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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:05am-1:05am EST

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and marry him again, and i have no regrets about that. next, oscar prep and security. michelle turner was on the oscar red carpet. >> the academy released video and instagram sketches of what the oscar stage would look like and yes, it is pretty spectacular. there will be a total of 37 set scenes. but there is serious breaking security news. >> the highest security here of any awards show ever. >> news editor was with whoopi goldberg who won an oscar and hosted the show. >> we're in a high-security kind of groove. i'm sure people are expecting a lot of stuff, but i don't know that this is, anybody has the right to expect anything but a good show. >> "e.t." has learned the academy is definitely stepping up security this year. it was just announced that vice
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introducing lady gaga's performance, so you fwhee that means. the secret service will be here. in addition to metal detectors, bomb- bomb-sniffing dogs and cameras, everywhere. >> plus there was the luncheon thursday. matt made a not so -- >> be funny two or three other times throughout the show. if you get off on the wrong foot, though, it's a real hard hole to dig yourself out of. >> and once again, we exclusively inside alfred woodard's suare. >> and getting an honor of her own. she will be recognized at the
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with vanessa williams. >> you may not realize that brie larson who starred in "room", as soon as a hollywood newcomer. she's had several tv and movie roles. >> this isn't a red carpet movie. but she has evolved. josie talked to brie's stylist about her incredible transformation. >> you know, keep the shoulders back. feel it, feel it. love it. >> literally tried on five dresses. this was the first dress we tried on. and i have just seen it in paris the sunday before. >> i didn't have a dress until i got in at 6:00 this morning. >> did stru to get it altered or did it fit you closely? >> i kind of wanted to close the blueberry a little. i'm a little more modest than
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>> we are in the hotel right next to the elevator. we like dominated their hallway, we set up basically like a table, literally. >> you guys are in a hotel hallway. >> we had three different people sewing the details. >> the best part about brie's oscar style transformation is finding out the untold stories behind each dress. the stylest ist used this mood board. >> calvin kline designed this for me and sent sketches. >> when i was the most blown away, i saw this beautiful blue thing they had worn, and to wear a dress that heavy being supported like a halter neck, it's a commitment. >> we're sitting here with a floor full of shoes. >> that's nothing. we cleaned it up. i was like, they aren't going to be able to walk in here. >> what's interesting, is it's rare for brie to come meet
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she was on scene in australia. christina had to improvise. >> i'm spending my days running around notice junk in the jungle. >> how do you get going? >> you get on a plane and fly to australia for 24 hours. we had some site sittings. we just had to keep the party moving. >> braking down her fashion, brie is a fashion risk taker, definitely eclectic, back in 2004, 14 year old brie styled herself and had hopes for more. >> designers are giving you clothes and everyone wants you to wear their stuff. i think it would be awesome. >> more than a decade later, brie's style dreams and oscar dreams are finally coming true. christina was dropping a hint about what she will wear on oscar night. it was picked out in december. >> brie's not wearing black to the oscars but maybe soon?
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put it that way. >> she met stylist christina at a fitting for the met gala. >> it's this big celebrity straf began sa. >> and they've never really shown how they pulled it off. >> until now. >> it's a little like devil wears prada. >> only one person decides who gets in, though editor in chief anna wintor. >> can you not be on your cell phone? >> was she talking about justin bieber? about 600 walk that red carpet. a table of ten could cost a minimum of $175,000. a single ticket? $25,000. and check out this e-mail.
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rihanna's budget? do they have time rouble affording rere's performance? they seem to have worked it out. "e.t." has always brought you the red carpet glam. >> i love being shouted at by 500 people. >> i'm riding your coattails. >> that's right, baby. >> now the documentary, the first monday in may which opens at the film festival gives you up front drama on the inside. more oscar coverage straight ahead with sly stallone's academy awards come back nearly 40 years after rocky. and tina fey's words for chris rock. >> and how tina's co-star up in a dad, can you help me with this? sure, riley...uggh...ah-choo! oooh!! so gross! germmmmssss!! great, this is just great! guys, it's alright! when life gets messy,
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it doesn't get any bigger than this. on the red carpet alongside d's hottest celebs. with michelle turner. "e.t." at the oscars, live on fox, 5:000 pacific. exclusively on fox. yeah, we are very excited. "e.t." is going live on the red ou see this earlier in the week? chris rock posts this shot dressed as an astronaut. i'm guessing he was spoof the martian, because he also wore this one. >> it's amazing how you deduced tina fey knows all about hosting. she and amy poehler worked the golden globes three oscar takes the perfect man to rule the night. >> what are you looking forward to with chris rock?
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jokes, because chris is like the greatest living standup k we couldn't have a better host to try to tackle this year and find humor in it. >> tina and margo find humor in rn afghanistan in "whiskey tango foxtrot." she plays a woman reporter. hostile environment. she was in a forum withsawyer and joe lunn anh none other than prince harry. >> looking at this agine why you weren't
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>> i think he was having ay, and i thought i'll pop in really, really quickly. about six hours later. that's awesome. prince harry always seems to find the party. we move on to a celeb bash of a different kind. >> cast members of lives", "all my children" got together to celebrate soap opera anniversary. do you remember your first cover? >> i do. i had the most early '90s hair. >> this venerable magazine has been on stands now for 40 years. >> the cover with marissa s my girlfriend on "as the world turns." >> you want hookups?
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>> we were married like twice. i think we were married twice. >> engaged 18 times. when i went down in a fiery plane crash i came back a couple years with amnesia. and i was a blind lien in my garage. >> and the soap stare? still got it. >> oh, my god. so home improvement reunion with tim allen and patricia richardson. >> we're here tonight taping 100th episode of home improvement. >> i look like my younger brother. >> we've been along youtime. "e.t." was there for the first-ever taping of "home improvement "spshs almost a quarterin. >> are you saying it's not running?
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we would just crack up, i and lose it. >> for eight seasons, we were welcomeat the taylor home for all the great movements. and we watched the boys grow up. >> my . >> it was his ship. >> this tv family is still tight knit. >> i see zack quite a because he kind of works with my daughter. i see debbie dunning. >> i see rich>> rare fights that we were in. we could invite anybody on that set. >> astronauts. beach boys.e deuce coop
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she's reprising her role as tim's"last man standing." but it's not quite the relationship they used to share. >> you make me feel better about not having a man in my comes on this new show, plugs right in, it's a little dance. the old relationship shows up. i know her gestures, so it is that. we both, you know, matured a little bit, but nothing, it's like being around family. >> i think you matured a lot. >> next, we are on setjennifer garner. how her new faith-based movie gave her strength in troubled time.
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always here for you, wherever here may 52886. tell washington local stations matter. monday, "e.t." at the oscars, as the as far as dream of gold. >> everybody says it's your going to have a great time. >> leo. >> gaga.
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>> the parties, the winners >> and josie on the red carpet, breaking down the best and worst dressed of the night. >> in coverage you won't see anywhere else. >> it's really, really overwhelming. >> monday only on "e.t.." > that is jennifer dwarner in the new faith-based drama, les from heaven." >> it came when jennifer may have needed it most. >> i feel like "miracles from heaven" really chose ike something that was put out there for me. >> here's a question, did a movie about faith and miracles help heal a star? >> it a day in my hive. >> jen garner made "miracles from heaven" just after the most
12:23 am
her to ben affleck unravelled. she plays a real-life mom, and she became friends. >> nice to see you. >> in the character discovers her 10 year old daughter has a rare, incurable disease. christy says knowing jen is a >> she has messaged me. i've messaged her back. she's taken the time to really find out and care and asked somens about what it was like during this time. >> filming the movie seemed to be a welcome relief for seen smiling and laughing with her cast mates. >> your mom, your dad, your kids. >> but it seemed like more than distraction during a tough time. the film is all about holding onto hope and faith. >> we need a solution. we need it now! >> and we'll get it. >> without losing our faith.
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>> 14 years.ou even hear me? [ screaming ] >> you tells child fell 30 feet and hit her head just right, that it didn't kill her. it didn't penalize her. instead, it her? >> yes. >> that's impossible. >> the blessing for me for this to be reminded of all that really matters, which is the health of your kids and your family and your loved ones andan be with all those people and to, to beor miracles wherever you can find them. under every rock.
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who reunited after their last faith-based film "heaven is for real". >> we talk about the passions. the musicalirs next month on palm sunday. everything about this production is epic as they take over the city of new orleans, and that is where michelle turner set where they rehearsed. look into my>> i'm doing demons from imagine dragons. >> wow. that's kind of dope. >> with jesus. >> you guys areet. >> yeah, it's kind of a little back and forth. >> in the studio with the stars, including sealyearwood is where the real magic of the passion happens. during the telling of jesus'
12:26 am
celine dion's "love can move s". >> well, camera -- >> that's actually the scene the cast was shooting when i visited the set. it's jesus and hisiples, including judas, you can see everyone pretty much wears jeans and jackets, because this production is set in what? what we're hearing is dope. and it's all live. and they're hearing it. [ laughter ] >> you work with evaia on telenovella, when you told her you were going to play jesus, what did she say? >> she was like, oh, jesus! believer, and she's a woman of faith, and she was very, very, very excited about it. >> one of my favorite moments of
12:27 am
pontius pilot. and they sing this unbelievable duet of "we don't need another na turner. >> they're excited and have a message for skeptics. >> we stick very close not veering off in weird areas. how can you go wrong when you stay with the word? >> tyler perry sayscontinue his role as narrator for as long as they need him. coming up, celine dion's return to motherer the loss of her husband renee. >> he's telling me to zip it and start singing. >> thenallone's return to the oscars this weekend nearly 40 years after osed captioning provided
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just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. umm five, camille cosby deposed. she dodged reporters outside her deposition >> this is a defamation case brought by seven women who say that when bill cosby's representatives publiclyappened it defamed them. >> attorneys put up a black curtain to block media, but camille will return to answert month. number four, erin andrews lawsuit. the sports reporter is suing theshville marriott because she claims back in 2008 employees there allegedly gave michael david barrett, a man who was later jailed for stocking erin's room number, 1051. >> tell them that she was there and then put him in a room next to her, and he's
12:32 am
she's undressed. she didn't know anybody was at thethis guy was a killer, she'd be dead. number three, charlie sheen versus denise richards. to go eat pork and die. you are both really expletive rude. your mom is a loser. >> he will deny that he said >> he sat down with dr. oz, and he blamed some of his past irrational behavior on >> a disengage. melania speaks. >> many felt like he insulted you are an immigrant. >> yes. >> do you ever think he's gone too far? >> i followed the law.
12:33 am
we asked her about first lady prospects. >> if it was something to takeould take serious. and the number one story this week, jen garner breaks her silence about ben, divorce, and the ad nothing to do with our decision. we had made this decision long before that nanny was hired. >> unsavory, cliche and bad that's how jen refers to nannygate. >> she says he's love of my life. what am i going to do about that? >> jen looks somber and stilleautiful in the vanity fair photo shoot. >> go to "e.t." for. and celine dion returns to the stage after losing her w celine has returned to the stage to perform her residency inside caesar's palace, the coliseum.
12:34 am
difficult performance of her life. ant to be all by myself anymore >> so emotional to see her fighting back she stopped. overcome by tears, overcome by emotion. took a moment, finished the song,ed off stage. she was reserved as she prepared inside her dressing room. she stayed focussed talking with her musical director andhe speech she wrote herself. >> renee is the only man that i have known all my life. and nothing has changed.e. where does my heartbeat now >> the show opened with a tribute video, photos ofoved to gamble.
12:35 am
pregnant and all the beautiful protected her and loved her behind the scenes. she admitted five and a half weeks after his death she still talks to him. >> i talk to him. i think of him all know he hears me. and now i can feel that he's telling meit. and start singing >> talk about a fearless ne point, celine walked down the aisle a few feet from me, and the fans all started swarming her, trying to get continued the song and didn't miss a beat. she changed five times throughout the night. she normally opens the show with a white dress but chose this
12:36 am
fans joined her in remembering the man who was the love of her life. but celine confessed to usheartbreak at the performance. >> i did rehearse the song in my closet and it went way that. >> i got to say, it was pretty special being inside the coliseum for that performance. while celine has come home to ar show, one actor is returning to the big show this weekend. the oscars. >> yes, sylvester stallone, of course, who is an academye once again. nearly 40 years since "rocky." the 69 year old star is back with creed, and we are on top of his come back. >> we're waiting for your nomination, when is that going to happen? >> it's still coming to the surface. eventually, if i'm lucky, i'll gelt that win too. >> but it wasn't until this year
12:37 am
elusive acting nomination after 40 years after he portrayed that boxer from >> i'm cognizant of the fact that rocky is my alter ego or sim bionic twin. when i die it means something that i've done will live on that had some al meaning. >> but he was unsure about the character's future. >> i don't know if this is the end, i don't know what except explode. we've done everything. >> eight years later, he seems more confident that this was rocky's final round. >> i can'ty more to rocky. i really can't. he's brought too much to me, and it's time to move on. everything that i had in my life was owed to this he's gone.
12:38 am
>> but rocky has come back, and stallone's performance in creed might just win him an ing i've got has moved on. >> and after years of not necessarily being the most respected actor in hollywood -- >> i like beingrld's -- >> he's finally made it back to the academy awards. >> i've been living a full life. this just doesn't happen. i'm really >> after winning both the critics' choice and the golden globes awards, sly is trulyciate what's happening. >> it's emotional. >> i guess. i just didn't expect it. and when you say standing n, i just, i love the character. this character keeps staying in my life. >> do you think this will help your kids recognize what a big deal you god, it's the first time i've seen my kids cry over something like a movie. you understand that hard work
12:39 am
this is a great life lesson. >> now the academy has been known to use the best supporting actor award kind of like a achievement award. if stallone wins at age 69, he'd be one of the oldest winners in oscar history. >> my fixers are > we go inside versace's mansion you can now stay in. >> what celebrities took a swim in this pool? >> we've had justin ope justin bieber was
12:40 am
12:41 am
welcome back to the show, everyone. let mow take you back to 1997 i versace's murder shocked everyone. nearly 20 years later, thesa marina has become a hotel.
12:42 am
ten bedrooms, 11 23,000 square feet of mediterranean decadence. >> this is the villa suite. and this was giani >> okay. this is the biggest bed i've ever seen in my life. >> and what celebrities have stayed here? >> oh, all sorts. kim kardashian stays. >> the kardashians rented out the entire hotel once. rowdy moment outside. >> he wasn't actually staying during that particular period of time. >> they hung out. and this is where they out. you see them all thrown across the bed chitchatting and hanging out. >> the suites run from $4200 per night. worth it. intricate mosaics on the floors. gold on the fixtures, in the bed, in the pool.swam in that
12:43 am
>> i hope justin bieber was clothed. >> justin stayed in the venus room at $3,000 per night. >> he kept our room service busy round the clock. >> this is a very sizable s. >> was it just little justin in here by himself? >> well, you know, i don't know exactly who was on the bed. but i know lot of people in the room. >> built in 1930, giani built it in a whopping amount for improvements. >> elton john went for the cheaper room? >> he brought all his pals. and since 1997 and versace's murder, his spirit is still felt on the premises. >> the whole place really is an to mr. versace. quite a lot of people who
12:44 am
feel that he literally is still here. >> the spirit of >> they claim they've seen spirits and go into certain rooms and doors open and close and things of that nature. >> and back to bieber, booked a room after seeing a girlfriend there. he had an entourage of people with him, stayed up late and had spa treatment by the pool. nice, to come, remember this reality star? she made headlines for marrying a 51-year-old when she was 16 yearup we're with her as she goes under the knife. >> i'm not wild about the bumps on the side of my > then our '80s flashback. >> when the fans are s it they're saying most? >> get off. first, in the entertainment
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as these may be permanent. high blood sugar was reported with rexulti and in extreme cases can lead to coma or death.e increased cholesterol, weight gain... decreased white blood cells, which can be serious dizziness on standing, seizures, trouble swallowing,udgment or motor skills. don't give up on the progress you may have madeantidepressant. talk to your doctor about adding rexulti. and feel better about facing the world. st 30 days free. visit for details. the anesthesia was definitely kicking in. that was courtney ne word, wow. the 21 year old reality star originally gained fame in 2011
12:48 am
since then, she's had some plastic surgery, done some tv and taken lots of photos.s tag along in the o.r. when she had her latest procedure. >> oh, i'm so nervous. >> how are we doing? >> i'm really >> courtney is a bundle of nerves, which is kind of surprising. this reality star has never been shy about flaunting her looks.s even called "reality". and the 21 year old has definitely had work done before. she admitted to breastaugmentation and porcelain veneers. >> i'm not wild about the bumps on the side of my nose. pictures, red carpets, i feel-conscious about this bump. >> i'm so scared. >> comforting courtney is her husband doug, now in "the green mile."
12:49 am
competed in the ms. teen pageant. >>n the donald trump pageant. all the wome men voted my ten. >> she's always claimed her looks were natural. >> i've had no surgery done. >> but two years afterce on dr. drew, courtney did have implants, which brings us to today's e. >> i got nervous. so i took, it took me a really long time to kind of warm up to it. >> the hard part's over. >> which costs $13,000 to $15,000 is over. even though she's covered were ages now, she will only be at the clinic for another seven to ten hours.
12:50 am
>> two weeks later, courtney's happy with the results, and this may not be her last tripastic surgeon. >> i guess when gravity starts taking over. >> courtney's plan is to shoot another music video.o taking part in lifetime's new reality series "the mother daughter experiment celebrity edition". that debuts march 1t. look at l.l. cool j getting in the't feeling the love. after introducing the band, the crowd booed her. >> good evening. from the moment i heard back in the '80s -- >> but dozens were singing along to some of the biggest music stars of the '80s. yeah, they still got
12:51 am
>> when the crowd is screaming like rick, playt that they say most? >> get off. >> go! >> don't believe rick for a fans, flashing back to the '80s diehard radio gave nothing but love to tears for fears and culture kau ma kau chameleon >> we want to do it again. >> more marriages survive. >> lover boy gave the crowd a heavy dose of '80s rock. and tears for fears rocked one of their
12:52 am
>> '80s deejay martha quinn and there were '80s icons behind every corner. >> pay homage to myself. this was the jacket that iduring my first televised performance at the nickelodeon kids choice awards in it was more like 1989, cory, but at least the jacket still fits. >> meanwhile, billy idol gave yell bare chested. >> what do you have to have in your dressing room now?t billy idol has got to have? >> there's quite a few things in the old days. >> oh, well. >> what about this new video of yours, mr.?
12:53 am
don't know if they have singlese, the first free it download. >> boy george brought the evening to a close with aibute to the late david bowie and shared with us how big a fan he is. >> i did not know you had that.l. he's on audience network next month, but they can expect to see him on celebrity apprentice whennegger takes over for donald trump. >> he's charming. has good one-liners, and he'snald trump. >> there's another big reunion. >> look how awesome think are. beyonce,owland and any
12:54 am
celebrating kelly's ed. informed, included, inspired. so, when important things happen, we're here. your local tv and radio one source for news, weather and information. on every screen in your life. roadcasters, always here for you, wherever here may be. text "tv" to 52886.n
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look at all those famous faces with birthdays this weekend. is 33. chelsea clinton's 36. age the broadway mama is celebrating turning 68. take a final look at your singer celebrates his birthday the same day as his younger brother? that is josh grogan who is 35. little bro chris. "e.t." at the oscars with josie breaking down the best and worst dressed, monday only on we are almost out of time. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our
12:57 am
>> but frontan jonas with the official live version. >> they will be opening for >> enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone. >> waste time with a masterpiece you should be with me you're my real life but you move so carefully let's start living
12:58 am
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the next nutriblast rx that i'mses what's been referred to, on the cover of time magazine, as the secret killer, and that is's the good news. we've learned that we can fight inflammation through the power of blast with the most powerful anti-inflammatory food on thec. it contains the supermolecule curcumin, which draws that inflammation right out of our system. after yellow pineapple for its tissue-repair qualities and itsr anti-inflammatory powerhouse. next, let's look at avocado.s partially green, but there's a lot of yellow there. and those yellow pigments,ey help us to extract all of the nutrients from all the other ingredients
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okay, next, let's look at chard. one of the most nutritious, the planet. a great source of chlorophyll, a great source of fiber, and that betalain, and that's one of the best blood builders in the world. and then we're gonna go over to the cucumber.with cucumbers? we usually peel off the best part. that's the skin. and the skin contains the and beauty minerals that are so essential. we're gonna put in a few slices of cucumber. over to the chia seed. it contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.o get in there and extract them out. and that's why this machine is so draw out those omega-3s and completely mix it into our nutriblast.over for my favorite beverage, coconut water.
1:05 am
is an electrolyte-rich, nutriblast. i'm gonna fill up to the max line. >> so, david, tell me, can youn any raw vegetables, pretty much, that you have in your fridge and make something that tastes good? >> yes, absolutely.mited by our imagination. all right, now i'm gonna twist on the turbo extractor blades. watch what happens now.n light is on, and it's gonna start up automatically. the nutribullet rx has been pre-programmed to turn atd wind down at exactly the right intervals and then come back uptly the right time. this is our breakthrough smart extraction technology.housing is a 2.3-horsepower motor. this is so powerful, it mines out all of those hiddenhin the food,


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