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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 23, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EDT

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@suspicious package there. @officials ordered an evacuation @this afternoon after a k-9-unit @hit on a piece of luggage. @it didn't lead no any flights @being cancel. @ a big issue in the u.s. @presidential campaign. @president obama was briefed on @bound to bring those @back in the states, @presidential candidates on both @sides offered competing views @for fighting the threat to our @country. @>> i would close up our borders @to people until we figure out @what is going on. @>> i think there are a lot of @things to do, i think closing @the borders is not one of them. @ tune in for complete @coverage the terror attacks in @brussels. @mat is live on "the today @show."
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@ we're following breaking @news where a sheriff's office @said human remains were found @near a road way. @they were found near new london @eastern road. @they wrong to an all the but @have not confirmed any -- an @adult but have not confirmed @the identity. @ the embattled former major @of toronto ford has the died. @video service that showed ford @smoking crack which he denied. @he then took a leave of absence @to go into rehab. @a cancer diagnosis forced ford @out of the major race but he @was elected to city council as @he continues to battle his @illness. @he was 46 years old. @ playhouse square is lining @up with a series of hit show @this is fall.
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@revealed tonight. @>> reporter: good evening, for @the third year, they led the @nation in season ticket holders @of 32,000. @people who just louvre @theaters, they're going to have @-- love theaters, they'll have @a lot of options what they can @see this year. @>> i'm excited to see what'sing @on on deck and -- what's on @deck and renew our tickets. @>> reporter: there's a lot to @see. @>> i love theater and i can't @afford to go to new york all @the time. @they bring new york to us. @>> we saw "it then" which is an @awesome play. @we saw "bullets over broadway". @we've seen many wonderful @things and looking forward to @what's going to come up next @season so we can get those
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@>> reporter: it includes four @tony award anyoning productions @into the woods. @curious incident of the dog in @the nighttime. @and hit musical "something rot @en". @the list round out with @american paris, and finding @never land. @>> i feel like a kid at @christmas. @>> reporter: faithfuls filled @up palace so see what's coming @to town. @>> i'm looking forward to @"something rot ten". @>> "an american in paris" i @don't expect they're going to @love to see that. @"the king and i is" is a five @visit. @we're excited they're coming @here to do their work.
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@square. @that's the only way you can @assure you'll get to see this @series of shows. @we have listed all these shows @and their descriptions on our @web site, @ coming up tonight. @luxury for less. @how you can save your spot in @line for the newest vehicle. @>> staying alert. @one group is calling attention @to one of the most common @diseases in america. @the test you can take to @determine if you're at risk. @>> there's a new travel @destination to visit this @summer. @we'll tell you how to book your @crews to crew about a. @>> i'm tracking a large system @out to the west. @we'll talk about the one day @this week that that storm could @bring us some big rain.
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@ @ you're watching "channel 3 @news" at 11:00 are russ mitch @and sara shookman. @ welcome back. @we told you we would update you @in the he rex results. @but not -- election results but @not much to tell you. @idaho and utah, the last two @being caucuses are too close to @call.
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@through the evening hours. @ if you want to bay one of @the first versions of tesla's @electric vehicle, you can @reserve one for $1,000. @the model three is what it's @called on march 21st. @the most basic version is @expected to cost around $35,000 @and it will be dlired next year @-- delivered next year. @ medical news, today is @what's known as national alert @day for diabetes. @it's a call for american's to @check in and see if they're at @risk for the. @>> we spoke to a woman who said @alerts day can save your life. @hi, hillary. @>> reporter: today is a wake up @call. @more than 29 million people @have diabetes. @one out of four people don't @even know that they have it. @but, there is a simple test you @can take. @one woman got herself checked @when her life started to go
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@everything for the better. @things were spiralling out of @control. @my son was laid out in the @floor. @>> reporter: her son had @heart attack from a condition @he didn't know he had. @>> that was my only baby and i @didn't want to question god how @my baby went like that. @and he just dropped dead out of @nowhere. @>> reporter: she lost a child, @and cheyenne she lost herself @in grief -- and cheyenne she @lost herself ingraphy. @>> i gave up on life. @i didn't care if i lived or @died. @>> reporter: four months after @her son's death, she went to @the doctor. @>> i decided one day after @dpraefing that i would -- @grieving that i would go to the @doctor and get myself checked. @i immediately it thissing, @let's do something about --
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@about this. @>> reporter: it's possible to @go other than and take a test. @it's confidential and you can @do it on your phone. @nine out of ten americans don't @even know they're on a fast @track towards diabetes or have @what's called prediabetes. @15 to 30% of people with @prediabetes will develop type @two diabetes in five areas if @they don't lose weight and work @out. @ten .3% of people in ohio ha @debuts. @above the national -- have @diabetes, above the national @average. @>> please, do not take it @likely. @and to get tested. @>> reporter: you can take that @test at @we have a link in this version @of the story online. @together, we really can make a @ditchings in the race -- @difference in the race. @the number of people with @diabetes had risen to levels @predicted for 2050. @at this rate, who knows what
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@20 years. @it puts you at risk for $20 @years. @it puts you at risk for @blindness, kidney issues, hard @and even stroke. @ carnival cruise line will @offer the recipe to cuba @starting in may. @it's the first time in 50 years @a cruise ship has permission to @sail to cuba. @they'll visit norths three @locations included -- visit @three lower backings including @sha vanna. @reservations are available now @and start at $1800 per person. @ the tropical weather @looking fees. @>> it's probably in the 80s. @a nice slight breeze. @three more month maybe and it @will get here. @we're not that bad tonight. @temperatures out there very @comfortable. @we'll start comfortable early @tomorrow morning. @take a look at the commute @forecast for wednesday.
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@that's almost tropical in late @march in northeast ohio. @50s for the afternoon. @slight spring of sprinkle or @shower. @breezy, too. @the wind wills return probably @similar in -- winds will return @probably similar in strength @when we saw this afternoon. @55 akron, canton, 564 ash tab @are a where you're saying -- @ashtabula. @as we head through the day on @wednesday, mid-50s by 5:00. @notice a small difference @between evening and morning @temperature, indicating not @much warming going on. @we'll see a lot more cloud @cover going on. @maybe drizzle near the lake @shore as we watch cool air slip @down from the northeast.
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@i think ashtabula you'll cool @down tomorrow afternoon. @southwest flow on the backside, @trying to pump the warmer air @back in. @an area of low pressure @developing out west. @it's starting to crank together @into quite a storm. @it's not over yet in terms of @the winter season. @these are all winter storm @watchings, warnings and @advisories across the northern @plains including blizzard @warnings in the high plains in @denver including the mile high @city tonight. @they're expecting strong gusty @winds, snow and cold @temperatures out wards the @west. @here's future view as far as we @go. @temperatures in the 40s @tomorrow morning. @50s and 60s during the @afternoon. @but watch the lake shore @communities cooler with an on @shore braze. @there may abshower or two as we @go into the afternoon. @thursday, we'll see @temperatures in the 60s with @areas of heavy rain. @some of you in a short period @of time.
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@up one inch of rain or more. @and that could pose some issues @with maybe ponding on the road @ways. @drier on friday and milder by @saturday. @ you're welcome to continue @the effort the lake county ymca @by buying a ticket for the @dream house. @>> wkyc is a proud sponsor and @early bird special is available @now. @if you buy five tickets you get @the 6th ticket for free. @the winner will be announced on @august 14th. @ coming up tonight, the @brown's tonight to do their due @diligence on finding a
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@ @ the mentor and kia sports @report. @ nfl owners meeting going @own in -- on in florida. @talking about the quarterback @position, robert griffin the @third is getting a lot of @consideration but the new @brown's head coach. @he likes him. @he liked him when his rookie @year in washington when he had @a great rookie area until he @had that knee injury, but he @hasn't been good sense then. @he was cut by the redskins. @here's the other part, the
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@conversation to keep that alive @that rg3 could come to the @browns when if they came and @they drafted a young @quarterback with the new pick @in how would rg3 handle that? @>> it's all about the team. @at the end of the day. @we feel if he for some reason, @great. @if it doesn't work out, we @won't have that conversation. @to me, he had have to... @ jared goff got high marks @from coach jackson. @after the work out, hue jackson @and the brown's met with @governor and his family as they @got to -- with goff and his @family. @he thought his skills were a @plus. @on thursday at north dakota @state, hew jackson and the
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@carson. @who all the draft experts are @saying that's the quarterback @they should take at number two. @jackson doesn't have any @concerns that he's not played @the best competition at north @dakota state so he's anxious to @see it work out. @ @the browns have lost six @restrictive free eights. @ the ohio state michigan @football rivalry continues even @in the month of march. @we're not they question april @yet but it went -- even in @april yet. @he's take and portion of spring @practice and taken his team to @work out in florida. @ohio state athletic director @criticized him for doing that. @>> i would not be supportive of
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@free time to go practice. @it's a create -- does it help @from a marketing point of @vushgs i get that. @ he said it's good to see @director smith being relevant @again after that tattoo fiasco. @welcome back. @i can't wait. @it's only march. @ the cavs played last neigh. @they knocked off the nuggets @and beat them by approximate 3 @points. @three points -- 33 point. @>>. 3 @ it was media day today for @the gladiators.
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@season. @the first game, friday april @1st over at the queue. @sudden the queue becomes an @important place. @>> is convention.
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@ @ we have updated numbers @from the arizona primary. @hillary clinton won it for the @democrats and donald trump for @the republican. @>> utah and idaho too close to @call. @we'll have the results of those @tomorrow.
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sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl somewhere advertise pall breaking news tonight. terror in brussels, a horrific sea of carnage as bombs explode at the airport, in the subway at rush hour. dozens killed. hundreds injured, including americans. nails in the bombs and the bodies and the victims. two americans who were at the airport still missing. and the suspected bombers caught on camera, wheeling bags. right now a massive manhunt for a suspect who may have escaped. urgent raids yielding
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discoveries. tonight a chilling moment-by-moment account as an american who witnessed it all speaks to nbc news and as isis says it was behind the attack. authorities step up security in cities and airports here at home. the world tonight standing in solidarity with belgium. "nbc nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: brussels terror attacks. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. shock and horror but sadly no surprise. belgium, which for four months has been living on edge and braced for attacks, took two devastating hits today, claimed to be the work of isis. at least 31 people are dead and nearly 190 others are injured, including some americans after suicide bombers struck during the morning rush. two explosions in the departure hall at brussels airport, followed by another deadly blast at a busy
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escaped the carnage by evacuating through a dark smokey tunnel. child screams of fear. the world today once again haunted by images of stunned and bloodied survivors from another brazen act of terror. tonight a massive manhunt is under way as a chilling photo captures the suspected attackers just moments before they struck, including the one who apparently survived and may be on the loose tonight. we have expanded coverage of the attacks starting in brussels with nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: terror in >> reporter: terror in the airport terminal. it's 8:00 this morning, moments after an explosion. a stroller lies abandoned. a victim is on the ground. a survivor says stay down. >> day down. >> reporter: through the smoke a woman cowers clutching a child. someone cries help me. >> someone help me. >> reporter: and then survivors begin running past the bodies and the injured. some in shock. another calling with news that she's alive.
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explosion near an airport starbucks and hundreds are running for their lives. others fled to the tarmac and safety. there was no safety inside with fire from the first explosion, ceiling tiles falling, dozens injured and at least 11 dead, and it wasn't over. another bomber was about to strike in the very heart of brussels near the european union's headquarters. ten after 9:00 and deep underground a massacre in the brussels metro. a bomb has just exploded. dozens flee through the darkness. it's terrifying. they left behind a mangled train car, at least 20 dead, horror on the morning commute. many of those on the train and at the station here have been reading about the first attack at the airport on their phones when the bomb here went off. an american on the
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impact. >> we felt a little gust of win. my ears popped, and we heard some thudding. >> reporter: isis claimed the attacks. police believe these are the airport killers, wheeling bombs in suitcases. two blew themselves up. the third man in the light jacket is on the run. as night fell police raided a brussels apartment. police helicopters are in the air. their search for one of the two terror suspects has now narrowed to this street with police snipers and ambulances also standing by. they found explosives, an isis flag and bomb-making material but no suspect. belgium's prime minister called this a dark day, and all day president obama has been kept briefed. more than 200 were injured, many by shrapnel. this nail is in a man's chest. at least four americans were wounded. three are mormon missionaries in the hospital with shrapnel wounds and burns.
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block away from the boston marathon bombing. a couple from kentucky are still missing tonight. today's attacks come just four days after the arrest in brussels of the paris massacre suspect salam abdeslam. and so many questions here tonight, lester. how big is this new terror cell, and who exactly is on the loose? belgian tv reporting tonight that a cab driver told police he dropped off three men at the airport who had great difficulty getting heavy bags out of his car. he told police and then led them to the house where the police found those explosive materials tonight. >> bill. you showed us that photo of the airport attackers. now an all-out manhunt is under way for a suspect spotted on that surveillance photo at the airport along with two men believed to be the pair of suicide bombers who struck that location. authorities are digging for whatever possible terror
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nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel tells us more. >> reporter: these are the men belgian prosecutors say who were responsible for today's atrocities at the brussels airport. the two in black probably blew themselves up with suitcase bombs soon after this image was recorded. both are wearing gloves on their left hands, and this man in the hat is the target of an urgent manhunt. now nbc news is learning about a new warning, that an isis terror wave could be coming soon. a senior u.s. counterterrorism official told nbc news brussels was likely just the beginning. u.s. intelligence officials say that their working assumption is that today's attacks were carried out by the same isis network behind a coordinated attacks in paris last november. and the attack on a french train foiled when off-duty u.s. servicemen tackled the gunmen. they also said that today's atrocities in the planning stages for some time may have
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gear by the arrest last week of this man, salam abdeslam, one of the accused paris bombers who was hiding out in belgium. tonight, belgian authorities say abdeslam is cooperating with interrogators and so his former colleagues may have wanted to strike before they got pulled in. but the real shock today is just how predictable it all is. >> this is where intelligence meets up with law enforcement. they don't have the quantity of resources that we have in the united states. >> reporter: thousands of europeans have traveled to fight with isis in syria and iraq and hundreds have returned. european security agencies have thousands on watch lists. isis members' names are even listed in documents, allegedly stolen by an isis defector. how big of a problem is isis in europe? >> it's a very big problem. clearly there's a strategy campaign going on right now. >> reporter: abdeslam was caught in the very brussels neighborhood where the paris attack was planned just a few doors from his home.


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