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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  March 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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@ coming up on channel 3 news @today tragedy in canton. @police are investigating the @death of a child. @this morning @we've learned that familyow under arrest. @good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning maur @reno.ock up the @votes before ohio's primary. @maureen. @>> it's being called at camp that can @land you a high-paying job. @how a new business is helping @others find jobs and changes the @face of the techs channel 3 news morning @news cast is made possible by
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@and now channel 3 news todaynks so much for being @with us at 9:00 a.m. @on this @saturday march 5th. @there's a life look downtown. @you can see at least the cloud @cover. @we've been dealing with a few @flurries and that's why we @brought in carey coleman. @is it almost like scenic or @would you say we're going to see @snow accumulation. @>> we're going to be less than @an inch on the grassy areas. @it's all going to come to an end @later tonight. @>> good i want it to end for the @rest of the year. @>> i'm not going to guarantee @that but we've got nice warm @weather on the way. @ some snow shower today @however there is a major warm-up @on the way.
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@day but it is going to be a @remarkable warm-up with about @20 degrees above average for @temperatures for much of the @week coming up. @couple of flakes falling here @and there. @no travel problems whatsoever. @temperatures generally below @freezing across the northern @half of the state and we are @going to stay fairly cool for @your saturday. @those temperatures will gently @rise up into the middle 30s @today. @we will get above the freezing @mark but we will stay above the @freezing mark once we get past @the next 24 hours. @rain mixing in with that snow @during the course of your @afternoon but a nice warm up in @the extended forecast in just a @moment @ beres is bringing his @today. @he is holding a community @conversation this afternoon.
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@alyssa raymond this morning. @>> reporter: a huge state for @this right now and there's going @to be so many candidates coming @in and out of cleveland over the @next ten days up until the @primary and this will be @sander's third stop in northeast @ohio ahead of the primary on @march 15th and his second time @in the last ten days. @so today this is going to begin @around 2:00 all of it at @institutional baptist church and @they're calling it a community @conversation and it is @invitation only. @downtown cleveland office opened @last week and a couple thursdays @ago sanders brought his campaign @to brooeia. @he can win the buck eye state @and channel 3's tom baers sat @down with him one on one. @sanders is continuing to fight @for an economy that works for
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@>> i would say 80%-90% knew what @stood for. @i think it is fair to say @objectively that all over this @momentum. @>> reporter: a recent bald @baldwin @race. @it separated the two by a @percentage point with sanders @out in front. @sanders and clinton will both @speak at the 2016 legacy dinner @in columbus this sunday before @the primary and this will be the @first time the two appear @together. @ohio is a winner take all state. @meaning the winner gets every @delegate. @in and out of cleveland and @ohio. @they're expecting 1600 people to @show up to this event today and
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@>> and you're covering it this @morning. @so we'll have full reports on @sander's appearance throughout @the day. @thanks so much @ and i'm hopeful that maybe @some people now that i am @leaving the campaign trail. @>> dr. ben carson officially @stepped away from the campaign @trail after reviewing the @delegate count following super @tuesday. @he announced his decision during @conservative political action @conference in d.c. @and now that he's officially @dropped out the gop is down to @four and it's going to be a busy @weekend for both sides of the @aisle. @also tomorrow democratic @candidates hillary clinton and @beres face off in their next @debate. @that one is taking place in
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@still recovering from a water @crisis involving lead poisoning. @ we are 135 days from the @rnc. @you've probably been hearing a @lot about this. @some party members are now @bracing for the possibility of a @brokered or a contestered @convention. @it would happen if non of the @gop candidates won the @nomination. @>> in my view a broker @convention ain't going to @happen. @and if the washington deal @makers tried to steal the @nomination from the people i @think it would be a disaster. @>> the last time the rnc was @contested wruz back in 1976 when @president gerald ford fought of @ronald reagan for the nomination @in kansas city @ developing news in canton @where police have charged a
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@girlfriend with the death of his @child. @she was found dead friday @morning. @the father is now charged with @murder and child endangering. @his bond is set at $1 million. @his live-in girlfriend is also @charged with endangering @ we've shown you viewer @images from far is way and @flames from across the street. @now for the first time the faa @is showing photo after photo @showing the dismantled plane and @the duplexes it hit. @the crash took nine lives, seven @passengers, and the two pilots @ a handful of northeast ohio @employers are making a list of @the best companies to work for.
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@female executives clised and pnc @--pwc. @cellphone providers verizon and @at&t and marriott hotels. @this year's winners prioritize. @ it's a job boot camp that @could help you land a $50,000 a @year job in a new field with a @focus on women and minorities @this computer coding program is @creating diversity within the @tech industry. @>> reporter: when melanie mcgee @found her career at a dead-end @she went back to college. @>> i had to work to support @myself. @it was dragged out over years. @>> reporter: it eventually lead @to a 20-year career as a @computer programmer and a lot of @requests. @>> and i had women especially @coming up to me saying hey can
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@became apparent quickly they @were intimidated asking my male @peers. @>> reporter: at weekend code it @students can go three months or @part-time for six. @minorities and anyone with a @house hold income below $47,500. @>> one of the problems is that @we don't feel invited to the @party. @this. @this is for everyone. @>> reporter: tory branson @graduated in december and within @developer. @>> i'm a single mom. @this is the best thing i can do @right now for him as well as me. @>> . @>> we will make recommendations @to weekend code it so that they @can focus on skills that @employers are seeking.
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@to help women. @to help minorities find a great @way to quickly get into a @high-paying career without much @effort. @it's just a no-brainer. @>> the next boot camp starting @february 29th. @for more information on how to @enroll in weekend code it you @can go to @ coming up a small knife @found on the property of oj @simpson is now being @investigated by police but @doesn't have any connection with @his former wife and friend. @what investigators are saying @this morning. @ @ @. @>> also how a music program is @helping toddlers pay attention @and change the way they learn @about music. @we'll show you.
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@ @ welcome back. @new details to report this @morning on the knife reportedly @found on oj simpson's property @years ago. @nbc news is reporting that the @knife is inconsistent with @nicole brown simpson and ronald @goldman's murders. @a former l.a.p.d. @officer turned @the knife over. @the officer claims he was @working off-duty on a movie @suite 12 years ago when a @construction worker gave him the @knife. @oj was acquitted on all the @charges.
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@an unrelated conviction @ democratic members of @congress visited flint @yesterday. @more than 2-dozen congressional @leaders listened to residents @first-hand. @this is the third visit to the @city where the lead from agent @water pipes. @ very sad news to share with @you this morning country singer @joey fooek has passed away. @she passed away at her home in @indiana. @she was diagnosed with cancer in @2014 which continued to spread. @joey fooek was 40 years old. @ a unique program surrounds @kids with 30 -piece professional @organs and is making an impact. @>> what a great crowd.
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@of kids under the age of 6 to @pay attention is a challenge. @>> with your hands yeah. @>> reporter: but it's one time @jenson is up for. @>> we've succeeded 30 years. @>> reporter: since the start @tom has been the conductor @inside the orchestra. @>> we're trying to do is create @a love of the arts and love of @the media. @this is something that is @totally unique because we put @the audience in and we surround @them with an orchestra. @>> reporter: tom speaks their @language... @seek? @. @>> reporter: while teaching @them another one. @it's a music lesson before many @can even walk or talk or tie @their shoes. @>> can you see the conductor? @. @>> reporter: or bow ties.
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@little minds in all this too. @>> he just enjoys it. @>> reporter: inside the @orchestra field's music @education is so priceless, cost @is never an obstacle. @they don't turn anyone away. @>> it's a great way to bring @live music to kids that normally @wouldn't here it. @>> reporter: even if the music @isn't always appreciated. @>> over the years if there's a @kid that's crying i'll pick it @up and conduct it. @ coming up could the former @sight of geoga lake turn @hollywood. @>> and we're also savoring the @flavor this morning. @>> but first here's teri with a @check at the weather.
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@for the forecast. @i'll have that seven day @forecast in just a minute.
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @ thanks for being with us. @big changes could be coming to @the former site of gioga lake. @sharing his hope the one time @amusement park could become a @sound stage. @hillary goldman explains how
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@>> the camera man who's heard of @the game today. @>> reporter: takeing it way @back. @some 50 years ago. @some explosive scenes @from marvels the avenngerrs in @downtown cleveland. @schwartz focusing primarily on @increasing the iowa picture tax @incentive as a way to maybe get @it done. @so to simplify it's basically a @tax refund for production. @schwartz says it's currently @casted 20 million. @he wants to boost that amount to @75 million. @why? @because it guarantees work. @>> which would allow for @infrastructure to be built. @>> reporter: more movies, more @jobs, more of an economic boost
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@the one in question. @g ioga lake. @a former amusement park that now @looks like this today . @>> i think we can bring it back. @>> i think it's a waste of space @for sure which is definitely @opportunity to put something in @there. @>> reporter: hillary goldston @channel 3 news. @>> it would be interesting to @see hollywood come to @northeastern iowa. @>> i understand you like those @rides . @>> i miss those rides. @i get motion sickness if i look @down at a piece of paper in the @car. @>> i get very motion sick. @one ride and i'm set for the day @and not in a good way either @ you're going to be set with @a nice forecast as we take a @look.
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@this air's relatively dry. @you can see very cloudy skies. @29 degrees the current @temperature right now. @it was snowing just a little @while ago and we will see from @time to time this disturbance @bring us some snow showers. @we're not looking for a lot of @accumulation. @that will mix with rain during @the course of the day. @but it doesn't have a lot of @moisture to work with. @so it's not going to do a great @deal to us. @temperatures sitting in the low @30s to the upper 20s here across @the area. @they will very gently rise into @the middle 30s. @and as we look at the future @here over the next 24 hours or @so we're going to continue with @this rain and snow pattern @through today into this evening @and then those skies will very @slowly begin to clear by sunday @morning. @by sunday afternoon we're going @to have sunshine out there. @it is going to turn out to be a
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@but beyond that we're going to @see warm temperatures as walkway @head into the new week. @your travel forecast looking @good for most of the country. @on down to the south very warm @temperatures and off to the west @they've got a lot of rain there @for most of the west coast. @here's your forecast today. @we'll see 36 for a high @temperature with snow showers @mixing with rain from time to @time especially later on this @afternoon. @i put less than an inch there. @it's really not going to be @much. @mainly on the grassy surfaces @you may have accumulation. @overnight tonight early on we're @going to see snow. @no big shakes in terms of travel @problems. @dropping down to about 25. @42 a typical winter day, late @winter day. @tomorrow the sun returns and @your seven day forecast going to @show you and where did that @seven day forecast go?
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@here on the computer manually. @we're looking at very warm @temperatures in the 60s for the @middle of next week. @maureen. @>> all right. @we'll look forward to that warm @up. @thanks kerry @ well food is all about @flavor. @joining us this morning is @rachel stock l. @and this is a big challenge for @a lot of people including myself @sometimes. @>> it's definitely the number @one thing i hear from clients @and customers is the reason they @don't eat more healthful is @because the flavor's not there. @but i'm here to tell you that is @100% not true. @we can flavor things like whole @grains like brown rice or whole @grain bread with different herbs @and spices. @>> okay. @so talk to me about the bread @because you have olive oil with @i see some herbs. @>> so what i did is i went to @our market district store in our @bulk food section is and i made
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@i literally just put it in this @container here and then you can @dip your bread in the olive oil @where as opposed to butter you @can substitute it out for a more @healthful benefit. @>> i think rice gets so tricky @too. @we're going to move on to rice. @usually most people try to boil @it and try and figure it out. @>> with rice or any grains like @this you can just put any herbs @and spices and it's fun to play @around with different herbs and @spices. @we have different mixtures here. @there's no rules when it comes @to herbs and spices. @so you can add whatever you @want. @any mixture. @but that's an easy way that you @can just make bulk brown rice @and add whatever flavor you @want. @>> so tell me what did you add
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@>> so moroccan is more of like a @cinnamon tone. @we have an indian which has a @ofcumin. @you can make a whole bulk thing @of brown rice and add the @different flavorings throughout @the week to get a completely @different meal. @>> what kind of combo do you @have in that french one? @>> this is a little bit of rose @mary there's some lavender and @then we just added a couple more @of like i believe there's thyme @in there. @we just played around with @different herbs and spices. @>> this doesn't have to just be @on whole grains. @>> it's national nutrition @month. @so that is saver the flavor to
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@we used whole grains as an @example. @we're doing tours all month @long. @so you can go to www. @ coming up after the break @amazon is expanding where you @can soon pick up your packs @locally. @good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning beres @is in town. @he made his first stop in @downtown cleveland next up @institutional baptist church. @stay with us. @we'll be right back.
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@ @ thanks so much for being up @with us on this saturday @march @march 5th. @that's a live look downtown. @we have kerry coleman in the @weather center. @and kerry we want to know when @is that snow going to move on @out @ well we've got a few flakes @now and we're going to see that @most of the time. @however, by the time we get to @about midnight tonight that snow @should be out of here. @tomorrow's going to be a better @day at a much warmer week ahead. @just light snow out there. @some snow flakes falling here @and there. @and temperature-wise at or above @the freezing mark in most @locations especially the
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@can see generally from @32 degrees san dusky over to @youngstown at 42 degrees. @that's going to be mixing with @some rain later on as we do get @above the freezing mark. @but we have a really warm @forecast for you in the extended @version and you're going to see @those temperatures in the 60s @before it's all done. @>> all right. @good because i'm putting away my @winter coat. @>> okay @ well beres returns to @northeast iowa today. @institutional baptist church @invited him. @the set up is happening as we @speak. @>> reporter: invitation only. @they're expecting about @1600 people and they have the @setup that just began for the
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@wrapping up at this point. @police officers are here, @security is here getting ready @for the doors to open around @noon. @and the event will begin right @around 2:00. @that will be sander's third @visit to northeast ohio ahead of @the primary and his second time @in less than ten days. @his downtown cleveland office @actually opened last week and a @couple thursdays ago sanders @brought his campaign to brooeia. @he told a big crowd that he can @win the buck eye state. @channel 3's tom baers sat down @with sanders for a one on one. @sanders says his campaign is @fighting for an economy that @works for all not just the 1%. @>> i would say that 80%-90% of @ohio knew what beres was.
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@national polls actually had us @in the lead over hillary @clinton. @all over this country we have a @lot of momentum. @>> reporter: a tight race @between sanders and clinton. @it separated the two by a @percentage point with sanders @out in front. @sanders and clinton will both @speak at . @ohio is a winner take all state @meaning the primary winner gets @all the delegates and we should @expect to see many of the @candidates stopping here in @northeast ohio over the next ten @days. @maureen back to you in the @studio. @>> thanks alyssa @ well donald trump held a
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@protesters repeatedly @interrupted during the hour-long @speech. @a total of 46 he urged the crowd @to get out and vote. @he told the crowd that he can be @more presidential than any @president other than ab lincoln @and george washington. @the trump said there had to be @-- had been some tough debates. @>> but you know in terms of @debates i think we've sort of @have enough of them. @how many times can you ask and @answer the same question. @>> trump cancelled his address @to the conservative political @action conference today to @campaign in kansas and florida @ six states including kansas @and kentucky hold their @primaries and caucuses today and @tomorrow. @also democratic candidates @hillary clinton and beres face
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@flint, michigan. @a city that's still recovering @from a water crisis @ and the city of cleveland @continues to prepare for the rnc @just in case crowds get rowdy. @city leaders are looking to buy @2000 sets of riot gear. @collapsible batons plus bags to @carry all of that gear. @the money to pay for that would @come from a $50 million federal @grant specifically for the @convention @ we've been falling @developing news this morning. @police in canton have charged a @father and his live-in @girlfriend with the death of a @3-year-old girl. @she was found dead at this home @on deault northwest this @morning. @his bond is set at $1 million. @his live-in girlfriend is also @charged with child endangering
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@for you to pick up your amazon @packs locally. @amazon announced it will launch @a brick and mortar location. @amazon student and prime members @will also get one day shipping @for free for orders placed @before 10:00 p.m. @this will be the second location @in ohio and the company plans to @add other locations near @universities across the country @expected to open this summer @ and it's that time of year @again. @strictlin's frozen custard. @80 years in business. @the popular shop opened back in @1936 @ well sport social security @coming up next. @the cavs is taking the court @without kevin love. @>> plus this weekend warrior how
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@put them together for one shape @shifting routine. @we'll show you.
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@ @ and now the sports report. @>> hi everyone and good morning. @cavs and celtics hit the court @tonight. @it was finally back to @basketball tonight for the kafs @as they win their second @straight game beating the
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@the cavs celebrated the miracle @richfield team last night. @half time joe tate great @memories. @cavs up 14-7 early. @le bron 19 points, 13 rebounds, @7 assists. @he didn't play in the 4th @quarter. @all cavs last night. @kyrie ir syringe. @he hits the strip l. @cavs up 17 at the half. @dunnst. @yesterday. @first of all this comes as no @surprise. @alex shiner stepping away from @his position as president. @it was kind of when not if this @was going to happen.
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@not apart of the hue jackson @hiring process. @the new jersey's renovations all @that was nice but we need wins. @march 31st he will serve as a @consultant for the team until @the end of the year. @brian violating the league's @substances. @he was arrested on christmas day @with former teammate deonto @sanders. @in sanders car he can take part @in off-season workouts and the @preseason it's possible he could @be released @ let's take the indians now. @the tribe remains winless not @because they lost it was another @tie. @then they played the reds @finally. @tyler may quinn trying to make @the team.
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@but the socks get two in the @9th. @5-5 tie and the indians 0-2 with @the two ties. @>> some business to finish up @for you this weekend. @akron hosting penn state. @tough to stop isaiah johnson @down low. @johnson had twelve flashes of @jimmy ha. @he had 20 points and 17 @rebounds. @zips up 3 to break 10 with under @2 to go. @sdpips win 74-60. @finished the season 24-17. @ken state is the 5 seat. @tomorrow night don't miss sports @tonight. @we get set for the mack @tournament.
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@cavs plus ohio state wrestling. @don't miss sports night tomorrow @night at 11:30. @everybody. @>> thanks dave @ coming up after the break we @are getting you in shape this @weekend. @trainer nick shows us how to @change up our routine by putting @two exercises together. @that's next. @ but first let's send it @over to kerry who has the @forecast. @>> it's going to change for the @better. @for your extended forecast we'll @show you a lot warmer @temperatures.
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@ @ if you are bored with your @same old work out routine @trainer nick shows us how to @switch it up by combining two @exercises in this morning's @weekend warrior. @>> welcome to the weekend @warrior. @today i'm going to show you a @method of trains that's called @super setting. @when you take two exercises and @you put them together without @rest. @it feels really good. @so we have going on right here @the flat dumbbell chest press. @she's going to be doing about @12-15 repetitions. @over here we have the seated row @with a closed grip. @so we have a push and a pull. @12-15 reps and then we're going @to make the switch.
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@all right. @good. @without any rest at all. @we're going to swap. @dj's going to be on the chest @press. @i guarantee you he's not going @to use the 25 today. @so same thing. @without rest we're going another @12-15 reps trying to get that @volume in. @the push pull and eliminating @the rest is getting the blood @pumping. @so by incorporating a couple @moves like this you will @definitely start to see rapid @improvements. @that's great guys. @so make it a point in your @training. @take a couple exercises put them @together like this. @biaccept tri sep. @put together a super set. @for more training and nutrition
9:48 am @ we've been spoiled with the @past couple of weekends being so @nice. @people have been running @outside. @taking the dog for a long walk. @we're going to have to dodge @some snow today. @>> are you saying i haven't been @working out. @>> what i was trying to say is @take a jog. @no. @i've been one of those people @that have been dying to get @outside every weekend. @>> me too. @and you're going to see some @beautiful weather coming up as @you take a look at what's @happeningment cloudy skies. @there has been some snow around. @29 is the current temperature. @we're very gently going to see @those temperatures go up today @and you can see a little @disturbance rolling on by. @it is producing snow showers @here and there and we're going @to see them in and out @throughout the day and it's @going to mix with rain later on @today as those temperatures bump @slowly up to about 35, @36 degrees for a high @temperature and you'll see more @snow showers coming in from the
9:49 am
@continue for the next 12 hours @and then things are going to dry @out and we're going to see a @nice sunday and beyond. @you're going to see temperatures @30 degrees downtown. @and a very slow gentle rise to @those temperatures today and @you'll see the snow mixed with @the afternoon. @evening hours. @not much in the way of @accumulation. @i put like an inch on there for @today and an inch on there for @this evening. @pavement. @that's going to be on the grassy @tomorrow afternoon's going to @turn out to be a nice sunday. @very seasonal but the good @stuff's not over yet. @in fact it's just beginning @tomorrow. @your travel forecast 71 for @denver. @sunshine dallas. @79. @rainy on the west coast and that @will disturbance across the @midwest. @you'll see 36 for our high @temperature today. @and snow showers not much in the
9:50 am
@mix with rain later on this @afternoon. @tonight 25 snow ending after @about 10:00 or 11:00. @42 with sunshine tomorrow @afternoon on your sunday and the @extended window nation seven day @forecast we'll show you @60 degrees for monday. @mostly sunny feeling like @spring. @62 on tuesday. @quite a bit of moisture coming @up. @we could see fairly heavy rains @and thunderstorms beginning on @wednesday and that rain will @last to thursday. @temperatures dropping pretty @quick but i'll tell you whatnot @all that bad to see 54. @but those 60s look fantastic. @>> that is my kind of forecast @ well if you missed the @cleveland autoshow last weekend @it continues again this weekend @at the ix center. @joe has more on what you can see @if you're heading out there. @>> reporter: it's joe crower
9:51 am
@we've got big news to talk about @right now. @>> we do. @so autoshow time means you can @go out and buy a brand new car. @how blessed are we that we're @able to do that. @there's people in the community @that don't know where their next @meal's am coulding from. @we're going to offer a brand new @infinity. @we're asking our clients to @write a check for at least that @first payment to the harvest for @hunger campaign directly to them @and the impact on that check is @huge. @now if they can do more we love @that. @>> reporter: president of the @greater movement. @what does this mean? @279? @what does that mean for you. @>> every dollar donated allows @food banks to provide access to @more than 4 meals so this @contribution will feed a family @of three for more than a year. @>> reporter: at least $279 is
9:52 am
@tell me about this car. @>> this has leather interior. @sunroof. @should be $600 a month but it's @$279 a month. @>> reporter: $279 that car @could be yours. @ @ coming up next we are going @to be back with the final check @of the forecast. @we'll be right back.
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@ @ get this for a 2-year-old @girl in south carolina @struggling to get dressed is an @emergency. @the child called 911 asking for @help to get dressed. @the deputy was in the vicinity @of the home and met her at the @front door and was able to help @her with her fashion emergency. @her parents didn't even know she @made the call. @>> i've always told her call 911 @if you needed help and i didn't @know she was going to take it it @to that extent. @>> i have been there aleah. @the deputy said she helped the @little girl who then gave her a @big hug. @sometimes you need help with a @zipper. @what should we wear today? @>> warmer clothes today. @tomorrow more seasonalable and
9:56 am
@short sleeves, short pants @during the week. @we're talking about 20 degrees @above normal through the middle @of the week and pretty heavy @rain through the end of the @week. @>> have we turned the corner? @is this finally spring? @>> it's looking good. @let's put it that way. @>> all right. @well thank you so much for @joining us. @be sure to tune in for channel 3 @news at 6:00 p.m. @but in the meantime you can @check out all the latest news, @weather, and sports at @thanks for spending our weekend @mornings with us and of course @we will be back tomorrow morning @as well.
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