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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ @ breaking details as police @charge a father in r-old to death. @ preparing for more @primaries. @several states gearing up for @voting this weekend. @we will tell you where the @candidates will be and who is @coming to cleveland tomorrow. @ ce are now saying @about a knife reportedly found @near o.j. @simpson former home and nude @photos -- nude photos show the ind after @last falls deadly plane crash in @action -- in akron. @. @ good evening we with @breaking news the murder of a @three -year-old girl in canton @tonight we learn the fathers
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@have been charged in her death. @live @department via our akron canton @global newsroom. @reign we did learn 22 @-year-old matthew miku being in the stark county jail, @accused the police of murdering @his daughter. @when he calls 911 miku is @franticely @distraught and he tells police @something they will eventually @learn, his daughter is dead. @>> oh my god my baby is dead @reign @who identified himself as the @dad of three -year-old haley @miku, crying, distraught saying @my baby is dead, god reign the same @father is charged with the @murder of his @police say was dead when medics @and law enforcement got there
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@morning telling me the stuff i @am like whatand his live-in @girlfriend both charged with @child endangerment as well. @>> it was my child i'd have a @set i probably would not be so @nice reignter sounds like @her father told the dispatcher @he found her on the steps. @>> my baby is dead. @>> the aning something much @different to investigators now @this is gnificant turn in this case i @did reach out to the stark @county jail to see if there are @booking photos available they @said they had just arrived s are not available @quite yet live tonight hilary @golston channel three news. @ police investigating this g way @driver slammed into another car @it happened early this morning
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@the crash caught in a traffic @camera and tonight we are @hearing from the dispatcher who @called a plow truck @driver saw the crash. @year the driver worked as a @team to help police get there @quickly. @>> as they were communicating @informatioto police and they @were able to get on the scene @pret: this is the third @wrong way crash in the last @month. @some proposing putting spike @strips down it would puncture @tires is @way. @odot says it is looking at all @options. @ new dashcam at body cam @video tonight showing the scene @early this morning when alleged @drunk driver hit a cleveland @police cruiser. @just after 5:00 a.m., both @officers hurt and take it to
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@ ben carson has officially @dropped out of the waste for @the white house. @he told supporters he looked at @the delegate count and realized @quote he just was not going to @happen. @quote. @this as a busy weekend on tap @for those still in the race. @six states including kansas and @kentucky hold primaries or @caucuses saturday and sunday, @followed by another four tuesday @tuesday. @then sunday democratic @candidates hillary clinton and @bernie sanders face off in @their next debate. @that will take place in flint, @michigan. @the city still recovering from @that water crisis involving @lead poisoning. @ sanders brings his campaign @back to cleveland tomorrow, @holding a rally. @this will be his third visit @ahead of the primary on march @15. @iowa is winner take all which @means the primary winner gets @every delegate. @so expect more candidates to @come to our town over the next @10 days.
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@republican national convention @and the city of cleveland @continues to prepare in case @crowds get rowdy. city leaders @looking to buy 2006 of right @greater including control @suits, collapsible batons and @bags to carry the gear. @the money would come from a 50 @million-dollar federal security @grant specifically for the @convention. @ the us marshals cold case @unit in operation for year and @in that time it is solved six @cases that have been cold for @decades. @monica robins reports on the @third escapee caught alive. @>>reporter: ramon flores @might've thought the island of @puerto rico would help them @hide the past he was running @from for 40 years but the @escaped violent tutelage -- @digits it was dead wrong. @>> to be able to jump and grab @the sky. @>> is crimes happened on the @streets of cleveland in the @early 70s. @in april, 1971, floors stabbed @a man he was trying to rob in
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@that man survived. the next @victim wouldn't be so lucky. @during a fight, florida's @punched a guy with brass @knuckles. @when his victim tried to run @away florez shot him in the @chest. @man died on his way to lutheran @hospital. @the cases combined, floors @convicted of manslaughter and @assault with intent to rob in @1972. @he received a two trended 35 @year sentence but three years @later was released on parole. @that is when he disappeared. @>> was a walked out those doors @he said he is never going to @come back until we catch up @with them. @>> that is how is case landed @on the desk of us deputy @marshal, the man for the last @year taking into and solving @decades-old cold cases. floor @is now the sixth cold case you @did just -- cold case fugitive @caught. @thanks to a tip they learn to @those living in puerto rico.
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@>> within an hour our guys were @on the street after we @developed that information. @they had surveillance set up on @his location and shortly after @that we were able to bring him @into custody safely without @anybody getting hurt. @>> the now 64 -year-old @returned to ohio to face @charges. @>> he was just as surprised as @his family and friends that he @has been wanted for over 40 @years. @>>reporter: he still has family @in cleveland. @>> fugitives have victims that @go beyond the actual person @they assaulted. @their family members. @they have become victims @because they are living with the @secret that they can't escape @themselves. @>>reporter: helping a fugitive @avoid capture is against the @law. @>> when we catch up with them @the law will catch up to the @relatives as well. @>> do you know this man? @paul van buren campbells. he's @been wanted for the last 16 @years for probation violations.
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@brown hair, blue eyes. @he may be using the name shane @campbell or the last name @petty. @he travels extensively he works @at utility plants usually as an @instrument engineer he has @glaucoma and wear special @glasses. @if you have information call @the cold case squad monica @robins channel three news. @ coming up what we have now @learned about the knife @reportedly recovered near o.j. @simpson former home. @ brand-new images from the @scene of the fatal prank -- @akron. @company says they plan to open @a brick-and-mortar store. @ the storm system headed our @way coming up by will help you @plan your weekend and a big @warm up next week just exactly
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@ @. @ some sad news tonight @country singer joey feek has @passed away after a battle with @cervical cancer. @she passed away at her home in
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@in 2014 which continue to @spread despite several @treatment. @she was 40 years old. @ new details and knife @reportedly found on o.j. @simpson and property years ago. @nbc news reporting the night is @inconsistent with nicole brown @simpson and ronald goldman's @murders. @a former lapd officer turned @recently. @officials say the officer was @working off duty on a movie @shoot near his former home in a @construction worker given the @night. @the jury acquitted simpson of @all the charges back in 1995. @he is currently serving time on @an unrelated conviction. @ brand-new images tonight @from the fatal akron plane @crash that killed nine back in @november. @we went to dozens of new photos @here now breakneck we put in @this request back in november
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@hearing from the federal @aviation administration dozens @of photos of place -- up close @and personal like you have @never seen before. @>> a plane just crashed. @>> oh my god. @>> we showed you for your @images from far away and even @these memorable flames from @across the street. @several views from different @angles at the moment of impact. @and now for the first time the @faa the showing channel three @what investigators saw when @they arrived on scene. @photo after photo showing the @plane. this photo showing just @how bad the wreckage was. @more photos showing engines and @wheels even other cars in the @pathway of the crash. @>> akron police 911.
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@these houses right in front of @me. @>> the plane dropped out of the @sky. @>> it did cross over the road i @don't know how it was obviously @low enough to strike telephone @wires, electrical wire. @>> all in all nine people died @seven passengers and two pilot. @the faa would not release any @information on where they are @in the investigation, just @telling us it is ongoing. @you at home could see the full @dollar it on our website. @ thank you. @some consumer news the best @selling vehicle in north @america is the subject of an @investigation tonight after @multiple cases of brake @failure. @the national highway safety @traffic administration looking @into reports involving 450 ford @f1 50 trucks from the 2013 and @2014 model years.
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@complaints of the petals going @to the floor with a total loss @of breaking before -- four @crashes have been reported so @far no injuries. @ amazon will open a brick- @and-mortar pickup location of @the university of akron. @customers can pickup and and @return amazon orders at the @location, which will be on east @exchange street. @amazon prime members will also @get free one-day pickup for @orders placed before 10:00 @p.m.. @this will be the second @location in ohio. @the company plans to add other @locations near universities @across the country. @it is set to open this summer. @ and akron favorite @strickland's frozen custard @open tonight. @most local ice cream shops @closed for the winter and @strickland is not back (-left- @parenthesis the the season, but @celebrating a big milestone as @well. @80 years in business. @>> glad they are open again. @ ice cream weather before we @know it.
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@changes in march maybe big @swings. if you want to get ice @cream it may be ice cream @weather in that forecast coming @up. @let's start off talking about @the weekend of course saturday @and sunday many have plans. @the weather will be changeable @this weekend with one day @better for those outdoor @activities than the other. @this evening a few scattered @clouds, going towards the south @we will see clear patches @develop overnight but what @really stands out is this swap @of snow and rain into illinois @and portions of michigan back @to was costing an area of low @pressure headed our way the @snow spreading in our @direction. @this will arrive tomorrow @morning so you will wake up to @areas of light snow and snow @showers and a cold front moves @by chewing afternoon that will @likely first bring brain that @will change to snow as the @system moves out saturday @night. @the weekend, saturday morning
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@temperatures upper 20s. @with temperatures this chilly i @suspect some side roads will be @slick in spots so watch out @heading out early saturday. @i don't think there will be @enough to shovel or plow, most @of you seeing under an inch as @we go into saturday morning. @then mixed with rain maybe a @change to rain in the afternoon @as temperatures warm to the @upper 30s and low 40s. @the system moves out late @saturday night as it does on @the back and she may get a @period of light snow and @snowflakes but temperatures in @the upper 20s and 30s @accumulations will be light @similar to the last system @i think the snow accumulations @less than what we had last @night. @sunday morning nice and dry @temperatures in the 20s, chilly @but sunshine sunday afternoon. @winds turnaround out of the @south and temperatures climb @into the 40s. @snowfall totals maybe half an
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@heaviest spots. download that @channel three weather app @saturday to track snow and rain @you can get it in your app @store. @a great radar that lets you @pinpoint rain and snow as we go @through the day tomorrow. @the snow and saturday night @temperatures in the 20s and @with plenty of sunshine sunday @we will at least sneak into the @low 40s. @some of you the mid- 40s. @that will be the beginning of a @big warm-up headed our way. no @sign of any warm air in our @area right now with @temperatures in the 20s and 30s @but look to ourselves -- our @south and southwest. @just south of des moines into @portions of oklahoma and texas @with a big storm system coming @out of the west we will share @some of that warm weather as we @head through the rest of the @week. @original high-pressure and the @jet stream surging northward to @the west coast that starts to @shift to the east coast as we @head into monday.
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@lakes in to southern canada @will set us up for a nice @stretch of days as we start the @work week. @portions of lake county down to @adina and and mansfield sunday @near 40, 50s by monday and look @at the third day, tuesday, @cooler at the lake, places like @me adina and mansfield getting @to the low maybe even mid 60s @i'm optimistic on the extended @forecast check out tuesday in @cleveland temperatures in the @mid- 60s and watching for rain. @there could be quite a bit @wednesday and thursday, maybe @several inches with @temperatures cooling to the 50s @and 40. @>> you will be buying this ice @cream before you know it. @>> on me. @>> salted caramel milkshake. @>> you are fancy. @>> get it done. @ good to have the cavs back @on the court tonight after a @week filled with rumors.
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@highlights next.
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@ @ after a drama filled week @three days off to stir the pot @finally back to basketball for @the cavs as they win their @second straight game needing @the wizards at the year. @a special night at the q. cavs
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@the players from the 75-76 @team honored at halftime. @lebron on a defense and ability @to rise and throw it down. @the very next possession does @it again this one better lebron @19 points, 13 boards, seven @assists. @he did not play the 4th quarter @all cavaliers tonight kyrie @irving 21 a good shooting a him @he hits the triple. @cavs up 17 at the half. @14 cavs up they win two @straight they host boston @tomorrow. @another busy day first of all @this comes as no surprise alec @shiner stepping away from his @position as president of the @cleveland browns in fact it was @when not really if clearly not @part of the future. @he has not been seen the last @few months not part of the @process when hugh jackson was
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@camp situation. @we want wins and he will step @away as of march 31. @he will serve as a consultant @to the browns through the end @of the year. @he said his guidance has helped @us accelerate our learning @curve as nfl owners that is @something we will always @appreciate. @he is ready for the next @challenge in his career as our @new structure would limit the @opportunity for his leadership. @ browns linebacker suspended @by the nfl for the first four @games of the next season. @violated a policy on @performance enhancing @substances. @arrested on christmas day the @former teammate calling it -- @of traffic stop they found @marijuana, prescription drugs @and a loaded handgun. @he has a court hearing solid -- @scheduled march 14. @he can take part in workouts in @the off-season. @ indians and white sox today @tribe remains winless but not @the reds not at good your today
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@the indians gave up two runs @both on solo homers two @strikeouts, no walks very @different. @trying to make the team the @first round pick back in 2012 @rbi single hitting .429 early. @two in the ninth to tie it up @five the final score. @5- 5 indians 0- 2 two ties. @tournament comes to cleveland @next week akron hosting can @stay in the regular-season @games senior night and out for @revenge on the flashes how @about the jr. tough to stop @isaiah johnson 9- 2 lead, what @a move. @20 points 17 rebounds three at @the break, jackson puts the @game away 74-60. @13-five the record the top seed @coming to cleveland penn state @five seed they host bowling @green monday night.
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@good. @the head coach of the zips and @flashes will join me on @sportsnite plus we talked @rounds, indians, cavs and ohio. @getting the win over golden @flashes tonight. @>> always good. @>> always every week it is @good. @>> sometimes better than @others. @>> if you say so. @ next up cats may have nine @lives with the smart feline @somehow knew her owner only has
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@ @. @ the cat named, as a earned @the title of the road after @letting one of her owners know @there was a fire in the @apartment that started in the @ceiling he cannot be seen or @heard. @travis ryan was playing video @games with a headset on when he @noticed, was acting strangely. @>> she was meowing and walking @around in circles she normally @doesn't do that. @>> he walked into the bedroom @and heard crackling and fell 80 @he reached toward the ceiling. @firefighters had to tear open @parts of the apartment ceiling @and there is a lot of smoke @damage. @everyone got out safely. a cool @cat. @>> very nice. @>> these cool cats filling in @for chris this weekend get @things started on channel three @today that begins at 5:00 a.m.. @have a wonderful weekend,
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cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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