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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@unfortunately, i did @uterus to complications. @while this was the first @uterine transplant from a @deceased donor, there are nine @surgeries in sweden donors. @those have led to the health of @five healthy babies. @the setback will not halt the @research, saying the study, @which has been 10 women is still @ongoing with a commitment to @the advancement of medical @research to provide an @additional option for women and @their nd it's still being @determined if lindsey can still @qualify to become a recipient. @however, if she is, that @decision would ultimately be up @>> thank you, monica. @we want to turn to the weather @now. us, but @the word is changes are on the @way. @that word is coming from betsy @kling as she joins us with we tied the record.
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@almost got to the record high @of 73 degrees. @we made it to 72 at hopkins, high at 1878. @back in 2000, we were 71. @we broke that record today and @broke the record in mansfield @as well, which was previously so set in 2000. @across northern ohio, @temperatures topped out in the @70s. @it was a beautiful afternoon. @you may have seen the clouds @coming in. @as we go ugh the,evening, @those clouds are the leading @edge of the rain showers. @we have the rain that extends @to the deep south and right up @into the all of this rain is still to @come as we go through the night @tonight. @now, as far as the forecast @goes, a couple things we're @keeping an eye on. @of course the rain in, which could be @heavy. @as far as how much rain will be @coming, of course we take a @look at our future view @rainfall.
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@rain right now. @the heaviest rain is north @rather than the far southern @areas. @just to give you much of that rain is @coming, the temperatures will @be staying on the mild side. @as far as the weekend goes, @saturday is looking dry. the rain @returns. @we'll have details on all of @this coming up this just a few @minutes. @back to you. @>> all right. @betsy, see you soon. @>> a su @manager in the office of the @cuyahoga county prosecutor and @now calling for a special audit @and criminal gs move quickly today when @the investigator began asking @questions about a gas grill. @tom first broke the story on @he joins was the late yes. @>> marvin davies ordered a @lower level employee to buy a and deliver it
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@davies is the same person who @filed for ptcy @in 2009 and again in -- channel @3 news found two gas grills on @the patio of marvin davies home. @it was purchased last year with @his county credit card. @my colleague tried to talk to vies left him @waiting at the front door and @never returned in the 15 @minutes he stood there. @spokesman about grill. @they said it was the first they @heard of the purchase. @mcginty says davies showed poor @judgment. @>> but we learned today he had @improper. @resigned. @>> michael mali questioned why @davies was even hired. @>> it is a hiring that should @have never happened. @>> davies filed for personal @bankruptcy more than six years @ago.
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@more than $650,000 of death. @o'malley called the purchase @another example of @inappropriate spending. @investigation. @>> this is highlighted by tom @meyer's story. @18,000-dollar in trophies. @one year. @d.c. @>> late today, davies told us @he was forced to resign. @he reimbursed -- o'malley wants @an audit of the entire office. @both men are asking for the @county sheriff to investigate. @sarah? @>> thank you, tom. @>> the sports world and beyond @on a full johnny manziel watch @at this hour. @as of now, he's still a @will that last. @what do you think? @>> well, i will tell you what, @russ, the situation was we all @anticipated this day, the
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@business year, and the day hit @at 4:00. @at 4:01, we expected johnny @manziel to be gone, but he's @not. @he's still a member of the @cleveland browns as we speak @right now. @he's not expected to be cut @today. @and it is expected now that the @browns will hold on to him for @the next few days to see if @there's some market for a @trade. @that if the free agent market @starts to move a little bit @with the quarterback position, @that some team out there may @find themselves needing a @quarterback and realizing they @may not get one in the draft @and may give the browns a call @and trade for johnny manziel. @the browns would love to get @something in return, anything @in return. @until then, though, manziel @remains with the browns with @the ultimate goal by the @organization to cut him. @it's just a matter of how it's @going to happen. @will he be traded or will he be @cut. @it's going take a couple of @days. @now, it's been a bad day.
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@losses in free agency. @they're talented players @leaving. @i will give you those guys @names, where they're going, how @much they leave for on what has @been a very puzzling first day @for the new browns' front @office. @at some point, guys, let's get @involved. @we were 3-13. @got to do something. @>> going back to johnny @manziel. @we'll wait and see what they @can do. @>> it's not costing them @anything right now to have him @on the roster. @they're wondering still if they @probably feel that there's not @a deal out there, but it's not @costing them anything to hold @onto him for a few days. @there has been movement in the @free agency market. @there may be a domino effect. @somebody could give them a @call. @>> see you later in sports. @thank you. @>> governor john kasich is @fighting to keep his @presidential campaign alive. @to do that, try and block front @runner donald trump, he must
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@tom berras claims kasich's @strategy and numbers that are @not so encouraging. @>> governor john kasich @grateful to be campaigning on @home turf, kissing the ground. @he told me he's counting on @voters who elected him twice. @>> telling people what i've @done and, you know, how i've @come back and say, look, i @would like to have your vote @because i would like you to @reward my efforts and give you @a chance to take this to the @whole country. @>> tv ads balance the budget @and deliver the nation's @largest tax cut and created @over 400,000 new jobs. @we show america how it's done. @ohio, let's do it again. @>> but a poll shows kasich is @not closing ground, even @slipping in his bid to overtang @donald trump.
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@points, 31% trump, 26% kasich. @now he's down by 6. 38% trump. @32% kasich. @ohio is the only state that @matters for him. @still, he spent this day @seeking votes in illinois where @some are still unsure of his @name. @>> it's kasich. @>> we'll get it before i'm @president. @>> yes, we will. @>> it rhymes with basic. @>> far ahead of marco rubio in @florida, if rubio does not win @next tuesday, a kasich victory @means less. @big question. @>> now, kasich is getting @support from 60 ohio business @leaders writing a letter @endorsing him. @sam miller is in that group. @now, if trump was really @worried, you think you would @see attack ads about how he @balanced the budget, taking @money from city and schools, no
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@kasich is -- trump is laying @off kasich. @michigan. @we've been looking at the ohio @date for a long time. @what happens if he loses in. @>> well, obviously it would be @state. @he's an underdog, despite @having record numbers in ohio @and despite having beat ed @fitzgerald by a landslide @margin. @people would question if he had @any political future should he @try to run for something @besides senator. @it would be mortifying. @>> all right. @tom, thank you very much. @>> steel is going up over the @cuyahoga river. @construction continues on the @second new bridge. @that grain will move in @position on a daily basis, @requiring only --
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@ @>> the county dog warden's @office posted this photo of a @possible receive mix. @the tray was found in @mansfield. @if you're interested in @adopting him, you can contact @the sheller. @ still to come in the wake @of school violence across the @country, a look at a local @contribute plan to keep @students around. @>> details you finally earned @when channel 3 news at 6:00
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@ @welcome back. @school security, of course, a @top priority, but it always @seems money becomes an issue. @however, one northeast ohio @district had a plan to get @those needed funds. @channel 33 alyssa raymond joins @us to explain. @good evening to you. @>> reporter: hi, russ. @a school security levy. @people get to have their say in @the proposal on tuesday. @i'm told if this passes, norton @schools will be the first in @northeast ohio to do something @like this. @children. @you worry about it. @graders.
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@the district's high school. @>> they're the most important @things in your life. @>> she sees the need for more @security in the proposed levy. @>> dave dunne wants to see the @levy passed too. @>> rarely did you find yourself @talking about security, but now @you need to make sure you have @secure entrances. @>> it would generate $550,000. @it would only be used for @school security. @>> you could never do too much. @so, you know, it's nice to have @an opportunity to at least @maximize what we do for student @security. @>> currently norton city @schools don't have a school @resource officer. @dunne says they willed a an sro @and then train. @>> as security measures evolve @and change, it would allow us @to keep up with the times. @>> after all, at the end of the @day,. @>> you want them to be able to @come home again. @>> if the revly is passed, it
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@year if their property is @assessed at $100,000. @reporting live from the mobile @newsroom, alyssa raymond, @channel 3 news. @>> okay. @alyssa, thank you. @>> well, it was a very special @birthday for 93-year-old @dorothy houston. @back in 1942 hudson was @expelled from high school two @months before graduation after @revealing to her gym teacher @she was married, but she never @received her diploma. @today david james awarded her @that long overdue diploma. @she said she's planning a @spring break celebration. @>> look at her. @what a fantastic story. @i wonder if she's going to @daytona beach, like all the @other kids do. @>> spring break, right? @>> wondering if she knew my @grandparents. @they were down that way. @>> they graduated. @>> yes.
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@>> that's the story, at least. @>> it's generational thing, @certainly. @>> i'll tell you what, we have @rain coming in. @we're kind of keeping an eye @out for the possibilities of @heavy rain we're not expecting @flooding, though. @as far as the forecast goes, it @all begins this evening with @the rain showers that will be @moving in later, but certainly @it's going to be mild. @we'll fade back into the upper @50s as the rain showers start @to move back in the area. @the clouds are expected to @thicken. @check it out. @the stream of moisture that @just continues to work its way @northward. @this is coming straight out of @the gulf of mexico. @it's like a big pipeline, a @fire hose of moisture feeding @up into northern ohio. @as this continues to move @northward, it is moving right @along a boundary. @it's celebrating the warm air @we have had. @in the 80s farther to the @southeast of us. @from cooler air where it's in @the 30s. @as far as the cooler air goes,
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@as we go into the day tomorrow, @we'll start off with the @breeze. @temperatures are expected to @made and ultimately we'll be @down into the 50s and 40s by @the end of the day. @we're still sitting in the 60s @to around 70. @a light breeze going on in @downtown cleveland. @that will be the only @explanation for 53. @as far as these rain showers, @this is a look at where those @rain showers are right now. @we're anticipating seeing those @rain showers that will be @moving to the north. @we got new bells and whistles. @trying to find the trigger @point for pulling out this @little menu i have. @we can zoom it in. @everybody was laughing at me @last night because i was almost @guaranteeing a complete train @wreck on the newscast, but it @didn't happen. @you can see the light showers @move northward. @at this point, it is a few @sprinkles coming in. @we'll drop back into the 50s.
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@continues for us, by rain @moving in, we'll see the @showers picking up through the @evening and periods of rain @will develop as we go through @the night tonight. @at times it may come and go @commute. @you may want to plan a few @extra minutes for the morning @by afternoon, that's when the @northern ohio. @we're anticipating the @possibility, as we mentioned @before, this rain adding up to @anywhere from a quarter to one @inch of rain across northern @ohio. @that's not the end of it. @we'll continue to see these @lines going up gradually and @that's because we have more @rain that's going to be coming @in the forecast in the days to @come. @by thursday and into friday, @we'll see that rain moving out, @clearer sky coming in. @the problem is the clearer @skies are also associated with @some cooler temperatures. @your window nation forecast @does indeed have the @temperatures in the 60s @tomorrow with the rain showers @coming down. @as i mentioned, those rain @showers will impact much of the @day. @the temperatures are going to
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@we'll start mild, take it into @the 60s by noon. @look how the temperatures fall @off as we head into the @afternoon. @when you step out the door, @don't forget to grab a jacket @simply because we're @anticipating those very cool @temperatures to continue for @us. @there you see as far as the @rest of the forecast goes, @temperatures are going to be in @the 50s with mostly sunny @conditions on friday. @back into the 60s for the @weekend, but the rain chances @will sneak back in. @we head through the latter part @of sunday and then continue on @into next week. @>> all right. @thank you, betsy. @>> thank you. @it worked fine. @see. @>> coming along. @coming up, the browns' front @office is not making a splash @in free agency so far. @>> jimmy runs through who
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works?
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@ @all right. @jimmy, next year is now. @what we've been waiting for. @what is this browns' team going @to look like? @>> it looks like they're all @going to have stickers on the @jersey that says hi, my name @is. @they're going to be young and @they're going to be new. @we'll not have johnny manziel @at some point in time. @we have him right now. @season.
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@cut johnny manziel next. @they see the possibility maybe @in the next couple of days that @the quarterback position @because of free agency and @teams losing quarterbacks and @signing quarterbacks, somebody @may call him and say, listen, @we'll take a shot at johnny @manziel. @we'll give you a late draft @choice for him. @that's what they're holding out @hope for. @if they don't, they will rid @themselves of manziel quickly. @ travis benjamin is gone to @the san diego chargers. @four years, $24 million. @$13million of it guaranteed. @san diego wanted a guy that @could stretch the field. @he can do that. @they needed a punt return guy. @san diego was the nfl's worst @in punt return average last @year. @the browns thought they had a @connection with this guy. @marvin jones, their offer was @too low. @he goes to the detroit lions. @we forecasted that last night. @five years, $40 million. @try to take the spot of the @great calvin johnson who
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@yesterday. @alex mac is gone. @he goes to the falcons. @interesting twist on this. @he's going to get paid $9.5 @million a year. @there's a report he took less @money than he would have gotten @from the browns and left @cleveland to go to atlanta to @be reunited with kyle shanahan. @he loved the way his offensive @blocking scheme played for him @and his talent. @a guy they may try and get is @this guy. @the jacksonville jaguars. @i don't know that the browns @are completely sold that @cameron irving can go in and @take the starting role at @center. @here's one that really hurts. @mitchell schwarts is gone. @he would have stayed with the @browns if mac had stayed with @the browns. @here is the guy i feel badly @for. @joe thomas. @he has lost two great teammates @on the offensive line.
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@the browns should have been @able to keep schwartz. @sean gibson, still on the open @market. @he's regarded as the best @safety available, but no deal @yet. @it doesn't look like one is @going to be done here in @cleveland. @not a good day. @ all right. @maybe a better night tonight. @the cavaliers out in sacramento @to start their four-game west @coast swing. @the message from lebron, we @must get better. @we must get better. @we have about four or five @weeks to get better. @i will let him say it. @>> you have to figure out a way @to still continue to get better @when you're not on the floor @working as much. @so either guys coming in @mentally getting their @individual workouts in or when @we here for shoot around or @watch film sessions. @>> indians beat the cubs 5-3. @we'll leave you on a happy @note. @>> i'm going ask you about the @browns again. @are you surprised they've been @so quiet today? @>> there's got to be a method @to this. @this is a new organization. @analytics, maybe we're starting @to see it come.
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@the only way to get that is @bring in new guys. @rebuilding. @>> thank you, jimmy. @>> and we thank you for @watching. @jimmy and betsy back at 7:00.
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breaking news tonight, a deadly flood emergency. tens of millions in the path. evacuations under way right now. tonight high water rescues and the national guard has been deployed. going for a knockout. donald trump says he's looking to take out his rivals once and for all as pressure mounts on marco rubio. what hs telling us exclusively. plus, the bernie sanders shocker. high anxiety. how was a man wanted for attempted murder able to fly across the country, taken down by secret service at the white house. tax scam alert, thousands being fooled by callers claiming to be the irs and demanding money. wait until you see what happens when we called back. and the fifth


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