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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  August 27, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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f0 coming up today, 50 animals rescued from a home in cleveland. how the cleveland animal protected league is helping care for the animals this morning. does hi, alyssa. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. we are decked out in pink for a specific purpose. we are live at the 23rd annual susan g. komen race for the cure. channel 3 news this morning starts right now.
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outside. you saw all those runners and walkers for the susan g. komen race for the cure. this morning when it was still dark out, terminal tower was lit up in pink. and there's a live look over progressive field. we hope you're having a great morning. maybe just staten island down with the coffee planning out your just sitting down with your coffee planning out -- maybe you're just sitting down with your coffee and out your day. >> we took a walkout side during the break and it was really nice. actually even a little chilly. >> yeah, there's a nice breeze off the lake that we're feeling right now. so if you're right on the lake shore, same sort of story. but further inland, it gets warm. >> yeah. >> and you can already see it, temperatures outside in the mid- to upper 60s and a few low 70- degree readings to get your saturday morning start. we are nice and dry. this will be the way we stay
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however, you can see that into the afternoon, we are tracking the shield of showers back towards grand rapids, michigan, down towards the chicagoland area. and a few of those showers may tickle our western counties. so heads up if you plan on heading to cedar point. temperatures by about the 3:00 hour upper 80s, low 90s. you factor in the humidity and it will feel more like mid-90s. so again, heading out to the grab the water. you will definitely need. that we will talk more about not only when we will see the showers but also your pollen forecast. and i feel like today would be a great day to get out on lake erie. >> oh, yeah, any time on the lake, the pool, whatever, enjoy the last few days of summer. >> so very true. and we will break down that part of the forecast in a little bit. >> all right, michael, thank you. dozens of animals were seized from a home in cleveland friday morning and they are now
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animal protective league. we're told 15 cats and 35 dogs were confined indoors in a home full of feces, urine and fleas. the dogs vary in age from puppies to adults and all of the animals are expected to recover enough to be put up for adoption. they are working with prosecutors to determine possible charges. >> started out with all good intentions and people who love the animals, but the animals' brng spayed and newt erie countied, it got -- spayed and neutered, it got largely out of control. to politics now, vice president joe biden will be in ohio next week to campaign for hillary rodham clinton. he will be stopping in the valley area and somewhere in cleveland. we don't know specifics as of yet. cleveland teachers could be
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new talks between the union and the district are scheduled for monday. teachers have been working without a contract since april. the union says the biggest issue standing in the way is how teachers are evaluated. they believe there's too much emphasis on student test scores. well, do you have what it takes to win a million dollars and headline a show in vegas? start practicing your act. america's got talent is holding auditions right here in cleveland. we would take to stand out. >> walk in like you are already the superstar that we are searching for. walk in with that talent and that confidence. and you own that space. and you show us. and that's going to catch our attention. and everything else will fall into place, but it comes down to the talent. when they come out to audition,
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passionate talent. >> if you have what it take, mark your calendar, the open casting call will be december 10th downtown. details on how to register are on every minute, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer. cleveland's annual susan g. komen race for the cure looks to change those statistics. channel 3 news' joins us live with at the vent. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. the race begins at 9:00. as you can see, festivities have been underway for a longtime this morning. we just had the survivor's ceremony. and i want to draw your attention to this family. this is rhonda's family. she is a survivor, eight years now. and she's successfully won that battle. very nice to see you here supporting her. and they are from cleveland.
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theirs. including this one family, originally some of them moved to detroit but they are back here today supporting their grandmother. take a look at the video. the festivities began with the kid's race. you can see the four little ones running across the finish line and dove into their grandmother's arms. she is battling breast cancer for the past year. and her daughter says her prognosis is the little kids will tell you, the reason why they're here. >> running for my grandma. >> for our grandma. >> and each day, i think about them and they're my inspiration. >> she worked really hard the to fight through this and her strength encouraged us. >> just a lot of family time and just the fact that just hoping that it will keep us all going in the fight against
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about 5,000 people to participate. and today's event, just take in the scene here, we have so many people. you can see the different shirt, people supporting their families. over here, we have green team, we have black shirt team over here. the start line is down there. which will be at 9:00 as this race begins. maureen, it's a beautiful morning out here. they had rain in previous year bus this year, it ses absolutely perfect. back to you in the studio. >> that's right. and as michael mentioned, you are right along the lake so you still have a cool breeze. perfect morning for this. thank you. >> reporter: you can see my hair. >> you look great, as always. we will catch up in a bit. whether you catch a leg lamp or a squirtel is up to you. the christmas story house is hosting an event this weekend
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they are hosting a lure party allowing trainers to catch and battle all day. folks have to buy a ticket and take a tour of the house. the first 75 registered members win a special leg lamp gym badge. coming up, helping to fight the zika virus. what florida governor rick scott plans to do to minimize the disease. and last-minute travel. why a late summer vacation is as affordable as ever.
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welcome back. an arrest has been made in the shocking murders of two nuns in mississippi. a 46-year-old rodney sanders has been charged in the death of the sisters. their bodies were discovered thursday after they failed to show up for work at a clinic about 10-miles from where they lived. sanders is being held in a detention center awaiting hi court appearance. to italy where today has been declared a national day of mourning after tuesday's earthquake. a funeral mass was held friday in one of the hardest hit areas. >> hundreds of mourners gathered to pay respects to two women and their granddaughters as well as three others killed. there will be a state funeral today and also italy's president is planning to attend
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of the earthquake. back here at home, the centers for disease control is reporting its first known case in the u.s. of a person transmitting the zika virus without any symptoms. the state is home to the first homegrown cases in the nation with at least 42 in three counties. governor rick scott says he will travel to washington, d.c. as soon as congress gets back from recess to push legislatures to approve money to help fight the virus. going -- >> this is an issue the whole country is going to deal with. >> the food and drug administration says all blood donations around the country should be tested for the virus. a fire hazard has prompted the recall of more than 15,000 microwaves. it involves whirlpool brand combinations sold in stainless steel, black and white from january 2014 to april 2016. five reports of incidentses have been reported including
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involving surrounding cabinets. consumers should stop using the product, unplug and it contact whirlpool for a repair. you probably won't want to hear this, but it's the last chance for a late summer vacation. however, this looks like it will be more affordable provided you aren't relying on a certain way to pay for it. >> reporter: the last two weeks of the summer vacation season are upon us. it will culminate in the long labor day holiday weekend where record travel might occur because of travel bargains. >> affordable airfare and a strong hotel market are making it a good time for travelers to get away. >> reporter: historically low gas prices are still where consumers are saving the most. but that's not the only way to save. >> we're seeing flight prices lower than the past couple seasons. >> reporter: airline tickets might be cheaper too but don't plan on using frequent flier
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>> larger items in the overhead compartment -- >> reporter: although cnbc says use them somehow and soon. >> you might never use those points at all because they'll expire and in a lot of cases if you are not participating in programs. >> reporter: she says airlines are now frequently changing terms. for earnings and redeeming miles. >> because they've changed everything around and now suddenly you need to amass even more to get there. >> reporter: so for labor flying this year, resolve to earn instead of burn reward miles. it might be cheaper anyway. nbc news. coming up, a different presidential view, kids give their takes on the state of the white house and what presidents do all day. and testing your taste buds. we will see if people can tell the difference between expensive name brand coffee and off brand. but first, speaking of hot,
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forecast. i don't know, you or the forecast? >> that's hilarious. the weather, oh my goodness, it's going to be very warm outside this afternoon. lots of humidity. good news is that with the few showers and thunderstorms that i think we will see this afternoon, it will still help to the wash out some of that pollen out of the air. some of you are sneezing through the tree, grass and weed and mold allergiesful we will talk about timing of the storms and how feel this afternoon.
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welcome back. do you really need to spend a lot of money on coffee for it to taste good? the big question, can you taste the difference between expensive name brand coffee and off brand? we put taste buds to the test. >> reporter: step right up, it's the coffee taste test. we are setting up jersey. >> this one is better. >> my favorite, coffee. >> reporter: i mean, who doesn't love coffee. the average american spending more than $1,000 a year on it. from the expensive stuff to the cheap stuff. >> this is scientific. don't stop the science. >> reporter: if you didn't know which was which, what would you really like better? >> this one. >> i got to the tell you a
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coffee. >> wow. >> reporter: competing today, this cheap deli coffee, price $1 a cup. verses this fancy gourmet coffee at $3.25 a cup. come on up. you're the next contestant. some tasters choose the expensive brew. >> it's bold. >> you like the fancy stuff? >> unfortunately. >> you just have to come to terms with it. there are support groups. >> reporter: many saying it packs more of a punch. >> this one is stronger. i like the taste. >> reporter: but now listen to what these tasters say about the cheap deli coffee. >> that's a smoother flavor. >> this is lighter. i will take this one. >> this is really good. >> you're taking it with you. >> can i? >> absolutely. enjoy. he left me with the fancy to throw out. >> reporter: we taste test for hours, dozens of people and the results are in. >> this one. >> this one better.
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chose -- >> this one. >> reporter: the cheap deli coffee. >> really? wow. go figure. i guess i have cheap tastes. >> what do you make of that. >> i'm dumbfounded. >> i thought i was high maintenance. i guess i'm not. >> you tell them this proves you're not a high maintenance girl. >> i'm not. >> reporter: so why is expensive coffee so expensive? coffee experts say it's all about higher quality beans but >> people think that more money means better. but not always. >> cheaper can be just as good or better. >> and saves me money. >> it's not about the price, the it's the quality. >> and saving money now. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> and to get an idea of how tightly coffee is won into the american routine, according to the numbers, 60% of americans say they need a cup of coffee
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>> i am not. >> i don't think i've seen you drink coffee. >> not a coffee fan. i'm sorry, but that story, it definite distracted me because of the way they said coffee. >> the new york accent. >> i think i told you, i went to school in new york where they were teasing me about how i didn't say faucet, water came out of the that i said water. >> you know, it's like a big cold glass of water. that gets my juices flowing. and then pig out on chocolate, of course. >> where's my bucket of coffee. >> yeah, exactly. speaking of water by the way, if you're thinking, you know, it's going to be a hot, humid afternoon, let me get out on the lake. >> yeah. >> the perfect day for that. >> it would be. if you don't have a boat,
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beaches in the area if you want to make it a beach morning into the afternoon. and again, take advantage of it during the early part of the day because there's that chance for showers and thunderstorms later on in the day. so heads up on that. otherwise, by tomorrow on sunday, we are still partly sunny, temperatures warm. and speaking of warm, here's what the heat index temperatures look like. or what it will feel like around say the 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. hour. st further inland. look down, that's just a couple degrees away from the century mark. so it's going to feel very warm today. and we're off the a warmer start towards the south. akron, canton in the upper 60s in downtown. lower 70s with water temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. dry right now and i think that the majority of the morning looks nice and dry and the majority of your early afternoon. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms towards west
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this is because just south of the stationary front, there's a whole lot of heat and a whole lot of humidity. and the triggering mechanism that's helping to ignite some of the showers and thunderstorms is that stationary boundary. so that air is being pulled up and over the stationary front. and we're seeing the overflow of the showers and thunderstorms back towards chicago. and i think that a few of those may creep in to some of the western counties through the afternoon. so let's time that now through lunchtime, it looks great outside. and again, the majority of your afternoon looks decent. watch what happens generally around lunchtime or dinner time rather. that's when we expect a few of the spotty showers and thunderstorms to roll in. first thing tomorrow, looks decent but tomorrow afternoon, another chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. temperatures, both today and tomorrow, upper 80s. knocking on the door to 90.
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surprised if a few did reach the 90-degree mark. not only today but also tomorrow. if you want a little bit of a cool down, monday and tuesday look decent but you have to hold out until thursday and friday. that's when we will take a tumble back into the 70s. and i will say this in passing now, i was out doing golfing just the other day at little mountain. and i happened to notice a few of the trees were changing colors. i'm noen seriously. freeze. it is august. >> exactly. >> pump the brake, buddy. >> with just a few trees out there, if you look closely and see orange. i'm telling you, i was shocked. come on, it's late august. >> all right. as long as you didn't see snow flakes, i'm good. >> thank you. as president barack obama approaches the end of his presidency, we know he had some tough decisions to make throughout the years. but what do kids think of this
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our minneapolis affiliate kare found out. >> reporter: who is the boss of the united states of america? >> the president. >> who is the president of the united states of america? >> a-plus abraham lincoln. >> no. >> he was. it was a while ago. >> barack obama. >> any of you know barack obama. >> i my mom told me about him. and sometimes they watch news about him. >> what i want to know does the president do all day long? >> makes sure that people are doing the right things. >> plays with kids. >> plays with his dog and make sure that he doesn't get into trouble. >> the dog or the president? >> the dog. >> got it. >> what do you think the president eats for breakfast?
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>> eggs and bacon. >> i don't want to be president. >> why don't you want to be president? >> because it's really hard of a job because there could be crying. >> what's the best part about the president's job? >> having fun and like playing with the dogs. >> really into the dog thing. >> gets to make sure that everybody is doing the right thing. >> what do you think is the worst part about about the president's job? >> killing people because that's happening right now. >> that's the worst. where does the president live? >> in the white house. >> in the white house. >> is it white? >> yes. >> yes. >> a lot of rooms. >> his family needs lots of rooms. >> deborah: does his family need lots of room? >> so they can use as much space as they want so they don't have to worry about all
8:57 am
>> the house has to be big because he has a lot of work to do so there can be different rooms to work in. >> does he have to like clean the bathroom and make his bed? >> no. >> any questions about the president? >> does he have a car? i don't know. >> i think he has a fancy kind of car with like black. >> when was he born? >> >> he's going to retire soon. none of you want to be president? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> you're sure? >> yes. >> yes. still to come this morning, a celebration on whiskey island. the details of the final night of the burning river fest. good morning, alyssa. >> reporter: good morning,
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the cure. they're off at 9:00. we will see you there after the
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense. "i fully appreciate how hard life is for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible
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thank you so much for being with us at 9:00 a.m. on this saturday, august 27th. what do you have planned today? we have the the susan g. komen race going on. there's a live look at progressive field. of course the tribe is hot right now. speaking of hot, our weather. earlier, i said, michael, and then people were asking me if
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like hot coffee, doing a story on hot coffee and the weather is hot. >> you're too kind, maureen. >> and of course, you are very attractive. just tell us the weather. >> she's just being nice because we're coworkers and we have to say those kinds of things. it is going to be warm and humid and sticky and muggy but don't let that ruin your day outside. there's so much going on. and we have the race for the cure, literally just a running. and by the next hour we're expecting temperatures at about 80 degrees. so again, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water if you're one of those that like to get up and at them super early, jump on the bike. make sure you have ice cold water in there. temperatures already in the upper 60s, low and mid-70s. we're dry right now. but notice just off towards the west, we're tracking showers and thunderstorms.
9:02 am
thunderstorms may creep into northeast ohio later on in the afternoon. so majority of the morning looks great. the majority of the afternoon looks good. won't be until around dinner time that we see scattered showers and thunderstorms. we will time that out for you. and we will talk more about when a cool down is in store for us here, maureen. >> 70s. >> yeah, a lot of people waiting for that later on today. >> very true. >> thank you. well people all over ohio are reporting breakingou rashes or being bit by something and it's most likely oak mites. they drop by the hundreds of thousands every day in search of food. if you're luck can you enough or unlucky enough to be under one of those trees at the wrong time, you could become the bug's buff identify. >> they don't draw blood unlike the mosquito. their saliva reacts with your skin.
9:03 am
cells. and then the reaction is with their saliva. >> the mites don't carry disease. and once the weather changes, they'll die. if you notice a rash, try not to scratch it and apply lotion to the area. a lot of people pulled out their pink and got moving this morning. susan g. komen's race for the cure is happening right now. look at how the event helps save lives. are we seeing the the start of the race? >> reporter: you are. you are literally seeing the race right now. this is a live picture for you. look how many smiling faces we have this morning. this is one of my favorite things about this race, this positive vibe and the energy out here. and how excited everyone gets about this. look at everyone.
9:04 am
can't walk yet. we have the older grandparents out here. and everyone has their different twists to it. we see people with those bright pink wigs, men wearing tutus. just goes on and on and on. how is it? >> woo! >> we're so excited! >> someone is taking a picture of me. >> nine years! >> eight years, survivors ceremony was just a little bit ago. and we have survivor, 25 years cancer-free now. this is such an exciting morning. and we've talked to so many people that had those stories to share. and the people that didn't make their fight are being remembered today as well. we ran into one family, three little children were participating in the kid's race and they were excited because they are running for their grandma and their grandma was
9:05 am
and we had someone else that's a pink crusader, decked out in a superman gear. and even though he said no one in his family has been touched by this, he says he has friends that have been touched. >> i wanted to bring awareness and support any way i can. if it's this, so be it. >> just hoping that it will keep us going in the fight for breast cancer. >> the prognosis is great. year. >> reporter: that's beverly's daughter. who do we have here? we're live. >> sorority incorporated, watching for our national president. >> reporter: you guys look wonder. and. who are you running for? >> loretta. >> yes, 11-year survivor. thank god. thank you. >> reporter: thank you so much. this is amazing.
9:06 am
and we are just going to leave you with this. maureen, back to you. >> always great the hear the personal stories out there. thank you so much. well the last day of the 15th annual burning river fest takes place tonight. the event benefits the coast guard station and fresh water causes. it's packed with music, food and even live cooking demonstrations and beer pairings. event organizers say the transformation of the once heavily polluted river which amazing. >> i think it's beautiful. i'm glad. i love cleveland. i've loved the transformation across the board. >> tickets are $15. doors open at 6:00 this evening and then close at 11:00. if you're looking for a fun saturday night out, the brew at the zoo is back. the event features beer and wine from local spots like hop and frog and wolf creek. tickets are $25 for zoo members and $31 for non-members.
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ounce tasting glass, eight sample tastings and admission to the zoo of after hours and a give-away. back to their winning ways. highlight from the tribe's big win in the lone star state is
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hi everyone. good morning. boy, it was a mess last night in the dress rehearsal as the
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fall to 0-3 in the pre-season. robert griffin the third, his third start, played one-half. welcome back josh gordon, brown's first drive, they hook up for a 44-yard connection. and that's pretty. leads to a field goal, 3-3 game. bucs come right back, 82-yard drive. the defense is terrible. look at all the time jameis winston has. the touchdown, 10-3 tampa. gets worse. adam on the punt so easy. not even touched. and look at the punter, no effort at all. 37-yards back to the score, 17- 3. hugh jackson is like, hey, what's going on here? the offense i line, what's going on here? rg3 sacked on 3rd down. he was sacked five times last night. and this gets worse, 34-yards for another touchdown. he had 259 yards passing, 27-3. and finally a moment, nice toss, gordon again. what a grab.
9:11 am
good to have him back. 27-10. rg3, 8-14, 119-yard, 87 to gordon. browns lose 30-13. they host the bears on thursday. their final pre-season game. now the good news, the indians and rangers against tonight. they needed corey kluber to step up last night and he did. the three-game losing streak is over. the indians beat the rangers last night. terry francona, he's not worrieded. the offense is 3rd inning, an rbi double to put the tribe on the board 1-0. 2-0 in the 4th, that's more than enough for corey kluber, six inning, five hits, one run, seven strikeouts. now 6-0 in his last nine starts. he wasn't done, another double. and that brings in a pair to make it 5-0. the indians get 12
9:12 am
a little revenge from the loss in texas two nights ago. the three-game losing streak is over. now hopefully they can get the winning streak going. indians and rangers again tonight in texas. by the way, the tigers a win sore the indians remain 4.5 games up on detroit for first place in the central. see you later on today. have a great weekend, everybody. >> thank you. getting into the grocery business. we idea for grocery hubs. ready to rock out? matt granite has the deal for students to upgrade their technology. and first, michael, what's the weather going to be like? >> yesterday we made it into the mid-80s. normal high by the way only 80 degrees. we're going to soar within a few degrees of 9 to today. we will talk -- of 90 today. we will talk about that plus when you can expect a cool
9:14 am
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downtown cleveland is getting another delicious addition. melt is expanding once again. the cleveland staple will open inside the huntington building on september 12th. this location will with a great place for lunch with the quick service concept similar to at the progressive field. so many great places for lunch in downtown cleveland. >> yep. >> anybody who works downtown, they have so many options is. >> many options.
9:16 am
public square -- >> still haven't gone. >> man, the milkshakes. >> until. >> the milkshakes. >> well, it's going to be hot today, maybe we should get a milkshake. >> yeah, and don't forget that extra bottle of water. make sure it's nice and cold. i like to throw my bears on thursday until the freezer and let it melt throughout the day. >> how long would that take today? about five minutes? >> right. the big pool of condensation. >> and tea. >> so true. make sure that you grab the water before because it will be another warm one. we will call it hazy, hot and humid. and the good news, we do anticipate a couple of showers and thunderstorms. i don't think we will see a whole lot but generally speaking right along and west of say 71. so that would include our friends back towards cedar point and sandusky. we see more scattered showers and thunderstorms around dinner time with perhaps another round on sunday. and here's what we call heat
9:17 am
between the 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. hour, how about mid-90s for our friends down towards akron and canton. perhaps even feel like a few degrees shy of 100 down. i'm serious when i say grab the water or three. take it with you if you plan on being outside for an extended period of time. temperatures currently already in the low and mid- degrees. again, a beautiful start this saturday morning. we love weekend mornings like this one. however, we are tracking some showers and thunderstorms off towards our west. generally north of this stationary boundary. and again, there's a whole lot of heat and humidity that's going to continue to surge through northeast ohio. not only today but also tomorrow on your sunday. and i think that even by monday and tuesday, temperatures still in the mid- to upper 80s.
9:18 am
get used to it. make sure that the ac is working just fine. and now through lunchtime, we are sunny side up, my friends. a great looking lunch break here in northeast ohio. and by this afternoon, most of us stay dry but towards the evening hours, that's when i think we start to see a few scattered showers and thunderstorms. any of those thunderstorms have the potential to be heavy and strong at times d mean is not only producing lightning and gusty winds but also some torrential rain. so watch out for it toward the park at cedar point. and tomorrow morning looks good. by tomorrow afternoon w the daytime heating back in place, again, scattered showers and thunderstorms the name of the weather game tomorrow on your sunday. so umbrellas will be needed tomorrow. temperatures today, mid- to upper 80s, perhaps a few low 90sment and factor in the humidity and it feels like mid- 90s. we are sweating it out today.
9:19 am
overnight with the window nation seven-day, upper 80s, low 90s today and tomorrow. and still stuck in the mid-80s on monday and tuesday. and by wednesday, thursday and friday, we retreat back into the upper 80s on wednesday. and mid- to upper 70s on thursday and friday. believer it or not, that's closer to where we should be for this time of the year. as opposed to near 90. and i know a lot was saying, our camera operator was saying mid-70s. >> yeah, that's most people. >> that's like room temperature. >> yeah, exactly. >> all right. >> we look forward to it. >> thank you. amazon may be planning something new for consumers with the grocery business. usa today reports amazon could be planning a click and collect service involving drive-up grocery hubs. it would let customers buy online and then drive to an
9:20 am
possible locations to begin the service may be in northern california and seattle. this service would compliment amazon's existing programs amazon fresh and prime now. today students get a great new way to upgrade their tech. mat granite is ready to rock out. ? a little unsteady ?? >> reporter: it's my song, unsteady. but i will tell you, the audio coming out of this speaker, just one of the baying bargains you can find in this box. >> absolutely astounding. what one company is doing to try to get your attention for back to school. great to be with you this weekend. no companies pay us to talk about them positively. but i was impressed when one company built all of the school tech essentials for student, great for a dorm room, anyone on a budget or even a middle schooler, and threw it in to one box complete with some really impressive add-ons.
9:21 am
adjustable headphone deuce earbuds with rechargeable speaker and all the cables you need in a box. at under $30. it really was impressive. i'm going to take you through the components of what i loved and what i thought was average. what has me more fire up on this particular combo, again, just hit the market and it's receiving nice review, the under$30 price point with free shipping has this boom bargain on if i had to take you through component, first off all, a- plus on packaging. get it, a-plus, back to school? yeah. easy as a gift. you almost don't need to wrap it it looks so good. the over the ear headphones did have decent moist noise cancellations. we have autist -- decent noise cancellations. the speaker as you heard it,
9:22 am
on the only thing that was average in here in my opinion were the earbuds but keep in mind, you get speaker, headphone, the packaging, free shipping and the cables for under $30. i can handle average earbuds which everything else is far above average. take advantage., huge deals coming your way. and an honor to be with you. back to the big desk. >> thank you so much. to get a final look at that
9:24 am
9:25 am
trending this morning, one very little guy with a huge heart. 5-year-old william everett, jr. from new jersey is careful about saving his money. he saved all of his allowance for seven months, planning to buy a power wheels police cruiser, but instead, a trip to the toy store, he decided his local police force. so william created a kindness day and instead bought lunch for the officers. he brought it to the station and then he got to meet his heroes. how cute is that? >> so awesome. >> i love stories like that. >> i know. what a good little guy. >> yeah, i hope he gets the power wheels after that. >> i know. i have a feeling mom and dad might help him out. >> early christmas gift or whatnot. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. and heading out on the
9:26 am
forecast looks good. before dinner time. after dinner time, we will see a couple spotty showers and thunderstorms. but you don't need a boat to enjoy. a bunch of nice beaches and we have the kayaks i was telling you before. a marathon kayaking trip with my brother. arms almost fell off after. temperatures today, upper 80s near 90. another round of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. and by next week, you know, fo the rain chances not that high but we cool down. so the oppressive heat and humidity that you will feel today and tomorrow is in the past by thursday and friday. >> all right. thank you so much. thank you for being with us. enjoy your saturday everyone. be sure to tune in at 6:00
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[all] - hi, sean! - i'm e.j. and these are my kids, lucas, isabelle, and marcus. they wanna make something special for our families to share for chinese new year. could you help us? - hmm... ah-ha! i have an idea-- everyone buckled up? - ready, sean. [dog bark] - all aboard the "noodle and doodle" bus. - we're traveling around in your neighborhood we're doing lots of things as we go making lots of arts and crafts and food that's good we're hoping we can say hello, all aboard the noodle and doodle bus - hop on! - there's lots for us to do we can bake a cake there are games to make it wouldn't be the same without you


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