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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  August 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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coming up on channel 3 news today, over 50 animals rescued. plus, how a festival in downtown cleveland is helping to change the city's image. and it's a cancer. today thousands of runners and survivors will take to the streets to raise awareness of the deadly disease. thank you so much for being up with us at 5:00 a.m. on this saturday, august 27th. here's a live look downtown. it is shaping up to be a nice
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summer. whoa, looks like the lights just went out downtown. right when i said kick-off. >> a little flash there. >> end of summer, not saying it. >> all right, time to get to bed. >> right. downtown is always hopping. >> that's true. >> it has been a beautiful couple days. you know the heat and the humidity is not for long, it's easier to take. >> i was golfing with my dad over the past couple days and happened to notice that a trees -- >> don't say it. >> the leaves on the trees were starting to change colors. >> isn't that crazy? >> maybe a tree or two. but still, 63 degrees, feels like the fallish taste to the air. still in the low 70s downtown. it's going to feel anything but
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thunderstorms. temperatures by 9:00 a.m., 80 degrees. by lunchtime, in the mid-80s. upper 80s near 90. by the 5:00 hour, this afternoon, again, with lots of humidity, we will talk about what heat indexes look like today, that's the real-feel temperatures. and maureen, when we show you what those real feel temperatures look like, you're going to be like, yeah, summer hasn't gone anywhere. >> as i mentioned earlier this week, the pools are il thing, a lot of kids can enjoy. >> yes, today is going to be the perfect afternoon for it. this evening, maybe not so much. we will talk chances for storms in a second. >> thank you so much. now to our top story, dozens of animals seized from a home in cleveland friday morning are now receiving care at the cleveland animal protective league. we're told 15 cats and 35 dog dogs were confined indoors in
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and flees. all of the animals are expected to recover enough to be put up for adoption. they are working with prosecutors to determine possible charges. >> started out with all good intentions and people who love the animals, but the animals' breed, not having them stay neutered, it got wildly out of control. >> if charges are filed, it's likely to be from negligent. the city of cleveland has undergone a transformation and so has its biggest body of water, lake erie. how the annual burning river fest helps to restore the river. >> reporter: but the 1960s, like erie was very polluted, heavy industry lined the shores. they dumped waste into the water and it flowed into the lake. even waste from city sewers made its way into the lake
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sides. dead fish could be seen along the shore. >> the brown stream that leads to lake erie. >> reporter: and then this happened -- >> in danger of catching fire. >> reporter: the river caught river in 1969, shocking leaders and citizens alike to do something about it. today the river and lake look like this, a place to be. especially for those coming to burning river fest. for more than 15 years, it's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this station and fresh water causes. she helps put it together. he really gets how far we have come. >> used to be the lake was brown and things were floating in and even in this area, there's much less debris and garbage coming in. >> reporter: channel 3 news. >> thank you. the burning river fest continues tonight from 6:00 to
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tickets are $15. now to politics, vice president joe biden will be in ohio next week to come pain for hillary rodham clinton. he will stop at the valley area and somewhere in the cleveland area. the specifics for the event have not been released yet. cleveland teachers could be on strike in one week. new talks between the union and the district are scheduled for monday. teachers have been working without a contract the union says the biggest issue standing in the way is how teachers are evaluated. there believe there's too much emphasis on student test scores. if you have what it takes to win a million dollars and headline a show in vegas, start practicing your act. america's got talent is holding auditions right here in cleveland. we asked a show producer what it would take to stand out. >> walk into the audition room like you are already the
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for. walk in with that talent and pazaz and own that space and that's going to catch our attention. and everything else will fall into place. when they come out to audition, they have to impress all the judges and show us everything they have. come in with a passionate, talent and show us everything they've got. >> if you have what it take, the opening casting call will be december 10th down n downtown. details on how to preregister are on pokimon go players are hosting a party. folks interested just have to buy a ticket and take a tour of
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will win a special leg lamp gym badge. still ahead, as the zika virus continues to impact the u.s., what the fda is now requesting when it comes to blood samples. plus, if you're planning to travel for labor day, what you need to do to make it for
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welcome back. till yan authorities say the death toll in italy's definite stating earthquake has risen to 281. three more bodies were found in the rubble in the town most affected by the earthquake that hit central italy on wednesday. funerals and memorials have begun for those killed in the earthquake. the italian government declared
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today. france's top administrative court has overturned a ban on burkinis. they have all-body swimsuits worn by some muslim winning. the dispute has divided the country and brought world attention to france's difficult relationship with muslims. efforts to bat zika virus spreading in florida continue. while the nation's blood needs more scrutiny to protect against the virus. >> reporter: you would never know it just by looking at her. she was born nearly two months ago in miami architected by the zika virus. -- miami affected by the zika virus. she does not have microcephaly, the small brain seen in so many other zika virus related cases across south america. >> she is changing the way we think about the disease. >> reporter: there are worrisome signs problems may
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do hospital in miami found qualifications many her brain and scarring in her eye. her mother said she's terrified zika virus will harm her further. she became infected while pregnant in venose la and then traveled to the u.s. where she gave birth. >> she is thankful that the baby was born here and the baby has been a blessing to her. >> reporter: florida is home to the first homegrown zika virus cases in the states. at least 42 in three counties. will travel to washington, d.c. the first day congress gets back from recess, pushing them the to approve money to help fight the virus. >> we're at the tip of the sphere of what's going on. this is an issue the whole country is going to deal with. >> reporter: in baltimore, johns hopkins medicine is opening up a zika virus center where patient cans get any kind of zika virus related treatment and support they need. and the food and drug administration said on friday all blood donations across the
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zika virus. nbc news. >> thank you. a fire hazard prompted the recall of more than 15,000 whirlpool microwaves. it involves the microwave hood combinations sold from january 2014 to april 2016. five reports of incidents have been reported including one home fire and two fires involving surrounded cabinets. consumers should unplug it and contact the company for a repair. you probably don't want to hear this but the last chance for a late summer vacation is coming up. however, this year it looks like it be more affordable, provided you aren't relying on a certain way to pay for it. >> reporter: the last two weeks of the -- the last two weeks of the summer vacation season are upon us. it will culminate during the long labor day weekend.
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it advantageous time for travelers to get away. >> reporter: low gas prices are still where consumers are saving the most but that's not only the way to save. >> we are seeing flight prices lower than the past couple seasons. >> reporter: airline tickets might be cheaper too but don't plan on using frequent flier miles. labor day is another blackout period. >> overhead compartment -- >> you better be using them somehow and soon: >> you might never use those points at all because they'll expire and a lot of cases if you are not actively participating in programs -- >> reporter: she says airlines are now frequently changing terms. for earning and redeeming miles. >> because they have changed everything around and now suddenly you need to amass even more to get there. >> reporter: so for labor day flying this year, resolve to
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it might be cheaper anyway. nbc news. just ahead, a viral video that we had to share. how one teacher decided to welcome students into the classroom on their first day back. and money man matt granite is ready to help your rock with this weekend's ways to save. and michael, tracking the sunshine. >> oh, and lots of it. we will call it partly to mostly sunny today. if to you cedar point, it's going to get hot. water ride, jurisprudence on a few. temperatures upper 80s near 90 but it comes with the chance
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars.
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but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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a fourth grade teacher in chicago made this video welcoming his students to the new school year. mr.receives' catchy video outlines the curriculum for the year, from math to science. and he shows off his unique style and ideas to remember material. and he raps and sings about the following rules along with respecting themselves and school staff. >> i like that. >> i like it too. >> it's one of those thing, even for me that if you can put like a little rap or something like that to -- something you need to memorize, it always became easier. like the 50 nifty united states. >> what? tell me about this. >> the 50 nifty united states
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>> it goes through all the states. >> my goodness, songs like this for math. any math teachers are like, oh, yeah. she was bad. she was bad. again, it's back to school for a lot of folks here. >> i know. which is exciting to see those buses out and get back into the routine. but it's so sad when summer ends. >> exactly. it means we are wrapping up summer with going to feel like it. you look at the heat indexes, this gives us an idea on how warm it will feel like to expose skin. this is around the 5:00 to 6:00 this evening. and look at heat index, in the low, mid- and even at times upper 90s. it is going to be hot. it is going to be humid. that humidity by this evening may give way to scattered showers and thunderstorms. so a big heads up on that if you have plans. otherwise, temperatures this
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upper 60s, a few low 70s. look at the water temperatures, how about 77 degrees in lake erie. nice and dry right now. that's the good news. but the bigger picture showing you, it's a stationary boundary that's sitting just towards our south. so here's what's going on and here's why we're tracking the wet weather back toward, chicago, illinois. south of the stationary boundary, that's where there's a ton of heat, a ton gasoline, if you will. and the spark is the stationary front. so once all of that runs into the stationary boundary, that ignites the showers and thunderstorms that we're seeing back off towards the west. and there is a chance that later on this evening, some of those showers may move into some of our western zones. so heads up in places like sandusky, if you're joining us from erie county, i think that we could see a couple of those splash and dash showers and
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eastern viewing sections. now through lunchtime, most of us are nice and dry. after lunchtime though, that's when we will bring in passing clouds. and towards the evening especially, i think we will see just a couple hit and miss scatter showers and thunderstorms, mainly west of 77 and right along the lake shore counties. again, heads up there if you plan on being out and about this evening. and tomorrow, we will call for a mix of sun and clouds and i think the majority of sunday looks good. but again, th for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms to wrap up your weekend. temperatures today though, mid- to upper 80s, lower 90s with lots of heat and humidity. upper 60s, low to mid-70s overnight with the rain and storm chances in the mix. window nation seven-day showing you the beginning of the next work week, we dry things out and i feel like a few folks looking forward to this by thursday and friday. temperatures retreating back
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>> okay. it can stop there. >> right, exactly. if you can just put that on pause and let that linger just as long as it wants to, okay with that. >> yeah, that's what we did last year. i know we can't repeat it. >> yeah, if we can hold on to every last 70-degree reading through the fall and early winter, sign me up. >> right. that's your department. >> me and mother nature, we're going to get cool and stretch this out. >> good. amazon may be planning something new for consumers with its grocery business. usa today reports amazon could be planning a click and collect service involving drive-up grocery hubs. you could drive to a designated area to pick up your order. it would compliment amazon's existing programs. the national park service is celebrating its birthday
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free. it marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the u.s. national park service. to celebrate, it's waiving admission fees to more than 400 national parks across the nation through sunday. about 127 of the parks usually charge an entrance fee. today students gee get a great new way to upgrade their tech. -- students get a great new way to upgrade their tech. money man matt granite has it the audio out of this little speaker, just one of the big bargains you can find in this box. astounding, what one company is doing to try to get your attention. great to be with you this weekend. no companies pay us to talk about them. but one company built all of the school tech essential for students, great for a dorm room, anyone on a budget or
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complete with impressive add- ons. look at the over the ear adjustable headphone deuce headphones, rechargeable speaker and all the cables you need in a box under $30. it really was impressive. the components of what i loved and what i thought was average. but what has me more fired up on this particular again, just hit the market, the under $30 price point with free shipping has this boom bargain on my radar right now. so the components. first of all, a-plus on packaging, get it, a-plus, back to school? the box itself, nicely put together. easy as a gift. the over the ear headphones did have decent noise cancellation.
5:26 am the speaker itself as you heard at the beginning of the segment, awesome. in fact, if you want to hear more, that's on the only thing that was average were the earbuds. but keep in mind, you're getting speaker, headphone, earbuds, the packaging and shipping for under $30. i can handle average earbuds when everything else is far above average. with ge your way. happy savings. back to big desk. >> all right. , matt, thank you. after the break, how several local students are learning lessons about life by opening their own business. good morning, alyssa raymond. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. soon i will be joined by thousands. coming up, we're live for the annual susan g. komen race for
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? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night.
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the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed.
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welcome back. fake a look at terminal tower this morning. just like anybody that's headed down to the susan g. komen race. first, thank you so much for joining us. 5:30a.m. on this saturday. thanks for up early with us. like we mentioned, pull out your pink and get moving. cleveland's annual susan g. komen rafo happening today. alyssa raymond has a look at how this event helps save lives. >> reporter: i can always count on the terminal tower to match me. because we're here for the 23rd annual susan g. komen race for the cure. the start line right behind me. all kinds of activities starting this early for the race on lake side avenue including all these volunteers setting up. and here with us this morning
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susan g. komen northeast ohio chapter. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm wonderful. and it's a wonderful morning and wonderful day for for this. how many people are you expecting? >> we're expecting about 4,000 people but with the good weather, we expect more. >> can people still register today? >> absolutely. we take registrations up to race day. >> last year i read that you paid for 4700 screenings and >> the money that we we raise through this event and others like it here in northeast ohio, the the money goes back to organizations supporting men and women on their breast cancer journey, services, treatment services, screenings, support services for folks who otherwise wouldn't get care, whether they have no insurance or they're underinsured, they're able to access to care and their cancer would advance to greater stages and. >> this is not your first race.
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and why do you know it's making a difference? >> it's an amazing day. when you see folks come back year after year and you see the new faces come out and the same faces and they are supporting one another and they know they have -- they're not going through it alone. they have a support network. it's amazing. the survivor's ceremony always brings a tear to your eye because folks have lived a full life. and that's why we keep doing it. >> thank you so much. you heard it, come on down to be a day. registration 6:00 to 8:00. back to new -- back to you in the studio. >> alyssa, thank you for the details. and now we want to get the forecast from michael because we need to know what kind of weather we're running through. >> yeah, well, running through a lot of heat and humidity. so any time that they have the water pit stops, make sure that
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like. around 10:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s, lots of sunshine to start. lunchtime looks great at 86 degrees. and won't be until this evening where i think we will see a if you more of the scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures upper 80s, pushing near 90. this morning, in the 60s and 70s. off towards the west, that's where we're tracking the rain and the showers and thunderstorms. we will time out when we expect that to ohio in the next couple minutes. >> i have done race for the cure a number of different times in a number of different city, each and every time, the it's just fun. it's just fun. >> yeah, it's always inspiring and great to hear the speakers and see the people that come out in pink. >> that's exactly it. and again, today will not disappoint. >> good. thank you, michael. curriculum at one innovative cleveland high school has 14 and 15-year-olds
5:34 am
by opening their own coffee shop. channel 3 news has that story. >> reporter: they design the menu, handle customer service and keep the books. the cafe is run entirely by high schoolers. the student business is part of the curriculum at john marshall school of civic and business leadership. >> financing, inventory, marketing, market resear. 99% of independent coffee shops. >> reporter: he helped establish rising star coffee roasters 40. students were hired to fill the positions. >> they're learning how to operate coffee machine, deal with money, everything that goes into running a small business and they're doing well at it. >> reporter: students don't get a paycheck but they earn community service hours necessary for graduation. and for many, the experience is
5:35 am
>> reporter: the george foundation and cleveland foundation helped fund the first year. eventually students will have the opportunity to pitch their own business plans using the profits from the cafe to fund other student start-ups. >> you believe in the city of cleveland and cleveland being a city that grows its own leaders. >> reporter: channel 3 news. >> the foundations gave the high school 00 student-run businesses. half of that went to launch the cafe. the other half will be used for a credit union to help teach students about banking. coming up next, sports, a tough night in tampa for the browns. dave has the latest in this morning's sports report. plus, where you can catch live music tonight and it's all free. that's coming up after the
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hi everyone. develop. boy, it was a mess last night in the dress rehearsal as the browns lose in tampa bay. they fall to 0-3 in the pre- season. robert griffin the third, his third start, played one-half. welcome back gordon. they hook up for a 44-yard connection. and that's pretty. leads to a field goal, 3-3 game. bucs come ri this defense is terrible. look at the time jameis winston has, he finds the touchdown, 10- 3 tampa. gets worse, on the punt return, so easy. not even touched and look at the punter, no effort at all. scored 17-3. jackson is like, what's going on here? and the offensive line, what's going on here? rg3 sacked on third down. he was sacked five times last
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34-yards for another touchdown. he had 259-yards passing, 27-3. finally a moment rg3, nice toss, gordon again. what a grab. that's the guy we want to see. good to have him back. 43-yard touchdown, 27-10. rg3, 8-14, 119-yard, 87 to gordon. browns lose 30-13. they host the bears on thursday, their final pre- season game. indians and rangers tonight. they needed corey kluber to step up last night and he did. the three-game losing streak is over. terry francona, he's not worried. 3rd inning, the rbi double to put the tribe on the board 10. in the 4th, that's more than enough. six innings, five hits, just
5:41 am
starts. for good measure, another double, and that brings in a pair to make it 5-0. the indians get 12 runs and beat the rangers 12-1. a little revenge from the loss in texas two nights ago. three-game losing streak is over. and now hopefully they can get a winning streak going. indians and rangers again tonight in texas. and by the way, last night, the tigers a winner. so the indians remain 4.5 up on detroit for first place in the central. see you later on today. have a great weekend everybody. >> all right. thank you. just ahead, it's fun and it's all free. where you can hear everything from jazz to blue grass right here in cleveland. and why so many parents are turning to technology when it comes to hoke work help for -- homework help for their kids. and michael has a check of the sunny and hot forecast. >> yeah, a warm and humid saturday here in northeast ohio
5:42 am
want to spend time on like erie, winds from the east between 5 to 10 knots, stirring up waves less than 2 feet. water temperatures if the 70s. -- temperatures in the 70s. yes, the chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. more on the timing coming up in
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i-new survey reveals the majority of parents are having to lo children's homework questions. according to the learning center, 55% of parents look up answers to math or science homework questions without telling their children. 79% of parents go to online search engines to find the answers. 36% turn to nair significant answer. i'm see -- turn to their significant answer. i'm seeing into my future.
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cousins with their homework assignments. it was challenging and it was difficult and i have a degree in mathematics. there's this new -- >> well, things i forget like long division, yeah, i remember how it's formatted but i forgot some of the nuisances. >> and i'm right there with you. when you have a calculator, you have phones that are able to do the math equations for you -- >> right. >> you kn wait, what? >> i use that checks. does that count? signing my name. my goodness, for today, it is going to be hot and it is going to be humid. it was like that over the past couple days for us. and man, oh, man, today going to feel just like the middle of summer. how about 83 degrees by 11:00. into the afternoon, temperatures upper 80s, low
5:47 am
staying hydrated. current temperature, nice and comfortable, low, mid- and upper 60s. low 70s downtown. dry right now. and we may not stay that way. you can see where the showers and thunderstorms are off towards the west. a whole lot of juice right here. just south of that stationary boundary. and this stationary boundary itself is almost acting like a trigger mechanism. so as all that heat and humidity hit that trigger mechanism, that is what then thunderstorms that we're seeing in places like minneapolis, st. paul and back towards chicagoland. and there's a chance that a few of the showers could press into the eastern county, mainly back towards ottawa, from erie, even places like medina and mansfield, we could see a couple spotty showers and thunderstorms later on today. through the morning though, sunny side up. so a great looking start to
5:48 am
decent but notice that increase in cloud cover from the west towards the east. and again, it's not going to be a washout but i think a couple of us, headed to cedar point and maybe staying for the presentations that they do towards sunset, thank you we may see spotty showers and thunderstorms by that point. -- sunset, i think we may see a spotty showers and thunderstorms by that point. not a washout of a weekend if you have wedding plans. looks decent. if perhaps bring an umbrella just to be safe. temperatures today mid- to upper 80s and low 90s with lots of humidity out there. you will feel it. overnight low, upper 60s, low to mid-70s with the rain and storm chances. window nation seven-day, in the 80s through wednesday with sunshine. and then we take a little tumble back into the 70s. and i know that for some folks, you are looking forward to
5:49 am
get here by thursday and friday. but it's funny, with just the number of people that are like, hey, listen, we're in northeast ohio, not in miami, florida -- >> right. >> i want it cooler. >> yeah, everybody has the sweater waiting to go. sweater weather. >> right. right. well, not for the next week. >> thank you. starting tonight, you can check out the hottest music at university circle. national and local artists will be performing as part of the free uptown roots fest. >> reporter: the uptown roots fest will jam pack every flavor of music you can imagine. >> jazz and folk and gospel, blue grass, rang time piano. >> reporter: at abc uptown and hear a completely different kind of music across the street at corner alley. >> you've got seven weekends and eight venues, that's 56 spots of music. >> reporter: and it's all within walking distance.
5:50 am
rag time player in one spot, walk across the courtyard and maybe hear a blues man and a little later hear a gospel singer. >> reporter: it's their music that's bringing people together. >> there's been a lot of new businesses coming in. and it's always good to like get a new pulse on what's happening in cleveland. >> reporter: and their sound speaks volumes. >> it can express those shades afteremotion, give audiences and people -- shades of emotion, gi people a chance to express those things in such a powerful way that it becomes almost just a language of praise and gratitude. that's what i think the place of roots jazz is. and i think that's why i think it will never go out of style and we need to keep playing it. >> reporter: reporting in university circle, channel 3 news. coming up after the break, you may have already grabbed your coffee this morning but could the need for the coffee actually be in your dna.
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billion come back. your dna could determine how much coffee you drink. european researchers has identified a gene detects how the body takes the caffeine. those who drank fewer cups of coffee because the caffeine stayed in their bodies longer. that means they require less coffee to get the same caffeine hit without the gene va if you want to be mentally fit in your 40s, get a good job in your 20s. researchers looked at data on more than 6,000 people. those who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their employment earlier in their careers were more worried, had more depression and were more likely to have trouble sleeping by the time they reached their 40s. sneezing, congestion and could having aren't just signs of a winter cold, they can hit
5:55 am
what to look for with upper respiratory tract infections. >> reporter: don't let the hot weather have you thinking you're protected from upper respiratory infections. those bugs are common year- round. >> it can be whenever there's changes in the pollen and temperatures and humidity and whatnot. and all of the different mold counts and those sort of things can affect people, not just those viruses can be spread. >> reporter: when the symptoms come on, it can be easy to confuse it with allergies but she says it's lingering and you will see and definitely feel a change in the severity of symptoms. >> different color drainage when you're blowing your nose and sneezing as well as develop developing into a fever or things that don't go awindow nation with the usual means of
5:56 am
says to look for. >> not just the head and scratchy throat but sinus pressure, ear pressure and pain. anything that's draining into the back of the throat and getting into coughing and not getting rid of it with the usual means. >> reporter: the source can be viral or bacterial. and they spread easily through droplets from a sick person. and that's why she is reminding everyone to practice washing and hygiene as kids head back to school. >> without paying attention to those sort of things and promoting good hygiene practice, there could be more cases going around if they're not careful. >> most infections are viral. the treatment is managing the symptoms along with rest and drinkerring a lot of fluids. if your infection is not improving, see a doctor -- rest and drinking a lot of fluids. if your infection is not
5:57 am
big problem in northeast ohio. why it's making people itchy. we're going to tell you about
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welcome back. thank you for being up with us on this saturday, august 27th. are you in for a summer treat today. even though we are staring into fall summer. michael is standing by in the weather center with your hot forecast. >> reporter: it's going to be hot and steamy. a lot of humidity in the mix later today. that could lead to afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. but let's break down where we should be. 80 is the normal high. yesterday we made it into the mid-80s. and of course, on thursday, we were in the 90s. but today, we are going to again be very warm.


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