved. @>> coming in in the morning @news feed a utah police officer @was shot and killed after a car @crash and the @suspect is on the run this @morning. @>> also, where will you be @cheering on the chargers and @the rams? @an update on the l.a. @stadium negotiations coming up @when channel 3 news today
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@ @ straight up 6:30 here's a @live look outside at i-90 at @around the east 200 where you @can see the blowing @snow coming down. @conditions on the roads not too @bad. @cars are moving. @odot is out and about making @sure that your commute is @manageable. @and we have our crews on the @east side and west side with @team coverage coming up. @ i'll tell you what that's @nasty. @i mean i know the cars are @moving and you've got some of @the lanes there but it is @really coming down. @and but that's why we have team @reporters out there on the @roads and then olga and maureen @keeping an eye on @what's coming still because @we're not done worth this yet. @ let's send it over to olga
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@ we're nice and warm in the @building but there's some bone @chilling cold out there t. @temperatures in the @single digits. @windchills that are just hard @to take. @so you want to be prepared. @good gloves, hats, scarf, good @shoes and many, many layers. @you don't want exposed skin to @lead to frostbite. @very uncomfortable conditions. @ here's the cold front the @jetstream has sagged to the @south. @you can see it here below the @state line for kentucky that is @what is ushering in ul a the @cool air. @we're not in this alone but @until the jetstream mod rates @we're going to be in this deep @freeze at least for @the next 48 hours. @satellite and radar picking up @lake effect snow showers. @we have some other scattered @showers throughout much of the @region. @the west side getting a break, @we're seeing very, very heavy @snow north and east. @so what you need to remember @windy today and into tomorrow @and the bone chilling
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@going to stick around well into @tomorrow and the next day. @ let's get a check on the @traffic this morning. @if you are headed into work or @school or wherever we are @expecting a much lighter rush @hour because of the dr. martin @luther king junior holiday but @the weather keeping things very @slow on the east side. @that's where we've been showing @you the sloughs traffic @stretching from @pennsylvania state line. @we've heard of a number of @spinouts and small accidents. @those have been reported @throughout the area. @in fact, there is an hour delay @on i-90 eastbound. @we're going to keep an eye on @the roadways as the morning @commute picks up. @no matter what time you're @leaving if you live on the east @side, and those snow belt @regions you have to give @morning. @ and this morning the east @side really getting hit the @hardest. @>> so let's go back out into
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@will ujek has been driving in @those conditions all morning @long. @will, it seems to be getting @worse as the morning goes. @>> reporter: yeah, john, the @snow just keeps coming down. @it hasn't let up since 4:00. @this is basically a look at @what you'll see all over the @site snow covered roads. @expect slipping and sliding @especially when you're starting @out from a red light to green @or when you're coming to a @stop. @over. @there are sections that the @calcium chloride and the salt @put down has kicked in. @and allowed some bit of @pavement but most of everywhere @you're going this is what @you're seeing. @it's road cover with different @lanes car carved -- carved in @by the cars. @it's still coming down. @really it hasn't stopped and
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@so everything is getting added @onto what's already on the @road. @in some parts we saw in chardon @earlier a couple inches on the @roads in some areas. @that's kind of an idea what you @can see out here on the east @side. @>> you definitely had the worst @of it. @now, let's see how things are @looking a little closer to @downtown tiffany tarpley @traveling around mostly the @west side where the main roads @have bern pretty good. @tiffany where are you now? @>> well, we're getting onto i @71 from the ta street exit. @-- 25 street exit. @the snow is falling and might @be a little bit hard to tell. @it is falling here. @>> but the travel conditions, @everything is going pretty @smoothly here on this side of @town heading into @downtown. @>> i just reached out to the @ohio department of @transportation tear focusing @near 271 and 90. @that blowing and drifting snow.
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@from the west, 71 s 480 even 90 @driving conditions @into downtown this morning. @>> all right, thank you. @ with most kids being off in @junior. @many will be heading to the @slopes to snowboard and ski. @this is live look from the @boston mills brandy wine. @workers tell us most of what @you're seeing on the slopes @right now is man made. @boston mills and brandywine are @open from 9:00 a.m. @to 9:30 p.m. @ and if you're looking for @something to do today but would @rather be inside, some u our @local museums are @offering free admission today @on this dr. martin luther king @junior the rock hall is hosting @the 15th annual free admission @day from 10:00 a.m. @to 5:30 p.m. @the great lakes science center @also free today. @along with the museum in @beechwood. @ time now 6:35 we still have @a lot more ahead. @>> we are going to check in @with matt granite and what he's
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@>> i have one of the coolest @items i brought back from ces. @it's in my hand under 36 bucs. @it will rock your willed. @i'm going to send it over to @olga good morning. @ i think folks will reach @for the heavier coats, anything @to keep warm. @if you have to get out and @about we're tracking this @banding snow coming off the @lake and also the frigid @temperatures. @i'm let you know how long the @wind's going to continue to
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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@ @ feel much colder so @although we are down in the @solid single dig diets feeling @like well below freezing @you need to keep that in mind @if your plans today involve @getting out and about if you're @leaving the house or heading @off to work. @some folks are actually working @today. @if you have other activities @planned, a day of service for
6:32 am
@want to be prepared. @we will have frigid mlk day @today. @wind crank up in the afternoon @much colder into the evening @hours and yes, the flurries and @lake sonoma sheen @is definitely going to crank @up. @here we are on the satellite @and radar view. @main snow bands pulling through @and the jetstream has really @taken a dive. @south of us right now so the @warm moist gulf air coming up @from the south and cold air @from the north that is @why we are in this chill. @we're going to keep it this way @for the next 48 hours before @that jetstream starts to @modulate just' little bit. @so over the next 6-12 hours @we'll see our monday evening @with snow showers tapering off @for the southern and @western zones. @off to the knot and east will @continue into the afternoon and @overnight hours. @getting steadier overnight @adding to the accumulation 3-6 @inches of moor snow in that @snow belt area headed @into the afternoon.
6:33 am
@for the overall 7-day forecast @brought to you by window @nation. @>> the chill is on not only for @today but tomorrow, as well. @at least tomorrow afternoon a @little peek of sunshine. @>> notice the overnight lows @quite frigid. @down into the teens early on @wednesday morning. @wednesday afternoon, though, i @think we'll make it back to @about the lower 20s. @upper 20s by the end of the @week. @and the weekend looking a @little bit better as we get @back towards the freezing mark. @ hey, time now for dog gone @weather the look at this face. @this is lola. @taking a bath. @her southern going out in rain @make her stinky. @thanks so much to dixie in @huron for sending in this @picture of lola. @>> the caption for this, hey, @i'm taking a bath. @>> have some privacy please. @>> lola is a good mod zer @here's a good look at the
6:34 am
@for weeks we've been talking @about the water crisis in flint @michigan. @>> their drinking water @contains high levels of lead. @music icon cher is getting @involved. @she's having 180,000 bottles of @water sent to flint. @she calls the flint case, quote @a tragedy of staggering @proportions. @the water crisis dates back two @years when flint switched from @detroit's water system to the @flint river to @save money. @>> we know uber is a car @service to get you from point a @to point b. @well soon they may fly you over @the traffic to get you there @faster. @see they're teaming up with air @bus to come up with a @helicopter service. @if you need a ride you can hail @a helicopter instead of a car. @no word yet on the price of the @ride. @but i'm thinking it's going to @be expensive. @they're going to experiment @with this at the sun dance film
6:35 am
@of course, there's a lot of @celebrities. @ all the bond between a @south dakota bride and her @service dog is getting a whole @lot of attention. @the bride is seen here and her @service dog bell arresting her @head on the bride's knee. @the photographer posted the @picture and says nothing could @have prepared her for the @public response. @the picture has gotten more @than a m million -- more than a @million and a half views over @the past week. @ after the break your @morning rush. @>> right now let's check in @this. @>> reporter: good morning. @snow continues to fall on the @east side covering the roads. @we'll get a check on what we've @seen so far and what we're @expecting here throughout the
6:36 am
@ @ time for a look at today's @top stories in belong rush. @olga in for hollie and has your @forecast and how long snow will @last and maureen is a track @roads. @>> our reporters have been out @all morning. @let's start with will live on @the east side. @>> reporter: yeah, good morning @here on east side snow all @morning long. @continues to fall. @you wan see here the only @visible parts of the road are @where cars have traveled before @you. @this has basically been the @picture all morning long.
6:37 am
@sometimes a lot worse. @at certain points back around @chardon upwards of 2-3 inches @on the road with really no @visibility of pavement. @this is a look at 2 headed back @toward cleveland. @basically in front you have the @couple lanes there from the @tire tracks in front of you. @other than that, that's about @it. @lines hard to make out. @everyone traveling slow. @30miles per hour right now. @let's send it to tiffany @tarpley. @>> reporter: will, we made our @way from the west side into @downtown cleveland. @we're along east 13th right @now. @right now you can seat roads @look wet. @a little bit slushy in spots @here downtown. @but this is probably the winter @storm warning we've seen all @morning. @we've been along i-90. @we've been along 71. @we've been on route 57, lorain @county. @so as you get into downtown you @see the heavier snowfall and @more issues. @i'm going to turn it over to @lynna, good morning. @ we have developing news out @of central ohio.
6:38 am
@reporting that a police officer @from danville was shot and @killed in the line @of duty. @danville about 60 miles @northeast of columbus. @the officer who has not been @identified was shot around @midnight. @the suspect drove away in the @police cruiser. @we know a man and a woman have @breaked. @this is the first officer from @ohio to be killed in the line @of duty in 2016. @ in lorain a 57-year-old man @in custody accused of shooting @and killing a woman saturday @night. @police believe anthony davis @shot and killed 60-year-old @core charleston in a home on @west 7th court. @they saw davis walk out of the @home and arrested him without @trouble. @this case still under @investigation. @ cleveland police have @arrested a second suspect in a @string of little italy armed @robberies the david @harrison is the latest arrest @in the early december @robberies. @laest week police arrested 20- @year-old johnchez phillips @lips. @police say the two men along @worth another suspect who has @not been arrested yet, piers ul
6:39 am
@a priest in a church parking @lot. @ biggest game in sports @tonight right here at the q in @cleveland. @cavs and warriors. @they lost to the warriors back @on christmas day. @lebron had 25 in that game. @since then the cavs are nine @and two. @the warriorser a 9 and three. @cavs third best record in the @nba, at 28-10. @national tv audience for this @one tonight, as well. @ we've been showing you the @live pictures of what road @conditions are like right now. @basically if you live on the @east side we're talking @ashtabula counties you better @get moving. @traffic extremely slowly along @i-90 in both directions all the @way from downtown through the @state line our @assignment editor just came in @from chesterland and reported @that the roads were awful but @cleared up just
6:40 am
@delays range anywhere from 10 @minutes to an hour. @you can expect about a 15 @minute delay. @we're going to keep an eye on @it for. @you let's send it over to olga. @ we are looking at a @forecast that's going to be on @the chilly side today. @windchills will be your main @concern. @if you're in the greater metro @area, north and east, however, @it is that snow band. @lake effect sonoma sheen in @full effect into the afternoon @and evening and even the @overnight adding @accumulation and the 7-day @forecast keeping the chill not @only today and tomorrow. @ and you have a bonus deal. @>> 10-dollar desk stop space @heaters later this week and @tomorrow, home theater savings @half price ready for @the intel. @we're almost three weeks from @now; right? @>> february, yes.
6:41 am
@morning? @>> my bad. @[laughter] @>> first sunday in february. @ we'll answer with a chinese @accent. @>> that's what we want from the @super bowl. @there you go. @ first sunday in february @we'll get a calendar somewhere @in this place. @thank you so much for being @with us. @>> have a great day.
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