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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  January 26, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] om 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- dakota johnson. from broadway's "something brian d'arcy james. acadamy award nominated director and screenwriter adam mckay. music from carly rae jepsen.8g band with fred armisen and janet weiss. [ cheers and applause ]tlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ]d to hear. let's get to the news. this weekend's snowstorm jonas dumped almost 27 inches of snow ty and it's still not the whitest thing named
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[ laughter ] the latest cbs poll has beating hillary clinton by 1% in iowa though another pole has hilary beating bernie sanders with a [ laughter ] hillary clinton said yesterday that she feels great about her the democratic nominee and bill clinton said "hilary, it's 3:30 in the morning.leep." [ laughter ] "but i feel great." over the weekend while talking about the loyalty of his ald trump said this. >> i could stand in the middle of okay? it's like incredible. [ laughter ] >> seth: what the hell is going on? [ laughter ]p running for president or trying to get out of jury duty? i could murder with impunity and still love me. okay, juror five is dismissed. [ laughter ] now in fairness he was just
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supporters though it doesn't sound like he was complimenting upporters. he sounds like he's complaining about a clingy girlfriend.people on 5th avenue and she would still text me heart emojis at 2:00 am. [ light laughter ] she's crazy.g's for sure, if donald trump started shooting people on 5th avenue he wouldn't hit any trump supporters. [ laughter ]ing to sach's, they're over in times square at the m&m interview that he'd like to appear in a g-rated episode of showtime series "homeland" and his character to kill a terrorist with his bare hands. so i think jeb might be a littlecan be in a g-rated movie. also i don't think donald trump is technically a terrorist. [ light laughter ]pe of smart yoga pants have been developed that make a
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correct form for a pose. this is the sound. oh, yeah. [ laughter ] despite popular belief a recent study found that a zebra's stripes are not used for camouflage."so you've been able to see us this entire time?" [ laughter ] we had no idea. we apologize. a school in pennsylvania is facing criticism for requiring its students take part in an anti-bullying workshop where teachers ask them to share rsonal details that could make them targets. the school is called the church of scientology. [ laughter ]swedish company has developed a new satin tuxedot on the penis. it's the suit that says "hey, i
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[ laughter ] for you tonight, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]r of the new film "how to be single," dakota johnson is with us tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he is one of the stars of broadway "something rotten." he's also in the fantastic film "spotlight."ian d'arcy james joins us this evening. [ cheers and applause ]rd nominated director for "the big short," adam mckay stops by this evening to talk to us about that. [ cheers and applause ] from carly rae jepsen. so how about that for a fantastic show? [ applause ] but before we get to all of that, here is a show we believe that no matter how different twocan still have common ground and to prove it it's time once again for "venn diagrams." [ applause ] >> seth: you remember "venn
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what they have in common. first up, on one side we have donald trump's poll numbers. on t christmas decorations. and in the middle we have things be up. [ laughter and applause ] up next, it's late enough. [ cheers and applause ]nuary. up next on one side we have the new york snowstorm. on the other sople dancing. and in the middle we have two feet on the ground. [ laughter ]pplause ] >> seth: up next, on one side we have characters in game of thrones. have the people on the oscar's red carpet. in the middle s. [ cheers and applause ] moving on, on one side we have millennials. on the other side we hals. in the middle we have, things bern pocket. [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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on one side we have your lips in the winter.ther side we have a el chapo. [ laughter and applause ] my lips are el chapo. moving on, on one side we have the powerball winner. on the oth boss.dle we have they gone. [ laughter ] they're not sticking around. moving on, on one side we have, rs arnold schwarzenegger, jason statham, and dolph lundgren. on the other side we have republican presidential candidates rand paul, mike huckabee, and carly fiorina. have the expendables. [ laughter and applause ] the expendables. [ applause ] and finally, on one side we things you see in the men's locker room. the other side we have things you see in thrift stores. and in the middle we have unwanted junk. [ laughter ] that's "l be right back with dakota johnson.
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[ cheers and applause ] back, everybody and please give it up for the 8g band. we're very excited because this n with the 8g band, miraculously she made it in last night all the way from portland.ater-kinney, janet weiss is on the drums this week. [ cheers and applause ]
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sleater-kinney's latest record, acclaimed "no cities to love" available now. thank you so much for being here janet. really appreciate it. [ applause ] >> thanks for having may noticed also back with us fred armisen. [ cheers and applause ] great to have you buddy. and fred you had to do some serious traveling as well re coming from london. >> fred: yes, so this is real. i went from -- you know, my flight was ondon to new york and i wanted to make it here so i did london to reykjavik, reykjavik to boston, down here. >> seth: now -- so we were texting during your amtrak. because you will admit -- about sports? >> seth: little to none. [ light laughter ] and you were on a train from o new york last night during the afc championship game and you texted me and asked why going crazy?
12:49 am
of a sudden i just heard this nd then a huge cheer and then dead silence for a much longer time. [ laughter ] playoff it was. i didn't know what sport it was. [ light laughter ] but could tell because it was i was like this has to do with boston. >> seth: yes. >> this has something to do with boston. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you were a real sherlock homes. you deduced it. [ laughter ] but then i thought maybe it's because everyone's just happy that they're all together. you know what i mean? [ laughter ] like, maybe they're all like, -- [ laughter ] hooray. [ laughter ] >> seth: and then when people boo'd it was oh, [ laughter ] >> yeah, like, aww. >> seth: she was my favorite. >> those are our friends. um yeah, so that's what happened.s fantastic getting a text from you wondering is this an event going on or do you think people on this train together? [ laughter ] i was heartbroken to tell you, no, it's the first. y also that it was you who i texted. like, right away i was like seth knows about this. >> seth: i'm glad i can be your
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: you know our first guest from her break out role in 50 shades of grey and starting february 12th you can see her in "how to be single." let's take a look. s you when went cause it's still daylight wait 4 hours to respond. >> i was not even thinking about tom. >> anything sooner implies that really co-dependent and incapable of a simple hook up which is all he is good for. like a good-- >> and when you respond do not and if you use an emoji i will tit punch you. >> fine. >> no, no, oh, no. >> you can have this back at the day. an emoji? please welcome to the show, dakota johnson.
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>> seth: it's so great to see you. you look beautiful. >> thanks.ovie, it's very nice. i can tell from the trailer you play someone a little bit more e to yourself. because you're 26 and you have already in your carreer played a couple of mothers. >> yeah.ce now to actually play someone age appropriate? >> i mean, i guess. well, no, i don't really know because i kind of act like a mom without kids. seth: you're living the mom social life without the kids. >> yeah. like this blizzard was the best thing that ever happened because excuse to not leave my apartment. >> seth: oh, that's great. [ laughter ] >> at all. >> seth: so people should obviously -- there should be an awesome movie about your life because it ass. >> yeah. [ laughter ] yeah. >> seth: yeah, called "staying
12:52 am
"doing nothing." >> seth: so what is this for those who would be curious what's is the movie about?ingle" about? >> it's about a group of four girls who are sort of in and outionships and coming to terms with what it means to be a single woman in the world. [ laughter ]e saying that like you're reading it off the poster for the first time. [ laughter ] >> well, it's how to be single. it's on the title. well -- [ laughter ] look, if you just throw that back in my face the first time i would have given you points. cast in this movie. some very funny people.n brie, leslie mann. rebel wilson i would assume is very -- beucase you shot it >> yes. >> seth: and i would assume, when you're shooting because you did a lot of stuff out in the streets. is she well-known? is she someone wttention? >> yeah.
12:53 am
elementary school one day and we walked out of the location we were shooting and it was like >> kids screaming for her. >> seth: how do they know her mostly? >> from "pitch perfect" i would h: "pitch perfect." >> so she walked out and it was like crazy and then i walked out and they were like, "rebel!" and then i kind of realized that it's probably a good thing that they don't know. >> seth: it's better they don't know your work, yeah. [ laughter ] yeah.e school's like "oh my god, dakota," like immediately the guidence eed your parents to come in. [ laughter ] i need to talk to your parents because i have a lot of questions about how they're seeing media. >> yeah. seth: so leslie mann recently gave you a people's choice award. that was very nice that she would do that for you. >> they probably paid her. >> seth: do you think she got ing from the people's choice? >> no, i think she actually loves me. >> seth: okay, either way she probably got a gift basket.hings.
12:54 am
>> yeah, i want a mug with your name on ] >> seth: that was holding my pencils. [ laughter ] >> i'll take that. >> seth: you can have one pencil.ant one pencil? >> yes. >> seth: okay. you can just choose one. well, randomly. >> ] ugh, white. [ laughter ] >> seth: sorry. >> of course. >> seth: anyway. [ laughter ] i'm worth while now. >> it's not even one of yours. it's the new york jets. >> seth: well, that's a very, very worthwhile pencil. [ laughter ] there you go. [ li you're never getting it back. >> seth: that's also in middle school, they put that poster up there and it says learn to write. [ laughter ] dakota says learn to write. -- i'm glad this were doing chest work here because what i was going to say is leslie mann-- well whose fault was this, you somehow she
12:55 am
top came off?y -- yeah. >> seth: what happened? >> that doesn't happen to you? >> seth: i've never been hugged so hard anything has come off. >> well, i hadn't seen her in awhile so n't just like what we did where it was like "hi, nice to see you."ou five minutes ago. >> seth: yeah, that's true. i did say hi backstage and ay you hugged me so hard my tie burst off. >> yeah, your pants flew off. >> seth: my pants flew off. >> yeah, it was crazy. that was my argument which none of your team seemed to buy. [ laughter ] >> they didn't see nothing. nobody saw nothing. say that. [ laughter ] >> so leslie, i hugged leslie d then my dress broke. >> seth: okay. >> it was a two piece. so my top almost fell off. >> seth: wow, that would have been the peohter ] >> yeah, well, yeah. >> seth: so what did you say? what'd you do?word boob on live television.
12:56 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. you'll be all right.ys, look, when dakota shows up if we feel like we survived if worst anything is said is boobs. it's like that wasn't that bad.story. >> seth: there you go. being here. i really appreciate it and you [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: dakota johnson everybody. "how to be single" opens in theaters everywhere on february 12th. "late night." [ cheers and applause ] wassup? i'm hannibal i'm gonna use samsung pay to get a katz's deli pastrami sandwich. (katz's employees) hey!!! hey what's up?pay with my phone? you mean like apple pay? we don't got that. no like samsung pay. kind of works everywhere. even on this janky old thing.with his phone. whadda ya want hannibal? i want to pay with my phone. don't look at the cameras mike. you ready? it doesn't work. watch me. boom! samsung pay is here and
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cross town trying to get home when the blizzard hit. i tried to hail a taxi but i couldn't find one so i decided to walk but as i did, the snow worse. so i started to worry that i wasn't gonna make it. and then i saw this man standingrms extended beckoning me. and i couldn't see his face but and as i got closer i thought "is this how i'm gonna meet the man i spend the rest of my life with?"lized it was a
1:01 am
[ laughter ]de love for five hours and some children definitely saw us. [ laughter ]pplause ] >> seth: welcome back everyone. our next guest is a three time tony nominee whos starred in the musical and next to normal. he is currently on broadway in the hit show "something rotten" and also in the oscar nominated film "spotlight."e show brian d'arcy james. lause ]py you're here.ed with how fresh faced you look and how energetic because currently right now i'm always impressed with the broadway schedule 8 shows a weekaward season.
1:02 am
films and you're flying back and forth to l.a. are you exhausted? >> it's thrilling. i'm not exhausted, i'm riding onne and award ceremony addiction and broadway and it's really a remarkable time for me, actually. but it's mostly fun. >> seth: are you worried about once the awards are over? >> yeah. i do have a vision of myself around in a tuxedo just looking for something to hold. [ light laughter ] >> seth: now this is your first d season like this. you went out to the golden globes. how was your first red carpet experience? >> well i have done them here in new york.- a little different out here because it's -- hollywood. >> seth: it really is. >> so you're in the eye of the storm.d i was a litte nervous and depressed. the person that was with me says don't worry about the red carpet. if there's a beautiful woman in o take pictures of the gowns. don't worry if they're not looking at you.
1:03 am
at me at all. so it's time for me to get out there and i -- step on to the red carpet finally and all the -- it's like it's this crazy, crazy wall of photographers. brian and i'm thinking, yeah, yeah! they know who i am. >> seth: there you go. >> dress. >> seth: yeah. >> and i realize though they're not taking pictures of me though, they're just screaming ll this different they do it differently out here. they just really like to yell first before they take the d to me to look behind me and i saw of course brian wilson. >> set >> the beachboy. >> seth: there you go that's -- heartbreaking. >> yeah in the way of the photo. >> seth: what's your name? "oh i'm brian too." they're like, "get out of here." head down. >> seth: also this seems to me like i don't know if it is a pro move or rookie move but you tweeted this photo. have a box of safety pins when you went to the golden globes?zing.
1:04 am
i'm sartorially challenged. i'm lucky to have clothes on now. but when it comes to an event like this you have to dress up. so i put my suit on and i didn'tf the buttons were there and of course one button was not there. the one that -- >> button. >> the button. >> seth: yeah. it wasn't there so i get into the car thinking i have to punt so i say on a last chance to theyou don't happen to have any safety pins do you? and he has like 600 of them. >> seth: that's fanatasic -- that's an l.a. driver going to >> he knows. he's been there. >> seth: you don't even know to check your buttons. >> i know, i know. >> seth: and thi. >> i'm so green. yeah. he gave me like a little pack. you're going to need this, this, and that. just take this, and ic. >> but when i got there though it backfired a little bit ns were a little too small so it worked but it didn't work and i was constantly doing this the whole time. ju getting closer and closer to that moment when brian wilson was going to steal my thunder. >> seth: sure.
1:05 am
[ light laughter ] i'm cursing to myself in this throng of people. and i hear this voice. >> seth: i bet people thought you were rolling a joint or someth ] guy just fidgeting over there. >> i wish i were that cool. no, it's the guy just playing so i hear this kind voice saying "are you okay?" an mccarthy and i say "oh, hello, melissa mccarthy. yeah, i'm fine. my button's not working" and then -- her husband and she are ice and so sweet and we talked about the challenges of the red carpet which is a scintillating conversation and of the night and tton being non-working, all of the studs in my shirt had popped out. they were too small. i didn't check those either. >> seth: gotcha.
1:06 am
tucked shirt doesn't have any buttons. >> seth: exactly, yeah. >> so i get up at the end of thes wide open and i'm trying to kind of discreetly get back to the table and mark ruffalo says who's also in "spotlight" says, "ng with your shirt?" [ light laughter ] i said, "i lost my tux studs." he goes, "where are they?" i table." "well let's find them." [ light laughter ] literally on our hands and kneeshe global globes. and he's like i found two of them. i found two of them. and i found one. he's so game, right.way, other people are thinking that guy is trying to find his joint. [ laughter ] >> yeah that's right. they probably were. but we found them all and of get up -- by the way that was the worst mark ruffalo impression ever. >> seth: no it was really good. we all thought it was really good. [ light laughter ] thank you. i get up and who is standing there but melissa mccarthy.
1:07 am
studs -- >> seth: i feel yelled to everyone within earshot "this is my first golden globes." so "something rotten" that show which you performed at the tony's just a beautiful song and i have to imagine just a show stopper every night. it's a song called "it's a musical" where in the writers have concocted an incredible song about all the musicals that ever existed in one big, big number. it literally stops the show every single night and you saw it on the tony's and it was a big success there and what's i have done a lot of shows but i've never really experienced a true show stopper and people stand up in the middle of the show and it's quite remarkable.oy because, you know, obviously it feels good when things are working and this is such a joyous fun romp of a t particular moment is a very special one.
1:08 am
were in the original off ction of which was at the public. a fantastic show. congratulations for being a part of that.s safe to say i'm the pete best of "hamilton." >> seth: that's right. good. >> this isn't going anywhere.k you guys. i'm out. is it true that the last night you performed you met hillary clinton, she was at the show?is true. as people probably know "hamilton" attracts the most ever. on the planet earth. they all want to go see "hamilton" and rightly so. and so that night was really exciting because hillary clintone there. everyone was excited about it. i had met them at the kennedy in 1998. i sang there. and my wife and i who were engaged at the time went throughted with them and they're everything that people say. they look right at you and you think "oh my god," they see engaged and they were so
1:09 am
she in night i was getting dressed and getting out of the dressing room and my wife got down there pretty fast after the show, down to the green roomclinton looking around and trying to wait for someone to say "hey great job."up to her and says hi, mrs. clinton, my name is jennifer, we met a long time r the story i just told you. now i come out and i'm super excited to meet her and i shake her hand and i say madam y i'm pleased to meet you. i said we met -- she said i know. we met in '98 and you just got w your daughter is 13 years old and going to high school and i'm thinking, we really made an impression on her. [ light laughter ]dible. smart. >> they're fantastic. opportunity to pretend she remembered you she took it. >> she did. i only wish your wife had told her things that weren't true. oh i remember, you ate 100 ham
1:10 am
>> i would have said yes i did.or so much for being here. congratulations on the movie. congratulations on the show. [ cheers and applause ] brian d'arcy james, everybody. "something rotten" is playing at the saint james theater." is in cinemas now. and we'll be right back with adam mckay. [ applause ] and those other guys love over charging you for it. not t-mobile! it's binge on - only from t-mobile. get unlimited streaming on more. plus get four lines with up to six gigs each for just thirty-five bucks a line. six gigs each plus all the video streaming you want with binge on. just thirty-five bucks per line. and it's only at t-mobile. this is henry's hard ginger ale. it's a refreshing and easy-to-drink adult beverage-perfect, for when you're ready
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>> saturday afternoon while the flakes of snow fell and the w i made myself a cup of mint tea and sat down to finally read moby dick for the first time.the final lines
1:14 am
only romance language philip to speak is italian. i realized i wasn't reading moby dick. i was reading eat pray love. been so few whales. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] back to late night everybody. our next guest is a very funny writer and director behind such brothers" and "talladega nights." y award nominations for best adapted screenplay as well best directing for his latest film "the big short" which is in theaters now.ook. >> hi lawrence, we have no bility to identify macroeconomic trends. tell me that? why? anyone can see that there's a real estate bubble. >> actually. a bubble. that's what makes it a bubble. >> that's dumb lawrence. there's always markers.upled since 2000.
1:15 am
it's flat but --ing that means they're debt not assents. >> so mike burry guy who gets his hair cut at super cuts and shoes knows more than alan greenspan and hank paulson. >> dr. mike burry, yes he does. >> seth: please welcome to the show adam mc [ applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm good. seth: i'm so happy you're here. >> it's odd to see fred armisen playing base in your band.really cool though. isn't really cool? >> very cool. >> seth: and it's cool to have you back in the building. you worked here for a long time head writer at the show when you were here. >> yes. yes. >> seth: and i was as well. there were stories about you
1:16 am
one of my favorites is you once orne in his office and pretended to be yankee manager joe torre. >> that is true. [ light laughter ] seth: i can't imagine having the nerve to prank call lorne. but you fully did it. >> i'm not sure if it was nerve or i had been there a long time . >> seth: sure. >> by the way i love lorne. the first time, he hired me. so all love to lorne. however when he would do and you know this, he would do the y night meetings where he would pick the show. they would do the read through and they would have to go with the host and pick all the sketches and it would take a long time.uld be in the room as head writer an go like "come on, pick up the pace." l. he'd be eating and we would be talking. so one night i was with as like 1:00 in the morning and we're sitting
1:17 am
i'm calling him." and ferrel's like, "what do you mean?" just picked up the phone and i called him and i was like, "hey torre from the yankees. i want to talk to loren michaels and right away his assistants put me through and i said "look, nephew who is gay and you guys are doing a lot of gay humor. off. and there was a long pause and lorne said, "is this adam." [ laughter ] >> seth: i love this movie. and i have read the book and michael lewis does a fantastic job of explaining very difficultllateralized debt obligations and the housing bubble and the idea of shorting but at no point was i reading this book and thinking this was how did you pitch this idea to people of making this into a film that was as watchable and
1:18 am
read the book. i picked it up one night at like 9:00 p.m. how when you pick up those books and you're like okay i have to read this and i couldn't put it down. it was a page turner and my wifet to me going "are you going to be up for awhile?" and i'm like "i am." so i have to turn my light away and it's 6:00 a.m. and i i realized like what did he just do that e so compelling yet i now understand e and it was fun and funny and i just thought i've never read a book like this.r four books that i would say sort of signify them and even though i have done all of these absurdist comedies "step ake this. >> seth: i'm so glad you did. i also we saw christian bale
1:19 am
>> amazing. an incredible actor i would assume a very intimidating person to direct. side of things. how did you interact with christian bale -- did you guys joke around? was he a person you could have fun with? >> by the way if you ever have a where you have the flu, let christian bale take over show. >> seth: oh really. >> he's amazing.good at it? >> no, he would be odd and awkward and everybody would lovedaniel day lewis and then -- [ light laughter ]l day lewis would show host. >> seth: and then be fantastic. >> he'd lose the weight and you'd be like he's better so no so it's christian bale, i'm adam mckay. i'm a moron. so christian bale shows up on set and he's one of the great and by the way, very cool guy. so for the first three or four days i'm very respectful.on his character
1:20 am
the movie.ut three or four it. i'm going to joke with him and it's one of the most important moments in the whole movie where writes the final tally of his hedge fund on the board after everyone has doubted him. he's been physically ill.he ground writhing and it's the final tally and he walks out of the room -- by the way, one of the great living dp's ever.rry ackroyd who shot "captain phillips" "hurt locker." so it's a beautiful shot and we do three or four takes and it's i go out to christian and i go "that was really good." i go, "maybe you do one take and you just take a beat after you write the number and look in the camera and just go, peace.
1:21 am
and there was this long pause d he goes, "you know, i don't know if my character would do that." [ light laughter ]ristian, i'm messing with you." and he's like "oh, thank god." [ light laughter ]point on we started goof -- and it turns outke really funny and a goof ball. >> seth: well i have a photo of you guys from the critics choice awards. he seems good with you guys now.will say. [ light laughter ] whatever issues he had, you guys seem like you're thick as thieves now. >> it lead to that. yeah. >> seth: congratulations again. best of luck at the oscars and thank you. time. >> thank you so much for having me. always great having you. adam mckay everybody. theaters now. carly rae jepsen
1:22 am
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this moment for awhile. a moment other kids about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, others are enjoying their first
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>> the great snowstorm of new york city hits and i heard the mayor of the new york city deblasio tell me stay inside, stay out of my car. well guess what?an american. i don't listen to people that tell me rules so i right away got on my motorcycle and went it as full as i could and started tearing down the road and you know what i said? called freedom my friend. and i quickly wiped out into a kind of a mailbox and a firehydrant.d my hip and i started screaming like a weird high pitch scream like, ahh! and i don't have health m an believe in freedom. [ laughter ]payers have paid for my hip to be fixed and
1:27 am
[ laughter ]pplause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late in 2015 my next guest released their album "emotion" to a host of rave reviews and year end best list's. here to perform her songs "run and "your type" give it up for carly rae jepson. [ cheers and applause ] e stuck in my head stuck on my heart stuck on my body, body i wanna go get out of herey, party i'd run away i'd run away with you ooh this is the partot to say all that you're feeling, feeling
1:28 am
sleeping, sleeping let's run away i'll run away with you 'cause you make me feel like i could be driving you all night find your lips in the street lights i wanna be there with you ooh baby, take me to the feeling i'll be youret when the lights go out run away with me run away with meery single minute i'll be your hero and win its go out run away with me with me
1:29 am
high as a kite city, city we never sleep we never try when you are with me, with me i wanna stayth you ooh 'cause you makelike i could be driving you all night find your lips in the street lights i wanna be there with you ooh oh baby, take me to the feeling i'll be your sinner, in secret ts go out run away with me run away with me oh baby, every i'll be your hero and win it when the lights go out
1:30 am
i used to be first thing on my mind i know i'm just a friend to you that i will never getyou mine but i still love you i love you i didn't meansaid i miss you, i mean it i tried not to feel it but i can't gethead and i want you to miss me when i'm not around you i know that you're in towncome around to the spot that we met i'm not the type of girl for youd i'm not going to pretend i'm the type of girl you
1:31 am
and i break all the rules for you and start again i'm not the type of girl you call more than a friend she acts so perfectly you probably eat up every word she says if you ever think of me a flicker in your head but i still love youy, i'm sorry i love you i didn't mean to say what i said i miss you, i mean itit but i can't get you out of my head and i want you to miss me when i'm not around you i know that you're in tme around to the spot that we met i'm not the type
1:32 am
you call morean a friend and i break all the rules for you break my heart and start again i'm not the type of girl you call more than a friendll make time for you time for you ooh time for you ooh lause ] >> seth: fantasic, great job. >> thanks. >> seth: carly rae jepsen everyone. don't miss carly as pink lady frenchy in "grease: live" sunday, january 31st on fox. we'll be right back.
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