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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@are ups through in complex @sending six people to the @hospital and taking the life of @a four-year-old little girl. @how firefighters are continuing @to monitor it. @>> all right. @will, delegates at stake. @we'll have a look at where the @candidates are hoping to make @their mark today and where some @of them will be spending their @time. @>> temperatures are going to @soar into the upper 60s today. @hollie, it's going to be so @nice. @you're headed out doors. @the question is, will you come @back inside? @>> probably not. @no. @i probably will. @shane and i are out here there. @'s definitely the crisp feel @this morning, but not a march- @april feel by any stretch of @the imagination. @i'm very comfortable with a @light sweatshirt out here. @it's quite lovely. @i'm going to be honest. @the plan for today, a mix of @clouds and sunshine. @we'll see temperatures soar @into those upper 60s.
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@let me premind you that -- @remind you that 43 is the @normal high. @the record is 79. @that's not going to happen. @but, yes, very mild, very warm. @and the trend continues through @much of the week. @take a look at can't @temperatures. @we're mainly 50s. @for this time of the day, @although 43 is the normal high, @we should be 20s right now. @you're already all above where @we should be for the the high @on this very day. @that's what to think about as @you're getting kids ready for @the bus stop. @headed out the door today, i @think that totally works. @i'm going to track some rain @that's on the way as we head @through later this week. @dani has a look at your @commute. @dani, it's great out here. @>> it was 55 degrees. @i loved it. @right now, we're looking pretty @good on the traffic map, but we @start at the west side. @we still have the two incidents @you're waiting to clear out. @west 25th street at columbus
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@please use caution as you're @traveling in that area. @in north homestead, you're not @seeing any delays through this @area. @this is at sterns road. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> thank you. @ a young girl has died. @six others are injured after a @fire ripped through a brunswick @apartment last night. @>> will ujek is there this @morning. @will, what do we snow so far @about this fire? @>> well, they got the call @about 10:30 last night. @they showed up here to flames @that were very, very large. @they had some viewer pictures @that were sent in to us to show @the flames before we were able @to get here. @it took six different fire @departments to respond to this @to start putting this out.
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@it here. @they say it affected about 24 @apartments in this complex. @you can see the pictures they @sent in. @smoke went up about 75 feet in @the air. @fire spread fast. @they worked very hard to get @everyone out safe. @unfortunately the fire of a @little girl told us she died in @the basement unit of the @complex. @he said the family was sleeping @when the fire broke out. @he and his wife were able to @get one of the kids out. @when they tried to break @through the windows the intense @fire was too much. @others we talked to afterwards @say they remember seeing the @the smoke and running out as @quickly as possible. @>> and ran out with no shoes @on. @booked it out. @we didn't know how bad it was. @we were like, our lives, that's @all that matters. @things up there can be @replaced. @our lives can't. @>> right there this morning @there's no word on the @condition of the six people @taken to the hospital.
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@the fire was so intense they @were not able to get inside @right away. @they're investigating to see @what the cause is. @no word on a cause yet. @we'll continue to check with @them. @also, our app and website, @>> all right. @will, overnight. @people who live in brunswick @came together to help those who @lost everything in the fire. @>> there's a huge effort to @collect donations now. @tiffany tarpley is at ambrose @church. @>> reporter: we've been out @here since 4:00 this morning. @we've seen people bring items @to st. ambrose church. @these families lost everything. @they don't have the basic @necessities no. @clothes, food. @that's why this community came @together. @people brought in bags into @this church filled with @blankets, pillows, more. @st. ambrose is working with the @red cross. @they even set up cots to
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@families who had no place to @go. @they don't live far from that @apartment complex. @>> i used to serve on the fire @department many years ago. @i've been around for some other @tragedies. @this community is wonderful. @we all come together and help @each other out. @we do what we can. @>> we're here together. @it doesn't matter who you are, @you're affected by this, we're @here for you. @we work hand in hand with the @community church. @we're out for the same goal, @taking care of people. @>> and they're working hand in @hand with the red cross. @this vehicle here arrived i'm @told they're going to be here @collecting information from @some of those misplaced by the @fire. @they need food and water. @volunteers who also said they @need women and men's shoes, as @well as jogging pants. @of course they're going to have @to wait for the families to @come to get those sizes. @coming up in the last half
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@you can come here. @>> thanks so much, tiffany. @ 5:05 this morning. @there's a big push to get kids @tested for lead. @it's lead based paint used in @older homes and in public @housing. @the cuyahoga board of public @emt says exposure takes place @every single day, and the @presidential candidates are @taking notice. @>> we have a hiring rate of @tested lead in people in @cleveland than in flint. @>> we have more than 2,000 @children in cuyahoga county @that were lead poisoned in @2014. @>> so to put those numbers into @perfective, 6% of kids have @elevated levels of lead in @flint, michigan. @here the heatlh department says @it's double that. @14%.
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@tested early and continue to do @so. @>> and the question of when @sebring knew about the lead in @their water. @the manager alerted his bosses @about the high levels of lead, @but the manager said he wasn't @early december. @sebring officials are under @fire for waiting months to @alert residents about unsafe @lead levels. @>> today the cleveland indians @will -- left district. @the team revealed in january @that happy dog cleveland pickle @and ohio city burrito were @coming to the ballpark. @this afternoon, the indians @will reveal more details of the @second phase of ren @renovationings. @all will be completely opening @day. @that's now 26 days away. @>> a lot of work to do, but @they will be ready. @>> look at this traffic jam. @5:07. @imagine being stuck in this @traffic for hours and find out @it was all because of one woman
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@what she told investigators who @tried to get her down. @>> okay. @and, next, voters in four @states are headed to the polls @today. @coming up, what bernie sanders @has to do today to stay @competitive against hillary @clinton. @>> hi, hollie. @>> hi, lynna. @spring forecast. @we'll be upper 60s to near 70 @today. @a mix of clouds and sunshine. @holy cow. @already above normal highs. @55 degrees at hopkins. @day. @it is 5:08. @ialert has you covered with @necessary closings and delays. @instant any, snow, rain, @whatever the weather may be, @we'll keep you informed. @a look across the skyline. @looks great. @follow us on wkyc.
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@ @5:12 right now. @it is decision day in michigan, @mississippi, idaho, and hawaii. @now, michigan could be a @defining point for the @democrats. @>> and the republicans are @trying to turn mississippi into @a battleground. @tracy potts. @even though he's not leading @there, he's in second place in @many of the polls in michigan. @would be important, especially @headed into the rest of the @midwest, especially his home @state of ohio. @we're focusing this morning on @the democrats because they @could be even more important @for bards. @they've got more than 150 @delegates to get there. @he has to grab a lot of those @to catch up with hillary @clinton. @today's michigan primary could @be bernie sanders last chance @to beat hillary clinton.
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@he voted against saving the @auto industry. @>> i did not vote for was a @middle class bailout for the @crooks on wall street. @>> and in a fox news town hall, @clinton reached out to sanders @reporters. @>> i hope to win the @nomination. @if i am so fortunate, i hope to @work with him. @>> republicans are focused on @today's mississippi primary. @>> raise your right hand, @everybody. @do you swear that you're going @to vote for donald trump @tomorrow? @raise that hand. @i love you. @>> ted cruz is going after @trump supporters there. @>> we're seeing folks that were @supporting donald trump who is @realizing he's not who they @thought he was. @>> in florida, marco rubio's @the underdog now facing attack @ads from trump. @>> the latest poll shows rubio
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@behind trump in rubio's home @state. @florida votes next tuesday. @and, of course, so does ohio. @as we talked about, governor @kasich hoping to win his home @state and doing better than @rubio is in florida. @he's averaging only four points @behind donald trump in ohio and @still saying he's going to win @it. @>> back to rubio. @we hear the name mitt romney @again. @can that support help him at @all. @>> mitt romney is going robo @calls in florida. @he said he wants anybody but @trump to win. @he's opened it up, telling some @of the other candidates he'll @be willing to help them out as @well. @he has not declared who he @wants to support. @he said he'll help others. @>> an all out battle against @donald trump. @ a live look outside as we @take a look at browns stadium @there. @the nfl year of business opens @tomorrow. @free agencies is getting under @way. @you know what, we're talking
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@>> i know. @>> baseball. @>> early for this time of year. @i think we're all in the mood. @64 at hopkins. @at the bus stop this morning. @mild as can be. @you can go with the lighter @jacket today there. @'s no reason for gloves, hats, @and all that. @it's feeling pretty terrific. @you will notice it feeling even @day. @43 is the normal high. @not low. @you're all above that already. @we're doing just fine. @record for today is 79. @so the warm weather is going to @be the trend. @along with rain showers, we're @going to get into these rain @chances once we get past today. @today is going to be a dry day. @a mix of clouds and sunshine. @filtered sunshine. @upper 50s at noon. @upper 60s. @i wouldn't be surprised. @we could have sunshine in there @this afternoon, we may end up @at 70 or so. @here is a look at where we are @currently. @58 in indianapolis right now.
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@chicago is at 59 degrees. @so warm for this time of the @morning. @it includes us here at home as @we take a closer view. @upper 40s, low 50s. @pretty much what we're talking @about. @lighter jackets. @just that total spring vibe @today. @warm front lifting through the @region. @generates a few showers. @none of that really made it to @the surface. @that's it. @now that we're into the real @warm sector of this air mass, @we're going start to notice the @impact. @we see sunshine. @this is 2:30 today. @looks like there will be a lot @of sunshine around that point @in the afternoon as you're @grabbing your kids on the way @to get them from school. @we'll keep partly cloudy @conditions into the first part @of tonight. @we'll start to see more @overcast tomorrow. @and things become a little more @settled. @the rain chances starting to @move in.
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@it's not going to be one big @washout. @we'll have to have umbrellas @handy. @i think that's the best way to @put it. @upper 60s today. @so-so mild for this time of @year. @70 tomorrow. @40% chance of a scattered @shower. @72 on thursday. @again, we'll have shower @answers around behind the cold @front. @we'll cool off. @by cooling off into the upper @50s, we're still way above @normal highs. @then we're going to warm back @into the 60s. @we have the time change. @we spring ahead one hour. @here is a check on the drive @that's currently 5:17. @>> traffic is brought do you by @mike bass ford. @get a great deal and a great @deal more at mike bass ford. @>> good morning to you. @hope you're having a great @start to your day. @i was able to get ahold of
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@the tractor trailer on 480 @westbound at sterns road, it @hit a sound wall. @the driver was transported to @the hospital and all lanes have @reopened on 480 west no. @delays in that area. @cleveland police tell me they @didn't find a large pothole, @however, they're responding to @a cone in the street or the @cone in the highway. @i-90 eastbound at 71 south @blocking the ramp. @so police are headed to the @scene. @here's the picture on i-90 at @fulton road we're looking @pretty good. @again, we're having normal @drive times throughout the @region. @don't forget, when you hit the @rods, tune into our partners. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> dany, -- dani, thanks. @ erin andrews, $55 million @was the award in her lawsuit. @>> they were seeking 75 @million. @they walk away with 55 million. @it only took jurors a couple of
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@they found both marriot and @vanderbilt and barrett @responsible. @andrews convicted stalker was @said to be sole blame, but now @they will split the award. @ leaving behind a lot of @damage this morning. @take a look. @this happened in cool texas @where you can see a lot of @degree scattered around the @town. @one person was trapped inside a @house, but emergency crews were @able to get him out safely. @amazingly, no other injuries @were reported. @you will see this one all over @the internet. @drivers in texas can blame a @naked woman for causing a @traffic jam yesterday. @the woman was dancing on top of @an 18-wheeler on a houston @highway. @deputies say it took two hours @to coax her off of the truck. @authorities are not sure why @she was up there, but that she
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@from the cia to aliens. @she also spit on one official @who tried to convince her to @come down. @deputies were finally able to @arrest her after she caused @that traffic jam for miles. @miles. @>> huge. @>> and we're hearing that she @was also maybe involved in an @accident earlier and then @that's what led to her running @and jumping on an 18-wheeler. @>> does she have any connection @to the 18-wheeler at all? @>> they're still looking into @all of that. @can you imagine, drivers are @saying, hey, sorry, boss. @i was late. @she was naked. @>> plus, turn on the tv. @you will see what i'm talking @about. @you need that excuse. @>> a woman wearing a fuzzy @circle. @>> still looking for a job with @a change of pace. @the sam hewitt haul and @gardens.
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@ @as the warmer weather @approaches, many places are @hiring seasonal workers. @>> how would you like to work @in a mansion surrounded by @beautiful landscapes. @we're shown what kind of work @is available at sam hewitt hall @and gardens as they double @their workforce. @>> everything comes alive as @they open for the season. @that means jobs. @>> give tours and host events @and weddings and parties. tours @of the home turned museum were @voted number one home tour by @us a today in 2015.
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@>> between our 64,000 square @foot mansion and all the @history tied to this estate and @the property and all of our @gardens, we want folks that are @not afraid to answer those @questions and can be helpful. @>> but it takes more than tour @guides to serve more than @135,000 annual visitors. @>> we have 70-acres to @maintain. @historic gardens. @a lot of special places, the @lagoon and other places. @>> sam hewitt is a job. @>> it's a lot of work. @having to show up here every @day to work is not too bad. @when you consider the @environment and how beautiful @it is. @>> channel 3 news. @we have new information on how @to apply on our website. @>> okay. @yesterday.
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@i bet they will be out in full @force today, using those @excuses at work to play golf. @>> i'm not sure if all the @courses are open, but some are. @>> this one they will take @anybody, anytime. @>> i gotcha. @ it's going to be one of @those days. @it's going to end up really @close to 70 degrees. @i think we're dry today too. @even if you're getting out to @walk or maybe get your run in @this morning, take a bike ride. @it's going to be fantastic. @on the travel map, you will @notice there's some green to @the west. @we'll get into more unsettled @weather headed into the middle @and end of the week. @unsettled in a sense that you @will start to see rain chances. @i don't think we're ever going @to have this huge washout. @we're going to pinpoint it. @at least we're talking @umbrellas and snow shovels. @it's kind of nice. @>> still ahead, a passenger @train derails in california @late last night. @we'll have the update on @injuries there.
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@the weather for the accident. @will? @>> reporter: we had a massive @fire overnight that broke out @in brunswick at an apartment @complex, claiming the life of a @four-year-old little girl, @sending six more to the @hospital.
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@ @ welcome back to channel 3 @news today. @we begin our morning rush with @a story of a fire that broke @out at the hickory hills @apartment complex late last @night, taking the life of a @four-year-old little girl and @sending more to the hospital. @it started around 10:30. @that's when crews got the call. @it affected 24 apartments in @the complex. @it took six fire departments to @respond. @they worked to get everyone out @safe. @unfortunately the fatter of a @four-year-old little girl told @us she died in the basement
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@the family was sleeping when @the fire broke out. @he and his wife were able to @get one of the kids out. @when they tried to break @through the window of the @girl's bedroom, the fire was @too much. @we'll continue to follow this @story, bring you updates all @throughout the morning. @now, for how they're helping @get people out of here and @where they can do. @tiffany tarpley picks up the @coverage. @>> reporter: will, within the @last hour or so, we watched as @the red cross arrived in @brunswick. @this is where people are coming @to get help and to offer help. @we know starting at 8:00 this @morning, the red cross is going @to start taking information @from families who are displaced @by this fire, writing down @essential information, seeing @if they need shelter, if they @need food. @meantime, we know that the @church is collecting donations @itself. @also, clothing, food, water, @and toiletries. @if you want to help these @people, a volunteer at the @church says you can arrive
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@st. ambrose, pearl road in @hollie? @>> tiffany, thanks. @ switching gears, talking @about the forecast. @we're talking highs close to 70 @degrees today. @already in the 50s for most of @you as you're waking up. @43 is the normal high. @55 at 9:00. @55 at noon. @68 degrees at 5:00. @mixed clouds and sunshine, @currently, it's 51 degrees in @illyria, upper 40s for canton @and wooster. @we're talking low 40s in dover. @that's not cool for this time @of day. @we should be in the 20s right @now. @winter coats are not necessary. @we had a warm front move @through while you were asleep @and it tried to trigger a few @showers. @didn't have much success. @we didn't think there would be @much to work with. @it's going to be a mix of @clouds and sunshine today. @it's up for a few minutes @before seven. @we're tracking rain chances for @the rest of the week.
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@right now dani has a check on @your commute. @we can role those car windows @down today. @>> sure can. @right now we're rolling on the @traffic map. @normal drive times on your @highways and roadways, but we @do have a few accidents to tell @you about just so you're @prepared. @if your traveling downtown @cleveland near progressive @field, not causing any road @closures. @be careful. @the cone is blocking to i-75 @south. @police are responding to this. @hopefully they can get that @cleared out very soon. @in ohm stead, they're working @on clearing out a tractor @trailer that hit a sound wall. @remember, in akron, cyberling @road is closed for sewer work. @closed between archwood avenue @and inner -- let me know the
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@>> dani, thank you. @ an akron man will be @sentenced for raping three @children all under the age of @10. @bruce gordon was convicted @earlier this month. @the prosecutors used a support @dog that's trained to offer @emotional support. @gordon faces life in prison at @sentencing later this morning. @ a father charged with @murder in the death of his 3- @year-old daughter ising with @held on $1 million bond. @matthew was accused of @murdering haley. @he charged his live-in @girlfriend with child @endangerment. @haley was found dead in her @canton home on friday. @let's talk politics now. @new poll numbers show that @governor kasich is closing in @against donald trump in the @race right here for ohio. @>> primaries are in. @governor kasich will be in @broadview heights today on @route i82.
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@hillary clinton is also in @town. @she's holding a rally at a @recreation center in cleveland @tonight. @that event starts at 7:00 p.m. @a group of nurses are traveling @across the country to support @bernie sanders. @national nurses united is @traveling in a big red bus. @today the bus will stop in @akron and canton. @they're making stops in all of @ohio's biggest cities. @the group says they're @supporting sanders because he @supports the single payer @system, and that's what it will @take to help people struggling @with health issues. @former new york mayor, michael @bloomberg, said he will not run @for president. @it was said he was going to run @if rubio or trump won the @nominee. @ a woman got an e-mail from
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@the e-mail said she owed a fine @for a violation by a traffic @camera. @police say this is a scam. @do not open the attachment. @the city of loraine does not @use traffic cameras, and the e- @mail came from a fake address. @maureen? @ all right. @thank you. @time for the morning newsfeed. @passengers are safe but shaken @up after their commuter train @went off the rails last night. @authorities say nine people @were injured when a tree fell @on the tracks, knocking the @commuter train off the rails. @the front car was thrown into a @creek. @officials say heavy rains may @be to blame for the fallen @tree. @passengers say the crash was @chaotic. @>> one member was just under @the mud slide. @we were trying to dig her out @while the train was hanging. @it was a pretty crazy @experience. @>> none of the nine injured @appeared to be life- @threatening. @ today marks two years since @malaysia american airlines
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@chinese relatives marked the @event. @they refuse to believe their @loved ones are gone until that @plane is finally found. @some family members protested, @shouting, demanding @information. @investigators believe the plane @crashed in a remote stretch of @the southern indian ocean. @ check out this amazing @picture that's been everywhere @online. @a father saved his son at a @baseball game in california. @sean cunningham and 8-year-old @landon were in the stands when @a flair lost the grip on the @map. @the bat nearly hit landon in @the face, but dad reacted @quickly and put his arm up to @protect his son. @a photographer caught that @split second reaction. @the dad says he didn't have @time to think. @he was in dad mode to protect @his kid. @they even got to keep the bat. @landon says he's going to go to @more games. @this did not scare him away, @but there's one catch. @as long as he gets to sit right @next to his dad. @>> yeah. @i think i also want to sit next @to landon's dad anytime i go to
5:38 am
@>> can we rent him out for @games? @some of those minor league @parts, the screen is smaller @than the larger parks. @you never know what flies at @you. @>> i hope they kept the bad. @should get a baseball glove, @everything. @>> that picture needs to be @framed. @>> what a story. @lynna. @ just ahead, if you surprise @your toddler with a trip to the @circuit, you would expect @excitement, right? @not for this little boy. @in our morning pick me up, @we'll tell you why he cries @about it. @ there's another big name @quarterback on the market this @morning, but should the browns @think about going after robert @griffin, iii. @my take on that. @the warriors showing off again.
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@ @5:41. @tuesday, here we come. @we're picking you up. @we all know that kids can have @a bad day or decide they want @something, right? @they won't let up about it. @do you know how this is? @this four-year-old finding out @he's going to the circus did @not go as planned. @they told him they were going @to a broccoli farm. @when max found out they were @going to the circus, he's
5:42 am
@i wanted to go to the broccoli @farm. @>> we just told you that so it @could be a surprise. @i thought you wanted to see @elephants. @>> no, i didn't. @>> you don't want to see @elephants? @we can buy you broccoli at the @store. @>> no. @i want to go to the broccoli @farm. @we'll find out where a broccoli @farm is next time. @>> moms, dads, are you relating @right now. @how many times has this @happened before? @people say they too would like @to check out a broccoli farm. @i love the, we can buy you @broccoli. @>> they want what they can't @have. @>> we i know we can't out think @them. @no chance. @>> right.
5:43 am
@thank you, let's talk cavs. @ugly effort. @memphis was missing four @starters. @not good. @they should have won this game. @kyrie scores to take the lead @with 2:40 to go. @chi rewith 27, kyrie with 27. @lebron with 28. @25 turnovers. @they lose 106-103. @have to win that one. @i tell you what, this team has @no reason to be confident after @this one. @>> for my take this morning, @let's do some quick takes. @i want to get your thoughts on @these subjects. @first of all, we remember this. @this was the warriors bench on @sunday after that embarrassing @loss to the lakers. @they were back to confident war @owes late night against the @magic. @the big guy starts celebrating @before he takes the shot. @he nailed it. @talk about arrogant, you name @it. @the warriors still have not
5:44 am
@they have 45 straight wins at @home. @confident. @the only way to stop this @behavior is if you beat them @for the title. @i'm not sure that can be done. @nfl news, the redskins are done @with robert griffin, iii after @using the second pick on him. @rg3 had a good rookie season @but never panned out after @that. @so the browns are linked to @every quarterback story because @they desperately need one. @i would not give rg3 too many @injury. @he's been unreliable. @they need to draft the right @one. @ lovie smith just got hired @and he brings -- that's been a @problem for illinois. @players want a pass to the nfl. @lovie can use that as a @recruiting tool after those @years with the bears and buccs.
5:45 am
@the big 10 compared to the sec, @then the conference top to @bottom, especially the bottom @has to get better. @and you do that with big name @coaches like urban, harbaugh, @and lovie smith. @i applaud illinois going out @and getting him. @it was a story that didn't get @a lot of attention, but the big @10 got better. @tweet me your thoughts at wkyc. @>> thank you. @it's march the 8th. @we're talking springtime. @it feels like we're already, my @gosh, into april with the way @things are going. @we're above where we should be @for the high this is morning. @it's 5:45 in the morning. @normal high is 43. @yesterday we hit 64. @today's record high is 79. @i don't think that's going to @happen. @do keep the umbrella handy. @we're talking about rain @chances. @today, not so much. @looks like it will be mild @through this morning and a mix
5:46 am
@68 for the high today. @good stuff. @here is a look at regional @temperatures which have warmed @up significantly from this same @time. @we're all starting the day in @the 30s. @we end up recovering with a @high of 64. @with 40s, it's mainly upper @40s. @this is really mild. @any rain chances are already @out of here. @we had the warm front lifting @out of the region. @that. @that was a dud. @what's left is just this sort @got. @we do have rain chances moving @in mid-to-late week. @as we take a look at future @view and track here hour by @hour. @the 60s. @this is 3:00. @it looks great as you're @getting the kids from school @today. @coming home, maybe you can hit @the park, feed the ducks. @do something like that for a @change. @sometimes.
5:47 am
@we'll start to notice a little @more cloud cover again to @of green. @so not a washout for your @wednesday, but we'll have @scattered rain showers at @times. @only rain. @i mentioned it yesterday. @there's not one snowflake in @the extended forecast this @week. @your window nation seven-day. @highs in the upper 60s. @tomorrow, 70. @70 to thursday. @scattered rain chances will be @days. @even into friday. @front moves through. @cools slightly on friday. @by 58 degrees, that's still @above normal. @then we get into the weekend. @we're back into the 60s. @we spring ahead an hour. @that happens early sunday. @doggone weather time, it's @zeke. @mary jane sent this picture in. @zeke is her brother's puppy.
5:48 am
@how adorable is that little @face. @adorable. @thank you for sharing your @brother's dog with us. @>> it doesn't have to be your @dog. @it can be somebody else's dog. @we celebrate them all. @>> a nice look at cedar point's @new mega ride, the raven. @crews were out putting @finishing touches on the record @breaking coster. @the final piece of the track @was installed. @raven is billed as the longest, @fastest dive coaster ever @created. @we're also going to check the @sounds of the screams coming @from this one. @you can try the ride out for @yourself on may 7th when cedar @point opens for the season. @ this is another week of @blind auditions. @natalie got all four judges to
5:49 am
@know it all. natalie is from @uniontown. @she currently lives in chicago @with her daughter. @she was eliminated in season 9 @but did not want to give up on @her dreams. @natalie decided to join team @adam. @>> good for her. @keep going. @>> and speaking of the voice @and adam. @we want to send one lucky fan @to see adam levine and maroon 5 @in concert in cleveland. @and how about we throw into a @trip to miami. @click the maroon 5 button on @our website. @you can win tickets for two to @the miami concert and you will @get two tickets to the upcoming @concert right here at the q. @good luck. @that's fun. @>> 5:49, coming up, ways to @save time. @>> matt saves us money on @prescription glasses. @what do you have coming up? @>> well, we send an e-mail how
5:50 am
@have you ever made one of the @most egregious e-mail mistakes @in we have the top 5 coming up. @ everyone is getting by just @fine. @we have normal drive times @throughout the region. @smooth sailing. @we do have a number of @incidents we're waiting to @clear out. @we'll update you on those @shortly after 6:00 a.m. @they're not majorly impacting @your commute, but channel 3 @news today can return right
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. @ @ 5:53. @i-hop is celebrating. @they're offering up a free @stack of pancakes. @in return they ask that you @donate to children's miracle @network hospitals. @i-hop has raised nearly $20 @million on pancake day since @2006. @ all right. @the numbers show we spend about @25% of our day sending and @sorting through e-mails.
5:54 am
@to sneak into an important @message. @>> 25%. @>> yeah. @>> the entire day? @boy, i need to write more. @maureen joins us with the top @five mistakes when it comes @those e-mails at work. @>> now everyone knows why they @haven't heard from john @anderson. @>> avoiding mistakes is @crucial. @a career coach made her list of @the top five mistakes. @number one, overly informal @greatings like hey instead of @hello. @joking. @don't joke around. @jokes are often lost in @translation. @when in doubt, leave it out. @>> not respecting other @cultures when doing @international business. @learn how to start a @conversation according to @etiquette. @number four, spelling and @grammar mistakes you. @might think they're small, but @somebody is judging you for @that minor mistake. @five, don't send an incomplete @message. @put the address in last so
5:55 am
@>> how many times have you done @that and you hit enter or @something and it sends. @>> oops. @>> great. @it looks unprofessional. @after. @second one. @today. @>> i will wait for it. @>> it's going to bounce. @mailer daemom. @>> i'm going to put her e-mail @in last. @ glasses prescription can @cost you 80% less if you know @where to shop. @>> matt granite joins us with @the perfect price drop. @>> great to be with you today. @get ready to save money on @prescription glasses. @take a look at one of my @favorite websites we just @finished testing. @goggles has this for you. @you can get two for under 20 @bucks. @i don't wear glasses.
5:56 am
@>> i love this website. @you can get these three all for @under $40. @my old pair, $100. @glasses are a necessity for @most people. @they should be this much money. @>> they look amazing on you. @this is not a paid product. @what did you think of the ease @of use in? @>> up load a photo of yourself @so you can see what the glasses @look like on you. @there are 100 different frames @you can choose from. @>> not a big difference between @the $100 pair and what you got @for 7? @>> not at all. @>> back to you. @>> love. @that all right. @take advantage. @up era 60s. @-- upper 60s. @sun is up before 7:00. @we'll have partly cloudy sky9s. @it is spring fever in every @since. @we'll see if the warm weather @sticks around and also we're @going to look ahead for some @rain chances as we're headed @through the week.
5:57 am
@>> hollie, coming up at 6:00, @getting kids tested for lead @poisoning. @presidential candidates are @noticing it. @breaking news, we're following @in this morning. @a dead lie fire in brunswick. @we have team coverage of the @little girl who was killed and
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
@ @right to breaking news we've @been following all morning of a @deadly fire in brunswick. @we have team coverage of the @story starting with will ujek @live at the scene. @will? @>> reporter: john, good @morning. @crews say they got a call about @10:30 last night. @about six departments called in @to take care of the fire. @about 24 units were involved in @this. @as you mentioned, unfortunately @a four-year-old girl, the @victim of this, the father @tells us.


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