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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 28, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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named nate from an ohio rescue group.was a joke at first. i was just beside myself that the clooneys would conside dog like nate. rescuing their dog, millie, however, nate is a gift for george's folks, nick and nina. >> how are you, nate? n george's world, including "hail caesar" and we will talk about it all when we sit down with george on monday. >> one people in hollywood. >> yes. >> as to oprah of course,s she get's a big reaction and this is crazy because only oprah can make a shout-out to bread and turn it into serious dough. >> i lost 26 pounds and i have eaten bread every single day.o a $12 million twitter video. this is the new weight watchers commercial. over 30.9 million twitter nd a
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weight watchers stock. before oprah's tweet the stock 11.35.f min within 26 minutes, the stock went up to $14. a 20% bump. a good day for the average million shares and the slight increase meant oprah raked in $12 million. >> that's the genius of this >> but considering she is worth estimated $3 billion, $12 ke much impact either way. >> i love bread. i love bread. >> so how does she do it? oprah uses health smart grain o over avocado spread with a slice of turkey or egg. that's five weight watchers points. okay, now i'm fit, cam roth ron /- cameron here. definitely fit that bill. justin bieber and kendall
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>> yeah, they are in good shape klein campaign. they're sexy and they know it. >> what makes life sexy? just being able to be yourself. being sexy is just being 100% comfortable with yourself. >> justin dreaming in nothing but his calvins.ladies. >> i feel by taking things one step at a time and not focussing on the hardships but focus on the success. inspiring body image. >> honestly i wear it every night to sleep. spring global ad campaign featuring celebs and street artist answering the question, what do you do in your calvins? justin puts greek statues to launched. while rapper kendrick lamar reflects. >> i amonfident. >> confident means strength. you got to be a strong person to grow up in the industry. >> i want to be with you is how kendall fills in the blanks. marking both her and justin's nd go-round with the label. >> feels so good to be back with
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>> justin's first go-round was last january and the brand gained extra 3.6 million followers on social media.can call that the bieber effect, guys. no wonder he's back. >> i belieb it. >> we are on the way with the action maufry movie and michael jackson in a new movie. and yes you heard me right. a new casting controversy. >> probably closer to michael than his original -- >> then the families of nicole n are not happy about the ne simpson mini series. >> they haven't seen the fx series yet. >> and with kate hudson and jack black and get ready for opera more, next. >> closed captioning provide
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tomorrow, style secrets from kerry washington. we're with the scandal star getting ready for her huge
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everybody. every star loves to do voice over work. no make up, no wardrobe, but you still have a paycheck. jack black has an unusual way of warming up the vocals for kung fu p and they demonstrated it. >> i'm mei mei., she is amazing.
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she's so beautiful. traveling the world and doing a film with jack black >> jacques when we're in france. >> oh, this is mr. noir's third go-round as po.rn. kate is a newbie as mei mei. but they both have their rituals. >> do you have any vocal warm >> amos aims, the aim eablerow knot aiming at at enterprise at age of 88. >> you're just showing off. >> you asked. >> i don't k >> i do that sometimes.otor power. >> i do opera. >> oh. >> no, that wasn't right.
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i don't know what i'm saying. >> are you a fan of opera? do you go to the opera? >> no. no. it just warms up my voice. opera? >> i've never been to the opera. >> i never imagined this could go that well. this is mei mei. she will be everywhere. >> i think she should be everywhere. . >> maybe she's never been to the opera but kate is a huge football fan so we can guess where she might be a week from sunday. >> i'm going to be at the super sing at halftime? >> kate hudson. >> beyonce. >> coldplay. >> maybe i'll go. wher>> maybe i'll go. wherever the stars are, i'll be there. >> go panthers. >> top gun 2 got closer to taking flight. take a look at with his arm around producer jerry bruckheimmer after they spent the weekend discussing the
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very exciting., shakespeare in l jackson. >> i'm as shocked as you might be. >> nicole brown simpson's sister, tanya, speaks out about the o.j. mini series. >> this is not entertainment. d nicole.
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significance.'re playing michael jackson, it don't matter or that's what a g filmmakers in the uk believe.ast from michael jackson and you just can't make this kind of stuff even the actor is surprised by the man in the mirror >> i'm a white middle class guy from london. i'm as shocked as you might be. white d a pigmentation issue. so i believe he was clos color than his original color. >> side by sresting. oh but there's a ton of outrage and twitter basically took care of the rest. hashtag insuaction, better not eventually get an oscar nod. i can tell you that won't happen because the role is in a british tv
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>> michael and two of his best buddies, taylor and marlon brando happen to be in new york the night before 9/11 and a at s giving and brando was introducing him on stage. i don't know if this is an urban legend or if it is true. m couldn't get out because it was shut down. the three of them jumped in a car and went on a road trip.p comedy with stockard channing as liz, brian cox as brando and white british actor as king of pop.h michael's nephew tj who called it offensive. like everyone else michael was ying process what happened. he stayed with family friend in new jersey for a week befor los angeles. tj had to comment on the cast. >> it is endearing and the more l because he is great as an actor
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in love with him. >> the shakespeare in love star is known for going all in.or a new role. with his new project "risen" he want to gladiator school to play a soldier in the film he calls a collision of the passion of the christ and csi. death squad oversees the crucifixion of christ and ooly a number of days later he is confronted by the todeath, but also this man forgives him for it. >> you could maybe interpret it all. >> "risen" opens february 19th.en the movie for pope f >> what a great way to get his review. >> oh, they'll get it.n a week away from people versus o.j. simpson. american crime story. and it promises to shake up the way we view the crime of the century. but members of nicole brown re upset as it focuses on the murder of her and not her life.
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nicole. >> it is funny because i'm just so excited. her wedding day to o.j., nicole was just 25 years old. before her murder, and all of the years "e.t." covered her ver uttered a word, preferring living in his shadow. now her sister, tanya, f nicole's story is the one lost as o.j.'s saga is heading to the screen. >> two people were brutally murdered. chopped to pieces, basically. let's just say it how it was. this is not entertainment.e john travolta, cuba gooding, david schwimme this is not hollywood.o.j. did live the hollywood life.r, o.j. once told us, marriage tamed him. >> i think nicole, my wife, brought stability into my life. i never thought i would remarry. but here is a lady that came in of the things that i >> today while simpson sits in a
3:20 am reports he is planning on getting out next s over the mini series. their source claims he said, quote, the expletives making the film may see their expletives when i sue their expletives. >> we see how much love there n the videos. among the guests, robert and kris kardashpy. we hope you are happy and healthy and have a nice long happy life together. >> it was such a tragic story.cole was so dear to my heart and i think about her and treasured memories forever in my heart.d helped her throu a horrible miscarriage before her pregnancy with kendall.
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she wore those during the trial. >> "people" story has an article of how t nicole's story seems uncovered in the mini series. n goldman's fa they all told us they had not seen the fx series yet. >> nicole and o.j. divorced in 1992. the following year, she made this terrifying 911 call. >> what kind of car is he in? >> a white bronco. back door down to get in. >> just stay on the line -- >>tay on the line. he's going to beat the [ bleep ] >> it was pretty much that everything an abusive partne is. charming on nster behind closed doors. >> according to an executive producer on people versus o.j., the series does not portray nicole and ron out of respect for them and to spare the family's grief.sting to see if family members show up to the
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>> in our entertainment tonight hich wife is an editor from marie claire magazine?
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>> she should be my maid of honor. >> all on back to the show. tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star of the good wife is the contributing editor for marie claire magazine?. >> the blockbuster coming in is zootopia. and it is shakira's first movie.exy gazelle, here she is to tell you all
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o my son, about my connection to a fan of before i became a mother. and more than once i found myself by myself on the co watching the movies with a giant jar of popcorn.kira sings the title track to the movie that s jason oodman. the police officer is determined to prove herself in this all animal w >> it is universal story that
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developing news tonight. doff. an intense drama building as the front-runner goes to war with fox news, refusing to show up for the final debate before iowa, slammed his rivals. what's behind trump's drastic move? also, one-on-one with bernie sanders. his oval office meeting with obama days after the president seemed to tip his hand in favor of hillary clinton. deadly shootout. federal dramatic confrontation with government protesters. the group's leader arrested, the siege still not over. and walmart the world's largest retailer about to shutter over 150 stores leaving neighborhoods across 15 states fresh out of luck for food.
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right now. >> announcer: this is nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from good evening. in a presidential election year that's taken some pretty odd ctions, add this one to the list. now five days before the iowa caucus votes republican front-runner donald trump has abruptlopped out of tomorrow night's debate in an apparent huff, a decision apparently not rooted in any shrewd political rather in a spat between trump and fox news which is carrying the debate. for any other candidate, it would be a highly risky move,t as katy tur reports, for this candidate no one is placing bets. >> reporter: when it comes to donald trump, the only rule is are no rules. five days to the caucus and the billionaire is skipping iowa today for south carolina, and skipping the fox news debate >> i don't know what games roger ailes is playing but what's wrong over there. >> reporter: trump and
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arguing fox isn't fairr it sent out a press release mocking trump's complaints about moderator megyn kelly. the candidate still angry at kelly for ting things he himself said about women. >> unlike the very stupid and highly incompetent people that run our country, mr. to walk away from a bad deal. >> reporter: trump possibly betting that the risk of a no show is better than the risk of a poor performance. >> reporter: in response trump's opponents are piling on. ted cruz not so subtly tweeting that trump is a coward. >> reporter: the drama making national headlines but not here in iowa where locals want to get it over with. >> i don't think he'sedible candidate. i wouldn't vote for him if he was the only one running. >> more drama. more petulant vior. >> reporter: even mike beecher, who is still deciding between jeb bush and donald trump, says he's heard enough. wouldn't you wan see another debate to really be able? >> i don't need it.
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>> i don't need it at this point. >> if trump is running any risk, it's that some voters in i may say this is immature, but i think that risk is relatively small, particularly for the people already supporting trump who will look at this not as a petulant move but e of strength. >> reporter: though polling suggests the bigger the turnout the better trump will do caucus night, there's still little sign the campaign has followed through on its get out the vote effort. late tonight trump announced a counterevent at drake ersity. now all of the attention is back on the front-runner, and, lester, as you know, he's never liked to be he's grown increasingly sensitive on the trail lashing out at reporters and now refusing to face a tough moderator. >> all right, katy, ks. with democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders days away from their showdown in iowa, sanders was here in washington, d.c., specifically the white house, where he metth president obama. it's a meeting planned weeks ago. i caught up with senator sanders right
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chat, and he told me ion covered domestic and foreign policy issues and, yes, politics. >> it was a private conversation so i'm not going to get into but i think if there's anybody in the world who understands what campaigning in iowa and new hampshire is about and in putting together justan extraordinary grass roots movement that took them to victory, that is barack obama. >> a few days ago the president speaking tolitico seemed to be speaking in glowing terms about secretary clinton, her leadership, her depth of experience. >> she can start herey one, more experienced than any non-vice president has ever been who aspires ce. >> some people say he was tipping his thumb on the scale in her favor. did you sense that? >> nope. i didn't -- >> were you bothered >> nope, i wasn't. i read the interview, and i thought he was very even-handed. i think there are some people who spun it
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>> bernie sanders! >> what's your bar for success in iowa? >> winning. >> number one. >> yeah. i mean, i think that worked really hard. we started off in iowa later than secretary clinton did, but in the last number of months we have put together an incredible volunteer effort. we have 15,000 volunteers, and let me tell -- be very clear about this, lester. caucus night in iowa, you will be able to tell very early, i think, who wins and who loses. if there is a large voter turnout, we're going to win. >> if you come in second place, what does that mean for the rest of your campaign? >> it means that we came in second place in iowa and we're off on the run into new hampshire to try to win there. >> but is it disappointing? would be it crushing and get you off your game? >> at the end of the day in terms of delegate selection, if you get 52% or 48% it will mean very few
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psychologically obviously it's northern. >> word on the street you've got a lot of ad dollars you'll be buying on television. are you going to be going directly at hillary clinton? are you going to turn negative? >> no, no, no. we differentiate ourselves from secretary clinton every single day. that is what a campaign is about. >> let's talk about the significance of your campaign. president obama, the first african-american president. hillary clinton could become the first female president. not a lot has been talked about the fact that you would become the oldest and the first jewish president. is that something you reflect on and think about? >> sure, i do. thank god i am in good health and as a former long distance runner, was a pretty good miler when i was in high school, did a little running in college, my endurance is strong. in terms of my religion, i'm very proud of my jewish background, and it has had a significant influence on me. >> and one more note from our interview. the new hampshire union leader is hosting a debate next week that will air on msnbc.
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today that she's in
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