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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  January 30, 2016 8:30am-10:00am EST

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we're back on this saturday morning, january 30th, 2016. happy to be out on the plaza. this is a fantastic my sister-in-law and niece. >> where is your sister-in-law? >> over there. >> dylan's family. >> they picked a great weekend to see apple. still to come in this half hour, a new competition that is sure to get hearts racing. inside the world of drone then on a different level of energy, i'll introduce you to a group of women who want to change the way people think of bowling. me get in on
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i don't know if that is a bright idea. it makes for an interesting >> you look like you are serious. >> i'm competitive. we know. later, a savory breakfast dish. i'll hit the kitchen and make abreakfast. a hardy eggstrata. we begin with news from the nfl that diagnosed concussionsore than 30% last year. that is up from 206 the year the doctor who discovered cte says he believes o.j. simpson suffers from the omes as the mini series is about to begin called "the people versus o.j. simpson." with more for us. >> reporter: good morning, erica.
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a nation still captivated by the century. a lot has changed and those closest to what happened are speaking out as we're all about to get a new take on an old >> orenthal james simpson. >> reporter: more than two decades, the drama that unfolded on live the spotlight for a new generation. an fx mini series is promising to recreate tell the behind the scenes of the trial and verdict. during the trial, simpson was a chronic of murder. but now a new twist. dr. amalu, recently portrayed by will smith in
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traumatic encephalphy. >> our experience says somebody who plays football for 10 to 20 years, plus has severe changes mid life, including violence and impulse control, we diagnose them with cte. it isnk simpson has been suffering for a while. >> reporter: for many, that is not the excuse. ron goldman's phil they feel the series takes attention away from the victims adding the filmmakers never >> we have a whole new generation who never saw this take place and is now going to see this series and assume that everything in this series fact. that's very troubling to me.
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contact kris jenner.ntly opened up to "people" magazine. >> with all of the attention, kris hopes that people remember at the heart of all this was the two lives of ron goldman and nicole brown simpson. >> reporter: o.j. simpson is currently being held behind barsving time on unrelated charges. you can hear more from the families of the victims on the upcoming episode of "dr. phil." fx mini series begins on tuesday night. >> steve paterson in los angeles for us. that long. dylan dreyer, we have the final check of the forecast. >> we have people behind us >> welcome. welcome. we apologize for the weather. >> it's not that bad. >> compared to charleston? yeah. >> it is going to be colder thanon.
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some snow the day after the iowa caucuses. for everyone there, it may be getting out of town. on monday, it looks cloudy, temperatures not too bad in the mid-30s. then the big storm moves in into tuesday. rain and snow likely. the northern part of iowa with snow. southern iowa will get a wintry of low pressure in the rockies to produce snow. a bigger storm system will make its way onshore. especially in southern california tomorrow. we could see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. we are looking at heavy rain and some mountain snow. that will turn into a bigger storm for the denver area, especially on monday. we could see as much as 1 snow. that is the storm that is moving
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so when you think of bowling, you don't think of glitz or glamor.up of women proving that the sport is not just for the girls. >> our girl dylan went to meet thesey bowling ball is in storage. i not get to use it. they let me play. they are the best female bowlers in the world. they are what it means to be a professional bowler. let's face it. bowling might be the rodney sport. no respect. you know the cliches.
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birthday parties.ff of professional sports. but a new generation of women is challenging these >> i can make a living doing this professionally. i think younger girls are starting to see that. >> kelly kulic became the ever to win a national title on the male dominated pro tour. she became the only bowler to grace the cover of espn's she works out five days a week. >> the perception of we're not athletes, bowl ten games in one see how your hand holds up over ten games and do that over a month. see how your body feels. know what it is like to 15-pound ball and shoot multiple spares in different angles. it is demanding and quickly learned how frustrating it can be when kelly
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at first, i wasn't that nervous. i did ownl and shoes at one point in my life. i couldn't be that rusty. right? >> oh, no. >> think about the ball swinghe shoulder. like you are pitching a ball under hand.ight down the middle. >> then success.cation for the membership on the professional tour. i'll get you one before the day's over. >> why doesn't bowling have the same it is the size of the facilities. >> now it is working on image. cute outfits and scented bowling >> this smells delicious. i have never smelled a bowling
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>> it is an extra detail that catches people offguard.lly heavy. >> the next goal for kelly and her team, the olympics. >> currently, bowling is on the short list to be in the 2020n tokyo. >> a chance for bowling to get the respect it deserves. >> i think it is exciting seeing a crop something you just feel like is an older men's sport. you guys are coming in and kicking butt. >> i truly think this is thef something super special for all the youth bowlers coming up in the ranks.hat this is the future for women's bowling and it takes off. >> can she do it? >>5-pound bowling balls and travel with about ten bowling balls. that is crazy. i said why do you need them? lane conditions and environments.
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it that you just don't think of when you bowl a round or two at beer. >> you look like you still got it. >> you do, dylan dreyer. time to get the ball out of storage. >> mine's an eight-poundat's why i have my own. the eight-pound ball is designed for kids. my thumb didn't fit in the hole. i had to get my own bowling ball. >> freakishy large thumbs. >> no. coming up, inside the drone racing. the competition that has .
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ack on this saturday with a fierce new competition that has only a few players and fewer long. it started with the growing
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now the sport has pilots against one another. >> we have nbc's kerry sander was us this morning. >> there is nascar and formula 1 and why not drone racing? you can put goggles on and see like the drone. we tethered this here. they can go erratic. nonetheless, they are interesting, but also noisy. high energy, low at more than $500 each, these drones are not toys. topping out at speeds of 100 miles an hour.n goggles, guarding their aircraft in realtime. seeing the world like a superh to our best pilots, they talk about the first time they flew a drone,
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>> reporter: like overcaffeinated fireflys. they zip through gates and out the same tunnel football players use to enter the stadium. and up the fans walk to the seats and back into the stadium. the first drone across the finish line showered in >> it's the speed and control. you are just trying to go as fast as you can without crashing. >> reporter: like car racing, those crashes can be spectacular. >> two of the guys just crashed on takeoff. it was so good. >> reporter: investors say few games would one day become a spectator sport worth tens of millions of now they believe drone racing could turn out to be a hugely popular spectator sport as well.
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eventually they may also strap on goggles and fly. like superman. right along with their favoritepilots. some of the $8 million seed money backing this new sport, investments from steven ross, owner of the miami dolphins vice chairman, matt higgins. >> i see celebrity athletes and . >> and, of course, some of the pilots are already dreaming some be the next mario andretti of drone e a mario here. that is teths ered. >> i wish they would untether it. >> i'm the blue one. you go. i don't want to break it. >> it is giving me beyonce hair.
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>> the guys over there areo happy. >> kerry, dylan asked you during our break if you have a drone. >> one about this big. i started it up and flew it into the wall and broke into pieces. >> always nice to seeally in person. >> i think they turned me off. >> smart move. >> we have tried that in the past. it doesn't work. warming up morning. when a delicious breakfast casserole is in four c's of a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you...the newest c: chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds. only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries...ith rare chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles, with dazzling designs that she's sure to love.-one jewelry store... america. levian chocolate diamonds... ...for the sweetest thing in
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let the music play this morning in "today's food" we are cooking up a that is hardy for anyone. we have michael seymour with us.morning. >> what is this called? >> a charred broccoli eggstrata. casserole. simple.licious. we do a charred broccoli taco. it is delish. you have eggs, oil and get into it. >> let's do it. >> three heads of broccoli cut into florets. salt.
8:52 am
you want to be generous with the salt. >> why do you char you char broccoli, it caramelizes it. this with the olive oil and salt. get your chef skills in there. all right. you want to basically do that. put it on a roasting pan at 450 for ten minutes. >> what if you don't broccoli? >> cauliflower. we can put this back here. you basically get this on the roasting pan and put it in the oven for ten this is a baguette. we have eight eggs in here. we start whisking this. you want to take mustard, dijon. a tablespoon.op it in there.
8:53 am
we start whisking. a little tip so we know. nice fun tip to have when you whisk, it can be tough if you don't set it up with a wet towel. you drop it in the middleu don't need any hands. >> my wife, not a fan of eggs. can you use egg whites? >> you can use egglutely. double up. if you have eight eggs, 16 egg whites. we are whisking this. we will incorporate our milkslowly. nice and whisked in there. >> okay. >> all right. >> then how long do we let the bread >> you can do this on the fly. you could do this day of if you like to. i like to do it the day b bread in here and it looks like this. you cover it up.
8:54 am
day of, you are ready to rock. >> what do youhis is where the fun comes in. the cooked onions and garlic. we have our sauted mushrooms. have cheese here. parmesan cheese. we are going to take our charred broccoli. we will add this in here. you can do it with your hand you can use a rubber spat. we will reserve a bit for the dish. >> they can smell food a mile away. >> we're here to help. >> you will get it all nice andorated here. all right? >> it is healthy. >> we throw it in. >> it is. >> and it looks like this. >> and how long do we cook it?
8:55 am
>> that looks good. all right. beautiful. >> thank you so much. if you want this recipe, head to
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coming up on channel 3 news @today, an ohio senate race is @heating up because of one @candidate accusing the other of a woman is rocked @walking to her car at a popular @northeast ohio mall. @who police are now looking for @this we're in the mood for @baseball good morning. @>> reporter: coming up, we're @live from tribe is channel 3 morning @newscast is made possible by @universal windows nel 3 news today.
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@with us this @65 days until opening day at @progressive field. @usually we are counting down @the minute, knowing that's when @warm weather is going to @arrive. @but we don't have to count that @far today because we have of a spring warm up @today. @olga, this is just unbelievable @weather again, this weekend. @i feel like i say that every is. @it is. @we have had a lot to contend @with over the last several days @with the chilling morning some snow @accumulation around our areas @north and east over the last @several days. @all of that is over for now. @we saw in that live shot, the @a lot of sunshine. @we're going to keep the @sunshine through midday. @we're clear on our satellite @and radar view. @things are going to change, ild in clouds later on @this afternoon. @we'll get out of these chilly @30s, and actually with our @southerly winds, we're going to @bump up our , most of us should be @in the middle range 40s. @in fact, later on this @afternoon, we'll even see close @to 50 degrees.
8:58 am
@afternoon and definitely not as @cold as we head into the @overnight tonight. @i am tracking some changes, @though, that are going to in into the @forecast, and also we're @tracking ground hog day on @tuesday. @we want to find out if we're @going to see more winter or @more of thtemperatures. @>> thank you so much. @can't wait to hear what the @ground hog has to say. @ we have a traffic alert to @tell you about. @a portion of state @-- 608 is closed in geauga @county. @until further notice. @o dot officials ask that ion driving in the air. @the cold temperatures could @make for very slick roads. @ police in north olmstead @are searching for two men they @say robbed a woman at ened wednesday night @outside great northern mall. @police say the woman said two @men with a handgun robbed her @as she was walking out. @they took off in a small silver hicle, possibly a
8:59 am
@police say the men used the @victim's credit card at a @target in cleveland. @if you have any information @please call north olmstead @police. @ police in athens near ohio oking for a @man connected to several rapes. @this is a sketch of the nan @believed to be the suspect from @a rape in 2006 and a rape and tempted sexual @assault both last year. @they say dna evidence links the @man to all three cases. @ we will find him. @we have the run from dna evidence @so we will find him. @it's just a matter of time. @>> the rapes and attempted @sexual @under similar circumstances as @the female walked home alone @from the uptown area early in @the morning. @ a little watched political @race is suddenly in the veteran state @senator tom patton made @comments about the young mother @running against him for a spot @in the ohio house. @his opponent is upset by the
9:00 am
@channel 3 news' has the story. @>> reporter: a long shot @political rookie running @against veteran senator tom . @after she heard what he said. @>> i was offended. @>> reporter: when he said she @may not be able to be in the @home or in the house. @>> the gal that's running @against me is a 30-year-old, @you know, mom, mother of two, @and i don't know if anybody @explained to her we have to @spend three nights a week in @columbus. @>> reporter: harold admits @she's got a couple rambunctious @kids but knows what she can @handle. @>> i think the comments and @this narrative is a lot bigger @than just my campaign. @this is about women in general, @women in politics, working @moms. @i mean, why are we still @talking about these comments in @2016. @>> i don't feel like anyone @should be making a comment @regarding what our family @decides. @and that's something that, i @mean, we took a lot of time to @think about, what is this going @to mean.
9:01 am
@wouldn't speak with us on @camera but sent this statement. @it was not my intention to @suggest a young mother couldn't @serve ably in the legislature. @i used a poor choice of words. @i sincerely apologize if my @words were misplaced. @>> let the people decide that's @what this is about. @this is about running the @campaign. @he's been in the political @arena a lot longer than i have @and i would not have expected @those remarks to come out of @his mouth. @>> and this has made national @news and the social media @comments are coming in on both @sides on our facebook page. @daniel said the senator asks a @good question, and thinks it's @something his opponent should @ponder. @patricia says it's her business @and men do. @the senator has a valid point, @he thinks there is nothing more @important than caring for your @children. @tina says the decision is @between her and her family, and @norma says she can run if she @wants, there are many working @poms who travel because of @their jury box.
9:02 am
@tweet us at wkyc or comment on @this story on our facebook @page. @political pundits say they @don't expect this mistake to @cost patton the race. @ students at east community @learning center got a huge @surprise yesterday. @they thought they were @attending an ordinary assembly, @that's when the lebron james @family foundation surprised the @men and women's varsity @basketball team with brand new @nike uniforms. @the foundation said it was @rewarding the teams for their @outstanding sportsmanship. @>> they have done an extreme @amount. @they told us to work hard, and @things will fall in place, and @i guess things are starting to @fall in place now. @>> throughout the school year, @the foundation honors good @sportsmanship at sports @programs across the akron @public school system. @ it's time to start thinking @about baseball. @can you believe it. @65 days until opening day, and @the cleveland indians tribe @fest is today.
9:03 am
@it's also in a different @location. @channel 3's alyssa raymond @joins us from the east bank of @the flats and how did you get a @lucky tinct, -- ticket alyssa. @>> reporter: because it's my @birthday. @no, they're expecting more than @3000 people. @here with me this morning is @curtis danberg, the senior @director of communications for @the cleveland indians. @curtis, what can we expect to @see happen today? @>> the biggest thing is to feel @the energy from the fans for @the players. @we're less than 20 days away @from baseball in good year, and @65 days from opening day. @to start thinking spring and @baseball will be a lot of fun @today. @>> reporter: what's new at @tribe fest. @>> the biggest thing is we had @to move off site with the @renovations. @we're looking to manage the @crowd by moving people to @different areas of the aloft @hotel.
9:04 am
@tending, and minute to win it, @and pictionary, and a lot of @fun to be had. @attention, obviously, who are @we going to see. @>> the best thing about tribe @fest is we bring almost the @entire roster into town, 20 @guys, 5 alumni. @terry francona. @all here to interact with the @fans. @>> reporter: and this morning @you said you released a @promotion schedule for the @upcoming season. @what do fans have to look @forward to. @>> go to @check it out. @6 jerseys, 3 bobbleheads an @the fans. @>> reporter: and a personal @question, what are you looking @forward to most with the @renovations at progressive @field? @>> by far the score board, @brand new state of the art, @very dynamic presentation. @bringing in more food vendors @into the progressive field.
9:05 am
@>> reporter: thank you so much @curtis, have a great day, and @get your bag with all the @goodies. @>> happy birthday alyssa. @>> reporter: we want to let @everyone know that we're @streaming live on from @9 until 3:00. @back to you in the studio. @>> make sure you get a big hug @from slider. @he loves birthday hugs. @>> birthday picture, with him @too, for sure. @>> for sure. @still ahead this morning, the @iowa caucus is rapidly @approaching. @is it the gop candidate field @conceding trump's winning the @state's nomination. @a preview of monday's voting. @ and two inmates missing @after escaping a california @prison. @we have an update on where the
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feel connected, informed, included,
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in your life. we are broadcasters; always here for you, wherever here may be. text washington. tell them local stations matter. @ @ welcome back. @water samples from more than @two dozen flint michigan homes @revealed lead levels are beyond @what filters can removed. @the approved filters only @filter led up to 1250 -- 150 @parts per billion. @the highest reading was 4000 @parts we are billion. @the samp -- parts per billion. @ days before the iowa @caucuses, the hillary clinton @campaign finds itself back @under the cloud of e-mail @controversy. @the state department is @confirming that 22 e-mails @found on hillary clinton's @personal e-mail server @contained government
9:08 am
@the highest level of @classification. @however, those documents were @not marked classified at the @time they were sent. @well, it's shaping up to be a @fight to the finish on the @republican side with donald @trump declaring victory this @weekend for not showing up at @thursday's debate. @nbc's haley jackson has the @details. @>> reporter: 24 stops by @republicans in iowa, but to @front runner donald trump, the @only numbers that matter here @are his own pollings. @>> i think we're going to do @really well in iowa. @>> trump so confident about @iowa, he's in new hampshire @looking further north to hit @ted cruz. @>> ted cruz is an anchor baby @in canada. @>> reporter: just laughter is @that what we should take away @from it. @>> i like donald, and he's @welcome to say whatever he @likes. @>> reporter: his campaign, @meanwhile, serious about @turning out caucus goers. @dismiss headlines about his @rough night at the gop debate. @>> my focus is on talking to
9:09 am
@>> reporter: cruz shrugging off @criticism he missed an @opportunity as trump split @screens and split attention @hosting his own rally. @>> i didn't want ton here, i @have to be honest, but you have @to stick up for your rights @when treated badly. @>> reporter: still mad at megyn @kelly trump three miles from @center stage was the center of @attention early on. @>> everyone on this stage is @stupid, fat and ugly, and ben, @you're a terrible surgeon. @now that we've gotten the @donald trump portion out of the @way. @>> reporter: but it's trump who @for now looks smart for @skipping out. @the republican race has turned @into a fierce battle for second @place. @so when ted cruz took that @stage last night without @standing in donald trump's @shadow, he really did not rise @to the occasion. @>> reporter: and while jeb bush @won praise for seeming solid. @>> this election is not about @our pedigree. @this is about people really @hurting. @>> reporter: so did marco @rubio, in iowa, hoping for a
9:10 am
@to sneak into second, reading a @supporters card to a fire up @crowd. @>> don't let friends vote for @trump. @so much wisdom. @ thinking about enjoying a @movie this weekend, we have a @preview of some of the new @films hitting the box office. @ and how a local group is @paying it forward and helping @those in need in flint, @michigan. @first let's check in with olga @who has good news for us today. @>> this is a day you really @don't want to stay indoors. @if you want get out and enjoy @the mild temperatures as we end @january, go for it. @in fact, right now we're @sitting in the 30s, around the @freezing mark. @we're going to warm it up. @highs today flirting with the @50-degree mark, and an @opportunity for warmer @temperatures tomorrow.
9:11 am
@ @ this is the snack of @champions here, do you want @some girl scout cookies and @wine. @there's an app for that. @the vino allows users to @photograph wine photos and give @views. @and now there's a new feature @to give a guide to pair girl @scout cookies with wine. @thin mints go great with the @brunelo and gilmore girls fans
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@will be returning on nexflix. @nexflix confirmed everything in @a single tweet, and star lauren @graham confirmed it as well on @her twitter account. @multiple entertainment outlets @are report graham as loralei. @alexis bledel as rory and @several other cast members will @return. @ new movies hitting the big @screen, here's rafael with a @look at the box office preview. @>> chris pine weathers the @hour. @the story of a real 1952 coast @guard rescue takes place in @waters off massachusetts, a @wicked nor'easter tears a cargo @ship in half, and they set out @in a tiny boat with no @navigation to rescue the @stranded and sinking @rating pg13. @>> a portly warrior gets a @belly full of justice in kung
9:13 am
@as po, reunited with his long @lost father, leads po to panda @paradise, when a villain @threatens them. @kung fu panda 3 is rated pg13. @>> an old west vigilante going @after the men who shot her @husband. @jane got a gun is rated r. @>> marlin wayans washes the @gray away in 50 shades of @black. @this spooks the soft core @phenomenon 50 shades of grey @and other films with wayans @playing a demented dominant @with a black past. @rafael seth nbc news. @>> let's let you behind the @scenes here. @we were just laughing.
9:14 am
@the anchor desk here. @olga is very impressed that we @have cup holders. @>> never in my entire career @have i ever seen a nice little @cup holder below the desk. @>> when you get a new car and @discover something new you @didn't realize. @>> you have a few beverages @down here. @tea, coffee, hot chocolate. @>> bringing it next half hour, @right to the desk with me. @well hydrated olga, we would @love to hear your forecast. @>> let's get to the sunny @forecast. @we've got this view says it @all, blue sky right now. @we'll mix in a little bit of @cloud cover later on this @afternoon, but still going to @hold off on rain chances until @we get into the sunday @forecast. @it's been quiet, on satellite @and radar for quite some time. @in fact, the cloud cover moving @on in, it's going to be short @lived. @the early morning temperatures @quickly spiked above freezing @right now. @when you factor in the winds, @it's still feeling like the 20. @you will need the coat or
9:15 am
@you're not going to need it for @long. @we're headed for a weekend warm @up. @we'll mix in clouds with @sunshine later in the @afternoon, and i am tracking @the rain chance into the sunday @forecast. @but for now, be hold, our @mainly clear skies through @midday will continue to spike @close to 50 degrees later on @this afternoon. @in fact, by the 6:00 hour, i @think most of us are well into @the middle range 40s still as @the sun sets, the temperatures @begin to dive back down. @then tomorrow morning, we'll @start off on your sunday with @mostly cloudy skies but if @you're heading out to sunday @services or have activities or @plans or sunday, i think you're @going to be fine. @mild temperatures to start in @the 40s, but midday, and late @afternoon, the clouds will move @in. @by about 5:00 or 6:00, we're @going to start to see sprinkles @moving on in. @this is your future view @suggestion of the timing. @it is subject to change but @we'll have scattered showers @throughout the evening on your @sunday. @i think it will clear out @before that monday morning @commute.
9:16 am
@temperatures are going to be @well above average. @dress accordingly. @you won't need that jacket @certainly later on today as we @get close to 50 degrees. @the range will be wide for the @viewing area. @some areas will hang out into @those middle 40s, but i think @the overall 7-day forecast from @window nation looks pretty @good. @not only will we be in the 40s @today, we'll see 50s for @tomorrow. @keep it mild for much of the @week. @maureen. @ olga, thank you so much. @thousands of people in flint, @michigan, are still struggling @after the city's recent water @crisis. @a local movement called random @acts of kindness is everywhere @is going to help flint this @weekend. @and they have been helping @flint. @jasmine, nicole, and ricky @smith join me now. @thank you so much for being @here, and thank you for @everything you're doing. @>> thank you for having us. @>> jasmine, i know this is your @first time on tv. @we'll start with you. @what is it you're doing. @tell me about the hash tag @you've started and how it's @helping people.
9:17 am
@has been going on here thanks @to ricky for over two years @now. @right now we're really @primarily trying to focus on @the people in flint, so @tomorrow's efforts are going to @be about giving back, and @taking the resources that we @can up to flint tomorrow. @>> how can people help? @what are you doing? @we're joining down at liquid on @west 6th tomorrow morning at @10:00 a.m. @people can come. @we ask that everyone bring a 10- @dollar donation. @that covers the cost of the @lunches, so we'll be making @over 1500 bagged lunches to @distribute to homeless people @around cleveland and then we're @going to take half of those up @to flint along with, what, tens @of thousands of cases of water. @>> we're guessing 70,000 @bottles of water, and we have a @semitruck, and pods around @cleveland, and i'm going to @tell some jokes, hopefully some @dance moves. @do you know the robot. @just trying to provide them,
9:18 am
@care. @us being from ohio, them being @from michigan. @there's already that weird kind @of thing. @they're so appreciative, we @went last week. @>> you went up last week and @saw firsthand what they're @dealing with. @if you can tell us what you @saw. @>> we went up there, little @things, like washing your hands @at the bathroom, we met a @mother who had a newborn, i @need baby wipes because the @water causes rashes and things @like that. @this is america. @not to get political, but it's @crazy this would happen three, @four hours away from us. @we have the ability, you know, @pallets are $200. @everyone is appreciative. @i reached out to friends in @cleveland on the next go @around, and we did 35,000 @bottles last week, and i'm like @you know what, let's triple it. @let's see what we can do, and @it's been great, the feed back, @people like yourselves have @been unbelievable. @we usually make about 1500
9:19 am
@cleveland, why not take them to @the homeless and stuff up there @as well. @so excited. @>> once again, before we go, @tell us the details of where to @go, what to bring. @>> $10, west 6th on liquid. @we'll be there from ten to one @making lunches and i'm leaving @directly from there with three @to four trucks. @we're taking children's books @as well. @if you have anything you want @to bring, we're making notes to @say we care. @just good vibes and energy. @people were saying they could @come up with us. @we're ready. @>> if you can't come tomorrow, @you can donate online, visit @our web site @>> jasmine, ricky, thank you so @much. @>> we brought you something. @>> i will wear it forever. @>> it glows in the dark. @>> hopefully i can find myself. @thank you. @ money man matt granite has
9:20 am
@the super bowl. @see a way to make your hd @quality even better. @good morning, alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning, we @are live at tribe fest. @3000 people are keeping us
9:21 am
@ @ thanks so much for being up @with us on this saturday, @january 30th. @sunshine again today. @doesn't it make such a
9:22 am
@feels like the gray januaries @we're used to. @i'm starting to think it's more @like march. @i always have to look at that @calendar, olga, because it is @just very spring like and we're @in for another day of spring @like weather. @let us know, what is it going @to be like as we go through the @next 24 hours. @ the next this hours are @a gift even. @right now we're a little on the @chilly side. @we did drop down into the 20s @overnight, but we have quickly @now. @we're going to keep on going. @by noontime, mild temperatures @in the middle 40s and many of @us will just clip in shy of the @50-degree mark later on today. @it looks like we'll keep things @calm on our satellite and @radar. @at least for the short-term. @warmer air is on the way. @all of this is from southerly @winds. @see those 50s way down to the @south. @all of that is pushing in our @direction, helping us out. @but right now, we do have a bit @of a windchill. @it does feel more like the @lower 20s in much of the @region.
9:23 am
@to plan out your saturday. @get out and enjoy. @grab the sunglasses. @plenty of sunshine before we @bring the clouds back in. @i'll let you know what we're @expecting overnight tonight as @we head into the sunday @forecast and yes, i am tracking @some rain on the way. @maureen. @ all right. @olga, we'll check in with you @soon. @>> coming here two years ago @with the statue was so special. @with that. @but now you get to share it @with guys, with albert, who i @played with, and then the @utmost respect for mr. @robinson. @i mean, he's a hall of famer. @very very cool. @very very honored. @>> that's one of cleveland's @favorites, jim thome is one of @four that will be inducted to @the indian's hall of fame this @summer. @the rest of the class of 2015 @are albert bell, charlie @jamison and frank robinson. @the cleveland indian annual @tribe fest is today but because
9:24 am
@ballpark, this year's event is @being held at the aloft hotel. @that's where we find alyssa @raymond who has a golden ticket @to get in and enjoy the party. @i can't believe the crowd @that's behind you at 9:30 this @morning. @>> we're only a half hour into @this, and it's already packed. @they're expecting about 3000 @plus people to come to the 4th @4th annual cleveland indians @tribe fest. @one of those fans here with me @this morning is morgan. @came all the way from @youngstown. @her grandmother, her mother, @and her friend all traveled @here today, and why did you @come here today. @>> to try and meet jason @kipnis. @>> he's your favorite player. @>> yes, he's my favorite. @>> do you remember the first @time you heard about him or how @you fell in love? @>> like, my very first indians @game he played and i was like @he's my favorite because i @thought he was so cute. @>> what are you looking forward @to most this tribe fest.
9:25 am
@>> did you sign up already for @the autograph sessions? @>> yeah, we have two sessions @to do. @>> reporter: and have you been @to an actual tribe game before. @>> yeah, a whole bunch. @>> reporter: what's the @experience like for you? @what's your favorite part of @going to a baseball game? @>> probably just like the vibe, @and everybody's so excited and @happy to go and be together and @watch them play. @>> reporter: have so much fun @today, and thanks for talking @to us. @and today's event is going on @all day. @we told you it's sold out @because it's at the aloft hotel @this year because of all the @new construction going on at @the stadium. @also we're in the lobby here, @all day they have autographs, @they have players, alumni @tending events. @some of the autographs is jason @kipnis, michael brantley, and @today they also released the @promo schedule. @all the promotions for this @upcoming season.
9:26 am
@than a dozen firework nights. @some of the bobbleheads, gomes, @and don't forget, we have wkyc @streaming live today from nine @until three online, so just @head over after this live shot @to, and after maureen @is done of course, and you can @hear player interviews and @recaps of the entire day. @back to you in the studio. @>> we want everybody to stick @here for at least the next 25 @minutes. @>> reporter: absolutely. @>> alyssa, what's your favorite @thing so far. @>> i think it's the celebrity @bar tend set up. @that's new this year. @and it's in the bar lobby, the @lobby bar of the aloft hotel, @and i think that will be a @pretty cool addition this year. @>> you deserve a cocktail, it's @your birthday. @we'll let you drink one before @noon.
9:27 am
@ the ride sharing service @uber is trying to tame drunk @passengers with its bop its in @cars. @you may remember the popular @90s toy. @uber hopes adding the toys will @help keep drunk passengers @occupied so they don't mess @with uber drivers. @the first test location is in @north carolina. @chances are you are paying for @a picture quality you never see @on your tv. @that all changes this weekend @granite. @ great to be you this @weekend as we count don to that @big -- count down to that big @game, a way to finally make @your big screen tv a whole lot @more enjoyable. @if you have a 4k tv, there is a @chance that what you're seeing @is not 4k, that's due to the @scaler inside. @a lot of bigger brand tvs use @cheep scalers which in the end @bring you lousy picture, lousy @audio, and not the 4k you paid @for. @take a look at the difference @between what you're likely @seeing and what you could be
9:28 am
@not on my watch, though. @my favorite kit will upgrade @video and audio and streaming, @all thanks to the really easy @to use and install kit. @amazon sells this top rated kit @on sale for $130. @i found it for 80 with quick @free shipping. @let's head over to my condo for @a look at the difference. @>> this is video without the @scaler. @you can see it's pixelated a @little bit, it's no a hundred @percent perfect. @now using the scaler as i zoom @in a little bit, look at the @quality. @so much more definition. @absolutely awesome. @again, no scaler. @this is video with the scaler, @perfect definition 4k. @you can see every blemish and @imperfection. @>> and speaking of blemishes @and imperfections, hello. @i have you covered.
9:29 am
@get it done on a dime, under # @0 bucks, back to you. @ matt, thank you. @still ahead this morning, the @cavs started the first of a @back-to-back series last night. @see how the team fared in the
9:30 am
@ @ hi everyone, and good @morning, as we get set for the
9:31 am
@go back to last night. @one of the best wins of the @season for the cavs in detroit, @getting revenge for a november @loss there, and their third @straight victory. @the big three combine for 77 @points. @we start with the point guard, @key refereeer -- kyrie irving. @cavs starting to get into loose @shape. @got to love when kevin love @does this. @five out of seven from three he @hit last night. @cavs up by ten. @cavs holding each other @accountable. @lebron didn't like how tristan @thompson played defense, let @him know about that. @cavs build the lead to 20. @love, game high 29 points. @to lebron, 17th player to reach @26,000 points and the youngest @to do so. @happened on a free throw. @lebron with 20 points, 9 @boards, 8 assists. @pistons made a late charge.
9:32 am
@he had 28, 11 and 19 shooting. @cavs go onto win 114-106 and 33 @and 12. @we get set for the big show @down tonight at the q. cavs and @spurs, i say it's time for our @statement win. @they lost to the spurs 15 days @ago in texas. @cavs are 0-3 against the spurs @and warriors combined, and san @antonio comes in with two days' @rest. @big weekend for the tribe. @they announce the 2016 hall of @fame class yesterday. @and tribe fest is today. @but let's talk about michael @brantley. @we caught up with the @outfielder yesterday evening. @he's excited about where he's @at after surgery on his right @shoulder in november due to the @injury suffered on that play in @minnesota last september. @diving for the ball. @brantley feels great, and would @love to be back on opening day. @>> get back as soon as @possible. @as soon as i'm cleared by the
9:33 am
@what it takes, and get back @with the teammates. @i have a great routine i'm @going to go through, and i'll @be ready to go. @>> i'll see you again tonight @at six and eleven. @don't forget. @sports tonight, tomorrow night, @paul hoins from, @and the plane dealer, joins me @to talk tribe. @i'm dave chudowsky, have a @great weekend everybody. @ we're going to catch you @upen headlines you might have @missed during the workweek. @first olga with a check of the @forecast. @ we have a great weekend on @tap, especially since this is @the end of january, and we have @more spring like temperatures. @i'm tracking more changes. @not only is rain entering the @forecast, we're also going to
9:34 am
@ @ welcome back, we want to @get you caught up on headlines @you may have missed. @here's your week in review. @ never in the history of @cleveland or any other city for @that matter has there been an @incident that covered the @distance, time and number of @individuals involved. @>> that's what police call the @wild 60 plus car chase that @ended in a barrage of 137 @shots, killing unarmed suspects @timothy russell and melissa @williams. @>> six officers fired and six
9:35 am
@>> there's fear, transparent, @in the core due process. @>> it's politically motivated. @there's two people promoted out @of this whole thing. @who are those folks, mike @mcgraph, the then police chief @gets promoted to safety @director. @marty flask then safety @director gets promoted to @whatever he's doing in the @mayor's office. @>> the woman accused in a hit @skip turned herself in. @the 24-year-old struck a 31- @year-old turning on fulton from @clark avenue. @she pulled into a nearby gas @station and watched the after @math before driving off. @ for the first time former @broomfield police chief david @oliver came face to face in @court with the woman he was @charged with sexually @harassing. @officer crystal casteline. @>> he turned around and glared @at me. @even now he attempts to
9:36 am
@>> this whole thing be puddles @me. @>> the boston globe endorses @john kasich. @>> kasich and other republicans @hoping for more face time in @thursday's debate. @donald trump will be a no show @because he thinks moderator @megyn kelly is unfair. @>> trump has criticized fox @news in the past and called out @kelly saying she is quote a @third rate reporter who is bad @at her job end quote. @>> clashing with nbc's peter @alexander claiming his question @misquoted trump. @>> do i apologize for reading @your words. @>> for not reading my words. @>> the disguises of johnny @manziel. @there it stands, and you @thought billy manziel was @offensive issue the last panel, @whether you want to see it or @not, a caricature with part of @a man's anatomy with manziel's @face on it. @>> i'm very afraid. @i don't know, just taking one @day at a time. @we don't know what to do. @>> everything should be okay as
9:37 am
@>> dc police got in the snow @spirit by blasting the frozen @sound track on city streets. @dc got nearly two feet of snow @over the weekend. @>> as the east coast was @getting hammered by the @blizzard, some people took time @to have a little fun. @this video of a t rex shoveling @snow has gone viral. @>> what a fantastic night at @the renaissance, the 16th @annual greater cleveland sports @award, and our own jim donovan @well done. @>> we are so proud of him. @congratulations to jim donovan. @well deserved. @>> great guy. @ we are getting a little bit @of spring like temperatures. @i was saying in the break, i @know i told you this before, @but my tulips are starting to @pop through, which worries me a @little bit, but i don't wear my @it. @>> actually, this is probably a @good weekend to do a little bit
9:38 am
@for the spring. @not too much in the way of @planting, i would not @recommend, because we will have @a lot more winter to go, but if @you want to do a little bit, @enjoy the outdoors, get your @fingers in the dirt a little @bit. @today might be a good day for @prep work. @we have mainly sunny skies this @morning. @we'll see clouds filter in, but @i guarantee, this radar is @long. @rise. @freezing. @with that wind out of the @south, it's feeling like the @20s. @bundle up as you're heading @out. @you want the jacket or coat @with you. @you'll be shedding that later @on today. @currently we have 35 degrees @downtown. @check out the soul winds, @newscast going to boost our @temperature up and continue to @keep us on the mild side of @things throughout the weekend. @the warm up is underway. @we'll get to clouds with @sunshine later on this @afternoon, but rain enters the @forecast on sunday. @i'll let you know exactly when
9:39 am
@pretty good. @milder temperatures as well as @an opportunity for more clouds @to move in later on today. @our clouds, our future view @around 6:00, meaning that the @perform fine. @the clouds do roll in @overnight, and early tomorrow @morning, our temperatures @aren't going to drop too much. @most of us will sit in the @middle range to lower 40s early @in the morning. @i think the rain will hold off @hour. @this is an approximation of the @timing. @but later on through tomorrow @evening and overnight, we'll @get some sprinkles and looks @like it will be out of here in @time for the monday morning @rush. @overall, a gorgeous weekend on @tap. @very mild temperatures into the @afternoon and evening. @and we have the opportunity to @see temperatures as high as 48, @close to that 50-degree mark @later on today. @window nation, 7-day forecast, @is definitely going to take us
9:40 am
@not only for today, but for @tomorrow as well. @i think a couple of locations @tomorrow might even see lower @50s. @i was conservative on this @forecast. @the day of change however is @going to be tuesday into @wednesday. @daytime temperatures on tuesday @will be going up. @daytime temperatures midnight @high of 50 coming down on @wednesday. @that's the next front. @>> all right. @we can handle it. @i mean, after a week almost of @in the 50s, we can deal with a @couple 20s. @>> thanks olga. @ while your workouts are @important, it's important to @take care of your body if you @get injured. @trainer nick is here now with @how you can take care of @yourself in this weekend's @weekend warrior. @ welcome to the weekend @warrior, joining me, state @licensed medical massage @therapist olivia muche. @she is helping me because i @have done something to my neck @in training. @it's important to get back into @the gym.
9:41 am
@get me right, and get me back @to training. @tell me what you find because @i'm in pain. @>> what i have found so far @just in your neck, the neck is @very tight, and there's a @muscle in here that runs down @underneath your trapezius, and @connects to your shoulder blade @which can cause shoulder pain. @there's a muscle that i'm kind @of rolling over. @>> yes, you are. @wow. @and that's going to be an @initial point. @it's a very common injury. @>> so by alleviating some of @these pinched nerves or what @you're finding in there, that @can get me back to the gym a @heck of a lot faster than @trying to do it on my own. @>> absolutely. @tell me where you're located @at. @>> i'm located inside active @care physical therapy on vine @street in willoughby. @>> awesome. @folks, no joke, whatever she @did feels awesome already, and @i have to tell you if you're
9:42 am
@pinched nerves and rotator @cuffs, no matter what it is, @implement massage therapy in @your training. @get right, get strong. @i'm personal trainer, nick @oskowski. @i hope to see you next week for @the weekend warrior. @ @ we are going to be back @with a check of your forecast @and we leave you with a little
9:43 am
@ @ it's a day that you almost @want to break out the lawn @mower. @>> if you can. @>> we have a lot of snow on the @ground. @>> you know, but in all @honesty, i'm thinking about the @leaves that are stuck in some @garden beds. @today might be a good day to @clean that out. @don't have to do too much @spring cleaning. @>> absolutely. @i think if you want to get a @few things done around the @house outside the house, @outdoors, this is definitely @the day to get some of that @done. @we're going to keep our @temperatures very mild today. @we're going to be just shy of @50 degrees. @i think we're going to hit that @mark tomorrow, and a few of us @will go even higher, but yeah, @it's not going to last too @long. @>> i have a feeling today is @when everybody is going to take @down the christmas lights @finally. @>> hopefully. @>> have a great day, everyone. @we'll see you back here at @6:00. @in the meantime, check out @
9:44 am
@take channel 3 news and weather @with you wherever you go. @download our free apps. @ @ closed captioning of @channel 3 news is sponsored by @certificate serpentine
9:45 am
@ @ come to northeast factory @direct. @owner, alex. @thank you so much for joining @us. @business? @ingly started the business out @of my roommates garage 12 years @ago with one dining room set. @>> and 12 years later, we're in @a bigger garage a warehouse @with more than just a dining @room set. @this place is filled with @everything. @what do you have to offer? @>> we have hot tubs, bedroom @sets, recliner, sectionals, @mattresses, kitchen cabinets, @home. @>> inside and out. @>> yeah. @and we're not just talking @about savings of a hundred @dollars here or there.
9:46 am
@dollars on either one piece of @furniture or even furnishing @your whole home. @>> it's ridiculous what we can @save you. @>> when you think about it, @it's the mark up at the fancy @stores. @this isn't fancy when you come @in here. @>> our rent here is about a @tenth of what it would cost in @a high rent retail area. @we buy everything by the @truckload. @and that's how we can pass the @savings onto everybody else. @>> this is a warehouse but @there are no warehouse fees. @>> absolutely. @we don't charge any membership @fees whatsoever. @>> i'm sure you see a lot of @people buying one piece of @furniture and when they see the @cost, they end up buying @furniture for the whole home. @>> exactly. @>> i have sent my family, @friends, neighbors love me now @because they have come here and @bought stuff from your store. @you made me look good alex. @>> you're welcome. @>> you have two locations, west @140th and east lake.
9:47 am
@all you have to do is go to
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