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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ this morning, northeast @ohio is waking up to snow- @covered roads. @>> here's a live view of what @you can see on the roads this @morning. @the snow has just kept piling @up overnight which has made it @a tough time for the crews to @get out there and get ahead of @this. @they are still trying to play @catch-up in some of the areas @south. @holly, you say that the lake @effect snow showers is winding
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@that is a good thing.>> it is @kind of a catch-up game because @even over the past couple of @minutes, the cow much of the @snow has tapered off. @it is literally light snow and @a few flurries compared to @steady and moderate snow. it @will continue to improve but @now, it is a matter of clearing @those roads. @so much has happened overnight, @that is a problem. @my dinah is looking much drier. @it is now south of you. @akron, you are seeing some @scattered snow showers around @in the vicinity. @this is very light compared to @just a little while ago. @and we are expecting lighter @snow showers and a general @taping trend -- tapering off @trends. @that is not to say we won't @have any snow at all. @i think there will be a few @flurries from time to time but @here is some more great news as @you are waking up with lake
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@cuyahoga county has been @canceled to 10 o'clock this @morning instead of 4:00. @also, ashtabula until 4 o'clock @today. @the other big story for all of @you, it is still called. @we are in the teens. @and we have more snow to track @coming up. let's see what is @going on in the south.>> you @are approaching the interchange @and akron. @we also saw there was a @significant snow band that @passed through the area. @>> there was at some point. @we did see a lot of snow coming @down although it appears that @the snow has let up. @you can see the semi passed us.
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@morning. @the roads are snow packed and @snow-covered. @we have been showing you all @morning. @some people are taking it easy @and some people are not. @you do want to give yourself @extra time so that you do not @have to speed if you are trying @to get to work on time for @school on time. @we have seen a few issues. @some people sighting here and @there. @we have also seen a semi hit a @ditch. @these are some of the issues we @have been seeing. @i reached out to the dot just @to get some information from @them and see what they are @dealing with. @especially with all of the snow @packed and snow-covered roads. @i have yet to hear back and @when i do, i will let you know @what they have to say about @this. the snow called @nightmarish conditions @yesterday.
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@the conditions are okay.>> good @news for the eastside this @morning. @these are the conditions we @have been seeing all over the @place on the east side. @90 all the way out to brewing @-- which was really troublesome @yesterday. @traffic is moving at the speed @limit. @nobody really seems to be @slowing down. @the only thing that could cause @issues is the wind and that @snow will blowoff onto the road. @other than that, the roads are @completely clear. @they want to make sure they @don't have a repeat incident @but as you can see, you have a @couple of spots expected. @and you can see the snow @picking up now. @it is starting to blow but @other than that, things are
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@you for that report. @we always appreciate you. @right now, we have a number of @accidents. @we will blog @where you will have all of the @instant information. right now, @we are seeing delays because of @this crash at waterloo road. @it is off to the right. @if you take 77 between @arlington and 76, the central @interchange, top and its @heading north. @that right is typically a five @minute ride. @now, we look to the north -- @not to the north but state @route 8 n. about a five-minute @delay. @and also some slowing on 271 @between 271 and 77. @we take a look here. @71 and 271 and this picture has
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@that drive time, 23 minutes. @ when it comes to lake @effects know, we have you @covered. @not only on the air but also @online. @we really appreciate you @sending in pictures. @if you have a picture or a @report, send it in to facebook @or twitter. @and look at the shot. @this is from big t. madison on @the lake. @they had 8 inches just @yesterday. @a 12 hour period. @snowballing this morning to try @to get everything cleared out. @we also have a special photo @album. @we will be posting them right @weather conditions, road @conditions in your town. @that is very important to us
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@you out the door. @remember, always those reports @using #3 whether -- weather. @ in other news this morning, @today, that cleveland divorce @attorney charged with lying to @police during the investigation @into the murder of a client @will be arrested today. @he was arrested for a stabbing @in 2013. @she was killed outside his @office building. @she said she was not prepared @for the divorce trial set to @start the next day. @ the city of cleveland once @tamir rice his family to pay @$500. @the 12-year-old's last dying @expense. @saying that the money is past- @due. @$450 for the ambulance. @advanced life support and
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@the lawyer for the family says @the claim is insensitive. @ police are asking for help @to find a man missing for the @last 12 years. @michael hodge was last seen in @the area of one 72nd. @-- 172nd. @red hair and blue eyes. @if you have any information, @call cleveland police. @>> 4500 people finally back on @dry land after their crews ship @is forced to turn around @because of the weather. @the video coming in overnight. @ the amazing video of @firefighters battling flames
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@ @ this is to 61. @-- 261. @the snow is still coming down. @greg, holly, danny. we will get @to in this morning. @>> let's head over to moraine. @you have developing news. @ that's right. @the 40 day armed takeover of a @wildlife refuge may be near the @end. @the last four occupiers say @they will turn themselves in @this morning. @they told the fbi that they @will leave their guns and walk @out while holding an american @flag. @there are the last of the group @that took over the refuge last @month to protest federal land- @use policy. @several were arrested. @one was shot dead by police. @ nafta video you have to see. @california firefighters called
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@flames. @they found the family dog @scared and hiding. @the firefighter pulled the dog @from the back bedroom and @carried her to safety. @the dog was reignited -- @reunited with his owner. @and no one was hurt. @ late last night, the royal @caribbean cruise ship had to @cut its trip short. @the rough conditions tossed @passengers around and the @forecasted conditions were just @going to get worse so the @luxury liner will give everyone @a discount for future trips if @they can brave it again. @we hear it is about 50% off the @next cruise. @>> i don't know. @i don't know if i would do that @again.>> i will talk to greg, @he is our cruise expert. @>> we will start with holly.
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@in, greg was recently on a @cruise.>> can you take us with @you next time. @we will get to the snow totals @and chat. @we will talk about today's @letter -- weather which is @brutally cold. @most of these are south. @medina, especially. @robertson schools are closed @today and it is all because of @that very persistent lake @effects know south of cleveland @overnight while you were asleep @your we are seeing a general @trend to these lake effect @snows today. @and bitter cold the for the @weekend. @look at what a difference a few @hours next on radar. @snows are kind of fizzling as @we speak. @there is also light snow
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@as we get closer in, it is much @more scattered now and madonna @and seven counties. @that is good news. @you can see them adina -- is @seeing a break. @that is really traffic for the @morning commute. @it was so hard yesterday with @that and moving in midday. @the lake effect snow advisory @in effect until 10 am as @opposed to 4 pm. @that was a change overnight @while you were asleep from the @national weather service. @advisories and warning do still @go until 4 o'clock this @afternoon. we don't make those @decisions. @if the weather service decides @to back off of those, we will @let you know. @teens, single digits and air @temperatures. @it is very blustery.
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@hour. @and wind chills are all coming @in below zero so you had better @bundle up as you leave the @house. @right now, it feels like a @below in worcester. @>> that snow is really hard to @clear with the wind. @it was still so light and @fluffy. @but you had better get it @cleaned up today because there @is more on the way. @here's what we're looking at in @terms of snowfall totals. @all across northeast ohio. @i have gotten reports of as @much as 2 to 6 inches. @8 inches the most. john tweeted me this morning using the hashtag 3 weather. this is the last night. so i am counting on your fresh reports this morning as you clear out the driveway and sidewalk, take a measurement for me. three weather. facebook, instagram and twitter.
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up this morning because look what is coming. maybe another quarter to a half inch. it is really the next system, friday night into saturday. another push of arctic air and that could drop an additional 1 to 3 or 4 inches. and you see the banding off to the lake. and then o'leary over toward medina. we will be tracking more snow as we get into friday afternoon. >> that is right. as you can see, after our bus stop forecast. temperatures in the teens this morning. let's get to that and this is friday. basically, 430 in the evening -- 4:30 in the evening. so, for your friday evening plans, tapering off of the snow showers.
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here's a look at your seven day forecast. around 20 tomorrow but we have snow move in later in the day and really frigid on saturday. low in the single digits. wind chills below zero. valentine's day sunday, we are around 20 degrees. 618 -- 6:18, let's check to drive. @ good morning to you. @we hope you're having a great @start to your thursday. @we are seeing those snow an @accident -- we are seeing the @snow and accidents. @for those of you taking 277, @here is 77 where to 77 meets. @as a crash.
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@let the this area. @also, we are seeing a 10 to 15 @minute delay on 271 n. between @71 and 77. @271 has been slow all morning @in that area. @71 n. at west 25th street, a @five-minute delay after going @around the metro curb -- curve @to get to the bridge. @for those of you in the west @shore way, the drive time, the @average speed is supposed to be @35 miles an hour because it @just dropped a couple of weeks @ago but now, people are used to @going fast here but we are @slowing down so please be @careful. @we are seeing delays throughout @the region. @i am tweeting them out at the @bk why see -- @ 6:19 right now. @big changes being made to @twitters timeline. @by the social media shift is @causing a lot of controversy. @ it is time for weather out your window. you would've thought i planned
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this is like taken over a week ago. how cute is this. her granddaughter alyssa and grandson, kh having a good old-
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6:23. a live look at the shore way. looking pretty good right now. yesterday, there was a multivehicle accident. it is looking super clear this morning. we have also cruise to the south of us which pretty slammed. holly will be along with her
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>> if you have logged on to twitter today, you may have noticed the tweets were out of order. that is because the social media site rolled out a new format generated by algorithms. it shows the tweets if think she would like first. there was -- there were repercussions for users. time for my biggest winners and biggest losers and sports. my biggest losers, we know the old saying. there is no eye in team but there is only -- but there is an eye in the word fight. this happened late last night. first-quarter timeout. they start shoving each other and i'm not sure what the fight was about. but this team is a mess.
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they fired their coach. the suns should have fought with the warriors instead but they lost the game. the suns go to break needing to apologize to each other. have you seen that in a while? @a fight. @>> my biggest winners our forum @the of laura basketball league. @h3n2 start with their season @but they rallied together. @and they won the whole @tournament. @congratulations to the whole @team. @i like those jerseys.>> @ it is lightening up. @we are still seeing snow @showers in spots. @and even a few flurries through
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@of the heavy lake effect start @today. @temperatures are in the teens @and we will not climb out of @the teens. @it actually feels zero and @below. @on the travel maps, not a lot @going on in the lake effect for this afternoon but we are tracking more snow and we will have that coming up. coming in on the morning newsfeed, we're following @developing news out of north @korea where we have learned of @an execution. @ if you would like a car and @a little bit of luxury, why @tesla might not be out of your
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@ @ welcome back at 6:30. @you're looking at a live look @of route 18 heading west. @we have team coverage as we @track another snowy commute. @ we just got breaking news @out of cleveland. @a fire truck was involved in an @accident on 480 e. a fire truck @was involved in an accident on @480 e. we have a crew that is @close to the scene. @there are actually two accident @in that area. @that area is probably a good @place to avoid. @>> in the meantime, as we look @at these live pictures, medina
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@the snow happened while you @were asleep in medina and akron. @is certainly fading a lot now. @if you're not staring at your @tv, it is literally hit or miss @light snow showers. @we had steady snow an hour ago @so things are getting better. @in general, we will be tapering @today but we will zoom in to @the medina area. @we still have some light snow @falling in spots. @nothing to compare it to what @we had earlier today -- nothing @compared to what we had earlier @today. @if you're just tuning in, a bit @of a change. @a lake snow advisory for medina @county. @now until 10 am. @that will expire earlier. @it is blustery. @10 to 20 mile 10 to 20 mi./h @winds. @you take the winds into account @and the bitter cold and you get
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@zero and below. @so even though we are dry are @in a lot of places, there will @be icy spots. @ we are starting to see @accidents to the north. @i am tweeting out information @for you for those of you who @live to the south. @we are seeing a 5 to 10 minute @delay on 77 n. near the central @interchange. @i just got an alert that two @lanes are blocked. @as you are approaching 71 n. @and brooke park. @also a crash on 90 e. here's a @picture on fulton road. @you can see something is going
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@fairly normal on 90 e. to the @west. @also 71 n. into downtown, we @are seeing a 3 to 5 minute @delay from i-4 80 -- and on @jennings, a two minute delay. @don't forget, when you hit the @roads, tune into our partners, @1100 total traffic. @it will help you avoid the @slowdowns and the crashes. @>> thank you for getting us @through this. @>> you can see tiffany tarpley @is traveling along the route @right now. @>> reporter: we're coming up on @medina road and medina county. @for the most part, traffic is @moving along pretty slowly here @as they are navigating the snow @this morning. @we were traveling west on 76 w.
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@cleveland and we also have @slowed traffic there so you @have more people out. @this is rush hour heading into @work this morning so you just @have to be careful and be @cautious with that. @we know that road crews have @been out dealing with all of @this. @there is not a lot of snow @coming down now but we have @heard of issues and medina this @morning so we're heading that @way. @we will bring you the latest as @we get it.>> we will check-in @to the east. @ you have been up and down @the eastern counties as well. @ a couple of things that you @need to know. @the roads look pretty good. @especially compared to @yesterday. @everything is pretty [ null ] @-- clear all the way up to 90. @here's a live look at what is @going on on the shore way. @as you can see, they are moving @along. @number one, if you are working
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@so you need to dress accordingly @and number two, even if the @roads are clear at different @times, the wind will pick up all @of this know and really throw @it out there. @at times, visibility will be a @problem. @occasionally, you will see a @big draft come up and other @times, completely clear but @other than that, the lanes look @at a good. @they did a pretty good job on @the east side this morning. @just look out for those big @wind gusts that holly has been @talking about all morning long. @be sure to bundle up. @>> we want to help you stay @ahead of the weather. @you can get school closings @sent right to your phone with @the channel 3 i alert system.
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@more rain -- moraine. @ a manhunt is underway in @los angeles after a one-year- @old girl was shot and killed in @her crib. @they believe the bullet was @intended for a gang member but @the little girl was struck @instead. @ developing overnight, south @korea says north korea executed @its army chief of staff. @the chief was executed for @corruption and other charges. @if this is true, it would be @the latest. @ tesla is known for its very @first luxury. but now, a more @affordable tesla hits the @production line early next year @starting at $35,000. @tax credit for buying an @electric car could also push
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@what they are saying is, @depending on what state you @live in, this tesla could be @just as affordable and maybe @even more affordable than a @toyota or a hyundai. you could @be driving a tesla in style. @>> styling! @>> coming up, we have ways to @save. @we have a very appropriate deal @now that winter is here. @>> you can put this in the back @of your tesla or any car for @that matter. @survival lights. @coming up after the break. @important things to have as the @next storm hits. @ there is plenty of weather @map to talk about here i think we are tapering off today. we check out your forecast. we have i alert at the bottom of your screen. if you're just waking up, medina schools are closed today. a lot of areas south of
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overnight. even though we are going to see some sunshine today, it is going to be frigid. wind chill at zero and below and i have more snow to tell you about. we have live team coverage. greg is here to look at this
6:31 am
@ @ welcome back here medina @schools are all close this @morning. @the medina and akron areas hit @the hardest. @we're getting a big backup on i-
6:32 am
@-- i 480. @we are told the driver of the @car was not seriously hurt and @all of the firefighters are @okay. @there have been a number of @accidents reported along for 80 @in this area. @can you will have an update. @>> a little sports note for you. @the cavs are all for the all- @star break. @kevin love injured his sojourn @-- shoulder last night. @it is the same shoulder as last @year. @he needed surgery and six @months of rehab. @he says he should be ready when @the cavs come back from the @break. @120-111 in what was kobe's last @game. @>> let's save some money.>> @good morning. @survival, the focus of my @regalia today.
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@this is something that i have @learned can brighten up the @darkest corners of your @property. @take a look at the sos light. @down to 19 bucks. @i will show you how to they @work in a moment that they are @superbright here great for @hunters. @great to work in the garage or @under your car. @great for that early-morning @dog wash. @fully adjustable. @they don't get rider or more @expensive -- less expensive @than this. @take a look. @this is one light. @to lights, -- 2 lights, three @lights. @my entire storage facility @beautifully lit. @i will tell you, i am going to @buy several. @i do a lot of work in the
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@too, can look fantastic like @that. @it is not only allowing you to @see but the scene. @you can wear them but simply @adding that visibility is a @great way to go. @>> you never know. @i was going to go out. @>> and one other thing, my @bonus deal could be the best @deal of the year. @right at the end of the show, @people are not going to believe @this. @>> so you are going to take the @bonus deal and take the rest of @the year off.[ laughter ] @>> i'm looking forward to that. @>> i know! @ things are tapering off a @bit. @the medina schools are closed.
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@school. @i like the scrolling at the @bottom of the screen. @lake effect snow showers are @tapering off. @we will see some sunshine. @it will be a very misleading @sky. @here's the deal with the lake @effect. @what a difference. @we are down to a few flurries @and light snow showers compared @to intense snow overnight while @you were sleeping. @that is why we're seeing all of @the closings through medina @today. @what a difference a few hours @make and we are seeing @improving conditions as we @continue to zoom in. @there is still light snow but @no big deal and as we zoom out @again, you can see that the whole area is looking much better. so i would not be surprised.
6:36 am
is only until 10 o'clock instead of 4:00. the cold is the other part of regionally and locally with current temperatures in the single digits and wind chills that are 0 to 8 below. and greg, we got snow on the @ground and more coming. this @is going to be a very short @rate before get additional @snowfall over the weekend. @these are snowfall totals not @only from the weather service @but for you, the viewer. @8 inches in 12 hours yesterday. @they got buried. @john in akron tweeted 5 inches @and look at that report out of @medina from drew . thank you so @much for tweeting it to me. @6 1/2 inches! @that is why the problems on 71 @and 76 down into summit county.
6:37 am
@state in place. @2 to 3 inches in portions of @cuyahoga county. @you have to clear the snow @today because i think there is @more on the way. @it is really the next system. @the neck shot of cold air @friday night into saturday. @look at these numbers. @a number -- another one to 3 @inches. @you can see a little bit of @lake enhancement. @maybe in medina county. @east of cleveland. @you could see another 2 to 3 @inches. @and then, it turns really cold @as we head into the weekend. @>> it sure does and i have our @forecast onto for tomorrow, @early evening. @greg was talking about that @next blast of snow. @5:00 tomorrow night, snow @pushing through this next round @bringing really frigid air. @and we are just going to have a
6:38 am
@with the lake effects no @tapering today, some sunshine @tomorrow. @1 to 3+ inches is possible. @this is more toward tomorrow @evening that the snow arrives. @we will see a few of those left @saturday. @low single digits around 20. @and then we will start to see @more seasonable weather early @next week. @6:48 and antisense this picture @and. @it is great. @it is ginger. @the german shepherd. @all of her colleagues have been @talking about sending her this @picture. @so a special shout out to all @of you this morning. @thank you for making us smile. @>> if you would like to buy a @home, contact ginger at --[ @laughter ]
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@stories trending online. @models are rejoicing this @morning after the altar of @harry potter announced a new @story about the boy wizard. @>> the new play featuring harry @potter and his children. @it is being performed this @summer in london. the novel @comes out on july 31. @>> if you're going to be alone @on valentine's day, folio can @help you. @you can stream with him. @the italian romance cover boy @will ask you a few questions @and he will pause and nod while @you give your answer. @is reclining on a bear rug with @a bottle of champagne and two @adorable kittens. @the video clip is 18 minutes @long and it is on an app @fostered by hallmark. @the night breeze is blowing
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@, how was your day today in the @begins to time to answer. @>> what happened to the long, @blonde, flowing hair? @>> after the break, cure @morning rush. @>> let's head outside with the @conditions have not been fun @for tiffany's.>> reporter: -- @for tiffany's. @-- tiffany. @>> reporter: coming up, i will @let you know what we have @learned from the sheriff's @office when it comes to
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@ @ welcome back to your @morning rush. @it is almost 6:23. @holly has your forecast and @danny is keeping an eye on the @roads for us. @ marine is following other @news of the day. @let's check out our -- our @reporters. @>> we have been tracking the @road conditions all morning @long for you. @we are now and vaginas. @downtown medina. @-- we are now in medina . @several accidents. @people have beard off the road @and into ditches. @i am sure danielle wiggins is @keeping track of that this @morning. @conditions will bury you in the @southern areas. @we were on 77 a lot this @morning and it was treacherous @out there driving. @good morning.
6:42 am
@breaking news on the road. @a cleveland fire truck was rear @ended on i-480. @let's see if we can see it on @the map. @it is causing a big backup. @luckily, no one was hurt. @this is near the airport where @last night, some flights were @delayed after a small plane @slid off the runway onto the @grass while landing at @cleveland hopkins. @the pilot was the only person @on board and was not injured. @the runway was only temporarily @close down. @i just checked and there are no @flight delays at hopkins this @morning. we take a look at @that drive time. an accident @you were just talking about on @480 e. a 40 minute delay so @please let someone know that @there is slow traffic in that @area. @also, slowed down town. @the crash before the inner --
6:43 am
@55th. @your biggest delays on 77 n. @approaching the interchange @with a 10 to 15 minute delay.>> @lake effects tapering off. @that is not to say there are no @slick spots. @be careful. @some sunshine, very cold today. @wind chills are zero and below. @ another round of snow to @track for tomorrow. @later in the day toward dinner @and the next front will bring @one to 3 inches of snow for you @and bitter cold air for this @valentine weekend.>> the best @bonus deal of the year. @>> $45! @>> we'll months, real shipping, @$100 off directly from us. @just tweeted out. @we're going to crash your
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@>> you really delivered because @i was about to say, they're @going to sell out. @>> i get going! @>> oh my gosh. @>> thank you for watching. @>> thank you for watching @channel 3 news. @take gentle three news and @weather with you wherever you @go.
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