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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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oscars and the divers divide. >> i think the the made by the academy is helpful. >> calls for him join the oscar's so white boycott. >> let's no a allow foreourselves to be used as a pawn in anybody's game. >> chris is locked and loaded and ready the to fire. what i found out about the edgy changes under way. >> he said, i'm throwing out the show i wrote and i'm writing a new show.
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horse, an engagement prese her new boyfriend blake shelton. also tonight, our exclusive with jimmy carter opening up about his cancer battle. >> sometimes the cancer spots were in my brain. >> but what's the former president doing with paula dean? >> we know. >> my pressure precious man. the kissing and hand holding that cameras caught that may wind up on thebachelor's cutting room floor. >> we know what's really happening because this is "entertainment tonight." hello, everyone. i'm cameron mathison. >> and michelle turner breaking the news about chris rock, 100% not backing out about hosting the oscars. >> absolutely no more speculation.
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academy and th producer of the oscars and both told me that chris isn't going anywhere. this was a land mark weekend for the academy, announcing they're planning to double the membership by 2020. >> it's a start. it's a start. >> the way i feel has not and will not change. there is a way to stand down and make a statement. >> this is dealing with the symptoms, not starting at the root cause. >> i think it's interesting. i do. we'll see what happens. >> i think doubling is a great start, but we need to have more moniques, we need to have more denzels. >> react was bold. >> it's a five-way tie, all the white guys. >> "snl" spoofed the diversity controversy. and nick cannon posted a video. >> hell, yeah, i'm going to host that ceremony where they're going to let a black man be a
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>> and danny devito was bluchbt. racist country and sometimes it manifests in things like this. >> i sat down with the show's producer a at the ncaa nominees luncheon. >> is the academy ready for what chris rock will bring? bananas. >> yes, you should expect that. the academy is ready for him to do that, they're excited about him doing that, we know that's what we need, we know that's what the public wants. >> so he's not backing out? >> he actually wrote the show about a week ago. and as things got a little provocative and exciting, he said i'm throwing out the show i wrote and i'm writing a new show. >> rock's rep tells us chris has made no decisions about the content of the show, but it sounds like he's been trying out new material. chris was snapped saturday night leaving the comedy store on the sun set strip. >> i got an e-mail from someone last night who saw him out at a
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annihilated. >> he's also producing the 47th ncaa image awards. host anthony anderson says he'll address the controversy when he goes live on february >> we're not going to harp on it at the top of the show and move on. >> meantime the academy president says that the ongoing her a little shell shocked. >> what was the toughest about this week for you? >> the press, i gue it seemed so much andywhere and i it would but, wow. >> wow indeed. n spoke with the executiveucer of the geld awards on saturday nig we had the only camera backstage
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>> it's ladygaga's mos backstagemoment. gaga hader song. leonardo dicaprio w seen running across the stage. he was there to support his film the revenue.he big short that became the oscar front-runner. the eighth straight year are producer's award winner. >> this is so shocking, i love your reaction. >> viola davis also got some love herself from "elle" magazine. >> your elle cover gave me goose bumps. i felt like i looked like me and i felt like me is enough. >> every time i talk to viola
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tried to get somehow to get away with mur scoop as well. i wanted to know catalina is holding premier of the show. but look at that stare. >> when shonda shuts it down, she shuts it down. >> we'll have to wait until what's up with that, baby. this. gwen stephani just goter. let's bring in our senior news editor joining usm new york. jen? >> it might be a little cold here on the east coast, but down in oklahoma this weekend, the romance between blake and gwen was definitely heating up. because nothing says next level that when a rocker chick goes and gets what everyone dreams of, a horse. >> this handsome quarter horse saddle with a fringe neck band was
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$3,3450.question is was this an engagement gift from blake to gwen. their reps are saying, whoa, slow down.y or if blake gave gwen the gift. so in other words don't go galloping down the aisle just yet. couple did in oklahoma and gwen got off her horse long enou to pose with some dollar general fans. and back here in new york, the ekend is rhonda -- the rumors that her rule mate travis brown proposed wearing a knockout diamond yeah on that finger. talked to her rep and he says the pair is not engaged. >> thank you for coming out, even though there's two feet of snow on the ground. this was broadway, this was povie theaters, he even closed ight we're literally the object -- only show in town.rally nowhere else to go this weekend, rhonda did hit up the after party. talking about in the u.s. this weekend and for our blizzard update, we're going
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co-host. >> this storm was a beast, no two ways about it. shut down broadway, broadway broadway, you know it's anybody including celebrities trying to get around, unless they fire up the jet, they're going have a hard time. >> she missed out on her west coast tribute to sitcom director jamesburroughs. cast of some of mes' a biggest hit like friends and the big bang theory. >> stay home, two words, hot chocolate. >> s mia up popped up on a cnn blizzard report. but the good stuff was definitely on his insta nly snow angel. ivanca trump dropped down >> they're having some fun in all that snow. all the scoop, here in hollywood today, perfect weather as david walk of fame. a lot to celebrate after last
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reboot". >> i wanted to kn exactly where the cross streets where so i couldetime when it's so crowded and take a look at it. >> there were hundreds on hands for hollywood boulevard. 13 million viewers tuned in last night. >> i'm when there actually is one that shows up, it's gratitude to thens. >> there were some angry x file fans on the east coast. the nfc championship ran l which means that the x files ran 35 minutes late. messing up a lot of dvrs. >> football is not an exact science. i t it's nice that youfootball as a lead in. i think we had a lot of new fans made. tonight it's going to start on
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bottom of tonight's quickie wedding. promos, now we're showing you the real sparks on the set.en up, ladies. >> you don't for drinks, >> oh, yes, we go inside the perfect anti-valentine's day movie. how to be single. who needs a date when you've got friends like these? >> and grief stricken celine goodbye to her husband, why she skipped her own brother's funeral.
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>> amy schumer and her sister riter's guild award on february 13 for their show. and kim is so psyched. >> that's why i do this, for the
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there it is, that should add a little fuel umors. you remember they looked really cozy at a golden globe party.
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mccarthy event.entine's day is coming and that will be the big test, and we will be watching. >> meanwhile, you ingle women are reclaiming valentine's day, that's right, they're turning it out. and warner brothers is thinking on that with a bold new comedy how to be single. >> my character is kind of like the eternally single girl. >> no drama. >> no drama.p a cupid rebel wilson and dakota johnson is giving us a crash course on loving the single life. this is alice and she's been single for 100 years and a has the need to make out with a # >> i think she's always depended on someone to do things for her and to make her feel good. energies. bridget jones again.
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>> it's so good. >> allison leslie mann rounded out this valentine's day weekend perfect for a single girl's night out. >> again, let me teach you how three tips from the movie for flying solo, number one, obey the texting rule. >> when someone texts you, you o respond. alcoholic. >> step number two, let the boy buy. >> go and get us some >> where's the bar? >> that was a trick question. what do you mean no? you don't pay for drinks, boys pay for drinks. >> and tip number three,ly it up. >> the thing about being single is, you should cherish it. >> that was as close as we're going to get to a romantic movie
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february 12 are dead pool.usive paula deen on her dramatic weight loss. >> 42 pounds, i know what makes me fat lifting to my mouth.elor's wedding day. >> we caught ben and bec the pda th don't want you to see., touches and grabs. >> look out, everybody, that's
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celine's grief continues. the singer and her children have been so overcome by the two ly, they did not attend their brother's funeral today. daniel age 59 died of cancer of and brain on january 15, two days after
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final respects to her brother at his wake outside of, looking tired and stoic. her hair down, in a gray dress she was without her three sons. outside, the singer reportedly began to sing to daniel who was also a musician. before she left, she thanked the fans. >> i was at her husband renee'sral at the basilica, and i can tell you that celine was not the one getting strength from others, but shem. but i am happy that at some point she realized that she has to take care of herself. >> i've been saving this day for you. becca, will you marry me? >> what?o sneaky, when they gave us this exclusive scene for tonight's show, theys a cliffhange it looked like beanebecca are getting married. or are they? our "e.t" cameras were there when they shot that scene and we saw it all.
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>> i mean it.rdained. and i'm -- i have the ability to marry some people. so today, i have invited little white wedding chapel. >> let's just take this as a little lesson in how to sexy up what would otherwise be ca go ing to get to first base kind of date. as they officiate some i dos, becca's smart and gets in as much fun as possible. >> >> can becca's fingers ge run down ben's arm. and notice the grab. a reassuring tap shoulder, fix the shirt. this one ended in a hug.'t even gotten to the kisses.nk love is in the air.
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during this experience. >> i think ben is the right guy for me. ldn't be here a second time around if i didn't feel that way. >> we give becca props for her moves, especially when she's up against fellow contestant jojo gets a wind blown chopper ride. and the other girls watching of course get unaware. >> these women are incredibly kind to each other, they're understanding, they communicate well. watching them kiss? >> ben's the kind of guy girls fight for. >> i'm so jealous.ed if i find my future wife in group. so far things are going very well. >> it might not go so well if you get married at the little
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alexander tied the kn ot so did frank sinatra and mia farrow tied the that didn't work out so well. >> there's been a lot of concern over the president's health, you may have heard some reports that he is brain cancer free. the 91-year-old set the record straight, this weekend only with ke anderson. >> haven't detected any ut sometimes the cancer spots including in my brain were just onemillimeter, which is a tiny little thing. i'm still taking regularly a that until the doctors tell me i don't have to anymore. >> the diagnosis last august wasic melanoma in his liver and his brain. through this? >> her support has helped me for
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been married in everything i nd of course when i was ill, and we thought i might die any time and she w there for me, and she grieved was excited with me when i found out that my metabolism responded well to the the only journalist invited inside the community center in plains, georgia for a fundraiser, it was called changing paula into president. that paula?e the pride of savannah, paula dean. with everybody. >> i've known paula for a long time. >> i guess we have been friends now for maybe about 14 years. >> paula is on the second leg of her 15th cookbook. paula dean cuts the fat. you have probably noticed a little less paula when she was dancing with the stars.weight have you lost?
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>> wow.just by chag changing your diet? >> moderation is the keyword in my life, i can't stand the word diet. instead of a stick of butter, i'll just use a half a stick. because every little bit countou feel health wise and otherwise? >> i'm great. my type 2 diabetes, my last as 5.4, which is great. which is great. god is good. >> paula and the president shareinting and proceeds from this art a auction benefit local charities. >> one of president carter's paintings sold for $250,000. >> we'll be back with our "e.t"
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to the show, everyone. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which grammy winner was accepted byt 16 years old but turned it down her music career? >> we're going to take you e scenes of "the
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