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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  January 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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channel 3 news today, the digout begins after two days of huge amounts of snowfall. the east coast will start the long hard task of digging out ly starts to get back to normal. honoring a fallen officer. the danville, ohio police officer shot and killed in the line of duty is laid to rest reds turn out to remember good morning, alyssa. >> reporter: good morning. groove. this is so 're live on cleveland's east side, giving
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thanks so much for being with us. 9:00 on this sunday, january 24 s a live look outside at the lake where it's cold. as you can tell, alyssa was sweat in a workout class and making us feel like slackers. what are you up to this sunday morning? are you at the gym watching us. are you getting ready for s. we're here. we have all of your latest headlines. of course we have a look at that forecast for you. >> did you look at all of that blue and sky e skies have cleared out dramatically over the last hour and a half. you're starting out to see the bump we're quiet on satellite and radar. not expecting too much in the way of chilly temperatures, at least to stick around for the
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starting to hit the 22-degree mark. winds are out of the south and that's keeping things calm for us. don't have too much of a wind chill to speak of, but in our headlines, though, we'll see some morning clouds giving way nshine into the afternoon. so clouds will make a comeback, and so will those cold temperatures. i will give you all the details to expect and what the snow chances are going to be by the middle of the week. >> we'll be checking back in with you. in the meantime, at least 19 are dead from the massive at hammered the east coast over the last two days. new york city saw the most snow everybody from broadway to a springsteen was canceled. the national guard is ready to jersey. and cleanup begins in pennsylvania.
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dig out of snow packed cities this comes after cars, buses, trucks were stranded for hours on the pennsylvania national guard handed out food. >> the duchene university men's in the snow. they had to help push their bus out of the snow. all now after being stuck for 30 hours. down the coast to our nation's ndreds of flights were grounded. nearly 200 flights were canceled yesterday at dulles international airport. part of more than 800 flights canceled along the coast crews were out clearing the 24 inches of snow that covered the sidewalks and runways. local flights also hit by the but not nearly as extreme. >> well, hundreds of police
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country paid tribute to a officer officer. thomas catrell was shot and killed until kill -- in the line of u see any of our troops or law enforcement have a life taken, in a case like this, for no reason, it's just so hurricanes hundreds endured temperatures. he was shot and killed last sunday night in the line of duty. >> we're one big matter if it's chicago, new york, california, we come together as a group. >> officers from across the area and even out of state even catrell's funeral. the service was held in newark at the technical college. that's where he graduated from the police draped in a flag as
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and fellow officers in somber didn't know catrell personally. >> i have a nephew that's a police officer down in nashville, tennessee. so it could happen to him. >> along the procession waved in honor of the officer. >> they support us and keep your we wanted to show respect for the officer's family. >> as hundreds stood by, catrell was buried ute 13 at the -- cemetery, marking the end of watch for thomas catrell, jr. wale aliyu, . >> there were about 1800 people who came out to pay respects for catrell. police came from as far away chicago, west virginia, and all across ohio as well.
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reported to be dead after he the road. during a traffic stop, a person flagged down a state trooper to tell him about a man laying in the road with a e trooper secured the gun and started cpr on a man that was conscious and later died. this incident is now under investigation. so it is january 24th. how are your new year's resolutions going? was one of them to get in shape and go to the gym more often. if you need a little inspiration this morning. alyssa raymond is sweating it out taking a group class. oh, my gosh. this is above and beyond, alyssa. we thought you were going to show us the class. we didn't know you would be dripping sweat. >> i'm just saying, this is 30 minutes into this group cycle class. we're on cleveland's east side at groove ride. maximo, what is group cycle all about?
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the nation right now is indoor cycling 2.0. it's out of new york. it's made the style popular. what it is is riding to the beat of the music. everyone is riding together. we ride together as a pat. the music dictates our tempo. but we add upper body movements into the ride as well. so you do push-ups, crunches, we've done some weight work as well. so it gives you more of a full body experience. they're light hand weights. we're seeing we're burning more calories than a typical spin class because we're adding
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some people burn anywhere from 8 to 1500 calories. the heart raitt is up. the sweat is dripping. so you basically come off the bike after it and you're going to continue to burn calories even well into your day after you get off the bike. >> that's incredible. so i can ask these ladies, hey, everyone, how are you feeling? all right. we'll spin it out. >> all right. alyssa. i have to thank all of the people in the class. >> i have to thank all those people who were in the class that never knew a tv camera would be showing up to their workout this morning. thank them on behalf of us. we'll be checking back in with you in just a little bit. coming up, a big endorsement for hillary clinton and marco rubio. what political influencer has thrown their support behind
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a piece of metal washed up on shore and why they're
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welcome back. a magnitude 6.8 earthquake woke alaska this morning in the earthquake prone region. the quake struck at about 1:30 a.m. alaska time and centered 30 miles east of pedro bay. it was widely felt by anchorage people. people will also dealing with scattered power outages. the national weather service says a tsunami is not expected. a piece of suspected plane wreckage has been found off the coast of thailand. it may belong to malaysia 370. it was about 6 feet wide and 9 feet long.
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belongs to a plane. the flight vanished nearly two years ago. police say this male suspect cannot be named under canada's youth criminal justice act. he's due in court next week. four people were killed and several others injured in saskatchewan on friday. officials have not given a motive for the shooting. in political news this morning, the des moines register newspaper has announced -- they picked hillary clinton because no one can match the depth of her experience. on the other side, the paper endorsed marco rubio. he is chart a different direction for the gop. >> the polls say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, i and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible.
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presidential front runner donald trump. the latest polling numbers give trump a 2. lead over ted cruz. the iowa caucuses are coming up on february 1st. could there be a shakeup. michael bloomberg is reportedly considering a third party bid. he told advisors to draw up plans for a potential run not as a democrat or republican, but as an independent. he's reportedly told friends he would be willing to spend $1 billion on his campaign. nbc source says bloomberg may run if republicans nominate donald trump or ted cruz and the democrats nominate bernie sanders. coming up, millennial travelers are causing hotels and airlines to rethink the way they do business. up next, why one group of travelers is having such an impact.
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keeping their flights on time. first, let's check in with olga who has a look at your forecast. >> you have to love high pressure. that's what's settled in. our skies are clearing. we'll have plenty of sunshine. look at these temperatures, above freezing today. there's a change on the way with the next front. i will let you know whether it's bringing rain, snow, or
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hi, everyone. good morning. a disturbing loss for the cavs last night in their first game after firing david blatt. i expected more, but the bulls hand them a 13-point loss on a terrible shooting night and their third loss at home. there he is. tyronn lue's coaching debut. started strong. 14-6 they led. after this, 6:56 in the 1st quarter. they didn't score again until the 2nd quarter. lebron strong to the hoop just before half-time to make it 41- 39. lebron 26 points.
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merry they lose their third game at home. 9683. they had 30 and 12. lebron was on the court early yesterday hours before tipoff. he defended david griffin, saying the caves are fragile at himes, still learning how to play with each other. he still said he doesn't have an impact on coaching decisions. >> it's not my concern. i found out about it just like every other player on this team and told us he was making a change. he said you can like it. you can love it, but you're going to respect it. this is what i feel. >> let's talk about the browns now. josh thomas, will they decide
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part of their plan to get this turned around. i spoke with thomas one on one. he told me he definitely wants to be part of the browns' turn around and can't worry about being traded. he loves the people of cleveland. he loves this city. now, he could be just saying this, but he had high praise for brown. he said it comes down to picking the right players and getting good ones on the team. he's excited about the browns getting how jackson. he thinks he can be a great coach for the browns. >> it's pretty awesome to get the number one coach that was out there potentially for our head coaching position, especially with all the turn mill and turnover that we've had in the last few years. that was awesome. i know the guys are really excited about him. >> hopefully it works. sports tonight, coming up tonight after the late news.
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cleveland cavaliers. i'm dave chudowsky. that's your sunday morning sports report. have a great day, everybody. >> all right. interesting week in sports. an interesting week in weather. luckily we've had the calm of it here. >> we have. usually it's not. we're the ones getting buried in the snow. >> is there a way we feel a little less dugout? at lot folks are saying it's great. >> we know it can change at any second. we could be buried next week. >> to add to our good fortune, skies. high pressure has settled in and morning clouds are almost out of here. we're going to continue with a afternoon. satellite and radar is quiet at the moment. we'll keep it that way at least for 24 hours. winds are out of the south and
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we'll crank that up to 15 miles per hour later on this afternoon. compared to what we've been dealing with, cold temperatures factoring in the winds and getting those wind chills in the single digits. at this hour, most of us are trying to hit the 20-degree mark. i think we're going to bump this up into the lower 30s later on this afternoon. thanks to high pressure and thanks to all of that sunshine. they are thankful off on the east coast that all of that blizzard of 2016 has moved offshore. we see nothing in our area but basically clearing skies and a very pleasant sunday afternoon. so here's what you need to know to get your day going. lore 20s for early this morning. a few clouds still hanging around but moving out quickly. by midday and late afternoon, i say we push those upper 20s, even hitting lower 30s this afternoon. here is where we go, the hour- by-hour forecast with your future view.
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middle range and upper 20s, but, again, we keep it clear. a few clouds moving in overnight, so back to work and school on monday. temperatures hanging around, but temperatures still fairly reasonable. we'll get into the upper 30s by tomorrow afternoon. overnight, monday night into tuesday, that is when we'll see the front temperatures falling behind that front and a little lingering moisture, we could see some of this rain transition to some snow showers late in the morning. it's going to be a little bit of a tricky commute on monday. as far as the hour to hour forecast, it will be a nice one today for clearing skies today and tomorrow. our window nation 7-day
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see us moving out of the 40- degree temps and behind that front, we're going to knock it back down into the 20s. once the cold returns, it is definitely going to stick around for quite a while. joining me right now is mike willie from the friendship acl. >> thank you for having me. we have max with us. max is a two-year-old retriever, probably hound mix of some kind. he came to us last weekend because his owner could no longer care for him anymore. he was getting a little older and going into a retirement home, so this dog had to go somewhere. >> what do we know about max's personality and his demeanor? >> i call him a serious dog. he has this frown. he's trying to figure things out. he's very smart, attentive, house broken. seems like a great dog. probably would enjoy something
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he's one of 3200 animals we've taken in over the course of a year. that's up from 1100 when i first started at friendship apl. we have this great big event coming up called wags to riches. it helps us provide emergency care for our animals. >> and how can we get involved in rags to riches? >> we have all sorts of possibilities. it helps provide medical care for animals in need all over the place. >> fantastic. now, if somebody wants to adopt max or another animal, like maybe a cat or another dog, what can they do? >> they can come to our shelter today. he's ready for a little belly rub at this point. you know, there's max and plenty of other great dogs and cats available right now. we invite people to come down and take a look. >> fantastic. maureen? >> i'm in love. i am in love.
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>> all right, max. you could have a happy home. >> thanks to both of you. well, do you need to get away? you might want to fly hawaiian airlines. they top the rankings as the most on time flights in 2015. the department of transportation said hawaii the time. delta, alaska airlines, american airlines and united were second. when traveling anytime in 2016, you're going to notice some new trends taking hold, and you can thank millennials for making it happen. details from nbc's chris clack. >> travelers are credited for changes in the hotel industry. >> millennials have money to
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they're looking for an authentic experience, more technology driven experience when they're staying at hotels. >> the latest, rooms without a desk. millennials are more likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now, the 20 and thirtysomethings are getting credit for what's called bleisure travel. >> this is the business travel who tacks on leisure to their trip. >> that means hotels are offering business travelers even more leisurely things to do. >> and they note that the airline industry is taking notice, offering, for example, seats with more plug-ins for mobile devices. >> you will see more spaces for laptop and tablet storage in
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>> like all travelers, they should be booking spring and summer travel right now. nbc news. >> all right. still to come this morning, alyssa is getting an early morning workout. good morning, alyssa. >> reporter: good morning. we just wrapped up group cycle. catching my breath. after the break, we're going to talk to some people about how they're feeling and how much
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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outside. hopefully you're having a relaxing morning, headed out to church services or lunches. we want to get straight over to olga who's keeping an eye on the forecast for us. as we saw, clear skies are out there. >> clear skies and a hotel breeze out of the south and southwest. we have clearing skies and sunshine coming our way. this is going to be a pretty spectacular sunday for us. we've quieted down on satellite and radar. high pressure is building in. and temperatures are slowly inching up, few areas still in the teens, but most of us are going to break those upper 20s, everybody even some lower 30s. we'll keep our winds about 5- 5- 15 miles per hour. overall, i think you can plan
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into the 20s and 30s by late today. i'm tracking changes in the forecast. that's going to bring a little bit of moisture into the forecast as we get into the weekday. i will detail for you just how soon it's going to be coming our way and whether or not we're going to be seeing more rain and snow. all right. thank you so much. you. are you having trouble sticking to your new year's resolutions? alyssa raymond joins us this morning to show you different ways you can have fun while you're exercising. you have gotten the craziest workout this morning. you look beautiful. you're glistening. >> perspiring. i did not sweat this morning. i perspired. joining me this morning, who took this class with me, katie and anna. >> it was awesome. it was a great challenge.
9:28 am
>> you're a sophomore at kent state university. and this fitness group brought you here with some of your friends from college. you have it on your shirt. what is charge. >> charge is a fitness organization on campus. we're trying to help college aim women find their fit in the community of their college and physically find their fit. >> and katie usually comes with a community. who usually comes with you to your classes? >> my entire family. mom and stepdad usually come with me. it's a fun family outing. >> how meaningful is it to you? is it a bonding experience? how do you guys feel afterwards? do you feel closer together? tell me about your experience as a family. >> we're really bonded after. usually it's just me and my mom and dad. we're like the three musketeers doing things together since my siblings are not hope. we have this together and after we go to starbucks. >> katie is a veteran. she's been coming since the
9:29 am
on the other hand only a couple of times, but for people who haven't done this and for your friends that are hesitant or timid to get into it, what do you have to tell people? >> it's a really welcoming community. you come in, and they're motivating you from the beginning. you sweat a lot, but it's worth it. it's a lot of fun. so this morning we did this cycling class. we did pure movement. it's a pole dancing fitness class. >> i have not done that one yet. i want to try it. >> have you tried the other ones in. >> no. >> just cycling? thank you so much. i need to take a nap now and do a little breezing exercises because i can still feel my heart beating, and i can't talk. back to you in the studio. >> you earned that nap today. >> and the cake. >> and the rest of your birthday cake that's in the newsroom. you earned all of it. thanks so much, alyssa. good job. >> well, yesterday it was a
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to get help downtown. the 25th homeless standdown was held. the event provides area homeless and veterans with anything from hygiene services to legal help. we're going to check this with moneyman matt granite after the break. he has a deal on gourmet chocolate just in time for valentine's day. and netflix customers may see changes the next time the bill comes. we'll tell you what to expect coming up. also, join nbc in supporting our troops after they come home. monday at the q, a one on one hiring event tailored for veterans. the hiring our hero event runs from 11:00 until 2:00. employers and military job seekers alike can register and
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
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today is the last day to check out the home improvement show at the ix center. you can check out ways to upgrade or improve your home. admission is $14 for adults. to 5:00 p.m. it's a great day to maybe go out thereunder a check out house. i feel like when we're homebound for a while we start to look around and go, that could get upgraded. i could knock out that wall. something to do today. >> you're watching home shows when you're stuck indoors.
9:33 am
day long. i'm surprised i don't take a sledge hammer to most of my walls. >> recommended today that you get out and enjoy the sunshine. >> the sunshine is going to be beautiful. we've already seen such a dramatic change. clouds overnight to moon light over sunrise. now we're dealing with a pretty big dose of sunrise across the city and other zones are starting to clear out as well. calm and quiet. nothing happening on our radar view right now. winds are out of the southwest about 10 miles per hour on average. we're going to keep it that way into the afternoon and high pressure has settled in. we're going to keep most of the clearing skies before the next front makes its approach. right now, we have 20 degrees out in mansfield. we have 18 out in wooster and 19 in youngstown. still, it feels a little colder because of the wind.
9:34 am
you're just getting up and heading out. the sunshine will dominate by the afternoon. we'll be very, very pleasant today. temperatures feeling great as we push toward the freezing mark. many areas will see the lower 30s before today is out. building cloud cover overnight. i've paused the future view. if you have evening plans, not to worry, it should be quite nice, a little bit cool those. 6:00 on monday morning as you're getting back into the workday, school day routine. we're going to see more cloud cover move on through. i think the moisture is going to hold off until late night on mondayment we're fine on your drive time home, but overnight, monday into tuesday, that's when the front is close to kicking up a lot of moisture. because we're warmer ahead of the front, the rain will be the first feature. roundabout midnight and into the early morning rush on
9:35 am
as we move through morning on tuesday, these temperatures are going to drop. we have moisture with the front. we'll see some snow by tuesday afternoon. grab is sunglasses and temperatures move into the lower 30s. window nation 7-day forecast does feature pretty decent warmup. we'll get to the low 30s today. near 40 degrees for tomorrow, and then the temperatures will start to slide. i think during the day on tuesday as the front starts to move on through. we'll spend most of tuesday in the 30s, and then once we hit those 20s behind the front, we're going to pretty much stay the work week. weather. >> look at the sunshine, but, yeah, it's going to be cool.
9:36 am
>> the video streaming service says it's about to raise the subscribers. choice. they can pay the same for standard definition service or $2 more for high definition netflix announced they will have 79 million subscribers. chocoholics have something huge to celebrate. we're getting a deal on chocolate. money man matt granite has us covered. >> in my hands, the best valentine's deal on the planet. we'll hear from one of my favorite tv chefs. these are overpriced to begin with. at $11 a bar, they're very high priced. but the deal that i found today gets you roasted almond milk chocolate. sea salt bacon.
9:37 am
$50 worth of chocolate that i found for under 30. you get the five big bars. i asked my favorite tv chef to put this to the test. >> matt, what are you doing to me? i got these in the mail today. it's january, new year, new me, trying to be healthier. you know i can't resist these. these are my favorite chocolate bar. i don't know how anybody else possibly could too. these are without exaggeration the mercedes benz, the rolex of chocolate bars. i give these to my wife every year for valentine's. not only that time of year but all year, they're her favorite. real win with this, brother. >> a win-win for your wallet. these are not a paid product. i really don't care whether or not you buy them, but i will tell you when i featured these last valentine's day, they sold out in about 14 minutes. if you're interested, you know where to go. happy savings. it's an honor to be with you.
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>> thanks, matt.
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>> nice. good morning. welcome to seven minutes. this guy was described by mpr as one of the precise and soulful classic guitarists of his generation. he's also the head of the guitar program at the cleveland institute of music. he joins us now for seven minutes. >> great to see you. >> congratulations once again on the grammy. >> thank you. >> can you give me an idea of what was going through your mind when your name was called, and you're running down to pick up your award. >> kind of blank. like your computer just went off. your brain. i really wasn't -- i brought my wife.
9:40 am
so i brought my producer and his wife. we've been friends since we were in college at the cleveland institute of music, my producer. i could tell that the three of them were pretty nervous as we were walking around the compound there to the staples center, but i really wasn't feeling like we even had a chance. >> guess what. >> five seconds before. >> there was a pause and he opened the envelope and i thought, i might have a shot at it. 30 seconds before he read the name. >> congratulations. what got you interested in guitar in the first place? >> well, the beatles were probably my first musical love when i was three years old. my mother had a lot of beatles record and all soul records, other than that. stacks singles. his collection. so i would listen to these
9:41 am
>> do you remember the first song i learned on guitar? >> probably a renaissance era, something from the 1500s, some minor key sort of thing. but i liked to play those songs or try to pick them off on my guitar when i was five, when my mother bought me a guitar, growing up in buffalo. >> listened to beatles and r and b. give me an idea of what years old. >> nothing much. nothing to put on camera. classical training started at seven years old. pieces. >> the album play, which won the grammy, what is your favorite tune from the album? >> the nice thing about that record is it didn't have to be
9:42 am
>> took you all over the place. duke ellington. >> that's probably one of my favorites. it was an opportunity for me. i thought that fit really nicely of the record. it goes a little bit like this. [music] >> very sweet. >> that's a classic jazz standard. i used to play it as a jazz guitarist. as a mediocre jazz guitarist during my college years and
9:43 am
even when i was in college, i was doing my own arrangements of jazz classics. >> right now, two do you listen to if you're at home? >> i try to check out some of the composure composers that are doing fresh things. i've always been a fan of certain artists of those genres. that weather report is one of mine. >> absolutely.
9:44 am
-- what makes a good guitarist? >> classical training. at that moment on stage, all of that stuff has to come together, and you can't be thinking about what you're doing. and the base of young technical players today around the world from china, europe, america. it's just amazing now because of the training. there has to be a soulful album. not necessarily in the sense of the music style, but where there's just an innate musicship and desire to communicate to the audience. >> when you're teaching someone, what do you tell people to do? >> depends on the student. >> pawnshop base guitar, what's the first thing you're going to teach me? >> exercises to get your left and right hands in sync. with every student, i temper that so they're not feeling like they're working all the time.
9:45 am
enjoy and get to work on some of the things that are going to make them better and make those pieces a lot stronger when they perform them. >> for those of you watching, obviously there are a lot of folks who want to be you and want to be that grammy award and want to perform more than 100 orchestras, that kind of thing. what is the first bit of advice. >> a lot of practice. i put the 10,000 hours theory, i've put at least somewhere between 20 and 30,000 hours in over the years. that's really what it is. what drives that is your love for music, your personal love for music, but your desire to tell people about it through your instrument. it's such a therapeutic thing. >> we've got about a minute left. it's sunday morning. give us something to start our day is this. >> another thing from play. this is on the play cd that i learned when i was 12 years
9:46 am
>> wow, listen to this all day. unfortunately we only had seven minutes. we're out of time. once again, great the see you. >> thank you. >> continued success to you thank you. >> that's all for this week. i will seal you monday.
9:47 am
well, many are trying to hibernate during this snow storm in washington, dc, one of the city's most famous residents was enjoying the blizzard. have you seen this yet? it is adorable. cameras at the national zoo caught this panda sliding downhills, frolicking in his enclosure. some say he was making snow angels. the zoos is closed to visitors because of the snow, but they have cameras. that's too cute. maybes me want to roll around in the snow. >> yeah. we might get a little opportunity, not like that. we might see a few snowflakes in our extended forecast with the short-term forecast really looks good. today on the chilly side, we'll hit around the freezing mark with plenty of sunshine.
9:48 am
up into the upper 30s to sneer 40 degrees. it brings us rain, pretty steady rain, but as the temperatures drop, that rain will transition to snow. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on that. olga, thank you so much. channel 3 news will be back at 6:00 p.m. in the meantime, you can check out the latest on
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