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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  WKYC  January 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ coming up, a look ic storm affecting 80 @million americans. @ one ohio city on edge after @elevated lead levels surface in er. @ the latest on the decision @and a look at who is taking @over.
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@ thanks so much for being @with us dark and early. yet. @saturday january 23rd at 5:00 @a.m. @the bridge. @if you are headed anywhere @anytime soon, @up. @and olga is here with me. @i noticed the winds seemed @stronger than usual. @>> yeah we have winds about 17, , we call that @the breezy category but yeah, @we are really cranking some @winds and i think it will get get into the @late morning and early @afternoon. @and then there is actually some @improvement in our forecast @over the next 24 hours, so that rth looking @forward to. @on our satellite and radar, you @can see all the snowy action. @it is basically just to our e immediate metro area, not @seeing too much impact from @this. @aside from a few light flurries @that we have seen moving on in @to southern zones ink most of this is going
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@temperatures are chilly and above 18 miles per hour and we @are seeing gusts higher than @that. @the feels like temperature is @what you need to h we are in the 20s @and will stay in the 20s all @day it is going to feel much @more brisk than that. @we have a forecast that not feature the flurries @tapering off this morning but @we are going to keep it cold @and windy and cloudy through @much of the day before we transition. @ this morning blizzard @effect warnings are in effect @for a storm that stretches over @a than @80 million americans are @bracing for what some are @saying could be weather storm. @brian mooar has the story from @washington. @>> reporter: the u.s. capital @was shrouded in a cloud washington d.c. under siege and @in the bullseye of a blizzard @of epic proportions.
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@potent, perfect storm. @>> we expect two feet at leasnow in washington. @and the snow is coming down wet h means that we could see @trees and power lines down and @a loss of power. @>> reporter: as the snow began @to pile up, virginia oops were called into @action. @>> we put chains on all of our @humvee tires. @>> reporter: as convoys of @power crews in the south @deployed for the clean up. @but that won't begin until the @storm has blown over late @sunday night. @with thousands of flights @canceled @gotten out isn't. @>> this is our third flight @change since we started. @>> reporter: the ripple effects @are reaching airports far from @the blizzard zone. @this snow marked day and a half onslaught @that could bring more than two @and a half feet of snow and 50 @miles per hour winds. @it threatens to ington's worst snowstorm @ever.
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@through sunday evening. @and before it is all over with, could blow itself @into the record books. @brian mooar, nbc news, @washington. @ an advisory panel to @michigan's governor is @recommending the steps the @state needs to take to solve @the water crisis in flint. @this comes as the state tries @to get reliable drinking water @back to the people of flip. @high levels of -- of flint. @high levels of lead in the @water is being linked to the @flint river. @costs. @ and a city right here in @northern ohio is on edge after @tests turned up high levels of @lead in water samples from @homes there. @channel 3's don kendrick was in @story. @>> personal notifications was @discussed with the epa @yesterday. @>> reporter: that is sebring's @city manager richard i can't
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@but not so says the epa who @listed an advisory warning @december 3rd and sent this @letter dated december 3rd. @the epa tells channel 3 quote @while the village of sebring @has a clean drinking water @source it is aparent lead is @seeping into the drinking water @of certain homes. @the village needed to address @this issue and alert its @customers. @when that did not occur we @issued them a notice of @violation. @residents just learned 7 of 40 @homes tested turned up lead @levels higher than epa @standards. @schools were closed and @restaurants stopped serving @water. @crystal miller has four kids. @her 1-year-old drinking formula @with tap water through @november. @>> they knew for a month and @nobody knew about it and all @the precautions they could have @took and none of the kids was @even protected. @>> reporter: state @representative cherry crafting @a letter to the state epa @asking for answers. @>> we want to know where the
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@at the local community or with @in terms of expeditiously @community. @>> reporter: i'm dawn kendrick, @channel 3 news. @ we wanted to know if there @is any reason for concern about @water. @the person in charge told us @there is no reason to worry and @water comes from lake erie, @where lead is not a problem. @cleveland water performs daily @tests to make sure the @chemistry doesn't change. @the water is also treated to @make sure any lead in old water @mains or pipes in homes don't @make it into what we drink. @>> much of the lead, actually @is in home plumbing. @there is lead solder that was @used. @this coats everything and seals @it in and prevents the lead @from getting into the drinking @water. @the bottom line, the water is @safe. @and we are not detecting lead
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@putting out. @>> reporter: cleveland's water @is 99% lead-free going back to @1997. @ an ohio plant is under @scrutiny this morning. @the cdc says packaged salads @produced at the dole facility @are linked to one death caused @by a listeria outbreak. @dole has stopped production of @the salads and is recalling all @packages made there. @if you have one of these check @the manufacturing label. @the affected package starts @with the letter a. @ still ahead this morning, a @basketball bombshell. @the calves shocked the sports @world by firing head coach @david blast. @ and join us supporting our @troops. @monday a one of a kind hiring @event tailored to veterans. @it runs from 11:00 until 2:00.
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@tvers alike can register and @get more information at hiring
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@ @ i'm measuring more than @wins and rose. @focusing on a bigger picture in @my evaluation and trying to @decide are we working toward a @championship and building a @championship culture. @>> i think it was a reaction to @that. @it was a super big loss. @>> i would think you would have @brought in someone bigger. @>> more of a name around the @league and things like is that. @>> the cavs gave the sports
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@head coach david blatt and @hiring. @>> the cavs went outside the @box surprising many when david @blatt was hired in june of @2014. @19 months later they shocked @the nba by firing him. @but if we go back to the day he @arrived from cleveland, think @about it. @a guy with zero coaching @experience in the nba was @brought here to turn things @around. @blatt wasn't worried. @his credentials coaching in @europe were enough i can't the @game is not so different as @people think it is, but it is @not like playing baseball and @soccer, it is still the same @game. @>> reporter: but what he didn't @know the day he was hired, we @all found out on july 11th, we @all found out, lebron james was @coming home. @if lebron wasn't on board with @blatt it would never work. @how many times did you watch
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@rumors of a blatt firing always @bubbling. @chicago. @lebron told blatt we are @running a different play. @he was going to win the game @and he did and he even told the @world he did it. @>> the play that was drawn up, @i scratched it. @and i just told coach just give @me the ball. @>> reporter: agree with his @words or not, it wasn't a good @look. @neither was blatt trying to @call a timeout with none left. @if the cavs lose that series @then. @the wins kept coming this @season, 30 in fact, most in the @east. @but again even though lebron @publicly supported his coach it @never felt like the entire team @did and david griffin was @watching and concern grew. @bust. @you can only win a title if 23 @is here. @isn't he running the show? @>> lebron doesn't run this @organization.
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@and he is of this organization. @and he is of our community. @but this narrative that somehow @we are taking direction from @him, it is just not fair. @it is not fair to him in @particular, but frankly it is @kind of not fair to me and our @group any more. @>> all right. @that was dave reporting. @we are going to have much more @coming up in sports. @ just ahead, time to travel, @if you are sick of the winter @weather, we are going to show @you how you can get some of the @lowest travel prices of the @year. @ now here's olga with a @check of the forecast. @ travel someplace warm, @temperatures are definitely on @the chilly side today and into @tomorrow. @but i'm tracking some changes @in our forecast that you might @like if you like it slightly @warmer. @good news though. @that mammoth storm will stay @well to our south.
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@ @ uber can get you from point @a, to point b. now they want to @fly you over the traffic. @listen to this. @uber teamed up with airbus to @come up with a helicopter @service. @2 hundred dollars for a one way @flight. @$300 at night. @uber planned to debut there at @the sundance film festival, but @hundreds of people complained @because of the safety risk. @ if winter weather has you @dreaming of somewhere tropical, @we have good news for you. @airfares are running at three- @year lows right now with the @best bargains coming in the @next three weeks. @that means the time to book is @right now. @>> reporter: if you've got some @flexibility, the next few weeks @may offer some of the best @airfares in years.
5:14 am reports the cheapest @fare is running $545 but could @drop another 109 bucks in the @coming weeks. @228 is the best price to miami @but it could drop 38. @with kids and parents back from @the holidays, january and @february are typically the @slowest and cheapest months to @fly. @with oil now trading below $30 @a barrel, rock bottom jet fuel @prices have pushed airfares to @three-year lows. @>> i have been using you know, @a lot of the traveling websites @and finding really good prices. @>> looking online a lot of the @fares seem fairly reasonable. @>> reporter: but the airlines @also know when kids are on @spring break and that is when @airfares start rising again. @spring break chicago to san @diego $430. @washington d.c. to orlando, @$290, plus fees. @now. @>> saturday and sunday on beth
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@prices will raise 20 to 30%. @even 50% on beach destinations @like the caribbean and mexico. @>> reporter: as for the summer @vacation, look for good prices @from the coming months, but @they will surely be higher than @spring break mondays tuesdays @wednesday and saturdays are the @best days to travel. @>> everybody is probably @thinking where can i go that is @warm? @but we are so lucky when you @look at what is happening on @the east coast. @it is amazing it is just kind @of scooting by us i can't i are @right. @the track of the storm is @everything and we often talk @about the variability in that @track. @it could have shifted north or @south but right now it is @running on track and that means @most of us are in the clear. @we are getting a brisk skim
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@counties, but nothing too much @to worry about for us. @the cold temperatures are going @to stick around the greater @cleveland metro area is very, @very calm and again we'll keep @the opportunity for a few snow @showers late in the afternoon @and then things are going to @clear up for us. @one thing that will be a factor @throughout the entire day today @will be the winds. @15 to 20 miles per hour, in @fact we are gusting higher than @that and that is what makes our @feels like temperature much @lower. @it feels like teens and single @digits this morning and things @will continue in that realm as @we get into the afternoon. @here is the big picture view. @you can see just how large this @historic storm is. @most of it is pulling some warm @atlantic. @you can see the rain is @falling, plainly in parts of @the eastern seaboard but the @heart of the storm is very,
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@mentioned before, wet snowfall @that is moving on through. @i'm going to go click this @manually for you. @as we head into the forecast @for today, we stay mainly in @the 20s through midday and into @the afternoon. @but improvements in our sky @cover as we start to break @through with a little peek of @sunshine late in the afternoon. @so that is a sign of things to @come. @i'll take you hour by hour with @our future view. @by 6:00 this evening, we start @to see that clearing, mainly @off toward our west, as the @clouds push off toward the east @and then a lot of sunshine for @tomorrow. @we start off on the chilly side @tomorrow morning. @it will be back down into the @teens. @but by tomorrow afternoon, @plenty of sunshine and highs @back in the middle, even the @upper 20s before the clouds @start to roll in sunday night @into monday morning. @here's what you need to know @hour by hour. @dress followed cold, it is
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@going to feel much colder. @the brisk winds will persist @throughout the day. @lots of sunshine on sunday, we @bring back cloud cover on @monday and also we bring the @forecast. @by monday afternoon and @evening, we could see some snow @showers late into the day, and @even on tuesday and wednesday, @the forecast has an opportunity @for a little bit of snow. @the warming temperatures will @be nice to see above freezing @for sunday, monday and tuesday, @and then the next front comes @through. @so we slide right back down. @>> it is going to feel so warm @compared to what we have been @going through. @>> olga, thanks. @ we want to get you caught @up on any headlines. @here's your week in review. @>> my ex-boyfriend is out in @camo looking to kill a cop. @>> what is his name?
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@say herschel ray jones did kill @officer tomcat element. @>> black smoke and red flames @shot through the roof of @tristan rubber molding @incorporated. @>> seeing it go up in smoke @like that was bad. @>> come to find out you don't @really have a job to come to. @this has been a shock. @>> in the morning we are @waiting for the bus and there @is no one around, and a dog @comes and attacks you, where @else can you run? @>> we are at the intersection @of kenmore road and van atkin @road. @three dogs attacked a woman at @the train stop and also @attacked a deer down the @street. @>> would you say you are a @supporter of the islamic state? @>> no i would not say that. @i'm not in any kind of criminal
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@>> i interviewed professor pena @for a couple of stories and @they were asking me about those @interviews. @what kinds of things we talked @about. @>> 40 to 45 cars and five or @six tractor trailers involved @from a chain reaction fender @bend year i was there. @westbound from madison. @a mangled mess of crashed cars @and semitrucks and a @notoriously dangerous stretch @of i-90 true to form. @it is horrible to hear the @crunch of cars all around you @and see the chain reaction up @ahead and in the rear-view @mirror. @>> we are going to have a @nominee who will end up with a @candidate who has a more @unifying message. @>> donald trump on top of the @poll and his no clear favorite @there is a growing media buzz @about a broken convention.
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@what if plans. @ several groups, including @the distinguished gentlemen of @spoken word celebrated the @legacy of dr. king. @>> the cavs were embarrassed on @their home floor tonight by the @world champion warriors. @>> once he put that little @thing in his mouth he didn't @miss a shot all night long. @>> the cavaliers have left @town. @not a bad idea after the way @they played. @ music has lost another @legend tonight. @glenn fry, founder of the @eagles, passed away today. @glenn fry was 67 years old. @ after the break, breaking @barriers. @a local dad achieves success in @changing a disney policy. @and now he is getting reaction
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@ @ welcome back. @saturday january 23rd, we have @a live look over the inner belt @bridge. @windy out there, cleveland, @northeast ohio, the place to be @this weekend compared to the @east coast that is just getting @wral lopped -- getting hammered @by a winter storm. @>> good morning olga. @>> reporter: good morning @maureen. @we definitely stay in the clear @today and that is a good thing. @we get our fair share of snow @around here, but not this time @around. @you can see this mammoth storm @just off to our east. @the heaviest snows are in the @purple, the deep purple, that @is the steady snow coming @counsel. @and the warmer temperatures, @southern portions of maryland @and heading up into southern @new jersey it is rain falling @so mild. @we are going to stay cold, but @we don't have the moisture
5:23 am
@direction. @greater metro area right now is @in the clear. @we have cold temperatures, it @is in the 20s, but it is @feeling like single digits so @bundle up as you head on out @and the winds will remain brisk @throughout the day today. @so here's what we are looking @toward it will be a few @flurries passing this morning @if you are heading out early. @we'll keep it cloudy and breezy @all day and temperatures won't @budge out of the 20s. @i'll let you know how long this @cold grip is going to be here @in our area and when we can @finally see a little more @sunshine, maybe slightly warmer @temperatures. @i'll have all those important @details in the 7-day forecast, @coming up. @ thanks so much. @looking forward to it. @ last week we introduced you @to a father whose love for his @daughter prompted him to @successfully get policy changed @at disney theme parks. @now this is gaining major @momentum. @channel 3's dawn kendrick has @the sequel to the story you
5:24 am
@this is my fight song. @>> reporter: dan boyle and @daughter courtney are headed to @disney to run the glass slipper @challenge because dan got @disney to change their no @wheelchairs in races policy. @they had no idea how much @ground they were about to cover @since we told their story @friday. @dan, getting reaction from @around the world. @one of the best, a call from a @group called ainsley's angels. @5000 runners who volunteer to @push chairs in races across the @country. @they told dan they saw the @channel 3 story in florida. @>> telesaid hey, we have had @people that for years have been @want to go get in the disney @races but they have been told @no. @because you are in now, we know @we can too.
5:25 am
@totally choked up about that. @>> reporter: the boyles, who @also adopted son kevin from el @salvador, broke those barriers @at disney and then you helped @them shatter their $5000 race @fundraising goal. @>> because of channel 3 and the @awesome viewers, we did it @within hours. @>> reporter: almost up to $7500 @now, money they will use to @continue sending care for yet a @third child, rena, whose family @abandoned her in el salvador. @>> we feel like god is just @empowering us and giving us a @story that i think people are @really k-9 of drawn to. @sometimes we don't understand @how powerful our story is. @>> reporter: people like those @foundation. @we told but them at christmas. @all year lightning they turn @music into money for special @needs children and adults. @they saw our story and @immediately pledged a minimum @of $250 and planned a
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@>> that is so awesome. @>> still ahead this morning, @the cavs facing the bulls @tonight at home. @the first game under a new @coach. @what it means for the team, @coming up next in sports. @ @ and monday a one of a kind @hiring event tailored for @veterans. @employers and military job @seekers alike can register and @get more information at hiring
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@ @ good morning. @cavs and bulls coming up @tonight and the cavaliers will @be led by a new head coach. @yesterday the cavs prove if you @are a head coach in the nba you @are never safe. @30 wins and the best record in
5:28 am
@he doesn't even make it a full @two seasons. @a record of 83-42 not enough. @the first head coach to be @fired when his team has the @best record in its conference. @the cavs for the opportunity @accomplished. @clearly something was not @right. @you could feel it this week and @david griffin confirmed it @>> i'm in our locker room a lot @and i knew there is just a @disconnect there right now, a @lack of spirit and @connectiveness that i just, i @couldn't accept. @but we were 30-11 with a @schedule that was reasonably @easy and i'm judging a lot more @than wins and losses. @>> we'll see how the players @react to this. @cavs owner dan gilbert thanked @blatt and said over the course @of my business career i have @learned sometimes the hardest @thing to do is also the right @thing to do, our ownership @supports david griffin's @decision.
5:29 am
@any of the players before his @decision yesterday saying it @was all on him. @it was not lebron's decision. @did he call lebron and ask him @hey should i fire blatt today? @probably not, but no way does @he make this change if lebron @wasn't on board. @blatt was hired before james @came back to the cavs so he had @no say in it. @the relationship was better @this season. @ how about this one? @a tweet saying david blatt told @friends from israel last week @it is either me or kevin love. @just surprised lebron didn't @decide sooner. @that is pretty eye opening. @the cavs are taking heat for it @including reaction from rick @carlyle, the presence of the @nba coach's association. @he feels the decision is @bizarre, leaving you with an @empty feeling, saying blatt did @a great job and quote i'm @embarrassed for our league that @something like this could @happen.
5:30 am
@david blatt is going to be a @sought after coach. @brendon haywood with the cavs @last year. @he said blatt was hesitant to @head coach last year. @blatt gave lebron special @treatment, wouldn't correct him @during film sessions. @other players lost respect of @blatt and he lost the team and @the move would be popular and @the move is to ron lou the new @head coach. @lou has been the cavs associate @coach since 2014. @highest paid assistant in the @league. @some thought he might get the @gig when blatt originally got @it. @he saved blatt from calling the @timeout in the playoffs and @cavaliers players do indeed @love him.
5:31 am
@won titles with the lakers and @he coached under doc. @i'll have you at 6:00 and again @at 11:00. @have a great weekend, @everybody. @ just ahead a big weekend at @the box office. @we have a look at what is @playing in theaters. @but first we want to get a @check on the forecast with @olga. @>> reporter: good morning. @i'm tracking very cool @through the region. @i think we are going to stay in @our inter chill for the next @day or so, but with some @improvements on the way. @good news for us, the mammoth @storm is not going to impact us @too greatly. @i'll let you know what the 7-
5:32 am
@ @ the first challenge as an @actress is hosting "saturday @night live" tonight, she is @going to share the stage with @selina gomez.
5:33 am
@thrives on high pressure @situations. @she is also slated to co-star @with tina fey this year. @it will be interesting to see. @ some big movies are about @to hit the big screens this @weekend. @here's rafael seth with a look @at the box office preview. @>> we are heading to daytona. @>> reporter: an old dog resorts @to old tricks in dirty grandpa. @robert deniro is newly widowed @and ready to play. @old granddad tricks him into @driving to florida for spring @break. @dirty grandpa is rated r. @ space invaders invade our @space. @grace plays a teenager trying @to survive an onslaught, the @only way to save her little @brother is to get help from a @stranger.
5:34 am
@ @meet the pinnochio of terror in @the boy. @an we were accepts a job as a @nanny -- an american accepts a @job as a nanny. @ garrett has no sympathy for @the devil. @he is a troubled artist looking @for clarity in the desert when @he finds a dangerous drifter @oscar isaac. @that is the box office preview, @rafael seth, nbc news. @ gotcha great weekend too, @maybe go to the theater, get @hot popcorn, stay inside, avoid @the elements. @escape. @ we are escaping from that @big storm on the east coast. @>> unbelievable that we have @been able to just see it wrap @around our area.
5:35 am
@but it is not on us. @so yes we are thankful. @we have plenty more win tore @get through and i'm sure we'll @get our turn to come. @right now on the satellite and @radar, we are actually seeing @some steady snow across a few @of our southern counties. @this is going to continue as we @head into the late morning. @but by midday, most of this @should move out and lighten up, @and we are going to clear our @skies a little bit as we head @into overnight tonight. @the winds will be a factor not @afternoon as well. @right now at this hour of the @morning, we are seeing winds @out of the north and the @20 miles per hour. @when you combine the winds and @the cold temperatures, we get @that feels like temperature in @blue. @in dover, feeling like 15 in @downtown. @your lands your face and your @head when you head out this @morning and into the afternoon. @the large storm on the east
5:36 am
@dumping significant amounts of @snow and very, very quickly. @this is going to continue to @and into sunday. @here are some of the projected @accumulations from washington @d.c. to new york city with some @of the hardest hit areas around @the philadelphia area and into @virginia. @so in our region for today, we @have it easy. @we'll keep temperatures in the @some sunshine. @i say late in the day, late @evening, early night hours, we @should start to see partial @clearing as temperatures move @into the middle range 20s for @highs today. @view. @late this afternoon, we start @to see lots of clear sky, @and then all of that will start @to push off toward the east @into the early morning hours. @we go down into the teens @tonight, so another brisk start @for your sunday morning. @if you have any activities
5:37 am
@partly cloudy skies into midday @and late afternoon but monday @morning we begin to bring back @the cloud cover and actually @i'm tracking changes in our @temperatures from tuesday into @wednesday. @what you need to know for today @is we will have clouds for most @of the afternoon, temperatures @in the upper 20s, feeling much @colder than that. @then as we head into the later @portions of the day, we could @see some flurries tonight. @mainly across those southern @zones. @overall, i think you are going @to like your window nation 7- @day forecast. @today on the brisk side, but @tomorrow a little better. @we get closer to the freezing @mark. @we hit 40 by monday. @we do bring back the cloud @cover and shower chances late @in the day monday. @but by tuesday highs near 40 @degrees, it is going to feel @great before that front comes @through. @and then temperatures bottom @out. @falling temperatures on tuesday @and down back into the chilly @20s toward the end of the week. @>> we really are lucky, when we
5:38 am
@happening we are going to be @showing you what is happening @on the east coast all morning. @we are lucky here. @>> nice to be on the sidelines @for a change. @ thank you olga. @ after the break, time is @ticking. @almost two weeks until the @super bowl . a deal you need to @get before the big game and it @will be music to jurors, to say @the least.
5:39 am
@ @ in health news researchers @say they have developed a test @that can predict five years of @dementia. @demographics, lifestyle, @medical history and use of @prescription medications. @the patients had no previous @history of cognitive problems. @the test was most accurate in @predicting the five year risk @for those between 60 to 79 @years old.
5:40 am
@behavior may be affected by @family finances. @researchers found kids whose @parents had credit card or @other unsecured debt were more @likely to have behavior @problems than their peers. @but home mortgage and student @loan debt were tied to fewer @behavior issues. @experts say the stress of @carrying short-term high @interest debt may affect @parenting can child development @-- can affect child @development. @ a new study out sheds light @on the people who are your @friends on facebook. @the study wanted to look at the @connection of people having a @lot of friends on facebook @compared to the number of @friends in real life. @when users were asked how many @of their facebook friends are @general p win friends the @answer, only 27%. @when it comes it helping you @out with an actual emotional @crisis people said only four of
5:41 am
@actually be there for them. @ netflix customers are about @to get hit with a price hike. @the video streaming service is @about to raise the monthly @subscription fee. @people paying $7.99 for the hd @plan will have a choice. @they can pay for the same @standard definition service or @$2 more for high definition. @the news comes as netflix @announced it now has 79 million @subscribers. @ with two weeks until the @super bowl , a top living room @upgrade is half-price. @money man matt granite @showcases another steal from @ces. @>> reporter: i want to focus on @sound bar deals. @the one you see here is 40 @inches. @this one right here, which i @found an amazing deal on is 60 @inches. @it is in three pieces. @it expands. @but take a look at what has me
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@this is an amazing 50% off deal @this weekend. @i love the features and i love @that if you have a large tv, @you can get this clear, rich @sound. @the item, selling for 500 bucks @from amazon is a much better @deal where i have posted it to for $230 and free @delivery. @i asked our station's audio @expert for his feedback. @>> i really really like this. @has great volume control. @i like the blue tube function. @if i'm not watching television @i can come down and put this @thing in and it really works @and has a great sound. @it is hard to impress me. @but this one really works out @real well. @>> reporter: and that was one @of several sound bars i tested @when i was there to present and @report a couple of weeks ago. @hands down my number one pick, @especially with the price drop. @the price drop on our website @right now, i don't care whether @you buy it.
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@i have you covered. @happy savings. @back to you. @ matt thanks. @ after the break, winter, @see how the monster storm is @causing blizzard conditions in @the northeast.
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