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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ it is saturday january @23rd, 2016. @that is a look at the great @lakes science center. @if you are headed out anytime @soon, it is chilly, but wow, we @are at least missing that major @winter storm that is headed up @the east coast. @we do have cold weather here in @our area for this weekend, so @we want to get straight over to @olga, who is keeping an eye on @it for us. @good morning. @>> reporter: we can handle a
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@but we do not have to deal with @that kind of snow today. @we are counting that as our @blessing. @so far a little bit of snowfall @in association with that @historic storm but just the @tiny bit of the back end of it. @mostly cloudy skies and 20s @later on this afternoon with @very brisk winds out of the @northeast. @we could see winds close to 20 @miles per hour through the @afternoon. @each gusts higher than that, so @the feels like temperature will @be quite cold. @we have morning flurries and a @few flurries later on tonight. @i'll be tracking changes in the @forecast and give you details @in the 7-day. @we could even see a bit of a @warm-up. @ as you are looking around @the house there weekend maybe
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@transform your home into @something out of your dreams. @the home improvement show may @be able to help. @alyssa raymond joins us with a @look at the latest and greatest @trends. @at least she was there a second @ago. @there she is. @all right. @alyssa, what are you seeing out @there? @>> reporter: they have all @different tips for remodeling @your home from the inside to @the outside. @but first, we want to start @over here in there section. @it is so cool. @there were 14 students, law @school students that got @involved with the home @improvement show this year from @the polaris career center. @this is tom fazio's and you @have been with the career @center for 21 years now. @this bird house project, what @was the students' assignment? @>> reporter: the students were @given the assignment of @designing a bird house, @building it, and then we @donated the bird houses here to @raise funds for them.
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@picture of this? @how does this tie in with a @life long lesson for the kids? @>> we are trying to get the @students interested in @designing buildings. @i know a bird house is not a @building but it is a small @building the structure also. @>> reporter: how did they come @up with some of the ideas? @bad"? @>> the "breaking bad" bird @series. @i think he did a very good job @of duplicating the motorhome. @>> reporter: how did they come @up with them? @>> a lot of them we want on the @internet and came up with @pictures and then we could @build it according to what they @drew. @>> we'll check back in with @alyssa in just a little bit. @ in the meantime an advisory @panel to michigan's governor is @recommending the steps the @state needs to take to solve
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@as the state tries to get @reliable drinking water back to @the people of flint. @high levels of lead have been @detected in the water since the @city switched from the detroit @municipal system and is now @linked to the flint river. @ and a city right here in @northern ohio is on edge after @tests turned up high levels of @lead in water samples from some @homes. @dawn kendrick was in sebring @and brings us the story. @>> reporter: personal @notifications was discussed @morning. @>> reporter: that is sebring @city manager richard. @the epa sent this letter. @and tells channel 3 quote while @the village of sebring has a @clean drinking water source, it @is apparent from the recent @test that lead is seeping into @the drinking water of certain @homes. @the village needed to take some @steps to address this issue and
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@that did not occur, we issued @them a notice of violation. @residence just learned that 7 @of 40 homes tested turned up @standards. @water. @schools were closed as a @precaution of the crystal @miller has four kids, her 1- @year-old drinking tap water in @form la through november i @can't all the precautions they @could have took and none of the @>> reporter: state @representative cherry crafting @a letter to the epa. @>> we want to know where the @ball was dropped, at the local @community or the state epa, in @terms of expeditiously @>> @channel 3 news. @ we wanted to know if there @was any concern about lead in
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@here's why. @the water comes from lake erie, @where lead is not a problem. @the water is also treated to @make sure any lead in old water @mains or pipes in homes doesn't @make it into what we drink. @in home plumbing. @lead solder used a long time @ago, brass fittings, and this @coats everything and seals it @in and prevents the lead from @getting into the drinking @water. @the water is safe. @number one, the bottom line and @when we check we are not @detecting lead in the drinking @water we are putting out. @>> reporter: tests show @cleveland's water is 99% lead- @free going back to 1997. @ this morning blizzard @warnings are in effect for a @storm that stretches over a @1000-mile area more than 80 @million americans are bracing @for what some are saying could @be a historic winter weather @storm.
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@>> reporter: it was a virtual @whiteout at the white house. @washington d.c. under siege and @in the bullseye of a blizzard @of epic proportions. @local officials say it is a @potent, perfect storm. @>> we expect two feet at least @of snow in washington d.c. and @heavy. @which means that we could see @a loss of power. @>> reporter: as the snow began @to pile up, virginia national @guard troops were called into @action. @>> we put chains on all of our @humvee tires. @>> reporter: as convoys of @crews in the south deployed for @the inevitable clean-up. @with thousands of flights @canceled, anyone who hasn't @gotten out isn't. @>> this is our third flight @change since we started. @>> reporter: and the ripple @effects are reaching airports @far from the blizzard zone. @this snow marked the beginning
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@that could bring more than two @and a half feet of snow and 50 @miles per hour winds. @it threatens to become @washington's worst snowstorm @ever. @and as bad as it looks now, the @snow is expected to continue @through sunday evening and @before it is all over with, @this storm could blow itself @into the record books. @brian mooar, nbc news, @washington. @ still ahead this morning, @it is the largest recall in @lift. @one company is recalling 24 @millionaire bags. @what you need to know, before
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@ @ welcome back. @an ohio plant is under scrutiny @this morning.
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@dole facility are linked to one @death caused by a listeria @outbreak. @one person died in michigan and @12 others were hospitalized in @other states. @dole is recalling all packages @made. @to see if you have one, check @the manufacturing libel. @the affected packages start @with the letter a. @ it is the largest recall of @all time, getting even bigger. @millions of vehicles being @driven on roads with airbags @that could potentially explode. @the japanese made takata @airbags are found in vehicles @of more than a dozen @automakers. @ann thompson has new details @every driver should know. @>> reporter: the recall affects @both domestic and foreign @automakers. @5million more vehicles with the @potentially defective takata @airbags. @the manufacturers impacted, @audi, bmw, daimler, ford,
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@what we don't know is what @models are recalled. @the action by the national @highway traffic safety @administration comes after joel @knight's death last month. @the 52-year-old father died @when the driver's side airbag @in his 2006 ford ranger explode @in a crash. @>> this had been recalled in 60 @other countries by other @manufacturers. @>> reporter: the government @says thousands of tests were @run on that inflate and it @never failed. @takata says it is cooperating @fully with regulators and ford @states if we find an issue we @take prompt action to address @customer safety. @>> the government calls this a @massive safety crisis, and says @it is using all its tools to
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@a mess that is so far taking @nine american lives, 10 @worldwide. @ just ahead, we are wrapping @up the we can's big top stories @in your week in review. @ but first we want to check @the forecast and what we can @expect this weekend. @hi olga. @>> reporter: hi. @i'm tracking the big east coast @storm and its impact on our @great every cleveland metro @area. @what to expect not only this
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@1450 here's your week in news. @>> cops are in danger. @my ex-boyfriend is out in camo, @looking to kill a cop. @>> what is his name? @>> herschel ray jones. @>> police say herschel ray @jones did kill officer tom @cottrell. @dispatchers couldn't reach his @cruiser to warn him in time. @ him black smoke and flames @shot through the roof of @incorporated. @>> seeing it go up in smoke @like that was pretty bad. @>> come to find out you don't @have a job to come to, this is @a shock. @the bus and there is no one @around to help and you a dog @comes and attacks you, where @else can you run? @>> we are intersection of @kenmore road i'm watching my @photographer's back right now @why? @police say earlier this morning
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@woman at the train stop and @also attacked a deer down the @street. @ would you say you are a @supporter of the islamic state? @>> no i would not say that. @i'm not under any kind of @criminal investigation, i'm not @under any kind of suspicion. @>> i interviewed professor pena @a couple of months back. @ 40 to 45 cars and five or @six tractor trailers that were @involved in a chain reaction @fender bend year i was there. @westbound from madison, a @mangled mess of crashed cars @and semis, a notoriously @dangerous stretch of i-90, true @to form. @it is horrible to hear that @crunch of cars all around you, @and then to see that chain @reaction up ahead, and in the @rear-view mirror. @>> we aren't going to have a @contested convention. @we are going to have a nominee
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@candidate who has a more @unifying message, someone like @john kasich. @>> donald trump on top of the @poll and his no clear favorite. @there is a growing media buzz @about a broker convention and @many republicans predicting it @is not going to happen. @>> @ several groups, including @the distinguished gentleman of @spoken word celebrated the @legacy of dr. king. @>> the cavs were embarrassed on @their home floor tonight by the @world champion warriors. @>> @ steph curry hit 35 in the @game. @ the cavaliers have left @town. @not a bad idea after the way @they played. @ music has lost yet another @allege john f. kennedy tonight. @glenn fry, founding member of
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@glenn fry was 67 years old. @ wow. @such a busy week. @long ago. @>> days ago, they were plowing @out and now we are looking at @temperatures that can flirt @with on 40 degrees. @>> shorts weather. @ one thing that is not @changing on the east coast is @the accumulation that have @snow. @it has been dumping, slowly @moving up the coast. @they are getting a little bit @of a break for maybe an hour or @so but it is going to come down @heavy today and continue to @slide toward the new york city @millions. @>> maybe you know somebody who @canceled. @it is really causing a mess @even though we are not getting @the snows here. @>> the ripple effect is wide @reaching and it is reaching
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@we are starting to pick up on a @few snow showerss not a lot to @worry about with you yes this @is part of that very large @storm. @as far as the winter warnings @those are all out of the @viewing area. @one thing we do not expect to @let up for the next couple of @hours are our winds mainly out @of the north and northeast, @bringing in the cool, frigid @air, keeping our temperatures @very, very low. @in fact right now we are @sitting in the lower 20s. @but when you factor in the @winds, it is feel much colder @than that. @so the large east coast storm @is going to persist for not @only today but headed into your @sunday forecast until we get to @monday, i think the folks on @the eastern seaboard should @start to dig out and get a @little bit of relief. @this is where you have to let @it go and do its thing. @the projections have been @uniform. @projections by early monday
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@15 inches for philadelphia, 16 @inches for the greater @washington metropolitan area @and fortunately for us, all we @have to contend with are a few @morning flurries, we'll see the @cold temperatures persist but @by sunset, we might see partial @clearing. @overnight a chilly one ahead @for us. @good news the storm is well @south of our region. @temperatures will be in the 20s @for most of the day today and @feel like the teens. @as of the afternoon, i think @partly cloudy skies, mainly @high temperatures close to the @lower 20s by night fall, and @then overnight to want, we'll @be in the teens, partly cloudy @to clear skies overnight and @we'll bring back a lot of @sunshine for your sunday @forecast. @by the 6:00 p.m. @hour temperatures again pushing @upper 20s.
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@evening, we'll start to pull in @more clouds, and then our rain @and snow chances headed back to @work and school. @forecast today in the 20s, over @the next 48 hours, we are going @to be pretty comfortable except @if the early hours, the 7-day @forecast looks like the @opportunity for some snow @showers to pop back into our @forecast as early as monday @afternoon. @then early tuesday morning i @think we are going to see @temperatures actually fall out @of the 40s and down into the @20s for wednesday. @that is our next cold snap @coming on through and that one @is going to stick around for a @couple of case as well. @>> -- couple of days as well. @>> any significant snow? @>> reporter: right now some @accumulation, but it is not @going to blow us away. @>> nothing like the east coast? @>> no. @ after days of growing @controversy over a lack of
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@for this year's oscars, the @academy announced sweeping @reforms to double the number of @female and minority members. @but is it a big enough change? @morgan radford has details from @los angeles. @>> reporter: a surprise vote by @the academy. @in a statement, president @cheryl boone isaac said at @academy is going to lead and @not wait for the industry to @catch up. @the goal? @doubling the number of women @and diverse members by 2020. @voting status will last 10 @years and can be renewed only @if a member has been active @over that decade. @those who aren't active under @these new guidelines will @become emeritus members. @>> the problem is bigger than @the academy, it is the industry @as a whole.
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@two time ross scar nominee @viola davis said the problem is @not with the oscars. @the problem is with the @hollywood movie making system. @steven gallon bay says the @academy can only move as fast @as the industry. @>> until the industry allows @african-americans and asians to @create an extraordinary body of @work, their hands will be tied. @ after the break, time is @ticking. @it is almost two weeks until @super bowl . can you believe @it? @money man mack brown has a deal @you need to get before the big @game. @and it will be music to jurors @-- to your, ears. @ check it out. @it is a people male version of @a man cave.
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@ @ a live look at peak tower @downtown. @you can see the cloud cover we @are dealing with here. @hopefully you have a nice @weekend planned with indoor @plans. @ it is chilly out there. @we want to check on the @forecast. @olga breese is in the weather @center this morning. @>> reporter: we expect our @forecast to be much calmer than @what we are seeing on the east @coast. @part of me wants to be in the @action, another part of me @kind of snow. @to. @you can see the impact of the @storm, basically our southern @zones are getting a little bit @of snow flurries for the early @morning, you'll notice as the @last two hours have gone by, @most of that has shifted back @down to the south. @brisk winds today. @temperatures have been chilly @this morning.
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@make sure that you bundle up as @you step out on this saturday @mainly cloudy through midday, @breezy through the afternoon @with highs in the 20s. @and then we could see partial @clearing overnight. @when will we finally get kind @of an uptick in our daytime @temperatures? @i'll have details for you in @the 7-day forecast, coming up. @ are you looking to update @renovate or recreate your home? @if so, you might want to check @out the home improvement show. @anniversary. @channel 3's alyssa raymond @good morning alyssa. @maureen. @this year's show is all about @outdoor living. @and specifically the main @attraction, main feature are @these she sheds. @about these, the designs. @with. @what are some of the features
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@>> the concept was to take an @it into something @extraordinary, really for the @female of the house hold. @already. @so our particular shed here, we @took a normal, every day shed, @and turned it into what we call @a happy hour shed that it @features some very, very nice @furnishings, this wine cooler @here, which is really in @demand. @love it. @beautiful chandelier, we've got @a lot of compliments for that, @a television, there is an air @conditioning unit in here, and @also a fireplace that actually @puts out enough heat to heat @this shed. @>> and you said this is so hot @this concept right now. @how much would something like @this cost? @and how extravagant can it get? @>> this shed in particular was @around $2000 for the actual @shed and $1500 to put @everything else together. @so for around $3500 you can @have this beautiful thing if @you do it yourself.
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@on this and this one is not for @sale, because it has already @been sold but around $4000, @$5000 you can get it. @>> this is cleveland yoga @correct? @>> cleveland yoga did a @fantastic job with the yoga she @shed. @we gave them a raw shed and @said have at it. @made it great. @a real rainfall of the show. @>> i think my mom would love @this one. @the reading nook. @>> called paradise. @serene. @you can go in and read a book. @get away from it. @a beautiful, beautiful concept. @that has a lot of recycled @materials in it, as you can @see. @paradise renovations did a @fantastic job on it. @he came up with this idea from @scratch. @>> reporter: thank you so much @chris. @we want everyone to know that @this one is being rastled off
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@tickets are going toward the @breast cancer fund -- raffled @off and all the proceeds are @going toward the breast cancer @fund of ohio. @>> i'll take three. @put them together and make a @little house. @>> thank you so much. @ it is two weeks until the @super bowl . matt granite @showcases another steal. @>> reporter: great to be with @you this weekend. @we will have the super bowl tv @deals on the way. @but i want to focus on sound @bar deals, especially the ones @for larger sized tvs. @this is 40 inches. @this one right here is 60 @inches. @why is the box smaller? @it is in three pieces. @it expands. @take a look at what has me @fired up. @this is an amazing, 50% off @deal this weekend. @i love the features and i love @that if you have a large tv, @you can get clear, rich sound. @the item, selling for 500 bucks
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@deal where i have posted it on @i asked our station's audio @expert of 30 years for his @feedback which he just sent me. @>> i really really like this. @has great volume control. @i like the bluetooth function. @it really works and has a great @sound to it. @it is hard to impress me. @but this one really works out @real well commission that was @just one of the several sound @bars i tested at ces, when i @was there to present and report @a couple of weeks ago. @hands down my number one pick @especially with the price drop. @i don't care whether or not you @buy it. @but if you are looking to save, @i have you covered. @happy savings, back to you. @ matt thank you so much. @ still ahead this morning, @the cavs are facing the bulls @tonight at home. @it is the first game under a @new coach.
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@ @ good morning. @cavs and bulls coming up @tonight and the cavaliers will @be led by a new head coach. @yesterday the cavs proved if @you are a head coach in the nba @you are never safe. @30 wins and the best record in @the east not enough as they @fire david blatt. @a record of 83-42. @not enough. @first head coach to be fired @when his team has the best @record in its conference. @in a statement, blatt thanked @the cavs for the opportunity @and is proud of what they @accomplished. @clearly something was not @right. @you could feel it and david @griffin confirmed it yesterday. @>> i'm in our locker room a lot @and i knew that there is just a @disconnect there right now. @a lack of spirit and
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@but we were 30-11 with a @schedule that was reasonably @easy. @and i'm judging a lot more than @wins and losses. @>> we'll see how the players @react to this. @cavs owner dan gilbert thanked @blatt and said over the course @of my business career i have @learned sometimes the hardest @thing to do is also the right @thing to do. @our ownership group supports @david griffin's decision. @griffin said it was all on him. @it was not lebron's decision. @all right. @decall lebron yesterday and ask @him hey should i fire blatt @today? @probably not. @but no way does he make this @change if griffin didn't know @lebron was on board. @remember blatt was hired before @james came back to the cavs. @the relationship has always @been scrutinized. @ how about this one? @a tweet saying david blatt told @friends in israel last week it @is either me or kevin love. @just surprised lebron didn't @decide sooner.
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@ a lot of reaction to this @news as the cavs are taking @heat for it. @including reaction from dallas @whatever r360 head coach rick @carlyle. @he feels the decision is @bizarre, leaving you with an @empty feeling saying blatt did @a great job and wet i'm @embarrassed for our league that @something like this could @happen. @i know integrity. @i know david blatt is going to @be a sought after coach. @brendon heyward said blatt was @hesitant to challenge lebron, @being a rookie head coach. @blatt gave lebron special @treatment, wouldn't correct him @during film sessions. @other players lost the respect @of blatt and he lost the team.
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@highest paid assistant in the @league. @some thought he might get the @gig when blatt originally got @it. @he saved blatt from calling @that timeout against the bulls @and cavaliers players do indeed @love will you. @so we'll see how the 38-year- @old does. @former player, first round pick @at denver. @won titles with the lakers and @coached under doc rivers so @should be an interesting day @for the cavaliers. @have a greet weekend, @everybody. @ dave thanks. @ just ahead, a big weekend @at the box office. @coming up, a look at what is @playing in theaters. @ plus send your dna away. @why it is easier than ever to @get the details on your family @history. @ olga? @>> chilly and a few flurries. @are we going to finally get a
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@the end of january. @i'll let you know in your 7-day
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@ @ dna tests shipped right to @your door. @more and more people are using @online services to discover @health traits and genetics. @>> reporter: at home testing is @now an option for new insight @into your dna @clients can use it for more @information about their online @family tree. @>> it is a simple to use dna @test that we use to analyze @your dna, find out what is @particular about you. @>> reporter: for $99 a kit is @mailed right to your door, send @back a saliva sample and view @results online. @>> we give you an estimate of @your genetic ethnicity as well @as compare your dna to other @customers. @>> reporter: that is for
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@23 and me can provide valuable @information. @the testing process is similar @but the $199 cost brings @genetic information about @ancestry and health. @>> we look at different @diseases that are genetically @determined things like sickle @cell anemia. @>> reporter: they test for @traits such as lactose @intolerant and hair type and @eye color. @users can opt in to submit @their data for research that @could lead to new discoveries. @>> we have made discoveries on @things like the genetics of @parkinson's, breast cancer, @even the genetic basis of @motion sickness. @>> reporter: companies like @wisdom panel can show your @dog's breed and health risks. @mark barger, nbc news. @ the doggie genetic tests @from wisdom panel range between @$85 and $100. @ a big story we have been @keeping our eye on is of course
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@east coast. @i don't know if you are on @twitter. @if you are i just retweeted @scott kelley the astronaut, who @can see the storm from space. @he snapped the most amazing @pick. @i don't know if you have seen @it yet, we'll tweet it out and @maybe get a full screen up @there. @but it is amazing what is @happening on the east coast. @>> incredible. @give me that picture i'll put @it up in my forecast. @ we are definitely looking @at a historic storm. @this thing has been cranking @since yesterday afternoon. @it has built-up a little more @intensity. @dark purples there where we @have the heaviest snowfall @where some of the warmer @temperatures are. @you can even see thunderstorms @and thunderstorm cells popping @off the east coast as well. @so the good news is that only a @small portion of our area is @being impacted right now, very @southern tip of our viewing @area. @a few light snow showers @beginning now to fade on out @and i think we are going to be
6:37 am
@the afternoon. @so not too much of an @impairment here. @-- impact here. @mainly lakeside, but overall @the big story for us today are @the cold temperatures and the @wind. @that is what we are contending @with, although our temperatures @are in the 20s, it is feeling @like the teens and below, so @bundle up if you are stepping @out this morning. @we are keeping a couple of @flurries for anotr hour or @two. @then by 10:00 all that have @should be well out of here, @cloudy into the afternoon and @much. @middle range pushing upper 20s @by late day. @but the good, fortunate side @for us is we will not be @coast storm. @overall a few peeks of @sunshine, certainly partly @cloudy skies overnight tonight @which is a taste of things to @come. @no watches and warnings for our @area, everything sailing well
6:38 am
@but we have very, very cold, @frigid air moving on through. @cold not only for today but @tomorrow's forecast as well. @and by monday we'll finally see @a little bit of an improvement. @here is the hour by hour @forecast. @get it going just a little bit @forward here. @basically today, mainly cloudy @skies with highs in the 20s. @and here's the hour by hour @forecast. @a lot of clearing across most @of the area late tonight. @overnight, we are calling it @partly cloudy. @by early morning a few clouds @and sunshine mixed in. @by sunday afternoon, we are @looking fairly good. @temperatures will still be @cold, back into the upper 20s. @but at least we'll have a @little bit more sunshine is he @the wind chill will not be too @much of an impact tomorrow for @us. @sunday night into monday we are @going to bring back more of the @clouds and yes an opportunity @for a few snow flurries.
6:39 am
@slight chance of flurries for @today. @cold tomorrow, not quite as @breezy or brisk, because the @wind chill will be down but @still in the 20s. @we'll hit close to the 30s by @sunday afternoon and into the @40s for monday and tuesday. @>> that will feel so nice. @ our amazing friends in the @control room have found that @picture. @we are going to show it to you @in just a few minutes. @so you are going to have to @stick around to see the view @from space. @it is really cool. @thanks olga. @ new movies are hitting big @screens this weekend. @let's check in with rafael seth @for a look at the box office @preview. @>> reporter: an old dog resorts @to old tricks in dirty grandpa. @rob deniro is newly widowed and @ready to play. @he drives to florida for spring
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@grandson. @ space invaders in the fifth @wave. @a stage soldier on a mission to @rescue her little brother. @she gets help from a stranger. @fifth wave is rated pg-13. @terror in the boy. @a young american accepts a job @as a nanny in a remote english @village. @but when she finds out she is @taking care of a doll dressed @up lick a boy who died -- like @a boy who died. @ garrett is a troubled @artist looking for clarity in @the desert when he finds oscar @isaac. @mojave is rated r. @ we will be right back with
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@ @ this is what i was talking @about. @scott kelley, from space, took @a picture of the winter storm @hitting the east coast. @the jonas storm. @so decipher that for us if you @can olga. @it looks like a mountain range. @but i can see the coastline. @>> that is about it. @>> luckily we are not getting @that here and that is just @amazing how it is hitting @everywhere but here almost. @>> reporter: yeah the size and @the scope that have storm, for @it to impact so many people @from about south carolina all @the way up negotiate and @stretching back into kentucky @and tennessee, it has just been @an amazing storm to watch it @gop. @for us though the good news is
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@typical season weather for us. @back into the 30s tomorrow and @seeing the sun,. @>> that olympics it all the @better.
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