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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  NBC  February 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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elcome to a special edition of "our world with black ebt nter we continue our coverage of the north american auto show in detroit. it'suture. first up, we talk to ford ceo about redefining his company. >> people want more access of vehicles.
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>> so we are saying how can ford play a role in that? and that's why we're thinking of ourselves a ability company. >> vfw talks about gesture control technology. >> we have gesture control where, you go like this, you go like this, the car will do something that's definedged to your gesture. >> we get the lowdown on the sports coupe. >> there's a couple about the q60. okay? first thing consumers see is great compared to its predecessor, it's absolutely gorgeous. >> toyota takes home a handful of awards as one of the hottesteier. >> we are putting a safety package on all of our carls. it's starting the prius rgency braking.
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control allowing drivers to be cars. >> the show's best and boldest coming up.
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back to the special edition of "our world" at the north american international auto show. ford's ceo shields is riding high. for decades, the nation's favorite pickup truck an now wants to involve both as an maker and a mobile company. >> we are in front of the fusion right now. this is what i find to be fascinating of fordment it is not just an but transitioning into an automobile and mobile company? >> mobility company. >> tell us about this. >> we have asiness an it's designing, developing, manufacturing and
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trucks and now electric we are seeing the societial factors particularly in urban areas people want more access versus ownership of vehicles so we are saying how can a role in that? that's why we're thinking of ourselves as an automobile company. >> you mentioned access versus ownership.ine said 22% of uber customers are delaying the purchase of cars as a result of uber. so if this continues to be the trend, how do you see fording in to car ownership? >> well, and that's the big opportunity for us because when you look at the traditional auto about 2.3 $2.3 trillion. we get about 6% of that. transportation services with ride hailing, mass transit, about $4.5 trillion and about 0 of that. >> i see. >> we want to make people's lives easier and a thing we are announcing here at the show is
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think of it as a digital and aical platform that consumers can use both owners to make ownership experience better and non-owners to helpmobility in terms of borrowing a vehicle, sharing or parking. >> a lot of owners of cars are minorities, millions. african-americans, latinos, >> absolutely. >> coming to dealership ownership, according to the national association for minorities. that breaks out to roughly 1,000. why is this the case and what can be done to improve those numbers? this. we have one of the highest percentage of minority-owned dealers because the managementd reflect the >> right. >> so it's really about finding great candidates, candidates who
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is a demanding >> but we are always on the lookout and continue to lead in this area. >> what are you most excited about next year for ford? >> i'm excitedi mean -- >> sure you are. >> we're coming off 2015 with a lot of momentum. coming into 2016, great products, we are doing a lot on the mobility side but we said last year that we were going to deliver a both from a growth standpoint and financial standpoint. we have done that and provides good momentum. >> great year. >> thanks. >> good stuff. coming up, imagine what you can do in a bmw with just gestures.
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welcome back. at this year's and speed are hot topics but technology is winning the race. bmw north american ceo shares with me their much-talked which will change the way we interact with our car. ceo of bmw, thank you forus. >> my pleasure. >> bmw, that you just rolled out here, beautifully designed cars. where does thethe design of bmw come from? >> a couple of things that are typical for bmw design is allh the -- it's about small overhangs. the car should be looking as if it's already moving even if it's at a stand still. ae design i would imagine technology plays a role in the design and i know that air touch is just released
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can you tell us a little bit more about air touch? >> we have gesture control where you go like this, you go like this, you go like this and the car will do something that is d previously and linked to your gesture. >> okay. >> now, air touch gives you an the gesture so you actually did hit a little fence there that you're touching something because there is an going up. so you feel that you actually have hit the right positions in order to initiate something. it is like an invisible what are you most excited about with regard to bmw in this coming year? >> i'm very excited about the fact that we are finally able tonough what we call vault activity vehicles, the
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have enough product for the know there's a new survey of 22% of uber customers are delaying the purchase of their car because of uber. so as we look at this worldeen ownership and access, how does bmw fall in between those two? >> we have started in 2010 i believe in europe a carogram with bmw in many called drive now which we are now bringing -- we have brought to the united states. see, clearly, the demand of car sharing rather than car owning and it may just be at a certain time in pers wants to share the car and eventually will buy a car again. >> right. >> but you want to be there, we want to be in their marketplace because more and talk about millennials. >> right. >> do want to share a car when they need it but then will drop
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be in their marketplace and we have been in europe for quite sometime. very successfully. >> really good point. you mentioned ou using a different strategy to attract millennials even in the design of the car, even in the colors you are ything specific you're focused on with millennials and buyers? >> what is changing is that millennials have a different definition ofaby boomers, meaning that they're much more into technology, into connectivity, they're much more interested in seeing their appseen of the car, making sure that their lifestyle is integrated into the car than saying, well, i love those tiresnd of the car. it is something else. we have to make sure that this is really happening. >> thank you very much for joining us. wish you the>> thank you. >> thank you. up next, using innovative technology with powerful performance.
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welcome back to "our world with black enterprise." we're at the north american international auto show. having the latestgh on the list for car buyers and infiniti's vp feels the newest model is going to exceed consumer thank you very much for joining us on "our world." >> thank you having me. >> infiniti has a love by many >> yes. consumer? >> a young business professional, someone up and coming, someone that's readily do move out of the like. >> okay. >> it is a premium car company and compete with bmw, mercedes and we are in front of beautiful carls here. >> absolutely.
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the first thing that consumer wills see is the great the car. looking at the q60 compared to its predecessor, it is absolutely gorgeous. okay? >> right. >> the interior of the great deck no long that the consumers will love. direct adaptive steering and the wheels faster than the mechanical system and communicate the driver's input 1,000 inputs per. >> so giving the driver more traction and control of the vehicle driving so it goes in that direction. there's not a lot of play in the >> what about other technologies, for example autonomous driving very popular. when will we see a fully autonomous driving infiniti? >>e prevention and the capability for a taste of what the aon the mouse future looks like. >> okay. what are you most excitedook at the infiniti brand, either over the next year or few years? >> this year we are launching a
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this is the new ay? we're very, very excited about this car. there's a lot of design and input that went into designing this car. obviously, very excited about it. new qx30 crossover coming, as well. we have a refresh to the qx60 , also. >> interesting. how are you getting the message snout are you using heavy social media?ng strategy? >> talking to people like you, paul. >> there you go. >> we have a full array of marketing strategy that we use to try to get the message r through tier one marketing and advertising for social media. >> super. we talked to national minority automobile dealers and talked a lot about the trickle down effect around having minorities at the top of the company impacting the company and the consumers. you are minority. >> yes i am. >> do you believe that your position, your role impacting the company and shifting it
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when you look at nissan and infiniti. we are a very, very diverse the leadership at infiniti, we come from all parts of the globe. the ceo from brazil. the chairman of north america from spain. we are all over the bag. >> a melting pot of people. that's a special thing and most unique things about our company. and i really appreciate that about nissan and>> super. we appreciate that about you and the infiniti company. thank you very much. >> appreciate you. thank you, thank you. thank you. when we return, one of the hottest properties here at the show. stay with us. 3, 2, 1 - smile! alright... big smile! smile! hey, honey!
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one of the hottest auto toyota. they created a new generation of cars that tapped to the emotional experience of consumers. strategy that ceo jim lintthe company on top. you are a big-time winner. toyota's a big-time winner. we covered the national association of minority own dealership owners and you took home one half of the awards. why do you think that the toyota brand resonates withmulticulture al e al audience? >> we understand the audience. we have been working for decades to make sure we have the righto that marketplace and built the right cars for that marketplace. it's important for us, as well,
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dealerships, in our supplier base, that's america. that's important. >> absolutely.t is that not only one of the cars purchased in the dullhood we the first car? >> durability. often the first car isn't necessarily a first car. it is oftentimes a used car and they have great value.styling. they drive well. and they last for a long, long time. the average car on the road today for us is almost 15 years ou mentioned the marketing message. now, how does toyota differ in their message to consumers versus the other car companies? >> i think part of it is we very authentic and to do that we have multicultural agencies and we work to come up with executions of >> okay. >> not necessarily just for multicultural markets. a lot of the work that they do,
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so i mean, there's brand advertising. we talk about the purchase fund. in this. purchase funnel people are interested in the overall toyota brand. that they can trust us. that it can be their favorite car, that they have a great at the dealership because it's more than just the hardware and car today. there's hardware, software. it's the purchase >> right. >> the service experience. it's all of that rolled into one. >> absolutely. now, you just mentioned when's in the car, it is still ant. >> yep. >> what are you most excited with regard of technology of >> evolution of safety in the vehicle. if you look at the ultimate goal being autonomous driving fully autonomous i think by about 2025. >> 2025? >> e. but there will be a progression. today starting in model year '15 and through '17 we have a safety
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it's starting the prius had it so this is emergency braking. this is things like dynamic radar cruise control. things that will allow drivers to be much safer in you're driving at 20 miles per hour and maybe not paying attention, the car will put a mat cli stop so all of the sensors are built into today. it's some point in the future, probably by 2020, we will be able to integrate all those so that we will have highway autonomous cars. >> right. >> in the event that the driver makes an error, the car can correct for him. that then will progress again byhere they could be totally autonomous driving in an urban environment with bicycles and passengers and dogs and kids. >> jim, ceo of toyota, thank you. >> always a pleasure. >> appreciate you. a similar from vp and general manager of the lexus division. i sat down with him.
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>> i want to start withyou. lexus picked up some big awards at the diversity volume leadership. why do you think the lexus brand resonates so much with the l audience? >> first of all, a big team effort. we have the amazing multicultural agencies we work with. if it weren't for them, we have any kind of substantive insight in terms of how we should market, where we should market.d to start with wonderful product. >> right. >> believe me, they make us -- they really position us in a manner that puts forward. >> you referenced beautiful product. this is a beautiful product. just unveiled about it. >> lc 500. first time that lexus ever had a vehicle in the lexus segment. as we try to build and evolve
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performance vehicles and luxury vehicles this fits into the category for us. >> what new technology can we >> one of the newest aspects is platform. this is a platform that one, we have never had before.t moving forward just about any front engine, rear-wheel drive car >> okay. >> there's a lot of safety aspects of the vehicle you might imagine. pedestrian detection. precollision system.ise control. lane assist. that's standard on the vehicle. >> precursor to self aon the mouse or self driving cars? >> that's absolutely a hugethe auto show right now and the entire industry. we'll continue to keep a very close watch. i think there will be somey aspect that is come out of that kind of technology.
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>> and i do think completenomous out into 2023, 2025. we'll benefit by safety aspects of that technology and for us at lexus to work more towards mobility even for senior citizens. >> right. that's a beautiful car. beautiful company. con garage ligss on your award. it is a pleasure to have "our world." thank you. >> appreciate it. and that does it for this special edition of "our world rise." be sure to visit us on the web at black world. like us on facebook, on twitter. thanks for watching and we'll
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@ @ coming up on channel 3 news @today, bitter @across northeast ohio. @when a warm-up is on the way @and how people have braced the @cold conditions this weekend. @ and it was a key show down @in a major ve state. @what saturday's debate means @for the republican presidential @candidates ahead in the primary @race. @ alyssa -- @>> reporter: good morning valentine's day.


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