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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now it is 6 am and super tuesday results continued to roll in overnight and it was a good night for front runners hillary clinton and donald trump. >> the stage isn't that just yet, coming up who held their own and where the candidates are going from here and also what is at stake in ohio's primary? have a live look at outsiders snow continues to fly
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this is the valley view bridge and it has been light and intensity. we are tracking, it is not over just yet, first look at whether includes the snow showers, at least chances through this morning. temps will only be in the 20s for the highest today and we are in the 20s right now, 6:01 am, wednesday, march 2. here's a look at some showers, probably noticed the winds, maybe you heard the overnight and were doing the rolling everything because of the blustery conditions in place. we do have blowing snow but the good news is it is been so light accumulations isn't an issue. if we see 1 inch and spots that would really be an exception. so into akron and parts of portage county this morning, as i mentioned the winds continue to be brisk, sustained between
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between 15 to 25 miles per hour and danny has a look at your drive where watching those roads . yes we are and i'm keeping my eye on them for you, watch of the wet roads because of the snow showers the holly gregor tracking. we been keeping our eye on this ramp from 271 s. from broadway avenue in oakwood village since 4:30 am, and overturned semi was reported where keeping our eyes on this camera is a still have it cleared out that semi but oakwood village police say you can sell access to 71 s. from broadway. i also promised to take a look at a drive into downtown and we agreed on 90, 71, 77, route two, the west shore when come everything looking great and effect here is a picture of the bridge so it looks like john and lynna we have normal drive times. raking is, we have new information - breaking news, a
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fire in west cleveland a dog also died in the fire started in the kitchen were a man was cooking, the firefighters suffered minor burns when fighting this and that firefighter is expected to be okay. the road to the republican presidential nomination begins and ends right here in cleveland. >> super tuesday results are in and tiffany tarpley joins us more with a breakdown of what happened. >> reporter: you know, lynna and john in july this is where republicans will pick a nominee and it looks like more and more that donald trump could be taking center stage. let's show you the overall delegate count phone super tuesday because he donald trump at 285 delegates winning states like arkansas, tennessee and massachusetts. ted cruz has 151 when he has homestate of texas last night, marco rubio with 87 and john kasich with 25. democrats, hillary clinton had 541 dominating the southwest
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alabama and georgia. bernie sanders with 347 when his home state of vermont. here's what the two front runners had to say about last night's result. >> america has never stopped being great. we have to make america whole, we have to fill in. >> she has been there for so long. if she is not strained it out by now she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years, it will become worse and worse.>> the two front runners of course taking jabs but neither one of them has clinched the nomination is a coming up the next half-hour i'll let you know what is next for ohio governor john kasich and why he is still holding out hope.>> thank you tiffany. and akron man convicted of raping a teen over a timeframe of six years will learn his sentence today. kevin davis and was found guilty of rape and sexual battery last month and his
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diagnosed with wide spectrum asperger's disorder. she is expected to make a statement at today's sentencing varied high school in butler county ohio near cincinnati is back in session today after a student opened fire in the cafeteria two days ago. the 14-year-old suspect went before judge yesterday on several charges including attempted murder and he pleaded not guilty. lisa the 14-year-old opened fire during lunchtime injuring for students. here is maureen with the morning newsfeed. has been four years since a student opened fire at chardon high school killing three and injuring two classmates and all state appeals court is allowing a wrongful death lawsuit to proceed against five school officials in a lawsuit claims the school district feel to have proper safety equipment and failed to warn administrators about the shooter's mental is ability. the victim's families are seeking up to $100,000. congress is weighing in on
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privacy out of government hands and fbi director james comey testify before house committee and admitted a ruling against apple could set a precedent and lead to more government requests. just this week anyone judge ruled in favor of apple in a separate case of the police accessing a drug dealers iphone. astronaut scott kelly is safely back on earth and is already thinking about what he can leave again, take a look at nvidia, nasa shows his voyage active in the capsule carrying kelly and two other rivers landed in has extent before midnight. tell you that that the international space station for 340 days. a new record for american space travel. he flies back home to houston later on today. this is part of a larger story by nasa looking for long missions to mars. very cool.>> good to be home i bet. thanks maureen. how bad are the new york knicks?
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getting rejected by the rim, a fan was committing a costly turnover, biggest winners of biggest losers are coming up. directv raking moves that could change the way you watch tv, holly. 6:07 am right now and we're checking out the commute conditions for this morning, it will be slick and spots and blustery, scattered light snow. it will end up partly sunny but still cold, 20s for the highest, winchell 09 to 10 degrees and more so on the way. we will check the next round of snow and let you know what to expect, including a major warm- up as you are currently looking at snowflakes.
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i live look outside shows a little breeze, therefore is blowing in parts of northeast ohio, holly and greg are here but hold on, they are not crazy. they see a 61 and the full forecast coming up. last week are moneyman talked about the new dish tv deal now directv is teaming up with at&t to launch an internet tv service and will basically internet. the new service called directv now will be available later this year and will not need annual contracts. the time is now 6:11 am, students at redwood elementary avon lake are getting a the school. this year is a live feed showing an eagles nest with
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she laid it last weekend. last year paralegals the kids named stars & stripes built the nest and had eaglets they had named hope and pride. it will take about 35 days for this new egg to hatch and if you want to check it out with a link to the live feed on >> it is cool that we can see the whole thing and what a great learning lesson. you mentioned 61 degrees and we would like to zoom the forecast of that.>> i know.>> do not rush. embrace every moment. we do have light snow and cold to talk about underwear talking more snow and greg will have that one for the busstop subissue to have the coats on. i will say gloves and hats and airmass, i don't know about snowballs kids, but is wishing it, the snow has been light, feels like it is around 10 degrees and light snow continues through this morning.
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tickets may be 1 inch, that there is more so on the way tomorrow. and a huge warm-up, wait until you see, honestly. it is worth the wait. temperatures 20 through the day will end up seeing such a later but it will never warm-up, in fact coming in below normal today. today we should be low 40s but that is happening. snow showers are that we've been checking an overnight into this morning and you will continue to see them for the drive. this is more light snow, so in the air but not causing any big issue anywhere that we are seeing. throwing that out there to be extra cautious on the roads this morning for slick spots, bridges and overpasses are always the commonsense places. drenzek siltstone around you, akron and hudson, over into portage county, it is really windy at 15 to 25 miles per hour sustained, although temperatures are in the 20s the winchell's this point has been
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there is more so on the way greg . >> yes several opportunities for the next several days, this morning's notion of the big deal of the test drive this one is on 271 and state route eight were some of the bands are setting up in a way that you'll be driving in and out of light snow and that may reduce visibility down towards macedonia and bedford and hudson to be careful. accumulations may be a dusting to happen it, in higher elevations in southern geauga and northern portage county macy 1 inch but most of us seeing the snow in the air. the other stories another area of low pressure from the west and northwest and it is in the northern rockies now but it is a quick mover, the strong jet will push this down to the south and east is regretted today. checking the storm so to the north of the low pressure heads down a kansas and missouri today makes the turn through the ohio river valley as he
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this is a storm system and the lake so everyone gets chance for social right now during the day thursday i'm thinking 1 to 3 inches possible with the heavy snowfall near route 40 route 44 route 30. for the timing on that holly has more.>> i do believe it will be after the morning commute tomorrow, we are dry to start, even through mid-to-late morning we stay dry and it is to monitor did we start to see the onset of the so greg was talking about and with the system coming out of the south more or less will end up seeing more of that heavier, wet snow in temps will be around freezing. this tomorrow at 430 this tomorrow at 4:30 am or 4:30 pm, and kids from practice and coming home from work, it is snowing. we talk about 1 to 3 inch that is very busy into the evening drive. but they friday early morning where totally dry and maybe a few flurries but just a
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with another round, on the seven-day forecast esto and/or rain showers for saturday, 37 degrees. start and a quarter sunday with a pleasant and seasonal day with low 40s, partly sunny, if you're just wiping the sleep out of your eyes upper 50s on monday and low 60s next tuesday. that warmer weather looks to stay in the forecast next week so fabulous. 6:16 am and here's a check of their drive. good morning to you, we're scanning the traffic map to see on the road conditions are looking. to the south were looking pretty good. again we do see the snow showers a little bit but as we take a look at 77 near the canton/akron airport, mount pleasant st. you see everyone getting by just fine and not too many so showers. you are looking good on 77 to the south.
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on 271 s. on 271 south broadway avenue. ramp to two70 without this is the picture of the query. as you can see they are still working on clearing that, however you can saxis two70 without from broadway avenue and greg was talking about 271 at route eight, illustrate so normal drive comes throughout the region. 6:17 am in time for the biggest winners and biggest losers and for my biggest losers i have to admit the new york knicks are not a good team. they grabbed one on it today if you want to call it that, they are double losers. the knicks are coming through for me this morning and thanks to them, look at this carmelo anthony messinger with extra effort after the whistle and so he still tries to dunk the ball. the problem is he tries and was rejected by the rim and falls to the ground about is how bad the knicks are. i guess the rim showed him who is boss. at least he got a good laugh out of it. not the only laughing moment of the game, take a look at this.
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row, that guy behind. the ball will be coming his way and what does he do? he throws his beer up into the air. >> why?>> i don't nobody gave himself a shower. he just launched it. spirit what about the guy behind him? >> he got as well, this guy throws the beer all over his shirt and his cell phone got the worst of it. the knicks lost by 19 at home to portland. it was a tough night. they just threw that beer up in the air. i am glad i'm not a knicks fan. my biggest winners are the jackson polar bears hockey team we just want the high school playoff tournament championship they won the title game to to nothing. talk about a tough tournament, that a shootout loss and when the game in overtime and they had one goal game that they want so very close tournament and they do when it anyone it
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congratulations to the jackson polar bears of my thanks to kelly for sitting in the photo. >> fantastic.>> 6:18 am right now. >> that is a good carry through. all eyes are on the road to the white house, donald trump and hillary clinton the clear leaders after super tuesday. will take you live to new york for the latest from nbc news political director chuck todd. this is a really good weather watcher weather photo, mike and jodie were hiking and they were on a mission to find a towel. instead see what they found in a tree, we're calling this one here is looking at you.
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6:23 am, the delegate counts are in and it was a record turnout for super tuesday, for republicans almost everywhere. >> every state but vermont broke a record now the candidates look to florida and of course right here in ohio, and be seen is a lyrical director chuck todd joins us live, good morning. i think one thing you can say with these turnouts, there are more people getting involved with these campaigns. >> absolutely, it is amazing what we are saying, it is a mirror image of what happened with barack obama in 2008. in fact through the same number of states that we had in 2008 barack obama was driving up turnout and record amounts. here now donald trump is doing the same thing for the
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are matching what the democratic turnout was in 2008 we know how it turned out for the democratic party. republicans are not celebrating donald trump and these turnouts but they are panicking. another are 13 days for the anti-trump forces to somehow coalesce and figure out the plants did i trump enough delegates to force some sort of contested convention) cleveland. right now there is no other candidate that has a path to the nomination the donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, all hopes of being pinned on somehow winning just enough delegates to deny trump the majority to fight him in cleveland. >> so we have potential, ahead and under two weeks all the winner take all primaries begin including ohio. so ohio leaders actually moved to primary to the 15th so ohio's winter could take it vantage of winner take all format. how might that strategy play into this campaign later down
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curious to watch is john kosich, marco rubio and ted cruz do all have the same common enemy now and it is donald trump. two they start unofficially working together? meaning ted cruz and john kosich will not compete in florida and let marco rubio try to beat trump and a one-on-one, rubio and ted cruz agree not to compete against basic in ohio and let him get trump in a one- on-one. so if k-6 when ohio and rubio wins florida on march 15 donald trump no longer as a way to get enough delegates to get the nomination and then it becomes this background behind the scenes parole type of throwback style convention is something we haven't seen in our lifetime where it is a fight on the convention floor. other than that, that is the only way they can stop trump at this point. >> chest moves will be happy or happening. it is six way 6 am and
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more about the weather, where watching snow and then 60s on the road and we're not talking about engine.>> march, are transitional month is living up to the name we give it, with the so this morning and greg and i are tracking another round of snow for the work week is through. and even more so before the weekend is through and then turn. in the meantime this point where things now the travel map, light intensity, the next storm system is so far out that it will have an impact before your thursday is denton will tell you exactly how much coming up in just minutes. grab another cup of coffee and we will be right back after
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right now to breaking news at 6:30 am, one man died in a house fire on w. 99th st. near denison in cleveland and the fire chief tells us that the 40- year-old man was cooking in the kitchen when the fire started and they think that he left something on the stove and then fell asleep. the man's dog also died. this is what things look like a little bit ago, a firefighter suffered minor burns fighting this fire but he is expected to be okay. by the way, this is the fifth fatal fire in cleveland this year already and to put it in perspective, a total of nine fatal fires in all of last year.
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watching is the weather, as you're heading out this morning you see some of the snow flurries flying around out by valley view. here we go, just another reminder that winter is sticking around at least holly for a few days. this forecast is something to see. it really is and if you are wishing for warmer weather we have got it, a great wednesday morning to you, you're halfway there and we are still dealing with winter, scattered light snow showers and that will continue on and off this morning before we transition to sunshine but it will never warm- up today. only the 20s for the- wind chills or blustery and will end up in the teens. right now it feels like it is around 10 for most of you. we have been tracking this now and it has remained really like. overnight while you have been asleep now is your waking up plan on light snow showers and maybe a few slick spots like bridges and overpasses, things like that. but as you can see here cleveland into geauga county,
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brunswick, so around akron, aurora, hudson doing with since showers, canton your drive you have flurries and nothing else to report other than that. winds will remain in the 15 to 25 miles per hour range through this morning. they start to subside later on. danny has a check on the driver will have been watching the light snow showers and will be seeing if their impacts on the road so far, good morning. good morning to all of you, we do have impact on the roads, i interstate 4 80 westbound an accident at the valley view bridge. no big delays right now, police have reported this in the independent valley view area. this is a picture mount pleasant st., the we're also still talking overturned semi on interstate 271 s. near interstate 271 s. near broadway avenue, so access to settle in
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will keep our eyes on this. do not forget to tune into our partners at wt a.m. 1100 total traffic. new overnight we're getting updated election results from super tuesday.>> tiffany tarpley joins us live now with more on what is next as the candidates get ready for ohio, it is on the starter. >> reporter: it is almost our turn, john and lynna ohio's primaries march 15 and the republican nominee road to the white house begins and ends here in cleveland area the first debate will be here and the convention is in july. let's show you how the delegate count is turning out after super tuesday. you can see republicans, donald trump tops the list at 285, john kasich rounds out the top four with 25. on the democratic side we have hillary clinton leading bernie
6:34 am
in just under two weeks ohio will weigh in unless i john kosich did well in vermont coming in second. starting today he will be focusing on a different state, their primary is next week and here's what he had to say after super tuesday.>> to get the republican party moving again let's be honest with the public and that's just tell them as best we can what our plans are. i can tell you this, while the media here doesn't give me the coverage that many of you think i should have, i am beating hillary clinton by more than any republican candidate for president, okay.>> and coming up at 6:50 am i will let you know what is next for all the candidates here before ohio and michigan, of course john kosich is really focusing his efforts now on michigan, and then ohio,
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tiffany tarpley with channel3 news. eight mile senator. bernie sanders were formally open to new campaign offices in ohio, one a downtown cleveland on euclid avenue and supporters are invited to attend the formal opening at 5 pm this evening, the other office will open in toledo and sanders will make a visit to cleveland this saturday at the institutional baptist church. the body found in the trunk of a car earlier this week and east cleveland has been identified, charles barnes junior was abducted from his mother's home by two masked men before his body was found hours later in the trunk of a car. police are still searching for the suspects in this case and if you know anything please call east cleveland police. state and local officials now have a plan on how to respond to the zika virus starting next week the ohio health department is planning a social media blitz to urge residents to take caution when traveling. the primary mosquito that
6:36 am
official says his cousin is found in parts of the state. official said i could potentially spread zika here and right now there are five cases in ohio. if you use the rta a fare hike is coming as the agency tries to make up for $7 million shortfall. in a public meeting rta revealed plans to raise fares by $.25, cut routes or a combination of both. writers express their frustration the rta says lack of funding at the state level is to blame the rta hasn't had an across-the-board fare hike since 2009. here is maureen with a mooring misting. a grand jury report claims catholic bishops in central pennsylvania and cover such will be's children in the state atty. gen.'s office is the cover-up was widespread and at least 50 priests and church leaders are named. the report claims the priest lied about the gospel, that children drunk and even hypnotize them before abusing them.
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in the altoona johnstown catholic diocese the crew should be made headlines for its voyage into a severe storm is making headlines once again this point, royal caribbean says the anthem of the seas is making an early return to port after fears of a norovirus outbreak. the ship has seen an average of 10 cases of the norovirus a day during this cruise they also say the trip will be cut short due to severe weather moving in. are you looking for ways to exercise your brain? there are things you can do to make you smarter and some are no-brainers like getting good sleep, eating right and exercising that here three more tips you may not have sought or thought of. learn to play an instrument, several studies show that learning animist musical instrument is associated with improved memory. also try to avoid stress which is easier said than done. and here's an interesting one, live longer.
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continues to increase over time. advancement of technology education means people are thinking more laterally than ever before. i think as you live longer be generally accumulate more information in the noggin. my guess.>> number three, i am planning on it. [ laughter ] it is my idea to live longer but we will see what happened. i will take up an instrument later this afternoon.>> [ laughter ]>> we can all live longer. will get longer life out of your smartphones, the most amazing $11 upgrade and you don't want to miss this, holly what is coming our way weatherwise? we have light snow and there is more where that is coming from, will talk about not only today's snowy weather but what is next. greg and i have live team coverage for you as we get you
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we're coming up on 6:42 am, there flurries outside as we look at the valley view bridge and a little breezy output hang on, holly is looking at a 61 in the forecast. she is coming up in a bit. now here's a look at some of the stories turning online this morning. have you been watching the voice?>> last night northeast ohio learned with a hometown girl to cheer for.>>[ music ]
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cleaner - emily keener, she was saying goodbye yellow brick road and within a few seconds all four judges turn their chairs, we will closely watch her progress and we want to point out that emily was your channel3 a few years ago. 16 years old. forbes has released a list of its richest people and facebook ceo mark zuckerburg gained the most money this year and he moves up 10 spots from last year making him the worlds sixth richest person and his net worth is estimated at $44.6 billion up from $33.4 billion during the number one spot so belongs to bill gates and he is worth $75 billion.>> someday i think we might be friended on that list with matt with all the money we save. everyday right here we give you access to more savings than any tv station in the country
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like our very own gregory d who bought this about half an hour ago. if you're looking for everyday photos $11 will do the trick, this is a three and one kit and you get three lenses compatible with almost every smartphone brand and the coupon code and the link, guys it is unreal the difference this little thing had on her big picture. >> that is great. we also learned it doesn't scratch the screen and it works with all the cases and your mom has a huge vertical leap. >> i say watch that woman jump, come on. >> i wish i had that because i'm about instagram a picture of holly and greg, and greg's socks today. big news.>> i love his tie. handsome.>> always dapper. we will keep you waiting out. let's good look at your forecast. greg and i are not only
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round on the way before the week is through speaking of socks, grab a pair of cozy socks but under the boots, it is cool and blustery, it feels around 9 to 10 degrees and as part of the headlines. with more so on the way tomorrow, greg will get to that, and a really significant warm up. wait until you see. today's weather is pretty uneventful really, it ended up being a very light snow sonata big deal. maybe trace amounts for some of you. the vast majority of you and a pretty quiet with such an later today and snow showers continue to fly this morning though and there could be slick spots like bridges and overpasses. use common sense. light snow showers have been pretty persistent acetic cuyahoga county, eastern geauga and southern lake county and seeing it softens acrid, portage county, akron you're
6:47 am
the winds are whipping around, anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. though we are in the low 20s it feels like it is about nine or 10 degrees now and that is the more important number to pay attention to. after today things calm down and more snow is on the way, greg will be talking about that. >> a couple of opportunities to see snow over the next couple days, so the geauga and northern portage, once the band may be dropping enough snow to cause slick spots, 422 men east of 271 and north of the turnpike this morning, accumulations very light glycol he said, a be half an inch and a couple spots. the more big deal though we are focusing on is an area of low pressure the northern rock is right now, it is so far away but with a very quick jet stream heading down into the southern plains this area of low pressure will start moving
6:48 am
into the central plains later on tonight and make the turn through the ohio river valley as we head into the day thursday. will bestow to the north, this is an equal opportunity snow, everyone gets a chance on thursday. it will be like that certainly enough to talk about maybe cause slick spots on thursday. general electric relations are 1 to 3 inches but the question is the timing. which commits are going to be impacted tomorrow?>> greg we talking with us all morning, we think it will be more the afternoon driver not the early morning commute, so we're working together will be quiet. this is 9 am and is still uneventful force at that point this we had through midday and especially early afternoon and into the midafternoon we start to see the snow. i talked about the equal opportunity and that is obvious here, 5 pm to afternoon with snow coming down in temperatures in the low to mid 30s so will be heavier and wet
6:49 am
will be light it will be slick. by friday it is already back to cloud cover and perhaps a few flurries, and cool weather before we get into another round of potential snow and maybe rain mixing in on seven-day forecast shows that on saturday with 37 the high and by sunday drier weather, seasonal a good-looking day. look at next week, upper 50s on monday and low 60s tuesday and trending warmer. that is good. this is gary, he is two years old and has a little snow face and he watches dog on whether every single day. thank you for sharing the photo. after the break your morning rush. >> let's check in with maureen who is following breaking news grade we are continuing to follow a fatal fire on cleveland's was 99th st. were firefighters believe that man was doing
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welcome back, 6:52 am, today's top stories and holly has the forecast coming up again with another check on the road.>> where following developing is this point, our crew is live on the scene where one man has died in a house fire on w. 99th st. in cleveland. the chief tells us the 40-year- old man was cooking in the kitchen when the fire started and they think he left
6:53 am
the man's dog also died in this fire. this is what things look like a little while ago, a firefighter suffered minor burns fighting this one but is expected to be okay. this is the fifth fatal fire cleveland are ready to put in perspective there were a total of nine fatal fires in cleveland last year. tiffany. on the heels of super tuesday we are closer to learning which candidate is closer to taking center stage here as the republican presidential nominee during their convention in cleveland this summer. let's show you the overall tuesday. the republicans here need a 1237 delegates to win and trump is leaving right now with the 285 and john kasich routing of the top four with 25. on the democratic side they need 2383, hillary clinton has 541 over bernie sanders 347 so what is next? five states will be weighing in
6:54 am
ohio's primary is march 15. today senator. bernie sanders will formally open to new campaign offices in ohio and one is a downtown cleveland on euclid. supporters are invited to attend the opening at 5 pm this evening. the other office will open in toledo and sanders will make a visit to cleveland this saturday. high school in butler county ohio near cincinnati is back in session today after suit opened fire the cafeteria two days ago, the 14-year-old suspect what before a judge including attempted murder and he pleaded not guilty. police say that he opened fire during lunch injuring for students. thank you. right now we have akron road closure, there is a crash here that brought on a utility pole and it i will tweet out some detours to get around it.
6:55 am
the broadway avenue ramp up to 71 s. has been moved to the grassy area and we see no delays on 271 because of that but we are seeing a little bit of slow traffic into downtown, 71 n. and 490 e., a 2 to 3 minute delay. tracking light snow for cold, blustery, otherwise such a today and upper 20s, it will feel like it is in the teens a lot of today. taking a look at the extent forecast there's more snow to try for tomorrow, it will be tomorrow afternoon it's tomorrow evening with the from this equal opportunity it. friday looks quieter and saturday with another blast of snow in a few rain showers up. week. from that great news to the bonus deal of the day.
6:56 am
i just tweeted it.>> that was so calm.>> tomorrow power to the backseat and help you . it's quite on the next road trip. >> is now you work miracles.>> [ laughter ]>> i can't wait. >> thank you for watching
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good morning. something for everyone. donald trump and hillary clinton each win seven super tuesday states, tightening their grips on their party's nomi >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> cruz, rubio and sanders, will they be well enough to stay in the race? a new piece of debris has been found that could be from malaysia air flight 370. missing fer ing ing for nearly two years.


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