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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 30, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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>> first the ratings, with fox news. >> obviously it was a different dynamic tonight because we were missing to the front-runner. did the right thing. >> trump has declared himself to the night a's champion, but who really won? >> despite the fact that tcast ever, because this is about half the numbers than the first debate they had when trump actually participated. trump is going to be all over iowa this weekend, he's campaigning in davenport and sioux city just before on monday. mariah and james packer the red carpet at an event in l.a. last night. it was their first appearance asan engaged couple and mariah was rocking that bill boulder on her finger for all to see. flaunting it,
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display. at the l.a. event called usa. james and mariah also show plenty of pda, whispering, kissing, and even wearing matching outfits. and with we have got the latest on the hill top mansion they just signed a lease for, at $250,000 a month, with more than 12,000 square feet on two plus acre you might expect, plus a beauty salon and a kids a home work room, m and better get busy. a few doors down, ms. kourtney kardashian. both m and james have beene before, so this may surp you, there will reportedly be no prenup. while mariah's estimated worth is over half a billion, james isver ten times
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but who cares about money? how about this for a priceless shot. it's kristen ing her arms around her daughter for the very first time she she dislocate her elbow in a car accident. kristen, talking all about her life, being married to quarterback jay cutler. see cold play's new plus we have a big announcement about our super bowl coverage, you don't want to miss that.d's s.a.g. awards will be full of surpri see the wild moments "e.t" has caught over three decades. stick around.t -- >> i'm on the set of the new armani code commercial.
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the g in his new armani ad, but is he>> it's not for me, because often times people are just looking about how fat or skinny. i just couldn't deal with it. quite honestly. chris shows off his heroic side along with casey affleck in their new movie opening today. it's the true story of a daring was not an easy shoot. >> there was a guy with a fire hose pointed at us that seemed to get a lot of sadistic gratification out of making the actors miserab >> but if you're lookingsomething a little different,
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3 3. lity television, expect
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>> former day.
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. >> i am a planning on being there so it's going to be greatnown to go to the super bowl, i just like the festivity of it. >> there is no bigger party and we will be there with all ths and starting monday, kathy lee gifford will join our "e.t" team for the big game. as most of you, kathyeal pedestrian glee with her sfar and her mother kathy lee has performed the national anthem there. so she's a real super bowl veteran. front and center at levi center in santa clara, where the game will take place, and the halftime show featuring beyonce and cold play. and i we know oneey will play because the video just dropped.
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the band travelled to mumbai to e weekend. it will be a return performance to the super bowl halftime. she killed it in 2013. i was right there when she came off the stage. so hard on this show. >> it feels good to know that the hard work paid you,sion show. >> on cbs sunday morning, chris martin talks about cold play's biggest week ever. >> it's to the 50th year, the ehow celebrate the past a and look to the future. all within 12 mens. >> thisw may very well be the most watched television event in history. and that's not l on the game's broadcasters. it. i know i am. to can call it. and if you happen to be a player, you're going to remember it even more the rest of your life.
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former super bowl 34 mvp phil simms and play by play jim nantz. he ticket request. >> can you get me? and the easiest answer is, i just said no. >> our one-hour special, "e.t" and the big game. we have stars, themmercials, it begins monday on pop. to find your channel, go to >> and of course we're also hooking one pop on the grammys and the oscars, a ton of up next, we'll take you inside the last minute prep tomorrow night's screen actor's guild award. who's sitting next to whom, a open our vault filled with candid moments from s.a.g. awards past.yfriend. i'm going to cry again. and grease live by t numbers, and you won't believe as we go behind the scenes with the cast rehearsing at the last second. tle scared. >> we are sweating.
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>> they look ready to go, and that's a good thing because theyonly have two more days before ead out over multiple stages and the that sunday's show is coming faster than greased lightning. how are y f>> i'm so pumped. it feels so real now. grease >> i have people keep asking me if i'm nervous. i'm not nervous now. i know that the night of i will be. >> i'm so scarl be ready in time. >> i don't think it's going to hit me until that actual night. >> it's a three-hour performance across two the massive sound es and 23 -- 21 sets. rst time ever. >> you're going to have a live while you're performing.
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>> if anything it just adds to the energies and excitement.e the one i want >> some of the hots that ar happening are just like one consecutive shot and,like, they're following us for like five, six, seven straight up, well -- >> almost two months of rehearsals, 400 costumes and a $460 million budget going into the production. eate and do it exactly. there's definitely certain lines that are so iconic and when you think "grease," so maybe we have to do the line a little bit like that. otherwise you'll be disappointed. >> we're adding a new twist on no joke, like we are sweating through our clothes day in and day
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>> that's everyone's to say this, the show has so much going for it, great music, great cast, directed by thomas kail. who also directed broadway smash hamilton. >> speaking of winners, the screen actors guild awards are tomorrow night and cameron on is down at the shrine auditorium. >> our "e.t" platform. soon this place is going to be is so much fun because the cast of movies and tv shows all sit at on and let me tell you, that efinitely be how about this? leo sitting next to kate, a little "titanic" reunion. over here, we got the
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next to his beautiful wife tena faye, sarah silerman, just a comedy table right here. >> we try andwe also try to mix up film and television so that everybody has a shot and they all admire each other so they want to be near each other. >> "e.t" has been covering the rds for 22 years ever since they began. and tonight we are flashing back to some amazing moments that have never aired on our show before.e 1998 olympics. >> at the s.a.g. awards. >> i finally have a boyfriend. >> this has always been the showa little looser. >> how do you fe >> it's all right.. >> i love it, i love it. >> this is one step closer to the oscars? >> no this is just one step closer to getting to bed 10:30 tonight. >> i have to try to eat. d
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>> oh, god, i remember nothing except my own little ego centric >> i just was watching the way justin looked atwere taking your picture. he's like, that's my lady right there. >> aww, i love that. >> when i was 17 years old, i decided this is what i'm going to do. >> there's been a few beauty malfunctions. >> actually didn't do hair and makeup, thinking we're just going to have a little fun at the s.a.g. awards recess.king like this and we won. >> i am a mess, i curled my own hair today, and i had to get four different sets of curlers. i had half my head done, i ran out of curlers and i had to call my mom and she had to go to ck up curlers. and i was just waiting. so i made it through and i'm here. >> we found treasures looking through our vault. ind of in awe of everybody else. i felt like the guy who brought
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i'm just happy to be here. >> seconds after winning, the star's reactions. >> julia, are you shaking? >> yes. >> i'm just overcome. >> you are? >> i'm shaking. >> i am still shaking from haven't had a chance to scuttle in and watch everyone else go through their night. me with this, because this is heavy. >> oh, boy. >> this is what george and brad confessed about always wanting to pump each other. >> i've been trying to ruin his course. that would make me the happiest. >> george says that he has this prank that he's been playing for two years now. >> i've got one i'veon for five years. i thought about a pre-emptive strike, but it would just get too ugly. i think we should just a take truce right now.atuette does not have any clothes -- >> he does have a nice rump doesn't he? >> congratulations.
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>> no. >> one of the best moments ever, "meet. >> are you proud to meet your lady? >> extremely proud. i feel like the derby. >> you your dad just called you a horse. o yourself. >> all right, it's always such a magical evening. a lot of fun.l stars nominated this year too and i can't wait to talk to all of them tomorrow. t tonight" birthdays which past oscar nominee admitted
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pulled out the stops and a snake for
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so did you come up with the answer to tonight's "e.t" birthday?scar nominee admitted she can not sin >> you have to know what you can do. you know, i don't sing, lord know i wish i be dian ross, but i have given up on having her thighs.ah winfrey, she's 62 today. happy birthday. i don't believe it, oprah does anything. we're out of time, but don forget to join us on monday for our coverage of the screen actors guild awards.
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breaking news. tonight top so credit ror twist in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has the campaign scrambling, and we're with her exclusively three days tillalso, the fight night fallout. donald trump declares victory and ignites a new firestorm with aut ted cruz. captured after that daring jail break. a dangerous escapee turns himself in. two more on the run as a jail accused of aiding the escape. we're at the outbreak each center of this zikaere the virus is exploding. children and families living in fear. and a dramatic takedown on anti-government protests, a chase, a crash and the moment
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight in des moines, good evening. three days from a critical vote here in iowa, and the hillary clinton camp finds itself back under the cloud of the e-mail minutes after secretary clinton told me in an exclusive interview here in des moines today that there is nothing regarding the e-mailn that should cause voters to have any concerns, the state department confirmed for the first time that some. e-mails found on clinton's personal e-mail server from hers secretary of state contained information so secret they fell under the highest level of nbc's andrea mitchell has details. >> reporter: as hillary clinton was campaigning in iowa, the state department dropped the e-mail the first time labeling 22
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top secret, the highest level of as demanded by the intelligence agencies. >> none of this traffic was marked classified at the time it was sent. inutes earlier lester had asked clinton about how the e-mail investigation might affect her campaign. >> anything can happen. happen. why shouldn't people, as they weigh the electability question, worry about this hanging over your head as you march forward? >> because the facts havemained the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to m who are watching this play out and know the republicans will come at you on this with an open investigation, shouldn't people have some >> no, they shouldn't, lester. i just don't see it as anything that in any way will cause any -- a voter with an open mind, to have any concerns. >> reporter: clinton's campaign battle. >> these e-mails should be
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this is an example of overclassification run amok. >> reporter: the republicans are jeb bush treated we need a president who can be trusted to keep our secrets secret. obviously that's not hillary clinton and marco rube crow >> this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier. >> reporter: bernie sanders' campaign says he stands by this.n penal are stick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too, me, too. >> reporter: t won't be releasing those e-mails now and may never, but this reignites the e-mail issue just as the voters are about to have their say. >> all right, and iia. the timing of all this hardly ideal for the clinton campaign as she tries to break out of a dead heat here in bernie sanders. over the next three days. in our wide-ranging conversation today secretary clinton vowed she wouldn't go negative on sanders, but she is eager to their differences. >> who has the achievable plans that can actually make a who can beat the republicans?
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that i think as we go forward people are going to say, hey, she's given me a specific setep. 's told me what it's going to cost. it's not pie in the sky. it can actually deliver for my family and i think that's what people is looking>> reporter: is senator sanders speaking in pie in the sky terms? >> well, i think now that his policies have come under closer scrutiny from the press and he's having to answer some questions. >> reporter: and now bernie sanders is trying to place the scrutiny on clinton, too. his new ad this week, noter by name, but taking clear aim at her paid speeches to wall street banks. >> how does wall street get away with it?ampaign contributions and speaking fees. >> reporter: the fact that you're in a virtual tie here, does that signal that this attack is gaining >> i don't think so. i don't think so. i think that, you know, i'm going to remain positive, and it's a little senator sanders is trying to go
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he's trying everything instead of trying to answer the legitimate questions that people are asking about how you fund a health care system, how you provide free college for everybody, all the things he's being asked. instead, you know, he's trying to divert that is a time worn politician's tactic. >> one of sanders' sharpest jabs just on wednesday. >> my opponent is not in iowa tonight. she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm. >> you went to philadelphia this week. you spoke at a fund-raiser with a financial firm as the backer. was that a mistake? >> no. i mean, i am proud to have such a broad base of support across the country. >> but it -- it d it play to his narrative about you? >> only if you think his narrative is correct which, of course, it isn't. we both have stood up to wall street. i stood up before most people stood up back when i was a
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we both haveexpansive, tougher, more effective, comprehensive according to people like paul krugman. >> i want to ask you about the town hall the other day. a young markings bernie sanders supporter stood up and said young people don't trust you. i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> and when he said that i winced, and i was wondering you've obviously been in tough battles, political battles. do you get your feelings hurt sometimes? >> well, of course, it's not pleasant to hear that. i have led a very public life now for 25 years. i've been subjected to all kinds of attacks and in large measure because of what i stand for and what i fight for, but i'm going to answer questions regardless of where they come from or who poses them. >> what frustrates you the most about perceptions about you? >> you know, i don't even think about that anymore because i -- i did for a long time. you're human. it is -- it is painful.
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especially so for your family
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