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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ thanks for being with us at @6:00 a.m. @on this saturday. @the first weekend of march and @it is feeling very cold. @it is funny we went through @february feeling very warm. @now snow for the first weekend @of march. @carry? @>> reporter: it is not going to @last very long. @it is going to be a much nicer @day tomorrow. @beyond very warm, unseasonably @warm. @we have flurries out there. @it is hard to see at @progressive field.
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@a big warm up on the way snow @showers today a better sunday @on the way for you and much @warmer in the week ahead. @you can see here radar showing @you some light very light snow @showers all the way from about @cleveland over toward toledo. @we are going to continue in @this vain for most of the day @today. @upper 20s to low 30s across the @area. @we are not going to change @those temperatures too @dramatically today. @we are going to make it into @the middal 30s. @rain mixing in with some of the @snow later on today. @temperatures very gently rise @but tomorrow the sun is going @to come out and beyond that, a @very nice warm up ahead. @so maureen, have faith. @there is great weather on the @way. @ sounds good. @we'll be checking back in with @you. @thanks so much kerry. @ bernie sanders brings his @campaign back to cleveland @today. @he is holding a community @conversation this afternoon.
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@3's alyssa raymond. @i know the set up is happening @this morning. @big crowds could be coming in @just a few hours really. @the sun up is around 73:06:78 @that is when they are letting @equipment. @this doesn't start until 2:00 @this afternoon. @this will be sanders's third @time to northeast ohio ahead of @the primary on march 15th. @his second time in less than 10 @days. @everything begins around 2:00 @this afternoon here at the @baptist church. @they are calling it a community @conversation. @and it is invitation only. @sanders will stop at his new @campaign office first. @it opened last week in downtown @cleveland. @last thursday sanders brought @his campaign to berea. @he told a big crowd he can win @the buckeye state. @tom sat down with sanders one-
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@say he is fighting for an @economy that works for all, not @just the 1%. @>> i would say 80 or 90% of the @people in ohio didn't know who @bernie sanders was, let alone @what i stood for. @in the last week or 10 days @there were three national polls @having us in the lead over @hillary clinton. @it is fair to say objectively @all over this country we have a @lot of momentum. @ a recent survey conducted @between the new hampshire and @south carolina primaries showed @a tight race between sanders @and clinton had separated the @two by a percentage point with @sanders out in front. @sanders and clinton will both @speak at the 2016 legacy dinner @in columbus this sunday before @the primary. @this will be the first time the @two appeared together in ohio. @ohio is a winner take allstate @meaning the primary winner @takes the delegates.
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@maureen? @>> alyssa, thank you so much. @ i'm hopeful that maybe some @people, now that i am leaving @the campaign trail. @>> reporter: and with that dr. @ben carson officially kept away @from the campaign trail. @he announced the decision @during the conservative @dc. @now that ben carson has @officially dropped out of the @race the gop field is down to @four and it will be a busy @weekend for both sides of the @aisle. @six states, including kansas @and kentucky hold their @caucuses today and tomorrow. @also tomorrow candidates @hillary clinton and bernie @sanders face off in their next @debate. @that one is taking place in @flint, michigan a city still @recovering from a water crisis
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@ we are 135 days away from @the rnc and the biggest wrench @in the works could ultimately @come from within. @party members are bracing for @the possibility of a brokered @or contested convention. @it could happen if none of the @gop candidates get the 1237 @delegates needed to win the @nomination. @>> in my view a brokered @convention ain't going to @happen and if the washington @deal makers try to steal the @nomination from the people, i @think it would be a disaster. @>> the last time the rnc was @contested was 1976, when @president gerald ford fought @off ronald reagan for the @nomination in kansas city. @ the city of cleveland @continues to prepare for the @rnc just in case crowds get @rowdy. @leaders are looking to buy riot @control suits, collapsible @batons plus bags. @the money to pay for that would
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@security grant specifically for @the convention. @ now to canton, where police @have charged a father and his @live in girlfriend with the @death of a 3 yelled girl. @police are investigating the @death of 3 yelled haley mecue @as a homicide. @the father, matthew mecue is @charged with murder and child @endangering. @his live in girlfriend, jessica @bender, is also charged with @child endangering. @ the u.s. marshal's cold @case unit has been in operation @now for a year. @and in that time, it solved six @cases that have been open for @decades. @channel 3's monica robbins @reports on the third escapee @caught alive. @>> reporter: ramone flores @might have thought the island @of puerto rico would help him @hide the past he was running @from, for 40 years. @but the escaped violent @fugitive was dead wrong.
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@to be able to jump out and grab @these guysering his crimes @happened on the streets of @cleveland in the early 70s. @in april of 71, flores stabbed @a man he was trying to rob in @the 1800 block of west 25th @street. @that man survived. @the next victim wouldn't be so @lucky. @during a fight flores punched a @guy with brass knuckles, when @his victim tried to run away @flores shot him in the chest. @the man died. @the cases were combined. @flores was convicted of @manslaughter and assault with @intent to rob in '72. @he received a 2-5 year sentence @and three years later was @released on parole. @>> once he walked out the @prison doors he said he was @never going to come back. @>> reporter: that is how his @case landed on the desk of u.s. @deputy marshal david isiler. @the man who, for the last year, @has been digging into and @solving decades-old cold cases.
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@case fugitive caught and the @third to be caught alive. @thanks to a tip, they learned @flores was living in puerto @rico. @isiler contacted the marshals @there. @>> within an hour they had @surveillance set up on his @location, and shortly after @that, were able to bring him @into custody safely, without @anybody getting hurt. @>> reporter: the now 64-year- @old was returned to ohio to @face charges. @>> and he was just as surprised @as his family and friends that @he has been wanted for over 40 @years. @>> reporter: flores still has @family in cleveland. @>> these fugitives have victims @that go beyond the actual @person they assaulted. @it is their family members. @they are living with the secret @that they can't escape @themselves. @>> he ads helping a fugitive @avoid capture is against the @law. @>> reporter: when we catch up
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@up to the relatives as well. @ do you know this man? @paul van buren campbell? @he has been wanted for the last @16 years for probation @violations. @he is 54, 5'10", brown hair, @blue eyes. @he may be using the name shane @campbell or the last name of @petty. @he travels extensively. @he has worked in utility @plants, usually as an @instrument engineer. @he has glaucoma and requires @special glasses to protect his @eyes. @if you have any information @call 1-866-4 wanted. @knife found. @what we have learned about the @knife reportedly recovered near @o. j. simpson's former home. @ remember the former grounds @industry.
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@ @ a knife reportedly found on @o. j. simpson's property years @ago. @the knife is inconsistent with @nicole brown simpson and ronald @goldman's murders. @a former lapd officer turned @the knife over recently. @he claimed he was working off- @duty near simpson's former home @12 years ago when a @construction worker gave him @the knife. @a jury acquitted simpson of all @charges in the murders back in @1995. @he is currently serving time on @an unrelated conviction. @ sad news to share with you @this morning. @country singer joey feekhas @passed away.
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@in 2014 which continued to @spread. @she was 40 years old. @learning more about the fatal @plane crash in akron from @november of last year. @we have shown you viewer images @far away and even memorable @flames from across the street. @several views on the home of @impact and now for the first @time the faa is showing channel @3 what they saw when they @arrived on scene. @photo after photo she is the @dismantled plane and the @duplexs it hit. @all in all this crash took nine @lives, seven passengers and the @two pilots. @ democrat members of @congress visited flint @yesterday. @they listened to residents @firsthand. @this is the third visit to the
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@water pipes has leaned into the @tap water. @>> what is happening in flint @challenges the conscience of @our nation. @this is a tragedy of such @magnitude because it breaks the @bond that people have with the @government to be there on @issues like the safety of the @water our children drink. @>> meanwhile crews began @digging up service lines as @part of the city and state's @fast start initiative. @ big changes could be coming @to the former site of the lake, @a major figure in cleveland's @film industry is sharing his @hope the one time amusement @park could become a sound @stage.
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@back, the fortune cookie was @jack lemon and walter math that @you . ivan schwartz, director @of the greater cleveland film @commission. @>> it would be a dream come @true. @schwartz focusing on increasing @the ohio tax incentive. @to oversimplify, it is @basically a tax refund for @production. @schwartz says it is currently @capped at $20 million. @he wants to boost that amount @to $75 million. @why? @because it guarantees work. @>> which would allow for @infrastructure to be built. @>> reporter: more movies, more @jobs, more of an economic @boost, and maybe more @facilities like the one in @question. @a former amusement park that @began life in the 18 70s, and
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@>> i think we can bring it back @with more theater-type ideas. @>> i think it is a wasted space @for sure, which is definitely @opportunity to put something in @there. @>> reporter: this idea could be @a savior. @hillary goldston, channel 3 @news. @>> schwartz says it is ways to @get movies to come here. @he says we are losing @production to other states @right now. @he estimates that figure at @about $1 billion in production @over the last year and a half. @ just ahead the west side @market is opening its doors on @sunday. @ and also changes coming to @target. @find out how ordering online @will become much easier in the @near future. @ now here's kerry. @>> reporter: feeling like @winter yes today on your @saturday. @but old man winter is going to @loosen his icy grip on
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@i think you are going to like
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@ @ starting next month the @west side market will open its @doors on sunday. @melissa raymond is explaining @why some vendors are not happy @about it. @>> reporter: vincent owns @vince's meat. @he spends about 63 hours a week @at the west side market. @church day. @>> reporter: andrew agrees @sunday is a family day, but his @stand will be open. @>> i'm willing to give it a @>> reporter: starting april @3rd, the west side market will @be open from noon to 6:00. @adrienne morrison thinks it is @a great idea. @>> it has been 10 years and i @will be back.
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@me to come to the west side @market. @>> reporter: the parking lots @may look different. @beginning this month the city @plans to consolidate the two @lots, creating more than 100 @additional spaces. @but the spaces will no longer @be free. @>> not sure how it is going to @work out yet. @a couple of hours free for @market people. @>> reporter: vincent wants to @see the market work but like @many others here, he has fears. @>> i had a stand for a couple @of years at the central market @and i watched that get ruined @and i don't want to see this @one. @>> reporter: alyssa raymond, @channel 3 news. @ the burger joint founded by @the wahlberg brothers after @mark walberg, donnie and their @chef brother, paul wall bank of @america, is now coming to @cleveland. @the -- wahlberg is coming to @cleveland. @there could be more than one @location in northeast ohio @because a deal was signed to @open six in cleveland and
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@announced where or when the @restaurants will open. @but keep your eye on that. @town. @>> are you saying that is all @we do in cleveland is eat? @>> come on, on the commercial @we were talking about where did @you go last night. @>> yeah it does. @>> nothing better than a good @burger anyway. @ let's show you what is @right now 28 degrees. @it is slightly warmer than we @were a couple of hours ago. @a low temperature around 26 @degrees. @winds out of the southeast at 7 @miles per hour. @a will disturbance working on @by. @it doesn't have a lot of @moisture to work with and it is @moving fairly quickly across @the area. @it is going to continue to @bring us snow showers through @most of the day today and into @this evening. @on the back side of this, we @are going to see the northerly @winds begin to take shape and @we will see, in fact,
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@we could see a little bit of @rain mixing in as well. @snow showers and rain right @there on top of us, that snow @rain lane. @we are going to see very little @in the way of accumulation. @that snow should be ending @tonight. @as we move through the next 24 @hours your sunday afternoon is @nice. @a lot of sunshine out there @temperatures moderating into @the low 40s, and as we move @through time, we are going to @see those southerly breezes @begin to take hold and the low @temperatures monday morning in @the upper 30s and low 40s @there. @that is going to start a nice @day for monday, tuesday, @wednesday and beyond. @ we have a system here in @the midwest. @beyond that, look at denver, 71 @78. @on the west coast quite a bit @of rain as well.
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@going to see the snow showers @continue. @not much in the way of @accumulation, if any. @rain mixing in with the snow @during the course of the @afternoon on the southeast @per hour. @overnight tonight the snow is @going to continue in through @the early evening hours, and @again, maybe an inch on grassy @accumulation. @i don't expect much in the way @of travel problems. @25 for a low, and then for your @sunday it is going to turn out @to be a terrific day. @the sun is going to return, 42 @for the high. @however if you like that on @sunday, you are going to love @monday tuesday and beyond. @your forecast for monday, @springlike, 60 for a high. @62 on tuesday wednesday. @could see a shower or @thunderstorm. @60 for the high. @the rain continues on thursday. @but even behind that next @system, temperatures not @looking too bad. @54 on friday. @maureen? @ thanks kerry.
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@executives say the way you shop @at the store will change. @the big box store says it will @become more digitally focused, @offering you a more seamless @way to shop online and pick up @in the store. @some stores will double as @order fulfillment centers @helping ship orders out faster. @ big changes are also coming @to the grocery store section. @target executives are looking @for offer more organic options. @ disney is expanding its @cruise line fleet. @it plans to add two more cruise @ship, bringing the total to six @ships. @disney fans will have to wait @awhile though, the ships won't @debut until 2021 and 2023. @ after the break, looking @for a seasonal job? @we are going to show you some @of the open positions at the @akron zoo and when the job fair @will take place. @good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning
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@hoping to lock up votes before @ohio's primary. @coming up what bernie sanders @plans to do here today in
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@ @ thanks for being up with us @on this saturday morning. @we have a little bit of winter @to get through before we head @to spring. @kerry coleman has an eye on the @forecast. @>> reporter: as the operative @word. @a little bit. @not a lot of snow, not heavy @snow, but light snow during the @course of your saturday. @after today, things will @improve dramatically, snow @showers today better for your @sunday and much warmer for that @week ahead. @you can see radar showing you a @few snow showers out there, a @few spits of snow, downtown @cleveland here. @we have been seeing light snow @across much of western ohio. @the core of system is yet to @get here and on the back side @of it, we'll see more light @snow during the course of your
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@temperatures right now in the @20s and low 30s. @zoom on into this, you'll see @from 25 at ashtabula, to 30 @degrees in sandusky, gently @rising temperatures is what you @are going to see today. @not real warm, 28 by noon, up @to the freezing mark, rain @mixing with the snow during the @course of your evening and we @could see some slush @areas. @but the snow is not going to @last long. @we'll see a beautiful sunday @but an incredible monday and @tuesday and beyond in the @extended forecast in a few @minutes. @ bernie sanders returns to @northeast ohio today. @the baptist church invited him @to lead a community @conversation at the church this @afternoon. @that is where we find channel @3's alyssa raymond this @morning. @good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning @maureen. @this will be sanders's third
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@of the primary on march 15th, @and his second time in less @than 10 days. @all the festivities here begin @around 2:00 this afternoon, and @they are calling it a community @conversation. @it is by invitation only, so if @you haven't received an @invitation, you can't just show @up here and expect to come in @to see sanders speak. @he will stop at one of his new @campaign offices first, his @document cleveland office @opened last week. @and last thursday sanders @brought his campaign to berea. @he told a big crowd he can win @the buckeye state. @sanders says his campaign is @fighting for an economy that @works for all, not just the 1%. @>> i would say 89% of the @people in ohio never knew who @bernie sanders was let alone @what i stood for.
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@three polls had us in the lead @over hillary clinton. @i think it is fair to say @objectively that all over this @momentum. @>> reporter: a recent survey @conducted between the new @hampshire and south carolina @primaries showed a tight race @between sanders and clinton. @it separated the two by a @percentage point, with sanders @in front. @sanders and clinton will both @speak at the picture legacy @dinner in columbus the sunday @before the primary. @remember ohio is a winner take @allstate, which means the @primary winner gets all the @delegates. @we could expect to see many @candidates stopping here over @the next 10 days. @maureen back to you in the @studio. @>> march 15th is key for both @of those candidates. @thank you elizabeth. @ the akron zoo is going to @be hosting a job fair today to @help fulfill seasonal @positions.
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@open positions are in guest @services grounds keeping that @run from april to december. @candidates must be at least 18 @years old and able to work a @flexible schedule. @applicants with are can fill @out absolute application -- an @application. @ some of the seasonal @opportunities include work at @the could, golf courses and @parks. @interested applicants are asked @to register online and bring a @copy of their resume. @ rivalry at the jar last @night in akron. @the zips took on cent state -- @kent state.
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@ good morning. @cavs and celtics after three @days off to stir the pot it was @finally back to basketball, the @cavs beat the wizards without @kevin love. @the cavs celebrated last night. @most of the players from the 75- @joe page. @lebron honored them with @defense and the throw down. @cavs up early. @he does it again, this one is @better. @lebron 19 points, 13 rebounds, @7 assists, he didn't play in @the fourth quarter. @irving had 21, a 15-point lead. @cavs up 17 at the half. @up 20 after three. @they win 108-83. @as i mentioned, they have won
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@yesterday. @alex shiner stepping away from @the browns. @clearly not part of the future, @hadn't seen him in a long time. @not a part of the hue jackson @hiring process. @the renovations -- of the @jackson hiring process. @the renovations. @shiner will be a consultant to @the team until the end of the @year. @ bryant has been suspended @by the nfl, he violated the @leg's policy on performance @enhancing substances. @he was arrested on christmas @day with beyonce saunders @following a traffic stop. @police say marijuana, @prescription drugs and a loaded @handgun in his car. @it is possible he could be @reressed. @ let's talk indians now. @cactus league as they took on
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@the tribe remains winless. @>> they didn't play the reds @finally. @trevor bower looked to start @two innings, two homers, two @strikeouts, two walks. @2012 first round single and the @the indians 0-2. @ the tournament comes to @cleveland next week. @akron hosting kent state in the @final game of the regular @season. @last night senior night. @how about the junior? @tough to stop isaiah johnson. @a 7-point lead. @johnson had 12 flashes. @zips up three at the break .10 @with under two to go. @zips win 74-60. @finished the season 13-5 in the @mack.
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@state is the five seed and will @host bowling green monday @night. @tomorrow don't miss sports @tonight. @we get set for the mack @tournament, talking browns, @indians, cavs, ohio state @wrestling. @don't miss sports tomorrow @night here on channel 3 at @11:35. @hope you have a great weekend, @everybody. @ just ahead, there are @changes coming to the rock @hall. @we are going to show you what @you can expect to see this @summer. @ and the dramatic video of @the brand new dive coaster @coming to cedar point. @the twists and turns ahead. @ now here's kerry with a @check of the forecast. @>> reporter: dramatic changes @in the weather ahead. @kind of a wintry mix today but @it is not going to last long. @things are going to change in a @dramatic fashion as we head to
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@ @ soon you are going to @notice major changes at the @rock hall. @the entry plaza will be @redesigned to include an @outdoor cafe, prime parking for @motorcycles and a concert @stage. @the new plaza will be ready for @the rnc in july. @ we are looking at the new @coaster at cedar park. @construction crews placed the @yesterday. @this ride breaks a total of 10 @world records including the @longest the tallest and the @fastest dive coaster. @season on may 7th. @ another sure sign that @warmer days are ahead. @strickland's frozen custard is @back open. @most local ice cream shops @close up for the winter.
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@80 years in business. @the local mainstay opened back @in 1936. @and maybe this week, maybe with @a light jacket you could walk @on up there and get an ice @cream cone. @>> what is your favorite @flavor? @>> i can't even choose. @>> butter pecan. @i like a lot, but that is my @favorite. @>> anything chocolate they @throw a whole bunch of goodies @into. @calorie it up. @load me up. @>> that would be a good prop. @we should have thought of that. @ it is going to be ice cream @weather here into the middle of @next week. @today though just getting @started, 28 degrees, kind of on @the cool side. @there are a couple of spits of @snow out there, we have a @system working on by, and it @doesn't have a lot of moisture @to work with. @a clipper system. @it is moving fairly quickly. @light snow out there right now. @you might see some grassy @accumulation during the course
6:47 am
@as the system moves on by it @could produce more snow during @the course of the evening. @maybe an inch before midnight. @not a great deal to it, no @doubt about that. @as we move through time, we are @forecasting cloudy skies and @snow showers. @may see a little bit of rain @mixing with the snow during the @course of the afternoon as we @creep up into the middle 30s. @going to be above the freezing @mark there for a little while @today, then the snow is going @to zip out of here during the @course of the evening. @and for sunday afternoon, @cloudy side in the morning, but @by afternoon we are going to @see the clouds clear out. @it is going to turn out to be a @terrific day with temperatures @there seasonably in the low 40s @and southerly winds kick in @nice warm air for the week @ahead. @you are going to see @temperatures in the 60s as we @head toward monday tuesday and @wednesday, even the chance of @thunderstorms. @and across the united states
6:48 am
@denver beautiful day 71. @dallas almost 80 degrees. @77 for orlando. @and on the west coast we are @talking about rain all the way @from seattle down to los @angeles. @your forecast today not all @it is still winter. @snow showers around may mix @with some rain later on this @afternoon. @not much in the way of @accumulation and i don't think @there is going to be any @significant driving problems. @during the course of your @evening tonight the snow is @going to taper off, an inch or @so for total accumulation, @mainly on the grassy surfaces. @25 for a low temperature. @and your sunday picture perfect @really for this time of year, @42 for a high, with abundant @sun by the afternoon. @but take a look at the window @nation's 7-day forecast. @monday 60 degrees, 62 on @tuesday. @maybe a thunderstorm there on @wednesday and cooler but not @bad, even for the end of the
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@ beer, puppies and pizza. @all very lovable things and on @tuesday an event combines them @all for a great cause. @guiding eyes for the blind @puppies will hold their annual @fundraiser. @joining me is bessie dunn and @megan chapin and their adorable @pup, dallas. @tell me about the event and @what it helps. @>> first of all maureen, thank @you very much for having us @today. @i want to set this up with this @event, it is about three @things. @first of all about a @celebration, a fundraiser, and @awareness. @>> okay. @>> the celebration is all about @this little guy, this is our @version, we couldn't get him @here today from new york, but @this is our version of @wrangler. @and wrangler will be leaving @the "today" show next friday, a @very bittersweet event. @>> it is.
6:50 am
@like all of our dogs have a @celebration when they are @leaving to go back to new york. @we are doing the event as a @celebration of wrangler. @>> thank you. @>> and then the actual event @itself, here is your next gift, @shirts through the courtesy of @danny boy's and thirsty dog @brewing, they are going to @provide pizza and lager for our @event. @and the final thing, as far as @being a awareness event, it is @real important for people to @understand there are no guide @dogs without puppy raisers, and @that is really what this is @about. @we are looking for puppy @raisers. @just like the "today" show
6:51 am
@for puppy raisers here in @cleveland. @>> megan this is your third @puppy. @tell me about dallas. @and also i was asking you @during the weather forecast, is @it hard to raise these puppies @and then give them away? @>> yes dallas is 12 weeks old. @i have had her for about a @month. @she is very well behaved and @smart. @it is not too hard to give them @away once you know they are @going it a great cause. @>> the puppy phase is hard too, @but they are so adorable. @pets ebetsy, tell us again. @-- betsy, tell us again, are @they going across the country @or helping people in northeast @ohio? @>> some come back to cleveland @for the blind and visually @impaired here, but our puppies @go all over the world. @we are one of the foremost @guide dog schools in the world
6:52 am
@megan's first puppy nash is @guiding a partner in @philadelphia. @one of mine is being an @electronic storage protection @dog and is starting the fighter @crimes unit in anchorage, @alaska. @our puppies go all over the @world. @>> give us details again in @case you were distracted by @this adorable face, give us @details for tuesday's event and @how you can get involved. @>> tuesday march 8th. @please don't forget. @danny boy's in broadview @heights and chester. @cute puppies, pizza, cold beer, @what more could you ask for? @>> exactly. @thank you so much for coming in @and for sharing that event with @us. @dallas you were a perfect tv @pup. @i would love to keep you. @thank you. @ coming up we are back with
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@ @ a little bit of snow out @come on. @>> it is winter. @>> i know. @>> and of course next week when @we change the clocks, you are @aware of that, we spring @forward. @this weekend. @don't get confused. @but look at this. @it looks like spring as we look @at your window nation 7-day @forecast. @60s there for monday, tuesday, @wednesday, and even after the @system rolls on by in the 50s, @that doesn't look too bad. @>> i have a feeling golf @courses are going to be busy at @the beginning of the week. @they haven't even really had to @shut down. @>> i can't wait. @ thanks for being with us. @we'll be back at 9:00 a.m. @in the meantime you can catch @the "today" show.
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good morning. getting closer. presidential front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton hoping to tighten their grip on their party's nominations today, as voters in five states head to the polls. trump's opponents vowing they will stop him, while on the democratic side, hillary clinton holds her lead over bernie sanders, despite the e-mail scanda that continues to plague her campaign. >> i'm happy that everybody now has been cooperating and giving ysion. >> we're live on the campaign trail. news that a knife was found on the grounds of o.j. simpson's headlines.


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