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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 10, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> the gauntlet has been thrown down. bob costas, michael phelps and company winning the 800 free relay. >> yet again. quick look at tonight's medal count. the united states continues to hold a commanding lead with 26 overall medals and they have pulled ahead in golds, as well, one more than china. the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their jou towards olympic gold. michael phelps' own personal medal count is 25, 21 gold, two silver, two bronze, historic tally highlighted by his remarkable run of eight golds in beijing in 2008. if you consider the full arc of phelps' olympic career his performance tonight in the 200 butterfly has to be way up there among the long list of victories because while there were a lot of personal reasons that drew
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competitively coming back in 200 fly and reclaiming the title he owned in '04 and '08 was a big deal to him. tonight he became the oldest swimmer male or female to win individual gold medal in olympic history. we take one more look at michael phelps latest remarkable showing. so long from rio. >> take your mark. >> kenderesi in lane four. cseh in lane three. >> everybody on the planet has
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leclos. the other two swimmers have a great chance to win. kenderesi probably because he is so young might not be able to do it. phelps had a great turn in the middle of the pool. >> cseh had the lead at the turn. michael phelps in lane five looks like the lead here at the half way point. >> phelps in lane five looking really good early on. that is a little long on that turn. not too bad. but out very quickly. he was 53 flat when he went 164. >> had half second lead on leclos. now they are inching up a little
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leclos looks like he is running a clear second. michael phelps has the lead with 50 meters left. he tracks that turn. leclos had a big turn. >> gaining on michael phelps a little bit. he is running second right now. michael phelps hanging on. 15 meters left for michael phelps is going to do it again. and leclos didn't even know. kenderesi got bronze.
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going for the gold, a story of a local rower racing hours from now. and dozens gathered in help fight the growing heroine epidemic. and the hockey team may have changed its name, but the monsters still exist. >> and putting trackers to the test. do they really work? what we discovered about three popular models. this is channel 3 news at 11:00.
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and -- round of severe storms and much-needed rain swept through and took down some trues. this is video from cleveland heights. >> and it left tens of thousands of people without power across the area. betsy kling is live with more. >> yes, the rain we need, the storms we do not, but we had both throughout the evening, and looking at the radar the bulk of the rain moved out of the area. we still have a few scattered showers and maybe a couple rumbles of thunder in the northeast corner of ashtabula county, and then some more scattered showers offshore of greater cleveland, but we could see more throughout the night. we had damage, multiple trees down. power outages, over 26,000 first energy customers without
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andsome in lake county too. and there's the path of particular storm that caused the damage made, and now just a few isolated showers and rumbles of thunder overnight. temperatures notice 70s in the morning, 80s to around 90 in the afternoon. come still ahead -- humidity to come still ahead. a big night in rio as the us women's gymnastics team takes home gold. it's the second consecutive olympics the women have won the team gold. the team was led by simone biles and beat second place
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>> and michael phelps won his 20th and 21st medals. it's his 24th and 25th medals overall in his olympic career. and the stakes get higher for a rower from here. >> here's more on her quest for gold. >> reporter: a tough day technically wednesday, let's look ahead. mueller gets back on the water tomorrow in the semifinals, and she's one-half of a women's pair to watch. a fabulous performance, that's what announcers called it as felice mueller and her partner finished out in front. >> i think we were excited.
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to go -- good to go like this duo, the waiting is the hardest part. >> i know there are a few things i can do better in the next race. >> and like wise. >> yes, in the pair it's about work together as a unit, so we're going to do it together and keep building. >> reporter: and in their sports that's what's tricky. >> yeah, it's the secret to the pair. you have one ore on each side and -- oar, match speed and acceleration, so you can get off pace. it's like a three-legged race. >> reporter: the goal? >> go as fast as we can [ laughter ] >> and go home with maybe some hardware. >> i hope that happens. >> i think our goal is just move the boat fast and whatever happens will happen. >> reporter: but expect their performance to be fierce.
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they have everything it takes to win. >> reporter: 14 friends and family members will be here for the final on top of all the support from the cle. >> it's been great. i feel like i have a family and community behind me. >> reporter: well, we are behind her, and we know you are too. i'll be there tomorrow as she races towards the final held on friday. back to you. it was an impressive show of support in akron as thousands came together to fight the drug problem that's killing add dicks as an -- addicts at an alarming rate. >> reporter: what happened here tonight was powerful. it took only two days to organize, and here's the man of the hour.
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there was ever any bought doubt is that the hold heroine has on akron is deadly. it's the deadly tie that bind for thousands that made their way to akron to declare war on the epidemic here. this is the man behind the movement, started it on his facebook page called heroine is killing my town. why akron when you could be an get messages from people dying in akron. >> reporter: they're the names and faces behind the epidemic, people like travis who's son tyler was on a golf and academic scholarship was he died from a drug overdose and was dumped in an empty lot. >> it's all the families out here we're standing up for trying to make a difference. >> reporter: they held pictures of their loved ones because
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>> my son rusty james parker died of an overdose at 25 years old, and left behind a 2-year- old son. >> i pray the city heals. it's all i can do. help one person at a time. >> there's hope, and we're going to make history tonight, and save lives. that's how i roll. >> reporter: billy, are you seeing the possible? >> yeah, and so are you. >> reporter: so many people in northeast ohio starting their own movement and it was impossible to get to all them, but we'll post their websites at dawn kendrick channel 3 news. he may not be number one, but we're close to it, and this is a ranking we don't want. if you travel cleveland roads, you probably already know we're going downhill. >> reporter: i know, you probably think it's another pothole story.
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if you believe a national study and app parentally many of -- apparently many of you do, 52 percent of cleveland area roads are in poor condition. >> it's bad all over the place. >> reporter: how bad? bad enough that a study by a national transportation research group says cleveland and akron area roads are among the worst. cleveland ranks sixth for roads, and akron not far behind at number 11. >> they're worse than that. >> reporter: to avoid some of the mine fields some of us drive left of center or take the long way around to avoid damage to our cars. roads like this that are falling apart are costing the average high $845 a year in repairs. >> in ohio there's a backlog of roughly 11.6 billion dollars in
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repairs. >> reporter: bridge repairs a big priority for some in in washington including this man. >> i've had family members with blown out tires because of this. >> reporter: the tax used to repair the roads hasn't been raised in 26 years. heads a long term fix, and believes taxpayers will buy in if they're not hit up once. >> i'm big believer in a user fee. if you use the roads you pay for the road >> reporter: call it what you want, the money comes from those that use the roads, but politics usually gets in the way of good policy he says. >> the people in charge anymore don't care. >> reporter: don't consider it a priority? >> no. >> reporter: nation-wide the ability yule cost of driving on rough -- annual cost of driving on rough roads is 109 billion dollars. the cleveland area is 7th in
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by substandard roads. i'm investigator tom meyer. waves being made by donald trump until a speech tuesday in north carolina, he hinted second amendment fans might need to take action against hillary clinton. chris walker is here with more. >> we know donald trump is authentic and that's what people like, but what might have gone to made today in the carolinas. let's play it and talk about it. >> hillary clinton wants to essentially abolish the second amendment, and by the way if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> some say that's an implication of violence, others say it's a bad joke, but it's taking him off message,
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the clinton campaign is saying reckless saying he shouldn't be president. what the trump campaign saying? >> they're saying we were not trying to suggest violence, just imply that second amendment fans come together, vote together, the clinton campaign saying this was a call to violence, and it's completely unacceptable. >> poll numbers, what's new? >> a lot of big numbers, in ohio look at this. it's been neck and neck forever, so it seems, but now hillary clinton with a point lead over donald trump in a new nbc poll. to the east in pennsylvania look at this, it's an 11-point lead for hillary clinton, and look at how different it is from the conventions, and then iowa clinton with a lead of 4 percentage points, and during the olympics week there's not a lot of way to get attention to undo the problems he's made for himself, so we'll keep a close eye on it. >> all right, we'll stay tuned. thank you chris.
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getting fit, but do the fitness trackers live up to the hype? we put popular models to the test. plus changing it's name. hear from fans think of the
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wow! ctory! ohioans used to work here, but not anymore. portman voted to give tax breaks to companies that shipped our jobs overseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china. rob portman certainly isn't going to get a lot of votes from here in ohio.
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they are the hottest thing in fitness. but do all the trackers like fit bit work as well as they claim? researchers put them to the test. they turned on a fit bit, researcher manually recorded each step. the manual can't was 1,028 steps. the fit bit off by 81. the jawbone by 26, and the garmin off by 14, but both users agree the fitness tracker is more about encouragement than accuracy. you know, our city has a lot to be proud of this year with the successful rnc and the championships.
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hockey team lake erie is dropping lake erie in favor of cleveland. >> we have more about the change and the legend of the monster behind the name. >> reporter: hey guys, capitalizing on the city's banner year, the lake erie monsters will be known as the lake erie monsters, but they're keeping the mascot. we talked to people around town today about the monster, the myth, the legend. >> it's long and it hangs the water park down to avon. >> reporter: he believes in the lake erie monster. >> i'll be 60 next month, and i've been hearing the story since back in my grandfather's days. >> reporter: now he's telling the tale to his 4-year-old grandson. it's a year of great stories out of the lake erie. the cavaliers championship, a successful rnc and the lake erie winning the cup. in a bold move the season after
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changing their name to the cleveland monsters. hopefully they don't upset bessie as she's come to be known. there have been a few sightings over the past several decades. she's gray, up to 50 feet and length and up to a foot in diameter according to reports. >> i don't disbelieve it, but i don't believe it. >> reporter: we don't find the monster in lake erie, bar at great lakes brewing company. >> it's an aggressive beer. >> reporter: you can find it sold locally. but what about beneath the murky water? >> i really think it's true. i really do. >> reporter: the team name may be gone, but the legend lives on. passed down for the next generation. along with the name change comes new team gear.
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cleveland monsters hockey jerseys at >> and betsy not bessie is here with a look at weather. the thunder boomers came through. >> yes, a lot of lightning, very loud, things are settling down nicely, and the rest of the night we're just the isolated showers, right up here in columbus and up i-71 into downtown cleveland, and that's where we had the damage when that system came through. a quick peek on storm view. what's left of the system is moving out into the eastern portion of ashtabula county, and i mean eastern like the little corner, so that's moving out very quickly. were we won't have too much --
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about, and once we get fact to the west we have a few showers and maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder along the lake shore and lake county as well, and putting that into motion, excuse me, let me grab it one more time, we do indeed have that just shirting, so -- skirting, so if you're right on the lake shore maybe seeing a few showers, but otherwise not many problems with that. there are some scattered showers down into holmes county as well, along walnut creek into sugar green, even canton with a chance of showers. we do have a lot of humidity. a lot. it's not just humid, it's ultra muggy with the humidity well into the muggy territory, and we're not alone. it's all across the region really. everyone sitting in the soup, and there's a good reason for it. we have not only one moisture stream that's coming in off the
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moisture stream believe it or not that originated from the pacific, and it's coming together over the great lakes region meaning more of what we have going on now. we have a chance of more isolated rain showers through the night tonight. fog possible in the morning, and temperatures quickly getting up into the mid-80s by midday triggering another round of showers and thunderstorms across northern ohio likely lingering into the evening before settling down into the overnight. as far as the southwest winds continue. we'll have a lake breeze building in, one to two footers possible along the lake shore areas. and we're back at 90 for the day tomorrow. we'll start off dry, i think we'll have the fog around. partly cloudy skies midday, heating up quickly. topping out around 90 and scattered showers and storm chances later in the day. hold the rain chances through friday, and finally saturday
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front knocking back the humidity, and bringing out the sunshine next week. time now for access to the summer games schedule brought to you by ohio's number one hospital, the cleveland clinic. during nbc's daytime coverage we head back to the beach for men's volley ball, water polo, and the us team takes on france. and michael phelps lochte duel in the individual medley. that's the schedule brought to you by cleveland clinic providing you with access to the number one care any time,
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and now the window nation sports report. high everybody, the indians
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washington nationals, they're a first place team in the national league, and they beat them in their own ball park. 3-1 the final score. but before the game a scary series of events. terry francona not feeling well, he was having chest pains. they subsided and he was feeling better, but for precautionary reasons they sent him back to the hotel and mills managed the team. and here 1-0 lead. cody allen did great. and the tigers are winning in seattle right now, if that holds the indians hold on to a two and a half game lead. >> the browns heading to lambeaux field for the opening
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remember they drafted all the young wide receivers, finally. you do need them. this kiss,ly car -- kid ricardo lewis from auburn. interesting player. coach hamilton called him a poor man's andre johnson. i mean, i'll take that, and he's ready for his opening game in the nfl friday night. >> it's a big test, and a big be. great to be around and walk on the field with a lot of great lairs. >> and -- players. >> and day four in rio, it was a tough day in boxing for the kid from cleveland heights. charles bad news conwell, he lost and is eliminated. bad news had bad news at that
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come from behind, almost did it, but couldn't pull it off. after he was heart broken, but still talked to our reporter. >> i mean, i'm disappointed, i wanted to win the fight, but the opportunity is a great experience, and i'm just waiting on what's next. i'm sorry, i'm coming back ten times stronger. >> you don't have to apologize to us, it's been a great ride. the us women's gymnastic team, wow, just beat second place russia by over eight points, calling themselves the final five winning the team gold medal. the men's 200 butterfly final. michael phelps did it again. it was his 20th gold medal of the his career, and 24th overall. and there was more with the relay in the four by 200-meter free style after his racing cap snapped right there.
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teammate and anchored the united states to the win. 25 medals overall. what a decorated swimmer and athlete. the women's 200-meter free style, and she did it again. katie ledecki. she won gold sunday and did it again today. she's perfect in international events. the women's 200-meter individual medley. dorato from the united states already won silver the other night, bronze in this event. kind of a surprise, women's soccer, taking on colombia, and they were ahead, but then colombia scores on a free kick to tie the game at 2, but it's okay, the united states wins their group and they're on the way to the quarter finals. today's medal count is brought to you by university hospital and the united states with a big day. 26 medals overall!
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tomorrow. we'll wrap up next. women in politics. hiest combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible


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