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tv   Channel 3 News at 11.30pm  NBC  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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most of it's still around.apd's that's all for now.
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@ @. @ now at 11:00, an american and former first @lady, nancy reagan has passed @away. @ the ohio governor and the @-- has in @common. @ the democratic showdown @between sanders and clinton, @what both agree on. the story of how a county
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@ when someone asks you to @help a child, just sa she said yes, to helping @kids when she made -- may say @no. @we learned former reagan has passed away. @she was 94 years old. @after living a long life, she @may be remembered best for ging what it @means to be a first lady. @across the nation tonight, @folks across the country are @waiging in. @>> across the @reagan was honored and @remembered. @president obama said he was her example. @>> she really, i think, in mind @sight helped usher in this new public is used to @the first lady being both a
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@>> on the campaign trail, @former california governor @arnold schwarzenegger said the @former first lady president are together again. @>> she will join him now in @heaven and the love affair @between the two of them will @start all over again. john kasich served @in congress during the reagan @years. @>> she was an incredible lady, total class act. @ mourners brought flowers to @the library. @>> it's like the end of an era. @it's sad. @>> reporter: she will be buried library next to her @husband. @>> for more fun facts from here @in the states, the ohio nancy reagan lived a story @book life.
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@her to her husband was y and i was so @honored that i had the @opportunity to meet her. @ ohio attorney general also @shared his @while we mourn her loss, we @take comfort that the reagans @are reunited in haven. @-- haven. > we want to get you caught @up on politics now. @it's becoming a super important @weekend. @governor john @may be getting a shot in the @arm in the form of an @endorsement. @arnold schwarzenegger was seen @with kasich today. @>> ohio governor and california @governor had one message for @the crowd here, a america never @gives up. @in front of a couple hundred @people here, they said kasich @is the right man to send to the @white house.
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@schwarzenegger was already in @columbus for his popular body @building competition and @decided to join kasich for the @battle rally. @>> he kicked some serious butt. @he was an action hear row when @he went to washington. @>> reporter: he says he's been @i said to him. @i will be back. @and he ran and i was there @again at his fundraisers and @once again he was the action @hero. @he went in there. @there was an $8 billion budget @deficit and now there is a $2 @billion surplus. @>> reporter: arnold @schwarzenegger boefted about @his financial management @calling him the governoratorii. @>> the reason is i take orders @from you. @>> reporter: kasich spoke on
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@violence and empowering @communities and local deposit. @>> i want to shift a lot of @power back to where we live. @i want us to have the programs @to run our schools. @i --. @>> reporter: his messages were @well received @>> he's concerned about @bringing things back to the @state's and caring about the @every day guy and doesn't use @this -- the sly tactics and @name calling. @which is refreshing. @>> i like what he does. @he's a budget-balancer. @he's trying to bring people @together, not divide them. @>> reporter: as the kasich bus @continues to roll on, he's got @a few more stops to make before @the march 15th ohio primary. @high primary. @if that happens, he can make a @big impact on the national @race.
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@kasich kicks butt, he is taking @some bad press today. @208 year-old -- ohio many, many @cities across the state forced @to tighten their belt. @they may not have enough money @in the budget to make it @through this year if it doesn't @move and quickly. @eight ohio value languages -- @villages have disbanded in @2005. @ hillary clinton and bernie @sanders don't agree on @everything but they said they @want the governor of michigan @to resign over the water crisis @there. @the economy also taking center @stage. @it comes just two days before @the crucial michigan primary. @>> reporter: hillary clinton @and bernie sanders scared --
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@where people have been poisoned @by the water. @>> he should resign. @>> reporter: and for the first @time. @>> i agree. @the governor should resign or @be recalled. @>> reporter: then the gloves @came out on sander's not @supporting the auto industry @bailout. @>> i voted to save the auto @industry. @he voted against the money that @ended up saving the auto @industry. @>> if you are talking about the @wall street bailout, where some @of your friends destroyed this @economy through -- excuse me, @i'm talking. @>> reporter: they butted heads @on gun control after a question @from the father of one of the @kalamazoo shooting victims. @>> what you're really talking @about is ending gun @manufacturing in america. @i don't agree with that.
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@agree that their exchanges are @much more focused on the issues @than their gop counterparts. @>> reporter: michigan's tuesday @primary is so important to the @campaign, they say. @>> after tonight's democratic @somehowdown, hillary clinton's @campaign getting a booth. @-- boost. @they cite her work for the @black community. @ some good news for @president jemy -- jimmy carter. @he announced that he no longer @needs cancer treatments. @the congregation ploweded at @the good institution.
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@ always remember, our @politics coverage is always on @on our web site. @or you can tap "politics" on @our app. @ we want you to meet this @aodorable, fun-loving kid. @ plus, a drunk driver slams @into a home killing the mother @inside and seriously injurying @her baby. @. @>> hi, after a chilly weekend @rs we've got a big pattern @chain on the way. @i will look at temperatures @that were as warm as they were @here about three months go here @in northeast ohio, that's
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@ @ we're bringing you the @personal side of politics @tonight. @voters are being asked to renew @a levy. @it helps seniors and those @battles mental health with @substance abuse. @we are shown how 1200 special @needs kids benefit. @. @>> reporter: this four-year-old
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@>> do you like bah nannas. @>> reporter: he was diagnosed @with --. @>> i don't know what to do if @he had a seizure. @>> reporter: it's a program @called starting point. @this nurse trained the staff @how to time his seizures and @give him medicine to make them @stop. @>> if a child has a problem, a @teacher has to foe how can we @help this child. @>> reporter: his seizures come @when they sleep. @sure enough, one hit, just @after he started. @the teacher went into action. @>> i didn't know what to do. @i was just keep telling myself, @what should i do first? @all the questions coming back @in my head. @i just did it. @>> reporter: this program helps @about 1200 children using levy @dollars.
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@program is 100% funded through @this levy. @it's critical if it pathses. @-- passes. @if it doesn't, this program @will go away. @>> reporter: the funds metro @health, senior and hen tall @hell -- mental health programs. @polls show a likely passing but @new voters donald trump brings @out causing some anxious @questions. @>> this is the same ballot with @the presidential primary @candidates are on. @we've seen, it's a different -- @different election. @i don't know if there will be @people who support this or @it's scary. @>> reporter: she came up with @her own way supporting the @levy. @>> for it to be lifted off of
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@and the teachers are safe with @your child in their care and @knowing that your child's @health is in their hands, it -- @it's a blessing. @>>. @>> reporter: that will only @continue if voters say yes. @>> it's an 8-year renewal, not @a tax increase. @if you are interested in more @information on the starting @point program, we've got @contact information on our web @site. @that's @>>. @ in you're going to go bald, @why not do it for the good @reason. @the signature head-shaving @event. @they hope to raise $100,000 for @the children's cancer research. @there was a little girl who @koush rage usually -- court @ragesly battled brain cancer. @ a family's life turned
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@a car driven by an intoxicated @woman crashed into their home. @her baby, jackson, sustained @5th degree burns. @today, the community came @around them with a fundraiser @for that family. @there was some other news from @doctors to also feel bb. @>> we were really happy with @the way his face looked. @that's a big burden off my @shoulderers because -- @shoulders we -- now i can use @the funds for the other medical @bills. @>> and then he said he owed @almost $250,000 in medical @bills. @the money raised today can make @a very significant dent. @>> what a great event there. @i'm so glad the community came @together for them. @but in terms of the weather, it @seems like it's shaping up
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@ for all of us. @yeah, a big yarm up on the way. @-- warmup on the way. @it's just around the corner. @temperatures chilly in the @morning, but we will be above @freezing and look at that @afternoon/evening dry @temperature. @put it in there, 60s. @a mix of clouds and sunshine. @you may get around with driving @around by tomorrow afternoon @with the windows rolled down. @that may be the case for a @couple more days this week. @a big yarm up with -- warmup @begins monday. @all across ohio with the @temperatures in the 50s, 60s @and even that 70 degrees mark. @that would make it the warmest @since december 12. @that's saying a lot for this @year. @we've had some mild days this @winter. @a few scattered clouds around @the region this evening. @notice, none of these producing @rain.
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@cover off to our west and more @on the way. @so not a very sunny day @tomorrow in terms of chris call @clear blue sky but we will see @filtered sunshine throughout @the day. @don't worry about the showers @and thunderstorms towards @milwaukee. @partly cloudy, becoming breezy @over night. @yes, we are gearing toward a @mild day tomorrow, but with @temperatures in the 30s in the @morning and that southerly @breeze, there will be a wind @chill in the 20s. @early on, the kids will need @their winter coat. @it will feel cold to start the @day. @those southerly winds will @become southwest by the @afternoon. @this is when we will see our @warmest temperatures. @that's the wind that keeps from @cooling us down. @65 degrees certainly not out of @the question. @look at that temperature from @-- with a mix of clouds and
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@even by lunchtime. @comfortable temperatures in the @mid 50s. @plenty of cloud cover off to @the west. @back towards kansas city and @there are some spots of showers @at some point tomorrow @afternoon or evening. @it's all on the backside of a @huge area of high pressure, @that southwest flow pulling in @that warmer air. @that's causing the jet stream @to go north. @all the big storms follow that @jet stream. @now, it looks like wednesday as @well. @eventually, the dip here out @west will head our way. @but before that gets here, he @will -- we will join some @milder temperatures. @tomorrow, a signature warmup @but i think there is some @improvement for tuesday and @wednesday in terms of those @temperatures. @40s early monday morning. @still temperatures manage to @get to near 60 for tomorrow @afternoon. @maybe some rain here and there @tomorrow evening and tomorrow @night into tuesday morning.
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@we could wake up to a couple of @showers early tuesday. @temperatures near 50s. @look at tuesday afternoon, man, @65 to 70. @i would not be surprised to see @a couple of towns hit 70 to 72 @degrees tuesday afternoon with @mostly sunny skies. @the rain i'm pushing that back @to thursday. @so that means wednesday gets up @to the 60s. @and those temperatures, they @stay above average right @through the week and into the @weekend @>> it's good to look ahead to @some positive temperatures. @i love how you describe that. @>> just a little bit tomorrow, @not a wig deal. @>> -- not a big deal. @ coming up, after a month of @speculation, peyton manning has @finally made that decision to @call it quits. @more on the future of the hall
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@ @ the sports report. @>> hi, everyone. @four weeks from tomorrow, @opening day for the indians @against the red sox. @we are guessing by then they @will have tasted victory. @because six days into spring @training, they haven't yet. @carlos with another strong @outing for a starter. @two inings one hit. @naply the two-run in the 6th. @brewer's win it in a walk-off @homer. @6-5 brewer's, a winner today. @>> he didn't want to announce @it after the super bowl but @peyton manning is going to now.
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@can't do it any better after @winning the super bowl. @an 18-year career. @he's the all-time leader in @passing touchdowns with 539 @passing yards with 71,000. @the broncos announced today the @five-time mvp is retiring after @he informed them last night. @we know manning and jimmy are @tight. @but the speculation begins. @oh, to have a guy like that in @orange and brown as a @quarterback as they search for @one. @we've done the senior bowl, the @envelope combine and now we @look ahead to pro days. @they are studying their @options. @there is carson from north @dakota state. @many experts feel he is the @guy. @his pro day is march 24th.
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@>> my eye really goes to their @boys under duress. @can a guy really manage and @hold them self back when @everything is bearing down on @him? @is he willing to stick his back @foot in the ground and be @compact and deliver the ball @down the field? @if a guy will deliver that, @that tells me he's not scared. @>> all right. @good answer. @and you to the cavs. @haven't heard much about a guy @like irving wanting out. @oh, yeah, it's because the cavs @have won three straight so all @is well. @they are off today as they get @set for memphis. @lebron, 11 rebounds. @close to a triple double. @cavs came back to beat the @celtics by 77.
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@lebron's message. @>> every time -- team, no @matter what their record is, @they get up to play us. @nothing needs to be said. @>> lebron is a tweeting @machine. @you can't accomplish the dream @if everyone isn't dreaming the @same thing every day. @nightmares fall ". @>> did you see this coming? @the lakers hoflting the war @yors. @-- hoeft -- h sochlt t --. @>> lake either didn't just win, @they they dominated. @one of the biggest upsets in @nba history. @it's the 6th loss for golden @state this season. @ coming up next, sports @tonight, we are loaded. @cavs, browns, indians, @baseball.
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@wrestling and the impact they @have gotten from northeast @ohio. @like i said, a loaded show @coming up next. @>> you got a lot of good stuff. @>> i think we do. @we are ready to go. @>> and you will be watching. @>> of course i will be. @thanks so much. @>> we are about to wrap this @sunday night in just a few @minutes.
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @. @ and remember sports tonight @is coming upright after this @show. @thanks every be -- everybody @for joining us.
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@a @ @. @ hi, everybody. @welt come to sports tonight. @we will hear from lebron james @and talk about a wild cavs @week. @we will preview the tournament. @finally, the week is here. @it's time to say goodbye to @johnny man sell. @wednesday is the first day that @can happen as the new year @league begins.


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