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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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@ @ good morning. @it is saturday march 1st. @we are almost all the way @through march. @can you believe it? @it is 6:00 a.m. @and feeling wintry out there @there weekend even though we @are kicking offspring what is @it kerry tomorrow we are @officially kicking offspring @when we are going to see some @snow? @>> snow today and tonight. @not a lot. @just a tiny bit. @temperatures are below average. @spring officially araves @tomorrow morning, 32 degrees @right now. @we bumped up a degree in the @last hour. @northeast winds at 8 miles per @hour and a falling barometer. @and yes, this is the last full @day of winter. @we'll continue with these below
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@next few days and snow showers @there to boot for the next @couple of days. @you can see temperatures @throughout the area in the 20s @and 30s and they will be below @normal for the next few days. @there is rain off to the south @of us, but up this far north @across central ohio and @northward, it will be snow @showers that we will be seeing. @and again that precipitation is @going to be on the light side. @mostly cloudy skies. @by 9:00 cloudy at noon and snow @showers by the afternoon. @38 degrees or so and that will @be our high around 5:00. @the extended forecast we'll @show you there is a warm-up and @it is going to take awhile to @get here maureen? @>> we look forward to that. @thanks kerry. @ now to our big story. @more than 60 people are dead @this morning after a passenger @jet crashed while landing in @russia overnight. @55 passengers and seven crew @members were on board when the @jet crashed. @the aircraft crashed at an
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@according to russian officials @weather is being considered as @the cause of the crash. @the plane had to abandon an @initial attempt to land and @came down while making a repeat @attempt. @ hundreds of protesters @crowded outside a republican @presidential candidate donald @trump's rally in salt lake @city. @the protest started peacefully, @but the clashes between trump @supporters and opponents @quickly escalated. @no word on any arrests. @utah primaries for both parties @are held on tuesday. @ a group of civil rights @activists are sounding the @alarm surrounding the security @and the rnc in cleveland. @the group is worried $50 @million in federal security @funding would mean a more @militarized police force.
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@good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning @maureen. @this group wants to know @exactly how the money will be @spent. @the city of cleveland says they @will not discuss operational @security matters. @the group is expected to @express concerns on the steps @of city hall this monday at @6:15 in the evening. @the american civil liberties @union or the aclu is @spearheading the effort. @they think citizens and council @members should have a say in @how the money is spent and they @don't want police to spend @outside of what is normal for @the department. @don bryant says this lack of @transparency from the mayor's @office is a concern. @>> in such a climate with the @consent decree going on, we @need much more transparency. @in the consent decree, it @spells out the fact that the, @any purchases for the police @department should be run @through the community police @commission. @so that we are still holding to @that.
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@held in tampa. @and the tampa police chief at @the time said the $50 million @in federal funds they received @went mostly toward personnel. @and other officials offered @this advice to us. @to learn how to deescalate @conflict and make sure all law @enforcement agents are trained @by doing that. @so we'll have more for you from @that press conference on monday @on the 7:00 news as well as the @11:00 news monday night. @maureen, back to you in the @studio. @ alyssa thanks. @ this next story may make @your skin crawl. @the lake housing authority is @responding to numerous @complaints of bedbugs. @they are admitting the issue @that has been ongoing for four @years now. @some residents invited us to @the washington square
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@feel enough is being done about @their biggest complaint. @>> you can't get rid of them. @you have to almost knock down @these walls or cover the whole @building. @>> what has the lake @metropolitan housing authority @been doing? @the chief executive officer @said they responded in the @field of bed bug treatment. @as the frequency began to @increase, we purchased @additional equipment and @provided training for our @workers. @ now to canton where police @have issued an arrest warrant @for a man after discovering a @body inside his home. @police execute a search warrant @at the home of lance levi rank @kin. @rankin is wanted on murder @charges. @police are not releasing the @victim's name but if you have @any information on where rankin
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@ a northeast ohio man is in @custody after he was accused of @luring a teen from missouri. @eric shotwell met a teen online @and then drove all the way to @missouri to kidnap her. @police were tipped off when the @teen was finally able to call @home. @investigators are looking into @whether there may be other @victims. @ foul play is now second in @the death of a man whose body @ended up in a landfill after a @country concert. @an investigation led them to @believe someone incapacitated @or killed corey baron and @dumped him into the trash chute
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@baron's body was found in a @lorraine county landfill. @ still ahead this morning, a @new movie theater policy has @parents talking why a @nationwide theater chain won't @allow small children into @certain movies. @ plus haunted in cleveland. @an historic sight on the city's @west side now being featured in @a national tv show.
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@ @ a warning about security @and electronics in your car. @the fbi and national highway @traffic safety administration @issued a warning that vehicles @are becoming increasingly @vulnerable to hacking. @criminals can control such @things as brakes, transmission @and steering.
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@vigilant about installing the @latest legitimate security @updates. @ have you ever gotten that @feeling that facebook knows you @personally? @you weren't too far off because @the social network is in fact @watching and tracking your @moves. @facebook tracks what you like, @what you watch and what you @click on. @that information is then passed @along to facebook advertisers. @this is why you see ads that @seem to be tailored @specifically to you. @you can stop them from watching @your posts and storing your @profile information. @we have listed the ways right @now on @ snapping too many selfies @can actually cause premature @aging. @so says a london blogger @digging into her own habit. @maureen bag decided to check @her face for early signs of @aging. @she was worried the light from @her phone may be damaging her @skin. @doctors confirmed she was @right. @the light emitted from
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@suggest it is as bad as uva @light and can't be blocked by @sunscreen. @but she was taking up to 50 @selfies a day. @ it is considered to be the @most haunted house in the u.s. @franklin cas is the right here @in cleveland. @a camera crew from destination @america went inside to find out @who or what haunts this 19th @century castle. @it sits on the corner of west @44th and franklin, surrounded @by an iron gate. @>> i haven't seen anybody but i @have heard stories the ghosts @have been in the window. @there is a lady that walks @around in there. @but i have never actually seen @anything on the second floor. @>> investigators from @destination america's show @paranormal lockdown spent three @days inside. @one story is about a mysterious @little girl.
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@ the weekend is the prime @time to visit the movies but we @discovered some theaters have a @new and little known policy in @place. @>> it has parents buzzing. @>> kim's family recently @visited the theater to see the @super hero movie dead pool. @>> it was rated r. there were a @lot of small children there. @>> kids younger than 6 wouldn't @have been allowed in according @to their policy. @the company claims that is to @benefit the adults saying we @want to make sure there are @minimal interruptions through r @rated movies. @>> i don't think they should @see that kind of thing at that @age. @they wouldn't understand it @anyway so why scar them? @>> with the violence in movies @today i mean, that is what you
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@>> i have girls under the age @of 6 and i would never. @i couldn't imagine it is r @rated for a reason. @>> reporter: a local cinema @manager told us they have @received some push back @although almost everyone agreed @with the age rule including the @kids themselves. @>> kids this age shouldn't be @seeing r rated movies. @they have too many cussing. @>> i think a lot of parents @agree with her. @ this isn't a new policy. @it has been in place for about @a year. @a no six after 6:00 rule not @after 6:00 p.m. @ just ahead, it was a busy @week in northeast ohio. @we are going to wrap-up the top @headlines. @ greg has a look at our @spring outlook. @now here's kerry with a look at @the forecast.
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@take awhile to get the @springlike weather here. @32 degrees right now. @cloudy skies. @there even is some snow in the @forecast. @i'll detail that forecast
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@ @ if you have started inching @and sneezing you probably know @tree pollen season has arrived. @allergy specialists at @vanderbilt university suggest @staying inside on high pollen @count days and keep windows @closed.
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@before bed can help keep the @yellow stuff off your pillows. @if that did you want work an al @gist can recommend shots for @relief. @ spring officially arrives @tomorrow. @we'll have a warmer than @average spring to match our @mild winter. @greg dhas more on what kind of @season we can expect. @>> reporter: i know colder @weather is in the forecast but @spring does officially start @this week and the national @weather service has released @their past for the season. @temperatures in ohio they are @suggesting we have a better @than average chance of @continuing to see above average @temperatures through the months @of spring. @precipitation looks to be @normal. @not drier than normal like we @have been through the winter. @so maybe a little bit more rain @than we have been seeing the @last couple of months. @with the rain staying normal, @the flood potential something @we have to concern ourselves
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@what do we expect through the @spring season here around @cleveland? @on the first day of spring a @high of 48 and low of 31. @a high of 80 degrees and a low @that is 30 degrees warmer than @the low on the first day of @spring of 61. @and here's my favorite part. @over the next three months we @will gain three hours of @daylight as we approach the @month of june. @have a great weekend everybody. @>> can almost feel the pool @weather now. @>> can't you? @>> when you think about it, @pools are really opening in @about two months. @if that is not gym motivation, @i don't know what is. @>> doesn't it seem like it has @been a really short winter? @>> i don't think we had a @winter. @>> el nino was our friend this @year and will continue to be @during the course of the @spring. @the 80 averages for june, that @looks so, so nice. @it is going to be chilly though
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@as greg pointed out although @the forecast says long-range @and above average, right now we @are experiencing cooler than @normal temperatures. @for the next few days to start @the official beginning of @spring. @32 right now. @we have cloudy skies, northeast @winds at 8 miles per hour and @anywhere from cold to cool @across this area. @27 all the detroit. @charleston, west virginia @checking in at 42 degrees right @now. @you can see there is a swirl @right here, that is an upper @level low, bringing up some of @this moisture, not a lot. @there is rain to the south of @us, there will be snow across @the area as we work through the @day today. @generally light snow. @not much in the way of @accumulation during the course @of your saturday. @overnight tonight may be @dusting here and there. @but for the most part there is @really not going to be a lot of @snow. @compared to 24 hours ago our
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@colder downtown right here @compared to what they were @yesterday. @they will be below normal @temperatures for the next few @days. @30s across the area as we move @through the day today and into @tomorrow morning we'll drop @into the 20s. @cloudy skies, snow showers @around. @not much in the way of @accumulation. @rain showers off to the south @of us even by sunday afternoon @we will see clearing skies @though across this area for @sunday afternoon and into @monday. @we will have some clear skies @overnight. @sunday night and the total @accumulation for snow not much @snow showers around, especially @this afternoon and tonight @light snow again, not much in @the way of accumulation, if @any. @26 for a low. @for tomorrow your sunday 39 for @the high. @spring arrives at 12:30 in the @morning.
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@to keep it kind of chilly for @your sunday. @60s for friday and saturday. @maybe a thunderstorm as we head @toward saturday a week from @today maureen? @>> we'll get through this @weekend. @ we want to get you caught @up on any headlines you may @have missed. @here is your week in review. @ thank you from the bottom @of my heart but i want you to @know something, we are going to @go all the way to cleveland and @secure the republican @nomination. @>> as people search deeper they @are going to understand he @connects the dots that makes @things happen. @>> i think it opens it up for @kasich.
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@candidate left the party could @probably get behind. @>> reporter: this morning trump @doesn't get his party's @nomination, even if he doesn't @have the delegates he needs, @supporters could riot. @>> i think you would have @problems like you have never @seen before. @i think bad things would @happen. @>> i think the possibility of a @contested convention was higher @than ever before and trump has @made it even more so. @>> the only way kasich can win @is if there is a brokered @convention. @he can go to the delegates and @say i, by far am the best @candidate. @and he may just have a chance. @ because of all of you, and @our supporters across the @country, our campaign has @earned more votes than any @other candidate, democrat or @republican. @ people are supporting @hillary clinton.
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@>> certainly an element of @surprise not just over the @outcome but how early the @decision came down. @ some confusion over the @republican ballot today. @definitely confusing and @disheartening. @the fact that there was many @candidates on the ballot that @had withdrew, that were still @on the ballot. @we are just trying to field @phone calls and address the @issue as quickly as we can so @that voters can move on and go @about their day. @ michael o'malley @unwittingly stated the main @reason he will be cuyahoga's @prosecutor next year i'm not @tim mcginty. @ dwayne bow was cut today. @if you want to take a list of
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@busts he is at the top of the @list. @ @ after the break, some major @renovations are expected to @start in downtown cleveland @before the rnc kicks off in @just a few months. @we have a look at the big @changes. @ good morning alyssa. @ good morning. @when it comes to security in @the rnc, some are calling from @transparency from the city. @coming up, what some don't want
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@this saturday morning. @feeling a little chill highway @out there, when a great st. @patrick's day we had. @a great end to the work week. @now that we are in the weekend, @getting a little colder. @kerry coleman is in the weather @center for us. @even though we are ringing in @spring, feels like winter. @>> it does. @quit a bit cooler than @yesterday at this time. @and we even have snow headed @this way. @not going to be a lot of snow, @no doubt about that. @as spring arrives, those @temperatures are below average. @32 right now. @winds out of the northeast @bringing in some of the cool @air and spring officially @arrives tomorrow. @this is the last full day of @winter. @we will continue with below @normal temperatures for the @next few days and snow showers @to boot. @you can see temperatures here @in the 20s and 30s throughout @this area we'll only remain in @the 30s today. @not much warmer than what you @see out there right now. @some of the moisture oozing up @this way.
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@not going to be much in the way @of accumulation though. @you see the temperatures @holding in the 30s. @i'll be along with the complete @forecast. @ breaking nize route now, @police have arrested a man @wanted for a murder charge in @canton. @lance levi rankin was arrested @early this morning. @rankin was wand after police @executed a search warrant at @his home. @while they were there they @found a body inside the home. @police are not releasing the @victim's name until they notify @family members. @ turning to political news @now a group of civil rights @activists want to make sure @millions of dollars in federal @security money for the rnc gets @used properly. @channel 3's alyssa raymond @joins us live this morning on @their concerns. @>> it absolutely will.
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@funding for security for the @rnc, this group wants to know @exactly what this money is @being used for. @meanwhile the city of cleveland @says it will not discuss @operational security matters. @the group is expected to @express their concerns on the @steps of city hall on monday @around 6:15 in the evening. @the american civil liberties @union is spearheading the @effort and they think council @members should have a say in @how the money is spent. @and they don't want police to @spend on equipment outside of @what is normal for the @department. @this lack of transparency from @the mayor's office is a @concern. @>> the other concerns are what @this equipment is going to be @and it is intimidating to the @public.
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@cleveland has not shown any @precedence of violent @demonstrations. @>> the tampa police chief at @the time said that the $50 @million in federal funds they @used were for personnel uses @such as for purchasing bikes. @their best piece of advice is @to learn how to deescalate @conflict and teach all officers @how to do that. @ as the rnc inches closer @and closer renovation projects @shape. @play house square theaters are @getting makeovers. @all are rented out for events @during the rnc. @workers are repainting @auditoriums and lobbies, @lighting. @next on the list is improving
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@ some change is also coming @to the quicken loans arena. @with an led banner. @the sign would be a huge @downtown. @the hope is the cleveland @planning commission will @approve it in time for eastern @conference finals. @ the rock n roll hall of @fame is getting an outdoor @stage and fresh signage, just a @few of the upgrades coming to @the icon's entry plaza. @this is what the outdoor stage @will look like this summer when @the rock hall officials say you @can look forward to live music. @ still ahead this morning, @the cavs are down in florida @this weekend with a chance to @clinch a playoff spot.
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@ @ good morning everybody. @the cleveland cavaliers are @grinding through march. @beginning last night five games @in seven days in orlando, @looking for their 14th straight @win over the magic. @they would officially clinch a @playoff spot. @during the game for most of it @too, here is lebron james on @the baseline. @boy that dunk, pretty good. @he had 18 points for the @cavaliers last night. @they were up by 4 in the third @quarter. @thompson offensively and @defensively especially in the @fourth quarter, cavaliers a @winner. @109-103.
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@well. @they are in miami tonight to @take on the heat. @ also high school @basketball. @the semis were yesterday in @columbus division i and @division 4. garfield heights @taking on westerville south. @a tough night for the bulldogs @of garfield heights. @sean christian had a three @pointer here. @he had 9. wester field south @the winner 87-78. @division 4, cornerstone @christian and columbus @earlier today cornerstone @christian was down at half but @they got a big second half from @michael boltwell. @they will vai for their first @in columbus.
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@check out a potential @quarterback. @head coach jackson, met up with @quarterback jerry goff. @had goff make some throws to @see what happened. @here's goff after the workout @yesterday. @>> i've got some scheduled. @i couldn't tell you right now @exactly when. @there is quite a few. @i'll be fine all over the place @probably. @ browns quarterback joe @hayden has undergone surgery on @his ankle. @it happened on thursday.
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@as we see another athlete @qualified for the rio olympics. @jason pryor will compete in the @sport of fencing. @qualified yesterday in hungary. @his father called us to share @the good news. @we are glad he did. @congratulations to jason. @ yesterday cactus league @baseball the indians scored @eight runs after a bases loaded @walk and venable sources, bases @loaded. @joey butler a grand slam, his @second homer of the spring. @8 runs in that inning for the @indians, they win 10-8. @ meanwhile march madness @will continue today with @highlights coming up later on @channel 3 sports.
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@ and the new chip credit @cards are causing major issues @for users. @ now a check of the @forecast. @ chilly temperatures @throughout the area this @morning and that weather is @going to continue for awhile. @we are even going to sprinkle @snow in there. @i'll have that extended @forecast into spring, coming up
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@ @ one of the more @anticipatepated films is the
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@>> sometimes i think i can see @something out there. @do you? @>> no i don't. @>> maybe you need to look @harder. @>> i am looking. @i'm just not seeing what you @are seeing. @>> this is part of a book @series and the critics are @being harsh on this one. @a 2 out of 10 from rotten @tomatoes. @ another movie hitting the @big screen is miracles from @heaven. @>> mom i'm the doctor and that @is my diagnosis. @>> this is not acid reflux. @she is not lactose intolerant. @>> you need to calm down. @>> you calm down, you run some @more tests. @i'm not leaving this hospital @until i know what is wrong with @my date year this stars @jennifer garner. @a 10-year-old girl suffers from @a rare disease and a freak @accident is the only thing that @cures her.
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@there is a couple of movies you @can check out. @ and it might be perfect @weather for a movie weekend. @>> yes. @it is not going to be perfect @weather to be outside. @>> go inside and watch a movie. @ over the course of winter @did you look at the grass at @all and in normal, cold winners @it all turns brown. @we saw green grass pretty much @all winner long. @>> now that you said it i'll go @look at our lawn and see how it @fared. @>> unless you want to mow the @lawn. @there was green a little bit @everywhere, all winter @lightning. @ we are going to see cooler @than normal temperatures for @the next little while. @clouds rolling in, a little bit @of moisture, little bit of snow @as spring is ushered in @tomorrow mourn at 12:30. @very dark and early. @you can see there a little bit @of a glow off to the east.
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@they are rolling on in here 32 @degrees the current @temperature. @northeast winds at 8 miles per @hour. @we'll continue with the @northerly breeze through most @of the day today. @temperatures cool throughout @most of the midwest and great @lakes. @knoxville 56. @atlanta 57 degrees. @as we look at what is happening @precipitationwise radar and @satellitewise, you can see the @swirl across iowa and illinois. @that is on the east side of @that punching up some moisture @from the south. @we will see snowflakes here and @overnight snow as well. @maybe light accumulation but @not much. @mansfield a dozen degrees below
6:49 am
@as we move through the future, @you'll see clouds there, snow @showers there. @temperatures certainly on the @cool side by sunday afternoon. @maybe showers off to the south @of us. @not much in the way of @precipitation. @still cool for your sunday the @first day of spring. @as we head toward monday @morning, skies begin to clear. @20s there to get you started on @the next work week. @the snow accumulation the @potential not really that much. @i have less than an inch there @in the forecast. @that could be on the grassy @areas. @maybe a couple of slick spots @there early sunday morning. @for today 38 degrees high @temperature with snow showers @around. @more light snow down to 26, @northeast winds again. @sunrise tomorrow 7:30 and for @sunday the first day of spring, @morning snow showers and then @we begin to clear out for the @afternoon.
6:50 am
@your weather nation 7-day @forecast, we'll show you @temperatures bumping up into @the 60s once again for thursday @and friday. @a chance of a thunderstorm @friday and saturday a week from @today, fairly average day. @52 degrees and sunshine. @maureen? @>> as long as we drag out of @the 30s fine by me. @ id theft is on the rise and @it affects those new chip @credit cards. @>> reporter: great to be with @you this weekend. @radio frequency id theft @sweeping across northeast ohio @and yes, targeting those credit @cards you recently received in @the mail. @take a look at the symbols you @need to watch out for. @if your credit card has one of @these on them, you are likely a @potential victim of radio @frequency id theft. @illegal scanners can easily be @purchased online and someone @using these scanners takes
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@already present in your cards @or passport number on the spot @unless you have a blockner your @wallet. @blockers create a barrier @between you and anyone carrying @a scanner. @amazon tells two hugely well @rated cards for 20 bucks. @i doubled what amazon has the @deal i found gets you four @cards for under 18 bucks. @these are just as well rated, @just as effective. @if you head over to @you cannot only find today's @deal but you can hear from a @recent victim. @until we meet again, stay @protected stay safe and save. @back to you. @ matt thanks. @ coming up next, we are @going to have another check of @the forecast. @also why early risers are @actually healthier. @so it is good news that you are
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@ @ snow mix with rain on @monday and rain showers, @powertrain old rain showers @there for tuesday and maybe a @thunderstorm as we head toward @friday next friday. @>> mother nature needs to get @this out of her system this @weekend and we are good. @ true. @ thanks for joining us this @morning.
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@and in the meantime you can @check out the latest at
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good morning. breaking overnight. deadly plane crash in russia. all 62 people on board killed when the jetliner slammed into the ground when it tried to land in bad weather. hulking win. a jury awards hulk hogan $115 million after the web site gawker posted a video of him having sex. >> this is not only his victory today, but also anyone also who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> gawker vowing the case is far from over.


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