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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now at 6:00 new york @city is shut down. @washington, d.c. up to 30 @inches of snow. @the head achesthis massive @weather event is creating to
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@>> here at home, lebron talk he @first time we're hearing from @him and who may have really @been behind the firing. @>> joe thomas making news today @on his future. his comments for @a while on where he may want to @play. @>> and the pab da video going @home in usually snow free @washington, d.c.. 3 news" @brought to you by universal @windows direct. @you'll be saying i love my @windows. el 3 news" at @6:00. @ thanks for being with us. @we're going to get to the @weather in a little bit. e cavs play @for the first time since they @made a coaching change. @>> the first step on to a @championship we're going to @bring home. what it's all @about.
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@the cavs bold move yesterday. @this morning, we were all ears what james had to @say about the fires. @a large media turnout both @local @lue talked for the first time @as the coach of the cavs. @on to lebron. ust as surprised and @caught off by everybody. @this comment you're about to @hear right now confirms to me, t have @called lebron yesterday on the @phone and asked his opinion, @but he knew he had to make the @move. ht up in the wins @and looses -- losses. @it's not about that, it's how @we play and prepare ourselves @every day. why i was @frustrated the bays asked me @why guys won seven in a row why @you
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@you guys understand what i was @stay saying. sed that and made the @change. @like i said, we are respectful. @grif sensed the move had to be @about the move of the cavaliers @yesterday. @so there you have it. @>> any mood that you picked up im? @>> that's one thing i asked @him, what's @you could sense a difference, @but whether that's going to @translate into a championship @yet or not, that remains to be @seen. eek in two and a @half hours. @ from the courts to the @stands and the fans. @what do they expect to see the months @following the bick shake-up. @wale aliyu is live with the
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@the first game. @we're here where they rent @nated the court. @you're -- renovated. o see the players @come out here earlier. @they are arriving and will be @playing their first game under @coach tyronn lue. t coach @currently in the nba at 38 @years old. @as he starts his first game a @lot of times you see a coach @season, the opponent is @inferior so the coach and team @can build-up confidence. today, @they're playing the bulls. @a conference rival. @so we'll see how they do. the @cleveland cavaliers. @we caught up with fan about the @game. ach @blatt was fired and now they're @>> i kind of knew it was
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@after that golden state loss mercied pretty @bad, but i mean, they fired mic @brown after winning a record, eland. @>> we can't keep losing to big @games. @we're going to beat them n that, but @you can't lose every time to -- @game to golden state. ebron is the @first one that took the court @as they started coming on the @court. @you know it's 30 and 11. n 73% of his @games. @that's four is games. @that cleans cleveland calf @clears are half way true the @season. alf of the @season under tyronn lue. @so what remains to be seen is @how they play. ease their @numbers or changes of getting @closer to the western @conference teams?
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@chris. @ to our other big story. blanketing @the east coast. @take a look. @this is live right now in time @square. @you can make out the lights we @often see and the folks are @enjoying it. @no car travel. @the city has shut down all road @travel. @a springsteen show cancelled. @the governor declared a state @of emergency. @up to two feet of snow @forecasted for some of the @popular parts of the new york. @the national guard in place in @case flooding become as threat @e. they're telling them shrimp @to stay inside. @>> i don't care how big a four- @wheel drive vehicle you have, @the roads are barely passable. @and what is always -- what
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@situations, it's one thing to @deal with mother nature, our @own citizens are create the @greatest issues. @>> a travel ban remains in @effect for all of new york city @where the snow continuing to @fall. @that's not the only place, @central pennsylvania getting @plenty of their own. @parts of the turnpike closed @right now. @more travel bans are in effect. @some travelers are stranded @including a group of 40 john @car roll university students on @their way back to washington, @d.c.. @forecasters putting this storm @in the top three of that @region's history. @we just showed you times @square. @here the white house. @not as bad. @a lot of that moved up the @coast. @but d.c. got clammed -- @slammed. @we learned that reagan and @other airports closed tomorrow @in addition to today. @tiffany is on assignment coring @the storm from our nation's @capital tonight. @>> reporter: you can see the
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@just a lot of snowfall. @most places reporting more than @12 inches of snow here in the @d.c. metro area. @on my drive here, the hotel @being a mile or so from our @center station -- sister @station, the streets snow @covered. @the sidewalks hasn't been @plowed. @the main streets in the city @and in the d.c. metro area. @ive sunny people out there @enjoying the sun. @some people skiing in the snow @here. @these conditions are going to @continue throughout the day, of @course today being the height @of the storm. @the blowing and drifting snow, @the high winds, 40 to 06-mile- @per-hour winds. @so at people are having a good @time, driving conditions -- @treshrous. @the good news, we haven't seen @a whole lot of people out @driving in these conditions. @a lot of businesses closed in @the washington, d.c. area.
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@weekend helping the sister @station with their coverage and @i'll be bringing you updates on @week. @but for now in washington, @d.c., tiffani. @ cleveland hopkins not a @clough of snow on the tarmacs @but departures on the east @coast are tricky. @a number of cancellations @backing up. @we checked at the canton @congress airport but most of @their frights are no places of @the country not affected by the @storm. @>> the mayor of new york could @be throwing his hat in a mayor @political race. @>> plus, no one love as snow @day than this guy, where the @fun is beginning.
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@ @ a scary night for a pizza @deliver drive after she was gun @robbed at gument. @she was called for a deliver at @grace avenue around 11:00 last @night when a man approached @behind her with a gun. @he took $70 and a pizza. @was seen leaving in a black @truck. @ it's a change for those @most in need to get help @downtown today. @the 25th annual homeless stand @down here in public auditorium. @it provide the area homeless @and veterans to get hygiene @services or legal help or @things in between. @it's a way to bring dignity for @folks who have fallen on hard @times. @ a shake-up in the face for @the white house. @michael plume berg is @reportedly -- block burg is @considering a bid. @he told them to draw plans for @a potential run as an
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@friend he would be willing to @spend $1 billion on his own @come payment. @look for bloomburg to run if @they gnome mate trump or cruz @or bernie sanders. @ it's not the snow around
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@ @ while mraun trying to @hibernate in the snowstorm @during d.c. one of the city's @most famous residents was @enjoying it. @they got tian tian the panda @out there enjoying it. @. some say she was making snow @angels. @the zoo was closed but probably @getting some of their biggest @exposure. @in d.c., 30 inches of snow. @>> it's filing up and places @lake new york city, they were @on the line of the forecast so @for new york, this has been a @big change in the forecast. @they were expecting a little @bit and suddenly this morning,
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@let's start with the storm. @we're getting the fringe @affects of this as far as the @clouds. @and the wind you can see the @big spin in del -- delaware, @virginia and maryland, there's @the center. @coming from the atlantic from @boston to richmond virginia and @down to tied water in norfolk, @virginia. @they don't get much know -- @snow there. @it's the flow on the backside @of the storm pulling in cold @air. @that's going to keep us chilly @tonight but keep us clough @all the dots here are snow @reports from today. @new york city, that's jfk, the @last hour they had 20 inches of @snow today. @that is more than double the @snowfall that cleveland hope @kens has seen the -- hopkins @has seen the entire winter @season. @that's why this is a big deal @and crippling. @it doesn't say much for us @the much of snow so far this @year. @northeast ohio ten to 15 miles
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@you can't rook at the @temperature tonight, you have @to factor in the wind chill. @that's the blue number. @you see in many cases ten to 15 @15 degrees cooler. @temperatures 20 in wooster now @but feels lake 7. seven. @if you're coming downtown to @sea the cavs, the current @temperature is 26. @the mildest of all the knot @east ohio towns but look at the @wind chill down to 16 degrees. @temperatures falling not low @20s. @but remember the wind chill, @five to 15 degrees with the @wind staying up this evening, @they'll start to relax a little @bit as we go in the overnight @and into the torning. @big area of nothing between @denver and cleveland. @we'll see breaks of sunshine @tomorrow all ahead of the area @of low pressure coming in the @west coast. @it's not powerful and moving @fast. @and the track of this one is
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@tuesday. @that's going help to bring some @slightly milder air. @we're not going to be in the @50s or 60s but we have a good @chance of cracking 32 degrees @tomorrow and like make a good @run at the 40s coming up on @monday especially if we see @sunshine before the cold front @arrives late monday night into @tuesday. @here's future have you to show @you what's going on this @evening. @there, the temperatures and @wind chills much colder in the @before you numbers. @those are your wind chill @values. @eight to 15 degrees with @temperatures in the 20s. @as we go through tonight, @tomorrow morning, temperatures @mid to upper teens but wind @chills in the single @dittocammings for everyone. @a cold start on sunday, look at @sunday afternoon, 33 in @downtown dlooefld -- cleaved, @that's thanks to the milder air @coming from the south. @temperatures fall in the 20s @30s setting up -- us up for a @milder start to the work weak. @take a look on the forecast, a
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@tuesday. @in the morning we'll be 40 but @30s all afternoon with rain @showers changing to showers and @lake-effect snow showers to @tuesday. @but we warm-up next weekend as @well. @>> i love it wasn't pitch-black @yesterday, it was nice.
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@ @ the cavs have a big game @tonight against the bulls. @remember, chicago beat the @gaffes calves back on opening @night. @and tonight, tyronn lue makes @thedy buy as the new calf head @coach. @regardless of what they're @saying, the prescription is out @there that -- perception is @lebron wanted the change. @he said he found out about the @decision yesterday just lake @the rest of us. @he said the cavs are fragile at @teams still learning each other @but winning is the goal. @>> i guess we've been friends @since i was 17 years old, at @the end of the day, he's the @coach and i'm underneath him @and he'll coach me and push me @and i'll listen to everything @he has to say.
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@why me and coach lou is tied up @because there's a lot of @players and coaches in this @league it just happening to be @me. @>> lou says he's going to hold @lebron accountable and everyone @else will fall spa place. @he's not going to try to do @differently but do things be. @he plans on making plays to @kevin love and that would be @good to see. @he wants to go ten deep and @what he says sounds good to me. @>> our goal is to getting to @the play i couldn't haves and @we can short -- playoffs and @shorten rotation. @i don't want to run into the @problems last year in the @finals. @guys went down and didn't have @flow to their game because they @didn't play in a while. @>> so many stowes surfaced @whose that happened to david @blatt and other nba teams are @interested in him. @it seems clear that blatt
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@that 34 mountain loss to the @ware -- point loss to the @warriors shook the cavs. @>> the problems with david and @this team run much deeper than @lebron. @eve been talking to these guys @for the last three weeks. @they were all fed up with @david. @there was very little respect @for him. @-in if the cavs would have the @stones to make this -- i didn't @know if they would have the @stones to make the move. @it's a gutsy move. @ what happens to joe thomas @has to be at the top of the @list. @after the season, he left the @door open he may not return. @thomas was at the center today @for the home show signing auto @graphs. @i spoke to him about the @brown's move and the future. @he said it's awesome they got
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@i asked if they thinks he could @be traded and does he want to @be back with the browns last @year? @>> i almost got traded last @year. @but that's something as a @player you can't wore about too @much. @i love the people in cleveland @it's me home. @i love the city and everything @about it, so i want to be part @of the turn around. @>> there you have it. @thomas wants to be part of the @turn around. @see how that goes. @i can tell you for sure, sports @tonight is going to go well @tomorrow night. @we have plenty to talk about in @the world of cavaliers. @>> you buy that story it wasn't @about lebron he wasn't the one @controlling all the lev vers it @was something larger? @>> absolutely not. @if you believe my wife doesn't @peek out my ties, okay, think @again. @i think i will look around and @see lebron behind that
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@>> lebron has a nice tie @collection, too. @>> they're protecting him. @it's not like he made the call @that day but if he wanted him @to be the head coach, he would @be. @ thank you for being with @us. @we have a saturday edition of @"nbc nightly news" of the @coverage of that east cost @storm. @we'll see you later before an
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