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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ @ a @on the west side. @tonight a fire erupts and a bay @village home and engulfs it in @seconds. @fire crews on the scene at this @hour. @ earlier and explosion felt @for miles away is a propane @tank explodes at crocker park@ good evening we have crews @in both westlake and bay @village. @we begin where firefighters are @trying to figure out what
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@live with breaking details. evening, a sad story @we are on knickerbocker road in @that the elderly couple who @lives there was indeed home at @the time of the fire. n made it out but the @woman did not. @right now you can still see the @flames and smoke the making @gone. @the fire started arvening, this video shot @on a cell phone by one of the @neighbors shows you how bad the @flames were. @firefighters told me when they @ng out @of three sides of the house and @over the chimney visible from @nearby interstate 90. @>> the flames were above the as very hot and @just scary that something like @that could happen so close to @my house@>>reporter: they believe it
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@don't have a cause at this @time. @firefighters did not uation but said @the elderly couple had @accumulated a lot of @possessions over the years that @you can see the ill working to make sure @all the hotspots are renewed. @as for the woman who passed @away in the fire, we will bring @you her information and name @wants her next -- @has been noted. @park investigators to trying to @find out what sparked a fire @that caused propane tanks to @blow up. the @scene and joins us with the @latest details. @>>reporter: now, as quiet as it is you @would never imagine hours ago @there were explosions at crocker @park right @people felt the explosions, @could hear the noise a few
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@and people on apping photos and posting @video on social media. @the explosions shocking, ing and terrifying. @folks turning to social media @minutes after posting videos, @photos and alike. @the aftermath a terrible sight. @social media makes the world @and absolutely an instant we @were seeing that with pictures @and video. @after we learned no one got hurt @everyone safe and accounting @for. @the conversation turning cheeky @jimmy clark tweeting crocker @park finally got my mix tape. @>> flames about 60 feet in the @air. @a normal morning forconstruction @workers on site as the american @greetings building turned @upside down.
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@the subsequent explosion, video @and photos galore. @hours, minutes, seconds after @it happened, out on social @media for all the world to see. @we did reach out to westlake @authorities to see if there is @any update in the @investigation. @no word on that tonight. @we did get a response from @crocker park to confirm @everything will be open @tomorrow. @live in westlake channel three @news. @>> amazing no one was hurt. @ complete coverage of the @explosion at you will @find pictures and hear from @witnesses. @if you are on the go everything @is on the wkyc app which is @free to download. @ 24 hours after the @democratic presidential @candidates faced off in a @debate, tonight the republican @counterparts took the stage.
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@not quite as rockets but quite @interesting? @>>reporter: absolutely. @the last republican debate a @week ago and what a difference @the week has made. @maybe it is the sunshine maybe @it is the ocean breeze. @whatever it might be, tonight @in miami for the first time in @couple of hours there was a @dramatic change in the @republicans running for @12th for republicans, was @different from the start. @>> please wait until you're @called upon please do not talk @over each other. @>> that is exactly the way it @was no interruptions, no @personal attacks a full and @discussion of issues like free @trade. @>> we have to take a strong, @good, hard look and come up @with plans that work we make @immigration. @>> we will build a wall, triple @border patrol, and sanctuary @cities renege education.
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@standards first of all i would @take 125 federal education @programs put them in four @buckets and send them back to @the state. @>> and social security. @>> anyone who tells you social @security can stay the way it is @is lying. @>> line, and ask the wish @-- acquisition delivered with a @different tenor and targeted @earlier debate. @>> i have given my answer lying @ted. @>> tonight the candidates @showed restraint and even @respect. @>> i will let donald speak for @himself. @>>reporter: donald trump at one @point calling for unity and @even technology discussion had @changed. @>> we our all in this together @we will come up with solutions @and find the answers to things. @so far i can't believe how @civil it has been appear remake @they did not always agree, @challenging each other's plans, @policies, knowledge and ability @to lead but the political free- @for-all of the last several @weeks that resembled a cage @match more than a conversation
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@actual debate. @so the question now is will the @tone continue on the campaign @trail with just five days left @before the next round of @primaries. @ with the big showdown in @ohio around the corner we once @again find ourselves in the @spotlight tonight andrew @horansky found a few businesses @prepping for prime time as a @result. @>> we have been hearing a lot @about the economic benefits of @hosting the rnc. @as it turns out there is also a @payout to being a key swing @state. @wife, cameras and liquid @tonight msnbc set up shop inside @the routes cathay. @they will be here through the @weekend. @>> basically we start early @morning around 6:00 a.m. @and go well into the afternoon. @there is a number of different @shows, chris janson will be here @here.
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@anyone here looking to see you @come in? @>> i'm curious i am excited to @see what will happen. @>> walk-ins will serve as walk @ons practically becoming part @of the set. @>> i love lakewood saying this @is pretty cool we back for @months the network has visit @local businesses along the @primary trail, something he @plans to continue into april. @the script just got here from @detroit. @by monday they will move into @the urban farmer at the westin @getting big players in @politics. @>> at the political conversation @going and see how people are @feeling and what their issues @are, their concerns remake big @names in broadcasting like @chuck todd of nbc's meet the @press who spoke tonight at the @university of mount union. all @this attention and is not even @july.
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@first national hit we are @expecting tomorrow will be on @the today show tomorrow @morning. @as you know from your network @days, armies of crews coming @tonight, people at the hotels, @restaurants, good for the @economy early and hopefully @later this summer. @>> a cast of thousands and they @will spend money. @ boaters got a chance to @meet the candidates as the @presidential form that @candidates market place. @local, regional and national @candidates and spokespeople had @a chance to make their pitch to @voters and address some of the @issues. @the naacp, league of women @voters and the greater @collegiate chapter of delta @sigma theta sorority for the @ an ohio judge deciding @weather 17 -year-olds will have @17 -year-olds he will be 18 by @the november election can't @vote but there is a battle over @presidential primary.
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@says ohio law lets 17 @-year-olds pick nominees but @for delegates is the same @thing. @emmett sjoberg will be 18 next @-year-old joining the bernie @sanders campaign, to have their @vote counts. @disappointed. @i think that not being able to @vote in the primary election @will make me much more @disillusioned with the way our @political system is heading. @>> in addition to the sanders' @campaign, local voting rights @group also in on the lawsuit. @ times are changing in @huntington and first merit bank @closings and branches in many @states we will tell you how @many. @ millions of frozen pizza @isn't in his recall. @find out why and how to tell @what is in your freezer is on @the list. @ attention shoppers, plans
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@coming to northeast ohio. @. @ we do have rain showers @coming down in northern ohio, @moving out but if you haven't @been outside recently, it is a @little cooler. @we will talk about what that @means for friday and through @the weekend in your forecast
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@. @ and even bank has announced @plans to consolidate or close @more than 100 notations the may @recall in january they @announced acquisition of akron @-based firstmerit bank. @today's announcement affects @huntington and merit locations. @ongoing employment to employees @whose locations close. @ honda has unveiled its @first solar cell vehicle called @clarity, described as the world @first five passenger sedan type @vehicle of its kind. @you can travel 466 miles on a @full tank. @honda says the hydrogen storage @tank can be refilled in 3
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@sticker price around $67,000. @ the wonderful pistachio @company voluntarily recalling a @limited number of of flavors @and sizes due to a risk of @salmonella. @the cdc is investigating 11 @cases in nine states that may @be linked to the product. @two have been hospitalized. @the pistachios were sold @nationwide and in canada under @the names wonderful, paramount @farms and trader joe's. @consumers can return the @product for a full refund. @ a recall from nestle @involving 3 million boxes of @frozen digiorno pizzas also @still first lasagna and lean @cuisine. @customers have found pieces of @glass in the food. @nestle says it may have come @from spinach used in the meals. @it is looking into the claims. @with a full list of items under @recall posted at on @the homepage. @ good news for bargain
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@outlet mall off i-4 80 in @garfield heights the outlets @transportation boulevard and @granger road. @no word on exactly what stores @will be included for went the @outlet could open. @ now coming up on 11:17, @springlike pattern continues. @>> the whiplash a little nice @and back to winter. @tomorrow one of those days, @we have been spoiled. @even though the sun will be @shining it will be chilly out @there. @things stacking up, dealing @with rain showers, light stuff @starting to break up. showers @continue to move out as we go @through the rest of the night @but we have some wet roads @across the area and we are @anticipating too many problems @as we go through the overnight @hours. @heavier showers in portions of @tuscarawas county, to the south
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@stretches to new carrollton @that will continue to move @east. @the rest of the evening farther @north we have scattered showers @that continue to akron, canton @and cuyahoga falls. @hudson streetsboro getting a @shower, this will pass through @and as we look further north @and west to lorain and western @sections of cuyahoga county, it @looks like be showers of @breaking up. @for the rest of the night just @damp and cool and foggy as @well. @temperatures now in the upper @30s along the lake shore. @40s and 50s hanging on father @south. @as we go through the rest of @the night we are anticipating @where we will have problems @when we have new software. @it still quirky and working out @of. @the back end of the rain @continues to move out cooler @air moving in as this right @presses through. @it is good news bring in drier @air the bad news drier air is
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@the heaviest of the rain so @thankful for that. @as far as temperatures tomorrow @morning 30s potentially across @much of northern ohio @definitely a very chilly start @to the day your morning commute @damp and fog hanging around @mostly sunny through the @afternoon but the big thing is @it won't be warm only 40s maybe @50s farther south as we look at @the rest of the day. @the nice thing fog and clouds @will be clearing out midday @except along the lake shore up @but you can see dover likely to @make it to the 50s, 54 high @temperatures and akron/clanton @and cleveland likely to hang @out in the low 40s. @hopkins a few degrees warmer, @probably 42. @as far as planning we summarize @for you upper 30s, mostly @cloudy skies fog around @variably cloudy by needs more @clouds holding close to the @lakeshore will break up faster
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@conditions will continue in the @evening. @look second nice evening, @chilly look at the temperature @spread from north to south @across the area of low 30s for @cleveland as we wrap up the @evening. @when donation seven day @forecast a cool day friday, top @champs likely to be in the 40s @right around 50 degrees, @lakeshore areas feeling colder @than everyone else. @sunday we have the time change @we get to spring forward, you @lose an hour of sleep but just @one of the things we have to @deal with. @note the temperature by @afternoon in the 60s even though @we have rain coming in. @we will continue on monday and @tuesday as ohio heads to the @polls once again, anticipating @temperatures to be in the 60s. @does not look like we will have @too many problems as far as @weather goes for the primaries @in northern ohio. @it does not look like any major @pattern ships coming until
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@st. patrick's day thing. about @50 degrees, fingers crossed. @right now looks like i would @favor rain but we could get @colder and things could mix up. @>> you don't use the word but @we don't go to the actual word @that can possibly happen. @>> we will say mix. @>> i like that. @thank you very much. @ next the madness underway @as conference tournaments are @in full swing. @jimmy has he survives, who @advances and who goes home @next. @. @>> kiefer sutherland here @tonight [ applause @] @
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@ @ in la taking on the lakers @kobe bryant is going for the @last time against lebron james @because kobe is retiring. @kevin love not playing tonight @he has the flu, cavs really @ready to go tonight at staples @center. @lebron and tristan thompson and @all that cavs hugging out before @the the game and a monster jam @by julius randle as he pours @that down. lebron and the @cavaliers red hot in the 1st @half although the game has @gotten tight cavs leads by five @49-44 but they are shooting the @ball well so far in the 1st @half. @ college basketball and a @lot of it. @ohio state probably needs two @wins at least in the big ten @tournament to be under @consideration to make it to the
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@march madness. @could they do tonight in their @opening game against penn @state? @penn state turns it over, mark @loving turns it over a 24-point @night for him and the case and @a tight game. @wild drives and scores coming @up, 22 in the game, buckeyes @hang on and beat the nittany @lion 79-75. @to get the second win they need @tomorrow night you have to be @michigan state, tough task. @ in the heart of cleveland @over at the q number one seeded @akron coach in a pack of @trouble against eastern @michigan the number eight seed @as the zips are down by 12 with @eight and a half to go, reggie @mcadams had 20 but here is the @zips coming back. @isaiah johnson hit the big hoop @right there, 19 and akron @survives to win by two, 65-63. @ into the semifinals @tomorrow that they will take on @bowling green who already this @week has
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@out central michigan at the @buzzer this afternoon that came @at 6:30 ohio university will @take on buffalo in the @nightcap. @girls high school basketball @and it is the semifinals @division three gilmore taking @on marian pleasantville. @gillman -- gilmore's hamilton 60 @points pleasantville gets back @camel had 17 the knockout @gilmore 15-47 -- 50-47. @day two of free agency for the @browns and the rest of the nfl, @although the rest of the nfl @realize it's day two of free @agency and you can sign @players. @home, the browns lost another @one tonight. @johnson has left the team @captain of special teams @terrific player out of stamford @has played well a tremendous @the detroit lions, two years @dollars.
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@browns have lost five and @signed none but they have been @in talks about colin kaepernick @possible deal. @the broncos, the jets, rumored @to be talking to the 49ers @about a trade for their @quarterback, @colin kaepernick, recovering @from major shoulder surgery. @nothing has been worked out @yet. @this that happens a lot of @people feel johnny manziel @could be part of a package @going to san francisco. @if that doesn't happen, manziel @still slated to be cut asap. @ sad news for football @tonight and around this area @too. @former new york giants great @defensive lineman gary dieter, @a tremendous player cathedral @latin in cleveland and went on @to southern cal carried year @has passed away at the age of @61 the cause not yet known. @ indians on the cactus @league had a good week they @came in they had not won again @but they haven't lost a game. @checking out the san diego @padres carlos carrasco very
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@double in these win again. @nfl five browns seven. @>> browns five underpar. @>> exactly. @we will be right back. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @. @>> cool friday better we can. @>> absolutely. @>> thank you for joining us
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@at 4:30 a.m. @we will see you back here @tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00. @it is friday. @have a great night. @. @>> thanks for watching channel @three news take news and @weather wherever you go. @text wkyc to 25543 now to
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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