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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hola, sara. >> hola, russ. it's a good thing i know how resilient you guys are in clevelandment charles conwell finished his first showing at the olympics. and moments ago, charles bad news conwell, a boxer from cleveland heights just lost in that match. he lost in a decision to a fighter from india. unfortunately this tournament is so charles conwell is done fighting here in rio. will ujek is over there in the arena watching. we'll have an update from him with team conwell. we're sad and thinking of charles right now. also today, jason pryor was knocked out of the men's fencing tournament. it's a table of 32.
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while he won't be on the podium, we're still cheering for jason pryor. >> it is what it is. it's any given sunday. today, i was a couple mistakes short. that's how it is. >> we'll be watching for jason, though. his dad tells us 2020 in tokyo, definitely on his horizon. eleven members of jason's extended family came to rio. for many, it was the first time to see him compete on international level. now, they will get to spend time with him in brazil. >> he's always been a person who has persevered, and he uses these jumps that he may not have been pleased with to take him to another level to find out how he can improve and do better. >> but this is great. only 38 men on the planet earth were here today in this
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we appreciate the pryors giving us a little bit of perspective on this. this is such an incredible stage, no matter what our athletes do here. the u.s. men's rugby team also created. russ, it wasn't looking so good earlier today. the u.s. rallied against argentina. they finished at the last second, 17-14, but they had another match, and i finally have some good team usa won against brazil. 26-0 over brazil. they had tries and help in that effort. they will play again tomorrow. they have the quarterfinals coming up later in the afternoon. we have our rowers back on the
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we'll keep an eye on all of that and hopefully we'll have some more happy news to report when i talk to you soon. >> we hope so. good morning back to what you said earlier, the guys that did not do well today, they're young, and they will be back. >> exactly. yes, that's the good thing for both of them. there's a good chance we'll be talking about them again in four years. >> okay. sara shookman in rio. thanks. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> and some today are calling those words from donald trump a hint of an assassination of
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the controversial comment comes on the heels of new poll numbers, showing trump down in ohio. chris tye joins us with this story. another day, another controversy. >> this broke today. this splits on who you like going into november. people are hearing this very differently. some are suggesting that trump is suggesting gun rights activists act out against hillary clinton. he said if she gets to pick hillary there's nothing to be do to protect their arms. he also claimed she was dangerous. >> she lacks the temperament and the moral character to leads this country. it's very simple. she really does. she's a dangerous person who doesn't tell the truth. >> clinton appeared at a clinic in miami, florida today, pressuring congress to approve funds to fight zika. they fired back at trump,
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the trump campaign suggested what trump meant was not that people with guns should target hillary literally. that they could come together and block accordingly. how you view this, who you like is how you come out on this. >> the rule used to be you don't say something you feel like you have to make apologies for. numbers. there's a big one. wall street poll just came out today and her big 10 country, hillary clinton is doing very, very well. take a look as we talk about iowa. she's up 41-37. in ohio, she's up five full percentage points. in neighboring pennsylvania, up almost 10 points, 38-47. a full wrap of all of this is
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lester. >> thank you so much, chris. appreciate it. >> yes. a baby girl severely injured while at a mansfield day care is home. she suffered a fractured skull and right arm broken and brain bleeding. her mother said she was told by the step by stepchild care center that her 11-month-old fell. police arrested sara roberts, the day care employee. she pled guilty to child endangerment. > girls fell from a ferris wheel in tennessee, concern over ride safety is growing. let's begin with carnival rides. we're joined with a look at how you can make sure that ride is safe. hillary, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, russ. it's super important you look out for the signs that the ride
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rides are supposed to be inspected every single year. they may be inspected between 15 or 20 times. the reality, though, is that's not a guarantee. so the best thing you can do is make sure you look for those signs. we're going to show it to you now. >> before the ride is even set up, inspectors will check it out. they will look separately at how it all fits together. >> we'll actually do a mechanical section, which is in this particular piece, the lap bars are associated. if it doesn't work, the ride doesn't operate. we go through the safety features and make sure everything works. >> sometimes if there's a complaint, we'll go out and look at something. there's city and counties. they want us to come out and
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a supplemental inspection. >> reporter: now, at 7:00 we're going to dig deeper on the numbers to find out how many of those rides were actually inspected last year. we'll be looking at this story by the numbers, and it's really revealing. you will want to stay tuned. >> we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. out of those mega slides, after you're getting a second look. one such slide, is it a park called ohio dreams in butler. we'll send channel monoi row there to check it out. >> the tragedy in kansas traveled to butler. it's easy to see where slip and slide gets its name. each year, thousands traveled to butler to take their turn flying through the air and landing in a pool below. >> it's designed -- it's not something that if somebody threw up in their backyard --
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jumpers to train on. >> what is advertised as the sports music fest. >> organizers say safety is at the top of the list. >> it's very specific in the speeds you need to reach. so those are the things we're always looking for. our life guards are looking for. our safety personnel are always keeping an eye out so everyone is safe in what we're doing. there are operators that go through the spiel of what is supposed to be done >> life guards are going to be on staff through the entire event to make it safe and fun for all. reporting from the newsroom, i'm jasmine monroe, channel 3 channel 3 news. this is what is left of a -- restored maybe eight
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caught in the park. >> we're months away from the legal usage of medicinal marijuana in ohio. right now, we'll have the forecast. >> we're checking a couple of showers and thunderstorms thunderstorms in northeast ohio. if you're on your dinner break, we'll have more in just a bit. sad news from texas. the zika virus has killed concerns of the virus grow in the u.s. that story and more when channel 3 news at 6:00
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. cal victory fund is responsible
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in one month, medicinal marijuana will be legal in ohio. while those who need it can start using it next month, that may be easier said than done. tom berras joins us now to see th are taking the time to roll this out. hi, tom. >> hi, russ. there are a lot of decisions and a lot of key players and moving parts that have to come into place before ohio's legal medicinal marijuana is fully up and running. it will be a painfully slow process for people waiting for its help. >> a devastating condition that stalls development and causes
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>> she has seizures every single day. they're debilitating for everyone involved. >> they won't be able to smoke weed, just use vapors and oils. she can start that, but they will have to buy it where it's legal. the government must pick a 13- advisor board to work with the state board of commerce and medical board and board of pharmacy, tt regulation, how to grow and sell pot. lakewood has put a six-month hold on startups. rocky river is going for an out right ban, worrying about policing, growing, processing, and selling. >> the deadlines for rules and regulations, the pot rulings
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>> until september 2018, it looks to be a long and twisting road. >> now, the bottom line is will all these rules and regulations get set up? there are going to be somebody questions and answers. >> how many stories will there be and who will decide exactly where they're going to go. >> a big decision there. that's going to be decided ultimately by the ohio pharmacy board. we do know there's going to be one limitation they cannot go within churches, parks, playgrounds. >> tom berras, thank you. turning to health news now, texas is reporting its first zika virus death a. newborn baby died shortly after she was born with birth defects. the test revealed the baby had
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it's coming up on 6:17. sunny day for the most part. i saw a few clouds cooling in. >> do you know what? those clouds are going to continue to grow, mature, and hopefully have an umbrella. by the time we head home from work, we may be rained on. >> a lot of people will be very happy about that. if you're thinking about heading out, here's what we're looking at. bear that in mind, temperatures this feels wonderful outside. we're tracking scattered showers and a few thunderstorms for you. if you're north of akron, seeing showers out your way, back toward medina county, you can see where those interstate 71 is and the showers are headed toward bailey lakes. and the bigger picture shows a whole lot more where that came
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the much broader perspective showing you down in florida and toward georgia, notice the green. that's all the scattered rain and thunderstorms we're tracking, it's a deepening area of low pressure just off the florida coast, and that's really helping to pump in the moisture. the rain, and humidity as well. all of that is being funneled right here into northeast ohio. i think we'll begin to see the tropical rain and thunderstorms from this evening through the end of so i know that some of you looking at that, you're thinking to yourself, hallelujah, finally we're seeing rainfall here. well, i think that will be the name of the weather game not only through the evening hours but also through tomorrow afternoon. i think during the overnight hours, we lose thetay time heating. so we lose the mechanism capable of supporting it. maybe a stray sprinkle, i think through tomorrow afternoon,
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place w the southerly flow in place, we'll begin to see the showers and storms redevelop. grab those umbrellas anywhere from sandusky down towards mansfield. akron and canton, umbrellas needed not only on wednesday but into your thursday. i think by friday there's a lull in the activity. in this upcoming weekend, temperatures taking a little tumble from the three-day stretch in the 90s on wednesday, thursday, friday into the 80s sunday. again, any weekend plan, please make sure you have those umbrellas because, again, scattered showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast. betsy? >> reporter: time now for access to the summer games schedule. more swimming. the women's 200-meter freestyle final, and three-time all around champion simone biles
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in back-to-back women's team titles in gymnastics. that's your access to tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by cleveland clinic, providing you with access to
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the best performance by an athlete is brought to you by
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we go to judo. travis stevens lost the match, but he still takes home the silver medal. all right. how do i describe browns' training camp practice today? stifling hot. i will tell you that. as they get ready to head to lambeau field to packers, let's zoom in on the receiver position. the browns are going to try something new. they have receivers. rashard higgins. nickname, hollywood higgins by his coach. now, on his twitter account, it read, should have never doubted 18-172. 18 receivers were picked and he went 172nd overall. now a message from him to the rest of the nfl.
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>> i've got a lot of motation coming my way -- motivation, coming my way, you know what, god put me in this predicament for a reason. i'm going to go out and show what i'm all about. >> let's look at the indians. losing two out of three to the yankees. they're taking on the red hot nationals. the indians have lost five out of their last seven, but they picked up a half game on their lead last night in the central si lost. they lead by 2.5. the nationals are in first place. they've won five out of their last 6:00. trevor baur against max scherzer tonight. the cleveland monsters, they wanted to incorporate the the city of cleveland in their brand. i agree. they're entering their tenth season, coming off a caldron cup winning season. they're getting a redesigned uniform and colors. they will go with black and wine with a splash of gold.
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day four of competition. here we go. team usa in men's basketball, 2- 0. they beat venezuela yesterday by 44. next game tomorrow, they take on australia. our guy, kyrie irving,aging just under 10 -- averaging just under 10 per game. now, he'll be taking on his former teammate now. he came in at a time when the organization was we got a different coaching staff. we're bonded forever. being in practice every single day was fun as well. it's been a few rough days, but those are the days that have built our character and our relationship. >> they were good together. they really were. now, as we told you at the top of the show, bad news for local boxer charles bad news conwell. in a tight olympic bout, his first in rio, he's defeated.
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decision. now, conwell is very upset. we'll hear from him in our late show tonight because of a single elimination. what a journey for an 18-year- old middle weight boxer from cleveland heights to rio. the united states is widening their overall lead in the medal count with 22. china, russia, japan, italy, they're all chasing. a big night is coming up tonight. women's gymnastics and great swim. bad news for a good guy. he's young. >> i watched the bout. you know, to me -- it's subjective in olympic boxing -- to me, he was the businessier of the two boxers. he did more stuff. he had a little bit of a rough first round and never caught up. >> training camp today, browns looking good, you say. >> they do look good. i can't wait to see them on friday at lambeau field. incidentally. lambeau field in august is a lot different than lambeau
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>> not the frozen tundra? >> no, no. only by name. >> jimmy and michael back this evening. we're see you after the olympics tonight. wow! looks like rob portman sure knows how to clear out a factory! portman voted to give tax breaks to companies that shipped our jobs overseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china. rob portman certainly isn't going to get a lot of votes from here in ohio.
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breaking news tonight. what did donald trump just say? controversy erupting as we come on the air after we hear what he said about hillary amendment and justice. and babies i critical care being urgently moved after a potentially deadly bacteria is discovered. ferris wheel accident, children being hospitalized after a terrible fall raising questions about safety. who's regulating all those rides? and golden statement. an american champion caught in a cold war against a russian rival, showing who's really number one.


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