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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  January 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EST

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@penalties to prevent people @from leaving animals outside in @this brutally cold weather. @ i put blood, sweat and @tears in this company and @seeing it go up in smoke like @that was pretty bad. @>> a fire destroys a local @business putting dozens of @employees out of work but the @head of the business is finding @a silver lining and giving @employees something generous in @the meantime. this is channel 3 @news brought to you by: @ @>> and now channel 3 news at @7:00. @ after a rough commute this @morning and dozens of school @closings, the worst is behind @us and betsy is here to show us @we could see some snow but @nothing as bad as the last @couple of days? @>> we are transitioning from @lake effect to what's called sa
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@sonoptic snow. @it's a weak storm system, well @to the south of us but we are @likely to see light snow @showers. @the flurries that we had today, @which is a micro scale event, @jimmy, will continue to move @out as our lake effect is now @winding down, that's the good @news. @but, boy, what a picture we @have seen. @this is out of chardon saying @know day, 10 inches of snow @easily there on that deck. @same thing in chardon from @ohio, l.a. @mitchell, window wonder land in @that location. @the bird is probably loving the @bird seed out there and another @picture from chardon, it's like @snow central, isn't it? @they call @ lake-effect snow -- @they call it the lake-effect @snow capital for a reason. @shelby in richland county, @mostly sunny and day two of @fall sunshine. @there is the storm system that @we are keeping an eye on. @it is a weak one and it will @spread scattered light snow @showers across the area going @through the day tomorrow. @we will talk about that in your @forecast and we are keeping an
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@that will likely impact the @east coast late week, jimmy @will try and spell it out what @that means for us. @>> thank you very much, betsy. @ let's hit the roads right @now. @local roads may be a lot @clearer than yesterday but the @accidents are still mounding @up, we found the most in lake @and geauga counties. @this map shows us andrew @horansky traveling down route @two westbound in lake county. @how is that looking tonight? @>> reporter: well, see for @yourself, jimmy. @these are clear roads. @at 6:00 we showed you i-90, @this is route two headed west, @we are approaching 306 right @now in mentor and what a @difference a day makes. @this is really a trouble spot @yesterday, just 24 hours ago, @but what you can see right now @is basically smooth sailing, @though we can tell you the @weather has already been blamed @for more than two dozen crashes @across northeast ohio and @tonight that number may still @continue to grow but as you can @see here, again, conditions
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@you can see odot did its job @here today as the weather eased @up, they caught up, but it may @be a little deceiving since @drivers are still getting into @trouble. @according to the ohio state @ohio patrol there were 11 @weather-related crashes on @sunday in lake and geauga @counties, that number dropped @to eight yesterday and five @today. @and the accidents weren't @exactly where you would think. @it isn't the windy, snowy roads @causing problems, so much as @the high volume ones where @drivers may be going too fast. @officials say i-90, state route @44 and state route 2 saw the @lion's share of accidents over @the past few days and the @headaches only continued today @from this car dealership in @chardon to this shopping strip. @do you think you will be out @here for a while? @>> it's starting to let up now. @we are starting to get caught @up so shouldn't be too much @longer. @>> a lot of people live out @here and they complain about it @and it's like well why do you
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@>> how have you past 24 hours @been for you? @>> it's okay. @you have to be prepared when @you live out here. @>> reporter: and preparation is @the key. @i spoke to a number of @different law jurisdictions out @here today, different police @and such saying that basically, @and this was a relatively @trouble-free experience, of @course the roads could have @used a little more dusting in @the beginning but at this point @they seem to clean up pretty @quickly and they are happy with @what you see out here today, we @can tell you, though, you still @want to proceed with some @caution and what also has @really made the past few days @bearable, jimmy, is this has @fortunately been a steadier @snowfall, many of us knew it @was coming. @it did give people the @opportunity to prepare. @but, again, proceed with @caution. @back to you. @>> thanks, andrew. @the roads do look good right @not only is this weather @dangerous for drivers but for @dogs and other pets. @now cleveland is one of several @cities across the state @cracking down on people who
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@monica robins who herself is a @pet owner and pet lover @explains the new penalties @negligent owners could face. @there is no better person to do @this story than you. @>> reporter: thanks, jimmy. @you know what? @this is a lot about education @and common sense, so if it's @too cold for you, it's too cold @for your dog or cat to be @outside for a long period of @time. @their water can freeze, it's @too cold to leave them out. @already the cleveland animal @care and control has impounded @five dogs this year alone since @this new law passed. @last year they only impounded @two dogs because of weather- @related situations. @now, whether it's a short @haired breed or a long haired @dog who seemingly loves to snow @when temps get below 30 or @there's snow on the ground, any @pet can risk cold-related @injuries in just a short amount @of time if they are left @outside. @and a new law just passed in @december gives specific
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@your pet should have and if you @don't follow it, the hefty -- @the fine can be hefty. @>> two options, you can either @bring your animal inside or @else we will seize it. @it's a first degree @misdemeanor. @it's really nothing that you @want to play around with. @you could spend six months in @jail and $1000 fine so those @are your only two options. @[ no audio ] @ @>> reporter: has to should some @sort of door, a plastic sheet @or something that the wind @can't get through and if your @dog is impounded, once you take @care of the legal situation, @you can reclaim your dog. @however, if you can't and it's
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@has been here for six months @and really needs a home, then @your dog will go up for @adoption and if you're looking @for one, this one is just a @little angel and she is looking @for someone, and i'm sure @tucker would love to have @another friend, don't you @think, jimmy? @>> you're right, tucker loves @the world, you're right. @thanks very much, monica. @here. @thanks, jim. @ a fire at a rubber @manufacturing business in @jackson township is putting @about 40 employees out of a @job. @the fire began just before 9:00 @this morning at triston rubber @molding incorporated. @and about 18 employees were @inside at the time. @everyone got out unharmed. @the employees did try to put @out the fire themselves but it @quickly got out of control. @ron canterbury says they plan @to rebuild. @>> it was very, very emotional @for me, i put blood, sweat and @tears in this company and @seeing it go up in smoke like @that was pretty bad. @but we are going to move
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@move forward positively and we @are going to recover from this @and be even better than we were @before. @>> canterbury says his @employees will be paid during @their time off. @no word yet on what caused that @fire. @ it is six months and @counting now until the @republican national convention @convenes in cleveland and @planners tell senior political @correspondent tom beres @everything is on schedule, it's @on track. @tom, no one seems worried about @what happens either if we don't @have a nominee by the time that @the convention gavel is in. @>> the convention planners @convention hosts all pre @unflappable but do not seem the @least bit concerned. @the clock and calendar are @speeding up but they don't seem @a bit anxious about things @falling into the place or the @possibility of an open @convention being slugged off --
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@long shot and no big deal if @it -- inside the halle building @a gross staff of republicans @now 40 strong on the job with @more coming. @the republican in charge of @scripting the convention -- @>> everything is coming @together great, the @transportation, the hotels are @coming along great. @>> reporter: well oiled @machine, huh? @>> it will be by the time we @get to the convention. @>> reporter: a check list to be @worked on through july, @construction projects including @public square, convention @center hotel and airport all @should be done, almost all @17,000 hotel rooms pledged in @hand, about $13 million more to @raise a locked-in candidate @helps the last checks get @written. @will that be a problem? @>> it could be but i think we @are actually much further ahead @of the game than other @conventions. @we have never counted on having @to raise money in a round about @way through the candidate to @meet our obligation. @>> reporter: half of 8000 @volunteers recruited, a big
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@and churches and how worried @are republican planners about a @contestant convention, not just @a coronation? @>> i don't think it's going to @be contested convention. @it will sort itself out and i @don't think it's going to be a @problem for us. @>> but you got to be planning @for it in case? @>> you plan for all kinds of @contingencies and that will be @one of them. @>> reporter: meantime many @people working hard pulling @together to produce a great @event for republicans and @cleveland. @>> david gilbert actually @thinks a brokered convention @could be good for the city if @it means for coverage. @again, cleveland's convention @team's view is that the @convention is just four days @and it's what's key now but @it's all the events and the @benefits that will come after @that that will be the long-term @payoff. @>> no problem at all with @coverage if that happened, that @scenario. @>> yeah, it would be wall to @wall. @>> thanks, tom. @ when we come back on the @news at 7:00, going for gold as @the oscars draw closer, the @lesser known films you should @make time to see. @ plus the reason the new @"star wars" is not up for any @big awards. @ plus -- @>> it's been overwhelming
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@husband and i finally realized @the impact. @>> new found millionaires, what @a couple of powerball jackpot @winners decided to splurge on @first and the surprising thing @they will not change about @their daily routine, right
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@ @ not only is the weather @perfect for staying indoors to @watch a film, but awards show @gives us a guide of what to @see. @but which oscar nomination @should you make time to see? @that's our goal tonight. @david huffman is here, the @director of marketing for @cleveland cinemas. @he's here to tell us the most @must see movies of the year. @the two movies that have the
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@"revenant" and "mad max: fury @road" which you are big on. @>> yes, "mad max: fury road" @was my favorite movie of the @year, masterpiece, up for 10 @oscars including best picture @and best director. @i don't think it's going to win @best picture because it's not @the kind of movie that really @ever wins that. @but i think it's got a great @chance of sweeping the @technical awards and the @director has a very good @chance. @>> get back to the movies in @just a second but the story @that's breaking this week is @there is more and more noise @about that actors should @boycott the oscars because of @lack of diversity in the @selections of nomination in the @major acting categories. @>> second year in a row where @all 20 acting nominations were @white and there is a few @surprises this year that, you @know, interest -- gold globe @and then didn't get a @nomination for the oscars so @there are surprises that people @were expecting and then didn't @get them either. @>> chris rock is the host, @right? @>> yes. @>> would you say he would go @right after that? @>> it's going to be @interesting.
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@obviously going to address that @right away and it's going to be @great television and he's @certainly a sharp, very witty @comedian but not afraid. @he referred to the oscars as @the white b.e.t. @awards on twitter this week. @>> "star wars: the force @awakens" is not nominated for @best picture or any other major @category, why? @>> five technical awards. @late in the game, a lot of the @academy voters only vote which @screeners and they didn't send @out screeners for it so a lot @of voters probably didn't even @see the film yet because they @don't go out and see the moves. @they wait to get the dvds at @their house. @>> let's go to your favorites. @tell us some of your favorites. @>> "mad max: fury road" @absolutely my favorite. @"inside out" which is nominated @for best animated feature and @best screenplay. @the room -- or "room" is a @wonderful, wonderful movie up @for best picture and brie @larson is probably going to win @for best actress this year,
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@great movie up for best @picture. @the "revenant" 12 nominations @including best picture and @leonardo dicaprio is finally @probably going to win an oscar. @>> "brooklyn" and i would @recommend that to everybody. @>> it's a wonderful movie. @>> what must see movies are @still in theaters right now? @>> "revenant" just opened up in @cleveland a couple weeks ago, @you can see that and that's a @movie that absolutely should be @seen on the big screen, a big @sweeping epic beautiful outdoor @cinematography. @brooklyn still playing, @expanding into other 93 cents, @as -- in other theaters as is @"room." @>> could you recommend a movie @that isn't regarded as a @blockbuster that people should @see? @>> sure. @i would say "room." @right now "room" is -- has the @lowest grossing of all the best @picture nominations and it's @truly one of my favorite movies @of the year and it's a movie a @lot of people kind of missed. @>> david, thanks very much. @>> thank you very much. @>> good to have you on. @>> thanks. @ when we come back, still to @come, eyes in the sky, how @authorities are using birds to
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@ plus, how much longer @temperatures will stay below @freezing and when we will see @an end of the snow.
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@ @ of course the vultures are @keepers. @ it's been a busy few days @for a tennessee couple who won @a powerball jackpot. @john and lisa robinson say they @are common people and still @plan to go to work despite the @week. @one of their first splurges was @a private tour of elvis' @mansion, graceland. @they also met famous musicians @like the lead singer of the @band alabama at the country @bowl. @but they are back at work today @and on time, betsy. @have you ever thought of what @you would do? @>> oh, man. @>> you would not give this up, @would you? @you would not deprive these @people of the window's nation @seven-day forecast. @did i get that right?
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@it is all about the time of the @year. @>> nine or 10 day forecast or @is it not -- @>> just seven. @>> window nation. @>> not windows nation. @although i guess it would be @appropriate. @>> who has one window? @there you go. @>> it depends. @>> let's take a look at the @forecast. @get me out of this, guys. @now you're going to have me @thinking about that. @garages, barns, the palace. @but anywho. @there's our storm system, this @is going to continue to cause @problems throughout the @tennessee valley but for us it @is only going to bring us @little bits of snow as we go @through the day tomorrow, it's @a weak disturbance, light snow @on and off, there will be @passing snow showers and not @even adding up to an inch in @most of northern ohio. @the second storm system is @still out in the four corners @region. @this one is actually going to @move east, it will strengthen
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@first storm system so they kind @of join forces and when two @storm systems join forces, a @lot of times you end up getting @a bigger, stronger storm system @and that is going to be most @likely what happens as we have @a southern sweeper, it's going @to go right through the delta @region and head up the east @coast and that is going to @cause potentially a lot of @problems along the east coast. @the forecasts are still several @days in advance of the storm @system, there's a lot of @details that have to go out but @i would have to say at this @point if you have weekend plans @that take you to the five big @cities, that would be @washington, d.c., baltimore, @philadelphia, new york and @boston, be advised there could @be some travel issues. @meanwhile, we here in ohio will @be possibly getting some snow @showers out of that, but other @than that, just cloud cover as @long as it stays to the east. @there's our little storm system @and as i mentioned, it's really @not going to add up to a lot @for us. @we will be right at about 12 to @start the day tomorrow, 18 by @midday and temperatures getting
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@we will have on and off snow @showers that come and go. @get you to your window nation @temperatures tomorrow will be @right around the 20-degree @of snow is likely. @will warm things up. @we will be in the upper 20s for @thursday, right around 30 as we @head through friday and @saturday. @there you see friday and @saturday slight snow chances, @that's that east coast storm @system and then into next week @we will be looking to the @possibility of a little rain- @snow mix coming in on monday @and tuesday. @>> thank you very much. @ when we come back, we will @check in on what the browns are @doing about getting a defensive @coordinator, maybe one they are @already paying. @ @ here's what's coming up @tonight on nbc brought to you @by mercedes-benz of bedford,
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@ @ the browns are interviewing @ray horton to come back to @cleveland and possibly be their @defensive coordinator again. @as we look at him, yes, it was @betsy was walking behind him @use of the tunnel and that's @the real basis of why we are @doing this story. @anyway, ray is already being @paid by the browns from when he @was here in 2013 but he was @only here for one year that @entire staff was. @so he's on their payroll @anyway. @why not bring him back to be @the defensive coordinator. @what were you doing? @him, hey. @>> a few pointers. @ al saunders is on the @browns radar too. @expert in the passing game and @been affiliated with phil @jackson before, they were @together in oakland when hue @jackson was the head coach of @the raiders.
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@game and making that play. @you never know where you're @going to find us or her. @>> i'm like the groundhog. @i keep popping up. @>> thanks for watching. @"entertainment tonight" is @less. @hardly as entertaining as this @was. @russ and sara back at 11:00. @have a great night, everybody. @ @ thanks for watching channel
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