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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  August 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:29pm EDT

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will have details in the forecast. well this was yesterday, around this time significant tornadoes caught on camera as they touched down in western ohio. you can see a funnel cloud tear through outbuildings have been -- barns and out buildings have been heavily . night story is what? well, last night we were dealing with ef-3 tornadoes ripping through indiana and western ohio. tonight we are just kind of in wait and see mode. still unfortunately. we are still ahead of the cold front. can you see where it's painted from saginaw back to chicago and points farther south.
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chances for rain and rumbles. but so far they've been pretty few and far between, heavy downpours, thunderstorm earlier in ashtabula county, that didn't report any damage, they have damage in western pa from wind. there is scattered rain showers coming through. not a whole lot of lightning to talk about. so all in all the report is a good one for this evening. now temperatures are still very toasty, we are still well into e still have this thick humidity that we are dealing with dewpoints in the 60s an 70s. behind that cold front tomorrow we will be dealing with cooler and drier weather. but in the men time temperatures will be sluggishly falling back into the 70s. shower and thunderstorm chances look to be few and far between. sometimes the ingredients are here, that seems to be be the
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like i said, so we are going to keep an eye on things sox far, chris, it looks good. we have developing news you saw lester holt jam this in the newscast in the end, we have learned that brazilian police have formally charged american swimmer ryan lochte. the associated press says the charge is for filing a false robbery report over that incident. after he lied after being robbed negotiations unless he is present in brazil. more on this at 11:00. relief tonight for epipen users, maylan pharmaceuticals has savings cards. who benefits from the card? and how can you get one if someone in your family needs one. monica robbins has the answers.
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it may cut out-of-pocket costs by 50%. doubling the eligibility for patience assistance program which would eliminate out-of- pocket costs for under insured and uninsured patients. blamed the price hikes on healthcare. >> had we reduced the list price, i couldn't ensure that everyone who needs an epipen gets one. this savings card is equivalent to cash, $300 so effectively we are cutting the price in half. >> how do you get a savings card? go to click on a savings offer. and then let them know what type of insurance you have. only those with commercial insurance qualify for the card. will you give them your name and, mail and print out your card which will you take to your pharmacy. it could cut your costs in
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insurance programs such as medicare or medicaid. if you didn't have insurance you can't apply for the patient assistance program but depend on your income level. while the savings card could help some, it won't help all. massive price increases that congress must investigate. monica robbins channel 3 news. the issue of race now once again front and center presidential campaign. donald trump calling hillary clinton a racist, she only wants minority votes and doesn't want to help minority. clinton charging trump is cater to go white supremacists. senior political coarse upon accident tom baracy. >> hi, chris. at a time of growing racial tension in america, add another layer being thrown on by the presidential candidates. making in roads on hillary
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voters. >> a tight race, hillary clinton claiming donald trump is promoting bigotry and regency. >> there has always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, a lot of it rising from racial resentment but never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it and giving it a national mega phone until now. >> in new hampshire turn telling backers is talking about you. >> she . decent americans, you, as racists. >> wednesday night trump lobbed a verbal grenade. >> hillary clinton is a big got. >> she she claims she only sees minorities as votes not people who need help. >> african american community have been let down by hillary clinton and the democrats. >> cleveland's east side trump's bid for black votes not connecting.
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>> he used to fake seizures to get attention, doing so in public places. today that place was the former euclid square mall. independent film is in the works about the serial killer's youth. based off the book my friend dahmer an awarding high school classmate. playing the mother is ann haisch. filming has taken place all across summit county over the past month. including dahmer boy hood home, certain wracked up buzz and controversy with heather saying today she can can't wait to see it, and alexandra saying this whole thing is creepy.
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gore. the movie ends with dahmer meeting his first victim. tried to keep the location secret because they want to eliminate fanfare in northeast ohio, it's affected their filming. so we know that this is the last day that they are filming here. they would not tell us where they will be filming next. >> the hunt is on if you want a sneak peek at hollywood. next at 7:00, it's an event helping to review clever land's cost guard station by using after the break. how a local business is using art, that woman's art in particular to help heal others,
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welcome back, 47 years since the most infamous disaster, the burning of the cuyahoga river. since then we've learned to poke fun of ourselves. and it is actually one of the names for an upcoming events, burning river fest. great lakes brewing company who is part of this organization launching this week. so tell us about this festival, 15 years in. located in one of the most novel spots. >> yeah, burning river fest, 15th year at the historic coast guard station. definitely one of the coolest water front locations in cleveland. every year we raise money for the burning river,. >> so the location for folks, it's where the cuyahoga river meets lake erie on the west side of the river.
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lake erie. if you look out east you see the sky lin. >> it's a fun and visual events of the year, you do it very very well. explain for folks what you see, with you did etifor the money and once you show up on saturday. >> your ticket will get you two stages of music, chef on stage. this year we have moon tech headlining on friday night. sea fair on saturday night. proceeds benefit the burning river foundation, so a good cause. >> folks planning their it's 15 bucks. >> $15 each night. >> bring good workers' compensationing shoes, now you actually are further down near the lighthouse exclusive low. >> if you park at edgewater we have shuttles that will take you down to the island. >> some of the funds go to review -- reviewing the lighthouse itself. somebody has in the past gone to that lighthouse. >> last year all of the money we raised when to the
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station, we raised $116,000. you are going to see the parent job we did on it, new windows. >> i have a hard time thinking about it, the vie down there is -- vibe down there is so cool. you have some of the coolest beer, the best music, bring a pack of friends. >> it is one of my favorite events of the summer and a great way to cap off the summer, too. >> folks who >> 6-11:00 p.m. friday and saturday. tickets available at the door. >> good luck on friday and saturday. how a local artist uses her love of art to help bring a unique design to cleveland. betty will be back with a check on the storms. look at that sky not so bad for a thursday night cleveland. she'll walk through the evening
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our community every day making brand new strides, channel 3 digital director shows us how one business is helping to calm and heal all
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digital. as part of our cleveland rising series, we are going to introduce you to a local artist. many of us don't give much thought to old tree branches, stones and strap metal. when susie fraser comes across the materials she sees the history and beauty and creates a connection between people and design. >> we look at these things as tools to calm the mind, to ease create well-being. >> part of something new in design. or that good, calming design in colors can make you feel better and reclaim parts of your life that might be out of control. >> a lot of the products that you see here have to do with those materials that are calm and giving new life, in many ways create a sophisticated beauty in the home.
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over the behavior in animals can be found in the new hilton hotel. >> so when we look at birds or schools of fish what they see is this sort of unified connection to whole, none of us are independent units but influencing the outcome of the collective. >> susie's designs aren't just limited to cleveland, she is forging new and inventive reon brands, making sure that personal reclamation, function and well-being are at the core of everything she does. >> denise, thank you. and the business that was so hot so many years ago, now they are popping up everywhere, melts, remember melt grilled cheese, well now they are opening a location on public square, they are going to open
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all over northeast ohio. good grub, particularly as the fall season comes around. public square focus on quick, fast lunchables. we are also keeping our eye on the skies. we caught this one. check out this cool image, time lapse image on the east side. that was kind of where things were eventful. a lot of the eastern suburbs pushing toward the state line, our friends to the east are dealing thursday looking more tranquil than maybe -- >> we have sunshine, we have warmth, humid. ingredients for thunderstorms, it doesn't always work out. it's like when you follow the recipe exactly. >> it's supposed to look like this. >> it happens. i know, i've done it. >> we don't blame the chef. >> no, exactly. >> we blame the oven. mother nature. let's take a look at what is happening. we still have the threat of storms until later this
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going to have skies that clear out. there is a look at the radar right now, we still have rain and rumbles of thunder going on, portage county into trumble county. this is going just about due east just north of i 76. so around rook town, that will continue to move out towards diamond. and then eventually probably get into the youngstown area within the hour. you can see the back edge of all of that moving o out of the aurora area. these are nice rain showers come through. god to wet the garden down, get the grass growing, that will be moving out. a couple blips in polls of cuyahoga county. we just got a severe thunderstorm warningment stand by, i will be right back. we have a severe thunderstorm warning issued on that storm that we just talked about. let's back it up.
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to move eastbound on i 796 and if we get -- 19 i 76, the national weather service is saying that they have the possibility of 1 inch hail and also some high wind gusts. so zoom in more, we'll go more in-depth here. this is the hail potential, not really seeing anything on that, you can see this blip right there. that is where the hail possibility is. as we take a look at the winds, now that is slightly more impressive, happening there that would be high sea winds coming out, spreading out from the thunderstorms. so this particular thunderstorm is going east. and as it does so we do have that high wind threat. we are going to take this trek to the east. along i 76, he had in burg, pal myra, craig beach, all involved with this. not seeing a ton of lightning on it. that is an indicator we done
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high wind threat is continuing. and then thunderstorm really starts to die back. so we'll keep an eye on this. as we zoom back out, we pick up where we left off. we have the cold front still off to the northwest. northern indiana, see all the stuff is still popping, until the cold front gets through we still have a chance of showers and storms, once the cold front moves through, this is a look at dewpoints on either side of the front, very warm, soupy air that we are sitting now and cool, very mild air off to the northwest. that is going to help us out quite a bit. now as we take a look at the window nation forecast. we have chances for showers and storms that continue in the overnight tonight. and it does look like temperatures tomorrow, we'll be topping out in the middle l 90s, upper 80s once we head into the weekend. showers and thunderstorm chances returning on sunday that will carry into monday. as we see temperatures backing
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next week with sunny skies, more hohum weather. >> you sal vanned the cake. >> build it all damage together. put it back in the oven. >> do your thing, thank you, betsy. the indians, they are cooking hopefully down in texas. will they warm up? they need a couple wins to
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the top two teams in the american league do the texas two step tonight. indians and rangers down in texas. >> i like to call it the texas four step.
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and we get to talk tribe during the news at 7:00 tonight. first pitch in texas is at 80:50. snapping a two game skid after losing two out of three in oakland. june 1stat progressive field, exciting win there. but the range arers took two out of three in that series outscoring the indians 20 to 10, this is a huge four game series for many reasons. trail pack tigers are justify games back now after a win versus the twins today. josh tomlin is tonight, he has been struggling of the he has been very good all year for texas. the browns traded domingo in return for the third ground pick. mingo first round bucks for the browns, they were leaning toward cutting him any way so they get something. chris, this is an example of
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numbers. >> number six overall back in 2015 and now just a fifth round pick you get back for him. that is going to do it for
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?? ?? >> the britney spears movie she doesn't want you to see. >> oh, god. >> why the pop star wants nothing to do with her new biopic. then we're blowing the lid off of beyonce's next big surprise. and who's the celeb that caused this paparazz >> whoa! plus, "cheers" is back. ?? ?? ? where everybody knows your name ?? >> only we're behind the scenes with the newcomers bringing back the tv classic. >> it's a show for everybody. "e.t." is first on the set of "sully" with tom hanks, recreating the dramatic crash landing. >> "miracle on the hudson" man -- sully! now for august 25th, 2016,


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