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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 12, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> and we have a feeling that the anthem simone biles is about to hear, may not be the last time she stands atop the podium in rio. she has three more events. the vault on sunday. the beam on monday. and the floor on tuesday. she could walk out of here, or pranut may be, with five gold medals. aly raisman is back in competition in the floor on tuesday. and she is the defending olympic gold medalist in that event. she won it in london in 2012. >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of america.
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>> teammates, close friends, medalists tonight in rio, biles and raisman. that brings us to a look at the medal count of day six. presented by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their another big day and night for the americans, with five golds overall. while the united states owns more gold medals than any other country in olympic history, fiji won a gold in rugby for its first medal of any kind. a nation with a population less than delaware, fiji loves rugby like no other sport. children grow up with a ball in their hands. entire villages huddle around radios and small tvs to listen to or watch the national team
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15,000-seat national stadium. there you see it, in the capital city. and they watched the gold medal match won by their countrymen there tonight. meanwhile, turning back to the headliners here in rio, a group that included aly raisman, winning a silver medal and the performance of her life in the all around. raisman has five medals in her distinguished olympic career, three of them gold. tonight's silver for raisman, came on a night that belonged to a pair rank among the best ever in their respective sports. over five olympics, michael phelps has set records that likely will never be broken. maybe not even approached. while over merely five days, simone biles has left an impression that will never be forgotten. two champions who once again tonight, not only won, but truly outdistanced their competition. still, there was another note-worthy champion tonight.
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african-american woman to win an individual olympic swimming medal. manuel, a 20-year-old from sugarland, texas, tied for the gold with canadian penny oleksiak, with sarah sjostrom of sweden winning the bronze. a rarity as the canadian and american national anthems are played. ?? ?? >> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of the united states of america.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the anthem of canada. ??
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?? >> up on late night. after late local news. and that program will include my interview with simone biles and aly raisman. for now, so long from rio.
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going for the gold. we get introduced to several ohio athletes gearing up for their events a few hours from now. plus, heroin crisis. crews respond to 8 overdoses in a half-hour. and chaos in the class room. the investigator local school districts have the worst teacher ark tendance record and how it could impact your child's grades. -- attendance record and how it could impact your child's grades. good evening. more heat and humidity led to more storms across ohio. that the hour, 14,000 are still without power. >> our chief meteorologist
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tonight. >> at one point there were 50,000 people without electricity. we had hot and humid conditions and we still have rain showers and rumbles of thunder coming through ohio right now. one shower over the radar. just coming out into portions of lakewood, brooklyn, a light shower. moving eastward towards garfield heights and likely sizzle as it heads into the east end of the county. we have more scattered showers. that is going to continue to move east. just a few of these light scattered showers linger. but, boy, coming on the heels of what was a pretty good bought of rain earlier today. now, central portions of the county picking up over four inches of rain today. we picked up over an inch of rain with a thunderstorm complex that is fired up and moving through much of the county. but unare fortunately we have a lot of areas that did not get anything, parched. still the word in some places.
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goes. there is moisture in the at phos fear. relative humidity readings right now at or above 90% in many areas. think of that as how full the glass is. we have a ton of water just about at capacity. and it is a nasty feeling that is out there. as far as tomorrow goes, we will do the same thing all over again. we will have scattered showers and storms in the forecast with the heat and humidity holding. the temperatures, again, in the r afternoon. >> all right, thank you. >> a majority of those homes and businesses hit hardest is on the west side. in rocky river. >> that is where we find him live right now where families narrowly missed what could be a disaster. >> hi that is true. what shreft of the tree is behind me. it is a big tree. again, this is just what is left of it. still pretty dark here.
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restored. the good news is, though, you said 60,000 without power. >> it is a huge tree h. to be standing here on detroit 100 years, they'd. no match, though, from what they ensure was a huge lightning strike that took seconds to take it down. >> the loudest lightning. this is where the treetopelled into and took downpour lines. >> first, flash of white light and a series of blue lights after that. >> i am thinking thank god that i drove as fast as i did. >> reporter: stacy and her son had just turned left on to detroit and pull into their driveway next door to the grams. >> we heard a lot of crash and the tree fell in the street where we were waiting you. >> were right there seconds before. >> seconds. i am still freaking out a little. >> reporter: kyle finding perspective even as the power
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businesses up and down detroit locked up. dark and powerless. mcdonald's, out of luck. what happens when you are mitchell ice cream? >> we need to put dry ice in all of the freezers. >> reporter: a few miles away this is the scene in bay village, north of 90 near the rta station as west ciders hunker down, many without power. but willing to stick together through the storms. >> who is going to eat all of that? do you >> for sure, yes. [ laughter ] >> okay, we are having problems with the live shot. those folks are lucky tonight. we want to move on right now. this look this evening at how bad a drug epidemic has become. paramedics responded to then overdoses. >> we spoke with one of the people who overdosed. >> reporter: it was the eve of wayne's birthday. just after 8:00 when he said
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name gave him a pill for his headache. >> i thought it was something to stop my headache or whatever. >> reporter: next thing he remembers he was inside the hospital and so was his brother who had taken the same drug. >> thankfully we are still here. >> reporter: it happened in the 200 block in mansfield and marked the beginning of an evening of overdoses. over the next 49 minutes people overdosed all on different drugs. talking to those living here da >> reporter: they will tell you the problem is not new, either. >> i think it is the economy. it is so bad our young people don't have any other thing to turn to. >> reporter: back to you. >> all right, andrew. >> none of the people who overdosed last night died. and that really speaks to how prepared paramedics are when dealing with these emergencies. meanwhile a local mother who lost her son to heroin is pushing to stop the heroin epidemic and thousands of
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25-year-old rj parker died in may. carter saw her son battle addiction for years. according to drug the number of heroin overdoses increase 6 from 2001 to 2014. 10 deaths. carter started a petition asking that ohio and the whole country be flanked under a state of emergency the epidemiotphaoeubg it is bigger than september 11th. it is bigger than a hurricane. this is -- epidemic, it is bigger than september 11th, it is bigger than a hurricane. never did a hurricane wipe out so many people, if you look at it. >> reporter: the petition was posted four days ago. it now has more than 6800 secretaries. if you would like to read the whole thing or sign it, look
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trump was not scheduled to attend a rally. it comes after a week of new controversies including trump saying barack obama and clinton are the founders of isis. >> ohio takes home gold medal after middletown wins. >> now, the station is set for a handful of other olympians from the buckeye state to haul in more medals. we have more from rio. >> rio today is brought to you by your ohio dealers. >> reporter: thank good t-pbs is friday because we have a lot of excitement coming up from our ohio athletes.
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two ohioans in their respective medal races material. josh advances to a medal race in double stalled he and his partner, campbell, closed in on france today in a dead sprint in the semifinals. there is another shot on friday. 9:45 a.m. the very next race mueller from bills, muler and her partner came in just behind the brits in today's semifinals. w now, at 10:10, that say lucky time for me, we will get into track and field. yes, 25 laps begin for the university heights native emily infield. that is one 10,000 meter one and done final and she is determined to win it. she is careful to stay off of her feet before the big race that is a little more than 6 miles. >> it is one of those things
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blind to the competition. there are talented women in this field. >> reporter: and murphy makes his olympic debut, murphy one the team usa qualifier for the 800 meter. he is from new paris, ohio, population 1500 on the indiana border. and you are now in on akron's secret. this will be fun. we will divide and concure tomorrow to talk to all of our ates finished competing. we will keep you updated on the results. if you want them right away follow us on twitter and facebook we will get it out to you as soon as we can and have them for you right here tomorrow evening. back to you. rio today, brought to you by: northern ohio dealers. well, on any other day this would be our lead store.
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cavaliers and the deal is massive. history-making. we have details and fan reaction. >> reporter: here are the numbers, 3 years $100 million. he could of signed a series of 1-year deals until the salary spikes again if 2017 instead he will make $31 million. league's highest paid. he said he is thrilled to be back to defend the crown in cleveland. here is what you are saying. let's start with mike. so he eufrpgs a 3-year deal f. he can get one more ring out the land and one more mvp he is the co-greatest of all-time with michael jordans. >> now, donna, what the heck, he will return some of it but that is crazy. now, take a look. timothy, hard work is rewarded. he brought the city a championship. pay that man his money. chief shrapbd going back to the finals. >> they don't even pay our soldiers or people that serve our country but a guy that
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the answer to that is, yes. >> lebron ended the statement by saying let's get j.r. done. it is time. he wants smith back w. that nudge, guys, expect that deal to be done, soon. >> i bet you are right. coming up, missing class. tom meyer looks at who has the worst attendance with teachers. gazing up in the sky. see the bestch look at the meteor shower
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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it is that will your child's teacher be missing in action? ohio calls out of two weeks of class every year. >> our investigators found school districts with the worst teacher attend attendance and what -- attendance and what is being done about it. >> ask any students. >> reporter: and most will tell you what happens when their teacher takes the day off and a substitute takes over. >> people will be fighting, pickle ball fights,. >> reporter: there just is not
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listen to music. chill. >> reporter: the chaos played out often in ohio schools where one in four teachers miss 10 school days every year. >> when teachers are consistently calling off it is telling the kids it is okay not to care about their edgecasion. >> reporter: studies show as teacher absences go up math skews go down. >> oefrpb the same page can go far. >> reporter: 13% of teachers in cleveland call out. that is an 87% attendance rate giving the city's the worst attendance not only in ohio but in the country. >> we don't want to be number one in that area but student achievement. >> reporter: east cleaver land ranked 2nd: and new berry and third worst at 92%.
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there is -- it is disruptive. >> it is costly. cleveland taxpayers shelled out $9 million on substitute teachers last year alone. that means cleveland students during their graduation track will spend the equivalent of a school year with a sub. >> discipline is typically a problem with substitute teachers. the children think it is a free day. >> we reached out to cleveland teachers. their union leader deklined the from view. in an e-mail heed studies teachers misno more days than the average -- missing no more days than the average. but the district disagrees. they are now giving teachers incentives. look to the sky. the meet or shower is happening now. the meet -- the meteor shower
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the best viewing is just before dawn but any time after 1:00 a.m. is pretty good. experts say you can expect to see 200 meteors for hour. >> yes. if the sky is clear. [ laughter ] >> yes. you all look at me. >> i know. no pressure, right? >> right. >> i tell you what, you guys are easier. i will say that. now, as far as tonight goes i think we have a few bracks in the overcast coming. a couple reported out there if you are out and about take a look. i am one that stands in the driveway for a minute and okay, good enough and i go backed in. so, that could be the way you do it, too. ultramug tow start the day. fog out there. temperatures in the 70s, in the 80s for the evening rush once again. the 80s will be rain cooled. i think we will hit the 90s in the afternoon hours. what is left of it this evening's rain continues to fadeaway and i think the isolated rain threat will continue tonight.
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cloudy skies. what is left of the rain showers continuing to move eastbound along i-80 and impacting the areas here. farther east towards etof state and maybe clipping southern portions of avon before crossing over into the north area as well. they hold together. now, they are fizzling fast. now, as far as humidity goes. not fizzling. it is brutally humid in northern ohio. a much, much, much, much more humid air mass than we are ed measures in the at phos fear of how much moisture is in the atmosphere. we are riding in the middle and upper 70s today. that is unbelievably humid. the dew points are back down. lower to middle 70s. our humidity readings that i showed you before, that is how -- how capacity is going we are up to near full capacity. it is brutally humid out there. the soupy air mass is not going anywhere. things will get worse in the
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moisture moving in. that will help to feed more thunderstorm development tomorrow. because of all of the humidity that we have, if and when we get the thunderstorms firing, i think they are going to fire heavy rain is going to be falling in those storms just like we had today. you get the potential for downward bursts as l. this is what we have coming for side. so, it is going to be more like today tomorrow. and then saturday we will have to deal with periods of rain this cold front comes through the buckeye state. likely to take all weekend for the cold front to finally clear the state. and that basically means we will have all weekend to deal with rain showers and thunderstorms. let's go hour by hour through your day tomorrow. starting you off in the middle and upper 70s. fog around in the morning, isolated rain chances around late morning and in the afternoon. the temperatures jumping up towards the 90 degree mark. now, depending how much sun we
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thunderstorms bubbling up during the afternoon. hit or mis, scattered throughout the area. they will start to fadeaway in the evening. once again we will be dealing with the lingering chances for showers and storms. on the lake, south-southwest winds will be at 10:15. breezier tomorrow thankfully. 1-3 footers expected. windowination window -- window nation forecast takes us into the 80s. now, let's talk more about the weekend. rain and storms will be likely possible. flooding is a possibility as we go through the weekend. here is the thing. i think we are going to have dry times, too. all in the timing and the time stilling a little sketchy as of right now. we are trying to get things nailed down for you. hoping to have more details on that for tomorrow. just kind of looking forward to how much rain could be coming we could be talking 2-5 inches of rain by the time monday
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>> time now for access to the summer game schedule brought to you by ohio's number one hospital, cleveland clinic. what you will see on nbc's day time coverage. track and field with the women's 10,000 meter final. swimming, including the men's and women's relay. and volleyball. the u.s. women take on italy and that is your access to the summer game schedule. brought to you by cleveland clinic. providing you with accfo
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wow! looks like rob portman sure knows how to clear out a factory! ohioans used to work here, but not anymore. portman voted to give tax breaks to companies that shipped our jobs overseas. and get this: he even gave them a tax break to pay for packing up the equipment and shipping it to places like china.
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now, starting 11 game home stand by crushing the angels and they lead the tigers by 4 games in the central.
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plenty of offense. bottom of the 1st. now, santana, ties it up, solo home run. the 25th of the season. still in the first. love this. bases loaded. now, the other way. that is the double to left to clear them. now, major league right here. they are up 4-1. tight run first inning, scary moment. now, shot to the dugout. hit, goes down. help to the clubhouse, leaving the game with a now n that 5th inning, 29 home run this year. a 3-run shot to make it 13-3. now, 4-4 with 4 ribbies. indians win big. 14 to 4. all right. now i know you were not worried. heed he was going. it is nices to have it official. lebron james signs a new deal with the cavaliers. now, they told you earlier. he made the announcement today on uninterrupted saying he can not be more excited or wait to


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