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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 21, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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celine dion in mourning in montreal today. >> inside the emotional public wake for her husband, renee. >> dressed in black, celine's tears inside the basilica, the moments with her son by her husband's casket. then will smith speaks out headlines. >> were you aware she was going >> no. ceremony? >> the award show changes that academy convenes for a meeting. >> also, we're back stage with
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super fans, her man, and her dancing mom. she was in it. >> lupe is always in it. >> amy schumer being accused of stealing jokes. >> i like it when the guy pays for sex, i mean that. >> the guys should always pay on the first date for sex. >> what she is saying now. >> amy, are you really going to take a lie detector test? >> and chelsea hander. her candid claims [ of course he was trying to roof >> and is she feuding with the kardashian >> they are going to have to get over it or not. got it, everybody? >> now in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. >> celine dion in mourning, black veil, poised, graceful, standing besides her husband renee, the of lo of her life lying in a casket. >> it was a striking some better scene inside notre dame basilica in montreal. >> tomorrow he will be laid to rest. today friends and family
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tonight's top story, celine's final kiss good-bye. dressed all in black, celine dabbed her eyes with a dish you as she greeted mourners sharing their condolences. she sat by renee's open in the notre dame basilica. she was incredibly brave shaking hands and kissing friend. at one moment she broke into a smile when someone seemed to be sharing a memory of reason a. outside there was a jumbo tron with renee's photograph as the public also came to say its good there were some precious moments. >> people started lining up early this morning to pay their respects to renee. not only is this the church where they got married, but it's also where they baptized their first child. renee charles. >> he was standing alongside his mother as he help to receive their friend.
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was when celine walked up to renee's casket alone and placed her hands on her late husband's body lingering to see one last moment of love. the couple's youngest son, who is only 5, was not there. originally she was supposed to meet with mourners for 30 minutes but clearly moved by the people, she stayed forhours, graciously spending time and sharing words with as many people as she could. >> renee's funeral will be tomorrow and the archbishop of montreal will perform t service. some celebrities from the unit states will be attending. and the premier of quebec has declared it a national funeral to honor the laid husband of celine, who was born her. >> she received a lot of comfort from her eldest son, who stood tall and proud. and now helps her mov on with life. >> cameron will b reporting from the funeral tomorrow in montreal. right now will smith breaks his silence on the oscar
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>> when his wife jada posted a heart felt message that she would not attend this year's oscars an infernando erupted. here's the thing, will had no idea that jada was the one striking the match. >> it is a systematic bi needs to be addressed across the industry. there is a disharmony that is brewing in our country and in our industry that, you know, i want no part of that. >> will smith was clear, he's not going to the oscars this year. today, he added his voice to a powerful diversity discussion his wife started on facebook. >> i will not be at the academy awards, and i won't be watching. will smi added to the discussion he start ond facebook. he is clear, he is not going to the oscars this year. >> it feels like it's going wrong direction. >> there is disharmony tha is brewing in our country and in
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want no part of that. >> also today, reese wit called for change saying as an academy member, i would love to see a diverse membership. >> the academy says it's listening and there will be changes. on tuesday at a regularly schedule the meeting, the academy 51 member governing expected to discuss various proposals. among them, the membership process. and recruitment. two-time oscar nominee viola dave witness michelle last night. >> the problem is not with the oscars. the problem is with the hollywood movie making system. >> i mean, i think we deserv best picture. >> i got something to say. >> ice cube slammed the academy after straight outta compton's snub. >> maybe we should have put a slave in it. >> one random slave. >> for the academy members to recognize us as a real black movie. >> i will say, it is a surprise that the movie didn't get
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meanwhile, quincy jones says he has been asked to present at the oscars but says he has one condition, that he be allowed to speak for five minutes on the lack of diversity. amy schumer under attack. she has been getting a lot of love lately from just about every. but not so much from a couple of her fellow comedians who claim she stole their material.allegations. but how far will she go to p it? >> amy, are you going to take a lie detector test? >> are you doing it right now. >> i'm doing it on my tv show. >> on twitter, comedians started jokes stolen by amy. a viral video surfaced comparing the jokes. here's wendy. >> maybe i'm old-fashioned, but i like it when the guy pays, for sex. >> i'm very old school. i think the guy should always pay on the first date for sex. >> amy went on jim norton's sirius xm radio show. d have seen her stand up in the '90s, but i love her.
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from twitter. &- webby backed off her allegationsas written jokes similar to other comedians posting i never said amy schumer stole my joke. it's possible we both wrote it. i just wanted you to know i wrote it first. why we dress you stupid. >> if you want to dress him like that, that's cool. okes, and i wouldn't. >> today the ladies from the talk spoke out. >> whenner on top of the world like amy schumer is, people wantwn. it's plan and simple as t >> it's possible for people to write a joke around the
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but typically once you find out e of you has to step away from the joke. >> well, this isn't the first time amy has been accused of okes. last october friends of a late comedian claimed amy took some of his material. amy deposited that as well. i can say she is funny, in the moment. >> right, in the moment. >> there is no denying i don't remember thi y taken over las vegas. i was there last night. it was unbelievable.tars helped her kick off her residency at planet hollywood. and i hung out with the r just minutes after her show. >> when you came out a this lays and you looked at all the people what was that moment like? >> it was so much fun. on my staircase with my big, you know,
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>> it was big. en i walk forward and it's like, whoa, it was like, this is your life. if you had my love >> from the first beat, it was electric. her entrance dazzling, in a very sexy nude colored cat suit. >> my mom was here. >> she was in it. >> lupe is always in it. okay. that's her middle name, in it. >> also in the crowd, smart, kelly osborne, hanging with rebel wilson. and justin bieber who was singing along with his manager. >> eight costume changes, crystals cuffing the essentials. but one of the highlights, when she dedicatedlian womack's i hope you dance to her kids. >> did you get choked up. see the dance song i get choked up. the dancer and the ban they are like she is going to cry again.ional to think about them. >> the stars were there for the afterparty where j-lo arrived at 1:30. biggest fan, this guy. >> she is wonder woman. i'm telling you. between the number one show, shades of blue, american idol, this, she is all over the place. >> he has been super loving and
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anything else, i think. >> sweet. >> the show was inc and j-lo just literally dances you into exhaustion. >> i can imagireat show, go see it. >> what got grammy host l.l. cool j. all emotional today. t episodes. we had to scale back.
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melissa rivers celebrate turning 48 by promoting j date
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a big day for ll cool j today. the ncis l.a. star and this year's grammy host got a star onfame for his music. we were with ll for that honor,
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lot.rom queens. >> yes. >> and here you are? >> it's surreal. i'm grateful. when you are a kid. i'm grateful this day has come. >> next up for ll hosting the grammy awards on cbs february ou all ready? >> in the last couple of weeks we've had natalie cole, david bowie, glen frey yesterday pass away.y tributes at the grammys for these folks. >> it has to be addressed. remember, it has to be a l artists nominated. and they deserve a fabulous time. don't want it to become a weighing. who has been to
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it's called unbreak my heart ni to a "t" is 20-something newcomer lexis. >> she understood. >> based on toni's best selling memoir "unbreak my heart," the produced by braxton, which means some perks wardrobe. >> i'm using some of my actual costumes in the show. >> when i first tried on her n that's when it dawned on me i'm pla legend. it's such an honor. she does, moves like she does, and even lip sinks just like she does. x files by the nu how many spoilers is creator giving out that even mulder and scully don't know about. d it to david and jillian.
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with orlando bloom and what about doing drugs with willie nell sewn in. as highest i've ever been in my life. >> that is on the way. >> closed captioning provided
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> x files fans, do you hear that music. >> we're only three days away from the return of mulleder and scully. i can tell you, to get ready forprise, we have an show's creator. he is dropping spoilers and e new x files >> scully? ns in getting this to happen? ere going to watch it we wouldn't have pushed so hard to do it. >> i think important.
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what if everybody we have been led to believe in is a lie? >> hei it's been 22 years since we met agents mulleder and ne seasons, 202 episodes, two movies, it is a time to believe ag the creator, chris carter. >> originally we were asked to do eight episodes, but we had toseries order because the actors just didn't have time to do any more. >> couldn't you be jumping to >> i've got to go. >> another number you are going to love, two, as in the number of spoilers we can tell you. spoiler number one, mulder and >> i can tell you all is not well as we come back. they are no longer living together. living separate lives. >> spoiler number two, chris has already written a secret third x files movie. t david and jillian. it was for me to keep the characters alive in my head.d need to be a really big screen event.
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billion dollar x files industry. reruns alone have sole for $230 million, and commercial on you back around $650,000. the question is, whether these be enough to satisfy fans? >> we really have to see how we're going to do in the ratings. ure we'll be asked for more. >> i think this thing has a chance because fox is giving it ght right after the nfc championship game. everybody will tune in.s one of the top rated programs of the year. >> they are making sure it touchdown. >> look at you. >> saturday, chelsea handler is launching her new netflix serieses. you talked to her about it?
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whole lot more.ll you something. she is totally unfiltered. one of the reasons that i love her. sby. as you know he has been at center of any accusations lately and he has maintained falsely accused. listen to what chelsea claims happened to her in a hotel room in 2005. >> my experience with bill cosby, we were both performing in atlantic at some casino. it was in the middle of the afternoon and the casino manager was like mr. cosby want you to m. and i made three guys come with me because i was like i'm not going up there alone. now i know of course, clearly he was trying to roofie me. who else calls you into the hotel rooo in the middle of the afternoon and then was pissed i what who are they? what are they doing here? i was like what are you doing here? >> part of the reason she is bffs with jennifer, sandra, and funny and brutally honest. >> there were rumors you are into orlando bloom. >> that's baloney. industry, we have never hooked up, ever.
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with a lot of people. past you have made fun of the kardashians. gh of this of a armenian army of >> khloe shows up in the series. >> our society is casualty up in getting validation. >> wonder whose family you are talking about. f humor. i'm doing her show, khloe is my friend, she is cool. she is cool enough to get it. i mean i see those girls all the time. so they have to either get over it or not. i run into kim at our friend's house. and i'm like oh, no, here she is.'m like, hey, kim, after all the stuff i've said but you have to stand up and stuff, you know. >> chelsea is not afraid to call people out, like comedienne heather mcdonald. right now they are in a nasty said this. >> i lived in near, 100% lived in fear. >> it's not an internment camp. she can quit.. because if you are that
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clothes out of my closet every other day. fearful. >> she went on to say you dump people from your life. >> when they sell stories to me to magazines.when i end relationships. >> then heather fired back today. >> i never betrayeder had. never happened. >> before chelsea launches h talk show in may she has people talking about her docu-series in g from racism, to marriage, to drugs. >> did you meet a pot you like. >> pot is like sex, it's all etter than others. >> you smoke pot with willie nelson. p the next morning and one eye was still not opening. that was intense. >> serious research. documentarian. >> it's that kind of research that makes the docu-series entertaining and informative. 's on bro
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and where she got her start. and she is happy to be back >> what has made her successful. >> entertainment tonight birthdays. which oscar winner fully auditioned for "saturday night
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>> his candid interview exclusively at e.t. on welcome back to the show, every. in tonight's e.t. birthdays, which oscar unsuccessfully auditioned for saturday light live? s 60 today. >> last night, elle magazine had their annual women in television
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all there. many of them will grace separateean. >> when people say you are a sexy bad ass on television that's not offensive a n television. >> so many stars. and our favorite moment? advice. >> forgive myself for even . that's what dudes do.
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