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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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@ @ the in @iowa. @wait until you he -- here what @a hotel room -- wait ar what a hotel room is going @for in des moines. @ this akron bar is beginning @-- is looking intoey @were targeted. @ temperatures near 60 right @now. @rain is moving through.rain will change things in
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@ in 24 hours the first @voters will weigh in. thank you th us this sunday @night i am chris tye. @they may have a storm to @contend with further monday @we have a lot to get through @tonight. @they make it on sunday night @scramble.ter: with two days to @go, donald trump came back. @>> if we can win here, if we @win in iowa, we can for the first time ever. @>> reporter: he means run every @republican contest.
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@get out of focus. @>> reporter: if your wife or you leave your @wife because you do not like, @you have to get out.s winning back the iowa @front-runner spot. @>> what do you say to the @trump factors -- what the trump backers? @>> reporter: marco rubio's. clinton's lead has @slipped. @her longtime supporters @supporting. @>> for those who decide to @support me, thank you, thank @you very much. @>> we will win the caucus on
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@>> reporter: predicting the @turnout, it is impossible. @they say a big turnout helps bernie sanders. @>> thanks,wa and new @hampshire votes. @ohio's governor john kasich is @doing well there. on the poll that he @looks at. @he is skipping iowa this week. @he's trying to lock down -- @you are wondering when you get @to vote on this? @ohio can vote on march 15.cost to be in the @states? @we looked at the hotel rates inn normally
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@during caucus week it is over @$600. @we checked the super out @checked the super eight in @strongsville, normally $50 a @night during the rnc balloons @higher. @a major presidential debate @will take place, one ohio @college, the cost to host it is @rising fast. @cyber security is increasing @the bill. @they say that plans call for @spending $8 million preparing @for the september 26 debate. @they've only received $200,000 @in state funds.
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@was subject of a popular cable @show, it was robbed this week. @is part of a string of @robberies in akron. @it was bad timing. @>> it has made national tv and @now they are making local news. @they broke into their outdoor @freezer and stole $1200 worth @of beer. @>> reporter: bar rescue, that @is the show that he was on last @year and now he is making local @news. @>> they took everything they @could carry. @>> reporter: there was an event @for saturday for someone who @recently passed away. @but when they went into the
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@took also some higher dollar @beer and a couple cases of @monster. @the way things are lately, i @can't say i am surprised. @there has been a lot of weird @crimes going on in the akron @area.>> reporter: for businesses @-- four business -- for @businesses -- four businesses @were robbed also. @>> i am stunned because i live @in the community. @it is sad.>> i do not know, it @is crazy though. @>> i probably should have done @more as far as locking, bigger @and better cameras, better @locks. @but no matter what you do, you @are fighting against the system.
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@the owners here are going to @build a new fence with barbed @wire on the top. @the local businesses around @here are working with local @police to see if the security @cameras from the other @businesses saw anything. @there are cameras all over the @place in his restaurant but he @did not have any outback. @he says that is going to change. @if you have seen anything you @are asked to call akron police. @>> thank you. @from akron to sandusky. @attempted murder from incident @on monday, someone was walking @-- someone was knocking on all @window on north forest drive in @a 22-year-old was shot. @three guns were confiscated. @ which is often called a
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@store chains and cbs, they're @going to -- cvs, they are going @to carry the drug that can save @lives. @it has become recently available @with the heroine academic. @ a retired police officer @and his canine companion @together. @state law that says when the @police officer retires before @the can i retires, ajax must be @put up for auction's. @-- for auction. @they started a growth fund me
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@>> everybody cares about this. @the outpouring in the calls i @have been getting from other @people, the support it is just @amazing. @>> we still do not know if he @can keep the dog. @the auction will start this @week and go on through february. @the funds will go on to an @organization that provide bullet @proof vests for canine officers. @ it started at 1 pm, police @tried to pull over on north @ridgeville man. the mansfield @police officers use stop sticks. @but they finally ended up @taking him into custody early @this morning. @ a local group known for its @random acts of kindness, helping
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@the group, random acts of @kindness everywhere, today, @they are sending launches up to @flint michigan. @along with 65,000 bottles of @water. @it is an event organizers say @is much more about the ohio, @michigan rivalry. @>> things you take for granted. @giving water to your dog, a @simple bottle of water you take @for granted.>> water @collections were made all week. @>> snoop dogg is the latest @celebrity to get involved with @the lead water crisis. @he was trying to find out ways @he can get involved. @he is one of many celebrities @finding out about the problem.
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@action from the government. @ coming up, it was a @dramatic jailbreak in southern @california who is back behind @bars in the new procedures @behind that locked up. @ take a look how that @weather pattern, it is @threatening some very popular @coastal properties. @ @ there is a cold front @moving through the region right @now. @downpours and mild temperatures. @ @a @ @big change @ @to our monday
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@ @ welcome back, new video @tonight, they were for a week @on the run. @they were found in a stolen van. @a woman alerted police. @they have tightened security at @the jail. @a third escapee surrendered on @friday. @ bill cosby and his @attorneys tried to get to the @criminal sex assault case, @trying to get it thrown out.
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@that cued him -- prosecute @him. more than 2000 turtles @have been rescued from being @smuggled. @they are being smuggled in @boxes called crabs they were @too heavy and customs officials @took a look inside. @the said there were several @last year as well. @ the match-up one week from @tonight, the carolina panthers @and the denver broncos. @it will be played in the golden @state. @fans come from all over to take @part in to cheer on their team @in the big game.
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@to attend. @the pacific coast considers -- @continues to being eroded here @due to the high tides, take a @look at backup it is falling @into the sea, that is the city @of pacifica. @20 apartments are along that @coastline. @they are inspecting the land @and some of the people there do @not want to evacuate.>> when @those apartments were built @they were dozens if not feet @away from that. @>> it will be interesting to @see what el nio does for the @super bowl.
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we have showers around now and those will be gone or the morning commute. take a look at the temperatures. does our 30s, i know it does not feel like that now but we will see a big temperature drop overnight on into the morning. lake, ashtabula, portions of lorain , the yellow is showing the heavier downpours. it's towards elyria right now and the turnpike on up to 71. it is moving to the east at 35 miles per hour.
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am. speaking of that temperatures, what a way to say goodbye to january. it is almost 60 and downtown cleveland. it is 57 in akron canton . we will see the temperatures in the 30s by 6 am. as you head out the door on monday, grab a heavier jacket you will need it not just in the morning but throughout the afternoon. the temperature will continue to drop on monday. we will settle into the low to mid 30s. we may see a couple of breaks in the clouds. any rain will be done before the morning commute. there is our first storm system moving away it is part of a funnel system going back to the west and southwest. there is the big storm in california, it is a powerful
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snow making a sheen from iowa to kansas. -- into a snowmaking machine from iowa to kansas. the snow will stay to the north and west, this is not our winter for a big heavy snowfall. we will get rain and temperatures will be back into the 50s. it will lineup down towards mansfield and everyone will be in their 30s and there will be a lot of wind, there will be breaks of sunshine by late tomorrow. south of the lake you will get into the 40s, but closer to the lake mid 30s. we will see the rain returned late tuesday but before that
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that will be after that second storm system, thursday, friday, saturday, feeling like winter.
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@ @ and now the mentor and kia @sports report. @ three guys, the brown and @orange how did they do? @there are some things to watch @on tv tonight. @the propyl -- the pro bowl. @stars and stripes and good to @be in hawaii for the propyl.
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@that was his only catch, joe @thomas was in the game, there @was an interception, he had two @tackles. he had five catches @and two touchdowns. @not a mvp. @russell wilson, final score, 49- @27. @ denver and carolina, both @teams have arrived. @the broncos for the first team @to land, peyton manning, @landing in san jose just before
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@tonight, the panthers arrived @just after 7 pm eastern time. @cam newton was leading and he @has been a big time focused @this past week. @the panthers 17-1. they did not @speak to the media. @ it is a big weekend for @the indy -- indians. @there was tribe fest. when @will he return due to having @surgery on his shoulder? @there is a different time on @his return. @>> he will probably replace @brantley in left field. @you have the third baseman, and
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@joey butler and shane robinson, @you have james ramsey, there's @going to be like 10 or 12 out @feelers there.>> -- @outfielders. @>> coming up next. college @hoops, the buckeyes feeling the @upset, he feels the steel and @then makes -- he feels the steal @, and that would be the last, @he takes it from there and gets @the win. @the buckeyes are 14-9. @ we will but not a sunday @night when we @ @come @
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local stations matter. @ @ finally tonight, the great @lakes science center, you can @exploit the artifacts gathered @by robert ripley and find out @scientifically why you should @believe them.
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@the brand, believe it or not. @natural world to interesting @things. @there are a lot of neat @opportunities to believe things @or not if you choose. @>> ripley's believe it or not. @>> were you hoping we would @chime in? @-- you get to go home. @that exhibit that opened @yesterday runs through february @february 24. @admission to the science center @is included with that exhibit. @ we have a great show. @we will be talking tribe
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@ @>> talking about baseball, you @could have played ball. we will be falling 20 plus degrees overnight. it will feel like the first day
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