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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  March 12, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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@ @ coming up on channel 3 donald trump rallying @supporters at the ix center. @find out what security measures @are being taken after the rally @in chicago was canceled @ the explosion on thursday, @find out who is heading the @investigation and what the @public is saying about it. @ and time to spring ahead ight saving. @we will get you ready for the @ good morning. @thank you so much for joining
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@if you look really closely at @your screen, that is the @and if you look even further @rock hall. @but it's hard to see because of @all the fog that's out there @this morning. @but really, it's only fog along @so if you are one of those @people who are right along the @lake, you are seeing fog. @downtown, there's a look at the @bridge, what does that mean in terms of @the weather forecast today, @soon. @everything. @and we are seeing the the lawns this @morning. @>> yeah. @>> what does that mean for the @forecast? @>> well, it means we are going @to be location specific with @our forecast today. @in fact, the temperature range @today will vary from the 50s to @60s for highs depending upon @your location. @this morning, we saw the fog @rolling in, mainly along the @lake side where we have @temperatures close to the dew @point. @right now, the morning clouds
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@satellite and radar fairly @quiet for the immediate viewing @area but we are tracking the @moisture to the south and the @west and that's going to move @in into the overnight hours. @right now, in the 30s for most @of us. @feeling slightly colder. @and we will keep clouds around @till late morning and then put @in a big dose of sunshine. @right now, already partly @cloudy. @you can see at hopkins airport, @we have the overcast skies on @the lake shore, we will see the @temperatures rebound as we head @into the afternoon. @so here are the headlines for @today. @you need the sunglass, mild @temperatures are on tap but we @are tracking the opportunity @for some rain later on today. @but be prepared for some milder @temperatures today and @tomorrow. @i'll let you know when that @rain is going to arrive and how @long it's going to stick @around. @>> olga, thank you so much. @ safety of all the tens of @thousands of people that have
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@arena, tonight's rally will be @postponed until another day. @>> mayhem broke out at a @planned donald trump rally in @chicago yesterday. @take a look at the video. @this was after it was the @postponed due to safety @concerns. @officials delivered the @announcement to a packed @audience at the university of @illinois. @and an immediate uproar ensued @with punches being thrown, @groups yelling at each other. @it comes after violence between @trump backers and protesters at @a string of recent rallies and @that's bringing up safety @concerns for donald trump's @rally here in northeast ohio @this afternoon. @we have a crew at the ix center @where preparations are already @underway. @there's already a line forming @outside where the supporters @and protesters are gathering. @and donald trump is expected to @draw a big crowd later this @afternoon. @he will be doing everything he
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@two different polls showed two @very different stories. @the latest fox news poll shows @john kasich with the lead in @ohio but another poll has @donald trump still on top. @ohio is a winner-take-all state @meaning that whoever wins gets @all of the delegates. @>> reporter: what is your @strategy to beat him in here in @ohio? @>> well, we have to bring jobs @back to ohio. @they got lucky and hit oil so @there's a surplus and we have @to bring jobs back. @and better jobs back because a @lot of people leave. @and we will do a job like @nobody can do. @we're going to bring jobs back @to the country essentially. @but we're going to do a very, @very good job. @>> the you are interested in @hearing trump speak, doors open @at 11:00 a.m. @he is set to appear at 2:00. @and hillary rodham clinton is @scheduled to hold a town hall @meeting where her opponent @bernie sanders appeared last
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@she is going to meet with @voters starting at 4:00. @event. @ ohio governor john kasich @will continue his ohio campaign @tour as he prepares for the @white house. @today he will speak in @cincinnati and in mansfield @before moving to strongsville @tomorrow afternoon. @and he is so confident that he @will win ohio and start to make @a push on gop front runners. @>> when i win here on tuesday, @it's a whole new ball game, and @i think it's very conceivable @that i will go to the @convention, if we have one, @with the most delegates because @we have a thousand yet. @so everybody has to slow down @and take a deep breath. @>> how important is ohio for @you? @>> ohio is critical. @i'm going to win in ohio. @we have everything it takes @here to win plus a great record @and we are going to run through @the tape and make sure we leave @no stone unturned. @>> governor kasich will also be @in northeast ohio on monday
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@supporters in north campton. @ ohio secretary of state @says he won't appeal a judge's @rule ago louing 17-year-olds to @vote in tuesday's presidential @primary. @his office released a statement @saying he will direct all @county boards of elections to @comply with the court order, in @part because, even if an appeal @was successful on monday, there @wouldn't be enough time to make @proper changes. @the state allows 17-year-olds @who will turn 18 before the @general election to vote on the @primary nominees but not on @ballot issues. @ we will be with you, live, @all night on tuesday to report @the latest primary results. @we're going to have updates in @prime time and also tune in for @a special edition of channel 3 @news at 11:00 until midnight as @results continue to come in. @ in other news here at home, @the investigation into the @explosion at crocker park @continues. @at least two state agencies and @one federal agency are now @involved. @we have been following this
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@-- this story and we have all @the details. @>> reporter: the explosion of a @pro pain tank sparked a -- @propane tank sparked an @investigation. @>> what the heck was that? @>> reporter: how farway would @you say that is? @>> three miles. @>> reporter: wow. @>> yeah. @yeah. @wow is right. @>> reporter: two state agency, @the state fire marshall, the @one in charge, the state bureau @of criminal investigation under @the attorney general's office. @one federal agency, @occupational safety health @administration or osha. @you see that collapsed wall, a @source here tells me that it's @still in the same position that @it was in yesterday. @and that's because bci was @there dealing with the evidence @first. @the state fire marshall has yet @to go in and dig out the @debris. @just giving you an indication @of how difficult and massive @this undertaking is. @a small army of boots on the
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@>> i'm walking around the @restaurant and i hear every @table talking about it. @>> reporter: for that reason, @let's diagram how this is @working. @west lake fire voluntarily @turned the investigation over @to the fire marshall. @the fire marshall called in the @bureau of criminal @investigation. @they can do things like 3d @imaging and help with @evaluation. @and the fire marshall's office @cannot. @when a situation becomes @volatile at a popular west side @shopping center, the big guns @what happened. @channel 3 news. @>> thank you. @every explosion. @the state fire marshall says @calling them is not unusual. @and agents are also police and @they investigate every case as @a crime scene to preserve @evidence until they know @otherwise. @ coming up today, it's the @final day of the mid-american @conference basketball @tournament at the q. just how
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@ and time to set the clocks @ahead tonight as we spring @ahead an hour. @we're going to tell you how to @prepare your sleep schedule @accordingly, if you can. @good luck. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. responsible for the content
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@ @ welcome back. @a big move for a local @university. @kent state is moving forward @with the plan to make the @campus smoke and tobacco-free.
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@endorsed the move on friday. @if approved, the ban would take @effect on july 1st of 2017. @ another huge economic boost @for our area the this weekend. @the mac tournament concludes @today at the q. it brings in @millions of dollars for local @restaurant, hotels and @entertainment. @a kent study says last year the @four-day event had a $14 @million impact on the city of @cleveland. @the mac signed a deal last year @to hold the tournament at the q @through 2023. @ a new retailer has been @announced. @gordman's announcedded friday @they have leased a spot. @it joins jcpenney, walmart and @marks. @they are expected to open this @fall. @ and good news for all @bargain shoppers. @plans are in the works to build @an outlet mall off ofic-480 in @garfield heights.
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@of i-480 in garfield heights. @ and if you're looking for a @unique lunch or din they are @weekend, we -- or dinner this @weekend, we found a spot. @the rail burger is featuring a @burger dedicated to our own @meteorologist greg. @the so-called dee burger has @bacon, cheese, avocado and egg. @greg says when you squeeze the @burger, the yolk breaks causing @deliciousness to ooze down @through the other ingredients @for an amazing flavor and @texture. @so go out and try it and let us @now how it is. @ daylight saving time begins @this weekend and much of the @nation will spring forward @tonight, turning the clocks @ahead one hour. @losing an hour of sleep will @lead to a lot of grumpy people @but it can raise a lot of risks
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@like heart disease and even @cancer. @>> reporter: consider this your @heads up to make sure the @company coffee pot is well @stocked monday morning. @a survey shows nearly 75% of @employees say they yawn their @way through the work day, often @blaming big mistakes on sleep @deprivation. @>> somebody paid the entire @staff twice. @somebody deleted an entire @database. @>> reporter: and that's before @losing an hour of shut eye this @weekend. @it's not just the company's @bottom line that could suffer, @so could our health. @>> she's sleeping here in the @camera, and we're watching her @sleep. @>> reporter: sleep experts in @charlotte say when the body @doesn't get enough sleep, the @immune system suffers. @this makes us more lickly to @catch viruses like the flu and @that's not at all. @>> sleep deprivation long-term @over a life can really affect @the risk of heart disease, @development. @>> reporter: scientists
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@between an ongoing lack of @breast cancer. @>> the sleep system that has @evolved over these years is @very complicated and we need to @sort of appreciate it, step @back a little bit and pay @attention our bodies and make @sure sleep is a big part of our @health. @>> reporter: even though the @alarm will go off an hour @earlier next week, experts say @it should be a wake-up call for @americans to make sleep a @bigger priority. @ coming up, the widely @popular mama mia is at play @house square right now. @ and we get you caught up in @the week in review. @ but first, here's olga with @a check of the weather. @>> as we get the milder @temperatures through the @weekend and the work week, i'm @tracking some rain on the way.
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@ @ are you looking for a fun @night out this weekend? @the smash hit musical mama mia @is at play house square. @it runs through sunday night. @tickets are available for all @four performances this weekend. @you can visit their website for @additional information.
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@out this weekend, in an rock, @the city's st. patrick's day @parade kicks off today at noon. @it brings in downtown akron on @cedar street and moves @northbound on south main street @to bowery street. @and this year's participants @include the university of akron @football coach, the rubber @duck, irish step dancers and @much more. @we have details at @and the early celebrations will @cause some road closures in @akron. @we have those details. @>> reporter: hi there. @i hope you're weekend is off to @a great start. @after a i traffic alert for @downtown akron. @the st. patrick's day parade is @today between the hours of @11:50 a.m. @and 1:30 p.m. @on south main street. @now this is between cedar @street and bowery street where @the parade route will run. @the parade steps off at noon. @and i talked to the traffic
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@they say prepare for road @closures along the parade @route. @now here is the major @intersection, west cedar @street, west exchange street, @west state street and of course @bowery street. @if you take these routes this @morning, make sure that you @give yourself extra time. @and you can also check live @traffic conditions on w @we are always there to help @you. @now back to you. @>> all right. @thank you so much. @ st. patrick's day @celebrations already starting @and of course we have the @primary on tuesday. @so a lot of things that people @need to cram into the week. @and we want to know what the @week is going to look like. @usually you think st. patrick's @day, usually we're freezing @cold. @and sometimes the there's snow. @>> this year, we get a little @bit of a break. @the temperatures will be in the @50s. @can't guarantee it's going to @be 100% dry but we won't be @dealing with frigid @temperatures as folks enjoy the @festivities.
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@and we saw cloud cover this @morning. @the skycam view looks pretty @nice. @starting to see some breaks of @blue. @we will get sun is shine into @the afternoon before the clouds @roll in this evening. @satellite and radar is quiet @for us. @all of the action is to the @south and west. @that moisture is coming up in @our direction. @and again, later on today, we @will start to see the effects @with more cloud cover and even @some rain beginning to develop @overnight tonight. @and right now, we have some @areas, especially by the lake @side, that have low visibility @due to the fog just beginning @now to nix out. @and i think we should be in the @clear with the fog over the @next hour or two. @in all, we are set for the @chilly temperatures. @we are still holding on to @temperatures in the 30s for @many locations. @although we're trying to get @closer to the 40-degree mark in @many areas including with the @sunshine to help us out, milder @afternoon. @and we're definitely going to @see the scattered rain showers
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@here's what you need to know to @get through your saturday. @get out and enjoy. @take those sunglasses as @temperatures push through the @50s at noontime and into the @upper 50s near 60 degrees this @afternoon. @there will be a wide @temperature spread because this @is depending upon your location @with the winds. @it will be cooler by the shore. @and where we get more sunshine, @the temperatures have a better @shot at hitting 60 degrees. @in fact, a few areas might even @hit low e 60s into the @afternoon. @again, it does depend on that @sunshine. @and definitely everyone will @see clouds by 6:00. @and moving into the overnight, @i would say from 10:00 p.m. @till midnight, the moisture @starts to move in from the @south and then that continue, @not only into sunday morning @but the sunday afternoon as @well. @some of these showers could be @steady and heavy at times and @not expecting a lot of @accumulation but downpours can @be expected in pockets. @and then we clear out for early @on monday morning and back to @work and school with damp @pavement but at least the rain
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@overall though, you will enjoy @the temperature spread for @upper 50s should be the norm @with a few areas cooler by the @lake. @most of us with our seven-day @forecast will continue to see @milder temperatures. @not only today which we are @going to move our clocks @tonight, tomorrow we have the @rain off and on for most of the @day. @better chances of more @widespread rain in the monday @forecast where we will see late @day showers and thunderstorms. @>> all right. @thank you so much. @again, we are going to spring @ahead, so set those clocks @ahead tonight. @ and we want to get you @caught up on headlines. @here's your week in review. @>> let me show you how nice it @is to be back in ohio. @[ applause ] @>> hello, cleveland! @hello, ohio! @>> i love ohio. @i have so many friends in ohio. @it's an amazing place. @and we're to go have a lot of @fun. @and then what we're going to do @is beat hillary rodham clinton.
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@>> we are going to win the @state of ohio and it will be a @whole new ball game. @>> we are closing the gap and n @state after state after state @after state. @>> we see a road to victory. @>> if you do win the @nomination, getting back to @governor kasich, would you @consider him as a running mate? @>> i would say that the answer @is yes, i certainly would. @>> donald trump made the @statement that he would be glad @to consider you as a @proproexecutive vice @presidential candidate. @what are your thoughts about @that. @>> i'm governor of ohio. @i'm either going to be @president or remain as governor @of ohio. @>> the republican primary @ballot is confusing. @some are saying, my board of @elections told me to fill in @the same candidate in both @places. @others were saying, my board of @elections said i have two votes @and i can split my vote. @>> if you like your candidate @for president, vote for that @candidate's at-large delegates @and the congressional district @delegates.
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@will be the one that determine @thes the outcome, correct? @>> why the hell would anybody @vote for two? @>> suggest a recap, republicans @do not get two votes for @president. @>> peyton manning is a retired @quarterback. @he made it official in denver. @he retires after 18 year, five- @time mvp, two-time super bowl @winner. @and what a way the to go out. @>> i'm going to go on vacation @again after this. @and going to play a little golf @pretty soon with my two @brothers. @>> big day in national football @league. @>> yes, the national football @league it was a big day. @day one you could do some @business and the new brown's @front office decided they would @do no business. @here's who is leaving, the @safety, the right tackle. @and with all of that business @going out the door, johnny @manziel is still inside the @door. @if teams are shopping for a @free agent quarterback and they @don't get the quarterback they @want, the browns are going to
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@team might call them up and @say, hey, we will give you a @draft choice for manziel. @now let it be known, the browns @will take anything for him. @they would take a bag of @footballs for him. @>> once i realized that it was @heading for my son, i just did @and deflect it. @>> i looked up because my dad @something but i didn't look up @block it. @to celebrate the boy's @birthday. @today landon received a big @surprise, his favorite braves @player is sending him an @autographed jersey. @ still to come this morning, @doubling the seasonal work @force. @find out what job opportunities @are available and when they @begin hiring. @ good morning, alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning. @we are live at the ix center @where donald trump is expected @to speak this afternoon. @coming up, a look at the @security measures in place to
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@ @ it is 9:00 a.m. @on this saturday, march 12th. @this is a live look downtown. @so much happening in the city @of cleveland and the @surrounding suburbs today @including rallies, donald @trump, hillary rodham clinton, @all in town tonight. @and we are going to have that @in a few minutes. @but first, we want to get you a @check of your forecast. @olga is standing by with a @check of that. @hi, roll. @ hi there.
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@sunshine. @don't forget the sunglasses as @you step out the door. @temperatures are already @pushing that 40-degree mark. @hopkins airport. @but we are tracking some @moisture and, yes, the clouds @this afternoon. @good news, i think we hold off @on the rain until after the @dinner time hour. @in fact, while most of us sleep @tonight, the rain will move @through. @many areas are still in the @30s, especially chilly. @we're starting to warm up. @mansfield now at 48. @wins out of north and northeast @and that will continue into the @afternoon. @and that means that the @temperature spread will be @buried later on today. @by the lake, we hold to the @upper 50s. @we could see closer to the 60- @degree mark south and west. @and i will be back to the tell @you about the extended forecast @and how things are looking for @next weekend as well. @>> thank you so much. @ for the safety of all the
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@that have gathered in and @around the arena, tonight's @another day. @>> if you vice president seen @here. @mayhem broke out at a planned @donald trump rally in chicago @yesterday it was postponed due @to safety concerns. @officials delivered the @announcement to a packed @audience gathered at the @university of illinois. @and an immediate uproar ensued @with punches being thrown, @signs torn and groups yelling @at one other. @the postponement comes after @violence between trump's @backers and protesters at a @string of recent rallies. @of course, that's bringing up @safety concerns for donald @trump's rally here in northeast @ohio this afternoon. @channel 3 alyssa raymond is at @the ix center where @preparations are already @underway. @what kind of security @procedures are you seeing this @morning? @>> reporter: well, we are @outside now because they are @doing a security sweep inside. @to 8:30.
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@to leave so they could do the @security sweep. @and i want to refer your @attention over here to this @parking lot. @we have about a dozen cleveland @police officers standing by on @motorcycles as well as their @cruisers. @and they kind of have this lift @system, a little cabin where @they'll lift into the air so @they can get a view of the @parking plot the ix center and. @we have a long line that's @starting to form into the ix @center. @people waiting. @and you mentioned protests. @there were a couple people that @had signs up for anti-trump @signs. @and there's a planned scheduled @protest to begin around 11:00. @that's right around when the @doors open here. @and they're expecting quite a @crowd here at the ix center. @trump will be doing everything @he can to win over voters @before tuesday's primary. @two different polls show two @very different stories. @the latest fox news poll shows @governor john kasich with the @lead in ohio.
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@ohio again is a winner-take-all @state meaning whoever wins gets @all the delegates. @this week, trump spoke with our @morning team about his plans @for ohio if he is elected @president. @>> so what is your strategy to @beat him here in ohio? @>> well, we have to bring jobs @back to ohio. @you have a surplus because they @got lucky and hit oil. @and we have to bring jobs back. @and we have to bring better @jobs because a lot of people @leave. @and we will do a job like @nobody can do. @we're going to bring jobs back @to the country essentially. @very good job. @>> reporter: and if you're @interested in hearing trump @speak, the doors open at 11:00 @but he is not expected to be on @stage until around 2:00. @meanwhile, on cleveland's east @side, hillary rodham clinton @will be at the church. @she is expected to speak around @4:00. @doors open there at 2:00.
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@very similar to what we saw @last week when bernie sanders @was at the same church speaking @as well. @so we're going to be here all @day and we will have more @coverage for you tonight at @6:00 and 11:00. @reporting live outside of the @ix center, alyssa raymond, @channel 3 news. @>> thank you for the latest on @that. @ well, in other news, a good @sign for the local economy, @sales of new vehicles in @northern ohio soared for the @month of february. @the greater cleveland auto @dealers association reports a @last year. @the cleveland auto show gave @sales a boost but the increase @beat most expectations of only @single digits growth. @the best selling brand in the @area was chevrolet followed by @ford. @and hon ada came in third -- @honda came in third. @ the zoo unvailed plans to @build a ferris wheel high @enough to provide a scenic view @of downtown akron.
9:05 am
@exhibits and at more primates @like monkeys. @construction is expected to @begin next year. @ the airlines is making it @easier to get a popular -- get @to a popular vacation @destination. @they announced they are adding @new non-stop service between @akron canton and orlando, @florida. @the year-round flights will @operate twice weekly starting @next month. @ well, it's warmer weather @months approaching and many @places are hiring seasonal @workers. @how would you like to work in a @mention surrounded by beautiful @landscapes? @we show you what kind of work @is available as they double @their work force. @>> reporter: history comes @alive every spring as akron's @hall and gardens opens for the @season. @and that means jobs. @>> give tours and host events @and weddings and parties and do @all those things. @we need the manpower to do @that.
9:06 am
@to nearly 90 at the home of the @goodyear tire and rubber co- @founder. @tours were voted number one @home tour by usa today in 2015. @there's a steep learning curve. @>> between our 64,000 square @foot mansion and the history @tied to the estate and the @property and the gardens, we @want folks that are not afraid @to answer those questions and @that can be helpful. @>> reporter: but it takes more @than tour guides to serve over @135,000 annual visitor. @>> we have 70-acres to @maintain. @a lot of special places and a @lot of overlooks. @>> reporter: fulfilling the @mission of any non-profit is @rewarding and this is no @different. @but it is a job. @>> it's a lot of hard work. @most people, their jobs are @different every day. @that's the great part of @working here. @and having to show up every day @to work is not too bad. @when you consider the @environment and how beautiful @it is.
9:07 am
@ the browns cut ties with @troubled quarterback johnny @manziel yesterday. @see what's next for johnny and @the brown's quarterback
9:09 am
@ @ hiker and good morning. @the dream of wrecking the @league and manziel, it's over. @yesterday, finally the day the @browns say good-bye to johnny @manziel.
9:10 am
@could have but march 11th, 2016 @will be remembered as the end @of the manziel era. @it comes short of two years @after he was drafted on may @8th, 2014. @the browns sent out an email @yesterday morning short and @sweet. @it read the cleveland browns @have waived quarterback johnmy @manziel. @no other comments, just stats. @two seasons, eight start, seven @touchdowns and what felt like a @million problems off the field. @here's the statement from @manziel yesterday. @he says, i would like to thank @the browns for the opportunity @they gave me two years ago. @we all hoped that we were @building what could be a @championship team for @cleveland. @i will always remember the @support i received from the @organization, my teammates and @especially the fans. @seems kind of hollow to me. @ we move on as the news @about manziel became official @yesterday morning, the brown's @front office was at ohio @state's pro play day. @hugh jackson was not there. @he was sick.
9:11 am
@over 130 nfl representatives, @22 players on the field @including jones. @the browns finally added some @free agents yesterday. @they signed alvin bailey. @he started three games for @seattle last season, eight @total in three years and a line @baker who started 11 games in @three years with houston. @the latest on the 49er @quarterback. @reporting the browns are @willing to deal their third @round pick for him but the @trade is contingent on @year contract. @said yesterday morning, he @and hugh jackson. @i say it's about getting out of @san francisco. @also, yesterday, the broncos @traded for mark sanchez. @ college basketball. @the akron zips played in a @conference record 11 straight @mac semi-finals. @tonight, they'll play in their @eighth mac championship game in
9:12 am
@the zip, end the cinderella @ride for the 12 seed falcons. @they did so by going low. @johnson, trailed by a point @when the big dog scored 11 @straight points and led the @zips with 23. @hitting the three, he had 15. @and jackson, hits from three, @to put the zips up by double @digits with four to play. @zips win 80-66. @they play buffalo tonight for a @trip to the ncaa tournament. @out. @ big time tournament quarter @finals yesterday. @ohio state and it's not good @news. @they get beat up badly by the @spartans. @the nice move down low but @valentine had 19 points. @spartans win big. @ohio state finishes 20-136789 @looks like it's off to the nit. @ girl's high school @basketball. @state championship games are @today and wadsworth playing in @the d-1 game tonight. @they were down at half-time @yesterday.
9:13 am
@and johnson, she had 24 points, @nine rebounds. @wadsworth wins 58-48. @they play mason tonight at 8:30 @for a state championship. @ finally end on a couple @indian's notes. @they lost their spring training @game yesterday. @back at it again today. @but michael took batting @practice so that's a good sign. @see you later on tonight. @have a great weekend everybody. @>> dave, thank you so much. @ matt granite has ways to @save up to 80% when it comes to @prescription glasses in weekend @ways to save. @ but first, a check of the @forecast with olga. @>> yes, some of us are going to @lose the hour of sleep tonight @but gaining milder the @temperatures and a later sunset @for tomorrow. @right now, the temperatures are @on the chilly side. @and we have visibility down by @the lake side. @i'm tracking rain on the way. @i'll let you know what to @expect for the remainder of the @weekend and into the work week.
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@ @ a new device that just hit @the market is getting a lot of @praise. @samsung's latest phone hit @store shelves yesterday. @don't be surprised if you start @seeing videos of dropping the @phones *nsyncs and pools and @that's because it proms to be @water resistant but it's not @water proof. @they say it can withstand up to
9:17 am
@to a half hour. @but they start at $650. @ well prescription glasses @can actually cost you 80% less @if you know where to shop. @we have another perfect price @drop. @>> reporter: great to be with @you today. @get ready to save money on @prescription glasses. @take a look at a favorite @website. @goggles has all sorts of deal. @two prescription eye glasses @for less than $20. @i don't wear glasses so i asked @our floor director, abby, a @lovely hand model and glasses @model. @what do you think? @>> i love this website. @i got three pair, all for under @$40. @my old pair, $100. @ridiculous right. @they are a necessity for most @people. @and they shouldn't be this much @money. @>> reporter: they look amazing. @i was impressed with the @customer service. @what did you think? @>> so easy. @all you do is up load a photo @of yourself and you can see
9:18 am
@and i'm telling, hundreds of @different frame, color, sizes, @fantastic. @>> reporter: and not a big @difference between $100 pair @and the $7? @>> not at all? @>> matt, thank you so much. @ well, we woke up to frost @on the grass this morning. @that fog along the lake shore. @>> yep. @>> a lot of things going on @today. @so we want to know, what are we @headed out into? @>> well, for most folks right @now, slightly overcast skies @but we are starting to see more @of the blue. @that is the transition that @we're in for through midday and @late afternoon before the @clouds roll back in. @temperatures are very slow to @respond so right now, still on @the chilly side. @we have been quiet on satellite @and radar. @and i think that moisture to @the west is going to hold off @until after the dinner hour. @but around 7:00, 8:00 tonight, @we will start to see overcast @skies and by about 10:00, @moisture in the immediate @viewing area. @temperatures are slowly @spontaneousing with the north,
9:19 am
@we are still holding on to @chilly temperatures along the @lake side. @look how mansfield is already @warming up into the upper 40s. @that's what we're in for later @on this afternoon. @visibility is improve, but @there are stubborns spots @including less than five mile @visibility but that's improving @as well as the fog mixes out. @and we have partly cloudy skies @and a lot of clearing at @hopkins where the temperatures @are flirting with the 40-degree @mark and the wins have been @steady out of northeast. @we will continue to see @improving conditions throughout @the day. @so don't forget the sunglasses @when you leave out this @morning. @it will be sunny through most @of the afternoon. @i'm tracking some mild @temperatures later on today. @and eventually. @and we will officially see the @moisture move in with cared @showers for the sunday forecast @into monday morning. @hour-by-hour, a little bit of a @while before we warm up between @and 9 so, still in the chilly @40s. @by noon, we will finally break
9:20 am
@later on today. @the temperatures spread will be @fairly wide. @more of these southern zones @will see the warmer @temperatures, places like dover @middle 60s. @we will stick to 50s along the @lake side with some of the @winds. @and hour-by-hour, moisture @tonight. @so i think most of us will stay @in the clear until then. @and we have widespread showers @into sunday afternoon. @and that may affect some plans. @we are not expecting a lot of @accumulation of rainfall but we @are expecting some heavy @downpours at times where you @orange. @these scattered showers will @continue. @not only through the morning @but into the evening hours. @and then overnight, we will @clear out. @the temperatures will stay on @the mild side. @but for today, you can expect @upper 50s to near 60 degrees. @and the window nation seven-day @forecast looks like it's going @to be a mild one for sunday and @monday. @we have some thunderstorms a @possibility on monday @afternoon.
9:21 am
@tuesday forecast, voting, day, @it looks like you will be able @to make to it the polls no @problem. @wind cranks up on wednesday. @and thursday, st. patrick's @day, be prepared for sprinkles. @>> thank you so much. @ today trainer nick is going @to show us some ways that you @can prepare yourself for self- @defense in any situation in @another installment of the @weekend warrior. @>> reporter: welcome to the @weekend warrior. @joining me today, mike. @we are here to show you a @couple things you can do for @self-defense to protect @yourself, maybe even protect @your family. @today, you never know. @so mike, talk to me about what @we can do. @>> first thing we're going to @do is a bear hug. @around my arms. @so somebody gets you right @around both arm, hard for me to @use. @i put my hands on the hip and @push my hips away creating a @good frame.
9:22 am
@hug, step through, i'm actually @going to throw them off down to @the ground, holding this arm. @i can strike in the face or @just let go at any time and @defend myself. @>> thanks, mike. @so the second one is going to @be underneath the arm. @if they have me underneath the @arm, going to do the same @thing, frame, fit my hip, @extend my arms, put a lot of @pressure on the shoulders, @swing through, create another @frame with my left arm and then @push and break the arms and @defend myself from there. @>> awesome stuff. @i was defenseless in that too, @stuff. @by implementing a couple of @these moves, kit make a huge @difference for your safety and @your family's safety. @you need to be trained by a @professional. @mike, i appreciate it, man. @>> you got it.
9:23 am
@nutrition tips, go to @and i hope to see you next @week. @ @ coming up, if you're @looking for something to do @with the kids today, where you @can get free museum admission @and we will have a final check @of the forecast.
9:25 am
@ @ there are a few museums @across northeast ohio @participating in museum day
9:26 am
@you have to register online @before attending for up to two @free passes. @some museums participating @include the cleveland history @center and cleveland museum of @natural history. @check those out if you don't @have anything planned. @ if you do have something @planned, what's it going to be @like? @>> i think folks will be @pleased by the mild forecast @for today. @everyone should make it just @shy of the 60-degree markful we @will hold a little cooler by @the lake but we could see some @mid-60s across the southern @zones. @rain moves in tonight. @cold. @we will keep it in the lower @60s for tomorrow but the rain @could be steady at times and @maybe even some thunderstorms @moving in by monday. @looks like we will be okay for @voting on tuesday. @>> all right. @and be sure to tune in for @channel 3 news at 6:00. @we will be covering the rallies @from the political hopefuls who @are in town today. @thank you so much for being
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