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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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right now at 11:00, 30 inches @of snow in dc and is still @falling in new york the storm @turned deadly tonight as the @biggest city in this country is @ they came from cleveland @and colorado to remember @officer thomas cottrell, jr. a. @today remember the police a line of @duty. @the first night for new cavs @coach in the books. @an early report from @and pc got hit with -- dc got @hit with snow and he loved @every last flake. @the video @this saturday night. eat having @you here on a saturday night. @i'm chris tye. @14 dead and the massive @sntime square a @little better picture than we @had at 6:00 less snow in the @foreground but still the only
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@street are @mostly people walking because @there is a vehicle then. @everything from broadway to een concerts canceled. @the governor declaring a state @of emergency and the travel ban @as well that the letter being @lifted around . @cars will be allowed back in @the street then. @up to 2 feet of snow forecasted @for some of the most populated @parts of the state. @the national guard is on the @ready as coastal flooding is well. @especially in new jersey. @ meantime, hundreds of cars, @buses and trucks remain @stranded on the pennsylvania @turnpike in the national guard o aid @drivers who simply have not @moved since friday night. @among the stranded, a group of @40 students on the wayfrom washington to duquesne @university men's basketball @team out of pittsburgh and also @stuck head coach jim berry @spoke by phone and explained @the teams very tricky @situation. @was in.
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@getting low with gatorade and @water we have leftover pizza. @hungry fast. @>> another half foot of snow @expected in the area. @down the coast to the nation's @capital, heavy snows, strong @winds grouting hundreds of @flights nearly 200 of them is is dulles international @airport today. @part of more than 800 flights @canceled along the coast. @crews are clearing the 24 @sidewalks and runways. @local flights at the verbal affect but @not nearly as extreme. @other big story tonight, @hundreds of police officers @from around the country paying @tribute to fallen cottrell shot and killed @in the line of duty this @weekend in southern ohio. @inside the emotional day @surrounding the that denbow police @officer. @>> reporter: it can happen @anytime you see any of our @troops over law enforcement @have a life taken in a case
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@so hundred ignoring the cold @temperatures to pay respect to @officer thomas cottrell you @junior the 34-year-old police @officer shot and killed last @monday night in the line of @duty. @>> we are one big family. @dozen that from @chicago, new york or @california. @we come together as a group. @>> reporter: officers from @across the area and on the @state attended the funeral. @the service was held in the @central ohio technical in newark. @that is will cottrell graduated @from the police academy. @his casket draped in the flag way past mourners @and fellow officer's and in @somber so the. @personally. @>> i have a nephew that is a @police officer and nashville, @tennessee picked it could @happen to him. @>> reporter: along the @processional, flags wave in @honor of the officer. @>> they keep our country safe. @>> they have a hard and they do it well.
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@for the place and for the @officer's family. ndreds stood @by cottrell was buried at was @the cemetery along state route @13. @marking the end of a watch for @thomas . @ and there were more than @1800 people who came out to trell today pit @police came from as far as @chicago, colorado, west @virginia and of course ohio. @one @ turning our attention now @to our other story, the cavs @first night under the new @direction of that new coach and @we are hearing from lebron the @first time today pit davis game wrapped up a few @blocks away. @not a stellar performance for @this coach but incredibly @early. @disturbing. @the golden state loss was
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@you would have energy and the @cats will come out and make a @ @highlights will come up in @sports as a game just when @final. @it has been a wild number 2. @tyronn lue losing in his first s head @coach but let's take you @through the rest of the day. @this was the scene at the @shootaround this morning. @a very large @coach lue talking for the first @time as head coach. @lebron is the first one on the @court to geta work @hours before the tip. @lebron says he was just a @supplies and caught off guard @about the firing as we were pit @i do not buy. @maybe they did not get the call @yesterday but he knew it >> you get so caught up in the @wins and losses everybody -- @every day is not about the win @and losses is about how we play every day @and guys asked me why was i @frustrated and asked me -- why
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@happen now you understand what @i meant. @it is not our record. @it's bigger than winds and -- wins and losses. @they made the change and we are @respecting it. @>> and trying to win a @championship that is my goal @and ownership if they don't see @fit they will have to make a @change if they have to. @right now i am happy that they @had confidence to try to get @the job done. @>> the cavs do not get the job @done. @highlights will come up again @and it is early and i guess of @look back last year they were @19 and 20 and everyone was down @on them and the team could not @work, injuries and then they @get 2 wins away from a @championship hit you have a @terrible obstacle the state and @the coach kids 5 and you lose @to the polls. @let's see how it plays out. @>> thank you. @see you later. @ coming up for us, why is @donald trump talking about @shooting someone. @the newest comment from the
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@tonight. @ joel thomas is making his @today on his future with the @pro bowler opens up in a way. @where his career is going next. @ the snow out east piles up @and the snow around northeast @ohio could be melting in a big @way. @i will look at how temperatures @will get in the week ahead @coming up. @ if you are wondering, yes @saturday night live is new @tonight that you are looking @live where despite the snow @storm the snow is 23 minutes @awaited ufc symbol of our -- @superstar ronda rousey and
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@cleveland police -- salida @delivery driver. @she was robbed at gun point. @she was called for delivery at @11:00 last night and a man @approached her from behind with @a gun pit the suspect took the @pizza and $70 in cash and was @seen leaving in a black truck @that if you have information @call cleveland police. @ it was a chance for those @most in need to get help @downtown cleveland today pit @the 25th avenue. @will homeless stand out in @public auditorium providing @homeless veterans to get @anything from hygiene to legal @services all underway this @afternoon. @ the influential des moines @register newspaper has @announced its endorsements for @the 2016 republican and @democratic nominations for @president that the paper has @picked hillary clinton on the @democratic side saying no other @candidate can match her @knowledge and they say on the @republican side, marco rubio is @a man they are endorsing @because they say he has the
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@direction for the gop. @ the polls, they say i have @the most loyal people. @did you ever see that? @workers stand in the middle of @5th avenue and shoot somebody @and i would not lose any voters @is incredible. @>> this is making news tonight @donald trump saying he could @shoot somebody and not lose the @vote. @teleports from republican front- @runner the latest averages in @iowa gave trump a to point lead @over senator ted cruz picked @the iowa caucuses coming up one @week from monday. @by the way, as we mentioned in @the last segment, saturday @night live is new expect new @hubert coming up at 11:30 @ greg dee's forecast, where @the wind a possible warm-up in @the discussion next. @join the stations of nbc in @supporting our troops after @they come home, when they need @our help the most. @monday, at the q, a one click @on hiring of an tailored for @veterans. @the hiring our heroes event @from 11-2 and employees @military jobseekers alike can
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@information right now online.
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@ @sometimes you just like to say @a age in the newscast bit out @in the southeast 30 inches of @snow. @it really is a cute video that @the most they miss resident @enjoying the flakes are cameras @at the national zoo called 1010
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@he's making snow angels. @this video is going viral. @the zoo is close because of the @snow and probably getting more @attention than they have in a @long time. @>> plenty to play with. @>> i saw our buddy saying in 25 @days pictures and catchers @report to to do spring training @asked by opening day april for? @>> april 4. @>> let's talk about how it @compares to our snowfall and @cleveland the season. @or the like thereof. @here is the blizzard now, good @news for the cities in the east @coast, dark blue, heavy @snowfall notice how this has @pushed south of new england, @south of long island and off @jersey coast snow showers now @around washington dc. @back toward new york.
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@much lighter than earlier. @i think the heavy accumulating @snow is done as the big area of @low pressure continues to spin @off the coast. @here is to put this in @perspective, new york city, @central park, 25.1 inches. @this is maybe the 2nd biggest @snowfall record, cleveland, all @winter, a .4. @they tripled our entire @seasonal snowfall in less than @24 hours. @travel delays and this tweeted @by nbc news earlier, a car @covered, the only way to get @around it they have to is out @by walking around but it is @hard to see because the @blizzard conditions which @basically reduced visibility to @almost nothing. @york, pennsylvania, toward the @alleghanies, cars literally @buried by some of the heavy @snow with 2-3 feet. @i saw a report of 40 inches of @snow in the mountains of west
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@they will be digging out for @days. @on the backside of the system, @the cold side, dry air is @getting pulled in from the @north and northeast look at the @winds are lighter. @they were not stronger or @earlier and now it is causing @issues. @if you have snow on the ground @you are in the low valley and @you have light winds. @look at the temperatures. @unbelievable report out of @elyria, 1 degree. @that is all we have down i 90, @downtown cleveland, 26. @a huge range year around the @lakefront. @south winds higher lso and @temperatures in the midteens. @most of you will stay in the @teens overnight. @lorain county in the single @digits. @ashtabula, 7. sunny breaks @around cleveland 80 degrees @tomorrow wind chills 0-10 as @the wind switch direction that @will make a big difference for @as heading into the rest of the @weekend.
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@coldest in the magenta is over @us now as the low pressure @moves away, this cold air mass @will swing off the east coast. @behind it, not much just @scattered cloud cover and no @real storm until you get back @toward the west coast. @tomorrow all dry. @monday, all dry as well. @and with the next area of low @pressure, mainly tracking to @the north and then to the north @and west, that's a milder track @for us. @we should start to see milder @air beginning to be pulled up @into the great lakes tomorrow @afternoon and monday and that @means a lot of melting going on @and if you have snow on the @ground still. @and maybe some sunshine mixed @in. @temperatures early tomorrow @morning and the teens. @except elyria in the single @digits. @it may come up if winds pickup. @tomorrow afternoon, sunshine @and low 30s for afternoon @highs. @doing melting. @blue numbers are wind chill and
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@tomorrow night not as cold @monday morning mid to upper @20s. @look what happens monday @afternoon. @40 degree reading out of most @towns in northeast ohio. @wind chill in the low 30s. @no rain or snow on future view @indicating a couple of breaks @in the overcast. @may see some sunshine to start @the day. @take a look at the lake, the @western basin now starting to @freeze over. @we could be slowly winding @down, the biggest part of the @season. @extended forecast, milder for @monday. @tuesday morning temperatures @start falling and rain showers @tainted snow showers tuesday. @lake snow possible wednesday @and back up to the 30s and 40s @to start next weekend. @>> 25 degrees gap between @cleveland and elyria. @>> it's amazing what calm winds @can do. @it should cup -- come up if we @get wet sister the air.
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@the cavs were just that tonight @against the bulls. @the new coach takes control in @a brutal lost to chicago.
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@ @a disturbing loss to the cavs @tonight in the first game after @firing david vladeck i @expected more of the bulls @pending a 34 loss on the table @shooting night and the cavs 3rd
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@and there he is tyronn lue his @coaching debut. @14-6 as a lead early. @656 of the 3rd quarter. @lebron james strong for @halftime making a 41-39 for @halftime making a 41-3926 @points on 11 and 26 shooting, @13 rebounds, 9 assists. @jimmy butler the jumpshot 70 @point lead. @he will hit the 3, 3 triples, @17 points. @72-58 bulls and destroying the @cavs 25 point, 10 rebounds, @24, 9 from the line and 96-83 @and 30 and 12. @labonne on the court early @hours before and the day @defending griffin for hiring -- @firing saying it's a fragile @time in learning how to play @with each other and a do not
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@he was behind and has impact on @closing -- coaching decisions @ask is not my concern. @i found out about it like every @other player at 3:30 yesterday @when griff called us in on the @day off and told us he was @making a change. @he said you can like it, you @will love it, but you well @respected this is how it. @it @>> assistant head coach says he @has no idea why it happened and @you cannot make a friendly -- @flimsy case that coach was not @meeting expectations. @stand, here's jason lloyd. @>> the problems with david and @the team run deeper than @lebron. @i know no one believes that but @i have been talking to the guys @for 3 weeks. @they were set up with david. @to be perfect that perfectly @blunt there was little respect. @i did not know the cavs would @have the stones to make the @move because this is a gutsy, @gutsy move. @>> it was.
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@cavs had a record. @head coach of the leading @conference leading teams in @each conference coaching the @all-star game after january 31. @a big 3 to a big roster. @i do nothing so. @>> the browser what will happen @with joel thomas will they @trade him or keep an as part of @the plan to get this turned @around. @thomas was at the highest @center for the home show @signing autographs. @i spoke with thomas one-on-one @and he says he definitely wants @to be part of the bronze star @out and cannot worry about -- @the browns turnaround. @cleveland's is his home and the @suisun city. @he could be saying this but he @had high praise for brown. @he raved about him and thomas @is it comes down to picking the @right players and getting @enough good ones on the team @and he is excited about the @browns getting huge acts and @thinks he could be a great @coach for the project awesome @to get the number one coach @that was out there potentially @for our head-coaching position
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@that we have had in the last @few years. @it was awesome and the guys are @excited. @>> good stuff from joe. @we love to have him back. @>> makes you feel good about @the browns. @>> not a lot to feel good about @right now @ breaking news looking at a @huge house fire on louise @drive. @live pictures you can see the @smoke and no one inside @thankfully weather broke out. @we will keep you updated at the @evening at @a big fire on saturday evening @papers that will do it for us @on the news at 11:00, saturday @night live is all middle and it @is coming up in about 3.5 @minutes. @ronda rousey is your host, @selena gomez taking care of the @music that this is a lookaside @studio 8h as they were getting @things ready to go.
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