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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 9, 2016 3:37am-4:07am EST

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tornado. >> the south under siege. 26 million in the path of today's severe weather. at least one tornado near ft. worth in hood county texas. >> i looked outside, i saw the roof coming off and swirling around, before i had a chance to get under cover, it was going on. >> a dozen mobil homes in his neighborhood were torn apart. he pulled people out from under piles of debris. >> i didn't think i was going to find anybody in there alive. >> the slow moving storm started in texas, but are moving north, carrying moisture from the gulf, setting up potentially dangerous flooding. tornado and flash flood watches in six states, all the way to illinois. >> in denton, texas, children trapped on a school bus. rescuers wading through the rising water to pull six of them and their driver to safety. in grapevine an 18 wheeler flipped by high winds, turned an interstate into a parking lot. and gusts topping 70
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student union at tarrant county college. severe weather and dangerous conditions continue through tomorrow. and could deliver in some areas, up to a foot of rain. >> janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. >> investigators believe a mudslide and a downed tree on the tracks may have caused a passenger train to derail in northern california. the sheer force causing the lead train car to plunge into a creek below. at least nine people were injured, four of them seriously, the accident occurred after hours of heavy rainfall. dramatic new video out tonight showing one of the leaders of that armed oregon occupation in his final moments. state officials say their investigation shows police were justified in using deadly force against him. but as our pete williams reports, the video raises a new mystery over who fired shots at him and when. >> cell phone video captures the moment the first shots were
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>> hang on. >> oregon investigators released it today. reported inside the suv driven by robert lavoie finnecum. >> you want a blood bath, it's going to be on your hands. >> taken from the cell phone of one of those charged in the investigation, shana cox of oregon, shows him barreling toward a roadblock when state police fire those three shots. after crashing into a snow bank, finnecum gets out and says, go ahead and shoot me. >> stay down, stay down. >> officers on the scene had been told he carried a gun. he twice ignored commands to get on the ground. the third time two police officers fired three shots in all. >> did they shoot him?
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back and killing him. a gun was found in his left jacket pocket. >> he was reaching for that loaded nine millimeter gun, when the troopers lawfully used deadly physical force. >> investigators say one and two other shots were fired that did not hit anyone. state investigators say they failed to disclose they had guns. an american tourist killed today in a stabbing rampage in israel. his name is taylor force, a graduate student on a school trip. at least ten others were injured in the stabbings in tel aviv before the attacker was shot dead. it happened at an event. biden called it an act of terror. two of the jurors who handed erin andrews a $55 million verdict are now speaking out.
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her civil suit yesterday against her stalker and the hotel where he secretly taped her. as these jurors tell morgan radford, it wasn't a question of if she would win, but how much she would get. >> breaking their silence. >> she was honest as far as i knew. she was emotional. >> reporter: for jurors it was hearing from erin andrews that made the difference. >> erin andrews is going to get some money, regardless. it was how much and where was the hotel at fault. >> reporter: what affected you most when you were sitting in the jury box? >> a woman who has built her career in a man dominated industry. and has done well. and i think outside of this incident, her life, her character should be a role model for every young girl growing up. and she said the same. >> girls, high school college, they tweet me and say i want to be
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for the marriott stalker thing. and i can't control that. >> the average civil award in tennessee last year was just over $400,000. andrews won more this week than all of the tennessee awards last year combined. but she may not see much of it, since her stalker was clear that he made the video precisely because he was broke. and if the hotel appeals, andrews won't see any money until that case is complete. this case wasn't about celebrity. it's about safety. >> it's important when we walk into hotels or any public building going to take care of us, that they take care of us. now to the urgent warnings over the zika virus in puerto rico. one in five could become infected. the fda is shipping down blood over fears local supplies could be contaminated. the head of the cdc is there, calling puerto
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the fight against zika in the u.s. rehema ellis has more from san juan. >> reporter: in this hospital maternity center, there's growing fear of zika. expected to infect hundreds of thousands on the island. >> now we have to test everybody, and repeat those tests as pregnancy advances. >> researchers learning zika can affect an pun born baby at any stage of pregnancy, not just the first trimester as previously expected. tom frieden on a three-day visit to this popular tourist destination, ramping up the battle to stop the spread to the mainland. >> this is the front line? >> absolutely. there are going to be more cases in puerto rico than the rest of the u.s., by many, many, many multiples. this is going to be ground zero for the zika outbreak in the u.s. >> can you stop it? >> we don't know how
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>> puerto rico, hit especially hard, because it has the kind of mosquito that carries the virus. now, becoming resistant to certain insecticides. so far, 156 cases have been acquired on the island. far more worrisome than the 153 brought to the u.s. mainland by travelers. 18 weeks pregnant with her second child cried when she learned she got zika. she's using mosquito spray and hoping for the best. >> my baby's a blessing and i'm going to have it, no matter what happens. >> the race to control the virus intensify s ies. rehema ellis, nbc news, san juan, puerto rico. a question that gave us pause, is there a link between carbohydrates and lung cancer. surprising new research about the
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love to eat.
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some important health news tonight about something in the foods a lot of us eat that could be a contributing factor for lung cancer. the vast majority of lung cancer cases are linked to smoking. a diet heavy in
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a role for nonsmokers. tom costello explains. >> reporter: it's the leading cause of cancer deaths in the u.s., more than 150,000 people expected to die from lung cancer alone. the vast majority current or former smokers. surprising research has found a potential lung cancer risk factor for them. certain foods elevate high glycemic foods. >> they tend to be processed, white, starchy carbs. they don't tend to have a lot of fiber or other nutrients in them. >> they studied 1900 patients who had never smoked were more than two times as likely to develop lung cancer. if they had eaten foods that are high in starches and sugars, mostly processed foods. >> high glycemic carbs
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foods like corn flakes, saltines and pretzel pretzels. the sudden blood sugar spike could affect the way cells grow. >> what this does is causes insulin resistance in the cells and these lead to the increasing growth factors that are associated with the development of cancer. >> doctors say it's far too early to conclude white bread leads to cancer. a diet filled with low glycemic carbs is always a good choice. >> back in a moment with a close call that totally shocked a reporter and viewers
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sponsors are zboons distancing themselves from maria sharapova. nike, porsche, and tag
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she claims she didn't know a meladonium was added to the banned list at the start of the year, because she didn't open an e-mail link from doping officials. a tv reporter in northern california himself when this happened live on the air. >> confusing situation. >> a car came barreling at alex savage. the vehicle had just been involved in an accident sending it careening off the road, amazingly no one was injured. what a close call. talk about a close call. a small plane nearly landed smack on a building on long island new york. the plane lost engine power and had to pull off emergency landing with the plane's built in parachute. the father and daughter inside the plane can be seen walking away safe and sound. one more near miss when we come back, a
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finally tonight, the near miss that's making jaws drop
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the fastest reflexes weren't on the field but rather in the stands when a dad saved his sun from almost certain injury. joe fryar has the story. >> for landon cunningham, it was the ultimate early birthday gift, a trip to the ballpark to catch a spring training matchup, where the play of the game would be made by his own dad. >> he's a hero. >> rodrigez runs, the back goes into the seats. >> you could hear the crowds reaction on the pirates radio network as a bat slipped from the hitter's hands, hurtling toward the third row. >> i didn't even see it, so i was scared. >> the images capture frame by frame by the pittsburgh tribune review, look at the skplegss of those around landon. then look at the calm reaction of his father sean whose instincts set in like a catcher blocking a wild pitch. >> i didn't have a lot
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it, the only thing i can describe it as is dad mode. >> this dad was drafted by the pros before getting sidelined by a shoulder injury. now a firefighter, his baseball skills came in handy one more time, saving his son. >> i whispered to him, landon, hold up your head and tip your cap. the whole stands cheered and applauded. it was really cool, dad, that was awesome. >> as for landon. >> i asked my dad, is this what usually happens at baseball games. >> he got to keep that bat as a souvenir. consider it the birthday gift he never saw coming. thank goodness his dad did. joe fryer, nbc news. >> nice save, dad. that will do it for us on a tuesday night, i'm lester holt for all of us, thank you for watching and
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it's wednesday, march 9th. coming up on "early today," the donald wins big and bernie sanders score as major upset as the delegates add up, so do calls for some to step down. sir george martin has died that age of 90. weather alert. bill karins warns of flash flooding and torrential rain today. and hulk hogan is back on the stand in his $100 million sex tape trial. the bazar scene of what happened next. "early today" starts right now.
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i'm dara brown. more primaries, more results. donald trump was a big winner, while bernie sanders had a huge upset in michigan. trump handedly took michigan and followed closely by ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. cruz did win idaho, and a state trump didn't even campaign in, although he said he liked their potatoes potatoes. and michigan, where bernie sanders edged out hillary clinton, although clinton dominated in the mississippi primary and nbc news called trump as the winner in hawaii. speaking from florida last night, trump thanked supporters while talking about a growing movement. >> thank you very much, everyone. this was an amazing evening. i want to thank the public, the people of michigan, i want to thank the people of mississippi.
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tonight, donald trump. the single biggest story today is what's happening at the booth. the tremendous number of people voting. and the democrats are down. we're up by 50% and even more. you're talking millions of people. so i think it's the biggest story in politics today. believe it or not, i'm a unifier. i want to thank paul ryan, he called me a couple of days ago. he was very encouraging and i have great respect for paul ryan. and li ying ted. and then he holds the bible high and puts the bible down and lies. i know politicians better than anybody, they're liars and they'll never get you to the promise land.
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and i've said this a couple of times, but more presidential than the great abe lincoln. >> and trump hit back in one of the stranger moments of the night, showing off his trump water, magazine and steaks and wine. >> we make the finest wine, as good as you can get anywhere in the world. and i know the press is extremely honest, so i won't offer them any. >> and bernie sanders fighting back against recent polls. >> i want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan who reputeiated the polls who had us down a few days ago, who repudiated the pundts who said bernie sanders wasn't going anywhere and i want to
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volunteers for knocking on doors and making the phone calls that created this kind of enormously successful night for us. and what this means is that the bernie sanders's campaign, the people's revolution that we are talking about, the political revolution that we're talking about is strong in every part of the country and frankly, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> meanwhile, clinton appears to be looking past sanders and not so subtlely jabbing her republican opponent. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results. for the american we reach for love and kindness instead of bluser and bigotry, we could see the best in each other, not the worst.
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instead of tearing each other down, there's nothing we can't together. >> well, sanders win in michigan was big, delegate wise, about clinton's dominating performance in mississippi, she's set to win more delegate said than night. and trump has 456. senator cruz in second with and trump is no doubt looking towards next tuesday with missouri and north carolina in play. and even though florida isbio's home state, according to polling, trump is known as the fifth beatle, sir george martin has
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the news was broken early this morning by beatles drummer, ringo star who wrote it was 1962 when martin heard a demo tape from the beatles. he set them on a courseead them to the top of the rock and roll world and rise them to a level of super stardom nevernd even an academy award. and john lenin said georgeade us what we were in the studio. he received a 1996 and inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1999.
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age of 90. the search for a suspected shooter was arrested by theervice outside the white house. saying he threw objects over the white house fence. he's accused of shooting pastor 10 times on sunday, in critical condition, just one day after he delivered prayers at a ted cruz rally. servl news outlets in spokane rtedly received letters with flash drives, said to be from the subject. >> once we got the information and realized the scope of really who could be in danger in this case, we alerted everybody. our federal brought in, we were in contact with the secret service. we began to alert anybody who we thought may be in>> the pastor's son says his father is expected to make the full recovery.


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