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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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an impact. and throws that pick six that gives the jaguars the lead. a little handshake there. >> cris: worst part for defensive guys when you have a pick six you've got to go right back out there. offense, you go back, have some gatorade or whatever. defense you have to go play again. >> mike: sam ficken with the extra point and the jaguars just about halfway through this fourth quarter now lead 26-21. chris, we spoke of it earlier, the injury that happened to tony romo on thursday night in seattle on the scramble. in the very first series of the game. fractured the l-1 vertebrae as he was hit from behind by cliff avril. varied reports on the length of time he'll be out. cowboys keeping the window a little more open than some of
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there, putting in more of a six-plus-week time frame. needless to say multiple injuries. sensitive area that really changes your quality of life in addition to your ability to come back and play football. they're going to be as cautious as possible before romo does come back to play football. >> cris: and there were social media and cliff avril, a lot of people screaming and yelling about him. he was tomahawking down, trying to get the ball out, as he should on the play. so let's stop that completely. for tony romo this now is a pretty good streak. and i think for the dallas cowboys and for tony romo as a husband and a father you start thinking about bigger things than football at some point. i hope he's fine. hope he's back playing again. but also hope he's doing whatever's best for him and his family. >> mike: celebration penalty at the back end of the touchdown
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the 20 yard line. on this play as well. tony mcrae brings it out to the 30 yard line. >> cris: third offsides penalty of the night. >> referee: offsides, kicking cincinnati has accepted the option of adding the five-yard penalty to the end of the kick return. first down. >> mike: so they'll get it at the 45 yard line. >> cris: he's had better than very good preseason. i've watched -- i think i've seen them all. and he has been pretty special. maybe not completely what he was the last game that he was the first two.
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making plays like that, they have confidence in him. dez bryant really came out strong before this week. after the second preseason game saying this guy's got it now, we'll find out if he does or not. >> mike: new quarterback for the bengals. he throws underneath and completes. antwane grant out of western kentucky picks up the first down. >> cris: go pick up the newspaper tomorrow. jacksonville keeping it rolling. 26-21. they're going win it all this year, jacksonville is. there's our guy. monte kichb. former defensive coordinator down with the tampa bay buccaneers. >> mike:monte kiffin's path int sected with gus bradley in tampa. there were days they were together in tampa.
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and then gus went to seattle. actually there with jim mora first, then pete carroll a couple of years. then the enthusiasm, the defensive skill. it was a big part of what that defense looks like now in the pork with pete carroll and gus bradley. now gus has been here starting his fourth year as the head coach hp >> cris: what did monte say? you can only take so many walks on the beach. i'm ready to come back and coach again. he is so much fun. i love production meetings. we'd go in there and talk to him. the troops. and they never knew when it was going to come. he would get up and he would bring the boom box in and james brown "i feel good" would come sxon he would do it wire to wire and they would lose their minds. what a defense they had in tampa. >> mike: bruce arians. tom moore out to arizona. these older coaches at the end
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to be around the game. hand-off goes with tra carson. and for the players and the coaching staff as well, somebody with that kind of experience, that reservoir of knowledge to share -- they've seen it all a thousand times. so when it happens in your building, how great is it to have somebody like that, say well, how do we go about navigating this, coach? >> cris: gus bradley brought up lou holtz recently, give him some advice. lou holtz, talk about seeing it all now. he's one of the great guys and great characteha has ever seen. >> mike: second and 11 for wenning. here's michele again. >> michele: i talked to malik jackson. he played with monte kiffin as a coach at usc and jackson told me kif's been doing this for a long time, he's got a lot of wisdom and i can pick his brain. he said it's great to have a
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go and ask for knowledge. >> mike: that's a perfect time to describe a veteran coach, a dictionary to get the answers from. >> cris: it doesn't have all the same words in it that the other dictionary has. but dictionary's a good word. >> mike: third and 11. jaguars rushing four. wenning's on the move. and he keeps it alive and gets the first down at the 26 yard line. >> cris: if you're andy dalton, you run out of bounds there. if you're keith wenning, you go get the first down. you can see he was processing the whole thing here, and he saw the boundary, no, i'm going to cut that one back, keep this drive going, we're going to win this game. >> mike: one thing keith wenning did in his career at ball state, he was the comeback kid. he had ten career comebacks during his time at ball state. he was there for four years. >> cris: i guarantee whitworth
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bounds on that one. >> mike: wenning gets hit as he puts it up field for russell. russell played his college back on the mac at toledo. flag down. this is a bengal team that opened 8-0 last season. before finishing 12-4. >> referee: illegal motion, offense number 80. fived repeat first down. >> mike: here's how they get started this season. >> cris: i tell you, that jets defense is going to be something. that defensive line sort of like the old days of the jets when they could play in pittsburgh right away. of course renewed that rivalry. and what happened in the playoff game, that'll be a great one. and then right to denver. >> mike: and mooim miami's short term. miami's a thursday night game.
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then they go to london much like the jaguars do every year. the bengals get their opportunity to go to london. they'll face washington. pretty good game. see it at wembley. passed right in the perfect spot. pulled in by john peters. end of the roster tight end. >> cris: nick marshall i think jumped in there it got his hand on this one. he had do coverage on the boundary and then comes in and makes the play here. we talk about offensive guys making plays. deiv the team too. >> mike: nick marshall's an offensive guy. he played quarterback in his college days. terrific stuff at auburn. corner blitz coming. tried to run the other way. snubbed out by the defensive part at jacksonville. chris smith. the jaguars, we mentioned playing in london that marvin
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assistant at the redskins. jacksonville has played over there the last few years and they extended their deal. they'll play one home game a year now through 2020 over in london. they have somebody over there who works as a full-time representative of the jaguars. fan club over there called the union jags. >> cris: i was listening to some of the jag radio show and they were giving shout outs to the london crowd. it was like 3:00 in the morning or whatever over there. >> mike: wenning is brought down. ryan davis. >> cris: i think gus bradley and todd wash want to win this game. they're throwing some stunts and some blitzes. stunt blitzes. they're getting after them. want to walk out of here with a win.
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4:20 to go. dropped. it will be placed down nonetheless at the 5 yard line. we mentioned the green bay opener, then to san diego. division game playing indianapolis over in london. then the early bye for the jaguars. >> cris: i get green bay, and that's going to be a challenge. but it's at home. but after that they can play so we're going to find out about jacksonville and if they have stepped up the way they think they have, those are games they can be competitive with. >> mike: that london game a home game. the first four are technically home and three of the next four
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number 22 on the night. >> referee: this was one infraction. defense number 91. five-yard penalty. remains first down. >> mike: michele? >> michele: well, i'm with andrew whitworth. we were just discussing the large number of penalties. but none by andy dalton. what a very nice smooth start for you guys tonight. he took a big leap last season before injuring himself. what are you expecting from him this year? >> continue to be him. same guy we've had all this time we've been together. attitude, he leads our troops. we go as he goes. we're excited to have him back there. >> michele: yeah, excited to have him back. it was tough to lose him for the playoffs. and then the way you guys were knocked out of the playoffs was excruciaing to say the least. as a leader on this team how do you expect this team to respond from that loss? >> to continue what we've been doing on the streak of getting to the playoffs. and that's answering playoffs and answering the bell every
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football team we are. we're excited for that chance to go out and prove we're a good football team and earn that opportunity again to get in the playoff and take advantage of it. >> michele: you've been proving it a long time. this is your 11th season. how long do you think you want to do this? >> i don't know. it's still fun. i'm enjoying it. all these new rules we have. it makes it pretty easy on the big fellas. the vets. it makes it pretty nice on it. i'm growing the beard out and the gray. i really want the young guys to that's blocking me every play? that's the thing. it's fun. i'm still having a good time. >> mike: i wonder if people know that about offensive linemen, how fun, how funny you are. what's ting biggest misconception built big guys up front? >> that we're entertaining. we don't get a lot of attention but our room's entertaining. we make fun of each other. we give each other a hard time. and i think we're the guys that toughen each other in our room. we make each other tough. and sometimes some of the guys joke, they call us the mean girls. it's like you mess up around us,
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it's a hard way to go. >> michele: i think i need to stay out of that room. i'm not very good with the mean girls andrew, thank you so much. >> hey, thank you, appreciate it. >> michele: guys, what do you think? mean girls? >> cris: i'm going to tell you what. if you've ever been around the offensive plooin, that's who you always want to play cards with, believe me. the poker night always involves a lot of offensive linemen because they are hilarious. when michele asked the first question about andy dalton, i guarantee you andrew's brain was going are you really going to ask me about the quarterback again? here i am on national television, come on, michele. but he was polite. and then eventually it comes out. >> mike: third and one. and the stop here will force jacksonville to punt it away. cincinnati going to take their final time out as ryan brown came in to make that play.
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in december. >> cris: here we go. brown going to come right down hard inside to make that play and keep this game alive. nicely done. get late in these games and people that still have their legs underneath them and can make those quick moves like that can turn a game. andrew whitworth, he has been one of the steadest offensive linemen, ranked fourth in pro football focus a season ago. of all the left tackles. he just does not give up sacks. year after year you'd look at his numbers. he grades out terrific. unbelievable. >> mike: and no number to measure those intangibles that we talked about. leadership within this team.
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at 494 with 4:41 to go. we talked about it. but here's andrew whitworth. getting a little older. he talked about the beard. but look at the consistency. ranked sixth, second, fifth, sixth, second, first. one of the years he played a lot of guard not because he wanted to. his team needed him and they had somebody else that could play tackle. he went inside, never flinched. had a great year playing guard asl. he is the kind of guy you want to build a franchise around. i had one of those in cincinnati myself in old anthony munoz. if you get the left tackle position settled, a lot of other things fall into place. >> mike: 3:40 to go. wenning back in the game. he bounces that one incomplete. talk about whitworth and solidifying that position, finding a young one. we had mentioned a couple times
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when you take first and second-round offensive tackles in that same draft lavt last year, you think they're going to throw in year two, but because of their injuries they've been held back, and it's the veteran whitworth still there and eric winston's had to step in at left tackle. >> cris: did a nice job. >> mike: wenning hit that time as he fired it out toward john peters and it was incomplete. jordan tripp out of montana with pressure. >> cris: going to get old here we go, the old pittsburgh steelers blitz right there. as a running back you don't know who to pick up. and finally the cornerback picked up one on the end. we've seen it all night. we talked about paul gunther and that aa blitz. it's about getting immediate pressure on the quarterback.
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get there. >> mike: third and ten, jaguars running around disguising their coverage. bengals flinched. >> referee: false start, offense number 48. five-yard penalty. remains third down. >> mike: third and 15. you mentioned todd walsh earlier. there he is. another great defensive coordinator. the field? >> cris: he said i like harleys and skull tattoos. up and down both arms he has nothing but skull tattoos. he wears a lot of long-sleeve shirts i guess. >> mike: for the national tv games. first year as defensive coordinator. he was in tampa and seattle with gus bradley. peterson picked up the flag a moment ago, only gets two yards.
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the tackle. >> cris: got to give the jags credit. they have hung in there. these guys, we talked about it, the guys trying to make the team on the tail end, they're attacking. they're coming out here to win the game. >> mike: kevin huber will punt it again. shane wynn back to receive. ninth punt for huber. bengals will touch it inside the 10 yard line. jacksonville. 2:46 left. try to run this baby out, get a couple of first downs and get away with the win. >> cris: one of the guys we talked about, nick vigil, trying to work his way into the line-up.
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this football team. pretty good at getting off blocks. missed this tackle. i remember that one earlier on. and then here is the way that they like to hug those linebackers up. you try to make the running back block you by thinking you're blitzing. and if he can get out and get past you because nobody would have you in man coverage, always a little cat and mouse game. >> mike: banyard takes it up to about the 10 yard line. i don't think they have to run another play before the two-minute warning. we'll see. you talk about the linebackers, cris, with cincinnati, vontaze burfict we mentioned is not playing tonight. marvin lewis choosing not to play him in the preseason ease faces the three-game suspension for repeated on-field violations. no reason to risk or expose to
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won't be until week 4. >> cris: he is the identity of this football team now. no matter what else you want to say, vontaze burfict has changed the perception of the toughness of the cincinnati bengals. some good, some not so good. >> mike: two-minute warning.
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? i'm so excited ? ? and i just can't hide it ? ? i'm about to lose control and i think i like it ? ? i'm so excited ? ? and i just can't hide it ? ? and i know, i know, i know, i know i want you ? >> mike: two minutes left here in jacksonville. jaguars by five. taking through the pulse of what
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adam jones hurt before the game. a.j. green during the game. but a.j. told michele that it was nothing serious. jacksonville's offense struggled, the first team in the first half. andy dalton and the bengals offense looked sharp. a.j. mccarron followed him and did the same. jacksonville has come back late here. 15 points in the fourth quarter. taking a five-point lead. 26-21. and that will cinch it there as the bengals are out of time outs. banyard, who'se second half, iced this one and he was the difference maker. the pass by licata, intercepted by hayes pullard iii. >> cris: a night he will never forget. interception return for a touchdown. non-reported on a pass thrown till now the backfield. do we have a start of the game during preseason or --
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prize? any food left? twinkies? >> mike: you played in this stadium in the florida-georgia game. don't we have an old cris collinsworth florida jersey we could send him? >> cris: i'm sure he'd be thrilled. this thing looks a little different than it did in the old world's largest cocktail early days. they've really done a nice job here. set the table. now it's up to gus and the guys to win football games. >> mike: in the division where there are questions, we'll s how osweiler deals with houston. tennessee's offense looked good last night against the raiders. the afc south is one of those divisions where if you're not sure how it's going to play out, who the heavy favorites are. we'll see how jacksonville eases their way into the season. this is their first win. they close up the preseason at atlanta. cincinnati will host the aforementioned. a.j. green running across the field at the end of the game as
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>> it's true, though. >> mike: quick week for both of these teams. as we said, the last preseason game is on a thursday. so a tight four-day turnaround. get that game done. take care of the roster, take care of business. thank you, pal. it's been fun. >> cris: a lot of fun. we'll see you on the road this year, right? >> mike: looking forward to it. looking forward to the 2016 season. nfl kickoff weekend beginning thursday september 8th. rematch of super bowl 50 september 11th. coming up next except on the west coast your local news followed by "dateline." in the truck. cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, the entire outstanding "sunday night football" team. mike tirico saying good night from jacksonville. >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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>> >> i can make beers that my friend wanted the most. the beers that they can't ones that they wanted. my friends like more flavor. >> a labor of love. just beautiful. >> some breweries plan to open up at midnight. they will open up at 11:00 a.m. as usual. this new law coincides with the new anniversary. there is a lot to celebrate there this week.
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we have new information today in an unusual crash that happened that killed a woman. the suspect, the 29-year-old man is expected to be charged monday. he was arrested saturday striking the victims car and inflicting his own suv. he then got out of his car and right in hand and shot the 53-year-old the woman is identified as denver pearl. alcohol and boating. what led a woman to being rescued. an intoxicated woman fell off the boat and fell in the river just before 10:00 last night. she was taken to the medical center.
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in prison for attempted murder and assault. the judge mentioned his troubled past and long criminal history. police started moving and he was able to break free from the deputy's grasp. he was able to throw himself over the third floor banister and fell to about 100 feet to his death. the outcome could not have been prevented. >> it's a everybody. there are typically lots of people in the court house. there are not just criminal proceedings going on. as the sheriff said we are thankful that the deputy wasn't injured. we are thankful that nobody else was hurt and he didn't kill anyone else. >> they will look to the security. two united airlines were arrested on suspicion of being
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they were supposed to fly passengers. it's not the first time. the system worked and some passengers were on the flight were shaken and frustrated. >> authorities say the two pilots are 35 and 45. their identities are not confirmed. they were flight 162 with 152 then on board. then one passenger said what is going on? turns out the pilots were arrested suspected of being drunk. >> if you were uncomfortable with a member of why you are crew, you don't fly with them. the safe guards in place did in fact work.
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finally landing at 8:45 last night. passengers voiced their concern. >> this absolutely concerns me. >> united airlines said in a statement, "the two pilots have been removed. we have been cooperating with authorities and will conduct an investigation as well". this is not john mcguire failed two test and was put on probation. in april of last year. he flew from orlando to new york while allegedly under the influence. just yesterday, a reminder of a great responsibility pilots have. after making acknowledge emergency landing in florida. >> we are definitely grateful
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over. >> as for the two pilots, they are being held at a police station in scotland. >> ohio brought an $868,000 fire truck only to find out it doesn't fit. they said they knew it wasn't going to fit the whole time. the city manager said the truck was an emergency truck died quickly. plans are already under way to modify the power doors. city leaders by the way, say buying the truck wasn't a matter of public safety. >> it's important for us to keep the ladder truck operational. it's important for us to get the right piece of equipment and let the equipment drive, not the


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