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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 19, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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in sync's lance bass and included the couple's son and their dog. start a family together? >> i think it's too early to talk about that. grocery store run for barbecue fixings in l.a. are there cheese-its in there? gwen a friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago but as for any big plans. >> becoming roommates? >> no. trouble, brother. >> blake and gwen were together saturday. they took her three kids to see "star wars: the force awakens." next week, they might was to see kung fu panda 3. cameron mathison joins us now.
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turned hollywood boulevard into china town and angelina jolie e into a family affair. >> talk a little bit about what it part of this. >> it's going to be the first time they see it so they're all very excited and getting dressinged right now.ngelina's kids came later to watch the movie. that's pax on crutches. son maddox was not shut down hollywood boulevard. co-stars kate hudson and jack black walked the red carpet with their sons.ol are you? >> i'm weirdly not cool to them but i think that's just the natural way of fatherhood.heir dad is cool. >> or maybe it's just jack. kate doesn't seem to have that problem with her son rider.
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it's really cool. . >> if goldie could have a character in kung fu panda, what she would be? >> i think she would be like a goose who's really spiritual. t a week it is for you. >> it's been a busy week. >> whoa. ay. >> laundry monday. >> i had to visit my mother-in-law on tuesday.r. then an oscar nomination. >> other than that, normal. >> he can only be stopped by a >> you'll hear one of jack's sons and four of angelina's kids. you can work with your kid, what better? the only real problem, think
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hours of it, they kind of said, what you do for a living, mom, like that was easy. >> they know now, angelina. they know. ght now, my job really is hard, okay? yeah.other big premiere right here in new york cs vinyl. this was mick's first public appearance since the death of his longtime friend david bowie. >> we used to go out in new york we used to go out dancing all the time. we lived in new york, both of us, at that time. yeah. nice to remember them. >> mick's son james told us his favorite memory of his dad and david. >> the dan video which is hilarious. whenever i'm feeling blue, i'll just google dancing in the street and it makes me laugh. so '80s it's amazing. >> james' co-star olivia wild posed with fiance jason sudeikis. everybody loves her co-star ray romano. >> i auditioned, i put m response was he liked it and he's never seen me before, he's never heard of me, nothing. it was refreshing.
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everybody loves raymond 20th reunion. >> i think we might be going to austin for the south by southwest festival. that's in the works right now.. but i still see the guys, i still see them >> he suffered fromcolitis and of course, we'll have much more on this tomorrow. glen fry was coming up, only we're behind
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hen zac o.j. simpson on what they feel the real life players went through. u again tomorrow, at home with
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the gang's all back for neighbors 2. seth rosen, rose byrne and zac efron. orority gone rogue. lucky for her, zac likes to do his fighting shirtless. >> zac always working outreat shape, does that just annoy the crap out of you? >> no, man, zac does more than me honestly. >> get away from me! >> once former enemies, zac and seth now need to join for order to take on the new neighbors, a sorority, led by chloe moretz. >> you realize very quickly d of women chasing you down is much scarier. >> he's in costume to be an
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>> i know.h. >> when rose byrne returns to play seth's wife, her pregnancy perfectly. >> i wrote it in. it just worked out.. >> welcome. >> the secret's out, selena ght. >> selena's really she's super funny. >> she's awesome. she's super talented. >> she's tiny. person. >> very small person in general. >> she's not that short about 5'4", by the way, the new trailer is w. you can watch it on our website next, steve harvey face-to-face with miss colombia for the first time since she was named miss universe and tatched away.
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nights. >> we are with the cast of the people versus o.j. simpson. reach out to o.j. >> plus, kate gosselin's kids >> she's 40 ye
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please welcome, m colombia. >> to steve harvey after the miss universe debacle. od, i'm going to cry. >> yep, there were apologies and tears. the biggest thing we learned actually funny. >> you have to learn how to read cards. i was
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if you see the video, i was thought you were about to make a joke. >> that would have been the worst damn joke i've ever written in my life. >> i know, he's going to make some joke, you know, like oprah. you're miss universe.rse. everyone's miss universe. >> in other tv news, kate plus eight is back and kate's going what's more stressful than that? how about getting advice from your own kids? grown up a lot since we first met them nearly a decade ago. >> this? >> nt color. >> it has a tie. put it away. >> i think it's good for her to put herself out there and, you know, find a husband. so she doesn't die alone.nce here is they're 15 and talking about boys too and it just doesn't feel normal to have mom and ike, dating. >> so things are getting all or kate and
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strong mixed opinions about clothes and a p>> she should not be dating at this age now. >> she's 40 years old. >> kate's blind date is 43-year-old coo van carr. who's actually never seen the show. i walked in blind. she's just a really engaging person. e it to a second date tomorrow night on tlc. kate told us her top deal ing for a man. number one is a total given. he can't be weak. >> it has to be somebody who canface it, it is every day i feel like i survived another one.mily. >> he said he wanted eight kids, it would be a deal breaker. eight is enough. have you heard of it? >> and three was everything to e watched grow up, especially maddy. it seems after a recent run-in with a hot neighbor, this mother/daughter have the same >> maddy goes that guy was really cute.
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same thing. a little young for you. >> and i said, and he's a little old for yo >> it is never a ger and daughter have the same taste in men. meanwhile, so much buzz around the upcoming the people versus o.j. simpson american crime story with cuba gooding jr. playing o.j. and allegedly this will fill us in on what really went down behind the scenes during the trial of the century. nischelle turner talked with the >> got two victims. >> glenwood? nobody gets killed in glenwood. o this with a thought about o.j.'s innocence or guilt? >> everybody has their opinion >> what was yours? >> i don't want to influence the >> all r >> at the time, everybody had an opinion about opt j.'s guilt. especially prosecutor marcia clark. .
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prison. >> i told the truth as it was reported. i think the company did the best they could reflecting the truth n. >> travolta plays defense attorney robert shapiro who was just as adamant about what he believed. nk the verdict was wrong. the verdict was corrt down with all the major players as the real-life drama unfolded. >> it's unprecedented. we get out our cars in the morning and just try to get in s amazing. >> cochran is played by courtney ee, especially young people watching, they may even go, you know, this really happened? you can't write this. >> nobody suffered from the scrutiny more during the trial than marcia clark played by >> she was picked apart like a buzzard with road kill, raked physical appearance. nobody would ever have s to a man. >> losing control.sco. like to be kind of a football. to another.
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kardashian. married to kris jenner, they were very close friends with o.j. and nicole. e did it? >> terrified of him. >> i believe that robert was you want to be there for them if you love them and care about them.iend. i don't turn my back on people. >> you're turning your back on nicole. >> did you reach out at all to o.j.?u get to meet with him? >> no. >> you decided not to do that? >> i'm playing him at his most oyant self nd i think this is a time of his career where he's in a different state of mind. >> the main thing at the center
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people, innocent people, were brutally murdered and that will never change. >> miniseries begins february 2nd on fx. this weekend, i was lucky enough to celebrate dr. martin luther king's birthday with his family. i hosted the king center salute to greatness awards in atlanta with cnn's kyra phillips. it was a spectacular evening. dr. king's daughter oversees the great work they do at the center. >> it was a fantastic time.ce worked as a bus driver giving tours of celebrity homes. was it tom hanks, michael keaton or kevin costner? the answer's coming ust look at the new movie about barack and michelle obama's very first
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agage wor and the real housewives potomac. they dish on drama in season one. it's all at to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthday, which star once worked as a bus
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that is kevin costner who turns 61 today. that would be a good tour guide. >> heck of a tour guide., a movie is debuting this week at the sundance film festival. barack and michelle obama's very firs back in the summer of 1989.cute? >> i didn't say that. some of the secretaries described you that way.e roles and it meant a lot to them making this movie. look what happened when i sat
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tonight, on the attack. hillary clinton scrambling to shore up support amid growing concern she could lose and new hampshire to bernie sanders after the most intense debate yet on our stage. ublican race taking a nasty turn with ted cruz hitting donald trump after being labelled, quote, a nasty guy. and behind the scenes last-minute drama that could have stopped the free american prisoners from reunited from families. tonight we're in german and richard engel is inside iran with reaction. a dangerous virus spreads. more cases of the virus that puts unborn baby at risks are discovered in the u.s. no known cure. how could it be stopped?
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the growing outrage that has some in hollywood telling the academy the show may go on without them. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, a week of sharper and sharper jabs on the campaign trail all came to a head in ruckus fashion on the debate stage in charleston, south carolina, last night. it is a critical moment in the race.nd new hampshire where the voting takes place two weeks from tonight are both in contention, providing the set-up for the sharpest exchanges yet contest. andrea mitchell, who comoderated the debate has the details. >> reporter: the democrats courting black voters in south carolina, at
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commemoration. as bernie sanders threatens to upset hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire, they sharpen their attacks on sunday night. their faces and theirrds told the story. >> that is nonsense. >> reporter: she accusing him of trying to dismantle theesident's signature health care law. >> there are things we could do to improve but to start up over again, i think is the wrong direction. [ speakers ] >> we're not going to tear up the affordable care act. i helped write it. >> >> reporter: he attacking her ties too street and and paid contributions and she preaching consistency and loyalty to the president, hugely popular in south carolina.ers calling for change. >> the political revolution. >> our new nbc news wall street journal polls shows nationally 55% prefer experience and only 40% want change. potentially giving
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advantage. but in it iowa and new hampshire, sanders' young enthusiastic crowds may want to establishment. and if he wins big in the first two states, lina could follow suit. despite the clinton deeper roots with african-american women, a key voting block. already sanders is sing south carolina democrats with his ground operation. >> he stole away one of my staffers. >> reporter: the state's democratic organizer said he needs to press campaign with women. >> on the kitchen table at the beauty carolina, that ain't the number one thing. it is about the jobs and education and the quality of health care that their kids are >> reporter: clinton is still far ahead in national polls but democrats down here say that if the dominos start falling in the first state, the entire shape of the campaign could change very quickly and it could all start with iowa exactly two
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>> and rhea, and on the republican side, whatever gentlemens agreement there might have been has evolved into a ugly today between donald trump and closest competitor ted cruz came to new hampshire, a day after donald trump labelled cruz, a, quote, nasty guy. more from hallie jackson. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m., lindy's diner. and ted cruz getsrved yet another question about his closest rival. >> are you really going to get mr. donald trump to build that wall? >> if he doesn't, he'sd. >> reporter: at the same time, donald trump is on his way to liberty university in virginia hoping to prygelical support from cruz. >> 2 corinthians. 3:17, that is the whole ball >> reporter: and taking off for comfort in new hampshire. and so are we. following the two front-runners in one state on one day and their former
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>> he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> he is losing in the polls and it seems his response is to attack and get personal. i don't intend to respond in kind. is responding. and hitting donald trump as too liberal. d reagan when he was younger was a strong libery and he became conservative. >> robld reagan not spend the first 50 years of his life supporting democratic competitions. >> rep toward a photo finish in iowa. today's trip highlighting the difference on what they are caming and campaigning on andsharing tough talk on terror. but distinctions on immigration -- still, trump couldn't he laugh after a different rivals expense after a dog at
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but all of the smilesover but the front-runner's fight far from it. conservative radio hosts are warning e may turn off some republicans with attacks on cruz and today a influential christian leader took aim, watching it unfold, the establishment candidates, since this trump-cruz battle could open up space for one of them to rise. >> hallie jackson, thank you. three american prisoners released by iran over the weekend in a controversial swap have reunited with families. but as keir simmons reports from germany, a last-minute snag with iran came close to derailing the deal to free them. >> reporter: reunited tonight, all smiles, washington post reporter jason rezaian, with his wife and mother, i'm feeling good. >> he is my brother. >> you talk about the warriors. we talked about baseball and what is going on in the world. >> reporter: meeting
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described his
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