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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now, at 11:00, weather members of the jury. >> we have people in washington, can't they get together and help get this mess straightened out? >> a heated meeting as east cleveland tries again to become part of the city of cleveland. >> a black woman killed by a white man, why her friends say it was not r >> remembering gene wilder who died today at the age of 83. and cutting the cost in half, the maker of the epipen responds to public outcry with a new version of the lifesaving drug. >> this is channel 3 news at 11:00. >> she was hit by a man who ran a red light who then got out of his car and shot her with a rifle.
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pearl was remembered in cleveland just hours after the man police say killed her faced a judge. good evening, i'm mitch mitch. sarah is off tonight. chris tye is here with a story that stretches from solon to cleveland. >> just after 7:00 saturday morning deb pearl was heading in for an early shift at work on a route through solon she had driven through countless times when changed everything. weighing in on her life, her memory and why this gun man may have picked her. >> this is not about race. we're going about an animal that killed my sister. >>reporter: she was a sister and a co-worker, she was a mother and a friend. her nickname was little deb, but it was that big smile that was her trademark. this vigil remembered her on monday, not far though from all of these thoughts and these tears was the why. why this man police say crashed
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vehicle. >> if anybody was in his way, he was going to kill anybody. that's why, i mean, who drives around with that? at 7:30 in the morning. >>reporter: the theory among most here, randomness. that's her husband of 14 years, raw with emotion and with anger. matthew desha in court by video was charged with murder. a two-time iraq vet that his neighbors tell us leftim all i can say. it wasn't a hate crime. i can't believe he did that. i feel so bad for her, too. >>reporter: as police work through the crime, deb's extended family looked up tontd and said her name [ yelling ] >>reporter: hoping she knows the mark she left down here. >> you have no idea. i'm keeping it together. i can't get in front of the apartment 2 blocks before i have
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can't -- she's not there. >>reporter: she worked at southeast harley davidson and was beloved by her friends there. they were there tonight at that vigil. the suspect is being held on a $1 million bond. he'll be back in court on wednesday and a small army of her friends and family will be in the back of the courtroom. >> feel so bad annual the word is random. just how precious life is. >> 7:30 on a saturday morning driving to you think it's safe and everything changed. >> thank you. >> we're talking about the vitality and the well-being of the residents of the city of east cleveland. >> even after getting a flat no last week, east cleveland officials are not giving up. tonight the mayor is again talking merger with cleveland and praising members of the city council for accepting public input and doing what is right. channel 3 is life with the
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will head next. >>reporter: east cleveland city council voted once again to enter into annexation negotiations after cleveland rejected the city's initial list of talking points. it was a heated meeting with citizens expressing their need to be heard as the city's infrastructure crumbles and its services struggle to stay afloat [ yelling ] >>reporter: tensions high at this emergency meeting of east cleveland city council. it's a just last week, cleveland leaders rejected east cleveland's first annexation proposal. council president called the proposal a nonstarter because of the conditions that came with it. council clarifying tonight that wasn't a list of demands, but recommendations. >> when you make a mistake, you realize you make a mistake, you correct it. i think that's big of us. >>reporter: members voted to begin negotiations once more. this has been a debate for years.
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little tax space and no economic development. >> we have money that's supposed to be for programs. you have a fire staff understaffed. >>reporter: local services are drowning. they are supposed to have 10 firefighters working every day. saturday only five were on shift when a fire broke out. three were injured when the roof collapsed on them. amazingly they weren't seriously injured and the city is getting fined everyday it 10 firefighters but not everyone feels merging with cleveland is the way out. >> they got their own problems. they are worse than east cleveland. >>reporter: residents of both cities could wind up having to approve a proposal. one councilman is saying east cleveland needs options in case cleveland votes no. he suggested asking the state to step in and give help. reporting live in cleveland,
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thank you. some breaking news to tell you about. looking live at the scene of a crash involving a cleveland police officer. it happened at east 9thth and euclid. ems confirmed the officer was injured and taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused the crash or the officer's condition. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and have updates for you at the northern ohio violent fugitive task force is asking for your help in locating to he is wanted for felonious assault. he tried to rob a 15-year-old and punched him. he is paralyzed. he is 27-year-old ould l old and believed to be hiding in the sit's east side, perhaps garfield heights. if you have any information call the number on your screen. tips can be anonymous and there is reward money available. we're now 5 days away from a possible teachers' strike in cleveland. we understand the biggest
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way teachers are evaluated which impacts how they get paid. cleveland is the only district in the state where experience and education don't count. instead, student test scores play a big role. in akron teachers are paid based on seniority and education. if an agreement is not reached teachers could be walking the picket line on friday. on the political front, hillary clinton is coming back to she'll address a labor day crowd of the 11th congressional parade and picnic at luke easter park. and clinton's top aid announced today she will separate from her husband after he was once again accused of sending sexually explicit texts to a woman. photos show him shirtless
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congressman as the couple's four-year-old son is laying down next to him. she is her closest aid and this is his third sex continuing scandal. donald trump is buying $10 million worth of advertisements in states including ohio. he trails in polls in all nine states but two matter most in a trump win scenario. >> look at ohio which is relatively florida, there's really almost no scenario. >> also trump told reporters last week, who told reporters in the last week he may be sovereigning his views and immigration and will be making a major announcement wednesday in arizona. >> coming up tonight hollywood mourns the death of gene wilder. plus respond to go a
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mylan plans to do for parents who can't afford epipens. and analyzing your posts, what you put on inch sta combram could reveal a lot about how you're feeling. >> looking ahead in the forecast we still have plenty of summer to go even though september is right around the corner. i have the details on watch temperatures coming our way. some thunderstorms in there and a check on the traffic as well. >> channel 3 news at 11:00 is made possible
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you're watching channel 3 news at 11:00. >> little piece of gum is a three-course dinner. no roast beef but i haven't got it quite right yet. >> we knew him as and other iconic characters. gene wilder died at the age of 83. he passed at his home in connecticut after complications of alzheimer's disease. >>reporter: he had frizzee hair and impeccable comic timing. he was one of the most gifted comic ashths of his generation appearing in some of hollywood's
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it seems the legendary mel brooks and producers of blazing saddles and young frankenstein, all considered hollywood classics. one of his memorable rolls was in willy wonka and the chocolate factory. he adapted to the silver screen and could hold his own with richard pryor. marched by heart break. he married comedian gil da ratner but the romance was ill-fated. she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died just 2 years after they were married. despite the loss, wilder didn't stop making movies and never stopped trying to make people laugh. nbc news. >> and the condolences are pouring in on social media.
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you made me laugh. thank you. ". page says she is going to watch the original willy wonka film. michael says he will be missed but will live on through his wonderful movies and others say blazing saddles is one of the funnest movies he's ever seen. you can tweet us your memories at wkyc or leave a message on our facebook page. after company that makes epipens will make a generic version of the drug. it will be half the cost of the brand name epipen. it will be identical to the epipen. pharmacists will be able to swap in the generic if doctors write a prescription, but some are still wearee of this announcement. >> i'm glad they are lowering
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>> other companies are seeking fda approval for the generic versions of them as well. they deliver an emergency dose of adrenaline when people suffer dangerous allergic reactions. your instagram post can reveal if you're depressed. researchers say users experiencing depression often use a filter-like ink well that make photos look darker. others use photos look brighter. they could offer other avenues for early detection of mental illness. >> it may be the case that people in the medical field will use these types of instruments to try and compliment the more traditional techniques they use to diagnose patients. >> study also shows the people that had depression had fewer group shots on their posts. whatever. it is apple's highly
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september 7th the giant is expected to unveil new devices. they announced the date by sending invitations to technology journal illustrates and analysts. we believe it will be the iphone 7. some of the rumored upgrades are curved screen and eliminating the current headphone jack. another way you can spend money next week if you have money burning a hole in your pocket. all sorts of stuff you can spend your cash on. >> wonder if they a few more filters for instagram. >> i wonder. we can see who is depressed and who is not. we shall see. beautiful weather, my friend. >> it has been gorgeous out there. we will darken the picture to take the glare off a little bit because the sun keeps on shining. that will be the case for the day tomorrow. sunglasses needed for the morning commute. temps will be in the 60s. mercury rising into the 80s for the afternoon. mostly sun skies expected and it will be plenty warm. lots of weather off to the west
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the debris clouds from all of this and since we're downwind of all that clouds can be stirred up. other than that, we will remain cloud-free. go hour by hour after 7:00 a.m. upper 50s and lower 60s. once the sun comes up it will change quickly. noon 80-degree mark and don't be surprised mid and upper 80s across the area for the afternoon. winds not going to be a factor t kids get out of school it will be a beautiful afternoon or if they have after-school activities it should be nice. into the evening dry conditions, mostly clear skies and clouds start to thicken. watch what happens late tuesday and wednesday. we start to see some blips on the radar come wednesday. and it looks like wednesday we will have some scattered rain and thunderstorm chances in the area as the cold front makes it
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have a whole lot of saleboats out there tomorrow but the speed boats will be out for sure. mostly sunny skies to start the day. great day to brown bag it. take the lunch with you. temperatures possibly mid to upper 80s with the mostly sunny skies continuing. waters plenty toastee and that development. tropical depression aid hanging in there. there's a tropical storm watch for outer banks and one tropical storm becoming better organized. look at what happens when you start to take a look at forecast plots, it spreads out a little bit. the consensus is still bringing a tropical storm up into the big bend area of florida sometime wednesday, into thursday, so we still have about
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thing and then the 8 is expected to head out east. then we go out to the pacific and believe it or not hawaii is under a hrn watch because not one but two hrns look like they will be making very close approaches to the hawaiian islands so that will be bumpy for those folks but again surf will be the biggest factor and it doesn't look like a direct impact. mid 80s for the day tomo, wednesday. thursday we will be in the 70s and friday we stay there as well. as far as the weekend, it looks sunny, russ, which is great with warming temperatures into the 80s. >> thumbs up to that. thank you. of course our region is rising. northeast ohio has overcome obstacles to achieve success and so have individuals in our community. tomorrow night at 7:00 we lauch
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rising. join us tomorrow night at channel 3 news at 7:00. the indians start a home stand against the twins. this one went down to the wire. what happened? jimmy tells us after the break. >> michael moore is my guest
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and now the window nation sports report. >> jimmy, the indians are back in town to close out august and begin september. >> oh, what a night over there tonight.
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over the pesky minnesota twins who have been a real pain in the neck to the indians. the indians win in 1-0 in ten innings at progressive field. here is how it happened. trevor bauer on the mound. 6 scoreless innings. four strikeouts and he gave way to the bullpen. lynn door at first he is out third and you never make the last out of the inning at third base. bases loaded, mcallister comes in and gets a fly ball to get out of that inning. bottom of the tenth, two on, one out and kipnis is the game-winning here with a walk off homer and the indians finally win it by a score of one-nothing.
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inning this year. white sox taking on the tigers when jarrod saltalamacchia hits a two-run homer for detroit and they come back and win 4-3. so the indians' lead is still four-and-a-half. betsy tells me the magic number is 28 right now. yankees and roils, kansas city is red hot. gordon rbi base hit, roils build up an 8-1 in the 8th inning of play. if they win it will be their 18th win in the last 22 wins as they chase the wild card. the browns had quite a day today. the roster had to get down to 75. they actually had until tuesday but they got there today but it's how they got there that was very interesting. paul kruger is cut. he came over to cleveland after winning a superbowl with the ravens and cashed in on a big contract, cut loose today.
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six-and-a-half million dollars this year, $7 million next year and it's obvious the browns are going with their young linebackers instead of kruger. he put out this tweet today. he thanked browns fans and jimmy haslam but he criticized the browns for his release. although completely mishandled, unfortunate and absolutely the wrong decision to release me, i wish the browns and my teammates success. >> we let people go because there's a performance we want, not saying him, i think everybody. i think respectful thing to do if you see a guy not making your team you move on. i can't worry about perceptions and what everybody thinks. >> all right. well, later in the day then after andy lee didn't go after
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humphrey got traded and the browns get a young punt ter kaes who will become their punter now and defensive end williams who has been in the dog house with the browns coaching staff and who hasn't been happy, remember he was suspended for 2 weeks and fined for multiple violations, he was cut loose today and so he's been released by the browns. college football, it kicks ofis play against the ohio state buckees. but this buck ye gibson, ohio state wide receiver suspended for the year, a violation of the school's student code of conduct. urban meyer did not agree with the school's decision. he read-shirtd as a true freshman in 2016 after converting from quarterback to wide receiver. there you go. big night. >> good night. the browns had 40 picks next year in the draft, something
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yes. >> all right, thanks. we shall return after a
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district confirmed that he said the indians magic number 28 now. >> 28. >> i know. channel 3 news today begins at 4:30 a.m.
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night. good night. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news. take channel 3 news and weather with you wherever you go.
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