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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  January 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@>> it is important not only for @yourself but to protect your @kids. @ local doctors find a link @between pregnancy and a @dangerous skin cancer. @what you should be aware of and @how to protect you and your @family. @ northern ohio is keeping an @eye on a storm system that may @bring a big system to the east @coast. @ carving out a niche. @how a local chef's creative @sculptures won him a spot on a @popular food competition show. @ @ good evening everyone. @we are learning more about the @professor at kent state @university who is at the center @of an fbi investigation. @sources claim he has ties to @isis. @and may have been recruiting @students. @channel 3's andrew has been
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@actions that may have triggered @this investigation. @good evening, andrew. @>> reporter: good evening. @you mentioned it in the head @line and important to note @again that this professor has @not been charged. @but what is very surprising is @we found out today is that to @many people in the community @these allegations were not a @complete surprise. @he has made headlines before @but none as big as this one. @55-year-old julio pio a ten @year history professor at kent @state has a history himself. @he once wrote a tribute to a @palestinian suicide bomber. @in 2009 the secret service @received tips and investigated. @in 2011 he screamed death to @israel during an israeli @diplomats visit. @there were troubling facebook @post, which included this @picture in washington with a @comment quote, i come to bury @d.c. not praise it. @it may all be part of the
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@of a federal investigation and @the talk of campus. @>> it is a scary organization. @>> i think it is weird. @i have never had him before. @>> reporter: it was a former @student who broke the story @when the fbi came to her. @and so far she has been the @only one who has interviewed @pina who told her he did not @violate laws and denied links @to isis. @the university tells channel 3 @news there were no indications @of a threat and they are @cooperating with the fbi. @>> reporter: he has been @teaching for 20 years. @he is a tenured professor. @because of that it may be @difficult to get rid of him. @he did not break any laws. @what he did do was practice @freedom of speech. @that depends on who you talk @to. @we went to his home today. @he was there because he didn't @have class today. @it seems he plans to return to @the classroom when he is @scheduled to teach next.
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@>> thank you very much. @>> that's terrible. @you couldn't. @feeling. @ a very sad story. @two elderly woman have died @after an overnight house fire @on cleveland's east side after @a relative's attempt to save @them. @the fire happened just after @2:00 a.m. @at a home on east 147th street. @fire crews say they saw flames @when they arrived. @a man yelled people were @inside. @two sisters, 85-year-old and 90- @year-old died in that fire. @a 49-year-old man was taken to @the hospital after trying to @save them. @one neighbor said he is not @surprised by his bravery. @>> he is a good guy. @he helped everybody on this @street. @he cut their grass even if you @didn't have no money to pay @him. @he was a real good guy. @>> investigators are still @looking for the cause of the @fire. @they discovered only one @working smoke detector on the
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@ cleveland police need your @driver. @the victim, tina lowe was @crossing fullton road at 2:45 @in the afternoon yesterday. @a driver in a maroon chrysler @lhs turned on to fullton from @clark avenue and hit her. @leave has serious injuries. @surveillance video caught the @driver at a nearby gas station. @hair. @if you have any information you @are asked to call police. @ we don't usually talk about @melanoma risk in the middle of @winter. @a cleveland clinic study found @a disturbing link between the @deadly skin cancer and pregnant @women. @senior health correspondent @monica robins joins me to @explain what to watch for. @>> if you are a woman of child @baring age this is something @you need to pay attention to. @especially if you are fair
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@history of skin cancer. @they scoured electronic medical @records and discovered a link @in pregnant women. @amy noticed a freckle on her @toe darkened during her @pregnancy. @it didn't change after she gave @birth. @when it was checked out she @learned she had melanoma. @the statistic are concerning. @>> pregnancy came up as a @significant risk factor. @so much so we were shocked by @the numbers. @those numbers include a nine @time chance of recurrence. @seven times chance of @chance of death. @>> reporter: bottom line, know @watch for changes before, @during and after pregnancy. @more so if you have a family @amy arms herself with sunscreen @and wears it head to toe daily @and puts it on her kids, as @well. @they are not sure why there @could be a link. @it could be from a hormonal @pregnancy.
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@suppression. @knowledge is power to take care @and be aware. @>> thank you very much. @ controversial cuyahoga @county prosecutor is up for @rereaction. @o'malley sat down with tom @beres for his extended one-on- @one interview. @what did they have to say? @>> he had plenty of things to @say and lots of criticism [ no @audio ] @ @>> tamir rice's @superintendenters are angry at @the cleveland police and judges @are, too. @michael o'malley blames his @style. @>> i think he tries to promote @himself to the detrement of the @office. @tim has a reputation to win at @all costs. @>> reporter: o'malley charges @politics are why the rice case
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@>> his attention was to drag it @out in an effort that perhaps @emotions would subside. @>> reporter: o'malley said he @would not have let officers @just read statements to the @grand jury. @>> if you are going in front of @the grand juries you should be @exposed to cross examine. @>> reporter: he calls tamir's @shooting tragic but reasonable. @>> i don't think tim @representing at mat questions @was the best tactic. @it is ironic by selective @releasing the information he @did is holding back saying i @didn't want the transcripts to @be released. @you are either transparent or @not. @>> reporter: o'malley is from a @west side irish family and @cleveland councilman once. @he lacks much trial experience. @>> i'm not going to tell you i
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@but i have understand the more @management experience. @can we do better? @my goal is to get the citizens @off the roller coaster. @>> reporter: o'malley @officially kicks off his @campaign thursday night. @>> we apologize for technical @problems. @congresswoman fudge stronging @backing o'malley. @o'malley claims to keep the ban @on prosecutors holding office @or party positions. @he launches his campaign @tomorrow night. @we have the full interview at @>> more about o'malley. @he is parma's safety director, @right? @>> he is parma's safety @director. @has taking a two month leave of @absence to campaign full-time. @democrats did not endorse @either candidate. @the winner of the march 2013 @primary is certainly to be the @next prosecutor. @>> thank you very much. @
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@side is starring tonight in a @new episode of law and order @svu. @not only did he act with the @star of the show she directed @the episode, too. @>> i got to establish a @relationship with her. @she was there every day on set. @so encouraging. @she is such a real person. @>> he is a really talented @person. @the 23-year-old from aurora is @wrapping up a run on broadway @in new york in the play spring @awakening. @his family will have a watch @party tonight for his @television debut. @the episode of law and order @where he plays a criminally @charged teenager airs at 9:00 @tonight here on channel 3. @ underneath snow is the @dream house. @after a ground breaking today, @construction of the concorde
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@this is the 23rd year for the @fundraiser for the lake county @ymca. @wkyc is a proud partner of the @dream home. @tickets go on sale this spring. @ when we come back a local @chef is living proof that @playing with your food can be a @good thing. @how his creative carvings won @him a big opportunity on the @food network and a bigger @prize. @ plus, jamie foxx helps save @a life.
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@ welcome back. @when you hear the words carving @and sculpting you they think of @clay, metal and ice. @what about fruits and @vegetables? @a local chef is so talented he @landed on the food network show @cake wars. @joining me is steve beaty. @this is beautiful. @it also smells wonderful. @what made this? @>> this is one of the things @where you take seasonal @vegetables and fruits and you @have fun. @you look at color and texture @and look at things to draw @folk's eyes to it. @>> how did you get into doing @fruit carving? @>> i got a job doing banquets. @believe it or not a lot of the @other guys were doing ice @carvings and different other @things. @i ran out and got a pumpkin
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@holes. @them. @the pressure was on. @it wasn't until many years @later, fast forward ten years @when i had my son, seth, that i @entered my first competition @and began to take it seriously. @>> along with a job at mount @union you found a graffiti @carving. @>> correct. @>> what is that? @>> growing up, it wasn't the @best environment. @my first exposure to art was @graffiti. @i thought how cool would it be @that you can take such a run @down building and have the @ability to make work of art out @of it. @i wanted to keep in touch with @my roots. @graffiti carving emerged from @there. @>> i'm listening but i'm @fascinated watching your hands @there. @tell me about cake wars. @>> cake wars was good karma. @it is a fabulous show.
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@think i would end up on that @show. @i remember when egot the phone @call from the food network. @an organization i partnered @with recommended me. @>> your team won the grand @prize. @$50,000. @which you all split and then @uncle sam comes in. @>> he kicks in the door. @he gets his. @>> what were some of the things @you had to do on the show. @i imagine they were elaborate @and competitive. @>> absolutely. @when you look at the show one @of the great things is my @teammates had never met each @other before. @our first conversation was a @week before we were scheduled @to begin taping. @>> did you immediate click? @>> absolutely. @from there you are given @different themes. @it is up to us the build the @sets. @>> you are being judged at the @masters in that field. @what was that like?
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@>> it was one of the things @where you learn, you want to @jump up out of your seat but @you step back and take the @criticism and move on to the @next challenge and remember @those things and move on. @>> where can we get more @information about your @carvings? @>> if you look on any social @media platform. @type in graffiti carving you @can fine me, my creations and @competition. @>> great meeting you. @congratulations. @go purple raiders at mount @union. @ still to come, a father has @a unique way of motivating @young hockey players. @the reason he brings a trumpet @ when more snow could return
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@ @ a dad in cang da found a @special way to root on his @three kids during they are @hockey games. @a trumpet. @>> the smiles on the kid faceds @is worth a million bucks. @>> he has three young boys who @all play hockey. @stands. @people playing with noisemakers @players. @he dusted off a trumpet he's @had since he was a teenager. @now he brings sheet music to @every game and he choses songs @like the "star war" theme. @depending on what's happening @on the ice.
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@ he is used to action in the @movies. @actor jamie foxx dealt with @real life drama last night. @he heard someone yelling @outside his house so he rushed @outside and called 9-1-1. he @helped another driver rescue @the driver of the burning car. @the victim's man cried and @thanked foxx for saving his @son. @ betsy is here with the @weather. @>> anybody with travel plans @east friday, saturday, sunday, @even into monday because @they'll have a mess to pick up. @it looks like we have issues @that will be happening. @so go west. @that includes you, old man. @>> i thought that was @hysterical. @>> i was wondering if you @picked up on it. @i glazed over it. @i have become immune to the
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@forming. @this is not the heavy banding @don't worry. @it is coming in over areas that @have anywhere from 15 to 20 @ground. @some pretty impressive snow @totals from the last round of @lake-effect. @the big picture and big story @now changes from lake-effect to @the storm system that is @building in the plain states. @it is swirling here. @pick up a lot of moisture out @of the gulf coast from the gulf @coast. @it will brush us. @it could bring us light snow as @we head through the weekend. @we'll do details on the outlook @of that storm and what it could @mean tonight on channel 3 news @at 11:00. @we'll keep it local. @20s in the afternoon. @nice mix of sun and clouds.
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@to get the day going. @we'll move up toward the 20s @quick law through the morning @into the afternoon. @you can see that mix of sun and @clouds coming and going. @no major snow threats for us. @temperatures, by tomorrow @afternoon, will likely be in @the mid to upper 20s. @that's good news. @we'll see a peek of sun or two, @as well. @even into the evening as @temperatures start to slide @we'll hold in the 20s with dry @conditions. @24 akron-canton. @window nation's seven-day @forecast has temperatures @warming up. @that east coast storm system @will likely bring some light @saturday. @greater cleveland. @the interesting part here is if @the whole storm system comes @north that will make things @more favorable for snow here. @we'll keep an eye on that. @no big deal right now. @if you have travel plans i will @post a link to the national @website.
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@you can click on a town and @location. @ when we come back there was @nothing like watching josh @gordon run past defenders and @catch touchdown passes for the @browns. @now he is trying to come back
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@ @ a lot of browns news. @josh gordon wants to be a brown @again and wants back in the @nfl. @he was suspended last year
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@tests. @he is eligible to come back in @the league if the nfl approves @his petition. @they have 60 days to do that. @when josh gordon is right and @when he stays clean, he is an @exceptional talent. @he could be the best receiver @in the nfl. @it is hard to count on him @because ten games he was @suspended from the league two @years ago. @then all of last year. @browns next season. @he is under contract next @season. @i think they would like to have @him back if the nfl says it is @okay for him to return. @ray horton is the defensive @coordinator for the browns. @he is coming back. @he was the defensive @coordinator here a couple years @ago. @al saunders will join the team @and handle the passing game. @kirby wilson, former minnesota @vikings coach, he'll come in
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@what does all of this say? @hughe jackson is getting all @here. @that is a concern when you hire @a new head coach. @and join him? @so far hughe is hitting on all @cylinders. @that will do it for us.
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