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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the road actually closed going in both directions yesterday. they had to set up a command center to get things going. they had so much to do out there that they needed a makeshift command center. it is a stretch of road that is always a hazardous condition. but as you can see, there are
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a couple of people have pulled off. a lot of snow was blowing. it was an coming down but blowing. out here around berlin, things are looking pretty good right now.>> as you were talking about the east shore, we have a break down at east 56. please be careful. the roads north look at her but we're going to focus on the south because that is where we are seeing a slowdown. here's the picture. not too @many cars out but the roads are @slick so people are taking it @slow which is good in this type @of driving condition. @is a 5 to 10 minute delay @because people are going slow. @and 71 where 271 meats, it @looks better than it did 30 @minutes ago but it is still @slick roads so please be
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@or a drive time on 271. @25 minutes heading north. @22 minutes heading south. @this is typically a 17 minute @drive. @greg continues our coverage of the weather right now.>> when it comes to lake effects know, we have you covered on air and online at we have you covered on air and we are always looking for your photos and images. that is what i am looking for this morning. between a pictures and whether you do, -- when you do, picture use the #3 weather. i'm also looking for your snow reports. before you shovel the driveway, my way. we will be sharing them with you throughout the morning. >> of course, we have a lot more news to get to coming up this morning. including a closer look at a 12-year-old missing case in
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the standoff at the wildlife refuge is finally in sight. two more gop commanders -- contenders drop out. what it means for the remaining contenders and what to watch out for in tonight's democratic debate. a live look right now outside the west side. we are on team coverage of snow
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@ @ object in right now. @and a live look outside at the @fairmont area. @you can see the roads are snow- @covered and we have crews all @over the area giving you live @pictures and updates on the @road conditions as you head out @this morning.
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@the indian valley school is on @a two-hour delay. @we will keep you posted. @from cleveland's cold case file @, police are asking your help @to find a man missing for 12 @years. @>> he was last seen in the area @of west 172nd. @he would be 51 years old. @he is five he is 5'10", 140 @pounds. @red hair and blue eyes. @ the republican presidential @candidates pole is smaller this @morning. @>> new hampshire took a toll on @some campaigns. @>> reporter: the democrats code @-- go to wisconsin for their @debate tonight. @hillary clinton will try to @gain some ground. @on the other hand, the @republicans. @in both cases, we are counting @the candidates as they to until
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@there are two left for the @republicans. @seven repeating the focus in @south carolina. @>> with chris cristie and carly @fiorina out, it's a smaller @field. @>> the question for people in @south carolina is, what kind of @person do you want behind the @big desk?>> reporter: he says @he will try not to go negative. @ted cruz is counting on the @evangelical voters. @>> the men and women of south @carolina 1a consists of @conservative -- want a @consistent conservative. @>> reporter: he hammered @hillary clinton and her sudden @loss in new hampshire.>> @honestly, women don't like her. @men don't like her. @take a look at what is @happening to her! @>> reporter: the congressional
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@today. @>> the people of south carolina @are angry right now and they @want a candidate who reflects @that. @>> go your own way. @the revolution is possible. @you are the revolution!>> @reporter: carolina voters @facing off with hillary clinton @tonight in the debate. @it has been lucrative for @bernie sanders campaign. @he says he has raised $5.2 @million in the small donations @he talks about. @ the weather coverage. @holly and greg both in the @weather center. @justin, claymont schools are @delayed. @>> greg is going to talk totals @and i just sent out a tweet @asking for you to send us what @you have on the ground. @maybe a picture for you to show.
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@last night. @fresh reports from your @neighborhood. @that is the best way to do it. @>> starting off with a live @look, this is cleveland and the @traffic seems to be moving @okay. @it is going to vary. @we are having the most trouble @in areas south this morning @where we had a band of snow @that impacted that area @overnight. @high fives four 9,000,000 l -- @9 million layers as you're @heading out the door. @wind chill is zero. @temperatures only in the teens. @i'm thinking a lot of indoor @recesses. @tapering to a few flurries by @later. @the good news, we will see some @sunshine today.
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@for tomorrow and then a really @cold valentine weekend. @so here's what is going on as @far as lake effect snow showers @this morning. @you see that band through @vagina and summit county. @it is impacting those of you in @my dinah. @it is lightening up a little @bit through akron. @but still moving out and @heading further south as we get @even closer yet. @wadsworth into barberton, we @have the snow. @these are the areas that are @dealing with the most slowdowns. @but i want to one of your view @to give you perspective. @see how quiet it is in @comparison to the lakeshore and @over the like, for that matter @so i think the overall trend is @going to be improving as far as @lake effect snow showers @already evidence that the @national weather service has @now backed off on the make a @spec -- lake effects know
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@ashtabula, the advisories are @in place. @we will keep you updated. @the cold air advisory is in @effect for all of you today. @>> we will be adding up to some @of these. @the best way to send them to us @with your facebook, instagram @or twitter, use that #, 3 @weather. these are some of the @reports coming in. @interestingly enough, some of @the higher totals right on the @lake. @matteson, 8 inches in a 12 hour @period. @cuyahoga county coming in @between one and 3 inches. @an even down toward mansfield, @3 1/2 inches. @that is what some of you may be @waking up to in places like
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@hanging out there we will be @adding several more inches to @this as we go into friday night @and the weekend and that is @just before the next big shot @of real cold air arriving this @weekend. @that could have spilling some @of the coldest air we have help @this winter season. @>> that brings us to perfect @timing. @i have this feature view until @7:38 tomorrow. @watch the action. @here comes the next round and @an equal opportunity of snow with a front moving through at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. we will continue to see snow into tomorrow night with one to three with one to 3+ inches. tomorrow, here comes the next round of snow later in the day. and then, that bitter cold air. if we are lucky on saturday, we
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showers early in the day. with highs around 20 degrees. more seasonal as we head into next week. 5:17, let's check your drive. @ today is one of those days @where you want to give yourself @some extra time because of the @conditions we are seeing out on @the road. @especially to the south. @76 w. at inland, the left lane @is blocked. @here's a picture at arlington @road. @as you can see, it looks like a @-- it is blocked off by a semi. @we are seeing normal drives in @this area. @maybe a five-minute delay. @60 minutes heading west and @east. @a five-minute delay so give @yourself extra time. @to the north, we are seeing an
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@i want you to avoid the @crashes. @back to you. @ we have breaking news in @our morning newsfeed. @the 40 day armed takeover of an @organ wildlife refuge maybe @nearing end. @>> morrie is keeping an eye on @it and the fbi has the place @surrounded. @>> we learned that the last @four armed occupiers say they @will turn themselves in this @morning. @they tell the f ti that they @will leave their guns and @walked out while holding an @american flag. @they are the last of the group @that took over the refuge last @month to protest federal land- @use policy. @several were arrested. @one was shot by police. @ a train crash in egypt. @the train hit a concrete block @and derailed sitting the front @car airborne. @the injuries appeared to be
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@a poor safety record. @ here's one for you. @the burger wars are making @weight for hot dogs. @burger king is partnering up @with oscar meyer, offering a @classic hotdog and chili cheese @starting on february starting @on february 23. @all the dogs are 100% beef. @they are also going to be @served on bake buns. @they will start at $1.99. @burger king is going head to @head with sonic. @>> what surprises me about @burger king, it's a burger @joint. @mcdonald's tried this with a @hotdog. @it was a huge failure. @>> they tested it and five @other markets and it did really @well. @>> so they are looking to make @big bucks. we will see how it
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@ did you know that two @different bakeries in the us @are responsible for making girl @scout cookies. @it turns out, they each make
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@ @ part of our live snow @coverage continues at 5:24. @if you're waking up south, you @have a nasty surprise this @morning but here we go, this is @77 hitting two akron and you @can see the roads are still @snowpacks. @ it is girl scout cookie @time and not all that myths are @created equally.
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@on where you live.>> the story @first appeared on the website, @mental floss. @abc beggars and little brownie @bakers and a map shows which @baker you get depending on @where you live. @we get little brownie bakers in @northeast ohio. @to get our thin mints. @they are more chocolate covered @and have a hint of mint. @the one on the right. @if you have family in the west, @there is our current year and @into europe. @-- crunchier and mintier. @>> they are called coconut @chocolate cookies in california. @so they do things a little @differently. @>> we can't even get on the @same page. @but they are all delicious. @we know that. @>> and i know they have coffee @creamers. they have it all, @these days.
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@in the newsroom. @temperatures in the teens. so- @called. @that is the universal thing for @everyone of you today. @as john and me to have been @mentioning, your hearing the @reports on the roads, really @messy spots. @especially south where we had @snow overnight and it is still @snowing around akron and @madonna. @on the travel map, lake effect @snow but they are going to be @tapering off today and we will @see things kind of ease. @remember, it is and read. @so it's kind of obvious when i @see it going off right there. @ ahead at 5:dirty, we are @talking jobs. @how a local company is working @to keep local talents. @ the city of cleveland said @the bill to the family of tamir @rice. @why the city says they owe them @$500. @ we continue our weather
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@one annoyed those the weather @had one run rate shutdown at
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@ @ we are getting onto 77 south @starting your morning rush and @the roads are snow-covered. @the matter where you are, you @can see it. @this pickup truck has been @trouble -- has been having @trouble trying to get up the @ramp. @i don't know if the car has @rearwheel drive or having @trouble with the ramp but even @on the highway, most of it is @snowpack and snow-covered. @we know there have been reports @of several accidents at the @-- that the summit county
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@with. @a semi truck, at some point, is @often a ditch. @if you're in the akron area, @you want to make sure you get @out the door and give yourself @plenty of time.>> yesterday had @a lot going on out here. @it looks pretty good so far @this morning. @very dark in that is actually a @good thing. @that means there is not that @much snow on the road. @yesterday was a much different @story. @over a dozen accidents out @there. @people sent to the hospital @from a stretch of road that is @notorious every year for having @accidents. @so far this morning, they have @done a pretty good job of @clearing everything. @the roast roads are on the east @side. @>> madonna city schools are @closed today.
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@we're getting more closings and @delays coming in which will be @at the bottom of the screen. @you can always log onto wkyc @for the complete list. @it is still busy snowing in my @dinah and summit county and @that is where we are seeing @many of the tieups this morning @as far as road conditions go. @we zoom in and the south side @of my dinah which is the most @of the snow ranging from light @to moderate. @it has been very steady over @the past couple of hours. @the same thing for those of you @in akron. @we have numerous advisories and @warnings that are still in @place. @a change from when you went to @bed. @cuyahoga county lake effect snow @till 10 am.
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@the other big thing is the cold @. 10 to 20. 10 to 20 mi./h @sustained winds and windchills @below zero as you are waking up. @danny and i are working close @today with all of these messy @road conditions. @ i 76 where you see this @broken down semi today left, @that means you need to get over @to the right and we are seeing @most of the incidents to the @south work we also have another @accident at carroll street near @the university of akron. @and also at 77 south. @sort -- for those of you taking @77, 76, route 8 in summit @county, be prepared to add about @10 minutes to your drive.
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@20 into downtown. @allow yourself extra time this @morning so that you are not @late and not caught up in an @accident. @ columbia gas is working to @restore service. @the restoration could take up @to 30 minutes at each home. @residents are asked to leave @the porch light on or call the @number on the screen. @customers worried about frozen @pipes are advised to keep cold @water dripping from any faucet @in the home. @a warming center is set up by @the red cross in sandusky. @>> late last night, some flights @were delayed after a small @private plane slid off of the @runway and onto the grass. @the pilot was the only person @on board and was not hurt. @the other planes were diverted @into midair. @the roadways -- runways did @have snow on them.
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@date with our wkyc app or school closings and @delays are there plus running @at the bottom of your screen. @more delays and closings right @now. @the two biggest, cardiac -- and @madonna. @ this man was caught on @surveillance cameras robbing @the keybanc on buckeye and @cleveland. @witnesses say he is in his 40s. @the suspect demanded money from @the teller saying to her, think @of your family. @no injuries were reported. @call police if you have @information. @the city of cleveland wants @tamir rice his family to pay @$500 for the 12-year-olds last @dying expense. @the claim says the money is @passed to balance for emergency @medical services.
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@life support and another $50 @for the mileage. @the lawyer for the family says @the claim is insensitive. @ it is time for the morning @news feed. @the us justice department has @filed a civil rights lawsuit. @earlier this week, ferguson @city council did an about-face @and rejected an agreement @previously made. @the agreement would change how @their courts are operating. @the judge will decide what @happens next. @ to california sheriff's @deputies killed when their @plane crashed into the side of @a mountain. @a civilian pilot, shop as an @another deputy had just @finished assisting officers @with an arrest. @shop as had flown -- he had @learned with the department @previously. @the faa is investigating. @ cdc and the senate will @take on the threat of those are
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@the director of the cdc and @other health officials will @talk to two different senate @committees about the virus and @the president's request for @$1.8 million in funding work @the cdc continues to warn @pregnant women against travel. @ muslims are rejoicing this @morning after the author of @every potter -- harry potter @announced a new book. @featuring harry and his three @children a few decades after @the ending of the last book. @this is an adaptation of the @play now coming out on july 31. @so mark your calendars for that @one. @back to you. @>> we are so excited. @ our alert system has @another closures.
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@dinah -- buckeye is closed @today. @ how about this guy as your @virtual date. @>> i love the hair. @>> let it happen captain. @ the cavs have reached their @all-star break in their is @still one game that sticks out @as big trouble for this game @and i think it dates back to @last year's finals.
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@ @ more live pictures here at @5:31. @crews are traveling down 176 in @akron. @travel seems to be moving okay @even though we have snow packed @roads. @holly is tracking the weather. @danny has the roads and we have @you covered. @ in an effort to avoid these @so-called brain drains, @businesses are coming together @to host a first of its time -- @first of its kind internship @summit. @keeping educated and young @people here in cleveland. @this morning, we have look at @how you can turn an internship @into a full-time job.
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@internship. @never stop networking. @network with everyone from @senior leaders to your hello in @turns. @those vital contacts are great @leads on future jobs. @and finally, be assertive. @volunteer for as many @assignments as possible and @prove you can meet the @responsibilities of a full-time @job. @>> the 21st meeting between the @two. @colby hit the jumper. @17. lakers are 11 and 44. @but the concern is kevin love. @he entered -- he injured the @same shoulder. @it is nice to have the all-star @break now.>> for my take this @morning, the cavs head to break
5:31 am
@number one in the east. @they are now running and @putting up more points @averaging 108 points since the @coaching change. @with lebron james, the cavs @won't have any roadblocks but @for this team. @i think it goes all the way @warrior's lasting. @>> we will keep playing the @same way and we have to be more @aggressive. @and make it happen. @>> that was the message. @that was curry after golden @state dropped three. @since that moment, the warriors @are 51 and four. @more talent that they also have @guts, cockiness and they don't @always play the best game but @they talk the best game. @you won't find a more confident @team in sports. @remember curry said he was @hoping to still smell the @champagne in the locker room? @he mouthed off.
5:32 am
@they did nothing about it and @they got embarrassed on their @own home court. @that was under david black. @after two more months of @playing with high, loose style, @i think they can be a bigger @threat to golden state. @they will have a challenge but @the question that is going to @hang over this team until a @possible rematch in june is do @they have the heart, attitude @and mental toughness to hang @with the warriors. @we will find out. @we would love to hear from you @and now we need to hear more @about this weather. @>> the closings continue to @come in. @a lot of these are around my @dinah.>> we will do that and @get some totals in. @we are going to end up seeing
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@tapering a bit. @it is going to be cold and only @in the teens. @it is 15 at hopkins. @544 -- 5:44. @the madonna county career @center is closed today. @so the snow tapers off to @flurries and then we are @tracking more snow for tomorrow. @we have a frigid and bitter @cold we can on the way for @valentines and as greg @mentioned, the snow band has @been very persistent. @summit. @it has lightened up some. @we will see some of those snow @showers exit madonna proper. @you will notice that areas @around guilford and wadsworth @and three barberton, you're @looking dry at the moment. @but many of these districts are
5:34 am
@just a mess. @it is much quieter on the @lakeshore. @advisories and warnings going @until for but that cold air is @for every single one of you @today. @current temperatures in the @teens. @current wind chills are zero @and below. @it does feel like -4 and that @snow continues to add up in @spots. @>> we have already seeing quite @a bit of it here through last @night and there is more to @come. @let me show you the snow totals. @the atlanta airport was tweeted @to me by john this morning. @thank you so much for sending @that in. @he did that by sending in the 3 weather. @just add the hashtag to all of @your social media posts and we
5:35 am
@mansfield, 3 1/2. @matteson on the lake, 8 inches. @there is more to come. @take a look at the snowfall @forecast as we go through @friday night into saturday. @another shot of arctic air @moves down into northeast ohio @and we could easily add another @places. @maybe some slightly higher @amounts. @and the higher terrain of geauga @county. @we are picking up on another @swath of snow through the rain. @we could be adding more to @those totals, as well. @>> that brings us to this. @i fast-forward to tomorrow and @this is what greg was talking @about. @it is snowing and the snow @continues as greg mentioned
5:36 am
@saturday. @it is going to be bitter cold. @mansfield schools on a two-hour @delay. @your 7-day forecast, upper @teens today. @lake effect snow showers will @taper off. @we have another arctic front @moving through for us on friday @and it looks like the bulk of @that will come to dinner. @so think about your friday @evening plans. @14 is your high saturday. @we are back in the 30s early @next week you -- early next @week. 5:48. she said all of @my colleagues convinced me to @send this picture and to give @and hope that it would be on
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@angie.>> and endorsement.>> @good job. @>> we know you cannot put a @price on true love but they are @trying to do it just in time @for valentine's day. @>> they say if you are looking @to have a romantic day with @your sweetie, it is going to @cost you $500. @they broke down the typical @expenses. @a dozen roses, $100. @a box of chocolates, $15. @a bottle of champagne, $51 and @diamond earrings for $323. @total cost, $512. @the retailers love you this @holiday. @>> if you are going to be alone @on valentine's day, check out @bobbio.
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@the italian romance boy will @ask you questions. he is @reclining on a bear rug with a @bottle of champlain -- @champagne and two adorable @kittens. @so where is that glamorous @breeze? @>> you can do that. for 399, we @will do the same thing with matt @. @>> i don't need wind in my @hair, i got one of these.>> @turned on. @actually tied to safety. @we are talking survival. @before we get to your storm @saving, i know you are keeping @us safe on the roads. @>> my fingers are moving, @tweeting out accidents and @delays. @a lot of the incidents are to
5:39 am
@77, 76. @please add time to your drive. @we are seeing a 10 minute delay. @also a delay on 71 n. and the @turnpike. @it is going to be a long delay @as we move to the south. @we will be right back after
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@ @ so we are in a snowstorm. @>> i got a lot of requests over @the last few storms. @about that we've had many but @people are asking for good by @size, good outdoor gear. @something you want to put in @the back of your truck so that @you can be seen and i have @found my favorite pair. @a headlamp means distrusted @girl. @-- distress signal. @take a look.
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@in a moment but they are also @rated to be the brightest. @19 bucks. @40% off. @ideal for all sorts of @emergencies. @one of my favorite as paula @pointed out, she will send this @to her school so that they can @have its own hands. @they are good for outdoor @recreation. @weather resistant. @fully adjustable and if @something goes wrong, this is @your key to being visible to @emergency responders. @i love the price. @19 bucks. @to battery packs. @>> -- 2 battery packs. @my entire storage facility @beautifully lit and that is in
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@happy valentine's day, jackie.>> @i love the deal and i love the @practicality of it.>> this and @a bathrobe, life is complete.>> @it is good if you can wear it. @>> i cannot believe the price @of that. @>> 19 bucks! @>> cloverleaf schools closed @today. @those just then on i alert. @so it is cold, snowy and we are @seeing a lot of closings in and @around my dinah. @schools are closed today @because of persistent snow @overnight. @and it is still snowing and @spots this morning. @the good news, lake effect snow @showers are going to taper but @it is the bitter cold air we @are dealing with and i have
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@about. @>> winter is taking around. @coming up at 6:00, the city of @cleveland is building -- @billing the family of tamir rice @. @ a live look at the roads in @the akron area. @some pavement and some snow- @covered. @we will continue to track the @conditions. @we have snowy are areas east @and to the south of us.
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