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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@police officer.
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now at 11:00 brutal blasts. @the 12 punch of arkic @temperatures and lake-effect . @>> it's ban mess of semis out @east all day long especially @out towards i guess 90. the thick of it, i'll @have a live report for you @tonight. operators working @around the clock. @>> we have live team coverage . @>> plus, we'll tell you why the @station was selling gas for
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@ we're dealing with a one, @two punch tonight. in ohio. @>> the closings are scrolling @at the bottom of your screen. buildings @won't open until 9:00 a.m. @>> the crewings are on the @grouped as the snow is falling. @we begin with betsy. ow cold is going to @get? @ we're talking about single @digits. @wind chills 10 degrees below 0 e area. @that will be what greets you in @the morning. @the lake snow is expected to @continue swelt. grees now. @seven akron, be canton. @11 in downtown cleveland. chills
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@wind chill advisory goes @for all of northern ohio with @exception of cuyahoga ashtabula @counts. ow warning @goes through 9:00 a.m. @lake geauga. @snow. @the mega disband going on. @it's continuing to pulmoable ght into @ashtabula. @a secondary band is to the @south. @we're getting a light flurry in @downtown cleveland. ngs up as you @head east on 22. @we've seen a lot of great @pictures today. eroy @earlier today. @they've been seeing quite a bit @of snow.
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@me pictures. a look at i-90. @you can see the triviaing @conditions are hazardous. @o dot willt. @it doesn't get better for us in @the morning. @look at the slow downs already. @the lake snow continues east of @cleveland. ures expected to @drop in the low single digits @to start the day tomorrow. @it looks like the lake snow @will linger through the morning @commute. leveland on 90, @you'll have to contend with a @rough commute. @we'll see the snow wrapping up @in the and getting out of here e left with @a plane cold -- a plain cold @day. @be ready for tuesday as we get @back to work. @ @forecast in just a bit. @ out of the east side as @betsy pointed out, that lake- @effect snow has had traffic l day.
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@that stretch of i-90. herself in @the thick of it this afternoon. @she's live with details. @>> reporter: reporting on it can tell @you there were only a few minor @injuries according to the ment. @earlier today i was smack in @the middle of it. @and i go really snow in the @snow -- slow in the snow. in. @but the problem is when @everyone around you isn't, it's @hor fying. @it's hor of cars all around you @and to see the change reaction @up ahead @mirror as well. @the dangerous snowy stretch of orm was @littereded with vehicle that is @tang on the snowy roads and @lost. @>> we spent several hours with and 5:00 or six
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@involved in a change reaction, @fender bender. @>> reporter: i was there, on. @saw the chain reaction ahead. @managed to stop. @saw cars going faster sliding @in the rearview mirror. @a miracle i was not hit. @i saw it coming. @to the drives in such a hurry @in the front and behind. @dennis calhoun a firefighter @for 27 years remembers fatal @calls here in the last few @areas. @>> it's the demarcation for the @snow melt and it's the snow. @there's no trees, it's open for @the wind wind. @it's horrible all the way from @615 to geneva. @that stretch is bad. @>> reporter: calhoun is used to @it, his father a firefighters @as well.
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@>> but if you drive snow i @don't have to come out to help @you. @>> reporter: the companies @clearing the snow is out @working. @>> reporter: hi there, dawn. @we have a similar situation. @it continuing to fall. @you have these snow truck @drivers who are absolutely @doing their best to clear it. @everyone i've spoken with says @that this is probably the most @difficult snowfall they've had @to teal with all season long. @they've done this 16-acre area @three times today. @each time it takes them four to @five hours. @so at this rate, you can expect @they're probably to took @working all night long. @>> yeah, this is casualties of @snow falling. @it's part of it. @>> reporter: snow is no joke. @even though we deal with it @every winter. @>> i'm running nonstop trying
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@we have, it's tough. @>> reporter: for companying @doing snow removal. @they confront the white stuff @in a more intense way. @how do you guys deal with the @really long hours? @one said he worked 19 hours? @>> it's one of the hardest @things you can do. @the stress levels the traffic. @people not paying attention. @>> reporter: it takes hours on @a job with all that pavement @lake the one going on to clear @the college. @think about the gas involved. @over the past couple of days, @this company alone used $2,500 @worth of gas and consider how @cheap gas is right now. @these smaller trucks, eight to @ten foot blades. @but these big the bays run 20 @foot long blades. @it seems like it's probably the @worst wave had. @>> it's probably the worst @we've had all season so far. @it's tough keeping up with the
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@keep the driveways clear, it @keeps coming down. @>> reporter: maybe the most @difficult job of the season in @front of us, but the employees @always keep plowing. @it's not just the private @drivers out here working @continuously. @odot are working 12-hour shifts @24 hours day to get the snow @cleared on major roads and @highways. @they have 80 crews throughout @the tricounty air. @back to you. @>> to you and all the crews out @there. @safe travels home. @go get warm. @ the i alert system will @bring you the latest alerts @online of the we cover @everything from schools, day @cares, churches and the county. @seen up for text alerts with @us. @so you can get them sent @straight to your phone. @they're psychology at the @bottom of your screen -- @schooling at the bottom of your @screen.
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@was shot and killed. @it happened in the vig of at a @---le village of danville. @tonight we hear the 911 call @warning of local officials @being in danger. @>> even the family of the @alleged gunman theys he should @have been locked up for a past @crime, just before midnight @last night, his girlfriend said @not honorable he beaten her, he @was armed and determined to @kill a cop. @>> the cops in danville are in @danger, too. @my ex-boyfriend is out in cam @mow looking to kill a cop. @he's got gunnings on him. @he's already beaten me and @threat to understand kill me. @i don't know if he's coming @home. @>> what's his name? @>> herschel ray jones.
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@your house? @>> no, that's the bad thing, @he'll kill me. @>> reporter: he didn't kill her @but he did kill officer tom cot @threat. @his body was found behind a @danville building. @cause of death not made public @yet. @police began a scramble to find @jones arresting him at 1:30 on @a foot chase. @>> this could have been @prevented if they would have @had him locked up. @>> reporter: the brother says @he had a long record just @released in april. @three times in prison. @family says he was heavily @medicated on drugs to prevent @seizure. @>> last night my whole bottle @of colon spin what he took. @it -- klonopin it took him out @of his mind.
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@died serving them. @the gunman not charged but they @can hold him because he @violated his probation. @they moved him out of the @danville area because it was a @local officer shot. @this is a tragedy in any town, @but in a town of a thousand it @really hits home. @so there's much more to follow. @we'll do so tomorrow. @ coming up tonight, @remembering a legend. @another music icon has passed @away. @a look back at glenn frey just @ahead. @>> what caused fuel prices to @plummet less than fifty cent. @$0.50. @ "channel 3 news" is made @possible by windows direct. @you'll be saying i love my
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@ @ music has lost yet another @legend. @glenn frey founding member of @the eagles passed away today. @they made the announcement on @social media. @he had been battening various @illnesses. @he was 67 years old. @ folks across the national
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@of martin luther king jr.. @i had the honor of @participating in the cavaliers @12th annual black heritage @celebration at halftime. @reading a package of the speech @dr. king gave at glendale high @school in '67. @it looked back at his impact on @the civil rights movement and @how it changed our nation and @the world. @ many spent this day giving @back. @this was the fourth annual do @something day. @the goal was to serve 200 @meals. @radio personalities helped @serve the meals for three hours @today. @>> i am destined to be the @best. @ several groups including @the gentlemen of spoken words
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@they filled the rock n' roll @hall of fame with mems and @press verence. @they had educational programs @and family active is. @admission was free at the rock @hall and other museums. @ the liberty bell was tapped @in dr. king's honor. @ let's think a little here. @what was the last time you saw @gas selling for less than a @buck? @a prior war in michigan forced @prices down to less than $0.50. @this station was selling it for @$0.37 felon only for a short -- @gallon only for a short time. @it was back up to $1.47 again. @ betsy is here. @it lacks terrible out there. @>> it's brutally cold out @there. @it's one of those take your
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@your nose situation. @that means we'll have that @weather to greet you as we head @out the door. @if we could pull up weather @three. @we've had a little computer @malfunction so i'm trying to @get things worked around. @we have the possibility, thank @you, franks, our awesome @director. @we have the lake-effect snow @early in the morning. @the temperatures will be in the @single digits and we're @anticipating below 0 wind @chills to continue. @it's looking sunny, relatively @snow free but still cold as @temperatures will only be in @the teens. @as far as the forecast goes -- @i'm going to go over and hit @the but the. @i don't know if this is going @to work or not. @there is the big picture as to @what is happening with the @satellite and radar on the @regional scale. @we have snow coming off lake @michigan and superior to the @north of us. @also lake huron.
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@bands beginning to change. @we may end up seeing changes @closer to home here. @i'm sorry but my but the is not @going to work for me today. @this is a good thing or it can @be a bad thanked tonight it's a @bad thing. @there's a look at the bands. @we have snow coming across the @eastern county southern and @northern ashtabula county and @further band farther to the @south. @that disband coating areas of @271, i-90 east of cleveland and @in the snow belt areas of @geauga county. @this is the band laying it on @the lake right into ashtabula @that is impacting u.s. 20, ohio @two and i-90 as well. @when i say it's laying it down, @look how slow i-90 is going. @basically from drount cleveland @to the state line -- downtown @cleveland to the state lined
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@it's not letting up. @got this on my twitter feed, el @nino has left the building. @actually, el nino can make @things worse sometimes, that's @the case. @that is ashtabula right now. @you can see the snow coming @down. @we have this picture taken in @concord earlier today. @you see that snow the @visibility is down. @another picture from concord. @and sandy whyland said this is @what it looks like in men in @order. @-- menard. @it's pretty. @the winter wonderland is @happening. @you see see the snow pickle on @the bird videoer -- snow piling @on the bird feeder. @the lake snow warning continues @to 9:00 a.m. @for cuyahoga. @the wind chill advisory we @haven't started talking about @that yet.
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@for the rest of northern ohio. @wind chills to tone 15 below 0. @tomorrow, we start in the @single digits. @wind chills below 0. they'll @stay in the single digits @during the day but we'll climb @into the teens. @the snow will be letting up. @future view. @hour by hour forecast. @there's the snow band. @we have bad feelings about @what's going to be gon going on @tomorrow morning in the primary @snow belt for the morning @commute. @slowly but surely conditions @will improve with the location @of the snow band. @it will be with us the entire @morning. @the rest of northern ohio, snow @free just very cold @temperatures to contend with. @in the afternoon, temperatures @begin to claim, the snow begins @to subside. @how much? @that's a great question. @where the bands circuits we're @definitely going to be -- bands @sit, we're going to be getting @more.
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@ashtabula, we could have @anywhere from eight to ten @inches additional coming @tonight. @7-day forecast temperatures @slowly climbing back above @freezing. @we have snow chances wednesday. @also coming back friday into @saturday. @buckle up, friends, it's going @to be another business -- busy @week. @ coming up. @a rematch. @nba finals. @>> for cleveland fans it wasn't
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@ @ now the mentor and kia @sports report. @>> if only there had been an @ialert tonight before 8:00 that @said really cold. @not a good night for the
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@warriors let's do it tomorrow @night or the night after that. @they were embarrassed on their @home floor by the world champon @warriors who beat them by @346789 but at one point led by @33 points in which the game. @-- 33 points in the game. @once he put that little thing @in his mouth. @he didn't miss a shot all night @long. @steph curry had a moment in the @game. @lebron was a steal and dunk. @the cavs were down 16 in one @quarter. @curry steals away from le bran. @goes away and scores. @the cavs were down by 26. @j.r. @smith a stupid thing. @he got connected out of the @game -- kicked out of the game. @after that, they kept firing @and hitting. @they hit 19, three-pointers in @the game. @curry had 35 and road to the
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@the cavs were embarrassed. @>> we just got beat down and i @started by telling you, i'll @tell you again, that's my @responsibility to get them @ready and our guys got to be @better than that. @they know that. @but to beat a team like that, @we got to do some things @differently. @>> it will all be better once @we get to rio. @the summer olympic games are @coming up. @three cavs have made it to the @list of 30 finalist for the @olympic team in rio coming up @this summer in august. @so le bran james, kyle vir e -- @lebran, irvery long has been @selected. @-- @>> last year, i thought of coby @taking his name out of the @pool. @that's the last thing i thought @b. i'm not into the culture --
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@closer to not playing. @i haven't thought about it @mitch. @>> it doesn't look like a lot @of thinking was going on this @evening. @apparently now, at some anoint @week, he'll interview to become @the brown's defense i @coordinator position he held in @20136789 how about this story? @tennessee -- 2013. @how about this story. @the new general manager of the @tennessee titans said the team @wa love to trade the pick to @another team. @the dallas cowboys with sitting @high in the draft to number @four. @they could go up to number one @to get a quarterback and take @jared governor, a guy the -- @jared goff a guy they would @leak to have.
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@big recruit. @one of the top quarterbacks in @the country. @dwayne from maryland had @originally committed to @maryland. @he changed his mind add is @going to ohio state. @college basketball tonight, @university of illinois from @chicago taking on cleveland @state. @rob edwards will hit a three @24 in the game, cleveland state @wins. @and 13 as they've won two in a
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@ @ cold, windy brutal stuff @out there. @tune in at 4:00 a.m. @>> have a great night.
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