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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we have breaking news out of canton. thus in 24 hours after a mother was shot driving along 77, police investigating another shooting.>> i looked out the window and seeing a funnel cloud coming. then it was over. the mind of twisters destroyed building. and reduce this home to a pile of rubble. and those may be heading our a local photographer will appear international show about places in america like northeast ohio. do you sing, dance or have any other talent ? america's got talent is coming and we will show you how to audition. we are following breaking
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central indiana and northwestern ohio. there are 42 reports of ohio -- of tornadoes in both states. there are tornado flattened a starbucks in kokomo, indiana. thankfully no one was hurt. first, a breaking story out of canton tonight. 2 people were shot earlier this evening. this is the shack -- the second shooting and canton today. a mom was driving south on i 77. >> reporter: a particularly violent day and canton. not far from here we are in downtown canton, a number of victims keeps rising. and the suspects are still out there.
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this evening around 7:30 pm. they are investigating and not releasing much more. >> he would never walk on the street. and you would also not walk on high street. trip this morning not far away, same-day same gun violence. this time i 77 with a 106 mile marker. someone shot a young marker -- they describe her as being in her young 20s. that woman was passing the football hall of fame and had her windows blown out. the shooter got away while she rim across a lot. >> a lady came to my door and said she was shot.
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them she was being followed. they suspect she knew the shooter. she was struck in the head and grazed in the hand. her injuries are reportedly not life-threatening.>> i was sleep with one eye open. you never know. >> reporter: as close as the 2 shootings are in proximity, police say they are not related. >> indiana into ohio.
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been doing. the damage to the west is extensive in some locations. as we mentioned, things settled down nicely. he is alive look for you. we have a series of nonsevere storms that continue marching eastward. the leftovers of this nasty weather outbreak. you can see that this is the most active area of the thunderstorm complex has a line of storms. it is west of mansfield. they will stay in south. we will probably see have your rain showers continuing to move eastward. putting a track on scattered showers a couple of run those -- rumbles of wonder. -- thunder. about midnight for cleveland, 12:30 pm for akron. a close to 1 am if they continue to hold together for the canton area. this is the extensive list of tornado reports coming in today. 42 reports so far. a lot of this is from one storm that the tao multiple tornadoes. they will be condensed. the survey teams will be out tomorrow. we have a cold front still to the west. so the severe weather threat is
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the national weather service storm prediction center, and highlighted more than ohio for today and tomorrow with the possibility of an area to have severe weather. but he will be a possibility for the afternoon and evening. hail potential as well as high wind potential. and tornadoes are possible but not likely. it is one of you keep in the background. and you watch how things the ball through the day. these are leftover showers from the early morning. will be into the 80s by midday. storms popping it will have storms in the area for the evening and beyond. we will talk about your hour by hour forecast coming up in just a minute. we want to take you to italy with the death toll continues to rise. we can tell you that 159 people
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it struck central italy around 4 am their time. one of the hardest hit was amatrice. many people were killed instantly as they slept. they are still looking for folks bodies trapped under the rubble. the last quake to strike italy was 2009 where 300 were killed. back to canton. the man who shot and killed the police k-9. he will spend 45 years behind bars. kelontre barefie guilty to charges the 2 cases. he originally pleaded not guilty. he shot the three-year-old german shepherd multiple times in a robbery earlier this year. one of the children throwing
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the judge said he has met the terms of his sentencing. and the baby head has undergone several surgeries. surveillance video which captured the crash, kathleen mcdonald was one of 8 people hurt. we learn she died from her she was trying to leave the concert when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. police say charges still may come. the sandusky county sheriff indicted on multiple drug charges appeared in court today. he is charged with 43 counts of possession to take drugs, and falsified reports. a special prosecutor is seeking
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him. a new national show of the network to modify slant will explore abandoned places. and on ohio city photographer will appear on the show. hillary gholston has our story. >> reporter: they have a cold dead. but the images, but actually themselves. this something about taking those images and putting them them jump out at you. the images coming into your living room. we want to show you now how you can get there. the show abandoned calls the modern day bruins. -- bruins. across our area in our own
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these images were shot by local photographers. the cameras are filming him as they go into a world of decay. i asked about rolling in one on one. >> it continued to fall further and further into decay. do you think the show does it justice ?>> be surprised at how the show turns out. it is kind of funny and comedic. he is passionate. it is very sad and emotional. there were a couple of times were almost broke down during filming. >> reporter: are they trying to tackle some issues about where
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and how these structures can fall by the wayside ? >> there is a commentary when it comes to my work and the narrative. i bring that up your a lot of people do not talk about it but i do. people are talking about the shifting of american jobs overseas. the fact that we have lost jobs here in the states. >> reporter: if you want to take a stroll down memory lane, not so hard. all you have to do is watch on september 2. coming up, cleveland auditions. how you can be a part of the season 12 of america's got talent. plus the solar recall. and -- stroller recalls. and inside look, the big plan to open up princes paisley
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for the first time ever you
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challenge. [ indiscernible- multiple speaker ] >> i am good friends with howie mandel. is there anything better than that chris >> the big announcement came tonight, auditions for season 12 will be held right here in cleveland. start brushing up on your act tonight. we have a link to sign up on our website. cleveland a city of the prize. less than an hour ago the season premiere of cleveland hustle premiered on cnbc. they are competing for a chance to open a store product --
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a premiere party took place over in the neighborhood by the capitol theater. and speaking of theaters are movies, movie crews are hard at work in northeast ohio filming a new movie about jeffrey dahmer. it's based on a cleveland artist graphic novel. it shot -- follows the life of jeffrey dahmer. he grew up near akron. his home was recently up for brett here. so far, no police day has been set. fans of the late superstar prince will be able to tour his private estate. he called it paisley park. we learn today that paisley park will be open to the public starting october 6. the 75,000 ft.2 complex is in a minneapolis suburb. his sister said that opening paisley park was something he always wanted to do.
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the popular stroller is being recalled. this is the step and go travel system sold by the safety first branch. the stroller tray can't disengage on one side. releasing the infant car seat attached to the stroller. they were sold online from may 2015 through june of this year. you can contact safety first for a free repair kit. it is august 24, 2016. the reason historians remember this day is because of the next story. scientist say they have discovered a planet orbiting[ indiscernible ] . the discovery could lead to finding more
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>> that is one of those was i say i remember that when we first reported it. >> i remember when pluto was a planet. there that we will be keeping an eye on for the day tomorrow. thunderstorms are off to the west of us. at this point it is not severe. we are not expecting it to become severe. you're seeing the leftovers storms. and we are seeing that hold together with some nice rain coming out of them. but no severe weather is expected. as far as rain that is light, every now and then to get a
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you will see spotty showers that will consider down to the south. they are moving eastward. the heavier storms out to the southwest of mansfield. not expecting for that to be much of a factor for mansfield immediately. you may hear some rumbles of -- thunder. it will impact areas like booster. and then out towards dylan burke you'll probably get wet as well. the scattered showers and thunderstorms continue to move out. it was aggressive looking, but the idea here is that we have the rain and thunder that will
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temperatures in the 70s and partly cloudy skies. your commuting forecast for the day tomorrow, it will look like this. partly cloudy and muggy to begin the day. quickly getting into the 70s. for the evening rush, scattered storms will be in the forecast. though stores are associated with a cold front. you can see the nasty weather still ongoing. that cold front will sweep into the area tomorrow. we have a lot of heat and building humidity. and the cold front can act as a trigger. in the thread for storms is highlighted over northern ohio. you cannot rule out the tornado threat. the stuff that happened today was in a sweet spot that happened to flare up and hold together. and that is what they had the
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we started 8 am tomorrow. midday temperatures will be in the mid-80s. and the humidity will be up there too. standards storm start to fire in the heat of the day. through the evening, we would be surprised if we saw bigger storms come through during the evening. especially once we get into the latter part of the evening. this is when the start starts to trip and. thunderstorms and severe. we are in a wait and see scenario. the ingredients are there. will they work together and that is what we are waiting on. your forecast for tomorrow has on man temperatures at 89 degrees. i would not be surprised to see some 90s. keep an eye out for those storms. we heat up as we go through the weekend. more storms associated with the cold front coming late sunday
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not a good series on the west coast for the indians they have been struggling against the a's. will look at the afternoon highlights and the weekend
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that's the more human side of engineering. hurry in for limited time offers during the final days of the lincoln summer invitation sales event. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus. the indians went silent in this three-game series against the oakland a's. they only scored one run in each game. it is to add a three. they lost today 5-1. they had 1 bad inning. he got no help from his defense, ryan healy and the base hit
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pop-up that should have ended the inning. and carlos santana misjudged it and it went behind him and drop. 2 runs scored it was 5-0. the indians get on the board only once. santana strikes out to win the game, and the indians lose 5-1. they will start a very tough important four-ga tomorrow night with josh tomlin on the mound. it is miguel cabrera. his 30th home run of the year. he goes for-five in the game. the tigers win.
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they trail the indians by 5 1/2 in the division now. the magic number remains 32. >> the sixth inning, no score. the marlins shut them out. three happen zero the final score. now to football. the browns had a good week against the tampa bay wants. they will try to carry that through. rg three loves the offense. and the fact that he is the starting quarterback, on friday night he will have a few more toys in the box to throw. >> will go down the field and make sure that every one is in
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you cannot look at it on the individual basis. head coach you jackson has to live in a message to his team. you had a bad day at practice you have to have a better day tomorrow. and that is what he likes about his team.>> i like the way that our players respond. this team has allowed me and the staff to coach them. the play of the day today, he's back in the corner and playing like an all-pro. another interception today. he is expected to play a friday night as well. tanner murphy could be a question mark. he left the practice field
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we will be right back.
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enjoy your trip to tampa my friend.
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thank you for watching channel 3 news.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul, tig notaro,


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