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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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@of town and a subway station in @chris tye begins with the @latest. @>> it's 8:00 a.m. @in brussels, 3:00 a.m. @in cleveland. @folks were headed to the @airport and train for what was @to be a typical the city many called the @european capital, home to nato @and the european union. @three men dressed in ng walking around the @unsecured area there changed @all of that. @>> these are the three men @police say detonated the bomb @at the o on the left died this. @one from the life is the most @wanted man in the world right @now. @the screams from the train @station where 20 killed and the chaos outside @the airport where 11 were @killed. @two blasts avelers rushed out onto the @tarmac, in fear another blast @was coming. @>> everyone was in panic. @we had to run just because was -- everyone was @scared. @so everyone ran.
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@found a bomb made of nails and @detonators with an isis flag on @it near uspects taken into custody @in that discovery. @three american missionaries @from utah among the injured, @but their injuries are atening tonight. @in the hours after the attacks, @the countries that border security, @trying to find potential @suspects. @president obama was briefed on @the matter while on his @diplomatic trip to cuba as @security. @and in paris where they know @terror all too well, they're @showing @lighting the eiffel tower in @the colors of belgium. @>> these suspects came in @storming not @gear but very casual clothing, @as you saw in those images.
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@>> sara, back to you. belgium have @some here at home questioning @once again how safe are we. @jasmine monroe is at the akron @canton airport looking at @safety. @we have more on what they're @doing to keep you safe @>> reporter: as chris @mentioned, it wasn't on the @other side of security. @it was near this side, a @ticketing that anyone can @really get to. g concern @in airports around the world a whether -- @spokesman was asked whether @hopkins would be making any @changes. @his answer in a word, no. @hours later, the @interim director stepped up to @tell travelers not to worry, @that there were measures in @place. @>> this is a secure and
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@it always has been. @travelers weighed in on whether @to be worried. @>> it does concern us, go and have a @good time. @we're not going to worry about @it. @>> it's really tough to predict @those kinds of things. @>> and the news could be felt trains too. @these k9 officers were seen @near the rta platforms at tower as officials told channel 3, @they're protocol is in place @since 911. @people were warned to be ey era @monitoring the situation and in @contact with overseas @travelers are being encouraged @to say something if they see @something. @all as the count down continues @to the summer's rnc. @>> also checked with the coast @guard this d us there was no change @in threat level. @so, as my colleague, jasmine @monroe joins us -- @>> thanks, andrew.
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@with the horrific terrorist @attack that happened in @brussels today. @local airports are really @increasing security. @we spoke with officials here. @they tell us -- we ask them, @are they doing everything that @they need to do to keep us all @safe. @>> there have been some things @that you might notice, more @patrols, for example, around @the airport. @but largely it's business as @usual here. @>> experts have long said that @lobbies, parking lots, ticket @counters, baggage claim areas @and sidewalks at terminals are @easily accessible to attackers @bringing bombs into the public @area. @the senior vice president of @akron-canton airport explain @why they handle security and @why these places are targeted @more than others. @>> we have security on the @airport 24 hours a day, seven @days a week. @they're patrolling the inside @and exterior part of the @building.
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@>> also employee screenings @too. @>> we've never had an incident @with anybody who's worked at @the airport related to any type @of threat that would harm the @public. @so because of that, you know, @we really have a very high @level of confidence and a @wonderful track record. @>> even passengers admit when @flying with increased security @make them feel safer than @typical flights. @>> i saw a sheriff's car @outside and they beefed up @security. @i think they're doing a pretty @good job. @i do. @>> christy also added that @everything has been running @normally as of right now. @if you're flying @internationally, you need to @check with your airline the see @if your flights are still as @scheduled. @i'm jasmine monroe, channel 3 @news. @>> to you and andrew horansky, @thank you. @ 19 kent state university @business students and two @faculty members are also in @brussels today. @we've been following their
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@them for updates and thankfully @they are all safe tonight. @monica robins reports on the @terror from their perspective. @>> a sorority sister let her @know that they were okay. @the associate dean of graduate @and international programs at @kent state's college of @business administration learned @the students were okay. @>> tremendous relief. @>> the student updated her @social media saying how @thankful she was because she @visited the site of the attack @on monday and was scheduled to @be on the train on tuesday. @the plans were shut down. @she let her followers know that @she and her classmates were @safe and in their hotel @awaiting action. @they were scheduled to go to @luxembourg on wednesday and @then paris. @if the city opens, their plans @will continue but slightly @change.
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@>> we'll probably not use @public transportation going to @luxembourg, probably have our @own private fan. @>> many were admitting that it @was the scariest day of their @lives. @>> this is the reality from now @on. @>> he says the students are in @good hands. @the faculty are experienced @with trips like these and one @of them lived in brussels for a @time. @>> we know they planned all @sorts of trips at universities @these days. @does this change any plans for @kent state. @>> there are no plans to stop @any of these educational trips, @but they always need state @department warnings and whether @or not they're going to return @to belgium remains on scene. @>> president obama vowing to @bring those responsible to @justice. @republicans are criticizing his @leadership. @our senior political
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@correspondent has more on that @part of the story. @>> the president addressed @attacks. @>> we must be together @regardless of nationality or @race or faith in fighting @against the scourge of @terrorism. @questioning leadership. @>> i would have cut short my @visit. @i would have flown home. @>> donald trump talking tough. @>> the waterboarding would be @fine, and if they could expand @the laws, i would do a lot more @than waterboarding. @you have to get the information @from these people. @we have to be smart. @and we have to be tough. @and we can't be soft and weak. @>> ted cruz wants to crack down @on middle east immigrants. @>> we should not be allowing @anyone to come to this country @that we cannot vet to make sure @that they are not radical @islamic terrorist. @>> hillary clinton commented on @principles.
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@>> they're trying to undercut @the values of our way of life. @we cannot let them succeed. @>> bernie sanders defining the @enemy. @>> we're fighting a terrorist @organization. @a barbaric organization that's @killing innocent people. @we're not fighting a religion. @>> security the big issue in @the presidential campaign. @>> the president is wrapping up @his trip in cuba and should be @back at work in the white house @tomorrow. @>> meanwhile, the candidates @will be debating what more this @country needs to do to protect @osteology against terrorism. @russ? @>> turning to the convention @this summer. @i understand a poll is out @saying the number one concern @of people in northeast ohio @about the convention is @security. @>> that's what the poll found. @results came out yesterday. @i think these attacks will only @increase the concern and @anxiety. @>> certainly. @tom berras, thank you. @>> you bet. @>> and our extensive coverage @of the brussels terrorist @attacks continues on air and @online at
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@have an hour long edition of @nbc nightly news that's @followed by a special channel 3 @news at 7:30. @ and coming up tonight at @6:00, social media helped get @out images of the aftermath of @the brussels attacks and could @help with the search of @suspects. @>> and we'll show you how @social media helped those in @brussels checked in with loved @ones. @>> our temperature is surging @this afternoon to near 60 @degrees. @we'll talk about how long the @mild weather lasts and some big @rain chances ahead in the
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@ @coming up tonight at 7:30 after @an extended version of nightly @news, a local brewery finds a @way to fight cancer with a @beer. @also, a nonprofit bringing @smiles to children of fallen @heros across the country. @we'll see you at 7:30. @>> and we invite you to help @the continued efforts of the @lake county ymca by buying a @ticket to this year's dream @house. @it will come fully furnished. @an early bird special is @available now when you buy five @tickets, you get the sixth @ticket for free. @the winner will be announced on @august 14th.
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@ another horrific multiple @terror attack here in europe. @this time in brussels at the @very heart of the european @union with dozens dead in a @triple bombing at the airport @and at the metro station. @isis says it detonated the @three devices. @but the big question is, is @this the last act of the terror @cell that attacked paris or is @first in a new wave of attacks. @i'm bill neely. @i will be trying to answer that
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@ @ some called him colorful, @others called him trouble. @former toronto mayor rob ford @has died. @he made headlines with drinking @problems and drug use. @but a he was called a dedicated @public servant who will be @remembered for his courage. @he was 46 years old. @ social media not only @served as a venue to serve @images but a way to let people @in brussels let their friends @and family know they're okay. @>> facebook is always boasting
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@about their huge number of @active users. @they have 1.6 billion to be @exact. @so naturally, it's a place @people go when they want to @checkup on their friends. @facebook activate as special @feature. @it's called safety check. @>> we've seen a number of @videos coming out of brussels @showing chaos immediately @following the attacks. @sometimes it's hard to get @ahold of people in a disaster @area as phone lines can be @congested or not working all @together, but if you can access @facebook, you can tell people @you're safe. @it uses gps and location data @to see if you're in the area of @a disaster. @if you are, facebook will @prompt you to let friends know @you're safe. @it also works for people @checking in on friends from @unaffected areas. @you can see a list of friends @that may be in the danger zone. @if you've talked to them, you @can mark them as safe too. @>> accessing safety check @feature is safety. @go to @check. @it will show you the area where @a crisis has happened and also
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@there's another area on the @page that will show you a list @of friends if they were in that @affected area. @you also have the opportunity @to mark them as safe. @again, that website is @in the newsroom, i'm brandon @simmons, channel 3 news. @>> it's sad that we have to @have that. @>> that facebook would have to @come up with something like @that. @>> 6:17. @coming up, we're all in purple. @we're feeling spring, anyway. @>> look at the flowers on my @tie today. @i'm ready for spring. @you know, you walk around @northeast ohio, flowers @everywhere. @trees are already budding. @finally the temperatures @feeling like it today. @what a beautiful afternoon for @many of us. @we saw highs near 60 around the @region and a couple of light @showers this evening, portions @of lake and ashtabula county. @they have since moved away. @maybe they're driving down 90 @toward erie pennsylvania. @you may see a couple of these @affect the region.
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@toward the north and northeast. @61. @beautiful degrees downtown @cleveland. @59 in elyria. @good afternoon, good evening to @you in richland county. @temperatures will stay mild @this evening, all thanks to the @southerly winds. @they've been strong all day. @they will continue. @look at the gusts. @sustained winds 10-15. @look for things to remain @breezy as we go through the @rest of the day. @60 by 7:00. @you see a drop to 58 by 11:00 @with mostly cloudy skies. @the winds dying down as we @approach midnight, but they @will be back again with us @gusting tomorrow morning. @we're on the north end of the @high pressure. @look at the clouds to the west @and southwest. @mostly cloudy day coming up for @wednesday. @then we shift our attention to @the west. @still looking at mild @temperatures well up into the @60s, 70s, and 80s in portions @of arizona, oklahoma, texas. @this really moves in here on @thursday. @unfortunately, it's not going @to be a sunny day in the 60s. @we're going to have to contend @with this.
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@a big area of low pressure @spinning across portions of @idaho there. @'s a spin right there near @boise. @this is all going to coming out @of the rockies and develop in @the storm system. @man, what a drop in @temperatures. @hold on, it's going to be a @bumpy ride. @temperatures in the 50s for the @rest of this evening. @notice the winds there, west, @southwest, 10-15 miles per @hour. @may get away without a jacket @early on wednesday morning. @i've put 30% rain chances just @in case. @near the lake you will see @thicker clouds. @temperature is likely in the @50s but farther south. @temperatures getting up into @the low to mid-60s for @wednesday afternoon. @even through wednesday night,
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@we'll start talking about the @rain as we approach thursday. @we hit 64 degrees. @friday morning, 12 hours later, @down to 33. @that's a 31-degree temperature @drop overnight. @maybe snow showers early friday @morning. @we're back up to 60 on saturday @with some rain showers likely @late on easter sunday. @>> all right. @thank you, greg. @>> thank you. @>> flowers all around. @>> coming up, are the browns @close to adding a free agent @quarterback to their roster. @>> we hear from the head coach @on the possibility next in
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the good news - rob portman's helped create jobs. the bad news - they're a long way from ohio. in congress portman voted for nafta, creating thousands of jobs in mexico. working for president bush he pushed for cafta, creating jobs in central america. and portman supported special trade status for china, even more jobs - in asia. rob portman, a job creator
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@ @ jim donovan, the @quarterback question, we @address it again tonight. @>> i will answer it in my new @book coming out in five years. @by that time, maybe we'll have @a quarterback here in @cleveland. @it's not there yet, but robert @griffin, iii's name keeps being @batted about. @hue jackson met with the the @owners. @he liked rg3. @he thinks what happened in @washington happens to a lot of @other quarterbacks. @they can become productive @players, everybody great
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@quarterbacks. @he thinks he could do that with @rg3, but what about rg3's @attitude. @for instance, what if they take @a quarterback at number two in @the draft and then rg3 has to @compete against a rookie @phenom. @and then hue jackson answered @that. @>> the cream always rises to @the top. @if a guy is afraid of @competition, you have the wrong @guy anyway. @i think we'll be fine. @whether those have -- and was @draft somebody else, we go that @way do they take this young man @who had a very good workout @last week in his proday out at @cal. @he was out for the cal job. @the top browns offensive
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@to stanford and lost out on the @recruiting war. @he can throw. @he has great feet. @good presence in the pocket. @carson wentz, his proday is at @north dakota state on thursday. @hue jackson will be there to @watch it. @he has no concerns about the @level of competition wentz @played against. @he also said they're strongly @considered wentz or goth with @that pick. @everything is about lebron @james and the fact that he cut @the cavs off. @he unfriended them on twitter. @i need language help. @he's not following them, thank @you very much. @all of that talk, lebron says @basically it's to cut the @distracks. @it's time to get into playoff @mode.
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@i want to mentally prepare @myself for the distance. @mentally, i'm sharper minded. @gearing towards understanding @it's right around the corner. @it's going to be challenging. @>> what a great story. first @time in school history to do @it. @they have michael boswell. @>> everyone loves little kids @and elementary wanted to give @us high fives and autographs. @it's unbelievable to think of. @i've never known this feeling. @>> they were amazing. @they were a great young team. @>> very nice. @you being the twitter animal @you are, i can't believe you
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@>> lebron said he's joining @snapchat. @are you surprised? @>> i am surprised. @i just want them to beat the @warriors, snapchat, if you and @i are chatting, i just want @them to beat the warriors. @>> jimmy and craig coming up @tonight. @>> a special hour of nbc
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sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl somewhere advertise pall breaking news tonight. terror in brussels, a horrific sea of carnage as bombs explode at the airport, in the subway at rush hour. dozens killed. hundreds injured, including americans. nails in the bombs and the bodies and the victims. two americans who were at the airport still missing. and the suspected bombers caugh on camera, wheeling bags. right now a massive manhunt for a suspect who may have escaped.


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