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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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@ @ @ sfrath ahead at 6:30 -- @straight ahead at 6:30, a deadly @shooting spree at a popular @vacation spot. @what we know @about these attackers.
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@-- tom beres live in columbus @about what top democrats are @saying tonight. @ governor kasich's worldwide @campaign lands in a major @cleveland suburb. @his message @for voters this sunday. @ whether it's your favorite @knock and big ten scenes factor @in. @ breaking news tonight. @at @least 16 dead after gunman @opened fire on beach goers. @among the dead are 14 civilian @soldiers and -- the weekend @retreat at its beaches, bars and @hotels are popular with @westerners. @the u.s. state @department say no americans are @dead.
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@shooters were apart of a @militant group. @ other top stories, politic @stories and thanks for being @with us. @i'm chris tye. @we start at the state @capitol of @who is the democrats tonight. @tom beres is live. @both @candidates hoping to rally their @faithful for tuesday's big vote. @>>reporter: good evening, chris. @we heard the columbus convention @center where they'll be a big @democratic political chew for @tonight. @first, sanders and @then hillary clinton addressing @a huge crowd of democratic @office holders, party faithful, @workers, and of course donors. @clinton hopes to add to her @growing delegate lead tuesday @under sanders aiming to pull off @an on core of his surprising win @in michigan.
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@portray herself as the more @experienced elected candidate @better to unify. @sanders @selling his revolutionary ideas. @health care, free college and @taxing the rich more. @both @candidates -- clinton has more @office holders behind her and a @base dating back to her @husband's time in office. @sanders like their chances. @the @party not endorsing either @candidate. @>> we roll out the red carpet to @both. @there's a winning and @losing candidate. @i don't know @which it's going to be. @we're @neutral. @we want everyone on @either side to feel like this @party treated everyone fairly @and was a good partner and @helped them in ways that needs @to be helped and we've received @good marks for being faithful to @that neutrality. @>> clinton leads in the polls,
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@further show the political @forces at work. @now, tonight's @program will feature a tribute @to the late congressman lewis @stokes. @also speaking tonight, @ted stricklen. @he's not getting @that same opportunity to talk. @his rival -- tonight at 11:00, @i'll have a run down of the @clinton and sanders speech. @live in columbus, tom beres. @>> we're going under the hood @for those plugging in. @the @democrats are a winner takes all @situation like in the republican @race or no? @>> we've heard so much about the @republicans being winner takes @off. @the democrats do it @proportionately. @there's 143 @delegates up for tuesday tallied @up for the two candidates. @>> thanks, tom, we'll see you at @11:00. @ clinton was in highland in
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@appearance. @she spoke at the @azon fellowship church. @per @opponent sanders is back in town @tomorrow with appearances in @akron and young town. @shortly @after clinton wrapped up this @morning, john kasich on the @other side of our area in @strongs villas the governor @makes a big push to win his home @state. @what do we have here? @>>reporter: standing here at @ @kasich's town hall meeting, the @governor reiterating his @approach to winning saying he'll @take the high road all the way @to the white house. @>> we need to honor the small @businesspeople. @>> kasich laid out his @priorities at his town hall. @he @wants to lower corporate taxes @and simplify personal taxes and @fix social security. @>> if you have well throughout
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@not as much as you thought, so @those who depend on it will get @what they need. @>> i'm all for him improving the @economy. @>> we all have to, at the end of @the day, work together. @>> noticeably absent from his @seat, a mention of donald trump. @>> he's risen above everything @and he hasn't gotten down in the @mud. @>> although kasich did touch on @the presidential front runner in @the end. @>> no matter what it takes, i @will not take the low ride to @the highest office in america. @i will not do it. @[ cheering ] @>> and donald trump -- if trump @beats kasich on tuesday, that's @essentially it for kasich. @he @doesn't have a chance unless he @takes ohio. @that's why he's @visiting youngton and north @kenton. @we'll have more at @11:00. @live in strongsville, @channel 3 news. @>> they're ever where. @carly, @thanks very much.
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@ new poll numbers are out @ahead of the key primary @elections in florida and ohio @and illinois. @nbc news teamed @up for these polls and let's @look at this. @trump leads in @illinois and florida. @kasich @leads here in his home state of @ohio with a six point average @over trump 39-33. @despite a @michigan upset for sanders this @past week, poll numbers still @have clinton leading in all @three states including our own. @she has a big lead in florida @and ohio. @sanders draws within @6 points of clinton setting up a @tight race in illinois. @ channel 3 political coverage @does not stop when we go off the @air. @we have stories including @many you don't hear on tv .3 @political @coverage does not stop when we @go off the air. @we have stories @including many you don't hear on @tv at wky com. @we have more
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@ dozens hurt in a car bombing @overseas. @ plus a new warning about the @spread of the zika virus. @the @mosquito to watch out for that @can carry dangerous diseases @around the globe. @but first say @>> hi, chris. @we're tracking @more rain in northeast ohio this @evening, and it's not over yet. @we'll talk about the start of a
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@ @ welcome back. @34 dead and @125 wounded in turkey after an @explosion. @the blast was caused @by a car bomb that went off @close to a bus stop near the @city's main square. @a news @channel says a car slammed into @the bus and several vehicles and @caught fire. @turkish officials
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@ 13 people are hurt after @people are at a passenger crash @in las vegas. @this happened @last night. @a car changed lines @and hit the bus. @the bus @flipped several times before @crashing into a stop in the @middle of the highway. @one @person suffered critical @injuries and the driver of that @car that was hit was arrested. @they're suspected of driving @while impaired. @ to the much discussed zika @virus. @the virus originated in @africa. @it's one of the jumping @diseases carried by -- in the @u.s. the mow -- the mosquito has @been found in michigan and as @far west as california. @>> we'll never be able to @eliminate a mosquito unless it's
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@and that's going through with @mosquitos transferred -- that's @a long time off. @>> five arriving since 1990. @back here in cleveland, a pays @of shootings to tell you sending @teenagers to the hospital last @night. @the first was a drive-by @shooting on west 89th. @a red @four-door sedan pulled up and @someone pointed a gun out the @window and fired as two @teenagers ran away. @a @16-year-old was shot and treated @at metro. @160th. @two 17-year-olds shot @and shots fired into a crowd. @witnesses in the crowd pointed @out the shooter running away @from the scene. @police arrested @a 17-year-old boy. @one boy was @grazed and treated and another @shot in the knee and taken to @uh. @police investigating that @one. @ take a look at this picture.
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@finding watson. @she's develop @mentally disabled. @she left @home from her birthday and never @showed back up. @her cell phone @came up in cleveland, but she @was not there. @anyone with @information, they're asked to @call garfield heights police. @ still as we come up ahead, @there's green over the wet @stuff. @how long is the wet @stuff is sticking around as we @approach a new workweek when we
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@ @ st. patrick's day is a @couple of days away. @but we @want to take you to the second @of the largest home of st. @patrick's day, so they say.
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@patrick's day proves that. @12,000 marches in the parade and @shared on by thousands of parade @watchers. @spring-like weather, @it looked beautiful there helped @out with the great turn out. @here this cleveland, we have our @parade on the actual st. @patrick's day which can be @different than what they have @there. @>> we'll get to there. @we have @new toys in the weather center. @>> i've heard. @you have a @bigger smile than normal. @you @have new gadgets. @>> i'm nervous because we @haven't trained much on it. @here we go. @let's see how this @works. @see if i've gotten the @hang of this, a new weather @system that allows us to @interact with the green screen @with the graphics. @you can see @the heavy rain and periods of it @especially to the west of the @cleveland on the west side. @take a look to the east. @your @drive towards cortland, we're @seeing rain. @as we take you out @towards the west towards @downtown cleveland, there's @heavier downpours. @we'll shift
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@southwest and you'll see the @heavy rain stream up just to the @north of 71 here towards eerie @county towards mans field. @there's more heavy downpours @down there. @check out this one @moving into town, so richland @county. @another period of rain @headed your way. @that's @basically the story for the rest @of the evening. @periods of @heavy rain and temperatures. @it's feeling spring-like. @st. @patrick's on this map. @temperatures 50s to near 60s in @dover. @this will head steady @through the evening and it may @increase at times as we get a @southerly wind. @as we go @through the evening hours, 9:00, @temperatures in the 50s with @areas of rain continuing in @northeast ohio and it can be @heavy. @southeast winds at 10 to @15 miles-an-hour. @let's look at @the set up around the region. @lots of green here. @lots of @area of heavy rain moving
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@areas of low pressure i want to @point out near chicago off to @the west. @it's tracking towards @the north and northeast. @the @second one that's of a lot more @interest to me is this one @towards arkansas. @area of low @pressure with portions of @eastern oklahoma and western @arkansas, lots of severe weather @with this area of low pressure @as it continues to move east, @and this is going to make a turn @up towards the north and @northeast as we go through the @next several hours and by @tonight, should start tracking @up the ohio river valley and as @it does, i think we'll see the @rain returning and tomorrow, we @could even see a couple of @thunderstorms move through as @well. @though i don't think @we'll see the severe weather @we're seeing in portions of @arkansas here in portions of @ohio. @temperatures as we go @through the overnight into the @50s. @mid-50s, areas of heavy @rain, southwest to northeast. @a @bit of a break early monday @morning. @we could even see @breaks of sunshine. @if we see
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@chance of thunderstorms tomorrow @afternoon. @look at these @temperatures. @it will feel more @humid to mid-60s as we go @through the day and the models @are indicating an area of @thunderstorms entering the @southwest region of our area. @gusty winds and thunder and @ @lightning possible. @a severe @weather threat likely tomorrow. @50s into tuesday morning. @let's @look at your extended forecast. @a couple of important days. @first tuesday, we'll be watching @that day carefully. @severe @thunderstorms on tuesday. @anything that develops tuesday @to our west will roll in here @tuesday night. @we could see a @second round of thunderstorms @tuesday night into wednesday. @those then clear out for @wednesday, and on thursday, @saint patty's day, much cooler @as a frontal system moves @through, temperatures in the @morning likely only starting in
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@through the 40s into the upper @40s to around 50 as we go @through thursday afternoon. @though i think the rain chances @will be low, there will be a few @scattered showers around during @the day on thursday. @temperatures continue to drop on @friday into the mid-30s. @a mix @of rain and snow likely then. @just showers. @i'm not looking @at accumulations right now. @and @the second part of the weekend, @we need to watch as well as a @much larger storm may try to @affect ohio in the east coast. @we have to narrow down the @position there on your window @nation. @>> that's was a lot of pointing @and touching. @>> you got through it. @>> next in sports, the cav's @wrap up their stay in los @angeles. @we see if they were @able to make it a clean sweep on
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@ @there had @the cavs. @today not one of @them. @they crushed the clippers @nba finals. @no matter what, i @stand by that. @afternoon that, @we'll see. @cavs second straight @win in this building. @straight.
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@early, through they get it @going. @thompson has a rebound. @after the first quarter, he @had @10 points. @second quarter, they @start to pull away. @it starts @one in there as the cavs steal @it away. @tyree back to lebron. @cavs up 12. they @go up 16. @smith takes the triple. @he had @17. @5 three pointers. @cavs lights out from la @ebron from 25. @he had three triples. @27 points @today. @channelling fry again, @the guy had five trips and 15 @points and cavs 85-63. @they had @8 of their triple threes and we @finish off with tyree having @fun. @lebron loving it. @we're loving it. 6 @cavs in double @figures. @they win their 47th @game. @they go for the west @coast game in utah. @kaepernick @watch continues. @what will the @49ers do with their quarterback. @nothing is happening. @we've @heard that the broncos are
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@word out of san fran, the @qb is willing to restructure his @contract with more money to get @of san francisco, but he's weary @of doing that in -- may take a @quarterback in the first round. @selection sunday. @number one @seed. @north carolina, kansas, @first four @in dayton. @it's the first time @since 2008 since ohio state -- @cleveland state, 2009. @akron @last made the tournament in @2013. @they'll out. @akron was close to make @ing it punching @their ticket but fell short in @the heart breaker last night @losing to buffalo. @they ended @up with 26 wins, a great rpi and @lose the conference final in the @final second, but the mat @doesn't get two teams. @he was @asked if he had hopes of an at @>> we should.
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@game as a 28 rpi, but i don't @know. @nobody talks about us, so @now all of a sudden for the big @boys sake, they use the bpi. @it @means you're playing faster and @you're good on offense or @defense. @as skewed for the big @boys. @>> there's some teams that got @in. @i don't agree with. @but championship -- mitch state @chigan state @and the triple 60-55 spartans. @the spartans win 66-62. @through @about this, michigan not a one @seed. @they're a two seed. @that's surprising. sport z @s @tonight, we break down the march @madness. @great show coming up. @rod and state head coach @joins @me and josh crid to talk rounds. @great show coming up. @2005 by @the way, the last time cleveland @state and akron state were out. @usually we have four teams, but @none this year.
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@>> it's apart of the four we pay @attention to. @here's a bracket. @pick a win er and @ner and get back to @me. @>> i think warren buffet pays a @million dollars if he gets this. @>> good luck. @>> i'll buy lunch. @>> thanks for being with us. @we'll see you at 11:00. @the @news and weather always on at @have a great sunday
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. welcome to "little big shots." you have never seen kids like the ones who are coming out here today. it's good to be alive right about now they are talented, they are fun, they are funny, and they come from everywhere across this country and all around the world. have your friends said anything to you about this? one of my friends. how many friends you got? more than...10. so the other nine is haters. [ laughter ] wo-hoo, oh, good, good, good you won't believe what these kids can do, and you probably won't believe what they gonna say. where are your balls? okay. [ laughter ]


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