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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 20, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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home. because the car was on fire. "e.t." spoke to an eyewitness this morning who told us jamie rabbed the guy and dragged him 30 feet away from the car. reading into the police report, lone but with unidentified companion. he ran to the burning overturned truck and n. an attempt to free the he was told to break a window, lt and extricate the driver. a 32-year-old male who pol say was driving under the influence.of my friend jam cameron is here with the latest on the funeral for celine dion's husband. real. i will be there to cover it for "e.t.." i'll be inside the basilica for the funeral itself. this is where the funeral will take place friday at 3:0ite inside to attend.
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televised on one canadian e been told that celine will not be singing ry likely her songs will be played. my heart will go on ms that renee planned his own funeral in the months before his death. to care for celine to ease her grieving. of course, the cathedral is the same place he said i do to the great love of his life 21 years ago.l be closed on frns will be in attendance and what is interesting is the police force in montreal have been involved in long protests and they've been wearing camouflage in anger over unfair wages. ey will wear their uniforms out of respect for rene and for celine. who are considered royalty.. all by myself >> there will be more heartache
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says good-bye to her brother ied of cancer two days after rene. the ceremony will be held in the little girl. >> we suffer another big loss with the passing of glenn frey of the eagles. e.t. was glenn on stage and on set. we're going to share our favorite moments with you coming great moments with glenn. meanwhile, nancy, let's move on to your guilty pleasure. yes, last night a roller coaster ride on "the bachelor". >> no doubt about that. so many twists and turns on this show. it's fabulous! there was a surprising exit that devastating moment after bachelor ben received some ible news. >> two people who are close to my family passed away in a plane crash last night. >> emotions ran high as ben shared the news of his tragic loss. resulted in a massage from course, wasn't without drama. >> are you kidding me? what the [ beep ] >> and in a shocking turn, another self elimination. leave the competition.
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myself. i just feel like going home might be easier. not be the last of we see of her. here is what went down on "the bachelor live" off the show. >> are we going to see new paradise? to work on myself. >> i have momma june and her girl. >> how is the trainer working out? >> the shaning clan out on rodeo drive, honey boo boo sporting keup, june is in town shooting an episode of "botch." i bumped into her ride to l.a. check us out. she dropped 145 pounds and is having surgery to remove the results of excess skin. re just having a good time. >> i'm a cheerleader.are miley cyrus
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even liam's brother is not sure ther again.half the time. >> miley has been flaunting the ring liam gave letter in 2012 when they first got engaged. we went straight to the source for some details. >> they say she's never really th the ring. she's kept it very precious. that's what i heard.on her finger on the right hand. >> does this all mean she's going to calm down and stop riding naked on wrecking balls? >> i don't think so. coming up, the woman called instagram's most famous trainer. how she says she gets >> yes. what number are we at? you can't hide from us. is the queen b doing se super bowl rehearsals? >> grammy nominee charlie remembering his makeout with megan trainer?
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>> that is next. long way
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birthdays --
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when i see you again >> that number one hit could win three grammys on february 15th, "see you again." now that video has been watched youtube. >> i believe it. i've been watching it myself. it completely transformed charlie's life. last year nobody knew his name. now he's working with meghan trainor and selena gomez. we talked about the next big thing. >> okay. t of a scoop here that i have to go with. music video with selena. what kind of ideas are ythere? obviously with meghan, things got steamy. marvin gaye and>> so what kind of rap are we going to go with? >> i love wwat you're getting
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i mean, i -- it's so -- i mean we're going to wait for the song to come out first. >> charlie and selena have been teasing us on snapchat.ore when charlie kicks off his north american tour in march. but for now, he's looking to bring home his first grammy. >> we're very excited. you know, we got tied to the world's most unlikely duo. but it's cool.hiz your date for the grammys? you are bringing a date? >> no. wiz is not my date. i think we're going to bring our moms.t. i love a good mom date. >> with charlie, it's all about the music. >> and the formula works after building a youtube following from his dorm, charlie moved to l.a. just over a year ago.
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looks over the capital records building.ur family keep you grounded? >> they let me know that 15 years ago we couldn't even afford tomato use catchup on spaghetti. and that money can go away really quickly. i'll tell you all about it when i see you again >> so talented. the new cd will drop on the 29th. of course, we'll be seeing him at the grammys. february 15th on cbs. 50. i want you to check this out. beyonce, stop trying to hide from us. we always know where you are. she was causing a commotion yesterday on the campus of the university of southern california. she is there rehearsing for her halftime show. february 7th. coming up next, selena gomez and taylor swift makeup free ith instagram's most famous trainer. why thousands of women and get fit. >> then --
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was like starting all over can't hide >> our time with the eagles legend on stage and behind the that is ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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that is taylor swift and ing their workout faces on. they hit the gym together in yesterday. we're at the gym with the woman 's most famous trainer to find out how she's eople all over the world to get fit in just 28 minutes. >> i've got victoria secret models following me. allison williams said it was the
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it can't be done. i love she's amazing. >> this is how you start a fitness revolution.d australian trainer, kayla started posting before and afters of her clients on instagram. an idea. post a video guide of exercises so followers can work out with ars ago maybe. >> then you checked your notifications, four million followerh, my god. >> blew up overnight. >> she is now 24. her follo are called #kayla'sarmy. with a four followers tracy anderson. sh >> we are boyfriend and girlfriend for 3 1/2 years. yes, we live together. he's my partner in all of. this he's my business partner. >> the fitness app called sweat with kayla and prescription workouts. she has more followers than tracy anderson. >> tell us about your workouts. s. it's so good. you have four exercises, you
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four exercises as many times as you can and pushups. you should be feeling it. jump back in. stand up. all right. >> and how many of these am i doing? hat number are we at? >> you're on five right now. >> just felt like 15. so reality fitness show in her future? we asked hersn't thought about it yet. but we bet there is producers watching right now who are thinking about it. take it easy take it easy >> that is the very first hit that sent the eagles on their way to super stardom back in 1972.en and sung by glenn frey. the rock icon passed away career that spanned decadecian and an actor. of his biggest moments with glenn frey in his own words. >> we were always pretty visual song writers. i mean, if you think about the
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desert highway -- ert highway >> so people can have pictures in their mind. welcome to the hotel california old us the eagles were the soundtrack to our lives, for breakups, makeups and everything in between. you can't hide eagles. they got in a car and drove across america. don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy have been pouring in from across the world, most notably from don henley.ged 45 y was never broken." ying things to me like you're just and i always say, of course. it's another tequila sunrise >> from the moment they formed became one of the best-selling
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glenn frey gets much of the credit for that. >> don henley said that glenn aptain of the eagles and made everything happen. 1980, it was just like starting all over again. the heat is on solo career was huge. it was smuggler's blues that got acting gig on "miami vice." we were on the set. >> i have a chance to act in theseries in television. i have a hit record and biggest movie of the year. i'm one lucky dog, folks. >> i've accomplished a lot in the music business.s a new challenge.tunity to eliminate travel and stay home. >> all during those acting gigs in the '80s, glenn kept ould
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>> i don't think i can sing "take it easy" at age 36. something. lighten up while you still can >> but in 1994, hell froze over.ver. you know, things always happ for a reason. s, don henley spoke for all of us. "i will be grateful for every day that he was in my life." >> you know, back in 1992, glenn wrote a song that was called "river of dreams."is particularly poignant. he wrote, "people don't run out of dreams. people just run out of time." >> wow.
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before we go, the victorial returns march 9th on cbs. excited about that. they go to st. barts and have fun in the ocean. i don't know if i want to do it next to them. looks like fun what they're doing there. y. >> i'm excited about the performance. >> look, there is a lot of eye candy. >> no doubt.
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breaking news tonight. sarah palin endorsed donald trump, a major move rallying nservatives, as trump tries to fight off ted cruz. the impact on the race. it is a disasterission about the toxic water crisis that poisoned potentially thousands of children. a governor under fire, residents now fighting the major snowstorm about to wallop a huge part of the country after three feet of snow. is here. a freed american speaks after years held by iran. the u.s. marineswerful message as another american family has a loved one still missing, said the betrayed them. and now is the time. if you are planning to fly this spring or summer.
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doing in the next eks. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. we start tonight with the breaking political news. former alaska governor and vp palin has endorsed donald trump in the race for the republican presidential nomination. they are a the announcement in iowa. we are showing you the rally where it will take place. the endorsement comes as trump and ted cruz are locked in a tight n iowa. but while palin mirrors trump with an outspoken voice and the unsatisfied, we'll find out if she could bring others into the trump tent 13 days into the iowa vote. starts the coverage from the trump rally in iowa tonight. hi, katie. good evening, lester. the campaign announcing the
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endorsemre awaiting them to take the stage. the annie oakley to trump's p.t. barnum move the needle in iowa. political fire brand, meet political fire brand. sarah palin made it tonight. there has long been chatter of a sarah palin-trump endorsement. their and they have similar attention gathering styles and they seem to like each other. back rumors of a sailin presidential campaign, trump left the door open to running as her vice president.he didn't ask me. she came up as a terrific woman. >> reporter: earlier in the campaign trump has no kind words for r john mccain who picked sarah palin to bibe his running mate, catapulting here to national fame. >> he was a war because he was captured. >> reporter:
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and adored by the disa be a fit for cruz. she endorsed his 2012 senate run and he credited her with his win. >> i love sarah palin.h palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> this just might be supports donald trump but wasn't sure if they would go out and caucus on a cold night. >> reporter: it all d bad news for cruz as terry branstad took the texas senator to task today for lack of support for renewable fuels.rtant to iowa farmers. >> i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. and know he is ahead in the polls but the l that counts is the one they take on caucus night. >> reporter: now with s than two weeks away and polls showing trump neck and neck with cruz, the endorsement could be ucial. katy tur, ames, iowa.
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alexander. trump but trump. an outspoken media magnet. sarah palin burst on to the national stage . >> they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull -- lipstick. >> reporter: with herformal folksy style she gave voice to a growing movement of conservatives angry at traditional party politics. >> the one tool they have are articles ofimpeachment. >> attacking president obama -- >> mr. president, the only thing that stopsa bad guy with a nuke is a good guy with a nuke. >> reporter: and attracting millions of followers along the >> bloomberg is not around. our big gulp is safe. >> she quit her job as governor mid term and went any hope of national political office. but she is a master disruptor with the potential in iowa to give trump the bump heeds. >> while sarah palin no longer has the sway she once had, she is still one of the few american politicians
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important state like iowa. >> for a time hers was the endorsement to get in the republican primary, launchingnikki haley and joni ernst in iowa. while she is still picking favorites, her seal after approval comes with no guarantees. take 2010. she endorsed 64 candidates and just 33 won. palin is now as much a pop culture figure as a political one. spoofed on snl. while her influence has faded, trump is betting on a cold night in iowa, palin could still fire up the base. news, washington. and there is news of the race. bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton's campaign another reason to worry. a brand-new poll shows clinton has an incredible amount of ground to make up in new hampshire if it holds up. we have more from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: he's moving on up. bernie sanders today riding in a spanking
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>> i walk around, these comfortable seats. but the purpose of this bus is just to help us get around your beautiful state. and that is what we're going to do. >> reporter: with 13 days to go, it is hillary clinton's nightmare scenario. the possibility that bernie sanders youth brigade could topple her in iowa. it is competitive. in iowa, they have nearly the same number of paid staff. he has spent more on tv ads in iowa and new hampshire. and has spent more time in iowa, 51 days to her 39. and by raising money online from small donors, his team said they have the money to keep going. >> we could be in more places they are and more capacity to deliver message than they have. >> and a big warning sign for clinton in new hampshire. a new cnn poll has sanders ahead by 25%, a huge leap from the four point advantage in our poll last week. what about clinton's fire wall when the campaign moved south. in alabama last night sander proved he could
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