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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ @>> now at 11:00 p.m.. @breakingeast one dead after a @downtown @shooting in an apartment @>> the kent state professor now @under @an fbi investigation. @see how he @defends hisfacebook @post. @also, tax season scams. @what you @need to look out for and your@>> focusing on analytics. @jim donovan @explains the team's master plan @to @decide who staysr @ @ @>>wes
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@two are dead in a shooting in a @downtownon @west @ninth street. @ @>>reporter: good evening, to @you,ery credible police source @told me a lot of dope was @inside @the apartment. @cuyahoga police department told @me not @too long ago signaling a gravity @situation that happened @they came just after 8:30 p.m. @because @of a robbery. @they found two victims @and two suspects took off onolice source say the shooting @happened on the eighth floor. @1 man died on the scene andher @died at the hospital. @>> did you see anything @suspicious, @any odd people or heard any @noises @above your floor?
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@i talked to a few people that @live @there too and they had no idea @anything was going on when @occurring. @it's pretty quiet for the @most part in there. @it's kind of surprising there @was aloor above where i @live. @>> we spoke with another man who @lives @nearby. @he said there has been a lot recently. @he heard shots fired by the @memorial @bridge last night. @>> i heard 3 shots and the @police camend they had it taped @down. @i kept my distance. @>> police source also tells me @that in @terms of d @they are @still working through all that. @someone said, "no one is @talking" this @is not what the city is lookingwhat just happened in downtown. @they @want everybody to feel safe when @they
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@we have the republican national @convention coming up here pretty ary, thank you. @>> new in the news today, the @countylly kicked off @his @campaign tonight. @michael o'malley, a former citynd also served as a @city @prosecutor. @whoever wins the march 15th @primary @will likely get the job. @>>f any @foundations whatsoever. @i have no ties to any political @organization in the united @states>> the kent state professor at @the @center of an is @speaking out. @he's said to have connections to @isis. @he returns to classes today. @he doesand his controversy @from @social media post are examples @of free @speech. @
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@>> sleet, freeze and rain wills ice will make the @roads @very treacherous. @>> we are preparing for ard. @i have lived in washington d.c. @most @of my life. @>> 80 million americans are @bracing @for what is shaped to b @historic @storm. @betsy, yesterday they freaked @out over a half inch of snow? @>> yes. @it can get very icy under thatinch of snow. @and @people have plenty of time to is. @we are now seeing the @ingredients @coming in. @meanwhile back in arkansas,uisiana and texas, you can see @the @this @system. @this whole area here in the is also full of cold air. @we'll start to see this @developing @system
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@see the path it is expected to @take. @all the pink the and @includes washington d.c. and @baltimore. @here is the timeline of how @things @will go. @we'll see this storm coming out @of the @deep south and start to moveuthern area. @waudshington d.c. and miami and @olderrlando @and 75 and 77 as well. @saturday the main impact of the @snow @will be hitting the mid-atlantic @region. @washington d.c., philadelphia, @baltimore and newark and new @york @city. @it doesn't look like it's going @to slowdown until saturday and @sunday @until you see how much snow is
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@we are in the sidelines. @i will tell you why in just a @bit. @>> airlines up and down the east @coast @are getting ready as well. @american airlines will cancel @flights @in newark, charlotte and new @york @city. @delta have also waved ticketing. @be sure to check your flights @before @you leave. @ a local woman is fighting @with the @irs. @it shows she does not have to @pay @thousands of dollars after she @was @targeted by a tax scam. @this is affecting thousands as @tax @season is on the way. @so what you need to know before @you @file. @>> good evening, what the ohio @attorney general's office says @they @receive hundreds of calls of tax @scams. @most people don't report losing
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@>> i hope these people get @caught @because it's wrong. @>> catherine beasley lost her @husband @in 2009 and the man who stole @her @identity knew that. @>> he used it to file taxes or @me and @another man. @i don't know who these people @are, but @the man i'm supposed to be @married to @him. @>> $5380? @>> yes. @and that's what they say i owe. @>> tax related identity theft is @becoming more common. @>> irs for me, is this real. @>> they are calling you and @pretending @to be irs agents and often @threaten to @call police if you hang up. @>> i feel bad for the victims @and i @feel angry that these criminals @are @using the irs as a means to
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@people into paying them money. @>> the irs inspector says that @5,000 @victims have paid more than $20 @million to scammers in the u.s. @and @around the world. @>> keep and eye on your social @security number and birth @certificate @and know who is asking for your @information so you know who you @are @giving it too. @>> the caller is used to only @doing it @if they have information about @it. @now they are just randomly @making @calls. @i have personally gotten calls @on my cellphone. @>> the calls often come from @overseas @and they pop up as a 202 number @which @seems more legit. @>> that's the scary part.
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@tonight about the water crisis @in @flint, michigan. @suzanne headman is stepping @down. @the cashed strapped city is @changing @it's drinking water back in @2014. @since then the water supply has @been @contaminated with high levels of @led. @ coming up tonight. @one manufacture, why play text @is @recalling thousands of it's @strollers @and car seats. @also breaking barriers. @a local dad changing a disney @policy @and tonight is getting reaction @from @around the world. @>> plus the force awakens, star @wars
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@ @ now we have a consumer alert @for @parents recalling thousands of @hazard. @be ready strollers sold from
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@the hand bar can pose a choking @hazard. @>> also recalling are thousands @of car @seats. @b saver 35 and travel systems. @they @were manufactured between @october 2014 @and july of last year. @the care handle @can crack and break allowing the @seat @to fall unexpectly. @the company is offering free @repair @kits. @ we told you last week about @a @father's love for his daughter @caused @the policy change for disney @theme @parks. @now it's gaining momentum from @you and around the world. @ @>>reporter: i can make an @explosion. @>> dan boil and daughter @courtney of @seven hills are headed to disney @to @run the glass slipper challenge
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@wheels. @>> now we call it the courtney @trailblazer. @>> they had no idea how much @ground @they were about to cover. @>> we couldn't imagine. @>> dan, getting reaction from @around @the world. @one from angels. @thousands of runners from across @the @country. @ @ @>> people are cheering them on. @>> they told dan they saw the @channel @3 story in florida. @>> they said we have had people @for @years who want to get in the @disney @races and they were told know @and now @we know we can too. @i was choked up about that. @>> the boyles who adopted kevin @from @el salvador broke this rule from @disney. @>> because of the awesome
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@did it within hours. @>> almost up to $7500 now. @money they will use to continue @sending care for a third child @whose @family abandoned her in el @salvador. @>> god is empowering us and @sometimes @we don't understand how powerful @our @story is. @>> we told you about them at @christmas, all year long they @turn @children. @the @ @
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@we are having audio problems. @we'll @tell you what don was going to @say. @>> two people in northeast ohio @loving @the children and doing things @for the @better. @he keeps getting momentum and @growing. @you can log on to our website @for @links to the boyles. @that's just a tag to the story. @sorry about that. @>> star wars set another record @according to the npd group. @they generated more than $700 @million @last year and with minions and @aevengers toys combined. @ everybody is watching it and @last @week, look what could happen. @now it's @getting worse.
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@is the nice part is we know it's @coming and people can prepare. @does that mean we are going to @no way. @have @been taken. @>> here in ohio we are going to @sit on @the front porch and watch. @we'll stay mostly cloudy skies. @teens. @back in @afternoon. @there is our storm system. @it's really @starting to grow now. @we have an upper @part of energy that's been @diving into @atmosphere and @this is stirring this up. @look at the incredible amounts @of @moisture northward out of the
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@mexico and is going to impact @the @mid-atlantic and coastline and @the @farther south you go you get @rain and @snow. @things are going to be very @active for @many states across the state. @we have all of these airlines @that @have been canceling flights @already. @they are going to be shutting @down @airports not just in washington @d.c. @but tennessee and atlanta. @and watches @that continue. @here in northern ohio, we don't @have @any alerts to talk about. @isn't that nice? @so we have just have
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@as far as the morning @temperatures it @will be in the teens. @temperatures are @going to be climbing into the @20s as @we get into the afternoon. @upper 20s will be our peak @tomorrow. @by @the evening we'll probably start @to @see our local snow flakes @possible and @there could be flurries. @you can see how the snow line @flirts @with the counties. @in western and canton you are @out of @it. @but definitely the farther south @you @go, the more potential for the @snow @even saturday morning where @things @start to move out. @but we are expecting nice @weather for @the next several days. @this is why it's important to @watch @this forecast.
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@specific track and our forecast @is @based on that specific track. @if it's @north, it goes farther north. @we have to keep a weary eye on @what's @happening. @right now it doesn't look like a @major @impact. @teens and in the 20s. @we will be mostly cloudy. @the 7-day forecast brings us to @a nice @warming trend. @a few flurries on @saturday and sunday sunny skies @with @just above freezing. @the eye on the storm will move @in @monday night and possibly @bringing us @some snow. @>> thanks a lot. @>> coming up, the cavs with a @second @straight win. @we have the sports highlights
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@ @>> hi, everybody. @a really good night @for the cavaliers tonight. @i know they stumbled on monday @but @tonight they rolled over the @l.a. @clippers in double figures. @here is @the way it unfolded. @kevin with a great pass and @lebron @with a score. @20 points for lebron james. @irvin with 21 in the end. @then he is the three out of the @corner. @16 rebounds and the other @starter. @you add it up and the cavaliers @win
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@two in a row for them. @they will play the bulls here @saturday @night. @lebron will be an all star @starter. @it was announced about 7:00 p.m. @this @evening. @he's a two time all star mvp @and second all time scoring and @only @2 points behind kobe bryant. @it is in toronto. @>> the new look browns. @the key word, the operative @word, @analytics. @how it's going to work? @>> take a look. @>> if you are looking for @specifics in @analytics for the browns, it's @very @much a work in progress. @those are two @very smart harvard guys sitting @up @there. @paul and brown on the right.
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@it's a @watch, wait and see proposition. @in its simplest form, they will @gather @as much information as they can @on @players on all kinds of @categories and @use that information and there @will be @a lot of it to make decisions, @decisions they hope and predict @to @have a good chance of working @out. @>> now in their own words. @>> for me it's not about @algorithms. @it is about making better @decisions @which is what sports is all @about. @>> we are as competitive as @hell. @we @are going to turn every stone @and keep @bias out of our decision and @make an @informed decision as much as we
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@>> in a better world, they would @not @choose him. @notice i never mentioned @about a bottle of champagne. @but in football, they probably @would @have missed manziel. @level. @their analytics might have a @trade of joe thomas to get them @more @value to the team right now and @but they @would weigh out all the @information @and make their decision. @that's @basically how it works. @the days of one guy making all @the @calls on personnel, those days @are @over. @the days of every player backed @by @analytical research for the @roster, @those days are here. @for us, we'll be @watching and waiting and we'll @wait to @see if it works.
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@browns new coach which is nikki @who @was a steelers too. @he will now join the staff here @as @coach. @tony was a secondary coach and @he went @to tennessee and he's coming @back as a @secondary coach on the browns @defense. @>> two good hires. @>> that analytics piece was @fascinating. @>> thank you.
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@ @ be sure to tune into channel @3 @news today. @it begins at 4:00 a.m.. @thanks for joining us tonight.
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