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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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a local pastor criticized @for supporting donald trump. @tonight he speaks out about his @reasons and why s candidate in the white @house. @ a local woman's fight to @become a marine after she health condition @she doesn't have. @we speak one-on-one about the @fight that when all the way to @corner temperatures are @dropping. @how low they get saturday and a chance of snow @flakes up next. @ his owner claims this guy @can work a remote and even @>> meet this unusual pet and
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@having to keep himonly god could take a black @guy from the inner-city streets @of cleveland and connecting @with the white @upstate new york to try to do @what we can do to make this @country great again! @>> an african-american pastorights taking @heat for his unwavering support @of donald trump. @the two about a friendship for break @even under growing criticism @inside the black community. @>> we spoke with pastor darrell ible center @ministries and joins us with @the story. @>>reporter: a mutual friend visit trump @years ago to pray with the @billionaire businessman about a @plan to run in @never smelled a hint of racism @and has not in the years since. @he appreciates his blindness @and says no @donated in either direction and
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@relationships of his life. @years ago. @spiritually. @>>reporter: part of the black @and why ministerial alliance, g with him at trump tower @in 2012. @they kept in touch. @when trump decided to run this @>> donald trump, will save @america i am @the code. @>>reporter: his friendship led @to a leadership role in the @trump campaigning cleveland. @>> we talk about him rebuilding @inner cities he says we can @build better i believe it@>>reporter: more than anyone @else running he matches with @this community needs. @>> i know him personally i know @his heart i have had a tions with him @i know how he is behind the @camera and i know he is >>reporter: is the relationship @gets more attention social
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@many has preachers man writes a @black man @supporting banning people your @degrees -- disgrace @what are they paying you. @>> sellout, disgrace to your @race, a shame. @they said you are a sellout i @heard he paid you. @>>reporter: tonight he is @preaching at us cleveland @heights church. @he knows not everyone in his @congregation sees things his @way. @this is an uphill climb but @worth it. @>> they are not 100% behind me @i don't expect them to i don't @want them to i never solicited @their boat i told them to vote @who you feel. @>>reporter: pastor scott a @fixture on cable news in the @days since that introduction @this weekend from cnn to msnbc @after an appearance on cnn @tonight, donald trump called him
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@him very plugged in @and appreciated for his @endorsements. @more to come. @ bernie sanders has conceded @tuesday's them a credit primary @in missouri to hillary clinton @sanders told the associated @press he will not seek a @recount where he trailed @clinton by only a few hundred @votes. @he said he would rather save @taxpayers the cost of paying @for recount that makes @tuesday's contest a total sweep @for clinton. @ new information tonight and @what happened before a home @exploded. @firefighters found a family's @bodies burned. @medical examiner says two @children and their mother all @died before the home ignited. @her husband has been ruled a @suicide. @the children have been ruled @homicide. @cynthia mather died due to a @prozac overdose and @investigators say there are @still questions surrounding her @death.
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@homicide it could be suicide it @to be accidental which is more @unlikely. @the remains still standing @tonight that neighbors say they @want to see it torn down as @soon as possible. @no word on when back at happen. @ a local woman tried to @serve her country, and she @fought of false medical @disqualification to be a marine @all the way to the president's @office. @now she is preparing to depart @for training on monday. @hilary golston spoke with her @about her incredible story. @>> incredible it is. @marines are known for how tough @they are. @fighting spirit and she has @that in spades yes she is set @to leave monday but originally @she was slated to start @training july 6 of last year. @for nine months she has been on @a mission. @no military person wants to @embark on trying to prove @something she knows is true. @>> it was oh my gosh where did
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@>>reporter: the phrase that @caused all the problems for one @native. @>> they did not have of my @doctors told me deny have it. @>> turns out billy doesn't have @the condition. @>> who put it there and we -- @like we won't get the answers. @>> somewhere along the way, @wires got crossed and the @freeze made it into her record, @enough to keep her from the @dream she is had since eighth @grade being a marine. @>> like a calling i can fulfill @i can accomplish serving our @country because i also want the @respect of my grandfather. @>>reporter: or grandfathers @both served one of them part of @the few, the proud leaving @bailey a token from his @training before he passed away. @>> just difficult losing @someone who was also my number @one fan. @i think he started having his @own dream for me going into the
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@following my footsteps. her @family contacted senator rob @portman, a congressman and @finally, the highest office in @the land. @be thinking right now knowing @you won? @>> if he could he would @probably be doing back flips. @>>reporter: you are getting @>> socks underwear everything. @>> even though all and done @bailey still holding her breath @as she is perceived as being @always faithful. i lost track a @number of times and she was @scheduled to head to recruit @training at least three times @she was supposed to fly out but @could not get the mixup @straightened out. @her family has not put the sign @on their lawn just yet even @though they are extremely proud @of bailey it is still sitting @in the living room. @the family says they don't want @to jenks anything they are @waiting until monday after they
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@once she is on training in @parris island in south carolina @the family can breathe a @collective sign -- sigh of @relief. @>> what a tenacious girl. @thanks. @ a fiery hearing on capitol @hill on lead contaminated water @in flint, michigan. @lawmakers to turns -- @republican lawmakers to turns @blasting the obama @administration chief but @michigan's governor. @responsibility you screwed up @and messed up 100,000 peoples @lives. @>> trusted and i have to tell @you you need to resign. @>> those who traveled to the
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@and more action. @ st. patrick's day @celebrations a huge success. @>> cleveland police say they @made no arrests today. @streets packed with parade @growers people talking to @various downtown bars this year @marks the 140 night st. @patrick's day parade in @cleveland. @ still to come the race is @on to sell all those boxes of @cookies find out how much money @local troops get to keep from @each box. @ tuna recall find out while @double b is recalling thousands @of cases of tonight and what is @in your pantry. @could it be on the list? @>> battle over pets. @meet a woman in florida who is @fighting to keep rambo why she @says he would not survive the @wild. @ a spring -- spring start @sunday but looks like winter is @about to go @
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@ @. @ definitely shocking when @you heard that number 70 cents @girls don't keep up to one @fifth of the change white is @the girls sell them where does @the money go? @all the money stays and @northeast ohio. @>> we found girl scouts of the @south park mall selling thin @mints, similar to my favorite
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@>> a goal to -- 2000 boxes once @they hit it they pick from @several different prizes. @>> trying to raise money to go @to the amish country and have a @rest and hang out at the hotel. @>> the going rate $4 a box how @much stays with the troop? @>> 64 cents. @>> it depends on how many @cookies you sell the more you @sell the more money you make @off each box. @>> more than 64 cents you got @to keep? @>> we all do. @>>reporter: use them for @dollars and a box of girl scout @cookies we show you how it @breaks down. @$1.20 goes to the cost of the @cookie. @$1.20 goes to support 70 cents @on average or seven cookies @will go to the actual 58 cents @go to programs and camps 37 @cents goes to administration @and 15 cents goes to volunteers @. back to the 70 cents average.
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@united states ours is one that @gives the most back to the @girl. @>> girl scout to record her of @marketing tells us the other $3 @still serves our community. @>> all the money we earn from @cookie sales stay here in @northeast ohio we want to make @sure girl scouts -- they learn @important skills that help them @throughout life they learn @decision-making, money @management, people skills, @business ethics. @>> a lot of fun for the girls @they enjoy it. @>> so if you still want to @support girl scouts and @northeast ohio you have three @more days the troops stop @selling march 20. @>> i'm guessing everybody in @the room will support them and @be smiling while they do it. @>> i'm getting some os and. @>> your -- of florida woman @fighting to keep her 6-foot @long alligator that lives @inside her home. @she has clothes for him,
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@couch and work the remote. @that i want to see the 15 @-year-old is 125 pounds. thorne @rescued him 11 years ago, @license to keep him but now @that he has grown up her @property @doesn't fit the florida @wildlife code requirement. @>> you see how weak he is, he @if he leaves me i am afraid he @will pass away he has my hair @because he does not want me to @take them off my shoulder he @wants to be babied. @>> she says he's not used to @being on his own in florida's @natural habitat and is @sensitive to sunlight. @the florida wildlife commission @has not commented on his @situation but says they are @looking into a number of @issues. @>> keep raising that sentence a @number of issues. @>> working the remote. @>> several things going on @there but we digress. @>> still in girl scout cookies
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@>> the immense myself. @>> i will stock up run and get @stopped selling them tomorrow a @good day to do it temperatures @in the 30s in the morning a @chilly day 40s during the @afternoon maybe a sprinkle like @to time clouds filling it but @this is really the change we @have been talking about @temperatures dropping as we @approach the weekend tracking a @couple light showers west @tonight this could hold @together toward mansfield, @richland and ashland county may @make it down toward wayne @county other than that most @staying dry after a couple @sprinkles here is a nice map @for use single-digit wind speeds @right now, they have really @dropped off nicely with no @gusts reported. @partly cloudy turning colder
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@miles an hour i don't expect @gusts to be an issue overnight @tomorrow looking good @temperatures in the 30s still @breezy notice temperatures in @the 40s during the afternoon @the farther south the warmer it @will get 77 cantin maybe 46-47 @toward dover closer to 50. @cold air tomorrow temperatures @below normal not only tomorrow @but right into the weekend and @this is the key to the @forecast, east coast storm @possible and this could have @big implications on what we see @in northeast ohio saturday @night into sunday and again @monday we could be talking @about at least some wintry @precipitation in the area. @this set up around the region, @cold air first certainly is @positioned to our north a @couple areas of low pressure on @the map @this larger one toward chicago
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@southeast and drag cold air @into our region the next several @days priming the atmosphere for @a bigger storm this weekend, @plenty of cold to the north @that will be spilling over @starting tomorrow. @we will go with future view @tonight into tomorrow starting @in the 30s a mix of clouds and @sunshine a quick flurry or @sprinkle early partly cloudy @skies during the afternoon @maybe a pop-up sprinkle or two @notice chillier temperatures @the breeze along the lakeshore @downtown they stay in the upper @30s everyone else in the 40s to @near 50. @we donation extended forecast @shapes up or stay of spring @sunday, the effect of the storm @still a little uncertain but if @there will be light snow, @saturday night into sunday @there may be some the further @east the better the chance and @for anyone traveling east new
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@8 inches possible in the @northeast so travel plans would @be an issue. @>> they've seen some of the @same temperatures we have. @>> a big change. @>> thanks. @ coming up a big day in @boxing a local boxer looks to @punch his ticket to rio. @>> the latest on charles @conwell next. @. @>> jennifer garner is here @tonight. @[ cheers & applause ]. @>> clive owen my guest tonight
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@ what a story we have @tonight. @a local olympian 18 -year-old @charles conwell, boxer, middle @way from cleveland heights now @official he is going to rio as @part of the united states @boxing team he wafted up @tonight tonight. @he did very well at the box off @for the united states to @qualify but still needed to do @either first, second or third @place at an international @events. @off to argentina he went and @tonight for sure we have @pictures of his reaction he won @3-0, and defeated over there @securing either a first, second @or third spot look like he may @win the entire events but @qualified for the olympics. @he has been with us on channel @three and he will be with us @the more you will be watching @them from rio this summer. @congratulations to charles @conwell who gives us a lot of @good news tonight.
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@basketball tournament in the @semifinal round we checked in @on our local teams with akron @st. vincent the irish tonight @taking on cincinnati and @fighting irish ready to go @fighting mad and ready 85-68 @they won. @braves combined for 50 points @and 10 rebounds and i wish now @26 and three of the year they @go for their seventh state @title saturday the last time @they won 2011. @a great trip and great run for @bay village but ended tonight @in division ii the rocket's @season comes to an end. @final score in the game 84-56 @it was the first ever trip to @the state tournament sir john @glenn will take on st. vincent @st. mary's saturday at 2:00 in @the afternoon. division three @vikings at st. joe's taking on @links berg @and vikings win 80 1-64 they go @for the seventh school state
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@they play line central third @straight year they meet in the @state championship game. @division i coming up tomorrow @garfield heights will take on @westerville south a rematch @from the semifinals last year @bulldogs fourth trip to the @state tournament 23 and 4 here @is their coach. @>> they have edge. @got a lot of heart i don't @think they forgot what happened @last year. @a junior going to ohio state we @will our hands full but we will @try to get ready. @>> now to the ncaa tournament @already some surprises maybe @none bigger than what happened @this afternoon baylor ran into @a buzz saw, the bulldogs their @first tournament picks @-- appearances than 260 to 79- @751st tournament win in school @history they get duke coming up @saturday in the next round.
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@little rock taking on perdue. @arkansas trailed by 13 points @with 3 minutes to go they tie @the game as josh hagan hit a 30 @foot three-point shot at the @buzzer to send it over time in @double overtime 85-83 the final @there. @spring training indians lose to @the reds but they won earlier @in the day let me explain @michael bradley on the field @played in the minor-league @intrasquad scrimmage he went 0- @2 in the play but the fact he @is swinging the bat and through @a run around @-- runner out at 2nd base it's @a good sign as he tries to make @his way back to the indians and @does not think it is realistic @to believe he might be there @april 4 when they open. @cavs off today in florida only @can they play the magic @tomorrow night hoping that kyrie @irving passes the ball to the @other four on the floor with @them. @a little rub inside a locker @room when irving had 33 points
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@the game only one assist. @the big guy back tomorrow, @lebron james methinks kyrie @will pass to him. @>> methinks i'm right.
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@ @. @ coming up the last friday @of winter.
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@there. @>> it will feel like winter @tomorrow. @have a good night. @thanks for watching take @channel three news and weather @wherever you go text wkyc to
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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