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tv   Channel 3 News at 5  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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well, it is cleanup time after storms uprooted entire trees, snapped branches like toothpicks. power lines down as well. that car, minivan didn't even stand a chance.
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minutes. up first, 15,000 people still without power. still may be another fiver hours or sew -- five hours or so before they get back online. >> we have team coverage as greg d gives us a look at the storm damage but get to betsy tracking the storms. >> yeah, most of these scattered storms are few and far in between and very intense where they are. we have heavy ra some areas. there you see it. we have flood advisories for ashtabula counties. west first into eerie county and western section of lorrain county. if you have family or friends at cedar points give them a call and tell them to get to shelter because it's only about 6-miles away.
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shutting the rides down. further to the east, very heavy rain continues along the turnpike in florence and amhurst. not expect severe weather but we've seen gusty winds at time from those thunderstorms and you can see where we get little cores, where the lightning is very centralized. that is known as a core that's an active thunderstorm, actively growing and started to fade, that's a sign that the thunderstorm is fading but we get very intense rain fall and that also presented a high wind gust threat. i mentioned the intense rain fall in the last six hours we've picked up over two inches of rain and wherever these heavy cells al, we'll get the heavy rain. they'll be scattered throughout the evening, ultra muggy temperatures and humidity.
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weekend unfortunately. last night we dealt with this as well. one went from mans field to the southeast side of cleveland. wind reports as well and multiple trees reported down. greg d is out in cleveland heights. >>reporter: hi, betsy, we're here in the forest hills section inform cleveland heights where debris litters the roads and sidewalks. grows are still cleaning up and after last night's thundersto a all caused by thunderstorm winds. the strongest winds affected the east side last night where reports of damage quickly came in. areas of cleveland heights east saw most of the damage. large trees snapped in half, others saw huge branches fall on yards, cars and even homes. leaves littered streets and sidewalks. some trees were completely uprooted. the wind caused large parts of
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ground causing damage to driveways and yards. the force of the roots was so strong, it even lifted this garage off the foundation. power lines also down leaving many without power this morning. the outages affected folks down to university circle where inter-sebastians were turned into four way -- intersections where they turned into four other need us to help with chain saws and other large equipment to clean up what the storms left behind. the national weather service said winds of 2380 miles per hour likely cause third-degree damage. all produced by a -- caused this damage. likely caused by a microburst. i'll tell you what that is and how it forms.
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one person die inside a crash on on route 57 in elyria this afternoon. one car was cut off by another car. one person killed and the name of that victim not released at that hour. no further details available. >> the court: a $15 minimum wage for every person who works in the city of cleveland topic of discussion at the city hall. the vote is expected any minute and happening at city hall. hillary, what do we know right now? >>reporter: well, i can tell you, chris, that the relation of this topic mirrors what's going on with the city council in terms of considering it. i've been here for a good portion of the day and in the committee of a whole talking act this matter. we expected them to be filling in to the full body council
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unfortunately that vote has been move today 5: 45 and shows you this is a heated debate. there's a been a back and forth. a lot to consider and now listen to both sides. in case you can't hear that chant, it's $15 and a union. hundreds marching for the cause they believe will make the lives of clevelanders their lives better. raising the minimum wage to $15 in the city. >> that's still not enough. i'm a home care worker and this is a crime how we're making $8- $10 an hour and they provide a public service and that's a career. >> i have some children that are college graduate and they're making minimum wages because of the jobs they're
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>>reporter: many leaders worry it would be bad for the local economy, bad for business, and isolate cleveland. >> i just don't see it. when you have an issue like this that's a popular issue and being talked about as part of national conversation, people might want to find something to compromise about, but i'm willing to talk about phasing in and what the right number is, but got to be at a statewide level. >>reporter: a fight and back and forth with alive. no matter what the city council decides to do today, one that i think that could happen, chris, the ohio supreme court is considering this and may make a call to put it on a ballot so it will be a referendum issue which means city council no matter what, it could be up to the voters in the end. coming up at 6:00 p.m., we expect city council will be back here at 5: 45 and give you
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>> okay, look forward to it then. this is a face you may know, long time espn sports caster john sonders died. john saunders was 61. if you rely on the flu mist to protect your children, you're out of luck. the cdc is recommending against the flu mist this year it's not effective. most kids will have to get a flu shot. michael reports on ways to make it as painless as possible. >>reporter: nine year-old frankie is usually afraid to get a flu shot. the bee is easing his anxiety. it's a topical numbing medication that can take 20 minutes to take effect.
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you feel nothing. >> it scrambles the pain response so you feel the cold and buzzing and not necessarily the pain from the injection. >>reporter: the bee is one of several techniques pedestrians can use to -- pediatricians can use to help kids and parents. >> newborns find a lot of comfort in being swaddled or breast-feeding for pain reduction. children respond to technique. singing, playing, bubbles. children like to know what's coming, explaining the process, providing imagery, talking act foods they like. there's some things that work for your child, we want the parents to tell us that. we want it to be a teamwork family centered approach when we give vaccines to kids. >>reporter: having doctors, parent, and nurses on the same pain will help. >> every kid is different and
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be different. try what you think is best it as a parent. >> monica robins, channel 23 news. time trial cycling, the stage is set for more big wins tonight from the pool to the court. hopefully the floor. and olympic park in rio. >>reporter: christian armstrong pedals her way to a third straight olympic gold looking for confident than she sounded. she dropped in relief but a nasty spill. a messy wet day here in rio, enough to sideline tennis but no problem for michael phelpss and ryan locky who breezed into
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heels of a gold medal win. >> i'm not even half way down. >>reporter: ryan murphy and along with missy franklin hoping for her first medal of the game tonight. men's gymnastics is looking to rebound in the individual all around final with the men's basketball team issuing a win. >> one olympic sport that doesn't get a lot of but northeast ohio have a reason to keep their eye on judo. >> we're joined live from rio in three minutes. and the girl scouts are at it again and what kind of flavor they came up with to have you craving some more. >> i see what you did there.
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new idea for the segment here on the 5:00 p.m. news. fun facts at 5. you might be aware that ohio is a player in the ancient japanese sport of judo. >> now you can throw out that fact at dinner. that's because with the determined olympian from middle town, ohio sarah is live with her story and more. >>reporter: hi, yes, kayla
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she won gold back at the london olympics. the first american to do so in this sport of judo. in japanese is means gentle way in japan where it originated but gentle is not the first thing that comes to mind when kayla competes. she's had plenty of reasons to quit but instead she's found a way to win. and in rio, she says she's gonna do it again. >> that's my job. if you co it's the highest stage in the world. that's an accomplishment in itself. that's what you've dreamed of as a little kid. that's my whole life. >>reporter: a little kit growing up in middle town, ohio. she's been in judo since age 6. >> i'll have makeup and have all this nice things so it's completely different from what
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describing the way and my favorite is when i say you can choke them till they pop out or fall asleep and people look at you or arm bar them till they pass out or their arm breaks. what? you do that? yes, i do. they look at you like you are crazy. but i co. >>reporter: her tough exterior masked unimaginable pain. at 16 after years forward. >> it's something that's much bigger than these people realize. one if four girls will be sexual assaulted or abused before they're 18. those are just the kids that say something. >>reporter: while her coach went to prison, kayla used judo to rebuild. now started the fearless foundation to use her story to raise awareness and use judo to raise kids confidence.
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any gold medal or award that i'll ever win. >>reporter: kayla is thinking of her legacy and what comes next if rio is her last stop. maybe mma with her old roommate rhonda rousy. first maybe facing her arch rival and she's ready. >> i'm really focused on winning and i have blinders on and just win at whatever cost. it doesn't matter. win. this is your dream and worth it. and it is and i know it is, i'm not trying to be cliche. i'm trying to enjoy this journey because this might be my last olympics. these are the best days of my life, even the bad days and bad practices and the days i want to quit, it's part of the journey and trying to enjoy that. >>reporter: kayla has had quite the journey but she has a great
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a gold. that would be icing on the cake. she competes at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. christine, back to you. >> what a beautiful person inside and out and such an inspiration. sarah, great story for us the only thing. thank you. >>reporter: she is. we've got a lot going on and late breeze coming in, fire and thunderm those storms going on and putting down heavy rain as well. take a look at the radar and scattered storms to talk about in the afternoon and evening. we go out to the east first because we do have this patch of thundery weather that is centered over the central part of trimble county and the sections of kyahoga county. not getting very heavy rain but lightning and thunder going on
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to the east but in the last 15 minutes, we've picked up 389 lightning strikes out of that and is that storm is beginning to de-minish. the storm over macedonia, further east to streets bro, this is growing and the lightning is really beginning to surge on it. it's interesting to note these blips right here that fade down, that's a boundary allowing this thing like a minny cold front from the storms. this continues to move to the east. a little bit of hail potential with this one. there's a sign of hail in the storm and we have the possibility for minute hail but we'll keep an eye on that. seconds away from getting to see dear aaron rodgers point. it's -- cedar points on the end
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a look at the mid way cam. it's dry in the park but a lot of people out hanging around. if you have family or friends, call them and tell them to get to shelter. it's nice to get that heads up because you get seating at some restaurants and that rain will be with them at least an hour, probably closer to two because it's moving so slowly. nice beneficial rain in lorraine county oliviament stead, rock river, a heads up for you folks. northern sections of, lorraine county and into the east areas of western kiahoga county. further south we have some blips popping up as well and west of carrolltown, these are isolated thunderstorms.
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temperatures are in the 80s but dew points ridiculous, insane humidity and the problem is it's mott going to be changing. all this heat and humidity and our cold front that will bring us relief out here, it will not get here till saturday. through the rest of the evening, temperatures fade back into the 7 0s. rain fades as well but we'll do all of this all over again tomorrow. quickly warming into the 90 degree range by the afternoon, more scattered showers thunderstorms muddling up during the heat of the day. topping out around 90 for thursday. repeat performance on friday and the cold front coming this weekend. come at a cost, have more thunderstorms but at least next week looks like we'll be drying out. time now for access to tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number one hospital cleveland clinic. swimming and the final's in the men's 100-meter free style.
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individual competition plus beach volleyball and the women's top duo. that's your access to tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by cleveland clinic providing you with access to the number one care any time,
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5: 26, time far look on what's trending. want to piece of mind, good or bad, there's a new trending app. >> the bot is basically a best sagging feature that helps you right a letter without being redistricted to another website. the white house will choose 10 messages for the president to read himself but didn't say how they'll choose. if you love gouda or swiss
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wear tailgate on their nails. it all requires drilling holes in acrylic nails and using nail polish to use hole withs a cotton swap. the girl scout wills adding two new flavors based on the campfire flavor smores. one has a graham cracker base dipped in chocolate with white icing and the other is a graham cracker cookie with marshmallow filling. they won't start selling them till december at the earliest. all i heard chocolate and graham cracker and yes please. that's all i heard. i read it. >> we live it. 'til ahead for us. stolen angel, a family isotach chew goes missing and what's -- statue goes missing. what has so many people
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coming up.
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welcome back. time for the big big three. >> the top three stories trending in your neighborhood, around the country, and online. we begin in ohio today where there's been a robbery and very interesting. we want to tell you about this. just learning today there's a texas woman who came up from her area in hometown in texas
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cemetery on sharden road. a $10,000 reward being offered. cleveland police -- the feds found the police didn't routinely discriminated against african american citizens. next step, overhaul to the pd operate. deputies reporter by to interview japanese swimmers in rio when they tried to duplicate their swim stroke while the race was on. he was watching the race and swam with his team to the finish line for a bronze medal. it's gone viral. no award for best media mimic of the game. donald trump has been making news of late, namely ha he said about the second amendment and hillary clinton.
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implication that he wants folks to target the former secretary of state and others say it's a mis-entrappation of language. >> he does have a way of -- misinterpretation of language. >> the new york daily news going so far as calling on donald trump to fire himself and step down and send his candidacy but trump is pushing back. >> the new front page and inside calls for donald trump to end his campaign stating this isn't a joke anymore. fallout from his comments about hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. all though the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> did trump mean violence for those afraid clinton wants to take their guns? they say that's ridiculous and
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>> sounds like a joke gone bad. never joke about something lying that. >> trump said second amendment people must get out and save our constitution and vote. clinton's campaign manager calling trump's words dangerous and ez elizabeth warren said trump makes threats because he can't handle he's losing to a woman. republicans pushing out this clip from a clinton orlando. the man behind her the father of the shooter that killing 49 people at pulse nightclub. saying she should dis-envow his support and later she said he was not an invited guest. clinton dealing with another scandal coming out today about alleged illegal activity and communication between the clinton foundation and the state department. i will have more on that coming up at 6. everybody calling this
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it every day. >> one newspaper saying trump should suspend his campaign. maybe that would be in the best interest of the republican party. what happens if he does ha? >> i don't think it's likely but if he did, the bye laws say -- bylaws say if he dies or steps down, 168 members of the republican national committee will then convene and choose a new candidate. >> hto it is. >> like i say, she's got more problems that erupted today. >> listen for that at 6:00 p.m.. thanks. from gymnasts to runners to the football team, athletes are using a float tank to help their bodies recover. we found local floaters who say it isn't just high intensity athlete that is can benefit. monica has that story.
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travels, stefanovich -- brady, steph curry, just a few athletes that have been vocal act their love of floating. >> it works really well before and after and enhance performance because it gives them a chance to flow customers. >>reporter: chris owns two flotation tanks. not an athlete herself, she sees the appeal to the sports word. >> it reduces lactic acid and adrenaline so the recovery time for from working out out, it speed up the recovery. >> it makes it twice as salty as the dead sea. >> the water is so dense, you can't sink. there's no effort here, you lay back and pop up like a cork. >>reporter: after a quick shower to remove makeup and pop it ear plugs, they owe dive in. >> the temperature is 93.5 degrees.
5:36 pm
anything or hear anything or smell anything. you're just in zero gravity. floating like in space. >>reporter: an hour long float is help sports injuries, migraine, and even pregnant women taking the strain off their back. belt has logged more than 20 hours of floating, it's more about managing her stress and anxiety. >> i'm not the type of personality that's made up that way to let it go. i can let a been floating for a while and reevaluate what's important. >> an hour away from tv, phone, computers, just silts and sounds that we deal with constantly, we don't realize what a strain that's putting on us. >> with all the buzz and competition of the olympic games, it's no wonder some of the tom athletes need to float for a while. >> people come out with that glow afterwards. it puts you at peace. >>reporter: monica robins, channel 3 news.
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you are looking live at a man scaling trump tower. he's using, at least we think it's a he, he's using suction cups to make his way up the tower. there is oftentimes a superhero costume involved. not here. >> not this this -- not in this case. you have to wonder if it's something political. it's hard to tell bauds of the angle but looks like he's up to the seventoo skyscraper. police are on scene and working to get the man to come down. we'll stay on this all evening and let you know if there's more to this story. >> we'll keep an eye on that. >> sports is next and we have all the highlights from rio and how one of our favorites here in cleveland kyrie irving is preparing for the matchup
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australia. will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life,
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contents of this advertising.
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the best performance by -- best performance by an athlete is bicycling today. christian armstrong wins the gold medal. 42 years old.
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oldest cyclist to win a medal at the olympics. the united states took on top seeded fiji in today. nate went to davidson high school in columbus. he scored the tribe for the united states but fiji wins 24- 19. that eliminates the americans from winning any type of medal. the u.s. wins easily against serbia. they become the first women's team to score over a hundred points in three straight games. undefeated, 20-0. every player on the usa roster scored in the game today and the next game
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canada. the men's basketball team gets ready to tip in about 19 minutes taking on australia. usa is a breezy 2-0. kyrie irving playing well averages just under 10 per game. he's enjoying his summer. he won a world championship and looks like he'll win a gold medal. >> i would say i've shied away from the attention and not the expectation. it's changed but nothing short of a learning experience. >> coming up on the olympic zone tonight at 7:30, as we get you set for another night on prime time. great profile on kayla harrison on team usa in judo and timothy wang on team usa tennis and every race predicted right on
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i'm handing my financial portfolio over to her after the olympics are done. i asked her for lottery numbers. she's right there to the second. >> does kyrie compete against dellavadova? >> he does. >> they're gonna win big but they might have a bit more of a competitive game. >> we know how to throw a parade so if they want to bring the gold medals here, we'll pa check of your forecast and let you know if there's any showers in your future. >> there was some rain in that part of the woods but look at that picture of rio. beautiful stuff. take you back there tomorrow
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after this.
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wow! looks like rob portman sure knows how to clear out a factory! ohioans used to work here, but not anymore. portman voted to give tax breaks to companies that shipped our jobs overseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china.
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as if donald
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generate enough news, one of his builders is generating news. a man climbing up trump tower in midtown man hatten. there's police at the top and bottom of the building and inflatable at the bottom in case that person falls. no word on some political message. not dressed up as a superhero which is often the case. keep an eye on this one throughout new york from next hour. the next two days our digital team will show you ways cleveland is rising. we're brought the story of two entrepreneurs trying to make cleveland the best of something, that's baking bagels. >> watch out new york, if the forces behind cleveland baking company it will soon top nyc in the bagel district.
5:48 pm
snag a tace -- tasty treat, they set out to create a definitive style bagel. >> very crewy and almost to the point where your jaw getting tired and right size. >> another differentiating factor, quality. the product only using five ingredient ands preservatives aren't on that list. >> our bagels you can leave out on the counter for pick it occupy and it's fine. what's in that? >> a handful of coffee shots across the city and soon open a brick and mortar spot in ohio city. they're set to appear on the upcoming reality show cleveland hustle later this month, for channel three news, i'm amy hanson. >> thank you. take a look at what's
5:49 pm
point to watch their foul language instead of their kids. >> a new book published called in the house of fro fanty, it says swearing is good for you and your kids. it says swearing bonds people together. it argues that swearing shows sign of intelligence and relieves pain. here's what some viewers have to say. jennifer said no, they will learn it all out barbara says absolutely, children learn what they live. james writes, i do, i'm not perfect. >> i wonder what sister margaret in my grade school would say about all this? >> a ruler across the hand. >> a bar of ivory soap. >> in the case of my grandmother, the squeeze of polmolive in the mouth. couldn't get away from it.
5:50 pm
you saying? >> nana had a whole nother level of dealing with things. might have been a little attitude in there too. >> maybe. here ocean a look at storm -- here's a look at storm view right now. we have the rain coming down at cedar point maybe some folks are saying interesting words and have gotten a good soaking in that area. rain and thunder at the point right now. have about another 30 or 45 minutes to go of that heavy rain. a look at the way cam. showed you not too long ago. that got inundated with rain and really dark. nobody out here and people are starting to come out as the core moves outs. . the rain will continue and won't start the rides till the rain stops and rails dry and you know the whole story. farther to the east we've got a good little thunderstorm coming
5:51 pm
will move east. we'll see this fans out a little bit. getting nice rain into strongsville as well. independence and farther east. brooklyn, lindale even into sections of cleveland, south side of cleveland getting that. can't help but notice all the lightning that's coming in. it's faded but this little babysitting in northern sectionings of summitt county and other portions of medina county. there's a lot of lightning right now. the traffic right now, this is i77 and right along where the rain is coming down, traffic really slows down, that is
5:52 pm
summitt county. down toward the exit. 271 has slow spots as well thanks to the heavy rain. farther south, the rain is hit or miss. one little shower moving through. it's dry and humid, very humid. temperatures today made it into the 90 degree range but with the humidity, feels like it's in the mid 90s right now. we're not alone in this, the soup is on and it's staying with us. our cold front that will bring us re the weekend and in the meantime, we have more of the same coming. tomorrow, 90 with a chance of thunderstorms. mid 80s on saturday, cold front comes in, hangs up on sunday so rain chances continuing and then finally early next week we should see a break in this pattern. time now for access to tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number
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swimming and the finals in the men's 100-meter free style. gymnastics and men's individual competition and beach volleyball with the u.s. women's top duo facing the swiss. that's your access to tonight's summer game schedule brought to you by cleveland clinic. providing you with access to the number one care any ti,
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a couple lifting up the families of fallen heros with hand crafted rocking horses is spreading the love and that's just the beginning. >> we have the story from maneway. >>reporter: these are the faces from when they're made and these are the stories, the real people behind why they pour so much of their heart and soul into these. this awesome couple who themselves the hippies behind heros rock are about to take all this good stuff on the road. >> yes, we are. it's gonna be our heros rock thank you tour. we're gonna cover 23 states, drive 7300-miles to present 1906 these. they provide free housing for military families where they're rehabbing and everything else. >>reporter: custom made for kids as unique as the heros
5:57 pm
i'm looking at five lives lost before the age of 30. they were lost for my freedom. along with the patriot guard riders escorting us into town. to be able to do something for the children of the wounded warriors and families of the fallen at the same time is just awesome. >>reporter: eight more to be delivered next spring to the northeast ohio communities literally left their marks on each one. >> the hand prints, big tailgate party too bikers with -- tattooed bikers with tears in their eyes are showing what how much we appreciate their sacrifice and service. they're more than your neighbor's kids, they're our kids and country's kids. they go over there and volunteer and give their lives.
5:58 pm
>>reporter: sadly enough after the thank you tour winds down, the snyders already have more rocking horses to be made. the faces from officers who have fallen in the likes of dallas and baton rouge next on tap. channel 3 news. >> dawn, thank you. if you would like to donate to the cause, we have a link on our website >> very cool. that's gonna do it wednesday edition.
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we know everyone wants good conditions. these are to advance to the semifinals. they've been tomorrow morning. you know it be out there covering all of that. team usa couldn't hold off fiji. the final was 2419 fiji. that knocks team usa out of medal contention. for they're hoping to finish as high as ninth. just getting to the olympic


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