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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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once wrote a tribute to a suicide bomber. the secret service admitted it was investigating him. then he screamed death to israel during an omat's lecture. there were the questionable facebook posts, which included him in washington with the comment i come to bury d.c. t praise it. and this one where he claims to be the person on the left. free speech to some but others, cluding the defamation league, they're down right evil and there may be part of the reason he's at the center of an former student emily mills came to her. so far has been the only person able to interview him. >> i've not broken the i don't advocate that anyone else break the law. >> he also denied links to isis
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statement to students saying, was no indication of a threat. the comments were called irreprehensible and contrary to core values. >> as many emia note, tenure is a strange thing. once you have it, it can be difficult to get fired. there'lead to such steps. the university declined to say whether they're taking any of steps. the professor did not have class today, but he plans to return to a normal schedule this week. >> you can hear more e ksu student who broke the story sisters are dead
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>> reporter: good evening russ. piece together what happened. the two women were killed and one of their grandson's was actually hospitalized after he tried to save them. >> it was around morning when fire crews were called to this home on east 147 re crews could see flames as an 85-year-old man yelled that there were others inside. trapped inside were two women, -year-old on the second floor and a 90-year-old on is second floor. >> we just made a valiant t in there. >> the two women were found dead. a 45-year-old man, a grandson of one of the women, was also taken to the treatment as he tried to get back inside to save his family. one neighbor said he's not surprised he went back. >> he's a good guy. on this street. he cuts their grass too, if you
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he was real good guy. >> throughout vestigators have searched for clues as to what may have sparked the fire, as grandchildren showed up at the scene looking for answers. there was a detector on the second floor but not on the first by the time you see the fire or you smell the smoke it may be too late. the smoke detector gives you the opportunity to get out of use. now, cleveland does have a program called operation save a life where the fire department will come to your house and install a along with batter-5335. of course, russ, we'll be looking for updates from fire investigators on exactly what happened in this particular house fire.
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brandon simmons, thank you. new tonight, the u.s. attorney is stepping e state of ohio. he submitted his resignation to loretta lynch. ip, they negotiated the deal to -- the police he plans to return to private practice. a driver left a woman tonight they need your help identifying the female driver seen here in this maroon . 31-year-old tina lowe was crossing fulton road near clark avenue yesterday afternoon when she was hit by the car. lowe was taken to metro health injuries. if you recognize this car or police.
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wall street with stocks taking major they split the difference to end down 249 points. these crazy days in the street could have you concerned 401(k)s and other investments. mary, good evening to you. first of all, what he market sold off in response to the steep decline we saw in the price of oil. oil closed at its lowest level a lot of people say that's good news because it puts more money in consumers' pockets because they pay less at the pump, but lower oil prices affect the economy, a slow down that u.s. economy which has been the strongest around the globe. the investors hold the debt of us ey may find themselves repaying that debt if the price
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>> when it comes to those a good news, bad news kind of thing. they may be concerned about their 401(k)s and other how concerned should they be. >> well, i think investors should take a look and see what their holdings are. what they want to do is call your financial advisor if you're feeling nervous. well, if i have a long term outlook, do i want to invest money and therefore do i want to sell. if you're a long term investor, you're missing out on the future gains and also selling at lows and posting losses before you jump back in. the first piece of advice anyone should consider is call their financial advisory, look at their portfolio and make sure they're adjusted appropriately for the risk tolerance as well as their time frame. >> thank you so much.
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usually talk about in winter months. melanoma. a new study found a disturbing link between the deadly skin cancer and pregnancy. senior health correspondent monica robbins explains what women need to know. >> it was just a freckle on her toe. nothing out of the ordinary for amy lauderdale. she noticed it darkened during her pregnancy. when it didn't get heighter, she had it checked out. >> thank god i caught it early. melmelanoma and pregnancy are linked. the connection is concerning. >> pregnancy came up as a significant risk factor. very significant, in fact. so much so we were shocked by the numbers. those numbers include a nine times chance of reoccurrence, a seven times chance of me as the sis and five times chance of death. >> they found the link after
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>> we would find pieces of information about pregnancy and or child age in one chart and melanoma in another. >> the statistics are alarming for sure. i'm spreading awareness wherever i can. >> the scar on her toe, a strong reminder of why she's loaded with weapons for protection. head to head sunscreen for herself and kids daily. her recommendation to people her age. tell your hairdresser, gynecologist, dentist, it's all these people that you bring into the loop because you have to be so much more aware of it. >> bottom line, know your skin. watch for changes, especially before, during, and after pregnancy and even more so if sarah? >> do researchers have any idea why the link to pregnancy here, monica? >> they're not exactly sure. there could be a host of reasons from hormonal influx genetics and the environment may also play a role, but
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take care and be aware. >> absolutely. thank you. >> they told us it wouldn't happen. and it did. >> you're looking at a walking miracle, an inspiration. don kendrick will have his amazing story. hi, betsy. >> hi. the east coast is bracing for a winter wallop. a lot of snow going to the i-5 corridor, but we'll have a glancing blow. i will tell you what that means for our snow accumulation, straight ahead. >> thank you, betsy. the water crisis continues in flint, michigan. they try to continue with a contaminated water supply. the celebrity that donated
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as residents continue to call for cleaner water, news of the contaminated water supply is getting more attention.
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among them, entertainer cher donated water today. water has not been clean in flint since 2014 when leaders decided to save money and use the flint river as the source. it has elevated levels of lead. rick snyder remains under fire for his handling of the situation. now to some better news, a boy beat incredible odds. doctors were sure he would end up in a wheelchair after being diagnosed with a rare condition that left almost all other patients paralyzed. channel 9 eyewitness news' don kendrick is here with the recovery his parent says is nothing short of a miracle. >> he's an adorable, bright eyed fighter who never gave up. doctors say that was huge in evan's almost unheard of recovery.
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package of inspiration. >> he woke up with pain in his back and hip. he wasn't able to walk or move his arms or legs. >> dr. feedman diagnosed him. >> as a result of an inflammation or infection in the spinal cord. >> a mysterious polio like condition. he thinks evan may have been part of the virus that left 120 kids with paralysis last year. >> everything he's done for the last seven and a half years changes in one weekend. >> doctors say evan would be wheelchair. >> we just kept pushing. >> so i could at least walk. >> more than a year of therapy later and he's off. celebrating a birthday at sky zone, where sky is the limit
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from a -- that -- >> healthy and happy and moving and walking and running and jumping and playing. they told us it wouldn't happen. it did. >> celebrating 9 years old strong. >> he's back to 100% normal. >> but there are 130 more kids that have been reported to the cdc that are not where evan is. >> only one or two decides evan made full recoveries. >> it's a miracle. >> he's meant to do something great. you just know he is. >> he's going to do things great, i'm sure. we'll have that update for you. i can't wait to tell it. that little fighter has earned the right to be that guy who's going to change the world, his mom thinks. don't try to stop him now. >> thank you, dawn. >> cold stuff over your way, my friend. >> yeah, but just a little bit of i snow. so that's the good news. meanwhile on the east coast,
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and the frenzy is going to get worse. i will say this, if you have travel plans east, friday, saturday, sunday, hold those plans. we'll talk all about where that snow is headed. we do have a little bit of snow coming down in northern ohio. flurries, fluffy stuff that's dancing on the streets, not really causing any traffic problems. visibility from time to time. look at the temperatures holding steady in the upper teens. for the most part, we're not anticipating heavy snow as we go through the night. the flurries here now will be ending. we're chemoing an eye on the east coast storm. it will brush buy us. and next week we'll have a chance for snow and mix possible monday night into tuesday. let's tackle the flurries first. you can see we just have light snow showers coming and going across northern ohio. these have been inconsequential today. even the visibilities on the valley view bridge have improved recently.
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help but see that there's the snow showers on the east coast. everybody is going, oh, that doesn't look too bad. the problem is it's just a little bitty swirl here. this is the big, bad storm system that's going to come. here's what's going to happen. the track of this right now takes it down, it gets a lot of moisture, and it moves up and down the east coast. let's put this in a time line for you. our storm system is now coming together. the energy is coming out of the rocky rocky mount -- rocky mountains. thunderstorms along the guccione area. meanwhile the northern end as the storm is going to draw in colder air begins to crank out the snow. on friday we'll start to see snow probabilities for tennessee, kentucky, right over into west virginia.
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here's where the storm starts to come north, though. that happens friday night into saturday. the i-95 corridor from washington, dc north really starts to take a pummeling. a rainy mix along the coastal areas, inland, very heavy snow along the i-95 corridor. stretching west to charlotte into west virginia as well. that will then continue to move out through the day on sunday. look at the snow potential this thing is beginning to show up. these are on the low sides. so we have snow potential that's anywhere from 10-20 plus inches. meanwhile, here in northern ohio, that brushes by us on sunday. that's how much snow we could get. maybe the southern counties could end up with an inch or two, but the rest of us, just a dusting. here's the better news, we don't have any snow in tomorrow's forecast. mid-20s. mix of clouds and sun.
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we'll stay the same. easy peasy with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will be going up into monday. that's when we get the rain- snow mix chance. temperatures dropping on tuesday and we'll continue with chances of scattered snow showers into wednesday. >> thanks, betsy. >> the construction can get under way for the lake county ymca dream house. we were there for the ground breaking in concord. this is the 23rd year for the fundraiser. look for tickets to go on sale this spring. >> coming up tonight, the downs are getting back. >> the latest on the possible
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the voice of the browns is with us. josh gordon, is this really going to happen? >> i think it may happen. he's doing all the things he needs to do to get back into the league, again. okay. josh gordon has applied to be reinstated into the nfl. the nfl has 60 days to consider that and decide whether or not to allow him back into the league. he is in stage three of the substance abuse program, which
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bring him back. he can be reconsidered all the stamp thing. he needs to prove he is clean and has not had any trouble with the law, and then he would undergo multiple tests, random testing all the time, and he must pass all of those tests. here's the things about the browns for him. when he has his head on straight, this guy could be the greatest receiver in the game. that's how good he is. he's under contract for the browns next season. the following season he would become a restricted free agent. i think the browns would give him a whirl one more time to see if he can get it done. there's a lot of browns news, and it's all about coaches. besides the josh gordon situation. ray horton is the new defensive coordinator of the browns. anywhere he goes, betsy is close behind. she was right behind him. ray horton is coming back to the browns. he has a deal done.
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he was here in 2013. al saunders, done deal. he's coming to the browns to handle the offensive side, probably the passing game will be the situation with him. and we've just learned that pat hamilton, the former offensive coordinator of the indianapolis colts will come to the browns too as their quarterback coach. he was andrew luck's offensive coordinator, not only with the colts but also at stanford. kirby wilson is a done deal. don't get caught watching the paint dry. he didn't. his contract ran out with the vikings at midnight, and he had a done deal with the browns today to be their runningback coach and their running game coordinator. >> now, cavaliers are in brooklyn tonight trying to put monday behind them, the awful loss to the golden state warriors, and they take on the nets tonight at barclay center. now, as lebron says, don't hit the panic button. it was one game. really bad game, but one game.
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>> i also can put things in perspective and know that one loss can't linger. you know, we can't allow that to linger because we have so many many games to go and so much time we have to put in to get better. like i also said after the improve. us. >> we go to a new segment, cavs flashback. this is different from the way back machine. this was in late november, the cavs and lebron james hit the game-winning shot with a second to go. the last time they took on the nets over at the q. thanks for joining us for that segment. and the cavs are interested in peddling -- the cavs were not acting on it, as far as a trade possibility. now the report says the cavs are calling teams to trade him, but only teams in the western conference. he becomes a restricted free agent at the end of the year. now, the trade deadline is february 18th.
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nuances with the machine. >> a lot of machines. >> all right. thanks. jimmy and betsy, back tonight at 7:00.
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