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tv   Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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good morning. pay for play. donald trump asks for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton after a watchdog group accuses of her of giving clinton foundation owners special access when she was secretary of state. >> i've be i shocked by the vast scope of hillary clinton's criminality. on late night, clinton laughed off trump's unfounded claims that she's in failing health. >> it's part of the wacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. deadly encounter. a north carolina trooper shoots and kills a deaf driver. after a traffic stop turns into a chase. that officer now on leave.
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a threat of violence. did they know? a new report out on that alligator attack at disney world. at least two tourists telling disney employees that an alligator was near the beach just hours before a 2 year old was killed. were their warnings ignored. and dropped. ryan lochte loses four major sponsors over the false claims he was robbed in rio. could it threaten the bid to bring the games back to los angeles, "today," tuesday, august 23rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's a tuesday morning. >> we still don't know what the usoc is going to do in terms of punishment for these four swimmers. when it comes to ryan lochte,
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already speaking out. >> paying a heavy price indeed. let's start with new developments in the presidential race including the revelation that investigators found 15,000 additional hillary's that hillary clinton never turned over. our decision 2016 team has it all covered. let's start with nbc's hallie jackson. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this morning donald trump is playing offense after weeks of being on defense. still facing fire over comments about african-american voters. back on the trail trailing in the polls, donald trump reading his speech but not changing the script. >> one more hillary clinton lie. >> reporter: trump pouncing on new leaked e-mails accusing hillary clinton of granting access to the state department in exchange for donations to the clinton foundation. >> an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor
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independent investigation after the release of those e-mails as part of a lawsuit by a conservative activist group. >> i've become increasingly shocked by the vast scope of hillary clinton's criminality. >> clinton's team argues "the foundation has already laid out the unprecedented steps the charity will take if she becomes president." bill clinton announcing if his wife was elected he would step down from the foundation board and no longer raise funds for it. another new twist threatens to keep clinton's e-mail controversy hanging over her campaign. a federal judge ordering the state department to release 15,000 more e-mails by late september. clinton brushing it off on "jimmy kimball live."
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different topic to take on trump hitting him for these comments overnight in ohio intended for african-american voters. >> you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now you walk down the street and you get shot. >> clinton's campaign calling that bigotry. doubling down on insults, fear and stereotypes. trump also this morning making some news on his immigration policy front. canceling a speech set for later this week topic. now seeming to modify his stance saying he wants to obey existing laws and separate undocumented immigrants living here into two categories, criminals and those who haven't broken laws. in the meantime, a new snapshot of how this race is unfolding nationally. our new online poll has hillary clinton up eight points now over donald trump. about where she was last week. savannah? >> thank you. >> during that late-night
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raised about her health claiming they're part of a wacky republican strategy. nbc's andrea mitchell has that part of the story. good morning to you. >> hillary clinton on a high dollar fund-raising swing through california today dismissing what her aides are calling deranged conspiracy theories by donald trump and his surrogates about her health. hillary clinton joking about the health issue. >> this has become one of their take my pulse while i'm talking to you. make sure i'm alive. >> there's nothing there. >> there's nothing there. what can i say? >> it's an almost constant refrain from donald trump calling hillary clinton weak. >> she doesn't have strength and stamina. >> egged on by his frequent side
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giuliani. on monday giuliani criticizing a recent clinton event. >> she looked sick. >> a day earlier offering widely criticized internet videos as supposed proof. >> go online and put down hillary clinton illness and take a look at yourself. >> hitting back, bringing up giuliani's prostate cancer diagnosis. you can see how he withdrew from 2007 race against in what appears to be a campaign strategy, trump's new campaign ceo steve bannon is making the same charge about clinton's health. >> i'm not saying she is had a stroke or anything like that, this is not the woman we're used to see. >> all this despite no evidence clinton has a health problem. her doctor issuing a two-page report a year ago describing clinton as in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the united states
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concussion in 2012. clinton's medical report more detailed than this brief note from trump's doctor saying "if elected mr. trump i can state will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. >> can you open this jar of pickles. >> e 70 would be the oldest president to take the oath of office if elected and clinton is 68, neither of these candidates has provided as much detail information about their health as other recent presidential nominees. savannah and matt? >> thank you very much. >> president obama travels to louisiana this morning to survey flood damage in the baton rouge area. a trip he's been criticized for not making sooner. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in baton rouge again for us this morning. hi, gabe. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good
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later today fresh off his two-week vacation at martha's vineyard. as you can see behind me, the cleanup effort is in full force. this disaster claimed the lives of at least 13 people. more than 60,000 homes have been damaged and more than 100,000 people have already applied for federal aid. with louisiana suffering from what the red cross calls the country's worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy, the white house pushing back at critics who claim the president has been slow to >> there's all too common temptation to focus on the politics and to focus on the optics. >> while the president signed a federal disaster declaration almost nine days ago, some are still questioning his absence including a louisiana newspaper who wrote a scathing op-ed sending one message, hurting louisiana needs you now. last week jeh johnson toured the damage.
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everywhere. the president has been closely monitoring the situation here in louisiana. >> magnifying president obama's absence, donald trump visited the area handing out supplies to victims. trump laying into the president. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> this is not the first time a president has been criticized after a natural disaster in louisiana. president bush was blasted in 2005 for the federal response following hurricane katrina. still the governor has said he's praising the federal response so far. hillary clinton released a statement saying she's committed to visiting the communities devastated by the floods when the campaign doesn't disrupt the recovery. an investigation is under way into a deadly police shooting of a deaf driver.
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after an attempted traffic stop turned into a chase. what exactly led to that shooting is still unclear. a community in mourning. family and friends gathering monday night to remember daniel harris. his young son lighting a candle for his father now gone from his life forever. harris, who was deaf, was fatally shot by a state trooper last thursday night after allegedly failing to pull over for speeding leading police on a brief pursuit that ended just outside his home. harris' brother, sam, who is also deaf remembered his sibling. >> translator: handsome man. he had a beautiful smile. easing to smile too. great sense of humor sociable. >> in a statement, the north carolina highway patrol said in part the driver exited his vehicle and an encounter took place between the driver and the trooper causing a shot to be fired. >> when the gunshot went off, scary.
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witnessed the shooting. >> they should have been trained to realize this is an entirely different situation. you're pulling someone that's over that's deaf, they're handicapped. >> daniel's brother says he experienced similar situations. >> translator: i pulled over and within a few seconds the officer is at my window with his weapon drawn and in my face. i motion so him i'm deaf, i'm deaf, i'm deaf. >> in a statement to nbc the national institution of the deaf says deaf individuals are unable to understand the verbal commands of law enforcement officers leading to physical all the alterations over the years with some resulting in death. a crowd funding site was set up by the harris family for a memorial. any additional funding will go toward educating and training law enforcement in dealing with the deaf. harris' family hopes to create
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license plate check that they are pulling over a deaf driver. the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave which is police department protocol pending an investigation. >> that's such a terrible story. >> maybe as a result of it some change will be enacted as a result. it's heartbreaking. >> sounds like it's necessary. this summer's fatal alligator attack in disney world is back in the headlines this morning. a new report outlining the desperate attempt by the boy's father to alligator warnings from other park guests. nbc's kerry sanders is with us for more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the report by the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission clearly states that matt graves did everything he could to rescue his son from the clutches of an attacking
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too strong. building a sand castle, he bent over to scoop the wet stand according to the final incident report. that's when his father, matt, heard a splash in the water and turned to find an alligator had his son's head in its powerful jaws. graves told police it grabbed him and pulled him back into the water. 16-year-old peter witnessed the terror. >> i saw the father jump in after the gator and he rolled around in the matt running out of the water with blood all over the right side of his face and right hand. unable to free his child he was yelling please come help my son. a gator got him. a sheriff's deputy says he saw lane's mother pacing up and down the beach clutching her other child and screaming. after 16 hours of searching, the 2-year-old's body was found not far from the shore. florida wildlife officials
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alligators. they say evidence gathered say it's very likely one was the gator that killed lane but it is not certain. since the tragedy, disney has built a stone wall around the lagoon and added warning signs around waterfront areas. and this morning the report is raising questions about whether prior warnings were ignored. at least two people said they reported alligator sightings to disney employees but the report does not reveal how the employees reacted to those reports. nbc news reached out to for a comment but got no response. september 3rd is lane grave's birthday. he would have been 3 years old. matt and melissa graves say they do not plan to sue disney releasing in a statement on monday we're focused on the well-being of our family. that is our priority. matt, savannah? >> our hearts are with them. kerry sanders, thank you. exhausted firefighters out in washington state are getting some much needed help with a
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spokane. reinforcements are arriving from oregon and idaho. the fires have destroyed at least ten homes and forced families to evacuate 250 others. in california, more than 10,000 firefighters are making headway against a half dozen major fires there. but the one that's been threatening the famed hearst castle is spreading in the opposite direction going deeper foo month into monterey county. this was sunday at the annual port herron float. a large group showed up with 30-mile-an-hour winds and blew more than 1,000 participants off course and into ontario where they had to be rescued by the canadian coast guard. nobody was hurt. it took six hours to get everybody back to the u.s. and through customs. the canadian coast guard officials said there were americans everywhere.
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nice round canadian bacon. let's show you what we got going on right now. my golly, we look at strong storms firing up into international falls makes its way into chicago by tomorrow where there could be some airport delays with this. right now we got a threat of severe weather from des moines down to kansas city. damaging winds, hail possible. we're watching this front push through bring in more strong storms. ahead of that front on into tomorrow, sto travel delays by afternoon. we'll watch that rainfall amounts anywhere from 2 to 3 inches but locally could be upwards of 3 to 4 or 5 inches from missouri and iowa. from missouri and iowa. we'll get to your local forecast ?? americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service
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your business becomes our business. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you >> that's your latest weather. fresh fallout from the incident in rio involving ryan lochte. this morning the major endorsement deal it cost them
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united states. and ali speaking out since the death of her husband, muhammad ali to talk about his life and legacy.
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we're back now. 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 23rd day of august, 2016. pretty day in midtown manhattan after a perfect sleeping night. temperatures in the low 60s but heating up later today to mr. roker. >> crispy and fall like. don't take it away, al. all right. inside studio 1a, here's a look at the headlines this morning. hillary clinton maintaining her lead over donald trump in the presidential race. the poll just out this morning shows clinton up 50% to 42%. she led by nine points last week. in the meantime, trump is asking for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton after leaked e-mails accused her
7:31 am
treatment to clinton foundation donors when she served as secretary of state. >> we will have one set of rules for everyone. in hillary clinton's world, we have one set of rules for her and another set of rules for everyone else. >> clinton's campaign has not addressed trump's comments but has said if she's elected, the clinton foundation will stop accepting foreign donations and bill clinton would step down from its president obama travels to baton rouge, louisiana, today. he'll meet with local leaders to discuss the federal response to historic flooding in that reason. more than 60,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. to developments from the incident at gas station in rio. it has cost ryan lochte a number of high profile endorsement deals but could the fallout extend beyond the gold medal
7:32 am
once again. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. as you can imagine, it's all quiet at the olympic park. that is the aquatic center. the games are in the books but ryan lochte is hit in his wallet losing four corporate sponsors within hours of these olympics coming to a close. here in rio, ryan lochte made a splash all right but not the kind he wanted and now the ripple effect is costing him millions. four sponsors now dumping the out where he first claimed he was robbed at gunpoint. >> i am speedo fit. >> speedo saying we can't condone before that is not what this brand stands for. ralph lauren not renewing his contract. the photo yanked from the rio athlete's page on its website. also cutting ties, japanese
7:33 am
firm behind gentle hair removal. this weekend the 12-time olympic medalist apologized in an interview with matt. >> that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it is because i overexaggerated that story. if i never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> i think he can rebuild his image but more than arguing over the specifics of what happened, i think it's more about maturity in his case. >> usoc for lochte and three other swimmers is coming. >> they let down our athletes. they let down americans and they really let down our hosts in rio. >> the lochte incident comes at a time when the u.s. is making a bid before the ioc for summer games to be to be held in los angeles in 2024. >> it would be hard to imagine the international olympic committee would not give the games to los angeles because of what ryan lochte did or did not do at a gas station in rio in 2016.
7:34 am
nbc news we do not expect ryan lochte to have any impact on our work to bring the summer olympic and paralympic games back to the u.s. for the first time in 28 years. to be clear, l.a. is facing stiff competition from places like paris, rome and budapest. all want to get that bid for 2024. a decision is expected in september of next year. matt and savannah? >> all right. peter alexander still in rio for us this morning. thank you very much. >> can peter come h please? >> it's been a long haul. >> he did get souvenirs at a good price. >> exactly. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> we're starting to see the tropics start to heat up and really no surprise because we're actually about to get into the heart of the tropical storm season. on average you can see we're on the upswing right now. right now we have three entities out there. we've got fiona which is a tropical depression.
7:35 am
it is by sunday morning to the east of bermuda. what we're really watching is 99-l. look at what happens friday and saturday. the european model brings it in and across through miami and back along the east coast. the u.s. model keeps it right along the bahamas island chain. we'll have to wait and see what happens with this. it's going to be very interesting. it will bear watching this. we'll coming up.
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7:49. carson continues coast. tamron is in the orange room. >> it's that time of year when kids are heading back to school and some parents are having dare i say an easier time saying good-bye than others. take a look at this. this first day photo on her facebook page. you see her jumping for joy with kids in the background. the best part of this, her photo was shared thousands of times online and it turns out this is her tradition. take a look. here's last year. kids look the same.
7:50 am
even the dog is mystified. so we shared her picture on our "today" parents facebook page and more back-to-school photos started rolling in. leslie went for the spa look. look at the kids. then she swapped it out for a boa and celebration party had it all and then jamie kicked kids out of the picture and went straight hoda and kathie lee with wine. no children to be seen. yo photos coming. what's the commercial? >> wonderful time of the year. >> if we send our pictures we would be crying. >> it's sad this time of year. >> i'm glad we have a couple weeks in the northeast. >> tamron, thanks very much. just ahead, how people took 7-eleven bring your own cups day to the extreme. that's the baby pool. >> and fresh from striking gold
7:51 am
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?? it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, keeping his memory alive. >> i'm going to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. a man can't hit what his eyes can't see. >> in her first interview since ali opens up about the champ's life and his legacy. welcome home. the final five back from rio and joining us live on the plaza. >> we are the final five! >> as we catch up with the gold medalists and find out what's next. and the name is. after meeting the latest member of our "today" show family, we asked you to help us name our
8:01 am
>> we're ready to start college for freshman year at "today." >> good morning, florida. >> all of the way from iowa to meet the "today" show puppy. >> celebrating my 50th birthday on the "today" show. >> i'm celebrating my 13th show in new york. >> i'm turning >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's august 23rd. it is absolutely beautiful out here on our plaza. we have a great crowd. we have bona fide olympic champs. we have a puppy. and we're going to name him in just a moment. >> that's going to break the internet right there. >> meanwhile, zac efron yesterday's news. puppy this week's news.
8:02 am
there's simone. look at this young lady over here. >> wow. >> is that simone's sister? >> nice to see you. >> she's well known to us here. absolutely. >> speaking of games, we have a lot of folks dressed in their olympic finest hoping to go for the gold. on monday, grant gave it a try but after 30 seconds he failed to find that one gold ball the massive pit worth $25,000. who is giving it a go today? where is meg from iowa? meg, come on down. i feel like "the price is right."
8:03 am
we're going to see you go for the gold in the next hour. yes! >> this is going to be great. >> i am so excited. meg, i feel good about you. >> it's 30 seconds but we may give you an extra 15. >> brace yourself. >> meg will have her chance at gold in just a minute. first, let's pause and get the news at 8:00. we'll start with the presidential race. donald trump demanding that a special hillary clinton as she hits the hollywood fund-raising trail. >> hillary clinton is out west today on a fund-raising blitz with some of the biggest names in hollywood. on monday with magic johnson and tonight attending a fund-raiser at the home of justin timberlake. it comes as the latest poll shows clinton hanging onto her lead over donald trump unchanged from last week. at his rally last night, trump
8:04 am
donald trump sharpening his attack in ohio monday for the first time calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. >> the justice department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor. >> the tough talk comes after hundreds of e-mails produced by a conservative legal group. in one e-mail dated 2009 a foundation official clinton aide arranging a meeting between hillary clinton and foundation donor the crown prince of bahrain described as a good friend of ours. >> the clinton made the state department into the same kind of pay for play operation as the arkansas government was. >> the clinton campaign calling the criticism pure politics and earlier in the day bill clinton announced if his wife wins the white house, he'll step down
8:05 am
last night on "jimmy kimball live" hillary clinton says she's not worried about the revelation the state department could release thousands of additional e-mails. >> my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. >> meanwhile trump showing signs he may be modifying his hard line on moderation to court moderate republicans. trump says he'll only deport criminals and then go through a legal process with the rest. that echoing the policy already in place und savannah? >> kristen welker in washington. thank you. troubling new statistics this morning on the number of people who are dying on the nation's roads. the national safety council puts the number at more than 19,000 people in the first half of 2016. that's up 9% over last year. we're now entering the deadliest time of the year for teenage drivers. nbc's tom costello is at a high school in washington d.c. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning.
8:06 am
lot of new drivers out on the road. get this. august has 360,000 kids turning 16 nationwide. the most of any month and that means a lot of new, inexperienced drivers going to and from school. it's the start of the new school year but also the start of the deadliest three months of the year for teen drivers. with yet another new class getting behind the wheel. kids like turned 17 on saturday and got his full license monday. >> i think i'm concerned about driving on my own and there's always that chance that something could happen that i can't prevent. >> it's emotional because you're proud and happy and they're growing up and they're becoming an adult but then you're scared because it's still your baby. you worry constantly. >> there's a lot to be worried about. car accidents remain the leading cause of death among teenagers
8:07 am
43% of teens admit to texting while driving and 35% admit to using social media like facebook, snapchat and even video chatting. near atlanta, 18-year-old crystal mcgee is facing felony charges. she took this selfie after a high-speed crash that left another driver with serious brain injuries. mcgee is accused of snapchating while driving 107 miles an hour. >> parents need to remember just because they received their license doesn't mean that >> it mutes the radio. >> it turns out chevrolet has an app for that. >> it will mute the music until the teens are wearing seat belts. new software allows parents to program the key fab used by their teen drivers setting volume of the radio and get
8:08 am
to show their mom and dad that they've been driving responsibly. >> safety advocates are urging parents to sign a contract. lay out expectations on cell phone use and putting the cell phone away and driving at night and who can be in the car with you and then occasionally get in with your teen driver and drive around and see how he or she is doing. back to you. >> when you're away from that issue, tom, thank you very coming up, are your best days behind you? you may be surprised at what scientists say is the most satisfying. >> plus the adele super fan that got very, very close to the singer. >> and from rio to rockefeller plaza, we're catching up with plaza, we're catching up with the final five r i will awaken your sixth sense mom. so you'll notice every little thing.
8:09 am
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welcome back. hodas with thrilled with our next guests. you consider yourself besties. they won a record nine medals in rio. four gold, one silver, one bronze. the most ever by the united states at the olympics. >> it was so much fun having you o we're so excited that you came from the beach to meet us here in new york city. here they are. the final five. >> good morning, ladies. i know you haven't really been home yet. you came straight from rio. what's it been like to come back to the united states? are people stopping you on the street? everyone knows your face and names.
8:12 am
it was fine. it was good, right? >> we had a lot of security detail on us. >> what are people doing in the airport when they see you or on the plaza? >> crazy in brazil. >> you posted your own beach picture. i saw the beach picture of the abs. did you believe the pick up it got? >> look >> if hoda and i posted a beach picture it would be terrifying. >> when you get back home, does it get to be like business as usual? laura, you're from this area. do you have to do chores and go through your normal stuff again or are you a star now? >> i mean, kind of hoping that i don't have to do the dishes when i get back. >> what's the thing you look forward to most to just cutting
8:13 am
little break. one thing that i'm going to do. >> our dog. >> i have fish. >> by the way, we know why they call you the human emoji. do you like that? >> it fits me. >> i don't want to look to tokyo yet because we're just coming off of this. raise your hand if you think you'll be in tokyo again. >> raise your hands. >> have you come off the zac efron high? are we still floating a little? >> we didn't get pizza with him yet. >> he said we can come to the tour stop. >> he promised he would do pizza with you guys but it ended up not working out. >> our schedules were just busy. so l.a. it's okay. >> you guys are too busy for
8:14 am
zac is available but you're so huge that we'll call you. don't call us. >> let's do that. >> we love you guys. you know what our theme song is? do you remember our theme song? i think that we should -- ? don't believe me just watch ? ?? >> okay. we love you. wiou >> yes. >> we love jimmy fallon. >> make a wish. i think all of those wishes came through. final five thank you so much. we're so proud of you. >> we'll see you again at 10:00. let's go inside now. al has a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. it has been a really hot year
8:15 am
15 consecutive months of record warmth global temperatures and if we continue on this trend the days above 100 on average between 1991 and 2010, you can see mostly for the most part it is in the southwest. look at what happens when you project out to 2050. look at how much farther you see that deep red of 50 plus days of above 100 and by 2100, new york city could see on average 16 days above 100. atlanta, could be days over 100 degrees for a year. in chicago, 26 days of 100 plus. dallas would see 98 days and las vegas by 2100, 138 days a year of 100 plus temperatures if we don't do something to change this outcome.
8:16 am
>> don't forget check us out on the "today" show radio sirius xh >> thank you very much. what's trending today? >> people thinking about vacations. when you're on vacation you think how do i make it seem longer. you kind of dread the end of it. there's a secret. a secret to prolonging your vacation. >> don't go back to work. >> there's that. that's an option. >> stay an extra day. the other way has to do with time perception. while making decisions ahead of
8:17 am
vacation is good. they say you lose the spontaneity and you should ditch the itinerary and live in the moment because then you're present and soak it all in. worst thing you can do according to experts is to plan every single day because it goes by faster. if you have that loosy goosy attitude, it lasts long. >> don't say tomorrow we're going to go hiking. >> let it happen. >> let it >> let me ask this. what was your favorite age? >> i guess early 30s. >> early 30s i think. >> 50. >> when did you peak physically? >> 12. >> what about emotionally? >> 35. >> i feel the best ever right now. >> there you go. >> business insider did a
8:18 am
learning a second language easiest from ages 7 to 8. women are most attracted to men at age 22. moving onto age 23 is when life satisfaction is said to peak. math skills peak at age 50 and age both men and women feel best about their will surprise you. 75. >> i feel the best about my body right now. >> and you're far from 75. >> i like that. >> it shows that you appreciate your body for what it can do. you're still working. feeling good about it. >> no real segue here. let's talk about slurpy. 7-eleven may regret bring your own cup day promotion. here's what happened. customers brought their own cups
8:19 am
storage containers. and yes, a baby pool. creative cup craze poured in on twitter. hello brain freeze. bring your own cup and fill it up with slurpies. >> i saw someone with a double gulp. i couldn't believe how big that was. >> bigger than the big gulp? >> yes. tamron, you have "pop starts." >> we'll begin we aren't the only ones getting puppy kisses around here. the singer was performing in los angeles and invited a furry fan onto the stage. casper the dog. he was even wearing -- wait for it -- an adele t-shirt. she asked if he could do any tricks? take a look at what happened
8:20 am
i was thinking the same thing. how do you get a dog into a concert? and it's been more than 21 years since "friends" premiered but the sitcom continues to be a fan favorite and one of the most repeated catch phrases, take a look. >> oh my god! >> oh my god. >> a lot remember janice's infectious laugh. she said those three famous words. >> oh my god. the laugh happened organically in the first rehearsal because i needed to find a way to laugh because matthew perry is so funny and working with him i knew right away, i thought this guy is going to make me laugh on set. i have to be prepared.
8:21 am
>> for more "pop start" stories head to "today's" facebook page. >> thank you. let's send it over to matt. >> i appreciate it, savannah. thanks. muhammad ali is perhaps the world's most recognized sports figure. the greatest died in june. his ideals in and out of the ring a standard to live by. his wife, lonnie, is carrying on his message called "ali 75" asking people to dedicate hours of volunteer service to commemorate what would have been ali's 75th birthday next january. how are you doing? >> hanging in here. >> each day -- >> living each day with purpose. >> i thought about muhammad a lot in rio. we were there for the olympics. the olympics meant so much to him and he meant so much to the olympic movement. >> correct. he did. that's where he got his start on the world stage. he took advantage of it every
8:22 am
>> we talked a number of times over the years about the power of muhammad ali. i was wondering as i sat at his memorial service about the stories and impact he had on other lives. >> we planned for this for the last five or six years. i kept thinking it was muhammad's wish that it be in an auditorium. i said nobody does that. he says i want my fans to so we did it. i really thought maybe it would be about 1,000 people. there was no way was i prepared for the outpouring that we had. >> when i saw the hearse going through the streets of louisville and people running out of the street to put their hand on the car to feel some connection to muhammad, i thought it was one of the most moving things i of ever seen. >> it was. i was a couple cars behind. even i was stunned. i was stunned at how many people were out in the city of
8:23 am
this. >> muhammad's message was bring people together. and we lived in a time right now in this country and around the world when there's so much division. i wonder if the last years of his life was he disappointed and distressed by that? >> he was pretty distressed especially some of the things that were going on in the world because he thought that we had sort of crossed the line, crossed the barrier. he was disappointed with optimism. he always believed in the power of humanity. that's what he touched in most people. >> i remember you sent me a message after some of the anti-muslim rhetoric that started to go around in the wake of some isis inspired attacks. and it was profound and it was moving. and it was powerful. i missed his voice. i wish so much that he could have spoken the words he wrote. >> this is what this movement
8:24 am
when i say ali in all of us, it's humanity in all of us. that's what he touched. regardless, he could always see it. this was something i thought about for his birthday prior to his passing. the ali 75 because 75 hours of service to others because he had a saying service to others is rent we pay for our room on earth. he lived that every day of his life. that's the path he pursued. >> it's easy for people to do. 75 hours is not a it's very simple. it's as simple as taking your neighbor to the grocery who can't drive or who is infirm or a 5k run. >> i love the sense of self. he said i want my death when it occurs to be a teachable moment. >> absolutely. that's who he was, matt. muhammad always lived his life
8:25 am
i think you were there. you witnessed it. it absolutely was a teachable moment. there was so many people across the world of all faiths and all races that witnessed muhammad's memorial service. >> we spoke a lot about what his legacy will be. i think that's yet to be determined. i'm really confident that it is in his legacy is in great hands with you. >> i hope so. >> i know he would be so proud. >> i hope so, matt. iop and giving me the guidance that i need to do this. >> we know he is. it's great to see you. >> great to see you, too, matt. thank you for having me. >> a pleasure. you can find out more about ali 75 on our website, tamron? >> it's wonderful. thank you. usher plays sugar ray leonard in his new movie. also admired muhammad ali.
8:26 am
we'll talk more with usher after
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back at this 8:30 on tuesday morning and meg is about to explode if we don't let her jump in this pit here and have a sh >> that's the only thing you have to do. somewhere in this pit is a gold ball. if you find it, you will win $25,000. >> i don't know what's worse. if you find it or you don't. >> 30 seconds. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> good luck. >> ready, set, go.
8:31 am
if she finds it, watch out, she's throwing things, she gets $25,000. >> meg is on fire. she's looking through every ball looking for that elusive gold ball. >> ten seconds, meg. >> you have it. five seconds. come on. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> come on out here. that was a great effort. what was the strategy there? >> don't stop. >> you lived up to that. we have a lovely consolation prize. rio swag for you. we'll play again tomorrow. come to the plaza outfitted like meg. wear your olympic best. make that olympic spirit shine and we could pick you and you could look for the gold ball for $25,000. >> all right, meg. thanks very much.
8:32 am
purpose has a job to do training to become a service dog for a veteran. what he doesn't have is a name. will it be sarge, charlie or ace. we'll reveal what you picked in just a moment. >> usher is known for his great dance moves but he's showing off his boxing skills. he trained for years for this role. excellent in it. >> us teaming up with a company to come up with our own original product. part of the proceeds will go to a very good cause, helping kids. >> monday we revealed the roker burger. i worked on with the folks at shake shack. i decided to head over to the original at madison square park to see how my burger was doing. they put me to work. the roker burger is on sale at shake shack now. we're very excited about this
8:33 am
goes to no kid hungry. i'm going into that shake shack. i'm selling some burgers. surprising some people. hey. >> what's up, al. >> chris, how are you? >> al is here, guys. >> hey, everybody. how are those roker burgers going? all right. did i hear you say roker burger? >> don't you want to try a roker burger. >> all right. no >> roker burger. want to get a roker burger? yes. all right. yes. >> thank you. >> i love you. >> but you're married. >> sort of. >> i don't know about you, but i think it's time for a little
8:34 am
>> that's right. #rokerburger. >> pretty good. >> you have until friday to get your roker burger at shake shacks all around the country. we want you to share your photos on social media using #rokerburger. >> you had one here. >> five tops. >> all for a good cause. and now from food to your other passion, the weather. >> i'm distracted. they know where the ball is and they can't find it. >> not in 30 seconds they can't. >> let's show you what we've got going on right now. for "today," a cool start. it's lovely here in the northeast around the great lakes we do have a slight risk of strong storms up through the upper mississippi river valley. southwest some gully washers possible. gorgeous day in the pacific northwest. into tomorrow heating up in
8:35 am
warm and dry along the eastern seaboard. >> and that is your latest weather. >> up next, time to reveal our puppy's name but first this is
8:37 am
8:38 am
with a purpose is created with our sponsor, petsmart. >> we're back now. second day with our new new puppy with a purpose. he left his first paw prints on monday and he's being raised by america's vet dog to become a service dog for a military veteran. >> time to give him a name. we asked you to vote at home. here were choices. we got 22,000 votes. we have a winner. is that drum roll around? okay. the puppy's name is charlie. >> all right. >> the name inspired by the phonetic alphabet is in alpha,
8:39 am
this is where you'll spend your mornings in this beautiful pen. there you go. >> tell us about the digs here. >> it's personalized with charlie's name. there it is. it's all yours. a big thank you to our great friends at petsmart for the bedding, toys, bowls, all of this to make charlie's home so special. you have the best seatn by the way, you are trending of course. here's his official page. already 210,000 followers. that better include all of us. so that's just some of the stuff that we've got going on for him and instagram page and twitter and just follow all of the antics of our beautiful boy, charlie. >> adorable. >> we all conked out yesterday.
8:40 am
all right. make yourself at home. >> very comfortable. >> now he's got a name. what about a uniform? let's bring in his puppy raiser, olivia. talk to us about the vest. >> so when a service dog is working, they typically wear some piece of equipment. it's not required by law to wear it but most service dogs do wear a vest or a harness of some sort. whenever you see one of these out in public, it means the dog is doing a very important job and tolw handler of the dog. sometimes it's an appropriate time to interact with the dog and sometimes it will not because typically the dog is doing a very important job that involves safety so always ask permission before you interact with the dog and this is our little boy vest to start off on his big job. >> very cool. how many hours a day will he be actually working? >> when he's a puppy, everything is fun and more of a game than
8:41 am
are on a training exercise. only five minutes at a time. their attention span is very short and we'll do several sessions throughout the day. >> vest on means working. rest of the time just be a puppy. >> that's right. >> we have one more thing. a lot of people at home are probably thinking about the very special service dog that we all grew to love. wrangler. check this out. a note from wrangler. he wrote that himself. he has great and what he's up to tomorrow on "today." >> here, charlie. >> coming up, what is it like to step into the acting ring with
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
artist usher. a big role in "hands of stone" playing sugar ray leonard who had a fierce rivalry with roberto durant. >> i don't like you. >> i think durant is a loveable guy. i want my son to be just like him. >> i think he's tough. intelligent we are in for a serious fight. >> usher raymond welcome. is the definition of a nanosecond the time between someone offers you this role and you say yes? >> i didn't want to accept it without permission of sugar ray leonard so i reached out to him. american icon. olympic medalist and world decorated and celebrated man. >> you get to play sugar ray leonard and act opposite of robert de niro.
8:45 am
>> i have but never quite like this. i didn't have as many scenes with de niro. i had scenes with edgar. it was amazing. >> can we describe why they came to you with this. this is interesting. we think of boxing and brute force of it. they were attracted to you because -- >> of my movement and also there was similarities in the way that we looked other than just being black. it was definitely the ability to choreograph and understand movement the way i did. a very aggressive role. there was tension and intimidation that went into every fight and exchanges. outside of the ring time, acting time was a bit intense. >> i was a huge fan of his in his prime and to watch his footwork and to watch the way he could move in a ring and that's
8:46 am
just in a different kind of venue. >> i pretty much know what i'm going to do before i hit the stage and sugar ray did as well. >> what about the actual physicality. did you have to be buff up a lot? >> i had to lose weight. i changed my eating habits. i worked out three times a day sometimes. had a trainer in atlanta. i worked at a gym here in brooklyn. and philly. i really didn't prepare like it was an acting role. i prepared l >> you're too young to remember this -- >> i was alive, but i didn't see the actual fight. it's gone down in history. there was great deal of conflict between the two of them and a great deal of intimidation went into the first and second fight both ways. >> so many great fighters of the time. it was in my opinion other than the ali era, it was the heyday
8:47 am
serious one. an amazing story for latin america and latinos all over to show their support. it's an amazing story for latinos. >> when you went to sugar ray leonard and talked to him, was there one thing you were looking for to get the character? >> i wanted intimate details about things i read in his book, "the big fight." he trained m a me. i wanted to make sure i represented the right way. i feel like this is something for latinos. if there's ever been a notion that maybe there's negativity around latinos in america, some people have negative things to say. won't say names. this is an amazing film that in many ways represents the pride of latinos and i'm really happy that sugar ray leonard was able to be part of it.
8:48 am
even though you're a thesbian now, you do have music coming out. >> we have a stage out there for you. >> can i take the lab? >> no. up next, the live from the violinist who is taking youtube by storm.
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> electric violinist lindsey stirling is anything but ordinary. classical sign of violin with other mainstream genres of a billion views on her youtube channel. her new album "brave enough" was just released debuting at number one itunes chart. thanks for having here. >> thanks for having me. >> this is your second album? >> it's my third. i look really good for third album. >> you wear it well. this one is very personal, isn't it? >> it is. it's about learning to be vulnerable and having the courage to be vulnerable.
8:51 am
>> i like them all for different reasons. they're my children. the one we're playing today "something wild." >> take it away, guys. ?? ? you had your maps drawn ? ? you had other plans ? ? to hang your hopes on ? ? every road they let you down felt so wrong ? stoet so you found another way ?
8:52 am
? the way you see the world ? ? it got you this far ? ? you might have some bruises and a few of scars ? ? but you know you're going to be okay ? ? even though you're scared, you're stronger than you know ? ? if you're lout out there where the lights are blinding ? ? caught in all the stars are hading ? ? that's when something wild calls you home ? ? if you fates the fear that keeps you frozen ? ? chase the ? that's when something wild calls you home ? ?? ? sometimes the past can make the ground around you feel like quicksand ?
8:53 am
? reach for my hand ? ? and i know you're going to be okay ? ? you're going to be okay ? ? and even if you're scared, you're stronger than you know ? ? if you're lost out there where the lights are blinding ? ? caught in all the stars are hiding ? ? that's when something wild calls you home ? ? if you face the fear that keeps you frozen chase the sky into the ocean ? ? that's when something wild
8:54 am
? calls you home ? ? calls you home ? ? if you're lost out where the lights are blinding caught in all the stars are hiding ? ? that's when something wild calls you home ? ? if you're lout out where the lights are blinding ? ? caught in all the stars are ? that's when something wild calls you home ? ? if you face the fear that keeps you frozen chase the sky into the ocean ? ? that's when something wild calls you home ?
8:55 am
. >> lindsey stirling. thank you so much. "brave enough" is out now. you can catch more with lindsey later this morning with kathie lee and hoda. i'm impressed. violin. dancing.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: this morning on "today's take," oscar winner robert de niro pulling no punches about his new role and eat while you workout popcorn pus. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, august 23rd, 2016. i'm billy bush along with al and tam ron and i feel like the new kid sitting at the desk here with returning kids. thank you for being so nice to
9:01 am
when you were going back to school? what's the favorite thing you got that you cherished. >> lunch box. >> new pair of socks. new underwear. i like that. i burn them out during the summer. i was an active kid all summer long. when i got the new gear, that's what i like. >> you burned through underwear. wow. what were they feeding you. >> i did get new stuff. i liked that. >> i liked the big 64 box crayola crayons with the built-in sharpener. that was the best. it had the one that said flesh. i was thinking whose? >> my kids are still here. next week they go to school. i'm ready for them to go. it is time to get out of the house. we have cabin fever going on. let's go. >> you've been on the road.
9:02 am
that's what i think. >> let's walk that back. did you realize -- >> your child is right there waving. >> except you. you stay with me. >> look at that smile. >> opening up for the voting for dad of the year. >> there it is. i've been looking at my phone every three seconds because my nieces are headed back to school today. last night i gave them the pep talk >> what do you tell a 7 and 10 year old for a pep talk? >> don't embarrass us. >> what's going on? >> you might remember we went to universal and hung out and we did our disney. we did everything mostly they really loved universal not just because it's parent company that owns the park. they got to jump the line. >> and got in for free. >> they're going to school right now. their teachers all follow me on
9:03 am
backpack is. >> look how big the backpack is. >> it's huge. she could have another kid in there. she is carrying another kid in there. >> and then as the morning progressed, we have other pictures. they're all smiles. in front of the teacher sign. and they don't have it loaded yet. within five minutes they both look like they're ready to break miserable expressions. >> reality sets in. >> i said, okay, make this great day. own it. i gave them the big pep talk like we're about to win an olympic trial. ice cream at the end. laila says what about a puppy. connection is going bad. >> we got a puppy, why can't she get a puppy? >> because i'm the aunt. i'm the nervous aunt. >> i did a school of my own.
9:04 am
i think of my oldest child was -- let's see, she was 6 years old when 9/11 happened. my oldest child, my youngest one who we saw a second ago doesn't remember 9/11 of course. so i said we got to go down there. we went down to ground zero with my kids. spent the afternoon. looked at the memorial pools and survivors tree and i told them about the day and we talked about it and just i figured that we need to see in new york and we'll get probably never. >> you'll do it. >> it took me ten years to get to that one. >> and that time you get rid of them and let someone else watch them and it will be fine. >> it is interesting -- >> i'm not ready for that quite yet. >> how long you live somewhere before seeing the -- i didn't see the statue of liberty until i lived here ten years. i lived across from 9/11 and watched it build.
9:05 am
it from my window. >> it never gets tiring to see that. no matter how good the video or photograph is, until you stand in front of that statue of liberty, it takes your breath away. >> empire state building. >> there's a lot of stuff. the transit museum in brooklyn. my dad worked for transit authority so i put that in there. >> you have a tour guide. >> what did you do last night before you laid out this unbelievable suit. >> i love laying my clothes out the night before. deborah is out of town. the kids and i -- there's this indian restaurant that is a block and a half away from us. we've seen it since we've lived in our neighborhood. we said let's go in. turns out it's been there over 40 years. in fact, it's like one of these original new york -- >> like statue of liberty. it's there but you never go in.
9:06 am
the food. i had the shrimp. nick had the lamb kabobs. >> look at nick giving two thumbs up. >> i can't show leila because i didn't get approval of the picture that i took. i have a 17-year-old daughter. >> are you at that stage? >> she's the photo editor. i'm on my way to the restroom and there is a pay phone on the wall. it says new yor >> is it operating? >> it operates. it works. >> they're all over rio. phone booths everywhere. >> i literally was describing it and nick, who is 14, said what's a pay phone? and so i walked him back to show him what the pay phone was. >> how much does it cost? >> it's still a quarter. >> is it really? >> i think so. >> that's impossible. >> he doesn't know.
9:07 am
it said 5, 10, 25 on the coin slot. >> i need to know how much. with inflation. come on. >> i don't know. >> there's still a couple around new york. my wife saw one. they're still here. >> that video we saw of you on this thing, what's that? >> that's called fly boarding. you'll see it in a little while. the theme here is the new guy is making a splash. this is the punishment i've ever undergone. >> what is the point? >> i think the point is to look like that. >> i am in some boots right there. and the cable is -- whatever that thing is, the tube is connected to a jet ski and they jam the throttle and the water comes out and up goes me. >> you're supposed to be able to
9:08 am
you know the standup you lean forward -- >> hoverboard? >> yeah. all the rage at christmas. it's that in the air. >> what did you tell me on the commercial break before we started the show? >> that i got hit multiple times all over the place. you'll see it coming up. >> when you were in rio, you took a pretty good hit by a surfboard. you had a good gash. >> what is the deal with stick sticking me in the water. >> we have a wonder team of producers who are kind to their parents, children, but to us, we got an e-mail -- this is a true story. a couple weeks ago, what are your fears. name the things that frightens you most. we are going to expose you. that's a true e-mail. not how are you?
9:09 am
ladies and gentlemen, what do you think that e-mail will result in? >> absolutely. >> good times. >> i answered that and now i'm doing a shoot dangling from 30 rock with my ankles. >> i'm afraid of adult cats. >> adult cats? >> we're taking you to the broadway show. >> senior citizen cats forget about it. >> if you get aarp and you're a cat, i don't want any part of you. >> here's oneuy with. ryan lochte, new fallout from ryan lochte's rio trip. which sponsors are dropping ryan. one of them is skin care. >> hair removal specifically. >> hair removal specifically. >> what does that a box is where you keep things safe. which might be some people's goal. but not mine. when you dare to move forward... so much is possible. and what helps me do it? new oikos greek nonfat yogurt.
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9:12 am
silly real trix rabbit, trix are still for kids. hmmm. rookie mistake. we're back now with more of "today's take." it's now become a tradition -- i
9:13 am
ars enal hall for candidates to go on late-night tv. hillary clinton was on "jimmy kimball live" last night. >> can you own this jar of pickles? it's not been touched. are you enjoying being a grandparent? >> it's the best. >> du wish you had more time and campaign didn't coincide with the campaign being so little. >> i would be distraught if we didn't have facetime. >> are you considered using
9:14 am
>> actually, i think that's good advice. not a bad idea. it's a good idea. >> well played. right now it's all about her health. the donald has managed to get off the topic of foreign policy or anything else and get back to where the donald operates very strongly and that's in the area of personal fights. >> that's his wish. that's not happening. >> by the way, the e-mail thing is right in front of him. why is he trying to get off the e-mail thing to get back fit enough or not to be president. >> that's why they may give money to senators and congressmen and they're not ready to completely give -- he's got his own controversy today. it's now reported that he was paying the rent for trump towers campaign office based in the tower when the campaign took over he raised the rent. so the rent was, like, $30,000 when he was paying it for his campaign.
9:15 am
rent to 100,000 a month. >> genius. >> is that what it's called? the money is not coming from him. the money is coming from the gop, the rnc. he's raised the rent when he stopped footing the bill. >> he's 70 years old. >> his doctor said if he's elected, he'll be healthiest president ever. >> but he's 70. that's the oldest candidate. ronald reagan was 69. everybody has released their records in more detail. john mccain released 1,100 pages of medical records. hillary has done two pages. i think maybe we need more from both. >> she's given the standard -- donald trump's doctor, the
9:16 am
disassociated themselves from the statement saying he's the healthiest person to ever run. both should definitely provide the american public not only with as much information about their health but other questions that we have. >> we don't have a lot of time left. i think there's this thing, this study that says -- we all go out shopping. >> so we're skipping lochte. >> okay. we're moving from >> he did tease it. let's go to it. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> you're the best. al roker wants us to meet in his office. >> four companies and their endorsement deals have said good-bye. >> there's always -- >> hair club for men.
9:17 am
one more olympic games in tokyo. he's not in his prime. this is a killer. it's a killer. he's going to lose a lot of dough. on the endorsement front, he's not the up and coming face of swimming. >> wouldn't that be a story if he came back. >> did he medal in any individual? >> he got gold in relay. >> individual? >> tiger woods, remember, he lost a lot of sponsors. i can't remember if phelps did. they dropped out for a while. he might be able to do it. >> this is a study -- >> i don't think we have time for this. >> there's a study that says if you write something down it makes it easier to remember. you go to the grocery store and if you want peanut butter, an apple, draw it and you will then remember it. >> that's probably fair. >> so if i'm going to buy a
9:18 am
don't forget to buy my tractor. that doesn't look like a tractor. now you are scrolling through -- >> i tell you, you have to find other things to do at this time. >> just write down a list. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned, shall we? >> what did you >> wet weather going on in midwest. storms firing up where we have a risk of strong storms today stretching from minnesota all of the way back down into iowa, parts of kansas and st. louis. my goodness. >> they were supposed to be
9:19 am
>> that's your latest weather. coming up, kids and sugar. new stricter limits you have to hear about after these messages. jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops... in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins. by taking steps towards a healthy heart, jay knows he'll be ready for the turns ahead. hey don't forget to put up your kickstand. ring (bell) sighs. kellogg's raisin bran. and try kellogg's raisin bran crunch
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my advice for looking younger, longer? get your beauty sleep. and use aveeno? absolutely ageless? night cream with active naturals? blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. absolutely ageless? from aveeno?. payday presents: salty covered sweetness how can i help you? finally! i've been waiting forever. i've been waiting forever. to meet you! you sweet baby angel! you sound like heaven on earth, on a phone. you sound like love feels. salty on the outside. sweet on the inside. payday. bites! time for sugar shock. according to the american heart association u.s. kids eat three times as much added sugar as they should. children under two shouldn't have added sugar at all. >> concerned dads as kids go back to school. no birthday cupcakes, cookies,
9:23 am
we're joined by natalie azar. this is a cup of yogurt. how much added sugar can be in that? >> a limit of the new recommendation. the american heart association says no more than six teaspoons of added sugar a day. >> are you surprised by that? >> i'm not. >> if you look at it -- >> now here we go. it sounds like you could do that over a let's look at this. a cup of yogurt. my child will get calcium and protein. 5.4 teaspoons. >> that's in there. you would be done for the day. >> look at the pudding. what you guys said was coloring at first. that should be a little bit of an alarm right away. >> what are you looking for on the label? >> this is a great question.
9:24 am
easily decipherable so you know what it means. one quick conversion is one teaspoon is five grams. you can convert that back. everyone has a smartphone you can do on there. a cup of chocolate pudding. 6.8. i hope my daughter is watching right now. that's 30 grams of sugar. >> this is an afternoon snack. >> or as my producer said to have the child take that to school. >> you might as well hand your kids this right here. and have them lick that up. >> that's why we do it that way. you would just die if your child did that. >> this is a big surprise. >> we'll have to make so many modifications in my house starting tonight. tomato sauce two teaspoons per serving. we use this.
9:25 am
teaspoons per serving. this won't break your record for the day but all in and let's not forget about sugary beverages and things. i want to make a point. this is added sugars. breakfast cereals. anything that goes through manufacturing or processing. and another little thing especially if your kids drink sports drinks, no more than 8 ounces per week, not per day. >> eye opener. >> this is american heart association. this is a recommendation. you choose to follo i >> dr. azar, thank you so much. our boy, billy, making a splash perhaps it is time we acquire a larger dwelling. but the mortgage process has proven to be challenging. not with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it is the easiest and most logical way to secure financing for your living quarters online. you can securely share your financial information with the push of a button. it appears now is a sensible time to relocate. i am so happy.
9:26 am
(whisper) rocket
9:28 am
9:30 am
>> billy is the new kid on the block. we want him to make a splash and leave an impression every day. >> not only did i make a splash, i almost made a hospital visit. i tried out something called fly sports. it was more like a full body slam over and over and over again. >> sounds fun. >> oh man. this is fly boarding. one of the most extreme new water sports around. riders fly, flip and spin through the air and dive like a dolphin into the ocean. all thanks to a small water propelled hoverboard.
9:31 am
celebs like bieber, drake, decaprio, all are strapping on the boots. today it's my turn. my fate in the hand of this guy, jimmy j., owner and operator of fly board l.i. and definite adrenaline junky. >> come on. don't be scared. >> look at the tats. look at the buffness. i'm just a city boy, man. you're up there? >> everyone wants to fly, right? it's simple. just standing up. that's all you got to do. >> simple. just getting the microphone on was a challenge. i think i just pulled a muscle doing that. things got off to a rocky start.
9:32 am
>> but then they got much, much worse. i think roker should be doing this. come on. hit this thing. do i suck. come on, bush. be a man. oh god, you have to wear a cup for thisth i was determined. in a whole lot of pain but still determined. hit me, jimmy. finally i started to catch some air. oh my god. oh yeah. and after those very few glorious moments shooting out of the water soaring through the
9:33 am
feet back on solid ground. where's the neosporin. that is without question the hardest thing i have ever done. jimmy, i never want to see you again. >> are you kidding me? your back was red. >> i got to tell you, some things don't work out. i thought for sure i'll get this for a little while. it didt i'll never fly board again. i don't recommend it. it's a terrible idea. unless you want to see jimmy j. he's a sweet guy. huge thanks to jimmy. fly board l.i. if you'll give it a shot. roker, you'll be better at this than me. i promise. >> what did you do wrong? do you need core? >> wrong. >> there were people who did it. he didn't do it. >> they are called professional stunt people.
9:34 am
again. we only saw them up for a second. he was up for a few seconds. >> i was up for three seconds. >> what's the trick? core? >> just stick with it. you'll do it eventually. >> up next, the original raging bull, robert de niro back in the ring for his new movie. "hands of stone" we
9:35 am
tag, you're it. yes! new gogurt write-on tubes. this back to school, say it with gogurt. clean food. words panera lives by. preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ?? a leading consumer testing publication recently tested the top laundry detergents. the winner - persil 2 in 1, didn't only beat tide... it beat every single detergent tested. boom. switch to persil proclean 2 in 1. #1 rated.
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the only haircolor with 60% oils, zero ammonia. now i don't see dullness. all i see is shiny... ...brilliant color. garnier olia. brilliant color. visibly-healthier hair. sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious. nothing else tastes like philadelphia? legendary actor robert de niro in the new film "hands of stone." >> we caught up with the stars to talk about the movie we also looks at duran's fierce rivalry with sugar ray leonard and one of the most famous fights in
9:39 am
you got to. you have to fight. >> fight! you have to fight! >> robert de niro, edgar ramirez, good morning. you have to fight. who was the stronger one in the corner? >> both of them. both of them, . think, which is the strongest one of that moment. >> that's an important pivotal and important scene in his life. it's debated whether he said i don't want to fight anymore. you put truth to light in that one scene alone and it is captured in the film. >> apparently i haven't asked roberto directly but apparently he said he didn't say that. the referee interpreted that he said that. >> he did say i don't want to
9:40 am
this. i know where this is headed. this is the rematch fight, not the one he won in 1980 but the rematch that sugar engaged in november of that year. so will we ever know? >> he claims that he didn't say it. i'm not going to keep doing this or something like this. it was it and said it on the microphone and became a mythological phrase of that night. >> he was a national hero and watching this along the same time watching the olympics you see the national pride. on a different level with a boxer because it's just that guy in the ring. his impact on the country even at his lowest moment, how did you process that? >> it was something very
9:41 am
i also want people to discover by themselves when they see the film, he was fighting for more than just pride. he was fighting for his country and also fighting his feelings of being abandoned by america. his father was a marine stationed in panama who got his mother pregnant and left. a lot of things. there are a lot of players to each fight and especially that fight that ni supporting roberto, the fighter, as his wife. he's still married to her today 40 years later. >> the nature of that relationship -- >> crazy about each other. it's a beautiful relationship. you think that he was born in middle class family and her father always wanted her to marry someone in a good place
9:42 am
>> if it wasn't for her, he would be lost for sure. it's a very endearing story. >> he would be loss without this love story between a trainer and his boxer. combing his hair before he goes out. that's strategy. >> that was one of the things that ray did. it was done -- my feelings he did it because he it and psychology was to say he looks good. >> i'll comb billy's hair. >> i'm bleeding and you have a perfect part. what's going on? >> speaking of hair, how great does de niro's hair look. >> i enjoyed the film. check it out. >> "hands of stone" hits theaters friday. >> someone else that has beautiful hair, you just don't see a lot of it. >> it's all inside.
9:43 am
>> that's your cup stirring. >> beautiful day in the northeast. nice and comfortable. low humidity. slight risk of strong storms iowa into minnesota. gully washers in the southwest. gorgeous pacific northwest. tomorrow, portland, a high of 92. 80 in los angeles. more wet weather in the upper mississippi river valley and perhaps airport delays in parts of chicago.
9:44 am
>> that is your latest weather. up next, the next segment worth it to see dr. natalie azar in exercise wear. look at that balance. easy exercise you can do to test your fitness level in your own living room. billy and tamron take the test billy and tamron take the test wh i'm at the perfect age. billy and tamron take the test wh and i've found the perfect skincare. age perfect hydra-nutrition from l'oreal. just for mature skin. feels so luxurious it melts right in! hydra-nutrition deeply moisturizes with 10 precious oils plus calcium. with intense moisture for intense nourishment. it's the science i trust to help me look like me. toned, firmer, more comfortable. age perfect hydra-nutrition from l'oreal skin expert paris. my perfect age it's right now. and i'm worth it.
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9:48 am
>> do you want to know how fit you really are? i don't. we're about to show you a set of exercises you can do right now that will test your strength and endurance. billy and tamron are up for the challenge. you can tell by the fact billy has his hands on his hips. dr. natalie azar is back to put them to the test. these are exercises anyone can do at home. >> we're making it fun to
9:49 am
to see if you can do these simple exercises. are you doing them correctly? if not, figure out how to do it. first one i'm going to do, i demonstrated this an hour ago. it's called the popcorn pushup. plank position. hands under your shoulders. you go down. grab a piece of popcorn with your mouth. the whole point of that is when you do a real pushup, you have to get down low. >> billy works out all the as you know i'm not a fan of working out. >> do you want to do it on your knees? >> i'll do it the regular way. my point is for people at home you don't have to be buff and working out. >> start out being able to do ten pushups without practicing. >> okay. >> i spit on you. >> popcorn flying there. >> let's do this. all right. in a plank first. excellent. you'll go all of the way down and try to grab a piece of popcorn with your mouth and back up again.
9:50 am
we have to go to the next one. >> that's it? >> straighten it up. one more. >> how many you got, billy bush? >> one more. >> this is your moment. >> i can't do it. >> next one is simple. it's more difficult than it looks. it's balance. as we get older our bce goes. it means falls as you get older. >> you didn't fall. you fell on purpose. you know you can do this. >> awesome. wonderful. all kinds of activities for balance you want to do. billy is having trouble. >> i think the key is you have to go back. you can't just think about it. you have to go. maybe that's better. >> he's showing off. >> this is actually really amazing.
9:51 am
blowing up a balloon is definitely a measure of your lung capacity. that means how deeply you can take a deep breath in and how well you get oxygen into your muscles which helps in an aerobic workout. don't stretch it. that's cheating. blow up balloons every day like 10 to 15 times and increases lung capacity like aerobic exercise does. you can blow it up. let it deflate. >> so birthday clowns probably have -- >> blow it up. guess what? if you get dizzy or light-headed doing this a number of times means that your aerobic capacity is not that high. >> you can do multiple. you're showing off. >> it's going to pop. >> last thing is a karate kick.
9:52 am
the point is can you get your hip above your waist. >> that's pretty impressive. >> thank you. >> very nice. very nice. very nice. >> i should have done that pie. >> let's get back to it. >> the thing is that you actually really want to maintain hip flexibility as you get older. >> show us the right way. front particular you do that and then side kick is that way. >> being able to touch your toes on the floor? >> that's a huge one. do it without bending your knees. >> wait. he's there. >> all right! >> excellent. >> it's all about strength and flexibility as we get older. it's so important. posture and low back pain is all connected. if you can't do these simple
9:53 am
keeping focus in the midst of all of this. thank you. we'll be back in a moment.
9:55 am
>> don't mess up the hair. >> if you would like to raise money for a good cause, you have until friday to get your roker burger at shake shack. $1 no kid go hungry. go to we have more. >> burgers are awesome. >> we would like a track suit. >> i thought you said do you want to flex it.
9:56 am
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from >> is that buble. >> it is buble. nobody but me, booze day tuesday, also august 23rd. excited for tuesday. terrific show. guess who is here? your friends. >> final five. >> they are back home after their domination and there's no other word for it of gymnastics


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